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    Grass Skirts
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  4. Dang... stay the fuck away from me, mate! lol You need to do something nice, unexpected and spontaneous to/for a stranger while expecting nothing in return, in order to get your good karma back! :-/
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  6. Word Association

    Great Dane`ing (is that even a word)
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  8. Bleak, desolate wastelands! lol Other than that it looks gorgeous
  9. Pervify Breed Names

    Shag Bernard Scrote-weiler Jack-Off Russel Blue-Balls Tick Hound. Poodle Porkin'
  10. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    So, part two of your answer would be? Using the history of arrest information provided by news outlets worldwide, I would submit to you that a guess-temated 90% of those charged deserved everything they got! Unethical behavior, carelessness and sheer bloody stupidity led to their demise, in my opinion. The other 10%, tough luck, mate. You trusted the wrong person, said the wrong thing! There are criminals out there who have evaded capture for decades only to be caught and publicly exposed only after doing something mind-bogingly dumb! And then there are genuine zoophiles who maintain a love affair with their significant other for a lifetime without a soul knowing about it. (Except maybe other close zoos)
  11. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    Now I'm curious... (open question) When it was legal or rather "not illegal", just how many people knew (or did you tell) about your having 'sex with animals' ? Were you publishing animal sex pornography or producing personal content and sharing / posting it online? ~ ~ ~ ~ So, when these news laws go into affect, how exactly will they affect you? What will you be doing differently to avoid falling fowl of the new laws? How do you foresee law enforcement catching up with you?
  12. Word Association

    Naked Mile