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  1. Ruffy (pre-2001 to 2017)

    Sorry for your loss Farrelfoxx. sw
  2. When I get time, I'll try to find a working link to this and post it here. I seem to remember it myself... sw One on sex with a dog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hesD2WVAr-E
  3. "Is acceptance possible?" thread

    OK, it'll piss folks off, but I'm temporarily locking this thread while (and until I have time to) I review multiple comments for violations of a certain rule. I'm sorry, but this may take a day or so to do. I have other responsibilities that take precedence over this forum, and this thread has generated several complaints. A quick review seems to show justification for them. The topic will be unlocked after review. sw (Thread unlocked. Two replies removed for editing and review- sw)
  4. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    I don't disagree with you, but you're referring to a Right I already enjoy. No-one in fact does prevent me in any way, shape or form from making love to my "property" in the privacy of our own home/ barn/ farm etc. Were I trying to do so with anothers' property or on anothers' property or on shared property without permission of the other party, I would indeed be causing harm and should be made to pay. Nor is anyone discriminating against me for being "Zoo" because it's no ones business if I am or not. I fail yet to see the need or appeal in being "Openly" anything, especially "Openly Zoophilic". Nothing would change in a positive way by my being so in my opinion. Perhaps if I were also Gay I'd understand it differently, but I don't run through the streets yelling "I'm Hetero!" either, so why do so shouting "I'm Zoo" ? sw
  5. "Is acceptance possible?" thread

    I've been around a long time now, and I've yet to see anyone not mistake "Acceptance" for Tolerance. Even tolerance of "Zoophilia" loses me though in it's benefits to me personally. I've yet to have anyone explain how "Zoo Tolerance" is going to improve my life, or those of my companions. I need to be tolerated only in my own home or barn by my companions, need only be accepted in my own bed by my lover, to be and feel "zoo". Need only their and my own approval. My companions ALL regularly see the Vet, Farrier and ALL others necessary to their good health. "Acceptance" of my bestiality would change that naught. My ability to "own" them and care for them would not change. There is therefor no benefit to me in ANY "Zoo Acceptance Movement". Advocating of such could, and probably would, in fact endanger myself and them. Sorry, but not interested. sw
  6. Knowing when they are coming into heat

    Shadows smelled different, but it was indeed a bad smell. Very bad in fact. Like she'd swallowed a rotting carcass. I never noticed a difference in a mares breath, but wasn't really paying much attention, as I was concentrating on more visual and behavioral changes with them. Same with sheep. sw
  7. Horses

    Yesterday I rode a high 'til bed, when I hit there I dreamed of horses fresh met and fair. Tonight I coast a low, rememberin' horses old known and sore missed. It ain't good 'cause I suffer depression that feeds on those emotional swings. ...but it ain't bad 'cause I'll write of 'em both maybe... then, I'll miss 'em all though... I can go out to the barn though, and see her and find some comfort there... then I hurt fer those who can't... but not fer long, 'cause she's there fer me an' George Straits on the old clock radio in the tack room and her breath puffs against my cold face.........
  8. Battlecrops' Zoo Survey

    For me the diagnosis came after losing my longest, and first true, partner Tippy. I think that happens a bit too. sw
  9. Quotes with zoo references

    I dunno. As for the "Quotes with 'Zoo' references" I've noticed over the years that 'zoos' can find "zoo references' in just about everything, if they look hard enough, whether it's there or just coincidence. I know I have, and then have come to my senses again. It's fun to, sometimes, but don't take it seriously folks. As for the 'hypocrisy' mentioned, it's interesting, but off topic, as condoms are. My quick thoughts will be given on those when you make a topic for them where it's appropriate. Lets keep this topic fun, OK? sw
  10. Together

    Together I remember when we met, you hearing me, I seeing you. Falling together. I remember when we made love, You lay below me, I lay within you. Coming together. I remember when we touched, you were soft, I felt rough. Fur and Skin together. I remember when we thought, you about me, me around you. Minds together. I remember when we loved, you only me, I always you. Forever together. I need us together again.
  11. Question About Writing Subjects

    ANY writing is allowed here. Thee concentration is zoophilic, but writing on any subject (barring a few in the general rules), if you are the author, may be posted. I don't post more than my zoophilic writing only because my mainstream material would identify me. As long as it conforms to the general rules of the forum, and you are comfortable posting it, post. sw
  12. Dreams of an Animal

    I wouldn't pass up this hurt for anything, though it tried to take my life. It means I loved, and loved deeply... sw
  13. Word Association

  14. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    Which brings us to my position: I am zoo because I am. I am bestialist because I chose to be. I stay labeling myself both because I want to. I think there are many internal and environmental "reasons, causes, influences" that effect our being and our choices, and that they are likely as completely different as the individual is. I think depression or social anxiety can be one of those influences, one of many for that individual. I believe it can also be a result of the same for other individuals, as my depression is for me. I agree that we search for reasons where reasons may not be, but if searching brings you peace then search away. I never wondered why I was zoo, only why I acted upon those feelings. I looked for reasons why I engaged in bestiality, and concluded only that it was my choice. I could have stayed with humans, or barring that, could have stayed without a sex partner, but chose to have sex based on my lust, and love in my case. Many others will conclude different results. This has indeed been an interesting topic and discussion, and I hope it continues as such.
  15. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    I wonder about the other side of the coin. Rather than how these feelings can be a precursor to zoophilic behavior, how does zoophilia effect these feelings starting? sw