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    I noted that too. It could be from having to hide our secret from the rest of the world for so long.
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    I think #5 Nana is the most unbelievable chapter you've written. How that little pony didn't have a dozen Bronies chasing after her, is not possible.
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  9. The Goat Farm

    Standard Warning About this Story Containing Zoo Sex! Anthro and Non-Anthro! Copyright by Ramseys 2017 I hope you all enjoy For needed background, please read 'The Goat Farm' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 first. The Goat Farm 7 The arrival of Bobby The opening of the Country Club went very well. Sally, the general manager, was pleased with all the new members. Especially one, a Mr. Simon. He paid ten times the normal membership fee, earning him a spot on the 'Board of Trusties'. While the 'board' really didn't have any control of the Country Club, per-say.... They did make recommendations on events and new members. Mr. Simon rarely recommended someone not be allowed in. When he did, Ollie North the head of security, soon found out the reason why, and agreed with the human. Sally knew the real reason for the largess from a CFO of a major Biomedical company, was so he would have a reason to spend lots of his free time here at the club, and be around Nora, one of the island goats that worked here, and of course Betty, the natural goat doe, that he so thoroughly shagged on his first visit. ______________________________________________________ In that same board room, where the trusties met, now sat three island animals. Sally and Ollie North.... The third was a vary large and quite imposing island boar. Ollie now knew why all the doors were so wide. As soon as the Security 'roo had proclaimed the room to be sealed and 'bug proof', Dr. Frederick Sus Linnaeus lost his thick German accent and said, "Good, now as you know I'm doing research for the Island Front Office...." Sow and 'Roo looked at one another and blinked. Turning back to the heavily tusked and grinning Duroc boar, who explained... "Being around humans, I've found that a psychologists with a heavy German accent was listened to more closely then one speaking plain old English". "I'll be talking to Mr. Davis about his research with the 'SSD' later." The boar paused to flip open a folder on the table before him. "I was wanting to ask you two about the humans you've hired...." Looking down at the page. "Or acquired".... "We've noted certain 'patterns', in other facilities, that seem to be starting here as well". Sally and Ollie both looked confused. The massive hog nodded at the confused looks. "Yes well, we've noted that a certain trait in some of the humans that are drawn here. Your country club is unique in that not only do you attract humans looking for employment, but for recreation as well". Shifting to the next page... "Your Mr. Simon is one example. A human, who up until coming to the country club, had severely repressed his desired to copulate with goats. And there's your driver, Jeff Scott, while he didn't have any discernable history in wanting to be with Island Animals, other then an encounter with six Island Animals while in high school". Again looking down at some information on the page in front of him. "Where he showed a great deal of interest in the hands and body's of the ambassadors. Enough so, that it was deemed worth while to include it in a report at the end of the 'meet and greet' session". The security kangaroo's face lit up... "I saw that notation when I did a security search on him". Frederick nodded and made a note on the page. "Excellent, it's just this sort of thing that helps build profiles of potential allies. Although I was a bit surprised to see that within a month of his hire, that he was found having sexual congress with a feral sow...." With a bit of a smirk, he added under his breath. "Not there's anything wrong with shagging a feral sow". "Well in all fairness," Sally spoke up, "He was 'lead down the garden path', as it were. Molly made sure that Soffie was in the front of the pen when Jeff would be going past, and to suggest that he could enter the pen so he could pet her. So other then just handing him a bottle of lube and telling him to go at it, she really made sure the human had every opportunity of creating a bond with the sow, once she saw he had an interest in her". "You are sort of making my point for me".... The massive hog shifted in his lift cart, making it creak. "Here's an example of someone coming here, and while they were not consciously seeking sex with animals, something in his un-conscious mind that made him agree to come work for Island Animals... Something he had little or no experience with, other then a brief encounter back in high school". Shifting back a page... "And while we knew Mr. Simon liked goats a lot, as evidenced by the art and statues in his office. Also his yearly trips to the fair to watch the goat judging.... By the way, unless you are a goat rancher, is like watching paint dry... We really didn't have any proof that he was thinking of goats in a sexual way, other then a few fragments found on a hidden flash drive... And also in a similar manor to your driver, Simon's first non-human sexual partner, was a feral animal... That is something that makes us in psychology, sit up and take notice". Ollie had been sitting listening carefully to what the doctor was say, but couldn't see where this was going.... "So all this means..... what"? The big 'roo had tilted his head in typical kangaroo fashion, making both ears flop to one side. "This leads us to think that the percentage of human workers and club members seeking sex with the feral livestock may be higher then we anticipated... We knew that the, 'Farm Encounter' area might attract older age members that perhaps grew up on farms and would want to re-live some experiences from their youth... But now, the first two sexual events in your barn is with two humans that had no 'youthfully experiences' to 're-live'.... I'm beginning to think you're going to need a bigger barn". Ollie had to suppress a giggle, which drew a sharp look from Sally. "Ahhh.... Another movie buff I see". Dr. Frederick said in his fake German accent. The kangaroo leaned closer to a perplexed Sally and explained, "Line from the movie Jaws". __________________________________________________ Jeff's phone chimed. Taking it from his pocket, swiped the screen... "They looking for you"? The question came from a man that looked to be twenty years older then the country club driver. They both stood in the shade of the loading dock, watching a large dog, with legs too short and ears too long, gallivant around the small patch of grass. Nose to the ground and tail wagging furiously. "No... Just a lunch invite" Jeff gestured towards the obviously happy bitch. "What's with you truckers and Bassets Hounds"? They watched the dog take off to sniff at a different patch of grass. "I mean you're the third trucker that's been here with a basset". "Well I don't know about the other truckers.... I have a good friend that was raising 'em... Messy divorce... Anyway I ended up the with one of the younger bitches... He said she'd only had one litter pups". The young Texan looked closer at the animal, that was finally showing signs of slowing down.... Good thing, if that tongue was panted out any longer, she'd be tripping over it.... Being so close to the ground he hadn't notice the pronounced nipples, a sure sign of bearing a litter.... And a fairly swollen mound at the back.... Jeff's 'zoo-dar' just went off... Well that's what Cory called it. He just nodded to himself and thought. 'Either she's in big time heat, or he's keeping that twat well stretched'... Just then 'Ginger' came up and stuck her face in a large bowl of cool water that had been placed on the ground for her. Followed by a long session of wet slurping sounds. "Well I need to head to that luncheon thing... Whatever... They like showing off their token human to VIPs". Looking down at the slumbering bitch he said. "You two can hang out here in the shade as long as you want... There won't be any goats coming back here today... And I'll let security know you're ok to be here". "Well thank you", the long haul trucker stuck out his hand. After a firm shake the man asked, "How you like working for these folks"? Again Jeff's zoo-dar just went up a notch. The look in the man's eye and the timber of his voice, and that he called 'em, 'folks', not some derogatory word. "They are a good bunch, honest and the pay is pretty good... Can't ask for any more than that". ___________________________________________________ 'Geeze, they grow 'em big in Germany', Jeff thought to himself as the thick German accent boomed around the banquet room. Neither Murphy the head of accounting, nor George, the feral hog out in the 'farm encounter' area, came close to this massive boar. He had a dark leather nose pad with twin large holes for breathing... Wrinkles across the snout, that were kept clean and the hair brushed... White gleaming tusks, that had probably been professionally cleaned, whitened, and slightly blunted. And while the other boars he knew had some good stubble on their chins... Dr. Frederick Sus Linnaeus had a full fledge beard. And while no one put a three piece suit on the pig, his clothes had that look of a well tailored executive. Molly led them to a dark hallway, about five feet in the lights popped on. "A dark hallway is not so inviting to people wondering around". To answer the unasked question. The massive boar followed along in his cart and lastly came Jeff. Sally and the chief of security, along with all the other department heads had all said something about needing to get back to work. Seams even the Island Animals were a bit uncomfortable around the psychologists. The trio came to a massive steel door with an impressive key pad next to it. Molly waked up and pushed down on the leaver and the door opened. 'Neat fake-out', Jeff thought. Inside was a locker room similar to the other ones found through out the facility. Soft lighting, low wooden benches and lockers that look like custom cabinet makers spent years to make. Really it took the goat construction crew about a month to make 'em. The young Texan had been here once, before the club opened, Molly was showing him around one day. Buy the time they were through, Jeff wondered if the doe was trying to see how many places she could get him to fuck her in. She had explained that day this was for the members to change into 'throwaway' clothes. Wouldn't do to get cow hairs on an Armani suit. After helping the doctor off his cart and out of his tailored coverings... Molly had slipped her dress off her head in one easy motion, they both looked at the human... Jeff just shrugged and put his polo shirt and shorts in a locker and donned a pair of swimming trunks. "Just a guy that got lost looking for the pool'. he muttered to himself. Catching a glimpse of a naked Island animal wasn't all that shocking. Most folks knew that in Island communities the animals went unashamedly unclothed. But a naked human was another thing entirely. The good doctor motioned for Jeff to come closer to him. Since the boar was out of his cart, the young human knelt down to be on his level. "Before we go in..." Jeff blinked at the no accent. "Yea I'll explain about that later, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your sow friend with me. I know humans can be a little possessive about such things". Shifting about on his front hooves, he bumped his should with Jeff's, making the human to nearly fall over. "Another thing. I weight sixty stone, over three hundred and eighty kilos, that's a lot of mass, I will do my best to move slowly, but be careful not to get between me a something ridged, like a wall".... "Oh, and call me Fred while we're in the pig pen". Again the trio was on the move through one of three doors that led out of the locker room. Jeff knew they were headed to a walled off room at the rear of the swine area. On the way, the human walked behind the psychologist. And was memorized by watching the massive balls of the boar swing side to side as he walked. "You can touch 'em, I don't mind... Just be genital with 'em". Jeff wondered how he knew he was looking at his balls? But then it occurred to him that any human walking behind him, would be watching those massive testicles dancing to and fro. The human had just closed the door behind them and slid off his 'swim trunks'. Molly went to open the gate to let Soffie in. "Well Fred, if you insist..." Jeff knelt down and cupped the twin soccer ball sized orbs. "Wow they are heavy", he noted as he carefully hefted them. Just then the feral sow came in with her head up. She had scented her human friend as well as a boar. Heading straight for the doctor, she used her animated snout to sniff along the jowl and sides of the strange male hog. Sticking her head under his belly, she snorted loudly at the pink tip that was peaking from the hairy tassel that marked the opening to his sheath. All the while making happy grunts, that Jeff has leaned she makes, when she's wanting sloppy sow sex. Jeff figured that Soffie would ignore the human, so he was a bit surprised when the sow did her, 'snuffle the arm pits', while making grunts and squeals. Fred had turned his body, (cause that neck don't bend much) mostly to give the sow a good sniff, and when he did he saw the female pig nosing the human and was enjoying some scratches behind the ear in return. "It's rare to see a feral sow give that much affection to a human. You must be very good to her". "Well she was the first to show me that different species can have something special between them". Jeff explained. The big boar gave Soffie's twat a good sniff. 'What's the point of being an intelligent animal, if you can't enjoy the 'animal' part', the good doctor thought.... The sow's heat wasn't the only thing the hog's sensitive nose detected. 'Seams our friendly human paid a visit to Ms. Soffie earlier today'. Fred found no reason to divulge he knew that, and kept quiet. Soffie, clearly enjoying being the center of attention, turned her own massive body and presented the two males her puffy twat. Fred glanced at the human, and Jeff just gave a small shrug and made a motion with his hands to indicate that if the boar didn't, he was going to shag her. Lining up behind the sow, the massive boar not only snorted loudly, but gave the puffy lips a few licks as well, making her tail curl and lift even higher. Jeff had been around the pigs here at the country club long enough to not be surprised at how agile they could be, but when Fred bounded up and over Soffie's big round butt, well it was a bit like watching a draft horse in a steeplechase. His 'landing' was softer then the human thought possible. The massive boar gave another lurch and slid farther up onto Soffie's back. And his pinkish red dick slid further out of his sheath. Without even thinking about it, the young human reached in and guided the waving curled cock tip to the waiting sow twat. He slid into and onto the sow. Fred's powerful haunches started flexing, fucking his dick back and forth in the sow's vagina. Learning about how pig cocks worked, had been an interesting afternoon, on his computer. Jeff knew that hogs, like just about every other male animal, stroked their cocks in animal cunts, to make themselves excited. Not only does this, feel fantastic, but also to make the penis engorge with blood. In different animals this meant different things. Stallions had flares. Dogs had that famous 'knot'. In boars, the penis actually made a bit of a twist, and the resulting 'corkscrew' became much more defined. Giving that spiral much firmer edges to help it fit snugly into the folds of the sow's cervix. By now the boar was so far up on Soffie's back that his sheath was kissed against the sow's nether lips. Any action of the penis was hidden within the round bodies of the two hogs. One thing Jeff did notice was, like Murphy from accounting, the doctor's ass hole was doing that strange puckering in and out as his internal muscles pumped the mixture of various secretions, and of course the little swimmers from his ponderous testicles, deep into Soffie's ovaries. Seeing that Fred was settling into a nice long cum pumping session, Jeff went around to the front end of the sow. He wanted to see how Soffie was holding up. Literality, the good doctor has to be the heaviest boar that has climbed onto her back. Squatting down, in front of Soffie, sitting in his heels, Jeff reached out both hands to rub the sides of the sow's huge head. Jowls, jaw line, under chin, and up to her floppy ears. The young Texan knew all the spots that the feral sow loved to have scratched. The clamor of her grunts and squeals rose in volume. Leaning closer so he could reach farther down her neck, he noticed a lot of sniffing directed at his groin. The 'chubby' he had been sporting ever since he fondled Fred's balls, became a full erection. Jeff paused... He has had blow-jobs by Sally.... But she's an intelligent Island Pig.... How much could he trust, the feral Soffie, not to bite his dick off?... ....... Well she had never hurt him, and as far as he knew, he had never hurt her.... The human rocked off his heels and onto his knees in front of the sow. Instantly she had used her tongue to haul his manhood into her open maw. His cock was surrounded by soft flesh and a firm tongue snaking around his glans. As soon as her lips sealed around his shaft, she started to suckle on his male teat. Jeff's eyes opened wide, as the sucking sensation caused his loins to buck gently. Looking up, he noted the psychologists was watching from atop his perch on Soffie's back. Through the roar of rising lust, the young human thought he heard something about, 'never spit roasted a sow before'. Now the young Texan closed his eyes tightly. Keeping his hands open so he wouldn't grab soft piggy ears, he rubbed his palms in large circles on either side of the sow's large head. Over the sounds of sloppy sucking, a lustful groan issued forth. "OH my god Soffie..." The sow's tongue wriggled around this foreskin, tweaking the piss-slit. "It must be the taste of the pre", he told himself. Warm exhale, from the pig's twin nostrils, steamed the bush of pubes at the base of his cock... His hips bucked, only causing the sow to increases her vacuum on his throbbing dick. The reality of his situation hit him... There would be no let up... No slacking off... The thin trickle of pre, let the sow know that there was more, 'in there', and she wanted it.... Any desire to, 'make it last', fell to the wayside... Jeff relaxed and let the sow drive his lust to a fevered pitch.... His orgasm hit like a ton of bricks.... The first blast of sticky white cum blasted the back of Soffie's throat. The happy grunts increased in speed, as the back of her throat worked to swallow it down.... He was able to pull back a bit, so the second blast coated the base of her tongue with it's translucent goo.... Again his was hilted in her maw.... Her tongue was pressed against the bottom of his urethra, so she felt the next 'wad' of human cum being pumped down his shaft. The sounds of Soffie feasting on Jeff's jizz reached obscene levels.... The human was spent.... With a loud grown and rapidly wilting cock, Jeff was able to pull himself from the sow's oral embrace. "Oh god Soffie, that was fantastic!" Jeff rocked back to sit in his heals, again he reached out to scratch the sow's secrete spots. Bending low, he kissed the pig on her snout.... He nibbled along the top of her flat nose. From is experience with Sally, Jeff was careful to keep his lips soft.... All noise from the sow, stopped.... She was so transfixed by the tingling she was getting from her snout, she didn't move or make a sound. The human ended up with quick tongue swipes across her flat nose. He stood up in time to see Doctor Fred slide off the sow's back. His thin cock waved about like a fencer's foil. Which was quickly retracted back into his belly sheath. Soffie, for her part, gave a few 'dismissive oinks', and mostly collapsed onto a pile of soft hay. Back in the locker room Fred said to call 'his people', but Jeff said he would be happy to help the doctor wash up and back into his clothes. To which the boar said he was only offering, because the he wanted to fondle his balls some more. There was no denials coming from the human. They both had a good laugh when Jeff told the massive boar, that washing him was like washing his dad's car. Only with huge balls. Once back in his nice clothes and remounted his travel cart, the doctor bid Jeff sit on the bench next to him. "I've never seen a human show as much love and affection to a feral hog as you just did... When you were petting her, she was squeezing my cock like crazy, and when you kissed her, I thought she was going to pull it out by the roots". The human just blinked at Fred, not knowing what to say. "I've never cum so hard in my life... Thank you". Dr. Frederick Sus Linnaeus gave Jeff a wink and said. "If I wasn't sure Sally would hunt me down and castrate me, I'd love to steal you away to work for me". __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Bobby's family is Hispanic. Not unusual in Texas. His family had come to this area before Texas was a state. And like many large ranches in the late 1800's, they got into sheep herding. While beef was king in Texas, mutton was also a major source of meat for many in the Hispanic community. And in many 'up scale' restaurants, lamb was often included on the menu. In the 21st century, oil had made, Bobby's family, once vast pastures dotted with sheep, into a mere hobby farm. Breeders of pure Pelibuey Hair Sheep. Bobby's father was the last of the sheep ranchers in his part of the family. His brothers and sisters all went off to spend their portion of the oil profits in other parts of the world. He had an uncle that raised cattle. But with three daughters, who so far had shown no interest in sheep.... Well he figured this was going to be the last. His wife didn't have any interest in the ribbons he had won at fairs and sheep shows. She was just happy that the sheep operation was self surfactant, and didn't cut into their portion of the oil profits. So it was with this backdrop, that brought Bobby's father to even consider tinkering with the genes of his next child. His wife said she give him one last chance at producing a son. While no company ever called itself, 'Select-a-Kid', it's pretty much the name given to that industry by the news media. Selecting the gender of a child was... well... child's play. They've been doing that for decades. Some of the other 'tweaks', were newer. Some of the first that came along was health. All of these companies offered in their basic packages the filtering out of genetic health issues. Heart disease, diabetes, drug and alcohol addiction... A whole litany of birth defects were covered in the guarantee. What wasn't covered was some of the more 'cosmetic' tweaks. Like height, hair and eye color, skin tone. And the one most asked for..... What is 'normal' really? 'Average' is a bit easier to answer. Take a large group of whatever. Take whatever measurements you're interested in. Tally up the numbers, and you'll have averages. Bobby's father was, average... Well.... On the low side of average... Ok, depending on what study you were reading. He barely got out of the 'short' range. It was long enough to get his wife pregnant three times. But that didn't change the fact, that all through his younger days, he knew he had a short dick... Locker rooms were a nightmare... Skinny dipping, out of the question... But his son, wouldn't have to go through any of that. He'd have a long cock! So blond hair, blue eyes, and a long dick was ordered for his son. No stipulation on height? No, everyone in his family he knew of, was well over 5' 10". Bobby was perfectly proportioned. Arm length, legs, torso, head size, weight... Only he was 4' 3" tall, shockingly white hair and green eyes..... And 14 inches of cock hung in front of a scrotum that might have looked normal on a goat. That and the fact it was on the slender side of 'average', making it look... Well it looked skinner then it was. At birth the blood tests showed that he was free of any genetic markers that would indicate he was predisposed to diseases... And for a long time there was hope that he would have a 'growth spurt'.... But none ever came. "Well four foot three was better then three foot four". Bobby's dad would say. "Good thing we raise sheep and not cattle". While Bobby never really had 'Short man syndrome', his father took him to a few martial arts classes, so he grew up knowing how to fight and take down someone much taller then he. He never 'bulked up' nor was fat... 'Wiry' was the most apt description for him. There wasn't anything around the ranch that he couldn't do. Since Bobby was the only male child, he accompanied his father to the sheep side of the farm. Away from the main house. "No one wants to smell those animals". His mother had proclaimed on several occasions. There was even a small apartment in the barn, so he or his father, could shower and change clothes, before re-joining polite society. In lieu of other children to play with, the young boy had lambs to gamble around with. Leaping from hay bale to hay bale.... Was once found to be enjoying lunch with the other lambs. It was quite a scene seeing a lamb on one side, and a small boy on the other, of an ewe's udder. If one were to research this little known breed, you would find.... The Pelibuey is a breed of domestic sheep raised in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. They are a breed of hair sheep, meaning they do not generally grow wool. The Pelibüey is probably closely related to the West African, Red African, African or Africana breed of Columbia and Venezuela. Hair color ranges from beige, brown, dark brown, red, white, black and roan with both solid and a combination of colors found. Males do carry a throat ruff but usually do not have horns. Ewes are also usually polled. Mature rams and ewes weigh 54 and 34 kg, respectively. It was a combination of family tradition and the fact that the oil profits made making a switch to a more commercially viable sheep breed, a moot point. Bobby's family was proud of their livestock. Being bigger size then most others of that breed. And all the good 'carcass' qualities breeders looked for. The pressure to change didn't happen until it was really too late. First Bobby's grandfather, and later his father, had paired the herd size from thousands of head, to a couple hundred. The waiting list for their rams also dwindled. They were still known through out the breed as the 'gold standard'. But hobby farmers couldn't pay the former premium prices for the rams. So a little less profit was made for each sale. Even the time honored Sunday dinner of lamb was slowly forgotten. Of course Bobby didn't know any of this until he was much older. He was having so much fun, going to shows, learning about hay and feed... Later he helped his father in planning future breeding's.... And what young boy doesn't love watching animals fuck. Both father and son, at different points in their lives, shagged sheep. Both really liked sheep. They found them to be friendly, and some, down right affectionate. Bobby's dad didn't have to worry about sheep laughing at his cock. And at a hair under five inches, he was able to hit all the good spots... At least that's how the ewes acted. Of course by the time he found Bobby balls deep in a ewe, he had long since stopped. But it did bring back many fond memories. He was hidden by some equipment and his son didn't know he was there. Bobby was already thrusting away by the time he had waked in. From the length of his stroking he knew that his son wasn't burdened with his dreaded affliction. And he figured his son would grow out of it, as he had.... And if he has left then and there, that's how he would remember it.... But he stayed, and watched, as his son finished in the ewe... And then Bobby pulled out, and out, and out! To his father's growing dismay, he knew that his son was too long. A short cock, with the proper technique can still bring joy to a woman. But one that's too long... Even the most careful lover, will cause pain. He had doomed his son to rubbery spacers and half insertions. Last thing he saw, as he turned to slip away before his son saw him watching, was his massive swinging scrotum.... "God I've made my son a freak!" ____________________________________________________ Bobby, like all boys, wondered if he was 'normal', 'down there'. The other children made it abundantly clear he was too short and funny looking with his snow white hair. At least he didn't need glasses. But, you know... Was his dick normal? Much to his relief, he wasn't too short... If anything, he was well endowed. He found more and more information on the 'web'. The circumference was on the slender side, but the length... Well it was harder to find out, just what was 'too long'.... Looking at himself in a wall mirror... then to a magazine ad that had flipped open to A&Ws 'Foot long Hot dog' .... "All I need is a bun", he thought. Now Bobby's family wasn't overly religious. His mom did drag him and his three sister to church every Sunday. He got lectured on the, 'Thou Shall Nots' and being 'good', and of course, what you can, and can not stick your dick in. Very little on the former and a whole bunch on the latter. About the time Bobby's voice changed, he started to figure out that all his religious stuff was BS. His cruising's on the 'World Wide Web' was taking a more, 'Adult turn'. Didn't take long to learn that his, 'junk' wasn't another man's, or woman's, treasure. While porn was interesting. And he saw lots of long dongs being pounded in to various holes, he didn't see any that were quite like his. Not that long and not that slender. Around nine inches and fairly thick, was the preferred weapon of choice, in the pornographic masterpieces he saw. And oddly enough, he really wasn't turned on all that much. Oh sure when he first saw humans bumping nasties.... Now we all know that there is all manor of smut out there, not just man and woman. All men, all women, groups, different races.... Even with Island Animals. Now here was something that made Bobby sit up and take notice. Literally... He sat up in his chair and leaned closer to the computer screen. The first was called Island Song, and featured the standard buff looking guy, with the standard nine inch dick, fucking a white Island goat doe, Seams most humans like the pink doe pussy over some of the other colors. There were the standard close-ups of pink goat vulva stretching around thrusting human cock. Then, 'Black Cock, White Doe'. In that one, the doe ended up on her back taking the human missionary. The young human even found the ones with the massive Island pigs to be very interesting. Then other films were mixed in with the 'legal' animal ones... Even Bobby, with his limited knowledge could spot that some of the animals weren't ones from the island. All the island pigs were the same Duroc red colored breed, but there appeared white pigs, spotted pigs, pigs with black bodies and a white strip over their shoulders. Goats, that if you looked closely, didn't have the island goat modified 'hands'. There were even some 'hair sheep' slipped in. He knew because that's the type of sheep he was raising. And finally there were the flat out illegal films that had dropped all pretext that the animal partners were from that Island. Guys fucking mares, cows, sheep, and female dogs.... Women getting fucked by large male dogs and pony stallions. _____________________________________________ Now that Bobby had his driver's license, he was able to drive his father and himself to the other end of the farm. But more and more, it was just him. His dad had turned the day to day sheep operation, over to his capable son. It was a dark and stormy night.... Ok, it was a lazy Sunday afternoon with a genital rain falling. Bobby's sexual hunger had convinced the small man that it was time to 'do this'. Enough reading, enough watching of porn... and jacking off.... He had all the necessary ingredients. Friendly Sheep Long Cock Lots of Privacy Bottle 'O Lube It was the breeding season, and the sheep had been divided into groups. Ewes were placed with a ram that would hopefully produce better sheep. Bobby had stacks of pedigree charts, in his small office, he had poured over to figure out what blood lines would improve from a peculiar ram. For one reason or another, there's always orphaned lambs every year. And of course a bottle raised lamb turns into a very friendly sheep. In the group he was sitting with, there were five such ewes. A couple were four years old, two more were three, and one two year old ewe. All had come up to him to receive scratches and pets. The four older ewes had all produced twin lambs every year, and the youngest? Well she didn't 'take' last year, so Bobby was anxious to see if she'd conceive this year... He hated , 'culling' the friendly ones. But the 'Seed Stock' business was very cut throat. There were only so many folks wanting to buy high quality animals, either for show, or to improve their own herds. Profit margins were tight and having a bunch of 'pet' animals was not good business. All animals are different, and the five ewes were no different. Again all were varying degree of friendly, but one was down right 'puppy dog' in the way she would follow him around whenever he was in the pasture with her. She was the one that still stood in front of the human as he sat on a pile of hay. The others had drifted away to munch on hay or be harried by the ram. The Pelibuey breed didn't have horns, but the rams were still easy to spot with their ruff of hair that went from under chin to between their front legs. And between their back legs, well this is truly one case, where bigger is better. The human sat nearly on the barn floor. Just a thin layer of hay was under his ass... Sandy, the really friendly ewe, stood just in front of Bobby. In fact she was so close, he could see little else of the barn. Over the background noise of the rain on the roof, he could hear the other eleven ewes and one ram moving about. He was a little surprised to suddenly hear Remington's low voice give a guttural 'baa' just on the other side of Sandy. The ewe moved foreword just as the ram was giving her a 'stiff foreleg pet'. Head low, he made more deep vocalizations.... The rump of the ewe was even with the young man, not more than two feet from him. The ram heaved his foreleg up and over the brown hairy hunches of the ewe. Stiff, red, sheep dick, with a slight knob and a wiggly urethral process waved in the air... It smashed into the soft flesh around the ewe's vulva. On the forth poke, it found entrance, and slid quickly into her. Some quick fuck-thrusts and then a deep push into her cunt as the ram ejaculated. Pull out, nice long cock by the way, and stand quietly as penis retracts and balls swing genitally. Sandy looked back at Bobby as if to ask if he got that. When Bobby sat back, he didn't realize that he had leaned foreword, he was a bit dazed. Oh sure, the human had seen lots of rams covering ewes... But not quite so... intimate. "Well that answers some questions", the young man whispered to himself. He now knew for sure that he wouldn't, 'bottom out' in a ewe. And something else that sort of held him back these past few weeks... How does one go about fucking a ewe? The movies he had watched were not much help, one guy tossed a ewe across a hay bale, so her hooves were off the ground. Another had her on her back, didn't show how she got there. One where the guy just squatted down and shoved it in. But didn't show if anyone was holding her head. "Well I guess you just walk up and see if she'll stand". A painful erection in the human's cargo shorts signaled the end to all this dithering and it was time to put things in motion. Standing, a zip, a quick unbuttoning, and the shorts fell, his 14 inches of cock sprang out before him... His tee-shirt quickly followed his shorts to the barn floor. The bottle of lube rested next to where he had been seated. Reaching down he scooped up the container and flicked open the top. Glancing at the ewe to see if she was still standing where she stopped after the ram pulled out. Bobby was surprised to see she not only was still standing, but had turned her rump more towards the human. 'Good thing I'm short', he thought as he just had to open his stance a bit and was at the perfect height to give this whole sheep shagging thing a try. Making every effort to make sure he wasn't going to hurt his friend, he lathered his penis in a thick coating of the lube. He reached out with his left hand and placed it on her brown hair covered rump... Extending his thumb down, he moved her short tail to one side... A step foreword, and holding his cock in his right hand, he aimed for the heat swollen sheep cunt that was still dripping ram cum. 'It looks so small... but just this spring twin lambs squeezed out that opening'. His circumcised cock pressed against the slit in the puffy flesh... Her vulva's lips easily parted allowing the first few inches of his cock to slid into her. 'HOLY FUCK SHE'S WARM!' Such an intense feeling as his glans pushed it's way through the hugging warm folds of sheep cunt. After several inches, the head of his cock had an easier time, finding the 'grip' of her cunt tunnel eased a bit. More human cock slid into the animal... Sandy pushed back as Bobby pushed foreword... Although as human standards went, the young man was on the slender side, but compared to ram penis, he was hung like a horse. The bottom of the human cock scrapped over the heat thickened clit... Making the ewe lift her head, wiggle her lips and tongue in rapt pleasure... Opening his eyes he saw the ewe's reaction... Looking down he watched as the last few inches of his dick slid through her smokey brown cunt lips and into her sex. Bobby was fully hilted in the ewe. His cock throbbed, threatening to orgasm instantly.... The base of his shaft was still being 'hugged' by the ewe's cunt muscles, while the rest of his cock felt like it was about to melt into the warm silken folds of her vaginal tunnel... Holding very still for a few moments, the human was able to get the throbbing to weaken. Only then did he begin stroking his cock slowly in and out.... Just a tiny amount at first, he quickly built up to a full six to eight inch fuck thrust... That only lasted for a dozen strokes before Bobby slammed himself into the ewe, his penis blasted it's load of human semen deep into the animal's vagina. Sticky white cum soon coated the silken walls of her cunt tunnel, wave after wave continued to pump human cum out of the piss slit and into the ewe. The human gasped for air... He stood rooted to the spot behind the sheep. His cock was still like an iron rod... His breathing slowed.... The last of his cum load dribbled from his cock tip.... Blood pounded in his temples, his dick still throbbed... Sandy stood still, looking back at her human lover. The ewe's pussy twitched and pulsed around the human phallus... Whether it was the big balls slung low in a pouch under the human's cock, or just teenage hormones, the young man started to fuck the animal, once again. In the world of passing along one's DNA, for the Ovis aries, fighting other males and surviving long enough to stick one's dick into a female was, 'Natural Selection'... For the simian, the process of making sure one's DNA reached the egg, the male developed a bell shape glans on the end of his penis. The fleshy skirt of the bell, squeegee away some of the previous male's semen. All Bobby knew was that he was getting a fantastic feeling from the head of his cock as he slowly pulled his long dick back. Pushing back in, the young human gave out another whispered expletive. The combination of sheep slime, lube, and a huge amount of human cum, made soft squishy noises that could barely be hear over the genital rainfall on the roof of the barn. As the over sensitivity of his glans faded, the young man picked up speed... Soon he was slapping his loins against the hairy rump of the ewe, as his cock plowed repeatedly through the soft silken flesh of the animal's sex tunnel. To his credit, Bobby was able to hold out much longer before the tingling of an orgasm started at the base of his dick. How the ewe wasn't frightened at the loud groan as her human friend dumped another monstrous load of his warm white semen into her, was a mystery. But she stood fast as the young man emptied his balls deep into her cunt. This time Bobby's cock deflated as his breathing slowed. Pulling his softening penis from the animal's vagina. Long whitish ropes of cum, poured from the still gaping sheep cunt and from the piss slit of the human's penis. The deed was done... He had shagged a sheep... A silly grin was plastered across the young man's face. Not that all that much would change, after all his already lived, ate, and slept with the sheep, now he was having sex with them too. It seamed like a logical progression. 'Why had he waited?' The next few years were fantastic. Some of the ewes quickly found out that they liked getting fucked in or out of heat. Sandy would even lie on an old blanked Bobby would lay out, and with no resistance, would allow the human to roll her onto her back. She seemed to enjoy having the thick hair over her sternum scratched and her large ruminate belly rubbed. And while he couldn't see her face, he knew he like sucking on her teats. Not to mention the long slow fuck sessions. Bobby would lay on his side, next to the reclining ewe. His naked body against her furred back. His arm hugging her as he buried his face into her neck fur. The young man was constantly amazed as how the ewe tolerated, what for her would be, bazaar human actions. The only hugging sheep ever did, was when a ram would 'hug' the furry rump of the ewe he was shagging. Sandy smelled of hay and the late summer grasses she grazed on. And while she didn't have wool, she still had a slight hint of lanolin. All of which fired the human's lust for the animal. Rolling her over onto her back, then sliding his body back until his head was even with her up turned rump. He was very glad she didn't have mats and clumps like wool sheep had. Other sheep zoos had to keep the wool trimmed away to facilitate a clean tooshie. Hair sheep were naturally cleaner. They even didn't have to have their tails docked. And as with all show sheep, Bobby's 'special' ewes were quite used to being washed. His brown sheep of course had brown pussy's. Sandy's labia was nearly hairless. Just a thin covering of downy soft fur. Running his tongue over her sex, Bobby loved the way it felt and tasted. Being in heat, the ewe had a slight musty twang to the clear liquor leaking from her cunt. At the bottom, (while on her back, the top), of her nether lips was a small 'finger' of flesh that stuck out. Which Bobby would gently lick and suck on, making the ewe twitch as her clit lay within it's folds of flesh. Sticking out his tongue as far as he could reach, the young man 'tongue fucked' her pussy... Then would lap upwards through her small slit until he found the pointed stiff clitoris. Softly he would flick his tongue over the sensitive nub, making Sandy's hind legs twitch and sometimes causing a low soft bleat to come from the animal. After a few minuets, the human would halt his foreplay and watch as the ewe's ecstasy stiffened legs, slowly folded back to their, 'at rest', position. By this time, the human's penis was demanding attention. The young man rose to his hands and knees.... And with a quick suckle of each teat, he crawled over her. Giving her belly fur one last rub with his face, he sat back on his heels. With a thin coating of lube applied to his cock, the human pushed her legs slightly foreword, her twat would rotate to the perfect position to allow the young man to push his long dick into her. Bobby had figured out that the reason sheep felt so nice and snug was because of the ram. The way they would mount and stroke the tip of their penis rapidly in the first few inches of ewe cunt. The intense stimulation the males got from the snug fit, would make their orgasms fire, causing the sudden fuck-thrust into the ewe, depositing their semen at the mouth of her cervix. Differing from the other 'cloven hoofed' animals, where the males, as soon as they felt they had hit the mark, would suddenly thrust in and 'slam-fire'. No mater how many times he would do this. That first push into an animal's warm cunt was always wonderful. Now he was very experienced and only used a thin coat of lube, letting him feel every bump and crease of the ewe's vaginal walls as they slid along his long cock. The lust swollen glans at end of the human's penis, plowed through the collapsed silken tunnel, making the warm flesh flow around it. Expanding it... Making it large enough for his shaft to follow. The human would hold most of his weight off Sandy as he fucked her. Not that he weighed all that much, he still used his arms and legs to only allow slight pressure to rest his belly against her's. The feel of her fur against his bare skin was wonderful. The feel of her warm silken vagina sliding around his cock was fantastic. Bobby was able to control his lust to the point to where he could last fifteen to twenty minuets. Sandy never showed any sign of discomfort. Hind legs would twitch, and her lips would wiggle when he hit just the right spot. Her eyes closed in total bliss. Sometimes he would stop his fuck thrusts, and just hold himself deep within the ewe. He would marvel at the way this all felt so completely natural. How his genetic abnormality made his hard fourteen inch long cock feel so perfect, hilted inside the sheep vagina. Even the way his long heavy scrotum dragged back and forth over the hairy underside of the sheep's tail added another layer of sensuality to his fucking. If there was ever a human designed to fuck sheep, it was Bobby. The fuck strokes became more powerful... The human panted as he drove for release... Sheep vulva lips were stretched to fit around the invading human phallus... Being almost a week since his last time with his ewe lover, a powerful orgasm swelled in his loins. Driving his cock deep into the animal, Bobby's body convulsed as his cum jetted from his piss slit. The first volley of semen hosed the mouth of Sandy's cervix. As did the second... and the third. Four, five, six, seven, eight... Then finally the ninth was loosing some of the power of the first jets of cum.... Ten tried hard to blast deep... Eleven and twelve were more of a strong dribble.... More throbbing... More jizz oozing out.... The viscous fluid flowed back along the human's, still pulsing shaft.... Bobby sat up and back on his heels. Sweat coated his bare skin... Deep breaths... The human looked down at the joining of his and Sandy's animal body... Surveying the translucent slime coating both groins and the underside of her tail, he gave a very self-satisfied smile. In his research about himself, he found out, that along with his longer then average penis... He had larger and juicer orgasms then 'normal'. He had read how that the majority of what males fire out of their cocks, were mostly made up of other liquids then actual sperm. Fluids to help the little swimmers live long enough to make it to the female's eggs. On a couple of forums that had members, like him, had been genetically 'tinkered' with. One benefit, some of the other members reported, was something they called, 'the furry effect', after the furry art that depicted males with impossibly huge penises, pumping out gallons of spooge. And while no 'Clinical studies' were cited, the common 'wisdom' was to drink plenty of apple juice. ___________________________________________________________ As with everyone's life there are good and bad parts.... Bobby's mother and sisters really didn't like him. When asked about his family he would reply that, 'Cinderella had nothing on him.' Though his dad would 'run interference' for him. He couldn't be there all the time. And Bobby just had to 'grin and bare it'. Only time this let up for a while, was after his father found out that they had been referring to Bobby as one of his 'breeding experiments'. And the other kids at school asked where were his "ear tags". His mother suddenly decided that she wanted to, "visit Europe with the girls". When Bobby turned twenty one, his father turned the family's sheep operation over to him. Everything, all the equipment, vehicles, hay and hay production, and of course the sheep. All breeding decisions were his to make. Any moneys profited from sales and breeding leases were to be exclusively his. Not that this was any great, 'gold mine'. Bobby's father knew that there wasn't much any profit in the sheep business. But he knew Bobby love it, and it was a good excuse to not be around the main house. Bobby had gone to collage, on line. Very reputable school. In fact his credits would transfer if he wanted to continue on. He got his high school diploma one week, and his Bachelors in animal science the next. The oil money was a good thing, but very complex. Percentages, shares, trusts, lawyers.... At the birth of each child had a trust was set up in their name and a share of the yearly oil profits went into it. Some years this was a lot, and others, not so much. Just depended on the price of crude. An allowance was paid to each child from this trust, the amount depended on age. Full access to the trust, was granted when the child turned twenty one. ________________________________________________________ Then all hell broke loose. Started when Bobby's father was killed in a small plane crash. But his father was still looking out for the small man from the grave. Seems he had some high powered lawyer types to make out his will. Oh it was a very fair will. The mother got the house and property. The only proviso was that the sheep end of the farm couldn't be touched and Bobby could stay there as long as he wanted. The father's oil shares were divided equally among the four children. Life insurance, likewise divvied up. Everyone got a vehicle. The girls all got the fancy luxury cars, Bobby had always thought his dad's vintage Smart Car was really cool, so he got that. The gold was divided, as were the various rare coins. Then the lawyers brought out five boxes. All had cash in them... The mother and three sisters got fairly large piles of cash... Bobby got a smaller pile, and a safety deposit key. The layers assured the ladies that the safety deposit box did not contain any gold or cash, but something of equal value to the cash they received. The lawyers drone on and on, reading the fine print. And made everyone sign, stipulating that they heard and understood everything. Apparently the younger sister wasn't paying that close attention, for she tried to have a lawyer say that since Bobby was living in a different house and had basically divorced himself from the family, that he shouldn't receive his share of the estate. Bobby's father's lawyers pounced.... There was a clause in the will, that was read aloud and copies provided to everyone, stated that if anyone tried to screw another sibling out of their inheritance, they would loose all oil shares given in the will and said shares were to be distributed to the remaining heirs. When Bobby said he didn't want her shares, by the way the other two sisters were more they happy to take 'em... The layers pointed to a paragraph further down that said furthermore he couldn't refuse, end of story. It didn't take much of a genus to figure out who spray painted, "FUCK YOU", on their father's tombstone. ______________________________________________________ Cory sat with his mouth hanging open. He had just heard Bobby's life story. "What a cunt!... Well at least she got what she disserved". Bobby handed Cory another beer. "Well don't feel too badly for her, she still has her trust, what's left of it, I guess she burned through quite a bit... And she still gets her shares of oil money from that... And a nice car and gold and money... Just not the extra oil shares from dad's will". "I wished I could have met your old man, he sounds like a good man". Cory popped the top on his beer and raised the bottle to toast Bobby's dad. The equine zoo had met Bobby, on line, several years ago. They knew they were both from Texas, it was only recently that they figured out that they weren't all that far apart. Only about an hours drive separated them. In Texas, that qualifies as a next door neighbor. Wasn't long after they met, that Cory was telling the sheep herder about the new country club that was being built between his and Cory's place. "Wasn't any big secret that I had a pony mare for a wife, but still was just a bit unnerving when I get this e-mail from 'Molly', about how I have a 'skill set' that they need". "Skill set? As in teaching horses to shag"? "Yea, but don't spread that around. Last thing I need is for a bunch of guys 'gunning' for my job". "So how did they find out about you"? "I'm not sure... I just know they must have one wicked investigation division... They had photos and stories I had posted to long dead zoo boards, years ago". "What's a country club doing with an "investigation division"? "You've not heard of the Island Animal 'front office'.... I guess they have more records then the Mormons". Bobby looked surprised. "What do they need with all of those"? Cory leaned foreword and spoke very earnestly, "Well it's not like some 'Illuminate' thing... They just want to be able to have... insurance... if someone or some group comes at them". Cory sat back, "You're probably not old enough to remember when they first came on the scene. There were lots of folks that just wanted to kill the lot, and forget trying to get any sort of justice or rights.... Then the voices started to quite down... Hints that embarrassing information might get out if they persisted in being ass-holes. It's amazing how many congressmen and church leaders have things in their past they don't want to come out". "How did they get all this information"? "Well the pigs are really smart. And they quickly figured out to keep quiet and keep one's ears open. Didn't take 'em long to know how the system worked and how to use it for their advantage. They practically took over the office cleaning industry... Goats could be seen in just about every office, government and private.... I guess it's pretty amazing what gets left on copy machines, or just tossed into waste baskets". "That was it"? Bobby took another bite of his pie. Cory nodded and did likewise. "They really didn't care about 'geopolitical' crap. But just like any international company, they had experts about different countries and regions in the world. And they were really good about keep track of various pieces of information and how to applying it". They both got up and collected up the dishes from lunch and headed to the little kitchen in Bobby's apartment. "It's really amazing to see how a scrap of information gleaned at a bio-tech firm, could be used in knowing what stocks to buy or sell, in the car industry". "They just told you all if this'? "Naw... found it on line... Had to wade through a ton of crap to figure out what was real, and what was made up 'bull shit'... After learning that they knew so much about a lowly zoo like me, I did some looking on my own... So between cleaning offices and the 'pillow talk' the goat prostitutes in those 'ranches' that sprung up, heard.... And having a huge presents on line... I'll bet there at least three on that zoo board we belong to. And I bet we both have 'em on our 'friends list'". "So do I have to worry about being 'outed' someday"? "Naww.. Hell it was the zoos and furrys that first helped them... Gave 'em jobs and places to stay... They really don't care what you fuck". Having watched the two men that Bobby had working for him, their half day done, drive off, the young man turned to the older Texan. "Well beings that they don't care if we shag sheep or not... Lets go do just that". This Saturday it was Bobby turn to host the bestial activities. There were more than a few willing ewes in the pastures. Last week, equines were on the menu. The young man was happy to find out that Cory not only had a pony wife... But a few concubines as well. In addition to his, Shetland pony wife, the older Texan had five more Shetland sized ponies, and a full size pony mare, that loved to be munched on... And a little 'mini horse', that had been given to him by a father of a spoiled little girl, who got tired of the animal. "Damn thing keeps eating the flowers, and the wife is not pleased". Bobby had been 'around' horses, but never really 'with' a horse. Fairs, neighbors, he had even gone a few times with one of his sisters to Riding Lessons. He had talked to some older ranchers about how to take care of one... Bobby knew that back before the motorized 4 x 4's they all used to herd the sheep from horse back on the ranch. But the old horse stables had burned down before he was born. Fortunately the horses were long gone by then. They figured some transients might have been cooking there. The first time at Cory's ranch, Bobby was really glad that the 'equines' that the older Texas was into, wasn't Drafters. His 'large pony' felt like it 'towered' over the small man. Bobby knew that even a friendly horse could be flighty, not to mention bitey, kicky. He was amazed at how quickly the mares seemed to accept him, and at himself, how in just a short time, he started to feel at ease around them. Cory was calm and skilled at handling his 'girls'. They sat in his stable, outside doors closed, stall doors open. Fuzzy nimble lips investigated Bobby's white hair, his clothing, even his boots were thoroughly snuffled. The two men sat on old folding chairs in the center of the open barn floor. The older Texas quietly explained different parts of the mares as they milled about them. The Shetland pony wife, who wanted the lion's share of the attention, stood calmly as Cory moved her long swishy tail to one side so he could point out the parts of her vulva. He noted that it looked like an exclamation mark. A line with a big round dot at the bottom. The sheep herder leaned closer as Cory pointed to the two labial lips that were sealed fairly tight. "These rubbery lips keep shit and other debris out of the reproductive tract... Think of them as the, 'guardian gates' to heaven". Bobby rolled his eyes, and Cory just grinned. "Not all are pink 'n smooth like the wife's here, some are wrinkled, some have folds... Lots of variations, but for the most part, all have this little mound at the bottom that hides the clitoris". As if on cue, the fleshy mound seamed to turn itself, inside out, for the briefest of moments.... Cory stopped and look at Bobby... "Zoo with Internet access for at least 8 years.. Seen every 'X-Horse' mating video out of Brazil.. And have a complete set of 'Pet Lust' videos... Right"? With a silly grin, the young man nodded. "So I'll just skip ahead in the lesson, to the part where I tell you what the mini-mare likes as far as foreplay goes". Bobby was nude, kneeling in a stall, alone with the miniature mare, 'Princess Buttercup'. The young Texan just shook his head when he heard the full name of the mare. "Sound like a name one of my sisters would have given her". "Well, I've been calling her 'butter' for short... You'll soon see why". Cory had been correct when he said that Bobby had seen all those videos. The ratio of horse videos to ones with sheep shagging, was probably five hundred to one. And the one's that were just mating between two animals was even more lopsided. Any search that was simply, 'animal mating' would produce hundreds of videos of thick tubes of stallion meat being stuffed into wet, winking lips of squealing mares. The few that showed stiff ram cock, quickly plunging into ewe twats, were cherished by the shepherd. Bobby had even tried to capture the mating act himself, and quickly found out why video recordings of sheep were so rare. Thankfully the Island Goats put out dozens of films showing buck cocks slamming into doe twats, in great detail and in slo-motion. While not knowing about equine conformation, he still thought the miniature pinto mare, look quite 'correct'. Legs were straight, hips rounded, and head and neck looked like they were attached properly. When she pranced around out in the large open part of the barn, he thought she was very fluid and poised. In the close confines of her stall she looked well taken care for. Her black and white coat had a healthy shine. Ears were pert and eyes clear and bright. And was quite lady-like when it came to her investigating his now exposed penis. Soft lips wiggled in brushing motions across the rapidly swelling human flesh. The sounds of her smelling his cock was quite erotic in itself. Unlike sheep females, mares are a bit more foreword in making their sexual wants known. Where as a ewe just stands very still, to indicate that she's ready for some hanky-panky... The little mare swung her butt around and flashed her desires. "Time to find out what mare pussy tastes like", the young man thought to himself. Gently placing his hand on the little horse's rump. "Probably a good idea to not surprise something with hooves while directly behind them". With his other hand he used the back of his fingers, like he had seen Cory do, and rubbed the soft vulva lips. Bobby found that mares had a light taste. But still very animal. He ran his tongue lightly over the bi-coloured lips. He instantly picked up on their rubbery texture.... Promising an interesting 'cock feel'. With fingers and tongue the young man investigated the 'guardian gates' to heaven. First thing was how there was a definite line between the outer and inner parts of the labial lips. His fingers easily opened the gates, and his tongue traveled along the parted lips. Lower down, a light flick of his tongue was answered by a quick 'wink' of clitoris. The more attention paid to this mound of flesh, the harder the mare would push her twat back into the human's face. The young Texan smiled at the familiar response. "Just like a ewe". His throbbing penis figured they had paid surfactant homage to the goddess Epona. Standing, Bobby once again found his short stature was a benefit when it came to being the proper height for the miniature mare. Where most other zoo would have to crouch in an uncomfortable position.... The short Texas was 'just the right height'. In some of the 'how to's, some spit was all the lube that was used, but Bobby wanted to make sure that he didn't hurt the little mare, and used a thin, water based, lube from a squeeze bottle. He knew it was the proper lube, because Cory had asked the first time he was with one of Bobby's ewes what to use, and it turned out to be the same stuff he used. As with his own animals, the young Texas reach out with his left hand and scratched that spot just above her tail. Sheep tails aren't used for fly swatting, so he was just a little amazed at how fast and how far the mare's tail lifted and moved to one side. Cory had assured him that if she wasn't, 'in the mood', it would have been clamped down tight. Sliding his thumb around the base of her tail and loosely gripping it, he slid his hand down, gathering up any stray hairs that hung in front of her pussy. Using his right hand, he moved the glans of his penis up and down the seam of her labial lips. When she 'winked', he quickly slid inside her before he knew it. Her rubbery lips holding just behind the 'bell' of his purple 'helmet'. "Whoa" was all he said as the warmth of the mare was suddenly around his cock tip. Then another winking of the clitoris, and Bobby figured it was an invitation to continue. He had seen plenty of photos of equine cunt being stretched open to know that the vaginal 'tunnel' was a the top of her slit. Sliding his cock up, he slowly pushed his long dick into the animal's sex. And watching lots of movies and seeing the winking mare cunt, seemingly, 'gobbling' up the human's cock.... And that's just the way if felt.... Like she was sucking him in her warm, buttery smooth mare pussy. Although she was made for a thicker cock... Her cunt was snug and warm around him.... The small man now knew what Cory had been bragging about, when he talked about the, 'fantastic cunt muscles', of mares.... His pendulous scrotum was greeted with a 'kiss' from the animal's clitoris, as he fully hilted in her. Warm, smooth, gripping.... Bobby's lust threatened to boil over.... Not since his first time with his ewe, Sandy, did he feel this close to shooting his load with just the first stroke. Taking his mind off his throbbing dick... "Strange stuff is the best.... something like that..." he thought. "I like the way she turns her head and looks at me over her shoulder". Finally he was able to start fucking... Slowly back... He looked down and noted that her nether lips just dragged along his shaft.... 'Amazing how different they were to his ewes'.... Pushing back in, between her rubbery labial lips.... His glans slipped through the buttery folds of her vagina... Bobby smiled as he remembered Cory saying that, 'Butter, was an apt name', for this miniature mare. The human's fucking became faster... Bobby's cock allowed for long strokes. Although his hips looked skinny, they were able to provide plenty of power to his loins... Solid 'thwaps' of human and equine flesh bumping together, along with wet sounds of sloppy genitals, echoed in the small stall.... The young Texan let out a quiet, low groan, as he closed his eyes, so he could concentrate on controlling his rising lust... His hands rested on the animal's hips.... His heavy breathing filled the air with gasps and moans.... Her cunt muscles gripped his thrusting penis.... "So snug.... So tight...." Those whispered words were quickly followed by a loud groan as the human slammed his hips into the backside of Butter's rump... Special muscles contracted as the first of his cum, rocketed down his long cock.... Buttercups' ears flick as she felt the beginnings of the human's orgasm splash deeply into her sex. Bobby's cum continued to be pumped into the milking mare cunt. Muscles helping muscles to blast wad after wad of white sticky cum into the animal's pussy.... A load any draft stallion would be proud of, the human blasted jet after jet of human semen into the mare.... Covered in sweat and panting hard, Bobby felt the last of his orgasm bubble from his piss slit. The mare's clit mound rhythmically winked against the human's scrotum, as strong cunt muscles milked his long softening shaft. ________________________________________________________ Cory's head appeared over the stall wall just as Bobby was pulling his cock from the mare's pussy. "I know a few dozen, Island Goat doe's that would love to meet you". Bobby looked down at his 'junk', that was currently being illuminated by a beam of sunlight coming through a high window. "The ewe's seem to like it". He said with as much modesty he could muster. Cory nodded toward the miniature mare that still held her tail to one side and furiously winking. "Seems one mare does too.... Hell if you weren't already rich, you could make a very nice living being a gigolo to wealthy goats". "Hmmm.... I don't know... I mean, I'd have to wear a cravat..." Bobby tried to keep his face serous, but ended up with a broad grin at the mental image. Cory nodded to the little mare. "I do believe that Buttercup is still in the mood. Since she's still standing with her tail to the side and not gone in search of grain". Bobby watched as the animal looked over her shoulder and seem to swish her tail in a rather sexy manor. Buttercup's warm pussy, welcomed the human's long cock back into it's silken folds. Again the buttery smooth flesh slicked around Bobby's hard penis as he slowly fucked the animal. While not as snug as one of his ewes, this tiny mare had a firmness.... A more pronounced feel as to it's shape. His cock didn't so much form a tunnel, as slid between firm walls of wet clinging horse flesh.... Long slow strokes let the human marvel at the way her cunt lips allowed his dick to slide between those fleshy 'guardian gates'.... Not sucking in and pulling out like a pliable sheep pussy lips.... The steady strokes made his cock glisten, as more and more of his own cum, and the mare's nectar, were slathered over the skin of his shaft.... Bobby lifted his gaze and looked at the rest of the animal he was fucking. One can forgive the young man for only now taking a moment to appreciate the little mare. Not to say he hadn't already look at her.... They spent the better part of three hours, petting, nuzzling, sharing breath... But to see her as only a zoo can... Her broad rump, with it's splash of black over her right hip.... How her mane flips when she moves her head.... How much she differed from the brown round bodies of his ewes... The different cues her body gives off, that she is enjoying.... wanting.... this as much as the human. The lift of her tail... The sparkle in her eye as she looks back at him... Her pert ears, that swiveled, but never laid back... And of course that winking cunt. All the while Bobby kept up his slow fucking motion.... Once again he closed his eyes to concentrate on the intense pleasure of his cock sliding deep into the miniature mare. The young Texan increased his speed of his fuck thrusts... Again the sound of human and equine flesh coming together filled the stall.... Letting his mind and body flow into a deep pool of lust.... Giving himself over to the pure raw pleasure of fucking a willing animal.... Again the thrill of 'strange sex', made his loins tingle... Again his body made ready to issue forth another load of human cum... Thrusts became shorter and faster.... Breath came in short gasps.... Boots shifted in the clean straw as the human stallion plowed deeply into the mare's sex... A groan was follow by a volley of white, translucent jizz jetting from his piss slit... The powerful blasts, hosed the entrance to the little mare's cervix, as the human pumped his seed into her.... Human hands clung to the animal's hips, as his body seemed to convulse slightly... All rational thought was replaced by the bestial joy of breeding... Long ropes of semen gathered around the spurting purple helmet of Bobby's cock... Filling the tiny mare with it's cum. It began to flow back along his shaft and ran over the frantically winking clit, which in turn coated the hanging scrotum pressed against it with the very seed it produced... As the last of his sticky load dribbled out of his dick. It seemed that most of Bobby's energy was dribbling out too. Taking a shaky step back, his now flaccid phallus slithered out of the mare's sex. A good sized stream of white fluids was released and began it's journey to the stall floor. Another step and the sweating human was leaning against the stall's low wall. Looking at the tiny mare that was still standing with her tail up and twat flashing. The puddle of human cum grew between the animal's hind hooves. "I have to say, that is one impressive load". Cory's voice clearly showing the awe he had for the young Texan's prodigious output. Bobby's breathing has slowed some. "Yea... One could say it takes a lot out of a person". "So.. ah.. how long"? "After shooting two loads that close together... Probably be a couple of hours before I'm capable of doing much in the way of breeding". The older Texan dumped a scoop of sweet feed into the miniature mare's feed pan. The pinto's head came up and with a light step, she trotted over to the offered food. Unlatching the gate, Cory held it open for his friend to stagger out. Heading for the chairs, Bobby asked if he had any apple juice.... Upon returning to his ranch, the young man checked the hay racks and water troughs. And of course to look over his flock of sheep. Seeing all was well, Bobby reflected how lucky he was to have two reliable men working for him. Arriving at the door that led from the barn to his living quarters, he noted a familiar shape waiting for him. With a smile on his face, and a renewed spring in his step, he opened the door for the animal and human to enter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cory had been telling the younger Texan about some of the 'goings on' at the Country Club. Of course being careful not to reveal any secrets. "I'd read about zoos having deer for partners, that's the first time I've ever heard an 'eyewitness' account". Cory nodded, "Yea that Amish kid sure was lucky that day".... "I've also been telling them about you... of course no names"..... Bobby tilted his head a bit and looked at Cory... "I hear an 'and' coming". Cory grinned and continued, "And they are looking for someone like me that can do with the sheep, what I've been doing with their ponies". Bobby wasn't sure what to think. Cory continued, "It will do you good to get out in the world more.... Meet new critters and make new friends".... ...... "I've invited the guys to come to my ranch for some steaks next week.... why don't you come over and meet some of 'em..... They don't have to know who you are, other then 'zoo friendly'." ____________________________________________________________ The 'Motley Crew', as they dubbed themselves, consisted the human males on the staff, from the Country Club, and one member, Mr. Simon. The 'CFO', after getting over the shock of fucking a feral animal. And how all the Island Goats acted like it was really no big deal... Then he found out that he was not alone in his shagging of animals... That in fact there at the club, at that time, there were four more human males that routinely "plowed feral fields", so to speak. At first when Cory invited him to join the other men from the club to visit his ranch, he was a bit hesitant. But Cory assured him that his farm was isolated enough that no one would know he was there. And since everyone involved already knew he had a proclivity for the feral goat doe, Betty... As well as the Island doe, Nora... Both of which were all white with pink bits, this will be noted later, he accepted the invite. Cory and the young executive spent several hours sitting around talking about being 'zoo'. After learning about Simon's younger days and his time at fairs. And how he had been very careful not to give in to the urge to 'fence hop', as it was called. The mental problems Simon was having from time to time adjusting to.... being zoo. Cory told him that he felt that most zoos are born that way. And that Simon was defiantly a zoo long before he meet Betty in that shed. "Just look at Jeff. Here's a kid that was from the city, probably the only animal he ever touched was a dog.... I guess he did meet some Island animal at some sort of 'meet the freaks' sort of event the school had. Any ways the kid starts working here and before you know it, he's shagging a feral pig.... Yea he 'worked up to it', petting her a little more each day... But still how many city kids would even want to touch a pig? Sure Molly keeps 'em super clean so there hardly any pig smell... But still, what young kid would even want to touch a sow, that wasn't a zoo deep down inside? And the animals can tell..." Cory nodded to the feral animals that wondered around the shady area they were seated under. "Why do you think Betty followed you that day?... She knew what you are. Why did Soffie offer herself to young Jeff after only a couple weeks of him scratching and brushing her? She knew he was a zoo." "Is he having any problems adjusting like I am"? Referring to the young driver. "Well you two are 'apples and oranges'. This all happened in just a few weeks for him.... You on the other hand have been fucking goats in your mind for years.... You've thought about it from every which way. I'll bet you wandered if you were some kind of pervert for having these thought, on more then one occasion". The CFO nodded. "What about you"? Cory looked surprised. "Me?.... Hell I've been shagging ponies since I was knee high to a cow". Seeing that didn't register. "I was in my early teens when I fucked my first mare... Been sort'a normal way for me ever since." As always the, 'Modus Operandi', to get things started, was to sit in the middle of the barn with doors closed, of course. And stall doors open so the mares could mingle with the men and they were the ones to choose with whom they enjoyed some 'human time' with. Cory had several pony mares of various colors and personalities. Some were a bit stand-offish, and others that were down right pests in the way they mugged the men for pets and treats. Mr. Simon, having not been around a lot of equines, was a tad, 'clunky' at first, but was soon finding the good spots to scratch on the animals. With a broad smile he noted how, "Soft and genital" they were with their lips. Was given the, 'mare lesson', with Cory's wife providing the visual aids. Since Mr. Simon was the, 'new guy'. Everyone sort'a held back so he could have the first pick of the willing mares. Well except for Karl and Mustang Sally. ------------------------------------------------------------------- When the big 'Beefeater' first arrived at the pony farm, Cory wasn't quite sure what to think of the massive human. Then he found out that he had been genetically altered, with zebra DNA no less.... And then with Jenny taking a liking to him..... The female donkey had was already at the farm when Cory had been hired. Try as he might, he couldn't seem to find the right combination to her 'zoo side'. So when she practically shoved Karl into the 'sex stall', well he figured he must be ok. One weekend he invited Jeff the driver and Karl out to his ranch for some steaks. Since he knew that they never got any red meat at the country club commissary. While sex wasn't the main idea of the get together, Cory still had the two men come out and sit in the middle of the stall area to meet his 'girls'. Whatever it was that made Jenny like the massive black man, worked on Mustang Sally. She had been part of a package deal, to get the pony he really wanted, he had to take the taller dun colored pony. While the short one really took to the zoo life, Sally only got so she loved to be munched on. She'd stand, hooves well planted and push her twat back into Cory's face. A few times while she was in heat, did she allow the Texan to put a step behind her for a quick shag. And since Cory wasn't a zoo that sold off non-zoo animals, Sally had a permanent home. So when she started to loudly snuffle Karl's groin and then giving out squeals of excitement.... The two were escorted to the large stall on the end. The Beefeater took off his clothes and Sally pranced around. As soon the black man's long thick penis was reviled, the mare thrust her muzzle into Karl's groin and the snorting and squealing began anew. Then she spun around squatted and squirted in front of Karl. "I think we've established consent", Cory said. He also noted that the massive black man wouldn't need the step he made. Karl figured that Sally was enough like Jenny that he didn't hesitate. Only pausing long enough to note that the furiously winking pussy was more up and down, and not angled back like the donkey's. Gathering the swishing tail in one hand, and then moving it to one side.... He grabbed his long cock in the other and ran the glans up and down in the black wet slit. More fluid was squirted. He shoved in the first few inches. If she wasn't really into this, he'd soon know since she wasn't tied and was free to step away. Sally took a step.... Backwards... Suddenly Karl found himself more then half way in the mare's warm silken walls. "Shit she's backing up"! The Beefeater put his own ass in gear and thrust the rest of the way in. Cory figured Karl had things under control, so he stepped away from the open stall door to give the man and mare some privacy. Turned to talk to Jeff, when suddenly there was a bang from the stall. He and Jeff rushed to the door, only to see the massive black man, with his back to the stall wall and Sally grinding her cunt into Karl's groin. "Who's fucking who"? Jeff asked. Karl was able to push her foreword, far enough to be able to get in some fuck thrusts. With the way the mare was acting, it didn't take long for him to start cumming in her. Which let her once again shove his back against the wall and proceed to ride his spurting cock. They returned to the middle of the barn to sit and listen to the various grunts, whinnies, expletives, and bangings on the stall walls. Cory just shook his head in wonderment at how the shy mare had turned into a raging sex monster. "Must be that zebra DNA he has in him". The driver noted. When the sounds quieted down, they looked at the stall door, just as Mustang Sally, showing off whatever Arabian she had in her, came prancing out, neck arched, tail straight up, and a white ribbon of jizz flowing from her cunt. A few minutes later the big Beefeater staggered out, looking like he just survived an attempted, "Death by Snu Snu". After that day, Sally made it clear there was only one Stallion in her life. Then it was Simon's turn. So while not as exciting as Mustang Sally and Karl. It still surprised the heck out of Cory was the mare, 'Snowflake', an all white pony, was the one that picked the CFO. When the mare spun around, both men flinched a bit, not knowing if Simon had pissed her off somehow.... But when she lifted her tail and gave the human a 'wink', both breathed a sigh. Relive for CFO for he wasn't getting a, 'hoof to the face', and one of surprise for Cory to see this normally shy mare, offering herself so openly to the new guy. Simon really hadn't come looking for a, 'quick shag with a strange animal'. He was just wanting to 'fit in', with the other 'Zoos'.... Since he was one; now. Just a friendly cookout with beer and steaks. Talking to Jeff, and later, Cory at the country club, helped the, 'goat fucker' to accept himself. He actually flinched the first time he called himself that. But the two men help him to see that he was a 'goat fucker' all along. He just hadn't made it official. They said he was a 'zoo' long before he came to the country club. He loved animals. All zoos did, one way or another. Not everyone was the same. Everyone's love was also not the same. Simon loved goats, all goats... Cory had told him that some zoos feel you have to only love one animal at a time. And while he said he was 'married' to his pony, he also shagged other animals. Lately he had a chance to experience sheep. So the CFO was a bit surprised to find himself kneeling in a stall behind a very pretty pony. Snowflake's coat lived up to her name. It dazzled like newly fallen snow when she would walk through a beam of sunlight, it was that white. And then there was the pinkness of her nether lips. So pink you could just loose oneself. His hands lightly caressed the soft coat, and the smooth pink flesh. Only when her vulva was gently opened, did one see a deeper shade of pink, blending to near red, the deeper one looked. It was a good thing he went ahead and took off his clothes for the erection standing straight out from his loins would have ripped the fabric. Snowflake's tail went up higher and moved to one side as Simon ran his tongue up and down the rubbery lips. Did I mention that they were bright pink? He human stood and applied some lube. And as with Mustang Sally, Snowflake was neither tied nor confined in any way.... So this could end one of two way, and Simon hoped it wouldn't be, 'Blue Balls'. The information he gathered from his tongue and Cory's lession, he knew to aim high. Snowflake's nether lips parted easily as he ran his cock tip up and down in her sex slit. Her white coat and pink flesh, there was no way Simon wasn't at least going to try to fuck her beautiful pussy. He slid the first few inches into her... Snowflake gave a shy glance back over her shoulder and ever so slightly, pushed back. Ask any zoo and they'll tell you, that first slide in to an animal is magical. The difference in body temperature, difference in the feel of the vaginal walls... When his full eight inches were in, he felt his balls touching the mound that housed the clit, which gave 'em a quick 'kiss'. The young executive kept himself in good shape. Trips to the gym and now the Country Club, he was capable of providing some powerful pussy pounding... But aside from the feral doe goat Betty, who liked a little, 'oomph' in her fucking, Nora and Simon had settled into a, 'slow and easy' way of making love. The Island doe loved the human, and his calm mating. She had heard that some humans can be a lot rougher. Not letting a doe get accustomed to the thicker human cock, before starting their thrusts. In the months they've been together, not once had he hurt her with over zealous fucking. Simon started fucking the white animal with long slow strokes. The walls of Snowflake's cunt, fairly rippled over the human's long shaft. Instead of goat vaginal muscles relaxing... He felt the muscles in the pink pony pussy snugging around his penis. Every time he looked down and saw his flesh sliding into the brilliant pink of the mare's nether lips, his cock gave another throb. Cory had to give both the human and pony credit for keeping it up for over twenty minutes, before the young executive started speeding up his fuck thrusts and was soon blowing his load into the white pony mare. ___________________________________________________ Bobby watched as one of those 'executive' type bus / van.... You know a large van with a super nice interior, 'fridge, monitors and the like. Any ways, it came to a halt in front of Cory's house/stable. "House on one end, stable on the other and fun in the middle", as the older Texan would say. All the doors seamed to pop open at once. "About time you guys here". The really young looking man that got out of the driver's side said, "I couldn't find that remote you gave me for your front gate", pointing at the bus, "Damn thing has way too many places to stash stuff". Turning toward Bobby.... "You must be the mystery guest... I'm Jeff, or if you are on any of the zoo forums, 'Oinker'". For some strange reason Bobby volunteered, "I'm EweLover". "Well if your posts are true, I'd say you are a little more then 'zoo friendly'". At that moment, the largest human, Bobby had ever seen, unfold itself from the open side door of the white van, and walk toward him. "Wow! Cory said one of the guys coming was a 'Beefeater'... You're amazing". Bobby stuck his hand out, and up, to shake. Karl smiled at one of the better reactions he just got from being seen for the first time. Cory herded the group up onto the covered part of the deck that ran along the house end of the building. "Be out of the sun up there". The introductions continued... Next was 'Mr. Brown'... But since he polo shirt he was wearing had "Brown Goat Dairy" embroidered on it, Bobby figured that was a real name. 'Bruce', who Bobby found out a little later he was married to a Kangaroo. 'Mr. Smith', was a young man a little older then he, Bobby guessed. He could tell the man had money, cause he wore the same brand of, 'Rich Farmer Clothes', as he did. The men sat in the shade and chatted amicably. Other then Karl being called away by a very noisy mare, that caused a ruckus when she heard the massive black man's voice. It was kind'a refreshing that the conversation just wasn't about fucking animals. They talked about the recent trip the group took to the Alamo and all the great food they had along the 'River Walk', making plans to go to Corpus Christi to maybe go deep sea fishing. And which Barbecue place they were going to hit next week. Plans for the Country Club's cruse was also talked about and if they wanted to go as a group or not. Sally the club manager was going, so that meant that Jeff would also go. Fred Brown said he'd better take his goat wife Gerty, since that's all he's heard about when the Club announced that they were organizing a cruse for the members. If Nora could get some time off then, 'Mr. Smith' would go. Bobby said he just might join the country club just to be able to take the cruse, sense he'd never been on one. Jeff got a message on his phone and turned to 'EweLover', "Well I just got the 'go ahead' to see if you wanted to meet with Molly at the Country Club sometime this week"? Bobby thought for a moment. "What brought that on"? Before Jeff could answer, Cory spoke up. "Well since there's a couple of guys here that work in security, and the one's that don't, well lets just say they are good 'company men'... so one or more probably texted your name, EweLover to the head of security and he did a background check and didn't find anything bad about you"... The older Texan paused a moment.... "And no it wasn't me, I kept my word about not telling them who you are".... "You're the one that shouted out your on line name". Bobby nodded, "Yea as soon as I said it, and from what you figured out about the Island Animal front office, I knew it wouldn't take 'em long to figure out who I was". "Even if there wasn't the possibility of a job offer, I still wouldn't mind hanging around you all'. Turning back to Jeff, "Yea, tell her I'd like to meet her". Jeff started typing, when Bobby said. "Ask her if she'd like to come out to my farm and see my sheep for herself. She can bring anyone she want's to come with her. Even a big security guard". Bobby winked at Karl. "If he's not too shagged out". _______________________________________ Once again Bobby watched the large white van pull to a stop. Only this time the large magnetic signs with the Country Club's logo was displayed on both sides, and the farm it was stopping in front of, was his. And again he watched as Jeff, its driver, get out. Stepping around to the passenger side, he opened the door and a brown Island Goat doe gracefully hopped out. Bobby made a careful note of where her white spots were on her face and neck. So if they met again, he'd know it was her. The rest of her was covered by the standard uniform of the place. Polo shirt, with the same logo repeated over her left pec, and a kilt, covered her to her knees. Her horns followed the contour of her head back and then flared out slightly. The human smiled, mostly to himself, as he noticed that, like a good prey animal, she glance quickly about, assessing for herself, her own personal safety. But very quickly those piercing golden goat eyes were focused on him. "Welcome to my ranch... I am happy you accepted my invitation." Whatever Bobby was going to say after that, was stopped by three county sheriff's cars rolling up his drive. The lead car, Bobby could see through the wind-screen, held the head deputy that the young Texan knew. Seams his farther and the deputy's father had been friends in school. He could also see that he was talking on his radio and the following two cars stopped. The led car got a bit closer when it also drew to a halt. Bill got out of the car with a rather large grin on his face, as he walked up to Bobby. "What's my sister say I've been doing this time"? With a grin that got even bigger he said, "Whatever it was, it don't matter now". Bobby looked genuinely perplexed at the lawman. The deputy turned to the Island Goat. "Thank you ma'm, you have freed me from these stupid, 'raids' I have been conducting on the farm". Molly inclined her head and told the deputy, "You're welcome". Molly had been filled in by Cory about the endless grief the young rancher's sisters had been causing him. And figured that this visit by the county police was also one such instance. And she also had a very good idea what the deputy was thanking her for. Bobby had no such 'insight', and continued to look perplexed. "You see my friend, the sheriff has been sending my out here because your sisters donated a ton of money to his election campaigns... So he has to keep in their good graces... But now". The deputy pointed to the large signs on the side of the van... "Since you are doing business with these fine Island Animals.... Well lets just say having a good reason to come out here and harass you, just got a lot harder". Molly felt she need to speak up, "We've never interfered with lawful; law enforcement". Again Bill turned to the doe goat, "Very true ma'm, but what is also true, departments that have engaged in 'questionable' law enforcement have found themselves facing an army of lawyers and were quickly sued into bankruptcy.... So again, I thank you ma'm". Bobby stood slack jawed as he looked from the deputy, to the Island Goat, and back to the deputy. Bill put on his sunglasses and started to get back in to this police cruiser, stopped, and this time he addressed Jeff the driver, pointing to Bobby he said, "When he starts functioning again, tell him I said I'll see him later". The car was nearly turned around, when Bobby finally thought to raise his hand to wave, 'good-bye'. The young rancher was still sputtering apologies as they all walked into the cool of the sheep barn. Putting his hand on Bobby's shoulder, Jeff told him, "Whoa... just ease up a sec... Cory and I both filed in Molly about the shit you've been putting up with... So don't worry about". Spotting some lawn chairs that were around a outdoorsy table, he guided the trio over to them. The barn was bright and airy. Looking out the large open doors, Molly could see the brown hairy sheep grazing on the grass. "You still have grass I see. Lucky... we have to water like crazy to keep even a hint of green in our pastures". 'Talking shop', seamed to bring Bobby back to life. "Luck of the draw, next year you'll get the rain and we'll be the ones feeding hay. They all sat on a wide asphalt walkway that ran across the front of the barn. This kept the office and Bobby's apartment cleaner by not waking directly in from the dirt floor. Molly stood and stepped closer to the low board fence. "I like the way you have it so you can either have a big open area, like this, or can divide it up into lambing and breeding pens. Bobby joined her and the two slowly walked along the hard black path of the rather large barn. Jeff could see a huge stack of hay at the far end. "While you two look around, I'm going out to the van for a cold soda". Jeff could see he was thoroughly ignored as the young sheep rancher was pointing to different features of his barn to Molly. The Country Club driver had nodded off to sleep. But the sound of hoof steps getting closer caused him to look up. Seeing the two still talking, he caught a few scraps of conversation. Something about building a bungalow for Bobby next to the main barn.... And something else he noticed.... Molly had a small piece of hay stuck in her hair, just behind her horn... They both stopped and looked up at Jeff. "Really?... Just like that and you two are shagging like bunnies?" Jeff knew that Molly had that, built in need. But Bobby didn't know that, so he was keen on hearing how this all went down. Molly spoke first, "Well you men kept hinting that Bobby was rather well endowed..." "I guess that's why she kept staring at my crotch... And I asked her if she wanted to see it...." Molly almost blushed... almost... "And I of course said yes....." At that point, the young sheep rancher did blush... Then the two turned and headed for the van... "Negotiations must be over", the driver told himself. And go up to follow the two out of the barn. Half way to the van, Jeff had to smile. "Seams our normally bow-legged goat, is a little more, bow-legged".
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