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  1. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    I've answered but it's an unpopular answer. Simply put, there is no such thing as "Zoo Rights", or "Gay Rights", or "Black Rights", or any other kind of right given to a group, race, religion or whatever. No person or government can give a right or take it away. If they could grant or revoke it, it would be a privilege. What the Constitution of the US has recognized and the Supreme Court of the US has reinforced is that there are Human Rights. Period. Lawrence v Texas simply said that being gay wasn't a sufficient reason to deny anyone a human right that they already had. And right there is where we are being screwed. I don't have (or want) an inalienable right to fuck my horse or any other animal. What I do have is an absolute right to pursue my life in any direction that I choose as long as I neither harm nor endanger any one. And that is all that I want. That's why consent is a red herring. My conduct with my property is measured against the standard of unnecessary pain and nothing else. If my horse isn't suffering from sex (a rather unlikely scenario for a stud), it's no one's business but mine. And no one has any business restraining me from an act that may or may not cause a future harm. The legal, moral, and logical way is to punish the harm strongly when it occurs and ignore the rest.
  2. Does anyone remember "asshairs"?

    And that just shows how little you actually understand. Some day I hope you grow up and come to understand that the world is full of people with more experience and education than you. No matter how wonderful any given individual is there are just too many subjects for them to expert in everything. I am curious though, just where did you get this fascination with "free sex with animals"? You seem to be the only one talking about it.
  3. Does anyone remember "asshairs"?

    I do see at least one positive in today's situation. We are currently lacking the "joyous sociopath" half of the madness.
  4. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    @30-30As best I can understand that you wish to make something that you hate beyond any rational thought worse so you can justify your hate? You haven't answered a question yet but here's another chance: what is wrong with enforcing cruelty laws correctly instead of inventing victim less crimes that are easier to prosecute? If an animal is being harmed who cares why the harm was done? Punish the harm and let the rest go. We call that "the rule of law". Prosecution should be based on evidence of actual harm not a minority opinion. (prediction: 30-30 will go ballistic over "minority")
  5. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    @ 30-30, congratulations! You may have just set a new record for size of strawman argument. How does any part of American culture (which, BTW, saved your parents' ass from that "evil dictator") have anything to do with making it possible for good people to be prosecuted for doing the right thing? If the camera in your barn showed both you screwing your mare and an ax murderer chasing your neighbor in and killing him would you have the balls to turn the footage over? Or would you delete it and lie? And please see if you can scrape up enough balls to start a thread about American world politics.
  6. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    Why does it matter? Take a run through http://usanewswires.com/tag/Johnny+Oquendo The guy is accused of having sex with his stepdaughter, killing her to cover it up, and dumping her body in a river. Half of the trial is about a witness having visited bestiality websites and having pictures on her phone which she voluntarily turned in so messages from the killer could be recovered.
  7. Does anyone remember "asshairs"?

    My favorite is "I rather be screwed than stewed" and I might add "especially if I get an orgasm out of the deal".
  8. Does anyone remember "asshairs"?

    I missed the beginning myself. I've been on the net since the very beginning but it never occurred to me that anyone would mention anything as taboo as bestiality on what was (in my mind) a purely governmental operation. Since then I have had a lot of dealings with both of the major parties and have heard both sides of the story. I have a lot of corroboration and logic to shore up my belief of what happened but like you I would like to hear a first hand account by someone with out an agenda. This resurrection of "regulated" Zoophilia and the idea that most people practicing bestiality are harming animals tweaked my sense of history. Anyone with minimal life experience should know that most people are like most people. They are going to take the same kind of care of animals regardless of why they are keeping them outside of a production environment. So what started the current trend of viewing the people that care for animals the most as the most likely to harm them? In the previously cited Enumclaw incident even the cops and prosecutors admitted that no animals were harmed.
  9. Does anyone remember "asshairs"?

    What is scary is how much you sound just like one of the parties to that conflict.
  10. It was recently stated that our legal "issues" and the many changes in law recently were inspired by fencehoppers and other clumsy individuals caught in the act of bestiality starting with the infamous Enumclaw incident. It has shocked me to discover that none of the current generation have ever heard of Zoobuster. So I have decided to remedy that deficiency. Once upon a time (say around the mid 1990s) there was feud among some Zoos. Some of them might have been a bit psychotic and one or two of them was very sociopathic. All of them had a bad case of "Zooier than Thou". It got intense enough that one of them enlisted the aid of the SPCA and other animal welfare organizations to attack his opponents. He set up a site called ASAIRS (Animal Sexual Abuse Information and ResourceS if I remember correctly) for veterinarians, law enforcement, and animal rescues to use as an aid to prosecution. He called himself "Zoobuster" and advertised himself as a reformed Zoo out to correct the wrongs of his former compatriots. He used the name Randy Pepe and later Mike Roland. The other side of the conflict egged him on and portrayed himself as a savior rescuing the young community from the evil "outer". Between them they taught a lot of people in authority how crazy and cruel Zoophiles could be. I trace the start of our problems with animal welfare organizations to this event. As the organizations learned how lucrative persecuting Zoophiles could be our fate was set. Almost nothing remains on the net. http://21stcenturycares.org/zooph.htm is all a quick search could find. My memory is far from perfect or complete so I would ask those that remember to add to this thread and build a complete picture for the youngsters. History forgotten is history soon to be repeated.
  11. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    First, what I meant is that "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." There's no need to over complicate an issue. @ 30-30, it's a big question so why don't you start a thread for it: who was Zoobuster and what influence might he have had on policies and programs of the SPCA and other animal welfare organizations?
  12. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    Yeh, sometimes it really is simple. My final convincer was being in bed, balls deep in a woman, and I couldn't cum unless I closed my eyes and imagined she was an animal. @ 30-30, How do Spink and Pepe fit into this grand plan of yours?
  13. Ancient Art

    Yes and no. Each and every individual piece is subject to multiple interpretations, *BUT*, where the is lots of smoke there is generally a fire somewhere nearby. Certainly the Greeks blamed bestiality on tricky gods and the Romans used it for torture and entertainment but where did they get the idea that it was even possible?
  14. Fear of taking a knot

    No, this is something that you will be forced to deal with more than once in your life so asking others that have already dealt with it in their own life is the right thing to do. Knowing that a soulmate is living somewhere without you makes it a special kind of pain but losing canine lovers is inevitable. No matter how perfect everything else is, they just don't live as long as we do. Start by asking the dog you are with what he wants. He is young and not burdened by all of the history that humans carry around with them. Follow his lead in the relationship. He will want what makes you happiest so his advice will be the best for you on a larger scale (Look out for his opinions on food and such).
  15. Fear of taking a knot

    Ah, the passions of youth. You think love is something that happens and draws the two of you together. That is lust. Love is what happens when the two of you stay together and grow into one. Enjoy the lust, I assure you that he will. Take care of him and in a few years both of you will realize that you are incomplete without the other. Then we can talk about love. Take it from an old fart, this is how the world works. Your glands, your receptors in your brain, your instincts and his are all designed to work this way.