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  3. How many human partners have you had?

    I break the line 'cuz I fellated a non-human two-legger. (an ostrich)
  4. Word Association

    stallion nut milk
  5. Word Association

    coconut milk
  6. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    It's been mentioned many times before, and will be again. No worries. BTW, no forum is a democracy, including this one, but you're quite right about any "squeaky wheel" being banned there. sw
  7. Yesterday
  8. Still interested in people?

    Interesting how? People are significantly more interesting than watching paint dry. Social media? Gawd no! Under no circumstances, ever, well after hell freezes over, even if there's no other person left on earth. Talk? Yeah, sure; I'm here aren't I? Most of you are people, aren't you? (It's really hard to teach a horse to use a keyboard. . . .) Sexually? No, just not interested. Zoo exclusive.
  9. Dirty hooves in the house.

    Wet hooves won't be your only problem. Mare-in-estrus urine will do a number on your carpet that no amount of Stanley Steemer is going to fix. And squirt she will, if you plan any activity with her.
  10. a question on sexual pheromones

    I can testify that bitches on the same premises will synchronize heats. Which I find quite irritating, BTW. Go 6 months with no estrus females, then all at once. We need inserts like they have for estrus timing in cattle. Get them on a schedule so someone comes in heat each 30 days. Give a guy a break, girls. . . . .
  11. Heavyhorse

    Yes. There are songs by a particular artist that I can't listen to, even though I liked them; they were popular during the last days. It still all just comes rushing back. *There must be something in my eyes just now* I assume one of the major genetic modifications to the Island Animals that wasn't mentioned was a more sensible life span. . . . . . .
  12. How to properly clean up?

    I'm only replying to this as an aside-- Never douche a bitch. You stand as much chance of flushing material farther in as flushing it out. Resulting in uterine infection. Which bitches are more prone to than any other species I know of. And will add: Don't get caught. Seriously. Anyone who does the deed where they can be "spied on" is already doomed. Or talks the deed, doesn't cover their online tracks, device activity, any stupid careless behavior. By the time you are under suspicion it's already too late. You will never get all traces out of your carpet, bedspread, toys, clothes, shoes, stupid damn cellphone, etc. that has accumulated over the years. As to the specific question? No. I know of no way to destroy organic matter (semen) without causing harm to the animal's tissues.
  13. Dreams of an Animal

    Yes there's totally that. Places I seem to know in the dream, but never been to. Transformations of size; horses I can carry but ride later. Physics anomalies that seem perfectly normal. But oddly, regardless of opportunity or arousal, almost never manage full-on sex.
  14. Last week
  15. Heavyhorse

    Welcome heavyhorse. Thanks for the nod to one of my stories. We're about the same age. And probably many of the same experiences. I too had a Great Dane "wife", I lost over a decade ago. Was the only animal I loved enough to call her that. Oh sure I love/loved other dogs and hoofers, but none to quite that level. I don't think I can ever let myself do that again. Too painful. AnyWho... Welcome.
  16. How many human partners have you had?

    Well I was infuring that humans were laking... Making the absence of a tail to indicate that. As G. Orwell so succinctly put it. "Four legs good, two legs bad".
  17. Relocate?

    Relocate to another country where it's legal? No, pointless. The handwriting is on the wall; there is no country that is going to remain reliably animal-sex-legal. The best that moving would do is a temporary reprieve, and not much of that; even if technically "legal" they can use any number of "abuse", "cruelty", "buggery", religious laws to the same end. Relocate to escape pending prosecution, because some shithead outed you, because you trusted someone you shouldn't have, because you got careless, ignorant or willfully stupid? Yeah, I've known about half a dozen cases like that.
  18. Deja vue?

    OK, yes, Danes run in their sleep. Horses have REM sleep (though for them it may more properly be Rapid Ear Movement sleep). Stallions talk to mares in their sleep. To me, this is absolute proof that animals dream, and have realistic dreams. Sentience? Maybe, just a bit. But yeah, I had a most beloved horse go away. The next one made me wonder about reincarnation, because his mannerisms are so similar. Coincidentally, when I looked it up, he was born only shortly after the other went away, though I wouldn't meet him until some time later. I picked him out of the others for sale because his reaction to meeting me was so similar to the one I had lost. Deja vue?
  19. Zoophiles and Legal Changes

    I'm going with this. People have to look for it online, and know about online content before they start. But huge national news media public spectacles flashing onto people's consciousness and into their living room unbidden, results in automatic "there auta' be a law". Righteous legislation follows.
  20. Attraction to urine?

    I'm also having to go with "not intentionally". Life on the farm is messy. Stuff splashes. As far as "ewws", more like "meh". There's a lot of stuff way worse. Having to pick rotten bits of dead baby lamb skull out of the horn of a ewe's uterus for instance. She's your responsibility. She did the best she can. She gave you 2 live ones. She'll die if you don't. You go to your "happy place" in your mind, the same place you go in the dentist's chair. Then you wash yourself 35 times. And can still smell it for 3 days. I'm just saying, whatever floats your boat. You won't get judging from me.
  21. I'm on twitter now

    Can only agree with the above posters. Any mention of your private life, any username(s) you've used elsewhere, links to the email you use for private stuff, on social media, is basically suicide-by-outing. Your best bet at this point is to abandon any such accounts, and soak any devices you've ever used to access them in diesel fuel and set them on fire. Then bury the remains.
  22. Porn Collection??

    This: amazon (dot) com/Kingston-16GB-Traveler-Automatic-DTLPG3/dp/B00HQC8WSM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1521399732&sr=8-1&ke Can't be hacked or rewritten; the encrypt is on it's own firmware chip. Attempts to do so will reformat your data. And it's butt-easy to use; you don't have to know how to do anything, it walks you through setup. Um, yeah. Some of the best stories have a bad habit of going away if you don't save them to your own archive.
  23. How many human partners have you had?

    LOL !! With that as the gauge, I'd have to include a couple of Rotts and a sow! None. Had offers, in college and later. Just completely no attraction. Nice enough people though, just no idea why they thought I was a "catch".
  24. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    To the topic; I don't have social anxiety, I deal with the public, friends and total strangers, as my work takes me to their homes, farms and businesses. I'm really good at smiling and ignoring (gawd the things I've seen). Sure, some have just flat freaked me out, but not as anxiety, because a basement filled to the rafters with oozing garbage and a tiny goo-submerged path through mystery garbage bags is, well, um, I don't need the job that bad. *goes to the truck for a screwdriver and never looks back* That said, I'm completely not a "people person", I have zero "social media" presence, I'd rather watch a movie at home than eat out. I admit to myself that I'm a bit OCD, but as long as I can tell myself to quit obsessing because it's wasting time, it's not an issue. (Actually I get marks for "attention to detail" from customers.) I daydream at work about when I get home with my bitch. That's the high point of my day........
  25. Heavyhorse

    Yeah it's easier to start early and just gradually steer your little everyday decisions in the direction you want to go, than try an abrupt change all at once. Selling the house and moving to the country isn't a choice (unless you're independently wealthy), but heading that way if you are forced to move by life's forces anyway, for example, helps you go in the direction you want. . . . . . . And dogs aren't bad! My favorite actually. If I could only have one animal, it would be a Dane bitch. (Which was the case for a number of years, decades ago).
  26. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    And BTW, the notion that "we allow" BF to do or say -anything- representative of zoo, fails to realize that they are a porn aristocracy. Google the parent outfit, they have different sites for a dozen fetishes, completely unrelated to animals. Admin#1 even professes to never having been with an animal. It's the family business. There's a core of family admin; they specifically say "this is not a democracy"; members that dare to hint even privately about differing opinions are banned and variously sanctioned (they are adamant about tracking members). So "allowing" or "not allowing" the largest and most visible animal sex board to define public opinion is not an option. Presumably, in this case, it could be argued that additional law in the countries they shuttle BF to, to the extent that they were shut down, would actually advance the legitimate zoo cause. Silverwolf: Please feel free to edit or delete after folks have a chance to read, if you think mentioning of BF will adversely affect this board. Thx.
  27. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    Ahem...regarding that " make more people gay" thing...I´m in my mid 40s and have witnessed some of my classmates literally testing out homosexuality, fiercely insisting on "being a homosexual their entire lifes" , but a few years later, they didn´t want to talk about "that phase" of their lives anymore...living in a "normal" heterosexual partnership. Humans, especially the kind of them growing up in a turbocapitalistic society that falsely promotes consumerism as an "adventure" ("Try out our new brand and experience a whole new level of life!") ...what your supermarket has to offer will be tested out, predominantly by those who are lost and falsely think they can find themselves through consuming, belonging to a certain group etc. The same applies here...zoophilia often is promoted as a "lifestyle choice" which is a pretty gross slap in the face of any real zoo btw. "Taste the new flavour and experience a new life!" A lot of folks are indeed lured into "zoophilia" by these advertising mechanisms simply because they desperately want to escape their boring capitalist drone lives and basically would accept and prefer anything over their everyday "normal" lives....and many of our internet "zoo" representation sites largely consist of such consumerists falling for the "Try it and your life will be exciting and new!" ad meme. If it´s on offer, capitalistic drones will consume it....contrary to the famous "cogito, ergo sum", in our society we have a "consumo, ergo sum" today. Sites like BF actually prey on those, it´s the focus group for BF and usually those who will even pay for "new" animal porn (hell, it´s like with all porn...in-out-in-out...what the f is "new" here?). One thing you have to realise, one thing even ZETA, the retard "zoo" organisation from Germany admits on their homepage: animal porn is mainly produced for the "normal", bored, thrillseeking, taboobreaking persons searching for a novelty, the new and unusual kick...and not for zoophiles. Sites like BF are heavily based on porn and porn alone, the pseudo discussion board is seldom used by the "normals" the ZETA quote is referring to...at minimum, those normals use it to ask about download problems and how to load more porn quicker. And in excatly this way, we as zoos are badly respresented, hell, we´re not even the main target group for BF as users and usually, real zoos are driven off BF by the sheer and blatant self centeredness of the so called "zoos" of BF. It isn´t surprising to me that, with BF as the "zoo" page with by far the highest user count of 1.5 mil, society simply cannot think differently of us zoos once a peek into the EATZP (Epicenter of Anti True Zoo Propaganda) has been done. Our inactiveness regarding that only adds to the negative reception we zoos have in society. We´re all often so busy with words like "orientation" and such , many simply forget that there are people out there who DON`T have an orientation and are what Freud called "polymorphous perverts" (greek: poly = many, hae morphae = the form) ; especially in our era of "the great porn experiment" , granting everyone the possibility to see more naked people , sex acts and perversions in an hour of surfing the net than our grandfathers had in their entire lives combined, this polymorphous perversion seems to be the new "chic" among the "sexually progressive". I grew up without the net, I had to struggle through my puberty , finding out I definitely wasn´t "normal", alone, I had no "support" from websites and it took me roughly 5 years after I had my first sexual experience with a mare before I even knew that animal porn existed, let alone seen a flic. Today, you hardly find others who weren´t influenced by "online zoophilia" a.k.a. animal porn and echo chamber forums...and maybe that´s why I´m so different in my personality and my views from many others. I had to go through the process alone, all by myself, no "sex supermarket" online where I could get new ideas on what I could "test out" for a couple of months. And one thing I know for sure...after sites like BF emerged, the numbers of "zoos" exponentially rose. These porn distribution sites do contribute a lot when it comes to the sheer numbers of "zoos", they also have perfected baiting people into this , giving them their kicks without initiating, even discouraging self reflection. I´m not saying that the early days were all cosy and sugarcoated, we also had fuckheads like Svadilfari who insisted on him being a "110 % bona fide zoo" despite just being a friggin´ fencehopper who met with a bunch of other retards to fuck random cows and other lifestock "available" on Sweden´s pastures. But these sites like BF and the indifference many real zoos display towards this horrible commercialisation of our orientation plays an important role in explaining the status quo of zoophilia today. I agree, the numbers of actual , genuine and real zoos kept quite steady, but we were flooded with legions of people who did not qualify for carrying the z-word in the slightest, flooded to an extend when we, the real ones practically were marginalised and now legitimately are a minority IN OUR OWN MINORITY group. We were annexed. And all the problems with society we experience now basically originate in this annexion by the "unworthy"...without the massive fuss sites like BF are creating by their "visibility", I´d lean out of the window and say that we would be still at the status qou of 1995 , law wise. Not one government would have touched this repulsive topic on their own, if it weren´t for the irresponsible actions, the general animal-hostile subtone, the self centeredness of consumerism etc. our recent "architecture" of our zoo online presence lacking any ethics and morals, our abstinence from adressing the grey and black areas of "zoophilia"...all of that drew in a lot of tryouts and people searching for a group they can be someone in instead of being a faceless nobody in normal life...a playground to play on as you like. That´s why is is like it is today and that´s why sites like BF actually create "new" "zoos"...once you let the masses in, ideas, ethics and morals are the first sacrifices made on the altar of consumer convenience. Why am I so sure about this? Because I actually have witnessed some German TV shows specialised in sex topics aired at prime time bringing up zoophilia, such as the weeklies "Liebe Sünde" and "Wa(h)re Liebe"... and even Arabella Kiesbauer, once a famous talk show host, roughly comparable to Jerry Springer dealt with zoophilia...without any public outrage. Before the 2000 animal porn craze, before the masses came in and took our own grounds. Things have changed...and our community and its exaggerated permissiveness in the name of misunderstood "tolerance" played a major role in this.
  28. Heavyhorse

    sounds like paradise. i sure wish i had been able to meet people earlier in my life and try more different things. don't get me wrong, dog sex is great, but i'm very try-curious. perhaps i could have discovered earlier on that i needed to focus my finances and energy on something else (or in addition to dogs). *shrug*
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