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  1. I feel it coming, just keep getting worse I fear my time is coming to an end soon; well I lived a alright life while I could.....

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    2. caikgoch


      Chemo sucks, even when it doesn't work.      Did they give you the stuff that makes anything cold feel like a knife stabbing you?         I went from 223 lb to 150 lb (surgery and coma) to 210 to 155 (more surgery and infection) to finally back to 200 lb.      But I was smart enough to only have cancer in things I could live without so getting rid of it was possible.       I miss sex with orgasms and being able to eat or drink anything I want but there is always hope.       I might win the lottery and get involved in politics.       That way I could have touchless orgasms fucking certain people.

    3. Cynolove693


      Yeah chemo treatment does suck a lot, and I'm not sure all the treatments have made my body ache and made me feel really sick, I can't recall that though....

      Huh you dont really have a decision in where cancer is in your body, or where it spreads to, but OK....


    4. caikgoch


      I was being sarcastic to illustrate a point.      You can survive cancer but there is always a price.      If it's in something that isn't necessary to life, you can just cut it out.      But you have a diminished quality of life for what is left to you.       If it is in something you can't do without, like a brain, you can treat it but the treatments are all have nasty side effects, if they work.

      But then again, I have to drive for more than an hour to get to that aforementioned check up, part of it on one of the most dangerous roads in America.       I might die in a traffic accident on the way back from my clean check up.           We get what we get.       How to make the best of it is the only choice we have.        Don't let the depression win.