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  1. WetSpot Leopard checking in

    Hey, I remember you. Welcome to the forum...
  2. Silver, would it be easier to make the aforementioned sub-forum available to post threads under or do you want to make another place under it for “photography”?
  3. Word Association

    Lol! Camcorder
  4. Count To One Million

  5. Human/ Animal Porn section

    I agree with Cyno. Change is good. I’m all for pictures and videos. I would just recommend keeping the ones with humans over at Cab’s. Seriously, though, my vote shouldn’t have more weight. I would host anything you want (along these lines). I really don’t care what you put up and am just voting as I personally see things. I’d also recommend AGAINST creating an elitist group. That’s dangerous to maintain and you can’t really know who to trust as you say. When you hand out that label, you give people a sense of false security. THEN, should somebody share something, you are now responsible for figuring out who it is. There’s also the drama issues which I won’t go into, but as a former admin of the late ZF, I’ll just say it wasn’t all that hammy envisioned. But please don’t weight my vote, lol. I’m just here to host, not moderate. Anyway, my two cents. —Jed
  6. Human/ Animal Porn section

    If it's a requirement that such content be original, that's much more dangerous. Obviously, there are people out there that do post their own content, but I'd rather not help anti-zoos make connection to who is who by association. Then again, I realize that if you lift that requirement, you run the risk of people posting content that was originally meant to be private. It's a double edged sword: you might get cut no matter which direction you swing. I vote "No". Threelegs is right. This is a writer's group. If you want that kind of content, go to Cabron's forum.
  7. Count To One Million

  8. Zoos who are missing from the community

    Maybe in hindsight. Oh well. Also, I don’t recommend messaging people specifics on other zoos. Identifying features should be given by the members themselves. If they aren’t here to give them, they should probably not be given. Silverwolf, would you agree or am I being overly cautious?
  9. Banner Contest

    It might be useful to shop around for skins, too. Find one with some good colors that you like and have people submit accordingly.
  10. technical difficulty

  11. Posting difficulties

    Sorry all... Are the issues fixed now?
  12. Chat issues

    Chat down. I’ll get it back up ASAP
  13. Hooray, It's back up!

    Sorry guys... No more moving around anymore. We are good now.
  14. Count To One Million