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  1. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    It's been mentioned many times before, and will be again. No worries. BTW, no forum is a democracy, including this one, but you're quite right about any "squeaky wheel" being banned there. sw
  2. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    Should be there on all posts for a certain time. I'll look into it. sw
  3. How much sex do you have?

    Right place, and good question. I have no sex now, since my Shadow died, but it (Frequency) has varied over the years. With Tippy it was averaging 3 times a day, at times more. With Shadow in the early years it was twice a day, morning and night, most times. There were days though where it increased, and some where it decreased. As she aged it went to once a day or less. As I aged it decreased as well. I'm 55 now, and able though I choose not to. In the future, who knows. Thanks for the question. sw
  4. Word Association

  5. I seem to have earned a lot of bad karma.

    I don't know from karma. I have the "old soldier" mentality- "Shit happens, usually ta me, and it is what it is" Hope yer Karma or luck or whatever gets better though... sw
  6. Heavyhorse

    Welcome to my little corner of the 'net. Enjoy yer time here. sw
  7. I'd like to apologize

    I'm glad to hear the cancer is receding. I know the depression that comes with that well, and fully understand. Your commitment to your dog has grown stronger, and that's great to hear as well. Thank you for the updates, and I hope things continue to improve. Remember, "Survive" is also a state of mind. Another Survivor, sw
  8. I've taken in a new rescue horse...

    BTW, nice looking dog. Also, the mare is doing great folks, and is letting me put a blanket on her. She still shys a bit with strangers, but has become much more comfortable with me. My buckskin protects her and she comes easily when called. I'll keep you all updated off and on. sw
  9. Word Association

  10. I've taken in a new rescue horse...

    You try, and that counts for something. We can't save them all, as I learned with Ri`an, the little filly I rescued just before ZF ended. She lived 3 days and broke my soul in dying. We give them what we can, and pray it's enough to save them. I've learned that sometimes giving them to others is best too. Such wasn't the case with Ri`an, but was with a pack of Aussies that were left on my doorstep. Beautiful, though wild, dogs and I just hadn't the time or resources to care for them at the time. I luckily found a breed rescue that could take all eleven of them. I'm loathe to give any dog to a shelter, but would have had to otherwise. Have any of you had experiences like that, and how did you handle it? sw
  11. Security reminder

    Folks are reminded that this is an open forum. This means that non-members can read topics and there is no restriction to joining. I'm sure we have "anti-zoos" lurking here, and you should therefor guard your personal information. sw
  12. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    I was referring to "We" as an online community. What have "we" done? Nothing more than bring it to the general publics eye that we exist, in fairly large numbers. At least in greater numbers than was generally thought. Folks were comfortable enough with the thought of the random farmboy fucking a cow and the jokes of such things because they could deny they really existed, but "we" have made it clear that we do exist. And that has made the average "joe" highly uncomfortable enough to try to eradicate us. "We" also popularized the act of having sex with animals in my opinion. I believe at least half of those in the community today would not have taken the step into zoophilia/ bestiality were it not for our little 'club'. The sad thing is "we" cannot change this much, nor was it necessarily preventable once the internet was created. "We" can prevent further damage by disappearing though that seems a step unfair to us. So, what did you do? You delurked, same as I, and helped create a community that enabled, highlighted and fostered such things as popular among other fringe communities. I agree only with the line from 30-30 btw. I'm sure he has his own reasons. I may or may not agree with some of them, but I do think for myself. I have, as I stated above, believed this for years and I've seen nothing to change my mind. I remain online and in this community because there is really no other place to go. Finally, all voices and points of view are welcome here, and some will leave a bad taste in your mouth. My stance against pushing for more attention frequently does with folks. That is all I was referring to in agreeing with 30-30s line in his reply, and one point I know he is in agreement with. I don't like his methods, nor his belief that we should have absolutely no voice. I think voices of reason will prevail, though slowly. I never see us having a "Zoo rights" type of legislation, only because it would be one-sided (the human side) and we as a community cannot even agree what those 'rights' are. OK, I've gone well beyond your question and I'm sorry for that. I leave it only to educate folks as to who and what I am. sw
  13. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    "WE screwed up big time in the last 20 years and what we´re experiencing now is just the expectable repercussions for what we as a community have done..." I've been saying this for years. sw
  14. Another battle won, and I wonder why. Why it was a battle, why it was won, and why I fought to start with. My "lovers" all dead, I'm no animal fucker now... or so they say...

  15. I lurked I think one day after coming to my first zoo forum, promptly getting into an ethics of fence-hopping debate (it was more a one sided argument) and learning all Wolf could teach me about flames. I resumed lurking, for months, before writing my first poem and posting it and an old one I'd written pre-internet, on the original Pet Lovers Forum. I also returned to the first forum and honed my debating skills while growing a thick skin. I had no high expectations when I came online, no more than hoping for a place where I could talk about losing Tippy. I wasn't even looking for a bestiality place, just a place for pet loss. I found one on AOL, but found also the new to me feeling of being out of place. Unlike many, I'd never questioned my sexual preferences, nor felt a social loss due to them (maybe because I also had "normal" hetero human relationships, but I can't say for certainty why) until I found that place where I should have been welcome. A user of that forum turned me to that first zoo forum though... I've owned 5 forums, been admin or mod of many more, and write on several zoo oriented sites today, and feel more out of place now than then. I've considered going dark again. I'd done so in 01 and lurked for 14 years, but I learned from that too. Once you first delurk, for good or bad, there's no going back. sw