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    I can never look at an afghan hound without thinking... AT-AT.
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    Good for you, oh mister wise one I mean it is the discussion of this thread, and there's more to animals than just personality, pointing out something you like about certain breeds may not even be sexual for some but just pure interest or preference, so what if it is though!.. And remind me how it is fetishism to find certain markings or body build attractive? A fetish is a sexual attraction to an inanimate object; a non living one; so therefore what your suggesting doesn't even make sense!!! Did I once mention sex at all relating to certain body traits?? No man I didn't! But it in all reality it can be part of ones attractions; there's nothing fetishistic about that! Again The animal itself isn't a inanimate object, and there's nothing wrong with finding certain body traits sexually attractive, if one does! Some people may just find certain breeds sexy, so what man.. it doesn't entitle they love animals any less than you do. For example on a sexual note, I like when a dog has big balls, and is well endowed, or the sight of a dogs vagina swollen in heat turns me on , is that fetishism? No because it's just sexual attraction to the anatomy of a living being, I find certain breeds more sexier than other breeds due to looks, is that a fetish? no it's plain attraction to certain characteristics! before you make false assumptions, I'd research what the definition of a fetish really is.. I created this thread to see others personal opinion on what traits or looks of animals are attractive to them, wether it be sexual or not, how in the holy hell did you get fetishism undertone from that? So you must not find your mares body attractive at all if you find it so fetishistic? Man your sex must be rather boring then
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    @ 30-30, If he's a master, you're definitely "Piled Higher & Deeper". There are already threads around just as you described with answers just as you described. In fact, my answer to the "favorite part of the horse" question has been "the part with the horse in it" for about 50 years now. This thread is an attempt to break out of that mold and provide us with a bit of variety.
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    After reading the posts that came after my flippant, "Goats & Guns" post, I realize that this is probably one of the better threads here. Yea, for many of us our animals are a hobby. Going out and petting my various critters is quite good therapy. As is making steel plates ring. I'm old enough to have had some hobbies come and go. I still have my ham license, more camera equipment then you can pick up all at once, horology, knives, cigars I'm not suppose to smoke, and a rather large microphone collection. But as to why this is a good thread. Well it shows that we're not just a bunch of degenerates that only think about sex with animals. It's easy to get that impression if one looks at the posts on this site, but one needs to remember that this is one of the few places we can freely talk about our unusual sexual partners. It truly is good to see we're such a diverse group of people.
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    Could be the threads subject man... you know? I'm not thinking they are stuck on it as much as thinking about it due to the subject matter.
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    There is something of a generational thing here. In the days of my youth there was no alternative to missionary hetero sex anywhere you looked. Of course it was possible but no body talked about it because it was illegal under the old sodomy laws. The closest anybody came was some old cowboy jokes (#1 "I'm hungry enough to eat a horse" #2 "I'm horny enough to fuck a horse" #3 "I'm big enough to satisfy a horse"). So I did what everybody and everything around me said to do, I got a girlfriend. It wasn't satisfying so I tried another one, and another one. Then I decided that since it was getting less satisfying with every try it wasn't fair to sincere young women and stopped trying humans.
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    Just curious of what certain traits of an animals body are attractive to others? These are the physical traits that I find most attractive with dogs; I like short haired breeds the most, absolutely love black and white fur mixes; as well as fully pointed ears, or ears that are floppy, but still slightly stand up; a wide forehead and short snout is attractive as well; i prefer large breed dogs that are muscular, with sleek fur, and to be honest I find a docked tail attractive to a certain point.. to sum it up, really the most attractive breed to me would be the Pitbull or Rottweiler..
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    It's called knowing the difference between a fetish and a preference: The difference between fetish & preference, is the difference between must-have & would-like. Sexual fetishes are defined by a obsessive need for something, normally inanimate, but not always, the main characterization of a fetish is entitlement that you care more about that specific sexual trigger than the sexual partners themselves, that is common knowledge, look it up A preference on the other hand is just traits that you enjoy over others but are not required for your involvement in a relationship
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    From you, apparently. I'll be sure and put it on the empty wall to the right of me. Sadly, I think it's not recognized in my home state, but I'll treat it with care all the same.
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    The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. Friedrich Nietzsche Meaning I don't care what the outside world thinks. As I said in my previous post. "It truly is good to see we're such a diverse group of people." Make of that, what you will.
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    May I also mention that there is actually a scientific reason behind attraction to specific body traits.. humans are biologically wired to be attracted to certain traits of other humans; it can vary from person to person and the reason can be sexual but that isn't considered a fetish. OK you take zoos, who obviously have an attraction to a different species, you think the biological urge to be attracted to certain traits is gonna disappear? No it's channelled to the species your attracted to! I find your response rather hypocritical as you even admitted that certain looks are unattractive to you, right after you called everyone out for it Your hotdog down a hallway comment also shows that your out casting certain breeds just because their vagina is to loose, and then you go about saying it's all about personality (you seriously need to do some self reflection on the things you say, no that's not an insult, it's friendly advice), yes people should love their animal for their personality, I do agree, but there's more to relationships, and attraction than that, you really need to lighten up man, and stop jumping to conclusions about the intention of every thread I create Not once did I suggest that just because a animal isn't as attractive as another breed that they are less important, or don't deserve to be loved, ive owned several different breeds, and loved them all, i was just plainly stating traits I find attractive over others and was curious of others views on the subject..
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    I'm afraid I might wrinkle up the paper on that one. ;-)
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    Yeah, and he's tantalizingly hung, too, LOL! I like tall blondes, too ... Well, okay, they don't *have* to be blonde ...
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    For me? Amongst other things... Firm, resilient feathers Long slender legs Piercing red eyes Brilliant rainbow colors Slender streamlined body Full erect posture Energetic hopping walk Short cute tail Strong taloned feet Great soaring wings Short hooked beak Low sonorous call Majestic golden eyes Long snaky neck Soft luxuriant plumage Confident strutting gait Stout heavy body Dark black eyes Short firm legs solid horizontal posture Long graceful tail Thundering commanding scree Subtle earth tones Deep green eyes Small flightless wings Broad webbed feet Stately measured stride Long, stiletto bill Short thick neck Loud echoing screech Gentle blue eyes Stable angled posture Medium firm legs Semipalmate feet Huge massive bill Substantial medium tail Carefree waddling gait Staccato chattering voice Hunched brooding posture Enigmatic white eyes A warm soft inviting under-tail And an even warmer softer inviting personality. In a word, Bird! Resident Hyaena ^..^ "Sir, our math shows that The Bird is equal to or greater than The Word!" Family Guy, season 7 episode 4, "I Dream of Jesus"
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    Let's see: Pointed highly expressive ears, check. Short shiny white coat, check. High contrast "paint job", check. Big well defined muscles, check. Broad soft nose, check. Loves "high intensity" lip work, check. Equipped to meet or exceed any capacity that he is ever likely to see, check. We did miss the short snout and tail though because he's a Paint Horse.
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    I love canines with pointed, upright ears, especially when the dog uses them to express his/her feelings. I also like a smooth, shiny (but not extremely short) coat. A sturdy, muscular build is good , too. Combine the above with an exotic-looking "paint job'" and I couldn't ask for more as far as looks are concerned. I had a pair like that some years ago and they never failed to turn heads whenever I took them out in public. The best part was that they both had rock-solid temperaments and were affectionate and cuddly. They were mutts, Australian cattledog mixes, who looked like they were brother and sister, even though they came from different parts of the country. I do miss them.
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    I've owned 5 so far. Still have 2 They are truly 'Great'. As far as critter parts, I like faces a lot. That big broad kissable nose on a cow, or that soft hair on a goat's muzzle, and that deep lanolin smell rubbing my face on a sheep's muzzle. Oh sure, I drift to other parts, but first greetings is always the face.
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    Who wouldn't think these dogs are stunning?? The combination of black and white fur is so pretty
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    You just perfectly described Great Danes I think the Harlequin Danes are the most beautiful out of the breed though
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    I've found out I'm kind of a leg man; the longer the better, with short fur to show the muscle definition (but not always).
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    Oh I'm sure you have a better attention span then- Squirrel!!!! (Sorry Dingo Jay could not pass up on the joke.)
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    I think this question needs an addition because it´s not hard to remain a "human virgin" when you never had a real chance with humans, right? I´m 46 now, still a "human virgin" despite the fact that my profession as a riding instructor has exposed me to lots of possibilities to get laid with girls. I even remember phases in my life where I literally was stalked by some of my female riding students, but declined any advances from them . Thank god I had the "I strictly separate work and private life, so thank you for your interest, but no..." excuse....spared me from some major inconveniences. You literally can´t avoid becoming the number one target for teenage girls and some adult women when you´re in charge of an entire riding facility. Anyway, to me the idea of having a relationship and/or sex with one of those furless monkeys is equally appalling as it is for normals to imagine having a relationship and/or sex with a mare, so...zero for me, too. Possibilities with human females: lots Interest in that: zero
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    2.... Neither had a tail so....
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    Did you know the Minotaur has a name? Copyright 2016 Asterion "HELLO.... Aster.... You awake"? Hercules, son of Zeus, stomped down a stone lined hallway. The large jug of wine he carried sloshed and gurgled as the massive human gave out another shout. "Aster.. ASS.. you here"? "You keep shouting, all of Crete is going to know you're down here". The deep voice seemed to rumble out from the room Hercules was just about to step into. "I thought you wanted to keep you visits here hush-hush". The owner of the voice had just swung his hoofs and massive scrotum off the bed, located in an alcove to the main room. Rocking a huge bull head, first to one side and then the other, making loud bone popping sounds. Twin thick inwardly curved light gray horns ended in sharp points just above the sight line of dark bovine eyes. Giving one the impression that Asterion had you 'in his sights'. "Well from the storied being told about you, I figured cries and screams were normal coming from this place". "Like I'm to believe all the stories about you? What was that one.... Oh yes, you brought down a temple, with just your bare hands". Hercules plunked the jug down on the stout wooden table so he would be free to use his hands to add to the telling of the story. "Hey, it's not my fault that they didn't keep their temple in good repair. I just happened to notice that the one column's base had crumbled to the point that the top of it wasn't even touching the roof. And that the big ol' rope they had tied around it was just the right place so I could start rocking it back and forth. I gave it one last big pull and it fell into the other one I was tied to. Snapped that one right in two. I was able to get out of the ropes just as the whole roof started to cave in." The demigod finished his story by plopping down in sturdy chair at the table. "So you going to get out some mugs for this excellent wine? I'm dying of thirst here". The bull's nose could tell that 'Herc' had already been sampling this, "excellent wine". His cloven hoofs quietly thumped on the thin layer of dirt he kept over the hard stone floor of his room. A beam of sunlight streamed in and momentarily made the white hair of his seven foot tall body flash brightly, as he recovered two large clay tankards. "How come all the stories I hear about you, say that you have a black hide"? "I guess it makes me sound more evil or something. When you think about it, it makes no sense. Dad was a pure white bull, and mom was a light skinned woman". There was a break in the conversation as the wine 'glugged' into the drinking vessels. The human drained his in one continuous motion. Then refilled his tankard and sat back with a loud belch. The bull-man took his time with the grape beverage. "So why were you tied to those columns in the first place"? "Some royal ass-hole claimed I got his daughter pregnant... As usual". "You did not, I gather". The massive human was on his third glass of wine, or was it his thirtieth? and was feeling uninhibited. He was naked from the waist up, and a simple loincloth below, as was the normal dress of the local men. He stood and starting to explain as he took this cloth off.... "Hera was pissed at Zeus for siring yet another bastard child with a mortal woman. When I was still an infant, she came to visit my mother and me. She knew dear ol' dad would be watching to make sure she didn't try to harm me outright. She didn't, but she had a sly plan. Zeus figured just being his son was enough for me to be some kind of great man. But Hera leaned over me and said I should have the strength of ten men.... But what didn't become obvious until years later when I became a man, that she had caused something else to be many times bigger...." Once completely naked Hercules turned and faced his bovine friend. Asterion's bovine face was still able to convey surprise. "Wow", was all he said as he looked at his friend's penis. On a normal sized man, it would have almost looked like a third leg, but hanging between the twin muscular tree trunks Herc had for legs, it just look.... massive. "Why didn't you just show 'em that you couldn't have been the one to have breed some princess". The son of Zeus didn't bother to put his loincloth back on, he just sat back down and took another large gulp from his tankard. "I get enough grief from just having this body", the demigod pointed to his huge biceps. "I don't need to be looked on as being even more freakish because I'm hung like a horse". "I bet you are popular with the centaurs mares". "Are you kidding? That's all I need is to have that bunch of crazy centaur stallions thinking I'm after their females.... No thanks, I'll take my chances on finding a human that's big enough to take me". "And have you"? Asked Asterion. "Sort of... You know that woman that rides around on a zebra"? "Yes... Red... something... What do you mean by, sort of"? "She's got a tail, like a horse, she keeps it trimmed so it doesn't show below her skirt. And she can take the tip". "Well that better then nothing. Are you seeing her"? "I did for a while. Used to go see her every Friday, help her around her place and spend the night". "Used to go"? The human shuffled his sandals about as he looked down at them. "One day I had to leave for a couple of weeks, so I went by her place to tell her that I was going to be gone.... I was just coming to her place and I heard her moaning.... I came around the bend and sure enough, there she was, leaning over a stack of firewood, a stack I had cut and ricked up for her...." Herc looked up at the bull. "She was getting hammered by that zebra stud of hers." The human looked back down and said in a low voice. "I thought we had meant something to each other." Hercules took another swig. "He hauls her around wherever she wants to go, so I guess he's entitled to some pussy". "You don't sound very convinced". Asterion gave a loud snort and shook his massive head. The man shrugged... "I'm just not as lucky as you, with a harem of females waiting to get fucked whenever the mood strikes". "Well, sometimes they are not in the mood, and keep their tails clamped down tight". The Minotaur stood and refilled his drink for the second time and filled Herc's for the fifth. Before sitting back down, he pointed to white form, lying and chewing her cud on a bed of straw, in the far corner of his great room. "And sometimes they come looking for me". Hercules look at where the bull-man pointed. "I thought I could smell a cow. I just figured you had been outside doing your bull thing". "Thank you for not mentioning the stench". Herc and gone back to contemplating his navel. His head suddenly snapped up. "What? No... That's not what I meant... Shit I'm sorry, my mouth sometimes says things the wrong way". The man truly looked contrite. "I actually like the smell, reminds me of the farm I grew up on". "You never talk about your childhood, or your mother. She must be very beautiful to catch Zeus' eye". "Yes, she is". The demigod sat up in his seat. "When you are Hercules you have lots of enemies, I don't want to cause trouble for mom or my half-brother, Iphicles. So I don't talk about 'em much". The massive human leaned back in his chair. "My dad... What a large pain in the ass... You know he shacked up with mom while her real husband was off fighting in some war. He took his form so she thought she was banging her husband but it was really Zeus.... I guess when you are a god, you can do what ever you want. Well at least he wasn't in the form of a duck, or something like that". "Tell me about it... My dad is a real animal". Hercules looked over at the white Minotaur, and saw the bovine equivalent of a grin. "Well at least both of our mothers are human, that were fucked over by a god". "Well...." Asterion look away from Herc's face. "Mine is immortal... She wouldn't have survived dad fucking her, if she wasn't". "Say isn't your step-dad, Minos, also a bastard child of Zeus"? "Yea... Getting fucked by white bulls is quite the family tradition... First Zeus shags grandma Europa as a white bull and she has a son Minos, and then Poseidon gets pissed off at king Minos and makes, his queen Pasiphaë, my mother, fall in love with a white bull, he had given to Minos in the first place... That you ended up capturing because he was out terrorizing the country side". "Who is alive and well in Marathon". "Yes, thank you for that". "No wonder Hera stays mad at dad all the time... Of course being his sister probably doesn't help much". The Minotaur poured more wine for them. Pointing to his chest, "Well this white bull is only fucking cows". Sitting down, he and Herc raised their mugs. "To the gods", the white bull solemnly intoned, "And their weird fetishes". Hercules added. Both drank and banged their mugs down. "Only cows? What about all those virgins that parade through here every nine years"? "Huh? Oh yea those girls. Well most are too excited to find out that I'm not going to eat them... I mean who makes that shit up? But to be honest there's been a couple that wanted bragging rights I guess, loosing their virginity to The Minotaur.... And they were given a 'Bull Ride'". Hercules' eyebrow nearly shot off his forehead. "And how does that work? I mean I'm guessing you are as long as your father...." Asterion sat up a little straighter in his chair and pointed to the tuft of hair that sat low on the great bull's belly that hid the opening to his sheath. The rounded end of his pink tapered dick appeared and slowly grew to several inches. "Over the years I've gotten pretty good at controlling this thing". Another few inches slid out, it's diameter also was increasing. "I just have the girl stand over me as I sit and..." More of the red rod slowly pushed up. Since the bull's sheath was attached to his belly, it advanced upward, roughly parallel to his massive chest. It stopped with slightly more then a foot of bovine dick exposed. Hercules could easily imagine the tapered shaft between the legs of a young woman. "That's amazing... I just figured it was like an arrow shot from a bow". The bull-man leaned his head back slightly just as another foot and a half of cock suddenly shot out. "Like that"? The demigod looked even more amazed. Not just at the length, but the at the base of the bovine phallus was as thick as a man's arm. "No wonder the cows come looking for you". The human tilted his head to one side, as if trying to figure something out... "It folds up", as if to illustrate the shaft lost some of it's spear like rigidity, and started to curve to one side. "I, like my fellow bovine, have special muscles and a space just behind my scrotum that it can fold into". The shaft wilted more and was seemingly sucked back into the sheath. "After a few decades, I've gotten really good at controlling it". "Now I'm truly am envious of you... A massive dick and willing females to use it on". The cow must have sensed she had been talked about, for she arose and quietly plodded over to the two seated males. "Oh I am soooo lucky to be forced to live in an under ground maze with no company other then dumb beasts". "I come to visit". "You're making my point". "Hey"! The human laughed, "Not you too... I'm more then just a pretty face". The man flexed one of his arms. "And budging muscles". Herc leaned over and gave said biceps a loud kiss. The bull man rolled his eyes and grinned broadly at his friend. Whatever Asterion was about to say was cut off by a nearly identical pinkish peach colored, broad, wet nose and white muzzle sliding over his shoulder. A surprised, "O", quickly turned into a soft "mmmmmmm" as the two bovine shared a lowing "moo" together. His hand was quickly stroking the side of the long cow face. He pressed his own wet nose to the soft flesh just behind the cow's nose. Taking a deep breath, inhaling her scent, the bull suddenly remembered his friend. "Yea... Maybe I am a little lucky". "And a little horny". The Minotaur looked down, and sure enough, the bull cock he had just reeled in, was making a reappearance. The cow stepped foreword so she could slide more of her neck over the bull-man's shoulder. One could clearly hear the female inhale the musky scent of the bull. She sashayed past Aster and stopped in front him, with her tail held to one side, in a clear invitation. Asterion always enjoyed the view. Twin folds of thick flesh, glisten with bovine heat. Their size indicated that she had provided several calves in her lifetime. Some may like the tightness of youth, the Minotaur thought the puffiness of a mature cow's large cunt was a joy to behold. Coming up out of his chair, closer to the offered rump, head held low so he too could drink in the heady aroma of the opposite sex. From his seat position, Hercules saw his friend disappear behind the cow, then suddenly his head came up, upper lip curled in the universal fashion of hoofed males. He had talked to the bull-man enough to know that action really charges the breeding lust. Concentrating the cow's 'in heat musk', making it hammer the mating drive. The cow, that was now much closer to him then when she first slid her head over Asterion's shoulder.... He could swear she had a smile that surly came from Aphrodite herself. Herc figured since the Minotaur walked around with just his white fur on, massive scrotum swinging between his legs, that he did not need to avert his eyes from the sex scene about to play out before him. Not that he could see all that much. They were at an angle that precluded him seeing the actual penetration of bull into cow. Though it was easy enough to figure out what it would look like, after all he had just seen the full length and girth of his friends phallus. So when the bull rested his chin on the cow's tail, and the cow seamed to shift her front hooves, as if to brace herself. Actually Asterion couldn't see the scene either. The way his penis slid out of his sheath, the Minotaur had to put his chest against head of the cow's tail, there wasn't any way to see her twat. He just knew from experience to align himself with the back bone of the cow. That way he would only have to make small adjustments for the tip of his cock to find her moist slit. But unlike his feral brethren, Asterion did not slam himself, full length, into the cow's cunt. He took his time and slowly drove his cock home. In the gap between sheath and twat, one could see the bovine penis sliding past. Thicker and thicker it became as is finally reach it's 'arm size' diameter. His head on the cow's back. Chin, jowls, and neck all laid flat along her spine. He relished the silken feel of her wet cow cunt against his long cock. He slowly closed his eyes as he began his hip thrusts. It didn't take long before his animal lust fired and he sent a milky splash of his cum into the cow's cervix. But that wasn't the end. The bull had lots more semen, and started thrusting again... Harder... And again he shot a load of bull cum into the willing beast. By the forth time, the animal breeding lust slipped from his mind and now it was Asterion's turn at fucking this cow. This time when he started his slow hip thrusts, he wasn't lost in a fog of bull-fuck-lust, he was able to enjoy the sight, of the white neck and head that was before him. The fragrance of her need, and the feel of her under him. He was even aware of his massive ball sac swinging between his legs, as he fucked his long, slick, red, bovine cock deep into her cunt. His breathing slowed as he savored the sensation of her warmth wrapped around his cock. His strokes became longer and harder as lust again filled his mind. Only this time it wasn't the blind animal need to cum, but his human side reveled in soul shaking sex. Whatever strange magic that allowed his father and mother to be able to create him. Also created the ability to enjoy sex on a whole different level. Now the Minotaur's breathing became more labored... His shoulders were past her protuberant hip bones, and his massive arms hooked in front of them, levering his chest farther up onto the cow's back and drove his dick deeper into her cunt. Hercules could see his friend's large bovine head repeatedly lurch over the cow's back. He was sure he could see steam snorting from his nostrils and he could also see the full power of the Minotaur as the beast fucked the willing bovine. What neither bull nor Demi-god could see, was the javelin like bull cock being speared into the white cow's cunt. Strong hips drove his ridged penis repeatedly through the slobbering lips of her vaginal opening. The blunt, tapered bull phallus, plunged deep. The slightly curved tip entered the wrinkled folds of her cervix, again and again. That extra bit of sensation drove the Minotaur over the edge and the beast drove himself in one last, "do his feral brother proud", slam into the cow's sex. Both bull and cow gave a "oooofmoo" as several jets of thick whitish cum, blasted directly into her uterus. Then... Everything was still, save for the heavy breathing of the Minotaur. Again Hercules was treat to a smile from the cow. Then he noted where the cow was looking.... Glancing down he saw his own cock, massively erect.... And throbbing. The demigod had felt himself becoming aroused, but wasn't quite prepared to see just how much the animal sex had effected him. Hercules was suddenly brought back to the lair of the Minotaur, his mind having wondered... Thoughts and imaginings were swept away at the sound of hooves. Asterion had disengaged from the cow's sex and staggered back to plop heavily back down in the chair. Looking at the animal he had just pulled his cock out of, he watched the river of creamy fluids flow from her, 'by the gods, she's got one sexy pussy'. He looked down and watched as his red cock was pulled back inside it's sheath. He noted too, that his belly and balls were also coated in the same goo that oozed from his lover. Hearing the soft hoof falls as the cow took a few steps foreword. Then the sound of her sniffing something, the bull-man looked up in time to see the cow getting a good sniff of Hercules' purple glans bobbing in the warm air of his chamber. The Minotaur was amazed again, this time, at the full size of his friend's penis. "Hera really did a number on him" Asterion muttered to himself. "He'll give a draft stallion a run". Again he heard the hoof falls as the cow sashayed a bit farther until her rump was even with the human. Holding her tail to one side, as she had done for the bull, in a clear invite to the Demigod. "Apparently she's still in the mood for some stiff dick". The Minotaur's voice, still a bit out of breath. Hercules turned his head and looked at his friend, then down at his throbbing erection, up to the animal's leaking twat, and finally back to his friend. He looked like he was about to say something, but ended up just looking perplexed. "Go on". the bull urged. "Look how many times your dad turned into an animal to fuck a human... How is this different"? "Must be the wine". Hercules told himself. The human then stood and grabbing the mid point of his swaying cock, he advanced to the cow. At the time of his birth, it was common for males to be circumcised. So it was a naked glans, it's pinkish purple colour, seemingly on the brink of glowing, that led the way to the wet swollen slit that the cow was offering to him. "You are not going to fuck that filthy beast" Hercules halted. He almost asked Asterion if he had heard that voice. But it was an inner voice he had heard before. But never quite so forceful.... Then suddenly he understood. Like most boys growing up on a farm, he had been around lots of animals. He'd herded them from one field to the next. Help milk. And watched as the needed calf, foal, lamb, or kid was put in the mother's womb. As he got older, and he could see that his own penis was starting to resemble one of their's... That's when that voice started. "Dirty beast, Mating in the mud, Animal lust, Filthy..." It wasn't the normal voice of his conscious. The one that told him to not shoot birds with a slingshot, or to help old folks and the infirm. That was a nudge to do the right thing.... This was.... This was... HERA! The Demigod rocked back and forth as he stood just behind the waiting cow. "Are you ok"? The bull-man asked as he watched the sudden turmoil on his friend's face. A hand came up as if to ask, 'give me a moment'. "I'm... I'm much better now".... What started as a squeak, ended strong. "And I'm about to get even better". Hercules smiled at his friend and pointed to the cow's twat. It seamed that once Hercules had figured out it was Hera that had put some kind of mental block in his mind, to prevent him from even considering having an animal as a partner, to be able to use the freakishly huge cock she had given him... Acceptance of that idea came flooding into Herc's mind. Hercules felt his dick get even harder, swell even thicker, as he once again turned to approach the willing cow. Her soft looking pussy lips, coated with slick jizz, was just that... As he plunged the first few inches into her, those lips parted with silken ease. The slimy outflow greased the way. But what he wasn't expecting was the warmth... "Oh fuck"! Unlike Asterion, Hercules was able to look down to watch, and feel, as his not so freakishly large dick, slid slowly into the animal's cunt. "Just the right size", he thought to himself. Apparently so did the cow, for she was pushing her warm pussy back, onto the advancing human cock. The domed end of that purple glans, plowed through the animal's silken flesh of her vaginal tunnel.... Deeper and deeper he sank into her sex. Herc's mind was awash in emotion and lust... He watched as his cock.... A cock that, up until this very moment, hadn't had anything wrapped around it, other then a hand... Was now seeming being gobbled up by a cow's cunt. He had been a lad on a farm, a traveler sleeping in many a barn, camped in the woods.... He had seen bulls, stallions, rams, and bucks of all kinds.... Fucking. Watched penis of all shapes, colors, and sizes, being stuffed into waiting holes. And now he knew why he never thought that one of those holes might have been waiting for him. "She's so warm and soft". Asterion wasn't sure if Herc was talking to the bull or to himself. Either way the Minotaur smiled. Because if what the Son of Zeus had told him was the truth, then he was seeing his friend's first real fuck. Hercules stopped... Before he shoved in the last five or six inches he wanted to feel... His hands went foreword and using the backs of his fingers, he rubbed then through the soft hairs on either side of the white cow's cunt. Both thumbs massaged the thick bovine sex juice over the surface of those puffy lips. Then he carefully pulled them away from his shaft.... He could see how her slit was just a funnel to direct incoming dicks to the vaginal tunnel in the upper part of her vulva. The cow must have figured the sight seeing was over, for she pushed back, her cunt swallowing the final few inches making the thick bush of curly black pubic hair mash against the jizz covered cow cunt. Herc's large scrotum nuzzled tightly against the lower portion of her labial lips. The Demigod tried to make this last... He placed his hands on those prominent hips. Started out very slow, but was soon stroking his cock in and out of the animal's pussy, hard and fast. "Oh fuck"! Large bovine ears flicked as they picked up the whispered expletive. Not even the great Hercules could stop the rampaging orgasm that blasted through the virgin's body. Sure he had felt the joy of release he experienced with his hand, but that was nothing compared to the elation he felt at his first orgasm inside a pussy.... The first blast of human cum, rocketed down the length of rock hard cock and splashed against her cervix. Then another... The pressure of the ejaculate was almost painful, as another wad of whitish human cum was shot into the animal's greedy cunt. After the fifth explosion from his piss slit, he was starting to dwindle down, but the cow had other plans and gripped his still spurting cock and gave it a squeeze with her cunt muscles, milking another blast of Herculean seed. "Holly Fuck"! This time there was no straining to hear. The shout rang off the walls of the maze. The cow gave another milking squeeze. "She trying to pull my dick off". Asterion smiled, knowing all too well the feeling of a talented cow's cunt. Like the bull before him, Hercules lay sprawled over the cow's back. Breathing hard. His slowly softening dick was still deep within the animal's sex, leaking the remnants of his breeding fluids. Pushing his body to upright again. The Son of Zeus.... Make that 'Cow Fucker, Son of Zeus'... staggered back, pulling his flaccid cock from the animal. Once free of the sticky warm confines, it seemed to flop from one leg to the other as Hercules plopped down in his chair, his dick laid across his left thigh, it's 'one eye' staring at the floor. "Zeus must have snuck some horse bits in there". The sound of his bovine friends voice made Herc bring his head up. Seeing the river of human cum flooding out of the cow's cunt, he wondered if Aster was correct. "I think you were a little pent up, from the looks of it". The Demigod's mind was trying to 'reset'. As the fog of sex lifted, thoughts began to flood back in. The breaking of Hera's mind block, followed by a fantastic session of bestiality, had left Hercules a bit fried. He wondered if it all really happened... But his sticky dick and the desire to do it again, cleared up any doubt. "She had done something to my mind".... Asterion figured it had something to do with those few moments that his friend looked... lost. "I've seen enough animals fucking that you would think that the thought of maybe trying it myself would have crossed my mind at some point". Hercules tilted his head up, as if staring at the ceiling through his closed eyes. "Hera.... She put some kind of mental block in my brain.... She didn't want me to ever find sexual joy... I guess the wine broke down some of it, but when I was just about to do it... The spell over did it. It practically scream at me. I almost asked you if you had heard it... That was it's mistake, I suddenly recognized Hera's voice... She had been the one that discouraged even the mere thought of shagging an animal.... All those years.... I could have....". Just then the cow gave a soft moo, and sashayed her magical rump through a short tunnel and out an entrance only Asterion and the cows could see. The streamers of jizz criss-crossed the floor, glistened in the late afternoon sunlight. "Why do I have this sudden urge to give an offering to one of Aphrodite's temples". Asterion looked surprised. "You think she's behind this"? "Before coming here, I did a favor for one of her priestess, and she gave me that jug of strong wine.... That I got drunk on.... and now I'm completely sober.... Also I could swear that your cow had a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face that look like the goddess". Asterion stated to say something but stopped himself... And then he said, mostly to himself.. "You know, I really can't say I have ever even see that cow before.... She came in like she owned the place, knew where everything was, and laid on that straw, just a short while before you got here". Both males looked at the tunnel the cow had disappeared down. "You really think she was a goddess"? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hercules got up and gave a joint popping stretch. Asterion had at first objected that his friend should sleep on the same hay pile that the cow had lain. But after the Demigod reminded him that he really was a farm lad and that sleeping on hay would be just what he needed. So after washing the slime off his body Herc had gone quickly to sleep. "So what's your plan"? Hercules was trying to get his loin cloth and body parts, tucked into place. "Well last night I had a dream about those mares I tamed". "You mean Mares of Diomedes? The four mares that ate humans and you 'tamed' by feeding them their old master Diomedes... Those mares"? "Wow, how did you know all of that"? "I told you, it gets a bit lonely down here, so I collect stories about you. Why were you dreaming about...... OH yea!... silly me". Herc grinned broadly as his friend. "There was one called Lampon. Quite a pretty mare... And she kept doing funny things with her tail when I was around her". Aster raised an eyebrow, "You mean like..." The big bovine head inclined towards the tunnel the cow had left through the day before. "And you figure you should go and make sure they haven't gone back to their old carnivore ways"? "Something like that". "I think I've created a monster". This time it was Herc's turn to look surprised. "What? No!... Look, Hera's voice might be gone, but I still have that voice that helps me do the right thing... And raping farm animals is not the right thing to do". Hercules finished wrapping the leather straps around his legs that held his sandals on. "I'm just going to go say hello to the mares and see what happens". "Well make sure you come back and give me all the sloppy details". Both males clasped that awkward forearm hand shake that hero's do. And Hercules, Son of Zeus, strolled out the exit tunnel. Asterion noted that there was much more spring in the Demigod's step then the day before. The Minotaur squared his shoulders and look about. "Hmmm... I better get this place cleaned up before another goddess shows up.
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    Night Security by Bearwolf Night Security By Bearwolf WARNING: This story is a work of fiction between a man and an ape. If this offends you please read no further. This erotic male-to-male ape story is suitable and made available to Adults Only, rating *NC-17* This story is solely written for entertainment purposes only and is subject to international copyright laws. (C) 2005 by Bearwolf. It was just another sleepless night at the park. I had unbuttoned the security shirt that I was forced to wear to try to beat the heat of late July. The AC in my small office was broke and the windows of the damn place couldn't be opened. I was setting down for another boring night of watching TV monitors. God I hate this job. I need the money that working security brought. Like this place needs security anyway. In the past two months that I've been working here I've only had to throw one teenager out of the park after hours. Whoever said that security is fun is full of shit. Security is boring, but it gets the bills paid. There is just two people who work nightshift at the park, my supervisor and me. And boy oh boy what a piece of work he is. Biggest damn hypocrite that I've ever seen. Take last Friday for example. I was out on my rounds and was smoking. That damn asshole screamed at me for hours about the dangers of smoking, not only to myself but also to the animals that the park housed. Then I catch the jerk sparking up behind one of the garbage dumpsters on the same night. If the ass was here tonight, he would probably be screaming at me about not wearing my stupid shirt. Like I said just another boring night, dayshift gets all the fun. But at least I didn't have to worry about dickhead. He called in sick an hour ago and I had to stop the evil chuckle that built up in my throat. I ran a hand over my bald scalp, then throw the damn shirt in the corner. Fuck it's hot in here. I glanced at the clock. 11:30. Usually my supervisor was out on rounds at this time but sense he wasn't here it was my job to do his walk-about as well as min. Time to get to work. I walked around the building then around the small park. I left the shirt behind. The night air was just what the doctor ordered. The sweat that caked my frame cooled to almost freezing but it was a good freeze. I finished my rounds and was heading back to the office. Damn the night was hot. I stripped off my paints and boxers and threw them in the office as I passed. I knew that no one else was around and I could erase the tapes in the office later. By nature I'm a nudist. I find nothing wrong with being naked. After all we all have the same things anyway. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that they're all the exactly the same, but a dick is a dick after all. And I wasn't completely nude. I still had my belt with all my keys and other tools and my boots. I stopped and cocked my ear. There was a sound someplace. Low grunting. I followed the sound and peered into the darkness. The light was in my hand but I kept it off. I slowly moved past cage after cage of sleeping animals as I searched for the sound. But no one was around. Then I heard the nose from inside of a cage I turned on the light and pointed it in the cage. I laughed. Moko was sitting there in his nest playing with his dick. His eyes were wide and glazed over and he seemed to be frozen in place from the light. "Go you." I chuckled. Moko was an oddity around the zoo. He was also one of our most popular attractions. Moko is a mountain gorilla about I would say 18 by human standards. He is also an albino. Most people think that albinoisum is just a human condition but it's not. All those white animals that Native Americans talk about were albinos. "Hey Moko . How's it hanging?" Moko walked over to me on his hands and sat in front of the bars. Over the last few months we had become good friends. He was usally awake when I made my first rounds. He held his hands out of the bars as if expecting something. I laughed as I reached into the hard leather pouch that I had on my belt. The square pouch housed my pack of smokes. I had made it years ago so I didn't crush my smokes in my pocket. I pulled out two and lit them, then handed one to Moko. Over the past month I have been teaching him how to smoke with me. He grabbed the camel and inhaled like an expert. I leaned back against the cage, the cold bars biting into my back. Yet the coldness was kind of nice on this hot night. I inhaled deeply form the cigarette that I held in my mouth and Moko mimicked me. It was kind of fun sitting there smoking with the ape. I took another drag of the cigarette and flicked it. The gorilla also flicked his cigarette. Fuck it's hot. I thought as I sat back against the bars to get more confortable. Moko reached though the bars and laid a hand on my shoulder. The unexpected touch made me jump and that made him back off. Eventually he came back and put his hand on my shoulder again when he saw that I wasn't mad. It must be hard on him being the only gorilla in the zoo. Then something happened that I didn't expect. He wrapped both arms around me and started to squeeze. I knew that it was only a hug but god it hurt. His arms crushed the bars into my back painfully. Moko weighed about 300lbs. and it was all muscle. "Moko, let go!" I gasped as the pain became unbearable. He let go of me and I fell to the ground gasping for air. I turned and looked at him in shock but the only gave me an apish grin, if you can say that apes really grin. I sat back down on the small ledge of the cage with half my ass and one leg put up and the other touching the ground. That's when Moko did the second thing that I wasn't expecting. He reached through the bars and I thought that he was just going to grab me again but he put his hand on my dick. I fell back in surprise. "Moko! Don't do that!" Yet that brief contact with his hand made me sprout a woody. What the Fuck? Am I horny over an ape? I gave myself a couple of strokes. To my amazement Moko mimicked me by stroking his growing gorilla meat. Monkey see, monkey do. Just how far could this go I wondered as I and Moko continued to jackoff. This was getting fun. I sat back against the cage and was really getting into it. I could tell that Moko was to for he made some satisfied grunts. I leaned back and picked up the pace. I closed my eyes and started to play with my nuts. Moko reached thought the cage again and grabbed ahold of my dick. I moved his hand up and down my dick faster and faster. I reached through the bars and started playing with his dick as well but the angle was wrong and I knew that I couldn't keep it up. I knew that he like it because he let out a low grunt of pleasure. Fuck this was getting crazy. I knew that this was sick and twisted. It was wrong to be sitting here and letting an ape manipulate me as I stroked him. Yet I didn't give a flying fuck I was getting into this. Besides this was no different than the goats and sheep that I had fucked as a teenager out on my gramps farm. Hell the old man and thought me how to do it. I moved away from the bars with a sad moan form Moko. I walked over to the cage door and reached for my keys. Everyone who worked security has a set of keys to every door in the park for emergencies. Well this was an emergency. I needed to cum and I wanted to get ahold of tha monkey meat and make him cum too. What the fuck am I thinking I thought as I unlocked the door and got in the cage. This was the first time I had ever been in the cage with him and I don't think he knew what to make of the situation either. I sat with my back to the cage and started to jackoff again. After a moment he was next to me doing the same thing. I let him play with my dick as I played with his. I was about to cum when he grabbed me. My face hit the ground as he raised my ass into the air. I could taste blood in my mouth. He licked my ass with his tongue probing deeper and deeper into my asshole. I knew this was going to go further then I wanted it to but against this horny ape I couldn't do a fucking thing. I was right too. After about five minutes of him eating my ass he moved and slammed his dick up my ass. Fuck! This fucking hurt! Moko's dick was only about six inches long but it was wide, talk about a fucking can. I knew that I was bleeding but I was fucking at this apes mercy. He fucked me for a long time. His gorilla meat sliding back and forth in my ass and I was pushing back against every trust for all I was worth. I don't know how long we fucked but I came twice. Finally he slammed all of his cock up my ass and I felt jet after jet of hot gorilla cum fill my guts. Then we both passed out. I awoke hours later snuggled next to his warm fur and left the cage. I went back to the office and got dressed and erased the tapes as gorilla-cum still leaked out of my ass. As I was leaving the park after dayshift relieved me I walked past Moko's cage. I touched his dick and said see you tonight. He even gave me that stupid apish grin again. We have fucked on many occasions, usually when dickhead wasn't around. The park manager just told me that dickhead was retiring and that I was going to train the new guy. I just couldn't wait. Me and Moko where going to get a new fuck toy. And trust me, I'll make sure of that. >>> THE END <<<