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  1. Does anyone remember "asshairs"?

    No, but paths are linear, and following your path to it's logical conclusion would be highly destructive. Uh, how about no and never? Anyways, cults are usually exclusive. I'm inclusive. Quit pretending you know why Trump is our president. You're in Germany, for pete sake. You have very little experience with the issue. Hate to break it to you dude, but this is exactly how you come across. That's gold, considering who we are talking about in this thread, and how he said almost the exact same thing to me before he went apeshit and caused 90% of our present issues trying to "improve our online image" via selective culling. You know, I still have Randy's email and am probably one of the few who still maintains a (very cautious and mostly not used) open line with him, and for whatever it's worth (not much I imagine) he deeply regrets what he did. Maybe you should take a lesson from that before you get to the end of your path, too.
  2. Does anyone remember "asshairs"?

    Having known and conversed with R.P. I do have to say 30-30 you have quite a lot in common with him, right down to the fact you were a zoo all along, despite the destructive path you chose against your own kind, all while believing you are doing the world some kind of favor or saving it from the destruction of the "failed past."
  3. 3 new laws in the USA: in Texas, Vermont and Nevada

    If animal abuse laws covered all bestiality blanket-style, we wouldn't need the bestiality laws in the first place. Fact is, they only cover abusive acts, which is already ideal. Fuck it, it's like explaining to a brick wall. All I will say in closing is that "innocent until proven guilty" is a mindset the majority claim to hold in America, and it is not a "juvenile mindset" or "part of the problem." Don't try to pass off such a ridicules idea as credible. Just seeing this attitude as prevalent here is quite sickening. I have no interest in debating this further. Honestly, given the context of this argument and the ugliness it has brought out, I think that extends to this entire forum.
  4. 3 new laws in the USA: in Texas, Vermont and Nevada

    No comments about it being a sex registry offense when it MAY not be abusive, I assume? Hell, innocent until proven guilty must not be a thing anymore. If it was, you'd understand why they are unjust. The fact that I'm explaining this is frankly, depressing. Also animal abuse is already covered by wait for it... animal abuse laws!
  5. Reddit /r/zoophilia has been banned

    I'm sorry 30-30, I will only read your walls of text when they become more substance and less text. Every time I have tried, I have been met with pain and a strong push back of you not extending that same courtesy to my writings. Franky, I don't have enough life in me to try again, sorry. I will simply not reply to you again if you prefer.
  6. Reddit /r/zoophilia has been banned

    The way /r/announcements describes the decision, this "violent sub" crackdown has been in the works for a while and they wanted to wait to make sure they had a valid "defensible plan of action" before going forward with it. So I'd say Aluzky had even less to do with it than my initial assessment frankly. I do not agree that our hatred is self-inflicted as much as a product of the times we live in, sorry. We've debated that enough for you to know where I stand there and that it is well founded. I'd run away before you realize this place has porn. I voted against it, shall it be known.
  7. Reddit /r/zoophilia has been banned

    Aluzky was probably the straw that broke the camels back in some ways, but I do not believe he was the sole factor or even changed the end result. I was surprised from day 1 reddit allowed /r/zoophilia to be frank. The fact that it has been shut down this was corresponds to society's views of us more than having it up ever did.
  8. Reddit /r/zoophilia has been banned

    I'm unsure what you are trying to say. It's more like /r/zoophilia just had enough reports for them to figure it was bad by sheer virtue of being massively unpopular. This is bad logic, but that doesn't mean it wasn't used.
  9. We're here!

  10. Zoos who are missing from the community

    It was posted that Rutdog died on ZF right before the shutdown, IIRC.
  11. Reddit /r/zoophilia has been banned

    This does kind of irk me... Proliferation of violent content my ass. We're more like "tree hugging" hippies that fell off the deep end.
  12. Reddit /r/zoophilia has been banned

    Yeah. It does. I think it's representative of world attitudes right now. People are very very angry and they look for scapegoats. We are easy targets. I won't lie, it's beginning to become frightening for me, truth be told.
  13. I pointed users here, those I could remember. Whether or not they show up remains anyones guess. Just more news from an increasingly hostile world.
  14. Zoobb

    This was the only forum I ever joined who banned me for joining, and then when I rejoined to try to ask why they banned me, they told me it was for "creating a second account." It seemed a rather novel reason... I really am still curious what the first ban was for. I can only assume some rumor about me. I'm sure it was great other than that.
  15. Fallout 4 zoo references?!?!?

    Heh, all the video game zoo references I got are pretty old. Copy and pasting a reddit post here: "Hell of a gun fighter, one of the best. Died trying to get Belle in a dress." Early game tombstone you find in Arcanum (a fantasy steampunk video game). Later in the game while visiting a brothel, you find out Belle is a sheep. You can also pay to have sex with her. I may have. There is also the "pet sheep" (referred too as "inflatable_sheep" in the game db) a general can get on long campaigns in "Rome: total war." It boosts morale slightly more than a human prostitute, but confers an influence penalty. Flavor text: "It's lonely on the frontier..."