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    Short answer: no. Any politician who would attempt to do so is basically committing career suicide; anyone else who would is going to get themselves accused of having sex with animals, true or not. I don't like it either but really it doesn't even make much of a difference. Even if it's not strictly illegal they'll slam you with animal cruelty charges and the consequences will be the same. No animal contact, can't ever own animals again, your animals will be taken from you, etc.
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    ​Fifty years with no animal access? That's a shame. :-( Something needs to be done about this. Maybe a Kickstarter campaign? ;-) Oh, wait, I thought of a better one: GoFondleMe. ;-)
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    There was a member of another forum whose Spirit was willing, but body wouldn't co-operate. To top it off, he was severely allergic as well. There was little help anyone could really offer given the circumstances, only commiseration. I feel for him, and for you. I am not an equine zoo, but I cannot imagine what my life would be like without horses in it. I'm sure you do not come here looking for pity, but I do pity you and I wish I could help you to just feel, smell, and talk to a horse just one time... sw
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    Just one more reason that the correct answer to "creepy clowns" is "9mm".. . . . .
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    I've been reading "This is Your Brain on Parasites" by Kathleen McAuliffe, and found this in Chapter 9 (dealing with our emotion of disgust and how it helps us avoid disease) ... [There was a paragraph on how, when people get hungry enough, they'll eat disgusting things. The following excerpt is what opened my eyes.] "Just as hunger can sometimes overpower disgust, so, too, can lust--an adaptation that may have been essential to help our ancestors overcome any reservations about mixing body fluids during reproduction. In support of that view, [Valerie] Curtis points to an experiment conducted at UC Berkeley in which male students were asked to predict how much they'd enjoy having sex in several scenarios. Next, they were instructed to masturbate nearly to the point of climax and again provide responses to the same questionnaire. Sexual acts that they'd previously found off-putting suddenly became much more appealing in their aroused state. The number interested in having intercourse with an obese woman, anal sex, and bestiality, for example, shot up 11 percent, 67 percent, and 167 percent, respectively." Unless I'm interpreting this incorrectly, it looks to me that if a young man gets horny enough, he'll prefer fucking an animal two-and-a-half to one over a human's asshole, and FIFTEEN-to-one over an obese woman. And he'll prefer the human asshole six-to-one over the obese woman. Did I get that right?
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    I break the line 'cuz I fellated a non-human two-legger. (an ostrich)
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    OK, yes, Danes run in their sleep. Horses have REM sleep (though for them it may more properly be Rapid Ear Movement sleep). Stallions talk to mares in their sleep. To me, this is absolute proof that animals dream, and have realistic dreams. Sentience? Maybe, just a bit. But yeah, I had a most beloved horse go away. The next one made me wonder about reincarnation, because his mannerisms are so similar. Coincidentally, when I looked it up, he was born only shortly after the other went away, though I wouldn't meet him until some time later. I picked him out of the others for sale because his reaction to meeting me was so similar to the one I had lost. Deja vue?
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    Yeah, I know, I'll never learn. Anyway, I took in a little brown mare, about 6-8 years and 12 hands, who has had little care. She's a little wild as well, but nothing I can't handle. Just a fun project for me, and for her. I've rescued probably 10 -12 horses and dogs over the years, including my greatest love, Tippy. I just wondered how many of you have also rescued animals and what your experiences were... sw
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    Interesting way to think about it. I'm three times 21.
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    While I don't agree with the personal attack. I do promote the, "Close the barn door", idea.
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    Come on guys... i don't want to lock the bloody thread! Just quit bitchin' at each other! I've been on here since 1996, The talkers, ATB, ASB, etc. etc. I've seen it all. Means nothing to me. All those new laws in every damn State mean absolutely nothing to me. I'm still doing what i've always done... "Behind closed doors, no cameras, no spectators and no bragging about it on forums! "(much) lol End of story.
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    Good for you, oh mister wise one I mean it is the discussion of this thread, and there's more to animals than just personality, pointing out something you like about certain breeds may not even be sexual for some but just pure interest or preference, so what if it is though!.. And remind me how it is fetishism to find certain markings or body build attractive? A fetish is a sexual attraction to an inanimate object; a non living one; so therefore what your suggesting doesn't even make sense!!! Did I once mention sex at all relating to certain body traits?? No man I didn't! But it in all reality it can be part of ones attractions; there's nothing fetishistic about that! Again The animal itself isn't a inanimate object, and there's nothing wrong with finding certain body traits sexually attractive, if one does! Some people may just find certain breeds sexy, so what man.. it doesn't entitle they love animals any less than you do. For example on a sexual note, I like when a dog has big balls, and is well endowed, or the sight of a dogs vagina swollen in heat turns me on , is that fetishism? No because it's just sexual attraction to the anatomy of a living being, I find certain breeds more sexier than other breeds due to looks, is that a fetish? no it's plain attraction to certain characteristics! before you make false assumptions, I'd research what the definition of a fetish really is.. I created this thread to see others personal opinion on what traits or looks of animals are attractive to them, wether it be sexual or not, how in the holy hell did you get fetishism undertone from that? So you must not find your mares body attractive at all if you find it so fetishistic? Man your sex must be rather boring then
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    @ 30-30, If he's a master, you're definitely "Piled Higher & Deeper". There are already threads around just as you described with answers just as you described. In fact, my answer to the "favorite part of the horse" question has been "the part with the horse in it" for about 50 years now. This thread is an attempt to break out of that mold and provide us with a bit of variety.
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    Could be the threads subject man... you know? I'm not thinking they are stuck on it as much as thinking about it due to the subject matter.
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    I can never look at an afghan hound without thinking... AT-AT.
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    You just perfectly described Great Danes I think the Harlequin Danes are the most beautiful out of the breed though
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    On a serious note; This is something all zoos should follow for safety
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    I almost died laughing when I saw this in my fb news feed a couple days ago
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    OK, first off all. I'm not a beastie. In fact, I'm not active at all. Secondly, I have no interesst in discussing further with you. Your attitude simply sucks. Go preaching your stuff, I and propably many others, really don't care anymore... I'm just going to ignore you for now on.
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    I've been around a long time now, and I've yet to see anyone not mistake "Acceptance" for Tolerance. Even tolerance of "Zoophilia" loses me though in it's benefits to me personally. I've yet to have anyone explain how "Zoo Tolerance" is going to improve my life, or those of my companions. I need to be tolerated only in my own home or barn by my companions, need only be accepted in my own bed by my lover, to be and feel "zoo". Need only their and my own approval. My companions ALL regularly see the Vet, Farrier and ALL others necessary to their good health. "Acceptance" of my bestiality would change that naught. My ability to "own" them and care for them would not change. There is therefor no benefit to me in ANY "Zoo Acceptance Movement". Advocating of such could, and probably would, in fact endanger myself and them. Sorry, but not interested. sw
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    If someone happens to trespass and observe you, you would stand to lose everything and spend several years in prison for doing something where there is no harm. If your mare had an accident which required immediate veterinary care, you risk being discovered and again, losing everything and your freedom for....wait for it....doing the right thing and putting your mare's health above all else. What happens when you discover a lump in your mare's vagina which if dealt with early wouldn't be a problem, but if left until a vet could readily find it would be catastrophic, how do you explain to the vet that it's there without again, risking everything? Why should society tolerate laws which are discriminatory and unjust? If the intent is to prevent harm, shouldn't the laws focus on actual harm? The priniples which have guided most modern governments state these types of laws shouldn't exist, but yet they persist. Worse still when these laws are pushed as animal welfare laws because in almost every case they don't improve animal welfare in the slightest, but only serve to resurrect old sodomy laws. You think I hadn't considered that? Again, that's evidence that it's more visible, but not evidence that it's on the rise. In 1953 there were absolutely zero "hookup posts" on bestiality sites, does that mean bestiality didn't exist before the internet? Don't mistake anecdote for evidence. To make an analogy, I hang out on some machinist forums. I see a lot of people looking for equipment so they too can start making things out of metal. Does that mean machining is on the rise, or that it might seem that way because of selection bias?
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    Yeh, sometimes it really is simple. My final convincer was being in bed, balls deep in a woman, and I couldn't cum unless I closed my eyes and imagined she was an animal. @ 30-30, How do Spink and Pepe fit into this grand plan of yours?
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    I don't know if this will be of use, but at another forum, a similar situation was presented under the title "How Does A Zoo Deal With The Death Of Their Animal, How?". This was the answer I gave, itself a re-presenting of my reply to an even earlier post: -------------------------------------------- I had addressed the situation in a reply to another post, a poll, titled "Where Are Your Zoo Scars?" But that thread is several pages away now. Here is that reply: "Where Are Your Zoo Scars?, Where's your animal lover left his mark?" A small one on my forearm, where a dear partner and I during oral contact, lost balance and I caught a claw. She was unharmed. That was decades ago, and the pale scar has almost completely faded away. But as said by others before, the largest, deepest, most persistent, most painful, and most crippling scars are in the mind, aka, the "heart". She died of age, and that scar of her death is and will always be far deeper and more present than all the scars and debilitations of all the physical wounds I have received over my sixty years. The same with all the others in my life that have fallen to the ravages of time. And it goes beyond the cardiac metaphor also. Recent medical studies have confirmed what many have long felt or known, that the stresses of loss, mourning, and grief can cause actual physical damage to your heart, your immune system, your mental health, and possibly other physiological systems and functions as well. In that respect, in extreme cases or with a pre-existing condition, people can actually die from a "broken heart". The damage from these losses can never be wholly undone, the hole never filled, and the place they held in us never rebuilt. The best we can do - and MUST do - is to build a NEW place in ourselves for a new love, never tearing down or "replacing" the old places, but having for them a brand-new place in your life, uniquely their own. Never forget your lost loves. But do not let those losses shut the doors to new love. Resident Hyaena ^..^
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    In my opinion forced attention only gathers ire. I think public attention should be gained slowly if at all, and in a different genre than advocacy. Artistically we have more power to change hearts and minds than with in your face demands of acceptance at this stage, and I sometimes wonder if even the artistic genre is too much at this stage. Unfortunately even there we are outnumbered by the thrill seeking porn imagery and written porn. All we've done so far on the web is make matters worse IMO with over-sharing our lives with 'normal' folks. Even our stories of loving relationships offend right now. On "Zoo Rights": I've been asking since I came online exactly WHAT those "Rights" were and have yet to get a cognitive answer, or two answers that were the same. I've gotten no answer that has persuaded me that the life I already have or had with my lovers need change or become publicly open to pursue them. Such action only threatens my non-human partners and companions, which is unacceptable. BTW, no action online is totally anonymous and untraceable IMO, and the law has experts that prove that every day. sw
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    Pardon me for asking, but what exactly are you expecting from this "pro zoo" blog? We all know how little chance of changing someone´s perspective such actions have and it´s much more likely you´ll alienate a hundered times more folks from us zoos than actually changing a hostile into a friendly. For me, those "pro zoo" bloggers are just pampering their egos, the effect on society they have in mind is minimal at best, if not completely detrimental to our cause. What you all don´t seem to get is , it´s not a feasible way to make change happen if zoos are just displaying themselves to the public. Sometimes I really wonder whether this entire "zoo rights" stuff is just a reliably working option for attention seekers....."Hey , look at me, I am horny for animals!". As we all should have learned by now, openly displaying sexual attraction towards animals won´t get us anywhere. Why is it so hard for some "zoos" to just do what they want and remain silent about it? There´s an old saying: "Learn to dare, learn to want, learn to know, learn to remain silent", offering the best advice for zoophiles. Do what you want, develop some sort of "pride" , develop expertise and keep your goddamn mouth shut about it. Silence indeed IS golden when it comes to zoophilia. And for those chatter afficionados, there´s always forums like this...so, no need to try yet another invasion of the public that undoubetdly will backfire one day or another.
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    as always, when I turn to some source, some source disappear (this time google decided this group was unsafe for viewing it, so, I can search, but not see any of those posts!). (un) fortunately I saved html file. Dolphin_sex_stories_1994.html
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    Yeah. It does. I think it's representative of world attitudes right now. People are very very angry and they look for scapegoats. We are easy targets. I won't lie, it's beginning to become frightening for me, truth be told.
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    this seriously needs a it depends answer what are we doing? doing to me? doing to them? The nympho shep could sometimes work me up to drooling with her teasing then when i could finally get some didn't last long The way she could work me over the average was probably 5 mins most times, but we also had a lot of those serious intense love making sessions that could go 30 mins or longer ... the biggest part of the time when she started cumming was my trigger. with male dogs it seriously varies for a lot of reasons ..... i have never not cum while being tied without needing to jack off, like my current true partner the more excited you can tell the dog is doing the hurry up and assume the position dance the more excited i get and i cumming while he thrusting even if he isn't hung well and cum again while tied, some simply seem to be able to do it right and i cum while he thrusting... size makes a big difference a bigger knot power stroking the prostate and you blast like you can't imagine is possible and again while tied and the knot is throbbing like a long pulse strong vibe that almost feels like it vibrates you body. the average is probaly a min or two, but a lot can blast me off in the first 30 secs
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    I certainly think of it as a relationship, though probably not your typical western version of a relationship. I don't expect from a dog what a dog can't give; I expect loyalty, compassion, and most of all friendship. I think my current dogs deliver more than I expect.
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    I'm with Rannoch on this. Any attempt to justify bestiality/zoophilia on the grounds of religious freedom or (un)constitutionality will get you laughed out of court. No one -- and I mean *no one* -- will take such a claim seriously, no matter how well-founded it might be. What we zoos fail to recognize is the sheer intensity of disgust most people feel about the act/lifestyle. These emotions are deeply, almost pathologically entrenched in society, far beyond the reach of the finest arguments we can muster. People simply do not want to hear it. Period. At least with homosexuality, you're still doing it with a person, so *eventually* society can wrap its head around it and say, "okay, yeah, I suppose I can learn to tolerate it." But with an animal? I'm sorry, but society will never accept it, regardless of our logic. Bottom line? Don't get caught.
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    It was about 1975 that I met the dog that made me think I was Exclusive. In 1989 a woman proved it to me.
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    so far it has taken me 50 years...but thats just me...no access...hahahaha....
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    What did the dog do when people spelled "v" "e" "t"? : )
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    Nothing wrong with that: the wang wants what the wang wants. That needs to be a T-shirt. : )
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    Every dog is different, but I think the most important factor is how powerful a bond you have with her. The stronger the mutual trust, and the more gentle and patient you are, the more your partner will seek out and enjoy sex, in heat or otherwise.
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    Yeah, considering she was all taped and slung after the repair surgery, he had to have forced her to stand and held her there for it. I beat the livin' shit out of him.
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    Lol the deer one
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    You try, and that counts for something. We can't save them all, as I learned with Ri`an, the little filly I rescued just before ZF ended. She lived 3 days and broke my soul in dying. We give them what we can, and pray it's enough to save them. I've learned that sometimes giving them to others is best too. Such wasn't the case with Ri`an, but was with a pack of Aussies that were left on my doorstep. Beautiful, though wild, dogs and I just hadn't the time or resources to care for them at the time. I luckily found a breed rescue that could take all eleven of them. I'm loathe to give any dog to a shelter, but would have had to otherwise. Have any of you had experiences like that, and how did you handle it? sw