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  1. Word Association

  2. Recalls for 2018

    Gravy Train can dogfood. Small levels of euthanasia drugs found.
  3. Word Association

    Do you watch porn?
  4. Word Association

  5. Word Association

  6. Count To One Million

  7. Word Association

    Doctor Hook
  8. How many human partners have you had?

    Oh I'm sure you have a better attention span then- Squirrel!!!! (Sorry Dingo Jay could not pass up on the joke.)
  9. How many human partners have you had?

    Who said they where all women? As to both sides yes a few I fully admitte that it takes two to tango but a few others let's look at why I have trust issues and know that I'm damage goods when it comes to dating and thinking I'm a worthless human who does not deserve any one to care about me. At 12 was caught getting knotted by farm dog by one of my dads drinking buddys. So next five years to keep him from telling everyone in town I was his personal sex toy. Also his personal thief and punching bag. Basically rapped. Not one I count as a relationship. First girlfriend in high school, was dating real kinky bitch. Hot wax, bdms, light stuff compared to how extreme that can get. All fine and good until the afternoon she had me tied to headboard and put a chef knife through my leg. Then when I busted head board and got the fuck out of there and told her it was over she told the school that I had rapped her. Thankfully I had already called the cops about her stabbing me and the cops and court saw she was lying. Second girlfriend in high school got pregnant. Daddy didn’t like that and shipped her out even though I was going to step up to plate and get job marry her and be a dad. Was told by his high paid aternny if I ever tried to contact her or the family I be in prison for rest of my life. I should have fought him in court but was a scared teenager. That's when I found out the courts more often then not only work for those with money. Do I have a kid? I hope so and I hope they had good life. But knowing daddy I bet he made her have abortion or give it up for adoption. First boy friend. Manipulation from the word go. Beat me and had me believe that everything that was wrong and why he smacked me around was my fault. Used to tie me up so his friends could fuck me whenever they wanted. If it wasn't for a few good friends who saw what was going on who got me out of that mess I be dead. Second boy friend the year we dated was great but in the end we were from different world's and wanted different things. Last I knew he is in NY happy married with two kids. Third gf, was going great had ring caught her in bed with my so called friend. Her words "he makes more money and has bigger dick then you." Best to find out what she truly thought then before I married her. Third boy friend. Drunk ass who hit on anything in sight. Called me all the time to keep tabs on me and see where I was before he fucked other people. Walked in on him sucking on my cousins tits one day. Then that night he tryed getting into two of my hedrosexal friends pants. When they told him no he got pissed and tried to take it out on me. After we split learned just how many people he was fucking behind my back. As to my one night stands anyone I know is in a relationship I will not sleep with. A few I have and then latter found out they where married and told them no when they showed back up for more fun and why. So don't think me some high and mighty jugmental prick. I know I'm human just like everyone else.
  10. How many human partners have you had?

    Relationship wise 6. Each time they were either control or abusive fucks. Or just played way to many mind games. The one girl I wanted to marry the day I got the $3000 ring was the day I caught her in bed with my so called freind. I might have the occasional one night stand but I don't trust humans to date.
  11. Word Association

    Steam power
  12. Word Association

    Cottage cheese
  13. https://www.zoox18.com

    Does have some good stuff just be warned there is some stuff there that some find desterbing like chicken fucking. Also some of the videos you realy want to watch you can't unless your friends with the person who posted it. There is a hack around that. I'll have to re look it up.
  14. Count To One Million

  15. Battlecrops' Zoo Survey

    I agree Rammy. Having to hide a big part of ourselves leads to that, we'll in my case anyway