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  1. I am into exploring ghost towns and mines, photorgrapy, and playing games ever now and again and spending time with the critters
  2. Alphabet game

    just name a animal/critter after the a letter in the alphabet, be it a bug,snake or the like.
  3. I was thinking at work and this popped in my head, do you think that when you meet a dog/ horse or whatever type of animal that they can tell that you are into them sexually? For example a dane group i belong to got ahold of me to see if i could watch a dog that was found running around town till we could find his owners. I got him home and settled in and then started to brush him off while sitting on the couch, he then proceded to climb up and put most of his body on the me till his hind end was just by my hands. That made want see what he would do so I started to rub his belly and some of his sheath, didnt growl or move away so i started to play with it more and more, till he finally tried to mount. He was intact, my girl was not in heat or was close to be going into heat, and at the start of it i was not aroused and I dont think any pheromones had anything to do with it. So whats your take on it? Was it just a lucky day that day or donyou think there is more too it.
  4. I am starting to find people more and more less attractive then before. From all the stories of them abusing their animals to daily interactions with them, so how many of you still consider other people a possible interest?
  5. Deja vue?

    Bad title but couldn't think of a way to describe this question but here goes. Have you lost a pet, then gotten another one and have them do some of the same stuff that happened when you lost them? Here is my example When I lost my last Dane, we were asleep on my bed and she started to have what i thought was some strong doggy dreams which was a normal thing, but the sound she made and the way she moved was off and I knew that this was her last day with me. Back to now, With my new Dane when she is sleeping next to me and starts the the hard kicking while she's dreaming it instantly wakes me up no matter how deep or hard I'm sleeping and I automatically reach over to see if she's okay and to wake her to double check on her. After all of that it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to fall back to sleep. Hope this helps to kinda explain the question
  6. for the most part yes, and its perfect lol. northern Nevada
  7. losing a loved member of the family is not easy, and I feel for you, she was a good looking girl
  8. I'd like to apologize

    Good to hear that it is receding
  9. Guns

    What I really want to find is a reproduction mg 42. Once I get a new computer I am hoping I can. Unless some of you just have a spare one laying around.
  10. Guns

    I wanted one of them
  11. Guns

    Oh no its a reproduction one, love to get a original but they are rather pricey, that and there is a ton of paper work to get the proper licence to own fully auto
  12. Guns

    This is my newest addition to my collection
  13. Guns

    Can't say I have, but if I get a chance Ill let you know
  14. Guns

    That's the reason I sold my 500 mag, not fun to shoot at all, unlike my desert eagle which was a blast no pun intended
  15. Guns

    I put several mags thru it and it ran smooth. It feels a little front heavy but that seemed to help with the recoil. Just the standard one.
  16. Guns

    Nice, I just traded my 92fs for a rock island 1911.
  17. What is your orientation with animals?

    I like both, but depending on what type of mood I'm in, Id take a certain sex over the other. If that makes any sense
  18. Word Association

    Steam punk
  19. Count To One Million

  20. Attraction to urine?

    None I can remember really