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  1. How to properly clean up?

    Sorry, I didn't actually answer your question. Douchebag.
  2. Word Association

  3. How to properly clean up?

    Just don't get caught. Seriously; if you think there's a chance of someone seeing you, take measures to make sure they can't. That rules out fence-hopping, too.
  4. Word Association

  5. Word Association

  6. Word Association

    money pit (the boat, of course)
  7. What is your orientation with animals?

    Bi, though I'm a bit of a butt-slut.
  8. zoophilesdestiny.org

    I used to be a member there too. Frankly, I got tired of the atmosphere after a while; too many of the most active posters were always going off on these many-pages-long philosophical rants about zoophilia, and the tone was depressing and whiny. One exception that I enjoyed was interacting with a poster called StarFox, who posted his sci-fi furry story (maybe novel-length?). I critiqued it for him and we had a fairly good time going back and forth about it.
  9. Fear of taking a knot

    Just to add, I haven't had the real thing but I've put some miles on an inflatable EllypseArt toy, and got--adventuresome with it, as in, ten pumps. I concur with Arcticwolf: the further in you can get it, the more comfortable it is. Use lots of good lube. No toy? Just hit the produce aisle at the grocery store and apply your imagination, LOL! And, as to feeling guilty, thinking of your previous lover ... I think he'd want you to take the chance to be happy. Wouldn't you wish that for him?
  10. Woof thread

    woof dammit I wish someone would mount me
  11. Fear of taking a knot

    I can think of two ways to prevent a tie, and as much as I've wanted it, I've never even had the chance. * Present yourself to him face-to-face by reclining on the edge of a couch or bed. You control his access by how far you open your legs. * Let him mount you doggy-style, but reach back and block the knot with your fingers. If you're dexterous and have big enough hands, you might be able to get a grip behind his knot too. * Okay--another way--let me stand in for you. Then I wouldn't be jealous of you, LOL! I say go for it, and if you're still nervous, maybe you can stretch yourself a little beforehand if you have a toy (you can improvise). Really, life is short and you may not get another chance.
  12. wolf kisses

    Delightful! Thanks!
  13. Well, this is kind of ironic ... the Human/Animal Porn section is going bye-bye due to lack of use--after we debated and voted to include it.

    Just one of those things.

  14. Word Association

    cheeky monkey