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  1. I am into exploring ghost towns and mines, photorgrapy, and playing games ever now and again and spending time with the critters
  2. Word Association

    Steam punk
  3. Count To One Million

  4. Deja vue?

    Bad title but couldn't think of a way to describe this question but here goes. Have you lost a pet, then gotten another one and have them do some of the same stuff that happened when you lost them? Here is my example When I lost my last Dane, we were asleep on my bed and she started to have what i thought was some strong doggy dreams which was a normal thing, but the sound she made and the way she moved was off and I knew that this was her last day with me. Back to now, With my new Dane when she is sleeping next to me and starts the the hard kicking while she's dreaming it instantly wakes me up no matter how deep or hard I'm sleeping and I automatically reach over to see if she's okay and to wake her to double check on her. After all of that it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to fall back to sleep. Hope this helps to kinda explain the question
  5. Attraction to urine?

    None I can remember really
  6. Deja vue?

    That is true, I guess it just takes awhile to learn to adjust the best you can
  7. Question about Cuddling?

    My dane and pit are super cuddly, my mix its on her terms and is random
  8. I've taken in a new rescue horse...

    Good job man
  9. I'm not sure if i asked this before, so forgive my forgetfulness, but can anyone tell by the change of their animals breath that they are close to going into their heat cycle?. I noticed that on both my dane and pit that roughly 3 to 4 days before the visual ques, their breath starts to change also. I wish i could describe it, but its not a bad smell to say.
  10. Had a few more, but not sure where they are
  11. Word Association

  12. Word Association

    Butt monkey
  13. I am starting to find people more and more less attractive then before. From all the stories of them abusing their animals to daily interactions with them, so how many of you still consider other people a possible interest?
  14. Alphabet game

    just name a animal/critter after the a letter in the alphabet, be it a bug,snake or the like.
  15. Fallout 4 zoo references?!?!?

    Lol yeah, but now here is the question? Would it be a live birth or would it be a egg?
  16. Movies with a hint of zoo

    Airplane the movie. Shows a lady telling a horse thats laying in her bed that uts time to get up, or when there is a line forming on the plane with a donkey in it becuse a lady doesnt want to die unloved
  17. Fallout 4 zoo references?!?!?

    I married the lizard women, but then accidently killed her
  18. dog condoms

  19. Fallout 4 zoo references?!?!?

    Bethesda studio also made skyrim if I remember correctly and in that game you can play as a human, or a lizard human or cat human type of creature and also marry them, well the lizard one you could.
  20. Word Association

  21. Fallout 4 zoo references?!?!?

    There are a few games coming out that i like to get, but still having fun with bf1 at the moment. But one day i might have to take a loook
  22. Count To One Million