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  1. Word Association

    Cottage cheese
  2. https://www.zoox18.com

    Does have some good stuff just be warned there is some stuff there that some find desterbing like chicken fucking. Also some of the videos you realy want to watch you can't unless your friends with the person who posted it. There is a hack around that. I'll have to re look it up.
  3. Count To One Million

  4. Battlecrops' Zoo Survey

    I agree Rammy. Having to hide a big part of ourselves leads to that, we'll in my case anyway
  5. Saint Francis Files #2-5

    Thanks for posting I need to remember read all these
  6. Saint Francis Files #1

    Yes I love you writing. So glad you made it over here, my friend.
  7. Word Association

  8. Word Association

  9. placeholder

    Did he just stop Jim and say he take Shi'ire to the stable? No! What if the boy ran into past Fred a few moments later? He could always run to the stable and move past Shi'ire. Which meant future Shi'ire had already lived through this mix up. Yet it seamed his best course of action. No matter how you cut it, time travel always ended up in a paradox. No where to hide the past stallion until Fred could get this back under control? With bearly a second to spare, he reached the stable, got past Shi'ire on his hoofs, and out the back of the stables just as Jim lead the future Shi'ire through the front. The boy might have seen the past stallion's tail swish if the boy had not been so preoccupied with his dilemma about his female crush.
  10. placeholder

    "Come on boy, let's get ya bedded down for the night." Fred stayed hiden in the shadows. He was thinking about his sons worries. Then his head jerked up. Past Shi'ire was already bedded down for the night. He had to stop Jim.
  11. Word Association

  12. Count To One Million

  13. Becoming the wolf

    He shook his head to clear it. He reached up a hand to wipe his eyes only to find a paw instead. With wide eyes he looked at his body. "This has to be a dream," he whispered as he took in the black fur that now covered his body. No longer human but that of a wolf. He got shakaly to his feet falling over until he got his new legs under him that used to be his arms. He looked back at his rump now with a tail that slightly moved with a mind of its own.
  14. Hello everyone

    Ulrich glad to see you made it
  15. Movies with a hint of zoo

    Name of movie is Ruthless People