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  1. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    Let me ask you a question mfkfznfp; what happens when these laws are taken away; you know "theoretically" cause its a far fetched dream amoungst our community, but what happens with those few zoosadist out there? You know the ones that actually abuse animals, With sex laws gone it's basically an encouragement for the sadists to hurt animals more; ever think of that? No probably not, think about the bigger picture here; its not even about us, its about protecting animals from people that may harm them; yes sex rarely harms animals; and zoosadism is a rather rare occurrence, but remember these laws do fight animal abuse, that's at least the purpose of them anyway; if zoophiles would stop being idiotic (not trying to offend anyone here) and posting material that outs them, or is identifiable, this all wouldn't be an issue to the zoophile community; fact is we need to stop worrying about these laws; drop the grand illusion that we could possibly have a "rights movement" this isn't the LGBT; we cant just walk down the streets with our animals, holding signs that say let us have the right to bang (unless you want your animals in a shelter and a new home in a jail cell) we're talking about interspecies relationships here, even if animals can enjoy sex, which most zoos know from experience; our voice is still one sided, animals can't fight for a right to be with us, this isn't a simple matter, and unless someone invents some machine that can read animals minds; showing legitimate proof of animals being able to benefit and enjoy interspecies relationships, we will never get our "dream" but you can at least keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best; don't let me tell you what to believe in
  2. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    The news exaggerates a lot of things, and I'll agree these laws are unfair, but I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation; as far as the psychiatric community goes zoophilia is considered a fetish, and in some cases a disorder, not a legitamite orientation, people dont and will never see it any different; I had a zoophilia blog going for 3 days; and was messaged several times to go kill myself; some of them were complaints that I was rebloging regular pictures from other groups; apparently that I was in turn pushing my "perverted fetish" on everyone, was the exact words, I basically was being harrased and descriminated because of my sexuality, so I just said fuck it and gave up; you think that society will ever accept zoophilia?? As far as I've seen its the total opposite, more laws are being made opposing us, everyday, as the hatred grows ever stronger; but far be it from me to crush your niaeve idea of how it should be, reality check is, the odds of zoophilia becoming legal are just as much as Americans getting their pre 911 Rights back; I'd see the latter happening instead, still doubtful..
  3. Russian equine forum

    https://callista.su/equine/booru/ Pretty decent forum with loads of pics and videos can be translated to English with most devices
  4. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    I tried and got many hate messages and threats so I closed my blog, better to just let it be, apparently i pissed off some animal rights and service dog groups.. Lesson learned, with this orientation everyone hates you, its better to stay out of sight out of mind
  5. I'd like to apologize

    To anyone I may have offended on here; I'm sorry; I haven't been my self lately with the chemotherapy and cancer and all the stuff that built up to it; I was depressed for along time, even considered giving away my dog to be with another persons dog, (I honestly thought I wasn't gonna pull through this hell, and I figured my dog would be better off with someone else because he'd have to be rehomed if I died anyway) which now I realize would have been a bad decision; even if I fell in love with him and still love him greatly (my friends dog) I love my dog too and I made a commitment to him when I adopted him, things are going great between the two of us, he's being a lot more affectionate, and occasionally ask for sex, our bond is slowly growing strong, he's really happy, and playful, a loyal companion which is all I wanted; as for my cancer; the docs say I have at least 3-4 more weeks of treatment left but it has diminished greatly; anyways hope everyone has a good day! Figured I'd inform everyone of what's up. Seeing as its been a minute since I've been on the forum
  6. Bad text?

    As for what is my opinion on these laws, I think I've already made that clear; they are bullshit, unfair and biased.. Truth is though everyone has already made up their minds about what "type" of people we are; we are a hated minority, and most wouldn't think twice about putting us in a line up and taking us out; don't believe me? I could give you plenty of examples of just how much society hates zoophiles.. seriously not trying to be the pessimist here but its our word against everyone else, we could go to the moon and back telling our side of the story and if someone doesn't want to accept it, trust me they will not no matter what and if you think that what is typed on this site will make a difference in the views of the norms enough to make a change in these laws, its just foolish nieve hope..
  7. Bad text?

    See you understand exactly what I was saying; sarcasm aside; these are ridiculous tactical conclusions about zoophilia just used to further fuel hate and bigotry; fact is they are derived from minor instances, and posed as the "truth" of all zoophiles.. You can't base a whole entire sexual preference on the habits of a few people that have other deviant behaviors that are not even related to zoophilia, and say all the sudden there's absolutely no difference between two entirely different sexualities..
  8. Bad text?

    That's because there isn't any "study" that without a doubt links zoophilia to pedophilia; its propaganda to turn society against the idea of sex with animals; what better way to outcast a minority, than to link them to someone who has no self control and has sex with underdeveloped children?? BTW there is studies viewing some cases where prison inmates that were pedophiles were also sexually attracted to animals, that is most likely where they got that information from, but these instances were far and few, (rather rare occurence for the two sexualities to correlate) and its very far from fact to say, (again biased misleading information) just because one person is that way, that all zoosexuals are, that's like saying all heterosexuals must be gay as well just because some people are bisexual..
  9. Bad text?

    Exactly; even if the laws are flawed, and animals consent and enjoy sex, it won't change anything; these legislators will not oppose a law that the public is for, it will only cause trouble, and rebellion from every anti zoo in their state..
  10. A guide for male Dog lovers

    I hear that, I thought my dog really wasn't all that interested in sex until last night, I got home, let him out to go to the bathroom and when he got back inside, he wouldn't stop trying to jump on me, was panting like a luanitic, and trying to hump me from every angle he could when I sat down, until I dropped to all fours, and he was immediately on my back, I pulled my pants down and we had sex for the first time, he tied and stayed on my back without turning, panting in my ear, licking my neck (god that was such a turn on), until he finally deflated and pulled out 30 or so minutes later. Only to mount and tie again, 10 minutes later, needless to say my ass hurts a lot this morning Also that was the first time I've ever had a dog want to have sex twice in a row like that. he was very determined to get what he wanted last night
  11. Happy Woofentines Day Everybody :x

  12. Figured I'd post this here for anyone who wants to know how to properly masturbate a stallion and bring them to orgasm quickly; its all about circular movement and gripping of the head while stimulating the middle of the shaft as well; this video is meant for educational purposes and reference and is not meant to break any forum rules.. crumpmethod.webm
  13. Got great news today my cancer is starting to recede; the chemo therapy is working well, it helps that I've been on a anticarcinogenic diet for a while too but, I just might pull through this cancer free :)

    1. caikgoch


      That's a major improvement from your last update!

    2. farellfoxx


      That's wonderful to read, absolutely.

      I'm happy for you! What a great thing to get internet back just in time to read.




      (I was thinking you had something of this sort.)

    3. threelegs


      So good to hear this. Keep looking up!

  14. Baculum difference in Dire Wolves

    When I lived down in Georgia I had a wolf/malinos hybrid, he had by far the biggest penis I've ever seen on a dog, it was at least a 11 1-2 inches long, and his knot was huge, definitely bigger than a tennis ball.. What made him so unique though was his penis curved like the 6th one down on the left hand side of the baculum diagram you posted.. I've seen only one other dog with a curve to his penis, it seems rather rare, but is entirely possible, my guess would be its a semi-dorminat trait that made its way through selective breeding wolves into dogs.. I've seen some dogs that were ridiculously hung, and some that were tiny, it varys as you can tell by the diagram.. This is a interesting subject I like any discussion involving wolves
  15. Porn Collection??

    Just curious of peoples opinions on possessing a porn collection, on other zoo sites I've heard people talking about having zoo porn on their phone; which brang to mind, isn't that rather risky.. Seeing as if your phone is not encrypted in most states, if the cops want to they can search your phone without any reason or warrant, if for example they pull you over one day and said cop decides to be a douche.. Even though commercial (non-homemade) bestiality porn is legal to posses and view, the cops could still use it as probable cause to get a warrant to seize your animals, claiming that since you have the porn, your automatically are guilty of being a zoophile... When or if I feel the need to watch porn I usually stick to online videos, with a VPN being used, and nothing being downloaded, I feel its a smarter way to go.. Which is a BIG reason I don't have any zoo porn, neither on my hard drives or my phone anymore, I'd rather keep plausible deniability, its hard to prove something if there is nothing linking you to it.. The only thing I do have on my phone is regular nonsexual pictures of dogs.. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'd rather keep low key, just in case.. What's your guys opinion on it? Do any of you keep a porn collection encrypted on a drive?