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  1. Suppress Sexual Urges?

    Damn... I wouldn't describe these feelings as frustrating though, just demeaning and guilt ridden
  2. "Is acceptance possible?" thread

    @Vermillion I feel sorry that you've never been able to feel love; it really is a beautiful feeling, your missing out on OK before I continue I will say that I am a zoophile/zoosexual, I love animals and also have sexual attractions to them.. As for the "morality" of "zoos" I have to say this; it's gonna stir up the pot; maybe even piss certain people off; but it needs to be said though; here we go.. The idea that people who have sex with animals without romantic attachment are somehow a lesser person; or morally wrong is a flawed way of thinking; let me ask these questions.. Do these "beasties" cause harm to an animal buy not falling in romantic love with them?? Why are people comparing human views of relationships to animals?? Does the animal care about monagomus relationships or have a human way of thinking about relationships?? Do animals relate sexual feelings to love???? Have you not ever had sex for the fun of it without any attachments??? How can we expect to gain acceptance if we can't even accept the other majority of us that has sex with animals? A majority which isn't really much different from us... Another question; does a "beastie" having consenual sex cause harm to an animal??? In order for something to be "morally wrong" shouldn't it entitle being harmful?? Implying human idealism on an animal is the whole issue here; they are not human; You really think that lack of romantic feelings would stop an animal from Mating and enjoy the experience?? Now don't get me wrong I believe animals do love; but they do not love in the same way we do.. and they do not relate sex with love; or have a monagomus way of loving.. Yes your animal may show romantic love towards you but do you think they would stay faithful if the neighbors horse/dog went into heat down the road??? No because animals act out of instinct and opportunistict behaviors; a trait which was lost in humans along the way; and if someone does posses these traits and has sex without a connection it's considered "morally wrong" no it's flawed morality; it's ego at its finest; it's somehow I'm better than you even though our sexuality is the same..
  3. "Is acceptance possible?" thread

    Right very valid point; you don't see us judging animals for being lustful..
  4. "Is acceptance possible?" thread

    Exactly; you hit the head of the nail there; alot of zoophile's are under the delusion that they are perfect and "true" zoos; when in all reality anyone that has had sex with an animal has Atleast done it for fun or lust at one point in there life; they can deny that simple fact but everyone possesses the ability to lust; in fact that is the beginning of love, you can't fall in love without lust at first..
  5. Knowing when they are coming into heat

    I've never paid attention to it; now that you mentioned it I will the next time I'm around a female I'm heat.. with my girls I've owned in the past I could always tell they were close to heat by a change in their behavior..
  6. "Is acceptance possible?" thread

    Hey look your trying to lay off of cynical criticism; that's rare as well See I can use sarcasm too Btw im completely aware of the "multiple" definitions of zoophilia; and ya I haven't thought all of this subject threw because in all honesty my opinions on these laws are not gonna change the views of millions of people; we just have to accept that in the eyes of the majority; we are seen as in the same category as rapists and pedos.. that is not going to change
  7. "Is acceptance possible?" thread

    I have to disagree with this; the laws are effective at imprisoning people that do abuse animals; yes it may also put innocent zoophile's in prison as well but the main focus of these laws is to extinguish deviant sexual behavior that "may" cause harm.. Honestly a requirement of proof of abuse should be part of the law, but it's not; people honestly aren't educated that there is a difference between a sadist and a zoo, all sex with animals Is seen as abusive even if it's not the case.. To try and bring an "acceptance" seems well out of reach; it would require a way to prove something a majority of the population doesn't want to hear and studies to be done of zoophilia to back the movement; honestly it's not a big enough of a minority issue to be noticed by the population; or accepted; this isn't the lgbt movement; this isn't humans trying to fight for rights with other humans; where talking about acceptance of something that has been seen as wrong for centuries..
  8. "Is acceptance possible?" thread

    I will agree that the writer of this is not looking at both sides or perspectives of this situation; if bestiality were legalized (sex acts with animals) it would open up doors for certain individuals that shouldn't own animals in the first place; people that may be abusive or sadistic may get away with abusive acts if these laws are taken away or they'll see it as grounds to cause harm because they believe there will be no penalties.. All of which is not something we as zoos should want to happen.. we should be about protecting animals from harm, that should be the highest priority here; after all doesn't being zoophile entitle that you are a lover of animals??.. so what if there is laws that say you can't unzip your pants and screw the pooch, those laws were made for a reason; truth is the laws aren't directed to zoophile's only; we are not the main focus; the main use of these laws is to prevent zoosadists from causing physical harm to animals with forceful acts.. On the other hand if the laws were modified with strict requirements such as requirements for proof of abuse it would be "just" for zoos and still punish cruelty to animals as these laws were intended to do; will it ever happen?? Probably not but it is a slight possibility; look at Canada and their legalization of certain acts of bestiality such as oral.. Should we be risking our asses to bring change though??? No it's not worth it unless you live in a state where there is very little to no penalties for zoophilia, even then it's still a risk not worth taking... The main reasons bestiality is still illegal and has been for a long time is religious views; the fact that it's taboo and different (the eww factor) and the fact that people believe animals are lesser beings that don't have the ability to consent to sex; but the biggest reason is that animals have been severely injured by zoosadists and behavior such as that has to be punished.. now on the subject of zoophiles that have consenual sex trying to get rights... It's very unlikely to work.. Let's just put it this way; you could give all the proof and knowledge you could possibly come up with of why consenual zoophilia isn't wrong to someone that is non zoo, but if they aren't ready to accept it or are against it; that information will go in one ear and out the other, no matter how obvious it is that alot of zoosexual acts are consenual and rarely cause harm.. Fact is People will only understand from their point of view it's basic psychology; if someone isn't ready to believe something they will not believe it, no matter what you do; fact is its common for people to dislike people that have sex with animals; they have been taught it's wrong, our sexuality will never truly be acceptable; it is the reality of things; either accept it or risk getting caught trying to fight it....
  9. How to properly clean up?

    I honestly think your over worried about this unless the cops are on your tail as we speak and your starting this thread for help but I highly doubt that; as others have said don't do anything that will lead to enough suspension where one of these tests is needed; in other words use common sense, keep what you do in the privacy of your bedroom and there will be no need to worry about this.. Reality is though if they do want to run this test and you have had sex within 12 hours, there is really no way of preventing them from finding semen.. it is plan and simple; don't give authorities a reason to run tests.
  10. Shrek porn xD

    In someone's fantasy apparently
  11. Suppress Sexual Urges?

    I honestly made this thread out of curiosity as well as past feelings I've had about trying to be different or normal... What I was referring to was "is it possible to repress sexual attraction completely"; I know I could stop having sex. I've went without it before.. but could one that is exclusively zoo completely change a sexual attraction of animals to humans? (No matter how repulsive the human anatomy may be to someone) Or would it be impossible or near impossible? The last time I actually had intercourse with an animal was over a year ago (not counting the couple times ive done oral since then) as I've said I know it would be possible for me to not have sex ; but the sexual attraction is something that will always be there; I don't think that's possible to change even if you don't act on it.. I will say that my sexual attraction has made me lustful and do stupid stuff like sleep with other people's animals In the past; I still feel guilt from doing that to the point it has made me wish I never would have had these sexual attractions; I've learned my lesson from my mistakes though and was lucky not to get put in prison.. Now as for the romantic/emotional side of zoophilia, I wouldn't want that to change; also couldn't see it changing as ive always been emotionally attached to animals and vice versa; animals tend to be attracted to me more than normal; to the point people have seen it necessary to point out it In the past; I love animals that's who I am who I am destined to be; and there's really no reason to change that aspect of my life..
  12. Dreams of an Animal

    I totally understand as I've felt that way, what matters is we both had the courage to keep on going, even when it seemed all hope was lost.. that in itself is a very difficult thing to do...
  13. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    You misunderstood what I meant, I don't have the urge to tell anyone I'm a zoophile, I know that silence keeps you safe; completely aware of that; honestly never meet another zoo online that wasn't cautious, not saying there isn't the fools out there but I'm definitely smart enough to not out myself.. As for you not experiencing social anxiety, I'm honestly glad you haven't, its hell (think a constant fear that everyone hates you, wether it's rational to feel that way or not, youll have no control over it), so your not going through it is honestly a blessing. With that being said you don't really understand it as you've never truly experienced it so it's outside of your perception; it's not as simple as one just changes those feelings of anxiety when they are a part of their personality and neurodevelopment; if mental disorders were that black and white, that simple, then there really wouldn't be the need for psychologists/psychiatrist and all these medications they push on people.. If you think about it though every theory out there has been opinion until proven otherwise, I don't doubt one bit that animals help people with disabilities, and wasn't implying that it wasn't a common knowledge, sorry I should have used better wording there; sometimes I have that problem, bare with me.. Anyhow, I can relate to being a stoner though that is one other thing that helps me with my disabilities, "help's" is the underlying word there; its not a preventative or cure to it
  14. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    I'd imagine being zoophile doesn't cause social anxiety other factors are involved normally; Anxiety disorders are usually caused from trauma at one point or another in your life (but it can be a symptom of another underlying disorder such as autism so that's not always true), wether it be emotional or physical.. I do believe however that being a zoophile that suffers from anxiety but has an animal around would be a help to treating it or at least give a sense of security to lesson the symptoms.. so it does in a way influence anxiety to improvement, it is seen as a opinion of many psychologists that animals can be therapeutical.. I'll explain at least for me Ive found with a dog around when I'm around other people I don't feel as anxious or on the edge of panicking, I open up alot more than usual, I begin to feel at ease, unfrozen as if I can actually speak, I don't feel the constant fear that I'll say something wrong (yes some people have anxiety that affects them to that extreme of an extent) there is something about the presence of a dog that is reassuring, calming, almost therapeutic without the need for any words being said, the presence of a dog can be healing to a point; (more so when I'm around a dog I already have a connection with) Even with the impulse to hate others in my mind that stems from the intense fear of people that takes over on a constant basis, having a dog around reminds me that the most important thing in life to do is love not hate; don't get me wrong though it is still very hard to function as a "normal" person of society with disorders that affect your ability to function socially, I can't bring a dog with me anywhere I go, even if I'd like to... Now the flip of the coin; I believe that being zoophile is going to make social anxiety even worse in some ways as the main fear of social anxiety is what people think of you, even if they don't know of your zoophilic lifestyle, you'll still feel as I they are judging you, would abandon you if they did find out, or will find out somehow, even if it may be irrational to think that way, people that are zoophile with anxiety would feel that way, I do anyways; sad thing is it's true, most people would abandon someone because of a lifestyle such as zoophilia without a second thought..
  15. Dreams of an Animal

    I see myself as a wolf in dreams also but not all the time, I've always felt my spirit isn't that of a human though.. that last part was inspiring honestly it opens my eyes to the true meaning of all this, these dreams are a message, deep down my heart is telling me what I need; also I can relate to the longing to have a loved one in your arms, love can hurt at times but it is truly a blessing and a beautiful thing