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  1. Bad text?

    Heh, you were wondering? You have more hope than me... I'm pretty much certain no one here did.
  2. Computer help needed, Mac os

    Likely could run under a mac version of WINE or similar at worst.
  3. Computer help needed, Mac os

    I could likely help, but I am unfamiliar with PanPipes itself. You know what it runs on? Telnet? Java?
  4. What type of hobbies do you have?

    Your stories and my belief or disbelief of them is irrelevant to any of my issues with you. At any rate, I can only conclude you didn't read what I wrote at all, yet again. I don't care what society thinks, and neither should any of us. That is in my view, our "healthy middleground." This is a question I think would be better placed on you, I think. I have no worries about what society thinks of me, though I do worry for other young youths who may experience what I did. PS: I know factually there were antizoos in the 80s and can only ask where you were. EDIT: Sorry, just now read the request to get back on topic. I will cease here. My latest hobby is also my job. Awesome how that works out. Without saying too much, I am involved in journalism.
  5. What type of hobbies do you have?

    No, the image is simply going to be there irrelevant of our behavior. I'm an opponent of burning down the barn to save the horses, metaphorically speaking. Since society will not accept us no matter what (short of something outside our control), why make concessions to them? Especially when they have proven time and again they know next to nothing about us and have zero desire to learn? Our concessions will only worsen our condition and yield us nothing. Honestly 30-30, I don't care what you have, but frankly, I don't believe your "outsiders accept me" or a lot of your stuff for even a second. Sorry. If it is true, Germany must be much different than where I grew up and I'm happy for you, but it doesn't change the basic point or grant you any ground here. I thought the same... but 30-30 tends to think of anything that does not fit his narrative as "naive" so I'm not surprised. To address your final point 30-30, about how sure I am... frankly I'm not. I've admitted that to you in PMs. The only thing life has taught me over the years is that I can't be sure about anything. But even if you're right and your methods would grant us acceptance, I'd still be opposed to them? Why? Because again, I will not sell out good people to get acceptance like you propose. Even if that acceptance were guaranteed, I'd rather live oppressed with all my fellow zoos, than oppress some others meaninglessly to get some semblance of fake "freedom." Any freedom that comes from oppression is an oxymoron. Just think about that for a bit. There's a reason humanity says they'd rather "die on their feet than live on their knees." The best memories a man can ask for, and eventually, peace. I am very lucky.
  6. What type of hobbies do you have?

    Frankly, no. And honestly, I think your nuts for thinking anything you can do can change our image because it's just too engrained. I just like challenging stupid societal stereotypes. Like finding out that "brainless barnyard fucks" can actually be factaully smart people. Call it a hobby. Oh, and this is funnily enough a mutual feeling:
  7. Did any zoo watch this last year?

    I vaguely remember you. Welcome.
  8. Calling Bullshit

    I'm allergic to bullshit. I don't think I could just sit and watch it fester like that without breaking out in hives.
  9. Calling Bullshit

    Yeah, got anything besides personal anecdotes? Frankly, they hold no weight in debate for good reason. Ditto. HiWay, do what you got to do. I call bullshit, it's what I do.
  10. Calling Bullshit

    We agreed to disagree a long time ago. The record just gets tiring. 30-30, I don't have the helm to any "ship" and I haven't steered anything in quite a long time. I don't even drive. I'm just trying to manage what's left of my own life and I occasionally call bullshit where I see it. At any rate, If you are worried about the proverbial ship you're on hitting icebergs, the solution is probably not to jump off. Jumping off the Titanic before it sank didn't do people much good either.
  11. Calling Bullshit

    I've challenged you repeatedly 30-30 to show me how your approach will be magically different. You have never, ever, answered.
  12. Calling Bullshit

    There really isn't, as every time I comply with your requests, you fail to acknowledge my answers. You know my argument, I know yours. Only one of us seems to feel the need to repeat it over and over and over...
  13. Calling Bullshit

    God damn that broken record...
  14. Peoples thoughts on body traits?

    From you, apparently. I'll be sure and put it on the empty wall to the right of me. Sadly, I think it's not recognized in my home state, but I'll treat it with care all the same.
  15. What type of hobbies do you have?

    I think that's an excellent point. It even translates into my work. People might be quite surprised what a "brainless barnyard fucker" can do with his life... heh.