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  1. What is your orientation with animals?

    I'm bisexual with a pretty heavy male preference. I think females are pretty but it's been a long time since performing a sex act on one has been appealing. With humans I'm much more evenly split, but lean towards ladies.
  2. Monogamy or Polygamy or...?

    I have one primary human relationship and one primary animal relationship. I'm open to other connections and sexual experiences and I don't feel guilt for taking advantage of opportunities presented to me. Having said that, I don't actively search for stuff like this, and when it happens I don't see it as a stepping stone to deeper connections. I am happy with my boy and my Girl. I'm not really monogamous but I just don't invest the same time or energy into any other relationships.
  3. Zoos who are missing from the community

    ​Manawolf is still kicking - googling her RL name and 'furry' brings up her FB page, last updated in May of this year (publically, at least).
  4. Fetish or orientation??

    I've been aware of my zoo attraction for years and didn't know it was weird until I was much older. I would get very excited watching nature shows, hoping to see mating. In fact one of my first internet searches years ago was 'animals mating'... I also once had the username 'mating_acaras' on Neopets, lol ('acaras' are a kind of furry alien pet on there). So yes I would say for me it's an orientation, not a fetish, although it can play into fetishes for me.
  5. Brian griffin (Family guy)

    'Something to change your view'... Implying I wasn't already thinking this all the time, ahha! I don't watch FG much but one episode I have watched several times is the one where Brian starts having 'stirrings' and eventually mates with a greyhound in heat. Kinda hot imho.
  6. Word Association

  7. What animal would you be?

    DOG... duh! X3
  8. Fines for dumping off a pet at the shelter

    Definitely agree that if people have to pay fines for abandoning their pets it's likely just going to lead to more people abandoning them outside the shelter - or worse, on the streets. There are lots of reasons to have to give up an animal, with varying levels of selfishness - imagine somebody has lost their job and is completely unable to provide adequate food, etc. for an animal, or is injured and can't give them any quality of life/exercise... in that case a fine is just a barrier to giving the animal a better life than they can provide. If someone has morals, they probably would walk right in, and pay the fine. But people who genuinely don't give a ship about an animal will take the convenience and lesser expense of abandoning them outside. At least if there's no fee somebody who doesn't care about the animal's welfare might bother to drop the animal at a shelter rather than, say, just leaving their gate open and hoping their dog wanders off. I also don't think the fine would in any way be a deterrent to giving up an animal. Nobody is going to think 'I can't take care of/don't want this animal... but since it's $100 to give them up, I'll keep them'... and if they did, are those really the kinds of people who should own animals? People who keep them solely because they don't want to pay a fine? I think a better choice would be more rigorous requirements for who can own or adopt animals - but since there are already loads of animals waiting for homes in shelters, that might be hard or impractical to implement.
  9. Rodents ?

    ​This cutie is so beautiful, wow
  10. Stacey and Smokey

    Stacey nearly dropped her keys as she unlocked the door. She grumbled - it had been a long, long day. A senior manager for a large internet security company, Stacey was often on her feet all day, constantly planning, supervising, having to be in constant control of everything, from her appearance to how fast the people under her got their jobs done. It was exhausting, and there were days she hated the high pressure job. More often, she enjoyed the challenge... but she still relished the opportunity to relax and leave that world behind for an evening. She wasn't surprised when Smokey greeted her. He always held the same posture, ears laid back as his tail wagged frantically, body low - as if he thought she might never have come back, as if he was incredibly grateful just for her returning each day. Despite her mood, Stacey couldn't help but crack a smile, and Smokey took that as his queue to jump up, lapping at her face with joy. "Ooof! Ya missed me, huh, buddy?" Stacey said affectionately, rubbing behind one of her partner's ears. Smokey merely wagged a little harder in response, giving her one final kiss before he jumped back down, rolling onto his back and giving her a hopeful look. Stacey smirked and reached down, rubbing the soft white fur on his tummy, grinning wider at how the imposing-looking dog panted and kicked one foot as she did so, reducing him to a puppylike state for a few moments. Stacey's eyes drifted lower... of course, if it was a different time of day, she might have rubbed somewhere else... But Smokey didn't push or try to buck his hips into her hand, and he'd been at home since she left that morning... "Does someone wanna go... for a walk?" she asked, slowly, watching him sit up slightly, ears perked, waiting for the final word he knew (or hoped) was coming. Smokey was up in an instant, running to the back door. Yes, he did want to go for a walk, one hundred percent, yes, please, now! "Calm down!" Stacey laughed, as she grabbed his leash. Smokey whined insistently, and she gave him a look, quieting him - but she could see the eagerness in his body as he stood, waiting for her. After a long day, part of Stacey just wanted to curl up in bed or have a hot bath, and not deal with anything else. But Smokey needed her, just like she needed him, so they walked. An hour of running off-leash, wrestling, tug-of-war, and finally they both came home. Stacey was worn out and sweating despite the coolness of the evening, and Smokey panted happily, heading straight for his water bowl as Stacey locked the door. Stacey double-checked the blinds and curtains. Of course, since she was so hot... Stacey went naked around her lover whenever she could help it. It made her feel closer to him, feeling his fur against her bare skin while they cuddled, knowing there was no barrier between them. She slipped out of her work clothes while Smokey lapped at his bowl, seemingly oblivious - but every seconds he'd stop to watch, before turning back to the water. Dinner was beef - Stacey had hers in a stir fry, but she served Smokey his mostly plain, with a little gravy over it. They ate together, Smokey finishing first with hasty swallows and slurps as he cleaned the bowl, coming to rest on the couch beside Stacey as she finished her meal. With dinner done, and the dishes not yet taken care of, the naked woman snuggled up to her canine partner. His fur was so thick, but so soft underneath, like a warm blanket. Only this blanket was alive, muscles hidden beneath a thick coat but still there, powerful but resting. Stacey buried her nose in the back of Shadow's neck, and he pressed against her reassuringly as she inhaled his scent. It was a scent that both calmed her... and aroused her. For a few moments, she just allowed herself to enjoy the closeness and quiet. Smokey licked at her arm, unhurriedly, seemingly expressing the same affection she felt. Some evenings they stayed like that all night, until bedtime. Smokey's weight was now pressing into Stacey insistently, and he was more-or-less pinning her down - but rather than worrying her, it was a comforting feeling, knowing she was protected, knowing that whatever the outside world might think, she was owned by him as much as he was owned by her. "Smokey... Wanna play?" she asked, and the dog's tail wagged slightly in response. He knew full well what she was asking, and relished it as much as she did. "Wuff!" "Get off me, then, c'mon," Stacey nudged at Smokey's side and he instantly jumped down, watching her expectantly. Stacey had done this a thousand times now... but each time, her stomach was filled with butterflies, her anticipation piquant as she got to her knees, breasts brushing her arms as she began to rotate her rump towards him. Her heart thumped. It was always so exciting, letting him mount her. Smokey didn't wait to calculate the best move, or cunningly plan what to do next, thinking about events weeks in the future. All he cared about was here, and now, and here and now there was a bitch in front of him, presenting, her vulva alive with the smell of aroused female. A wet nose probed between Stacey's legs, and she gasped, as if happily surprised. A flat, wet tongue soon followed, Smokey lapping purposefully between her folds, tasting her. She moaned, her hips wriggling slowly as her lover pleasured her, teasing her. It almost seemed deliberate - sometimes he'd swipe his tongue just across her hole, sometimes he'd lap deeper, tasting more of her juices inside - and other times, he'd run his tongue along the whole length of her slit, nudging her already stiffened and excited clit. The truth was far simpler. Smokey wanted to taste her. Instinct and lust compelled him to do so, so he did. Stacey let out a wanton moan - her slit was wet, so achingly wet, and not just with her own juices. Each swipe of her lover's tongue reminded her she was about to be mated by him, a thrill of excitement passing through her at the thought, and she pushed back against him desperately, seeking more stimulation. She was disappointed when Smokey stopped, her body sagging slightly, worked up from his loving attentions. She wouldn't be disappointed long, however... No sooner had she thought that, than she felt Smokey's weight upon her back. She winced. Claws! She should have trimmed them, that would leave a mark... But in a way that was something she loved too, how Smokey just took her, how he left her with little marks of love that only she knew about. It felt romantic, in a way. But then there was no more time to think. Smokey didn't carefully line himself up or push gently until he found his mark - no, in typical canine fashion he humped with near-desperation, his cock poking her vulva with each frantic thrust, before he finally felt her entrance around his tip and slammed himself home. "Ah!" Stacey cried out, those hips pumping furiously already. Smokey's penis felt slim at first, but quickly grew thicker, swelling inside her, her walls massaging his hot, drooling cock. Her mind was awash with pleasure, no room to think or care about anything else except that wonderful animal on her back, fucking her roughly, his knot popping in and out several times as it grew. Smokey panted above her, breeding her with eagerness she'd never seen in a human lover, his cock plunging all the way into her again and again, forcing gasps and moans out of her. His passion was obvious, and Stacey drooled like a dog herself as she was taken hard, claws on her sides reminding her she was His. After just a little while, the knot began to get almost uncomfortably large, almost too much for Stacey to handle, but Smokey heedlessly carried on thrusting, like he always did - and she loved him for it, feeling herself stretch around him, until finally, after one particularly rough thrust, he found he couldn't yank backwards again, his knot locked inside her. Stacey moaned shamelessly, feeling the knot pressing against her g-spot as Smokey continued fucking her. There was nowhere to go inside her but he pushed and bucked excitedly as his knot swelled further, growing, tying them together as his thin semen squirted deep inside. Smokey's thrusts began to slow, until eventually they stopped completely. Stacey quivered with pleasure, feeling her cunt stretched pleasantly around the canine cock. The frantic pounding was over, but she could still feel him filling her womb, squirt after squirt after seemingly-endless squirt... His 'job' done, Smokey licked the back of her neck sedately, as if checking to see she was okay. Their bodies, so alien and different to one another, seemed to fit together perfectly at moments like this. "Mmmmmm," Stacey murmured, her body still crying out for the orgasm it hadn't yet received. She relished the feeling of her boy on her back, his thick, swollen penis buried deep within her, not able to come out for a while yet, her walls' tender embrace mimicking Smokey's own, more powerful one. Smokey seemed to take her response as a 'yes', and with gentleness, he shuffled back, off of her, turning around so they were rump to rump. Stacey shuddered happily as his knot moved inside her, pulling slightly. Her hand quickly darted between her legs, seeking her clit for that final pay-off. With animalistic grunting she rubbed herself eagerly, her pussy clenching and squeezing in a way that seemed to make Smokey spurt even harder inside her. Her hips rocked slightly, pushing her back against that immovable knot, masturbating herself on it, the pleasure too immense, until suddenly... "Ooohhh YES!" she cried out, waves of intense pleasure washing over her as she came, her little nub throbbing, her pussy squeezing rhythmically as she rode out her orgasm. It felt so good, so good and so right, and from Smokey's gently wagging tail she could tell he felt the same. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she allowed her front half to collapse, keeping her rear high to avoid pulling on Smokey's embedded member. Stacey breathed heavily, revelling in the afterglow of orgasm as her lover stayed locked inside her, filling her up with his virile cum... These were the moments she lived for, and she closed her eyes, treasuring each one as it passed...
  11. What type of hobbies do you have?

    ​Cakes n steaks made me fat... but video games have kept me that way, haha. I don't mind. I'm kinda plush this way!
  12. What animal(s) do you prefer as a Mate?

    Dogs... Other animals are attractive to me too, but they're either too unrealistic for my position, or too scary to me (horses!)... I like watching all kinds of animals mating, but my fantasies are all centred around woofy-waggy friends. Plus I just feel closer to them 'romantically'. I'm also not adverse to sex with humans.
  13. Snuggling up on the sofa playing the xbox... Bliss ^_^

  14. What type of hobbies do you have?

    I play video games - currently playing my way through Skyrim which I never actually finished, but I've been so into it this time. I've also taken up sewing, although I haven't made much amazing stuff yet... I'm learning, though! I'm ashamed to admit I spend most of my non-dog time on the internet like the loser I am!
  15. Intro Thread. Tell us a bit about you

    ​'Get Toffee out of your mouth!'... Of course if you use your hands they're probably gonna end up sticky too Thank you for the chuckle, Hiway.