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  1. I feel it coming, just keep getting worse I fear my time is coming to an end soon; well I lived a alright life while I could.....

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    2. caikgoch


      I was being sarcastic to illustrate a point.      You can survive cancer but there is always a price.      If it's in something that isn't necessary to life, you can just cut it out.      But you have a diminished quality of life for what is left to you.       If it is in something you can't do without, like a brain, you can treat it but the treatments are all have nasty side effects, if they work.

      But then again, I have to drive for more than an hour to get to that aforementioned check up, part of it on one of the most dangerous roads in America.       I might die in a traffic accident on the way back from my clean check up.           We get what we get.       How to make the best of it is the only choice we have.        Don't let the depression win.

    3. Nobody


      @Cynolove693 IF YOU READ THIS, PLEASE SEE YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES, I TRIED https://archive.is/uP3eC

    4. Cynolove693


      Caikgoch the depression has already won, I'm sooooo tired of feeling miserable.. :(