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  1. Heavyhorse

    sounds like paradise. i sure wish i had been able to meet people earlier in my life and try more different things. don't get me wrong, dog sex is great, but i'm very try-curious. perhaps i could have discovered earlier on that i needed to focus my finances and energy on something else (or in addition to dogs). *shrug*
  2. Checking in

    hi VGR
  3. Shrek porn xD

    the lipstick totally ruined it for me. the eyelashes i could handle, but not the lipstick.
  4. Quotes with zoo references

    i like all 4 of the ones from this post, but this one is my favorite. the fact that people can't see this hypocrisy, however, is depressing.
  5. Quotes with zoo references

    anybody who knows me well enough would expect me to like this little comic. a LOT. (and i do.)
  6. What is your orientation with animals?

    i'm surprised i hadn't replied to this yet, though i admit my forum time has greatly waned since even before zf went down, though even moreso after it did. i'm about 70/30 or 75/25 female/male oriented, and entirely zoo exclusive. nothing kills a boner faster than even a very close friend trying to give me a helping hand.
  7. We're here!

    welcome aboard
  8. Howdy

    hear hear... also, what is Nifty?
  9. Word Association

    (in) cheek
  10. Zetaforum

    1) (on topic) zetaforum was the very first forum i ever signed up for. i had a long hiatus from any type of zoo community. the last one i was a part of was back in the usenet newsgroups days - alt.sex.bestiality. i was accepted as a zoo in a tiny little furry group called alt.lifestyle.furry that was nice until word got out how civil we were there to alt.fan.furry which was always full of flamewars. they brought them over to a.l.f. 1.5) forgot that i wanted to say .. i don't recall ever really getting beyond the lurker stage on zeta. i was still very much a self-hater at that point and was apprehensive about reaching out to others. mostly i just wanted to keep that part of me locked away. 2) (off topic) i was amazed at how much getting a smartphone changed my life, though admittedly i could do with just a flip phone or something of that sort. texting is a great way to get quick ideas out to people before you forget or make quick plans without disrupting whatever's going on wherever. obviously, ymmv.
  11. Livestock guard animals - Donkey or Mule?

    now wait a minute... are you suggesting a donkey or mule can't also have added benefits if you're a zoo?
  12. Zootoons and other

    that's not teabagging......
  13. Hello everyone

    hi ulrich! glad you made your way here.
  14. Mr pickels

    the one with the long-nippled fox is pretty nice... until she gets shot by a hunter.. while mr. pickles is fucking her...