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  1. Saint Francis Files #2-5

    Side Story The interior of Cosmo-Fall Bar was completely decked from top to bottom in all manner of Holiday Cheer, mistletoe hung from little bands across the black panted ceiling, little lights twinkled between the larger black lights. Soft Christmas music flowed through the speakers as human's and uplifted animals mingled, large tables both low for quadrupeds and high for humans dotted the large room. The open area was already filled with a friendly vibe of community as more patrons filed in, the snow was already starting to fall outside to bring the final addition to the holiday charm of the bar. Jerome stepped into the bar with his heart pounding, it's had been three weeks since he was told about the anime group that met at this bar but this was the first time that his schedule allowed him to meet the other members. Jerome made his way to the counter as he sat on a stool, the moment he sat down a tall woman stepped to meet him. "Welcome! What can I get you to drink?" She said with a warm smile on her ruby red lips. "I'm good for a drink I'm just looking to meet with some friends, Do you know where the club is meeting?" Jerome asked trying to avoid admired that he came to a bar to discuss anime with other fanboy. "Club? We got several that meet on today, I doubt you are with the road side safety club unless you plan on sitting in the rafters?" She pointed up to the rafter where several squirrels in Christmas outfits served drinks to other squirrels. Jerome leaned in trying to keep his voice low so that other patrons wouldn't hear him, "The anime club." The woman grinned at him, "Yes just follow the wall at the far end and go into the door marked VIP two. A few of your group has already made it here before you, everything is reserved and you are paid up to five hundred dollars worth of drinks." "Thanks." Jerome replied. He made his way to the door before opening it, he found himself looking at a raccoon, a goat and a very chubby husky. The three looked at him at him before the husky started to wag her tail wildly, she walked around the ruby colored leather seats before sniffing Jerome. He forgot himself as he reached down to pet her, his hands stroked her ear feeling were she was missing a chunk of her ear. She hopped on her hind-legs before giving Jerome a lick on the face. "You're Jerome right?" The Husky said while prancing in the leather seats. "Yeah. Is Ellen going to be here?" Jerome asked feeling a nervous being the center of attention. "Probably but it's snowing pretty badly out there. I wouldn't count on her arriving early but she pays the tab in advance so no need to worry much." The Goat spoke while looking at the television mounted on the wall, "So you are the mysterious human that wants to join us in our anime club, I'm guessing Ellen invited you because are a nerd like the rest of us." Jerome smiled, "I'm a bit nerdy but I don't think I qualify as a nerd." The husky huffed, "My favorite character is Shou Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist." "Please tell me that you are joking, that guy is a monster. I would say he is the worst character in an-" "Yep, he is nerd." The raccoon said nursing a glass of water. "I could feel that anger starting to rise." The husky commented. "Yep he is definitely one of us." The goat bleated in agreement. Jerome sat next to the raccoon with a grin, "So I'm Jerome, I don't know much about you but I was sorted invited here by Ellen a few weeks ago." The raccoon flipped through the pages of a hard cover manga on the table, she seemed to be reading some sort of boys love manga with while rubbing her ears, "I'm Pauline, it's a pleasure to meet you. The Husky is Pooka and our resident goat is named Sable, we are the regulars but you'll usually see many others. All together we have fifty uplifts and around ten humans, though the human's usually come as a plus one for the uplifts." "You could at least look at him when you talk to him, I mean I doubt you haven't read every BL manga that has been created. Don't be a dick." The goat reprimanded Pauline. "I'm not being a dick. Being a dick would be chewing on someone manga like it was grass, way to fit the goat stereotype Sable." The Raccoon laughed. Jerome smiled at the playful banter between the two uplifted before he felt the weight of the Husky putting her head into his lap. "So you joined an uplift group and you were recommended to us by Ellen herself. What's the story for that?" "Oh uh. We met at a party and she told me that I would meet a bunch of anime fans here." Jermone said carefully avoiding bring up the subject of her profession. The door opened as a snow covered wolf stepped into the room, "Jerome is being very modest, we met as I was working. Jerome was a special customer of mine. I finally made it but I'm guessing none of you bothered to check your cellphone. It's a freaking nightmare out there, It snowing heavily. You should go home before we all get snowed in a bar and the humans get hungry." Jermone noticed Ellen flicked a gaze at him, "Sorry to cancel the meeting on your first day but it's too dangerous to let everyone stay here. I can take Pauline and Sable home but I'm more worried about Pooka." Pooka huffed again before looking away from the much larger wolf, "I'm sure I can find a box or a soup kitchen." "Don't play game, Pooka, where are you staying tonight. I can take you in but my family is all at the home and.... you know how my daughter is." Ellen replied. "Tra la la la. It's a city someone will take me in." Pooka snorted. "Is Pooka homeless?" Jerome asked. "I prefer to be referred as an adventurer, I can sleep anywhere and I take odd jobs to keep fed." "You mean that you rifle through trash and sleep in the bin behind Panera Bread." Pauline said closing her book and putting it into a small bag. "I would tell you that you can stay at my place but I'm in a small animal apartment, barely big enough to fit my whole body." Sable yawned, "I can't take you because I live in an Herbivore only house hold, sneaking you in would probably get me kicked out and we would both be screwed." Jerome raised a hand like he was in a school room, the uplifts looked at him curiously. "I have a place, I mean if it's just for the snow. I can take her in for a bit. I don't want to see her freeze out here, even if she is a fan of Shou Tucker." Ellen turned her gaze to Pooka, "Well, you have a place. I suggest you bathe there if he allows it, if you cause any trouble then I will be upset." Pooka turned to face Ellen and stepped till they were nose to nose. Ellen's fur bristle as a low growl came from her muzzle, Jerome nervously cleared his throat, "I think I still have some left over pizza at the house, if not I got pizza rolls for a month or so if we get snowed in." Pooka head whirled around so fast that Jerome was worried that she would snap her own neck. "Pizza rolls? Pizza? Do you have kool-aid and soda too?" "I have a few cases of sprite and coke but I'm not sharing any of my monster. It's for crunch time at my school." Pooka turn to Jerome before bowing, "Of course! Dogs embody loyalty, they follow their master's commands above all else! Be a jerk to them and they don't complain, and they never once beg for a paycheck! Trust me Fuery, they're the great servants of man!" "Are you Roy Mustang now, Pooka?" Jerome asked with a grin. "Long as you don't go around quoting Nina, then I won't kick you out in the snow." "Ed-" Pooka started. "Stooop." Jerome warned with a smile. "Fiiiiine. Ok. Let's go before we get snowed in and Ellen decides to eat me. Bye everyone." Pooka said while her tail wagged madly. ~ Jerome lead the Husky out of the bar into the snow, the wind was vicious. Jerome noticed that Pooka seemed a little uncomfortable walking on the side walk, she stuck to the snow to keep herself from slipping on the ice. Her tan and white fur was almost coated in snow when they made it behind the building to Jerome's old Toyota, he turned on the heat as his car started. Jerome watched as Pooka curled up in the passanger side floor and rested her head on seat looking up at him. "So you think you would have made it in a box out here?" "Probably not but I might have found a group of other outies and just curled up with them." "Outies?" Jerome asked while pulling out of the parking lot on the road. "Never heard of them? Outies are uplifts that don't live in homes, some of them do it because it's just simpler while those like me just find it more fun to be able to sleep and play anywhere in the human cities without any real responsibilities. I mean just because I can talk doesn't mean I want to work much, My mother used to life in a house and she worked all the time. I remember a bit of sucking her teats as she worked in a call center." "Wow she could type? How did she pull that off with paws?" Jerome asked. "They have special key boards, she could type but there were a few buttons she could press to get things done. I did the same kind of job for while but I just didn't like it. So I put all my money into a savings and just became an outie." Pooka closed her eyes feeling the heat on her back. "You don't like human society?" "I love it. I just don't like working, I tried pretending being a grounded dog but I got found out. It weirded my owners out that I started talking. The second time was pretty funny, I got upset at an anime and started cursing at the television. Seriously I hated Shinji so much, I would love to be in a Giant Robot but noo I had to watch a big crybaby try to work out his daddy issues over saving the world." Pooka grumbled. "We are here." Jerome said pulling into the parking garage, "You want me to carry you inside, there is probably a lot of ice." "Sure." Jerome stepped out his car, into the small parking lot for his apartment, he moved around before grabbing the canine. When he lifted the canine he could smell the scent of lemons on the canine as he brought her into the his apartment building before letting her down. She followed him but her noise continued to dart around picking up various scents of the nearby residents before Jerome opened his door to the small one bedroom apartment. "Welcome to Casa Jerome." Jerome said before letting the wolf sniff around his room. "I smell another canine's scent. Male.... possibly older." "My parents came to visit a while back and brought my dog.over to have a pre-holiday meal. You probably smell him, I live alone so you don't have to worry about anything. I don't have a dog bowl but I have a few bowls that you can use." Jerome said peeling off his jacket and hanging it on a coat rack. "I'm not hungry right now but I'll be game for sharing whatever you decide. Thanks for taking me in." Pooka immediately began sniffing around the rooming going around corners and checking the living room. Jerome watched her as he sat down on the couch, he turned on the little flat screen television as he got himself comfortable on the cheap faux leather couch, he flicked through his netflix until he centered on Fate/Stay night. Jerome noticed that Pooka started to stare at him from the couch, she wagged her tail as her ears swiveled around the room, she grinned a bit. "What's wrong?" "Just ease dropping on your neighbors, I can hear the one to the left yelling at a game from the sounds of it. The one to the right seems to be singing Christmas Carols..... badly but I'm more curious about you, You were one of Ellen's customers." Pooka panted looking around the room. "I noticed that for a stray that you smell pretty clean. Are you running a con or something, I don't really want to get blackmailed." Jerome said as he started to sweat, his friends might be okay with his wild night but if his parents found out he would be fucked. "Not a con and I smell clean because I do take baths, there are public Gyms and what not that I can just stroll in and use their dog showers." Pooka answered. "Okay, so why bring her up?" Jerome, his gazed focused on the television. "Well... I kinda figured out you were one of her clients when we talked, she didn't give me your name but she told me to look out for a black guy. I'm kinda hoping that you might be able to help me out." Pooka said with a wide canine grin. "You need a place to stay for the winter, If that the case then I can put you up then this place doesn't have a pet fee because of all the uplifts living here." Jerome shrugged, "I don't mind and I won't be a big increase to keep you fed, we can watch a load of anime together." Pooka stepped closer before setting her head in Jerome's lap, her ears swiveled toward him as she sighed, "Would you like a pet?" "I thought you were an outie, adventure and all the joys of living in city without limits? What happened?" "Anime happened, I realize that I really really miss having place to curl up and watch something with someone who enjoys it as well." Pooka said looking up with the best puppy dog eyes she could manage. "So since you know that I did something with Ellen you are then you are now seeing if you can just sneak in like a side bitch." Jerome chuckled rubbing her head. "I am a bitch. Female dog, I know I might be a little big like a male but I'm one hundred percent female." Pooka chuckled. "Har har. You are a talking dog, it's not like I can just put a leash on you and walk around town without people trying to kick my ass for being some kinda of bigot to uplifts." Jerome sighed, "Seriously, I get that you want to be a pet but that isn't a good look for me or you." "I don't need you to do all the pet stuff, I can walk myself and I know how to use a toilet." Pooka said. "I mean wouldn't you want to live with another uplift?" Jerome asked, "They want me to work, I wanna be a dog. Like a normal dog, I've been uplifted since I was a puppy but damn is it sucky to play human. I don't wanna job, I don't wanna figure out taxes, I want sniff things, mark territory and back at cars." Pooka whined, "I mean I love television, human food and anime but it's too ridged for everything else." "And I'm just a meal ticket." Jerome snorted, "You're cute but not free-ride-through-life cute." "I'm well aware, I'm overweight and old but I'm not completely useless." "Is this the part where you tell me that you are a magical dog that shit's money?" "I can shit money. I once at a few dimes as a puppy and well, I had fifty cents after a squat in the bushes." Pooka said rolling her head in his lap while panting in good humor. "Totally not what I meant but funny enough that I'll accept it. I'll keep you for the winter but I don't know about having a dog or a roommate that doesn't pay rent." Jerome admitted. Pooka lowered her ears, "I guess I'll resort to option B." Pooka removed her head from his lap before strolling around the couch, she stepped around his living room her noise keeping low to the ground until she entered his bathroom. She opened the cabinet beneath his sink before picking up a box in her muzzle. She pranced in front him into the room before dropping the box in front of him, She placed a paw on the bright blue box while puffing her fluffy chest out as she sat down, She waited until Jerome looked at the box. "Merry Christmas." "Uh... Merry Christmas but that is tomorrow." "I'm your present." "Can I get a refund, My present is defective." Jerome snorted. "I'm being serious, will you hear me out and not make fun of me." Pooka said, she waited for Jerome to roll his wrist for her to continue. "I'm six years old, I'm pretty much at the middle of the road for my breed. I got six to eight years left, I don't really want to be old and slow out on my own. I've been looking for an owner but just like you, no human wants to be walking around with a uplift like a pet. I don't really have any useful skills to make much money so I heard from Ellen that there was a human that had his first canine experience, she can make money just shaking her tail at males but I'm not as cool as her. If I was human I would be screwed but I want to pitch this offer for you. Instead of paying for an overly expensive wolf's compan, I offer you all the joys of a friend with the added benefit of a pet." Pooka tilted her head. "And you are stepping on my condom box.....why?" Jerome said. "I don't work so I don't have a way to pay you but what I do have a is a saving, I'm willing to make you my beneficiary in my will so when I finally croak you'll get a payout," Pooka said with her ears drawn back, "since I'm going trying to be your dog and not your girl friends. I make no demand but let me watch anime and feed me. In exchange my body is your in ways that Ellen wouldn't be willing to do, I'm just asking for a home and a friend." Jerome waited as Pooka stared at him, the silence stretched uncomfortably between them before Jerome spoke. "Don't you think that is of power to give over to someone you just met?" "I'm desperate. I tried just offering myself as a dog but that isn't working because everyone is either dating dogs, killing dogs or avoiding dogs. I am having a very hard time finding pet owners. So.... well.... here we are." Pooka growled a bit. "I don't mind taking care of you but I think I would feel a little guilty just fucking you just so you don't have to worry about your golden years. I'm not a monster and I'm not some sort of rapist." Jerome said. "I don't think you are, I'm hoping to be someone you'll enjoy in time but if you refuse then I understand. I'll let it go." Pooka said turning to the television. "You know this isn't the Unlimited Blade Works edition right?" The husky snorted, "The trash edition." "Aw come on. It's not that bad." Jerome said pointing to the screen, " The animation is kinda poor but it's like a classic." "I'm guessing you don't like Hellsing Ultimate either, you want the creepy gimp edition." "Naw, Hellsing Ultimate is badass. It's good even in dub or sub." "It's nice to know you have some tastes." Pooka panted, "So It's still snowing outside... if it stops tomorrow would you want to go on a walk, I know this area pretty well and there is a really nice diner a few blocks down. There is a polar bear waiter who gets really annoyed when I call him Shiro." "Please tell me you don't just shout anime stuff at him because he happens to look like a character in a show." "I'm a dirty dog weeb, what would you expect?" "You dressed like a magical girl companion." Jerome watched as Pooka stood up on the couch till she was only inches away from his face, Jerome leaned back a bit as she opened her mouth into a slight canine grin. Her body langauge was extremely unsettling to him as she smiled in a way only a canine could. "Do you want to make a contract Madoka?" Pooka whispered in the creepiest voice she could manage. Jerome tilted his head, "Pooka?" "Yeah?" "Do you celebrate Christmas?" Jerome glanced at his cellphone and noticed that the clock was ten minutes after midnight marking it as Christmas. "Yep. Second favorite holiday to Thanksgiving." "Then since it's Christmas now I'll take my gift." Pooka's ears perked up, "I can stay?" "Fetch my slippers, greet me at the door, and get my newspaper in the morning." Jerome said puffing out his chest, he was surprised as Pooka started licking his face happily. "I can do those things." Pooka said bounding around the room happily, she barked a few times. "Sort my anime, watch Hellsing, renounce Shou Tucker, Agree that fan service is the best service." Jerome said standing up going the kitchen area grab himself a soda. "Ehhh....." Pooka tilted her head. "I guess I could agree there is some value in fan service." "All jokes aside, I don't like being set up like this but I don't exactly see you trying to steal from me or kill me in my sleep. This is a bad enough neighborhood that having a dog could work in my favor and uh...." Jerome blushed, "I kinda came with the intention of meeting the husky Ellen told me about.... I guess we will have a chance to get to know one another if I'm going to be your guardian." "Owner." "Makes me sound like a slave owner." "I'm not a human, completely different meaning. I hope that I make an adorable gift." Pooka said prancing around Jerome. "Pretty cute, I probably won't refund you." Jerome sipped his soda.
  2. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    Of course! I doubted every single step of the way, I didn't get over my doubt till I spoke with many many people about the subject. I spoke with every type of beastialist, Zoophilie, Anti-Zoo and Zoo that I could find to get many different perspectives to help me form my own opinion. I take a very even handed approach to my own feelings of Zoophilia, I know why I, as an individual, am drawn to the aspects of loving a non-human. The Anti's and some of the Zoo'er than thou folks made me question how I felt about it but I took the time to answer those questions, I am grateful to the people who allowed me to experience the physical aspects of it and the mental aspects. The place where this approach benefits me the most is in my writing, I take my own lived experiences, and the taught experience from all walks to bring stories that resonate with zoo's. I don't have animals of my own but that doesn't stop me from known what I am and why I am like this. Many want an outside answers as to why but who were are begins on the inside and is only tilted in directions through outside force.
  3. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    I guess I'm weird in this aspect, I'm a social butterfly. I'm charming, friendly and have no problem in conversation. I do have a mental disorder but it's minor and very manageable. (Depression) I'm a zoo because I'm sexually and emotionally invested in animals. I could easily get women, I've been married, I've dated plenty but it's not what I want. While people are trying to navel gaze about what it means to be zoo or why they are a zoo, I think the focus should shift to : how to maximize your quality of life as a zoo. Some do this by providing information to those coming behind them, some do this with humor while others do this by copious amount of porn. People will judge me and some will hate me but how I maximize it is by providing entertainment catering to zoos. (Saint Francis Series of Stories.) Too many people worry about the 'why' of being a zoo when they should probably focus on the 'how'. Don't worry about what others think, just worry about what you do with who you are.
  4. Saint Francis Files #2-5

    Saint Francis File 2 : Billy and Caroline Clemons #2 of Saint Francis Stories Dr. Jennifer "Jen" Lewis began her Wednesday morning at the Saint Francis Human and Animal Psychology Center with a small coffee and a stack of papers. She smiled looking over her itinerary for her new patients of the day. She finished her morning ritual of paperwork and coffee before the familiar buzz of the intercom broke the zen of the silence around her office. "Doctor Lewis, Mr. and Ms. Clemons have arrived, shall I send them in?" The receptionist, Laura, chimed in to the intercom. In the background there was the sound of yelling and stuffing being knocked around. "Yes. Um.. Is everything Okay, Laura?" She asked a little nervous in a low voice. "Of course. The Clemons are just a little.... Heated at the moment. Sending them in!" She said with a cheerfulness that had all the hallmarks of a unhappy Walmart greeter. It was moment later that Laura open the door dressed in a bright blue blazer with matching slacks and even blue rimmed glassed, she allowed the first person to step through and shut the door behind herself. Jen withheld a gasp as an imposing caucasian man covered in tattoos stepped into her office, he towered over the woman and gave a smile that revealed most of his teeth were missing. He sat down down on one of the comfy leather chairs left for the guest. The man regarded her quietly and cleared his throat. "The names Billy Clemons, I used to be Doctor Rogers problem but the old fart retired so they got me a new person." He spoke with a deep baritone that probably attracted many women in his youth. "The missus decided that I should go here alone to talk about my problems before she comes in. My problem is the bitch outside.." Jen nodded and regarded the patient carefully, "Well so you understand, Mr. Clemons, this is a safe place and I hope to provide you with the same level of professional care that you were already receiving from Doctor Rogers. Now tell me what seem to be the problem?" "Well..." Billy groaned while scratching the back of his head, "My girl was sweet as apple pie when I met her, I mean I'm an old fart myself but she changed so much that I don't even recognize her anymore. Man, we used to have good times, camping out in the boonies, muddin' in my quad, smoking a joint and just having a good time." The bald man shook his head and grit his teeth, "Doc, I ain't one to tell you how to do yer job but I like my girl the way she used to be." Jen nodded and smiled, "I see. This is interesting, since you have had a moment to talk to me privately would you like to bring your wife in so that we can both speak on this?" She adjusted her glasses by habit causing them to gleam menacingly. Billy swallowed a bit looking at the middle aged black woman who went from cute to frightening with just a minor adjustment. "I'm going to follow my girls idea and have her come in after me then we will speak. I still got about twenty minute to our session. Mind If I let her in?" He asked still looking at her shining glasses. Jen nodded as the large man rose of the seat like a colossus before walking over to the door and opening it. "Hey babe, your turn, we have about nineteen remaining minutes." He said which was when the largest Cornwall Sow that Jen had seen. She walked in with a very slow but with a grace that Jen was not used to seeing in porcine creatures. She had small stud earing in her tattooed ears and wore a pair of Ray-Ban glasses that looks liked they cost more than Jen earned in a week, she sat down and looked at the human with a with a wide porcine smile. "Hello. Caroline but you can call me Carol." Carol said with a soft bit of an country accent. "So you've spoken to my husband. I guess I should tell my side of the story." Carol said with a sigh, her nose gave a soft wiggle before she continued causing Jen to suppress the urge to talk about how cute her patient looked. "Well Billy is a nice guy, I love him but he never changes, we live like rednecks. I can't express the amount of times both of us used to get completely shit face....erm... we got drunk." She snorted and adjusted her seating nervously. "I just stuck me like a lightening bolt, I was nothing more than a slut and a drunk." She looked down and gave a huff of irritation. "Billy and myself have always had a adventurous sex life but that is it, I don't want to change Billy but he is a set in his ways. Nothing is spontaneous but sex, I know he loves me but I wonder if its because he is a Zoophilie and I'm just a pig or is it because he really loves me for me." Jen nodded while looked at the dark black, earring studded, female porcine. "I do believe that he loves you, it a very hard choice for people to seek outside help. I think that alone speaks volumes for his commitment to you." Jen spoke as Carol gave a nod. "I've been worried, look at me. I know your kind loves skinny women, with long flowing hair and fits bodies." Carol gave a soft sigh and looked at the floor. "I'm a pig, my kind is chubby and outweighs you skinny folk by a large bit." She shivered a bit before continuing, "I know your kind eats us, hell I was a farm sow before I got some of that stuff into me unlike the others I was intentionally feed the stuff by my lover. He always was looking out for me before I was even smart enough to know it, hell even then he used be intimate with me. I was barely two years old and only had three litters before I got to know Billy the way lovers do." "I know that we have the stereotype of being nasty, mud loving, fat sacks of shit but I want to be better than that. I want to be cultured, I want to be someone that I think my future piglets could love. I'm only five now and my breed even with the medical treatment don't live longer than 10 years. Billy... Billy is going to outlive me, he is only in his mid forties and humans live much longer. I.... want him to remember me as more than just a drunken slut that he tattooed up, I want to be something special to him." Carol breathing became a little more ragged, while most animals didn't cry this didn't mean that they could not feel sadness. "I understand, Miss Clemons. I've been thinking about this and I would like you to listen to my idea once we invite your husband back in. We have some time left would you mind if we invited him back inside?" Jen asked cautiously as the porcine female gave a nod, her large ears flopping forward and obscuring her eyes. Jen buzzed her receptionist to allow Billy back in, the man stepped in and looked at the pair before sitting down. He didn't say a word just gazed from the sow to the human, his gaze at Jen was one that spoke of a inner restlessness. "Now after listening to you both, I have a solution that I want you to try if economically feasible. From your documents, I see that you are a tattoo artist and a very prominent one at that. Here is a my recommendation for the both of you, Take your business on the road, tattooing is quiet popular and there is many gatherings of capable tattoo artists at conventions." Jen said as she typed a few words into her computer before turning her screen to the pair. "This is the New York Tattoo convention, Its a little out there but I'm sure with your skill you'll make up the money in no time. Now I what I want you to do is to make this out to be a date for both you, go see the sights that Carols wants to see and the sights that you want to see. Be romantic, be spontaneous and enjoy a cultural blend of all the american cultures at one place." She said with a warm gaze to the pair. Carol perked up at the mention of New York, "Billy...? If we go, I really want to see the Botanical Garden and the Times Square." Jen suppressed a snicker at the very southern pronunciation of Bo-Taaan-nic-CAL Garden, as Carol spoke. "Think of all the business you could get, Bill?! Probably have better customers than gang bangers. skin heads and drunk sluts." Billy nodded and stroked his chin, "We've saved up a good amount of money. Alright, we will do it, let me get Rob to take over the shop while I'm gone and we will make it a plan." He said while looking back to the therapist, "You know, I wasn't too sure when they told me that I was going to be saddled with a new doctor but... You are good people, Doc." Jen smiled widely, "It's what I'm here for, now a little side note before I let you both go. I would like you to keep communication open between one another, you both care deeply about each other but your goals are different only in the slightest ways. I believe that you both could be happy with a little compromise and planning to mesh your desires. So make sure to work on that." The older african american woman adjusted her glasses causing the light to shine on it in a way that unnerved her patients. "Hope you see you in better spirits next time we meet." Three weeks later, Michelangelo Hotel, New York, 11:30PM. "Oh my goodness!" Carol said as her lover crawled into the large and plush bed they got for the convention. "This trip has been so much fun, I feel like the belle of the ball." She grinned at her lover and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Thank you for this." She said passionately while her hoof rested on his chest and her head was inches from his face. "Anything for you, baby." Billy said as his fingers gently stroke her slightly coarse hair around her head and ears. "Hell, We made close to four thousand in profit just off the first day, my hand is a little sore but I'm happy. How did you enjoy the Botanical Gardens?" Carol snuggled closer to her lover before answering, "I loved it, you were a perfect gentlemen even when your allergies started to go crazy. It was a great time, we ate together, we got a few weird looks and you even got to show off your tattoos to a few people. That hairless cat even took your card." She chuckled thinking of the bald cat at the gardens, "So while we were out I made a little phone call and -" Two loud thuds cause the door frame to rock, both of the Clemons jumped from the sudden sound, "Excuse Me." A soft voice called through the door as Caroline face broke out in a piggish grin, she nuzzled her lover to open the door. "I'm coming, I'm coming" Billy grunted before crawling out of bed toward the door, he was shirtless and tired as he opened the door. The older man eyes widened as he looked at a blond chestnut miniature shetland pony looks up at him with a smile. "Are you Mr. Clemons?" She asked in a soft voice that had traces of a new york accent, Her large eyes gazed at the man before she flicked her tail over her flanks "You look like the picture I got.." She looked well groomed and hand a bow tied gently on her ear, she doesn't ask for an invite but just steps into the room with an exaggerated sway of her hips. "Um... Who are you?" Bill asked looking over the horse while looking back to his wife who just smiled from the bed. "I'll explain when you remove the ribbon." She giggled and leaned her ear to the human with a grim on her face. She watched as he quickly undid the ribbon, "Billy Clemons, Happy anniversary! I'm Isabella and for the rest of the night I'm yours!" The small shetland spoke while giving a happy canter that caused more exaggerated movements of her shapely blonde. "Um...Um..." Billy wasn't the most talkative individual but this left him at a lost for words, he looked at the horse that barely came up to his stomach. He looked at Carol who just grinned, he glanced back at the horse who grinned just as happily. "Well stud, I thought you should get a chance with a girl that does the one thing I don't like." She winked and slowly climbed out of the bed to get a better vantage point, "I thought we should end this night on a fun note." Carol spoke with a coy look to the human, "After all, I know you like anal and nothing has a asshole like a horse." "Ooooh. So that why you picked me.." She said before turning around, her tail raised revealing both her tight asshole which had a tight ring of muscle that looked like a donut and her twitching pussy that twitched with a loud wet sound revealing her heat. "Well...?" She prompted the pair with a sultry gaze. "Hmmm." Billy scratched his chin, this wasn't the first time that he had a threesome but this was the first time with another animal or another female. He trailed his hands over Isabella's back feeling her soft fur, it was a stark contrast to the coarse hair on his wife. Isabella shivered feeling the course hands over her, she glanced at him seeing the smile on his face. She gave a deep breath, her heat in full effect and she wanted her customer to get on with it. She could feel his hands tracing around her puckered hole slowly and sensually, she gave a soft whinny but kept her body still. Carol smirked watching her husband but his foreplay could use a little motivation. She smiled as he kept looking over his shoulder to make sure that she wasn't getting upset, Carol had a strict policy of not allowing other females into their bedroom. If she didn't do anything poor Billy would just be rubbing on the expensive escort like a stuffed toy. The large sow moved behind to the side of Isabella and started to gently nibble on her side like she has seen plenty of stallions do back home, Carol effort were reward with a loud whinny and the wet sounds of Isabella winking even harder. Billy watch his wife with his fingers paused and his pants tented with need. "Ok!" He said to himself, his nervousness starting to fade as he quickly undressed himself. His tattooed body was older but well toned, his dick twitched as he went through their travel bag and pulled out some lubricant. He quickly lathered his cock in the cool and slippery liquid before pressing his hands against Isabella's flank."Are you ready?" "Am I ready?" Isabella chuckled, "I've been ready since I walked in. Not sure if you have been with other mares but we are sturdy so feel free to go wild." She said while her voice dripped with lusty intentions. She shivered from the nibbling of the sow, she felt his grip tight on her flanks at his tip rested on her puckered hole. Billy decided to test the equine words as he thrust his hips forward, he grunted as he felt the warm soft pressure of her outer ring grip his cock. Isabella lets out a loud neigh and push her body back against his as he slammed into her hard, she clenched down her asshole to milk the roughly trusting human. "That's it!" Isabella moaned feeling the rapid strikes of the humans hips against rump, she felt one of Billy's hands slowly start to trail from her hips and slide roughly into her vagina. She pushed back against the assault, she neighed once again as she felt the Ms. Clemons still nibbling on her neck with a harder bites than before. "Oh I think she likes it. You a good little slut aren't you." Caroline said while biting the mare. "I'm a good little butt slut." Isabella responded with a moan, her body quivered she could feel herself reaching her peak. "Fuck me like a good butt slut. Push your hand deeper, make me feel it." She neighed out loudly as she pressed back some more nearly pinning Billy to the wall. Billy grunted, using his free hand to place a hard slap on her soft but muscular rump, his other hand started to slid in and out of her velvety folds roughly. Isabella pussy winked and contracted around the invading hand, she panted enjoying the stimulation and the bitting Carol. "Oooh. I'm so close stud, bite me on the neck! Hard as you can!" Isabella screamed loudly while Billy leaned over putting his weight on the small horse and biting her on the back of her neck. Isabella felt a rush of pleasure as her orgasm his her like a bullet train , her legs parted and a thick stream of liquid drooled out of her leg. Her orgasm was long and slow, Billy smiled as his arm was coated, the feeling of warm sticky fluid of her orgasm over his hand caused Billy to smirk from the head rush. "I'm close..." Billy grunted and started slamming his hips even harder in effort to make his mark on the horse, He grunted even harder as his testicles tighten and he could feel load after load empty into the horses ass. He delivered two more well placed slaps to her ass which caused her pussy to wink a few more times in response. "Looks like you had fun, baby." Carol said with a smile, her nose twitching at the smile of sex and sweat. "Well we have her for the night, so I hope to see you ready for round to and three." She chuckled. "Oh yes. I'm in heat so I'm ready to go when you are." Isabella said, "I've got so many more holes to play with after all." She took a few step forward, feeling Billy cock and hand slip out with a wet pop. Three day's later, Doctor Jens office laptop, 5:30pm Doctor Jen just finished talking to her last patient after a series of very exhausting confessions and recommendations she started to go through her emails and looked noticed one of the emails was from the Clemons. She opened it and started to read: Hello Doc, This is Caroline but I'm having Billy write you from the tattoo parlor. Ever since I took your advice we've been getting amazing business. I'm very grateful that we went out there and I took a few steps to spice up our sex life, not to get to graphic but my butt hurts.....alot (I really didn't want to write that -Billy) I'm feeling like a new sow since billy has been taking me on dates around town. I didn't know the city had so many things to do, my Billy has a real nose for art. (I've been doing tattoos for nearly 20 years and tattoos are art... -Billy). I just wanted to say thank you and that we are following everything you said. -With Love, The Clemons Jen chuckled and noticed that there was a digital coupon for a half off tattoo. Mr and Ms.Clemons I'm so glad to hear that, I hope that it continues to work out for the both of you. While I am also grateful for the coupon, I'm scared of needles and don't think I would go under one willingly but I do have friends that enjoy getting tattoos, I'll direct them to you. Now what I hope to see is that same positive energy when I see you both the following tuesday. We will go over a few couples exercises. See you next Monday, Dr. Jen Lewis. Saint Francis Human and Animal Psychology Center The Doctor closed her laptop and looked at her chocolate skin, "Would a tattoo really show up that well on my skin." She mused before gathering her things and heading out for the night. --------------------------- Saint Francis File 3 : Robert and Jade Young #3 of Saint Francis Stories A new patient arrives at Saint Francis Dr. Jennifer "Jen" Lewis smiled feeling the warm early summer sands on her feet, her eyes scanned over the beach with a smile. A large rottweiler with glasses strolled by with a grin on its face and a blue scarf around its neck. The blue scarf was a public sign that these animals were "uplifted" or having intelligence equal to humans, the name is a play off of a popular book series that Jen never got around to reading. She gave a deep breath of the salty Californian air as she finally got a chance to relax after listening to a speech on the right's of animals in a rapidly changing society. She placed an umbrella, towel and cooler down, she positioned the umbrella to block out the harsh sun with a large smiled on her face. "My skin is brown enough without getting burned to a crisp." She said to herself as she got comfortable on the towel. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the relaxing on the beach. Hours passed peacefully before she felt a cold nose touch her face. "Hello, would you mind if I share the shade with you?" A deep baritone voice rumbled out to her. She opened her eyes to see a large German Shepherd Dog looking at her with deep soulful brown eyes. He gave a canine smile as he sat down near her. He was very appealing to the doctor, his chest heaved rapidly and sand coated his body nearly every inch, he smiled at Jen as he awaited her answer. "Feel free, There is enough shade for both of us. Do you live around here?" She asked with her eyes gazing over shaggy dog. "I'm just visiting and didn't want to go back home without enjoying the beach." She smiled to herself feeling the heat, watching as a muscular humans walked by with several blue scarfed canines following them like excited teenagers. "I'm Jen, what's your name?" "Call me Duke. It was the name I was given before the whole super smart dog thing." Duke sniffed her with a smile, "Oh I can smell paper on you, stuffy suits, and leather chairs. If I had to guess... I would say that you are an accountant." He smirked at her while laying down near her. "What a good nose you have on you, Duke, but you are a little off with your guess I'm a therapist." Jen chuckled and reached a hand over to the canine, "Do you mind if I pet you?" She asked while hovering her hand over his head. "You humans are really silly when it comes to touch, when I wasn't so smart humans would just walk up and pet me. My friend didn't care and I still don't. It feels good, you aren't hurting me and it feels good." Duke smiled to the female as her hand brushed through his fur, he felt her brush the sand off of his fur and the bridge of his nose. He relaxed visibly leaning into the human's hand, he panted trying to cool himself down. Jen looked over his muzzle and grinned at him, "I notice that you aren't with a human of your own, why is that?" She chuckled looking at his large ears and masculine looking muzzle, "I've seen only a few german shepherds that speak without being on the police force." She noticed that their was a doberman with a blue scarf running away with a pair of trunks in her mouth while being followed by a shouting naked human. Jen chuckled while Duke sniffed the air from the passing pair with a snort. "It's funny, that doberman is in heat and excited by the male but we have to play games like people to get your attention." Duke commented, "You're a head shrink so tell me why is it that humans are so weird about pleasuring themselves. Even with each other your kind seems to play the longest and most boring mating game I've ever seen." He said as he watched the doberman stop and give the human back his trunks. "We aren't like you, we can't just lift up our nose and smell what our partner wants. We have to weed out our interest and we are competitive, women want to find the best man and will try to do better than their peers." She smirked while watching the soft rolling waves. "I used to date, it was a emotional roller coaster. I never felt like the guy was good enough, it didn't matter what he did. He bought me a diamond ring, it wasn't big enough. If he took me out to a nice four star restaurant, it was not good enough because it wasn't a five star." She looks a little ashamed, "I was a terribly greedy and possessive woman, if these guys even glanced at another girl I would blow up on them." Duke nodded, "Sounds like you were a pain to be around, chasing something you didn't have even when you had something good right there." He wagged his tail watching several Horses with blue scarfs running around in the water. "You seem nicer now, what changed?" He asked with a curious tilt of his head. "Well I had two really lovely dogs come into my care, they weren't uplifted at all." Jen smiled thinking about the fond memories, "I had to learn about taking someone else for once in my life. I had to tend to them instead of being catered by someone else. It really was an eye opening experience, I felt for the first time in my life that I had a calling more than just my self-centered natured." She looked at the german shepherd with an almost distant gaze. "I found that I liked it but I might have taken it a little far, I wanted to take care of them in deeper and more intimate ways.They were not neutered because I didn't see a point but watching Chestnut chased away from a female in favor of another more ferocious dog... made me want to take care of his sexual needs as well." Jen blushed as a warm breeze swept over the pair. "So this Chestnut got lucky even when he lost, sounds like you were a good pack mate. I would have loved to be in his fur when he got so much fortune." A longing gaze colored his expression as he sniffed the woman once again trying to see if she was receptive. "So how did you get into being a shrink?" He smiled looking at the gently lapping waves as the sun slowly touched it's surface. The picturesque setting was almost coming to a close as she took a few bottles Seagram's Escapes from her bag. "Want one?" She asked opening up a bottle for herself, "I know they aren't very healthy for you but a single drink never killed anyone." She smiled opening up the drink and setting it in the sand near Duke, she opened her own bottle and took a sip. Duke relaxed his ears and gave a mock whine, "Trying to get me drunk and vulnerable, what is a poor dog to do?" Duke teased even raising a paw weakly. "But I want to drink... But I might wake up in a warm bed with a beautiful human. Is that really a bad thing?" He joked while taking the bottle into his maw before leaning back, his throat moved rhythmically drinking down as much as he could. "Wow... That hits kinda hard." Duke commented with a burp at the end of his statement. "Not at all, Duke. This is very light for humans but for a dog, it probably feels like vodka does for us." Jen chuckled running her hand over his ears. "Now what am I to do with my poor intoxicated canine?" She rubbed some of the sand off of the canine face with a grin. "We could go back to your place and have a wild sexual experience?" He asked while leaning into her hand. "Then we can see if I live up to human expectations." He grinned while looking at her with loving hopeful eyes. "I think not... I'm a not ready for a stud like you yet... If I ever get over my past lovers, you'll be the first I will call." She leaned over and kissed him on the nose. "But there are plenty of human out here and I think-" She watched as a crowd with signs started to fill the beach. A overweight caucasian woman walked on the beach with a megaphone and sign, "Jesus Christ said be fruitful!" She screamed into the megaphone while glaring at the people and animals present. "He did not say to fuck our pets!" She screamed as other people started to gather around her with signs. "Who the fuck are you calling a pet?!" A harbor seal yelled from the beach. "I've never been owned a day in my life." The seal continued while a few other animals started to group up around him shouting at the protesters. "Doesn't matter! God gave humans dominion over this world, not for it to be ruled by a bunch of talking Disney animals!" She yelled back through the microphone causing the more sensitive animals to wince in pain. "Leviticus twenty fifteen and sixteen states If there is a man who lies with an animal, he shall surely be put to death; you shall also kill the animal. If there is a woman who approaches any animal to mate with it, you shall kill the woman and the animal; they shall surely be put to death!" She screamed even louder at the gathered crowd, some of the animals were started to get agitated. "Hey!" A large polar bear walked up to the crowed with a fanny-pack, a panama hat on his head and, "There is no need for all of this yelling." The intimidating look bear smiled towering over all of the humans gathered. "I mean if you want me to act like an animal, I could maul you but I'm a pacifist and a Christian myself." He reached into his bag with a smile, pulling out a bible of his own. "If you good Christians would turn to the book of Matthew chapter six, verse one which states : Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven." The bear shut his book after reading with a smile. "That is using the lords words against his people, you will be condemned to hell!" The woman screamed at the bear. "Do not listen to this.... this... agent of Satan." She held up a sign to the bear face with a smug sense of satisfaction as the others around her started to shout back at the bear. "Go back to the woods!" "Shut up!" "Don't quote our book!" "Only humans can be Christians." The bear sighed and closed his bible, "I tried to do this the peaceful way... May you truly find the way to heaven. Your path is one of aggressiveness and close-mindedness, It's sad really you make your species look like hate mongers with your speech. The ability to speak and think at such a powerful level is a blessing, without this I would be dangerous to you. I would not know the lords light nor would I be able to understand the feelings of community, the taste of a ice cream cone or anything many humans take for granted." The bear put his bible back into fanny pack, "I like being this way and I'm sure the others do as well, I don't understand why with all your movies and cartoon with talking animals that you would be so opposed to us?" He started to walk back to the road where a female grizzly bear waved him down. "You know I've seen this enough that talking to them doesn't work. I've had my job attacked by people like this." Jen leaned over and spoke to Duke while watching the crowd attempt to shy the animals off the beach with their picketing. Duke looked to the side and grinned, "Oh man the police! Sorry beautiful but I'm here without a scarf so I'm going to run. Hope that the next time you visit, your in the mood for a little more than a casual chat." The german shepherd started to walk away from the approaching police. Jen smiled watching the fuzzy tail bounce along with his gait. "I just might..." She smirked to herself as she started to gather her things and depart the scene as the police started to gather. She smiled as she watched the woman getting escorted off the beach by the police as the animals cheered. Doctor Lewis Office, Monday, 3:00pm Doctor Lewis sat down in her office taking in the familiar setting, she smiled looking at her mushroom paperweight, she smiled smelling the familiar scent of the pine cleaner the janitors used to clean the carpet. She felt her heavy mahogany desk which sat her pictures of her former lovers in a lovely wooden frame. A buzz alerted her back to her task at hand as the receptionist called to her, "Doctor Lewis, Your next patients have just arrived, shall I send them in?" The soft voice asked over the intercom. "Yes Laura, thank you." Jen said with a sigh, while she loved her job, her thoughts were on the beach and the opportunity she missed with the charismatic canine. The door open as the receptionist stepped in, Laura was dressed in a very tight fitting dressed that was barely passable as business causal. The short and curvy reception opened the door with a soft smile before allowing a female german shepherd to step in followed by a sharply dressed African American male wearing a pair of Ray-Ban reading glasses. "Hello Mr. and Ms. Young. I am Doctor Jen Lewis. I will be your doctor and companion through your relationship up and downs. Here at Saint Francis we take pride in being one of the first psychology centers to openly admit human and animal couples." Dr. Lewis reached out to shake the hand of the human, before bending over and shaking the paw of the german shepherd. The couple sat down in the soft leather chairs provided for them, each of them looked at the doctor with a tense silence. The Robert Young awkwardly cleared his throat before looking to his wife, she looked at him with her ears turned back nervously. "What brings the both of you into my office this afternoon?" She asked hoping to break the growing tension in the room. She watched as the female glance to the ebony man with almost pleading eyes, Jen noted that he gave the most subtle of nods before speaking. "Well. We've been together for three years, we met when I caught her just skin and bones laying on the one of my walks through the woods. Jade was put there by some sick bastards that thought it would be funny to chain a poor puppy to a tree with a open bag of food sitting just outside of her reach. She was bleeding from a stick that had been lodged inside of her, those monsters should just drop dead and do the world a favor." Robert practically growled the last of his words as his hands tightened into fist, his eyes held a vicious gleam that promised a world of pain to the culprits. "When I got her it was very touch and go. She wasn't uplifted yet and she was terrified of humans, I wasn't going to give up on her regardless. We've had a few moments were I felt like nothing I was doing was helping her, she would often have nightmares and couldn't be left alone without literally screaming herself hoarse." Dr. Lewis nodded while waiting on the man to continued his glasses reflecting off the light hiding his eyes but his body language was one of barely contained rage. His hand were balled into fist, his every word was followed by a scowl, his shoulder were tense around his fitted suit. Her eyes traveled to Jade Young, her posture was stiff but with each word Robert spoke the canine relaxed a little more. "Things got a little weird for me during our second year together. The uplifting craze got out of hand, there was one group going around trying to harm uplifted animals and some regular ones then there was the other side going around slipping the virus into every avenue they could manage. My Jade got her taste of the virus at a dog part when some loon started feeding the dogs treats. I didn't notice a change till I left for work one day and she figured out how to unlock the door, open the fence, follow the smell of my car to my job and sit outside of my place of work trying to say my name properly." He sighed and looked at the german shepherd with a small smile on his lips. "I see." The doctor nodded with a serious expression on her face, "It is a very upsetting experience for people and animals to face an uplifting when they don't expect it. Many of those uplifting groups have done much to hurt those they wanted to help." She then cleared her throat, "Please continue." She motioned with her hands for him to continue. "Well.. This brings us to our problem..." He looked at Jade with a questioning expression on his face, she gave another subtle nod before continuing. "Well We've been close for a while but there is a big barrier in our relationship." He adjusted his glasses nervously before continuing. "We don't have any physical intimacy in our relationship. I can touch her, pet her, kiss her and cuddle her but anything outside of that..." He pulled back the cuff on his expensive suit revealing a massive scar on his arm. "I got this once when I trailed down to far on her belly and touched her...um... her vagina, she became a different canine. Her teeth lashed out so fast that I don't even think she recognized me for a moment." Robert finished with a worried glance to his wife. "I haven't tried for her sexually since that day nearly a year ago but I'm a man with needs." His face was a mixture of hopelessness and frustration. "I would like to speak." Jade said with a soft voice barely about a whisper. She looked nervously at the doctor who returned her nervousness with serene smile. "This is a safe place, Ms. Young. You are allowed to speak and express yourself freely. Please continue." The doctor said with a friendly nod to Jade. "I'm afraid. I love Rob, he has always been good to me. Even when I wasn't as smart, he was and still is very patient, loving and caring." Jade blushed and her ears perked up a bit. "I love him but when he touches I can't help but feel like I'm going to be hurt. I know it's crazy but I can't explain it, it feels like like I'm going to be back in a bad place." Jade gently rubbed her paws on the chair feeling nervous while continuing to speak. "Rob has never done anything bad to me, I really do care about him but I feel terrible when I think about how much I'm taking away from him. I'm damaged goods, I can't... " She gave a long whine and continued to look down, Jen recognized this as canine crying. "It's ok, Ms. Young. May I call you Jade?" Dr. Lewis said watching the panicked expression, on her face as she nodded. "No one will hurt you here. Please continue when you are ready." She said as the whining slowly started to subside. Jade slowly composed herself while the worried humans looked on, even with her large size and intimidating frame she was still vulnerable. "I don't want to be that bitch, I'm speaking of canine bitch not the insult." She clarified to the pair while keeping her tail tucked between her legs. "I went to a park, I enjoy it very much but this last time. I felt so down walking through the park, I could smell on both the uplifted and grounded animals that they were having sex, their mates lust smell as strong as perfume.... and yet... Here I am unable to give my lover even the lowest level of affection. I've tired to get him to leave me or take another lover but he keeps me around." She growled to herself. "Why would a take another lover? I love you, Jade. I married you because you've always been there for me. you've always talk to me when I was down, cheered me on when I had a rough day at the job. As cliche as it sounds, I don't want anyone else but you. I understand that you've been through a lot, I'm not trying to force you into anything that you don't want to do." Robert's face was compassionate yet focused. "I do look at porn but few men don't. It doesn't mean that I want those women, dogs or anyone else. I just don't have any other outlet." The fluffy canine blushed as she heard Robert's words, she slowly turned to the therapist, "Doctor Lewis.. I want to be able to make love to my husband. I'm tired of having my friends come over and ask why I never smell like him, even worse is one of my friends is currently living with us till her place is renovated. She is a young lioness, that always teases me about how strong Robert smells when he is around me." Jade snarled out the last few words with bit of annoyance as she attempted to control herself. "I know what I want to do, what I should do but I'm so scared and angry when he touches me. I keep thinking back to being on that chain and feeling them jabbing me over and over, I don't want my husband to suffer for something he didn't do, in fact I feel like I should do more because he has always been so supportive so I'm asking you, Dr. Lewis, please help me.." The female canine's brown eyes locked on her therapist. "I'm glad you've both been so open on our first day, it is very refreshing to see a couple who are united even during such a traumatic event. I will do my best to help both of you. Now the first thing we have to approach is your trigger, since you mentioned that you have no problem with being touched on body with a platonic touch, we have to take the fear one step at a time." Dr. Lewis watched at both sets of eyes were locked on her with rapt attention. "I'm going to ask you a few uncomfortable questions but they will help me better assist you, if they get too uncomfortable you are open to say so, we will progress from that point." Jade nodded to the doctor. The therapist pulled out a small sheet of paper with the questions listed on the top sheet. "Do you have a problem with non-uplifted canines sniffing you in greeting?" She watched as the canine shook her head in response. "Do you have a problem with bathing with your significant other?" Dr. Lewis noticed that her ears leaned back. "Not really, It feels different in some way. I've never lost it even when he is picking burrs out of my tail." Jade wagged her tail lazily against the leather of chair. "I see." Doctor Lewis wrote down a few more notes, her brow furrowed before asking her next question. "Would you be interested in group therapy, home based couples therapy, or a one on one sessions with our abuse specialist?" Jade turned to her lover for reassurance, his face warm yet worried as he gazed at her with concerned love in his brown eyes. "I want to try the home based couples therapy." She said with a small canine smile, "If we have trouble with it I will try the group therapy but for now I want my husband to be with me every step of the way." She said with a loving gaze to her partner. Dr. Lewis smiled at the pair, "I'm going to give you a few worksheets that will detail a step plan to help with your relationship. I will say that both of you are very fortunate to have each other, I see many people come into my office fighting and yet the both of you come in here. I can feel the drive from each of you to overcome this problem and I feel that it will be vital to keep up the strong lines of communication. I'm going to be honest this is a very difficult subject for people to approach, keep communication open and honest it will be very important to your success or failure." Her eyes glanced at the clock that was on the wall behind the pair. "It seems that our time has come to a close, I hope to see you next monday at three to see how you've progressed with the first week." The tension in the air seemed to clear as Doctor Lewis walked over to shake Robert's hand before leaning down to take the paw of Jade in a similar shake. Dr. Lewis watched as the pair left noting that the canine's tail was wagging slightly and that the human males posture was more relaxed than when he entered. Robert and Jade's Residence, Monday 11:30pm. Robert opened the door to his home as they stepped through the doorway they looked around a well furnished living room. A coffee table was in the center of the room with a large leather sofa, paintings adorned the walls, above the gas fire place was a large framed photo of Robert and Jade at their wedding. A sound like a rumble caught their ears, "God dammit Stafford, I swear if you throw another pass that shitty, I'll go to detroit and maul you myself. I could have made that pass myself and I don't even have hands!" A loud thump caused the couple to flinch as a familiar golden brown feline stopped out of her room into the living room dressed in a lions jersey on her upper torso, Bikira the lioness looked at the couple and her tail flicked irritably. "Hey how did it go? Oh and before I forget, I drank the last pop and left some money for you to get more." The former detroit zoo resident looked at the couple before walking up to them and rubbing her head on Jade. "Maybe I'm being hopeful but I'm guessing it became a massive sex triathlon and the reason that your back is because you needed more water and lube." Bikira joked before rubbing her head against Robert's leg. "I cannot fathom for the life of me how someone like you became a CPA, You have the tact of a Mach truck barreling through a fine china shop." Jade grumbled before giving the lioness a playful bite on the ear. "Oh. My dear Jade, it easy. I like money and I'm three hundred pounds of death. If I yawn in a meeting nearly everyone pays attention to my pearly white and just agrees with me. Nobody wants to embezzle resources when the CPA team is a lioness, a jaguar and scariest of all... A soulless-corporate monster of a human." Bikira snickered and looked up at Robert. "Present company included." Robert chuckled looking down at Bikira, "As one soulless corporate drone to another, At least I know how to pick a winning team." He looked at the Television through the open guestroom door and smiled, "Looks like Stafford threw an interception." He flinched as the lioness turned around sharply to leap over the coffee table and back into the room, she slammed the door behind her before a long stream of vulgar curses exited her mouth. "I think we should depart to our own room." Robert smirked listening to the frustrated lioness roars, The pair quickly walked into their bedroom, Robert sighed happily looking around the room, the large california king bed looked like the gates of heaven. He slowly removed his tie and suit jacket, he felt a bit lighter after dealing with the therapist. Jade leaned into Robert's leg affectionately, "I'm glad you came along to see the doctor, " Jade spoke as her tail wagged lazily, the german shepherd gracefully hopped on the bed and looked at her lover. "So.... You want to try some of the homework we have?" The german shepherd asked with a bit of nervousness in her voice, her gaze met his in a silent plea for approval. "Long as you are game to start then I am too, Hun." Robert pulled out the first worksheet from the pocket of his dress pants. "Hmm." He glanced over the steps listed in the week one sheet, "So I see one of the steps is to get you comfortable with touching.as well as being touched." He tilted his head looking up from the worksheet to his lover. Jade noticed a mischievous grin on her lovers face and returned the smile, "See something you like?" She said with a coy smile on her canine features. She rolled on her back feeling nervous but excited to begin. "Always but this work requires you to get off that lovely rump." Robert tossed the paper on the oak dresser after fully undressing. "I know how you feel about being touched so we are going to start on the other end of the puzzle." He sat on the bed, "Instead of making the first move it's your turn to do it." Robert had a swimmers build that held smooth definition of his tall frame. "They say one of the method is to allow the other person to get comfortable with touch at their own pace. So Jade, I'm here touch me.... how every you like." Robert said with a silly smile on his face, Jade snickered at his antics. "I don't know... your awfully scary and tall. I might get hurt." Jade joked back but her tail was tucked between her legs. She never had a problem in touching Robert in a platonic way so she started first by sniffing his face, her cold nose poked and prodded at his face. She could smell his favorite blend of coffee, the faded scent of cologne on his body, she leaned out her tongue and licked. Her eyes scanned for his hand which were firmly planted in the mattress to each side of his thighs. The german shepherd became emboldened by the security he was offering and continued to lick his face, she watched his expression change from silly to content with a little smirk on his face. "A-Alright." Jade spoke with a little bit of nervousness, her mind raced a bit on what to do next. She had already reached a the furthest point she had ever taken with the human. "Um...Rob, c-could you pet me. It would help... just keep it to the head and ears while I try to continue." Jade asked as she felt his soft hands touched the brown fur on her head, the strong smell of the cocoa butter lotion made her feel far less tense as she started licking his neck. She could smell the hints of arousal coming off of Robert in soft waves. "That feels nice." The brown skinned human commented as he reached up to remove his glasses and place them on the dresser near the bed. Jade blushed to herself, the inside of her ears becoming a slightly darker hue of pink and she continued to lick at Robert's neck. Her mind drifted to the porn he watched, a particular video stood out in her mind as she tried to emulate the licking from the video. Her muzzle pressed to his neck as she opened her maw and her tongue danced along his neck leaving long thick trails of saliva. The canine started to give his collar the same attention as she lower her focus to his chest, she payed special attention to her lovers nipples as her licking continued with an excited zeal. Jade paused for a moment looking at the wet nipple in her vision and leaned to give a quick nip, she back away shyly when she heard Robert gasp from the sudden sensation. "Oh! I'm so sorry... did that hurt?" Her eyes met Robert's, he was smiling back at her. "I didn't say stop." Robert wink at her, his body was oozing the thick scent of arousal, his chest throbbed but more than anything he wanted to take his lover right then and there but he was determined to keep calm for her. His cock was ready to go from the attention and throbbing in his lap. Jade looked at the cock with fear, she couldn't explain it to herself, maybe it was the shape, thickness or just its resemblance to the pain she remembered as a puppy but it scared her. She gave a low whine and her gaze fixated on his cock. Conflicting emotions welled up inside of the german shepherd, all the while she tore her gaze from the cock long enough to look into Roberts eyes, "I'm scared. I know you want this, I wanted this but I'm scared." Robert placed his hand behind her head and slowly rubbed her ears, "It's ok, I'm so proud of you right now, do you realize how far you've come?" His sharp brown eyes met her soft brown gaze with happiness in them. "S-Stand up... I want to see how far I can go. P-put it in front of me." She gave a low growl, "If those bitches in your movies can do it... I know I can. I can... " She growled a little more feeling upset and scared. "You don't need to push yourself." Robert said with a bit of nervousness in his voice, the scar on his arm twitched slightly as he thought about the last time she attacked him. "This whole exercise is about you going at your own pace." The black man kept his hands to his side as the german shepherd furrowed her brow in thought. Jade's growl slowly lowered till she was just simply sighing as stared at a throbbing penis, she lowered her head to his lap. Jade leaned before taking a soft sniff of the large organ, she could smell his sweat and need coming from the member. "Rob, lay on your back, please." She asked while looking up at him with her soft brown eyes, she watched as he slowly crawled on the bed and leaning back while placing his hands over his chest. Jade gave a soft sigh while looking at her lover's penis, it loomed from his waist like a monument. She leaned in and gave the penis a curious lick, she tensed for a moment as her mind braced her for something horrible. She waited for a few seconds before giving the penis another lick closer to the base, she could taste some of the saltiness from his sweat. Jade licked her muzzle once again before blushing, "Rob... You taste salty." "Well I haven't jumped in the shower yet but-" Robert started before he was cut off. "No no.. I kinda...well... like it. It's like a sausage, my black sausage." She grinned as she felt much of her fear start to slowly slip away. She placed her nose against the tip of his penis, she sniffed his shaft pulling forth the scent of her own saliva and his aroused shaft. She felt complete inside, this was her time to make him happy, not a porn movie, not a picture of humans and animal having sex but Jade Young herself causing her husband pleasure. Jade's tongue flick out anxiously, she started to take slow licks at the base of his shaft, her tongue burying itself against his cushiony hairs and the base of his warm flesh. Robert sighed softly feeling the attention of his wife on his sensitive parts, inwardly he struggled not to reach out and rub his hands through her soft fur, "That feels amazing, Jade, don't stop..." The german shepherd gave a slight nod before he felt her tongue move up to the top of his penis, Robert shivered as he felt the waves of pleasure from the slow, sensual licking that he received made him clench his hands to avoid reaching out to her. Jade licking became more fervent as she started to get a rush from the excitement that she felt, her long tongue danced gracefully over his tip as her ears picked up moan after moan from her lover. She didn't have the practiced ease of a more experienced canine but that didn't stop her from giving all she had to try to please Robert, each throb was a another note on the song of pleasure she was conducting. "Jade, I'm getting close..." Robert whispered nervously, he feared breaking the moment that he had been waiting for his whole marriage. The only response from Jade was a lick to the base that slowly trailed up his shaft and ending at his tip. Robert couldn't hold himself in any more, a thick stream of his semen gushed out before landing on Jade's muzzle. "How was-" Jade started before another large stream land on her noise and slowly trailed off the side before landing on the bed with a drip. Jade blushed as she looked at her mate, Robert was gasping softly as his hands clenched and opened repeated. She loved this man and she felt so proud at being able to give him some of the pleasure he waited so patiently for. "It was great would you like me to return the favor?" Robert asked eagerly but his expression fell as Jade shook her head. "It was fun but I still don't know if I'm comfortable with you touching me there...yet. While I was licking I couldn't him but feel a little bit of fear, I don't mind doing this again but can... can we keep the touching to my head for now?" She asked feeling a little bad for getting him riled up but unable to go through with it, her tail curled a bit Robert nodded before sitting up, his hand slowly reached around to rub behind her ears as he leaned to the clean side of her muzzle to place a soft kiss on her. "I'm really proud of you, Jade. In one day you've come further than ever." He said. "Wanna take a shower and get that off of you?" He asked looking at his seed cooling on her face. Jade smiled, "Not at all, I want to stick it to Bikira and let her get a good whiff tomorrow." Her long tongue licked what she could off of the sides of her muzzle with a grin, there was still a stripe going across her muzzle. She leaned into his hands feeling the comforting touch as she wagged her tail, Jade may have not been in heat but the experience left her feeling a twinge in her loins. She grabbed her pillow in her mouth and dragged it over to her lover before resting her head on it, the german shepherd had a smug smile of success on her face while she slowly closed her eyes. Robert's hand slowly scratched her head until he feel asleep with his hand resting on top of her head. During the night Robert heard the soft noises of whining coming from jade, her tail was curled under her body and she was wincing as if in pain. Robert knew he shouldn't wake her up but it hurt his heart to see his wife in such inner turmoil. "I love you, Jade." He whisper his hands still on her head and gently stroking before she finally calmed down into a more relaxed sleep. Doctor Lewis Office, Tuesday, 8:00pm Jen finished with her final appointment of the day and started to check her emails as the evening finally winded down at Saint Francis Human and Animal Psychology Center. Her eyes skimmed the various emails of her appointment till an email caught her eye from one her patients. Doctor Lewis, (Ph.D) This is Robert Young emailing you as part of the optional correspondence that your center offers. I wanted to thank you for the help that you've given us, it has been amazing progress on the same night. We have been able to engage in touching which progressed to light intimacy. I've heard much about your place from others with the same disposition as myself. I would have to agree with them and I would like to ask you something that I feel more comfortable discussing over email than bringing up in person. Jade didn't mention this on our last visit but I feel that it would help to have full disclosure of all of our issues. Jade suffers from nightmares of that event, she often wakes up shivering and whimpering. Last night was on of those nights but she seems to just mumble in her sleep, my name was repeated a few times before she dozed off into a more restful slumber. I would be foolish to believe this doesn't have anything to do with your project you have us working on. I hope to address this the following Monday. Once again I wanted to thank you, I would like to keep the detail of this email between us until monday. Robert Young, (C.P.A) Jen read the email carefully before typing out a response, she couldn't help but feel a small bit of pride at the speedy progress of her patience. The soft sounds of her fingers dancing across the keyboard echoed in the empty room as she typed her reply. Mr. Young I'm glad that you have both started on the worksheet and have seen results so quickly, I have to give credit where it is due. The connect you both have is one that is very strong, keep that up and follow the work sheet you should slowly but surely see results. As the nightmare are concerned, we will work on them but from my other patients have shown they may go away with time and work or they may never go away. I do however recommend continuing to reassure her that she is safe place and trying to get her to talk about it and vent her emotions. See you next Monday, Dr. Jen Lewis. Saint Francis Human and Animal Psychology Center Jen sent her email off before shutting the laptop, she looked at her calender and noticed that she had an appointment with bear next week. She had never had a patient that was considered dangerous. She sighed and started to pack her bags to head out, her mind thinking about the prospect of her patient next week. "I can handle this, right?" She wondered as she locked up and left. -------------------- Saint Francis File 4: Terry #4 of Saint Francis Stories Dr. Jennifer Lewis has to come face to face with her most imposing client yet... Proofread by the DIVINE dumPaup The Rutting Buck, Sunday 10:30pm. Jennifer "Jen" Lewis sat in the middle of a small bar outside of her usual stomping grounds. The Rutting Buck was a popular bar that had just opened a few months ago. Their whole angle was that they were the first bar in the state to allow both uplifted animals, Humans and grounded domesticated animals to mingle. Jen sat a table with Laura, her receptionist at her workplace. The pair chuckled while speaking softly, the overall mood of the bar was lively while soft jazz music played to keep the sensitive ears of the patrons from suffering to much. "So what about you Laura, see anyone that catches your eye?" Jen asked with a coy grin on her face. There were many humans that dotted the bar, most of them seems to run the gamut from young college students to older businessmen. "What about that man over there?" She pointed to a small chubby male in his mid twenties with a large beard who seem to be engaged in a serious conversation with a male cheetah. Laura looked over her shoulder with a smirk. "I don't know, I mean look at the way he is dressed. His shoes are caked in mud, his gut is showing out the bottom of his jersey and he is a Patriot's fan. Pass." She said while mentally dressing down the man even further in mind. "If I wanted that kind of lowbrow man I would just date the first person that walked up to me. I'll shoot lower when I'm in my late fifties." She chuckled before pointing to a large doberman-labrador mix. "Would you do him?" Laura said before a drunken bout of laughter. Jen turned around and gave the doberman a critical gaze, the doberman turned his focus to Jen and gave her a small wink "I think you might want to lower your voice. Mr. Doberman definitely heard our little game." Jen commented before a sudden realization. "Wait, wasn't this supposed to be about who we would date?" She asked her co-worker with an accusatory tone in her voice. "Well yes but I'm not the one who is so frigid that her panties have to come with a space heater inside. When was the last time you've been on a date?" Laura slurred with her words being just loud enough that a few of the male animals chuckled to themselves. Jen was a little too buzzed to be concerned with her social standing. "I've been on a date, Last year... I think." Jen said while trying to remember the name of the last guy she was dating. "I think his name was Kevin. It was something short but we only had one date." She admitted before drinking another wine cooler. "See, Jen, that is not even remotely normal. You're only thirty-one and you're single. You should be dating. You've even got more options than I do!" She waved her hand over all of the uplifted animals around them. "I mean come on! In my boat, I have to deal with not knowing a bunch of stuff about the guy I'm dealing with. Hell you can pretty much go without a condom on most of these guys and not have to worry about children or S.T.D's." Laura said while nearly shouting, Jen's normally docile receptionist started to sound more like lusty nymph than anything else. Jen adjusted her glasses causing the gleam from the light to hit them at such an angle that they seemed to glow, "Laura, don't you think your getting a little too loud?" Jen reprimanded her friend before things got any worse. "I don't have time to date. I'm handling nearly fifty clients who have my email address so I'm always taking updates nearly every second." Jen took a deep breath before leaning back against her chair as her mind wandered, "I'm just waiting till I'm ready." Laura's eyes narrowed at her friend, "Sure when you're sixty years old and trying to hit on the cute male nurse that's struggling to change your bed pan you're going to regret not taking advantage of it now," Laura chuckled before gathering her thoughts. "I think you should let loose, open your heart to a little fun once in awhile. I'm not saying go out and just act like you have no future, but you should just start dating." She finished while looking at a drunken horse stumble his way past their table. A wicked smile crossed Laura's face as she pointed to a border collie sitting by himself at the bar and drinking water from a large mouth cup designed for animal muzzles. The canine turned toward her and cocked his head to the side as she waved him over, he hopped off the bar stool and quickly padded over to the plump red-haired woman. Laura smirked and looked at him, "Hey stud, I have a question for you..." She said with a smile that would make anyone suspicious of her motives, "My friend here is single and into the wilder side of things. I'm curious would you be interested in her?" She pointed at Jen who just blushed heavily at being the center of attention. The canine walked over to Jen and sniffed curiously a few feet from her face, "She smells good, she is attractive by human standards." He tilted his head once against and gave a large canine smile, "I think she wouldn't have a problem with any male she sought out but it won't be me. I'm... um.. well I was neutered before I was uplifted so I'm kinda stuck on being just a friend to anyone." He said with a smile as Laura reached over to scratch his ears feeling embarrassed. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean. I just wanted to make her feel better and get her to live a little." Laura said while quickly sobering up from the sudden mood shift as she stroked the collie's back. "I'm really sorry." She said trying to ease the situation. Jen smiled and pulled out her business card before placing it in front of the collie."I work for the Saint Francis Human and Animal Psychology Center. I've dealt with many cases of neutered and spayed animals, I think group therapy would help you to meet others like yourself. It's a good environment with many who have found interesting solutions to cope with having the procedure done without their consent." She said before leaning closer to him. "Thanks for the compliment. I'm Jennifer but you can call me Jen." The border collie smirked at her, his green eyes staring into hers, "My name is Chance. My former owner named me because he always said, 'You take a chance when you get a border collie.'" He chuckled thinking of his old owner, "It's a pleasure to meet you both but I have to go to work in the morning so I'm turning in. I hope to see you both around here again." Chance said before scooping up the laminated card and leaving the pair as they waved him off. "I think we should head off too, we both have work in the morning and you know how bitchy you get when you're trying to work with a hangover." Jen said with a small chuckle as she gathered her things. She noticed that Laura walked up to Chance before chatting with the border collie while giving him a little card with her phone number on it. Jen smiled as Laura returned. They both gathered their things before Laura broke the tension. "I thought he could use a friend more than a therapist." Laura said as they squeezed between a chatting hippo, around several swans discussing politics and wolf flirting with Labrador retriever. As they walked to Laura's red Ford Focus, Laura tossed Jen her keys. "I've had a lot more to drink with you and you drink so slowly you're probably already sober." She chuckled as she sat in the car before leaning her chair back to enjoy the drive. Doctor Lewis' office, Monday 4:00pm. Dr. Jennifer Lewis waited nervously for her new high profile client. She kept adjusting her mushroom paperweight to ease her tension. This was to be her first dangerous animal client that had a history of violent behavior, and one of her first clients that wasn't already in a stable relationship. She slowly took deep breaths to calm herself down as the clocked ticked down to the meeting time. Her intercom crackled loudly causing her to flinch, before Laura's voice came through the device. "Dr. Lewis, Your four o'clock appointment is here." Laura said with an annoyed edge to her voice, obviously she was a little hungover and not fond of being at work. "Send him in, please." Dr. Lewis said trying to cover the nervousness in the voice as she tried to rationalize that this was just another client who sought her help and counseling. She would help him to the best of her ability but most of all she would not annoy this client if she could help it. The door opened with a slow click of the latch, Laura opened the door and stepped inside holding the door to give the client the maximum amount of space to get inside. The client stepped through the door, his head was a gigantic mass of brown fur as he sniffed the room while lumbering inside. He glared at the wood and leather chairs with a snort. "No way, I'm going to be able to sit on that. I'll sit on the floor if it's alright with you, Doc." He quickly pushed the chairs and ottoman away as Laura left them alone. Dr. Lewis noticed that her information wasn't very clear. The paperwork said that the client was a grizzly bear, but that is much smaller than the Alaskan grizzly that lumbered into office. The male stood up to his eight feet of height before planting his rump on her carpeted floor, "Before we begin the boring introductions, I've got to ask you a serious question so we don't get off on the wrong foot. I've been reading up on this process, it's true anything I say here stays here right? So if I told you I killed and ate some humans then you couldn't say anything." The bear looked at her with a neutral expression. Jen returned the neutral gaze and spoke calmly, "I'm not allowed to disclose your personal information unless that information is going to be a matter of public safety. If you told me you were going to murder someone tomorrow, I would be forced to give that information to the police but if you told me that you killed someone in the past and have to no plans of doing it currently. I am legally bound to keep your information confidential." She spoke with forced neutrality as she noticed that each of the bear's paws were nearly the size of her head. "Sounds fair. My name is Terry. I was named 'Big Brown' by my human owners when I was a circus act. My name was changed to 'Akakabuto' when I was bought by a private owner out in Japan, then I was sold to a private owner back in the states where my name was changed to 'Terry' after the guy realized he didn't want a Japanese name for an American animal." The bear spoke out with a dismissive snort, "I can't stand how silly humans are when it comes to naming creatures. So, as part of my early release and good behavior I have to come here. So, Doc, how about you fix me?" Dr. Lewis adjusted her glasses and looked to the bear with a neutral expression, "Pleasure to meet you, Terry. I'm Doctor Jennifer Lewis, I'm going to be your therapist here for the foreseeable future. I'm very practiced in dealing with couples and individual counseling, I hope this will reflect in the counseling that both of us will go through together." She said with a warm smile. Terry gave a small grunt and scratched his chest, "Sounds fine. I guess this is the part where I pour my heart to you and we both have a good cry, right?" He said with a smirk before scooting closer to her desk. Dr. Lewis gave a soft chuckle, "That's only if you wish to talk about that, I'm more curious on what you would like to work on?" She asked while clicking her pen and looking up at the bear expectantly. "I guess I would say anger, every time I see humans I get a little annoyed. I'm big, I'm scary and my anger makes me a bit of a problem. Humans used to make me afraid of them when I was little cub with their weapons and whips. I can't really hunt or live out in the woods because too many of the civilized like to take off in the woods, and nothing feels more terrible than catching some deer and having him plead for his life." He glanced at doctor and smiled, "I figure you want ask me if I ate him or not, I didn't." He admitted. "I wasn't going to ask. I was thinking how shocking it would be if I was in your shoes." She said honestly, "I can understand how frustrating it must be, many predators have similar tales of going back to the wild and trying to re-adapt. Few succeed due to either under stimulation or trauma." She said while gazing at the frustrated bear sitting before her. "Well what do you think I should do? I'm having trouble fitting in with the humans. I don't even like going to work. So many humans crowded together and most of the jobs are just heavy lifting. My current job is the one I enjoy the most and it's a bouncer for a gay bar downtown." Terry grunted with a swelling of his chest that showed his pride, "Those humans are kinda strange but the rest of the bouncers don't give me much trouble." He confessed. "Hmmmmmmmm..." Doctor Lewis jotted down a few notes before speaking, "How do you feel inside of the bar? Do those humans annoy you as much as the crowds in the streets." Terry gave a grunt and used his long clawed to scratch under his chin in thought, "Not really for the most part those guys smell different and the bar smells aren't strong. The alcohol tastes good but it takes nearly half my pay to get properly drunk." He chuckled and thought to himself. "I burped in the bar once and caused one of the regulars to nearly faint." "Would you mind trying an experiment with me?" The doctor asked with a small hint of nervousness in her voice, she could tell that she messed up once Terry expression shifted from a relaxed state to an excited one. It only caused her to sweat a little more which intrigued the bear more as he leaned over the desk just inches away from her face. "Doctor... I can smell your nervousness." Terry gave a very human-like grin, "You're sweating more as I get closer, you seem more flustered. I must be the biggest client you've had, at this close I can smell what you've been working with so far. Several dogs, a lion, a sow that smells of ink and well now this is interesting..." Terry paused and took a deeper smell. "...A human female and a male house cat." He chuckled at the absurdity of it all. "Y-yes. I have a large amount of patients from all walks of life and you are the tallest of my clients." Dr. Lewis admitted while trying to calm herself. "My suggestion to you..." She said not backing away from the bear partially in fear of his reaction and partially from her commitment to helping him. "I want you to go into the club on your off day and socialize with the humans there. You don't have to make a friend on your first attempt but at least socialize. Would you be interested in trying?" She said finally getting the words out and slowly calming herself down. Terry gave a small sigh while moaning, "Buuuuut doc, humans are stinky and mean." He whined playfully while pulling his muzzle away from the doctor, he was amused that she was able to swallow her fear of him to even instruct him. "Ok. In all seriousness I believe that this is going to end badly, but I couldn't think of a better place to start I guess. A bunch of sweaty humans too worried about trying to do each other to notice me." He chuckled loudly causing his fur to sway with each movement of his body. Dr. Lewis gave him a winning smile, "Well I think that we have a game plan. But we still have time so, if you would like to get anything off of you chest I'm willing to listen." She said while jotting down the work that she did with the bear. Terry cleared his throat before speaking. "I did have another issue that has been bugging me for a while.." His gaze lowered to the human in front of him as he spoke. "What's a relationship like?" He turned away from her as he spoke, not looking forward to any mocking expression that the doctor had. "Well, relationships come in a variety of flavors; friends, romantics relations, even some stranger than that." She glanced down at her paperwork to with a few notes on brown bear social habits in the wild. "Normally your species in the wild have fleeting relationships compared to humans, lasting no longer than a few weeks. Humans are a primarily monogamous species with long spanning relationships that can last our entire lives." Terry gave a grunt and chuckled, "I see... I was curious since I've been working at the bar I've seen men with all kinds of uplifted, Horses and dogs seem to be pretty popular but what makes me curious is the amount of happy couples. My supervisor who is a gay human started a relationship with this crazy large reindeer, the guy couldn't even get in the bar easily because of the horns." Terry continued to chuckle. Dr. Lewis chuckled herself as she jotted down more notes, "I'm going to give you my early opinion from what I can see of you." She noticed that the bear stood still in rapt attention, this was her time to set the template for the rest of their session. "I see you as a person that would be able to mingle in human society but you are missing something. It could be romance, it could be a purpose that drives you to work." She said with a small grin on her face. Terry nodded before standing up to his full height, "I see..." He said while using his claws to scratch at his belly, "I'll give it a shot. Can I end this session a little short, I've gotta cover the late shift and I don't want keep my ride waiting." He said as he desired to leave before the doctor prodded too deeply into his life. "That's fine Terry, but before you leave I would like you to take this worksheet. I know writing can be difficult for many but this sheet has simple bubbles to fill out so even if you have trouble you can just press or punch out the holes to the sheet." Jen said with a confident smile on her face. Terry took the sheet into his claws and sighed, "Ehhh... Fine, I'll do homework." He groaned teasingly before letting out a loud yawn that caused the doctor to flinch before grinning. "Got you." He chuckled before dropping to all fours to lumber over to the door. He was thankful at the lever design of the door as he just pressed the handle and lumbered out quietly. Spitfire Bar, Tuesday 2:27am. Terry grunted, watching most of the patrons leave as the lights came on. He gazed around the bar with a curious expression. With the crowd thinned he decided he would try being a little more sociable with the lingering customers. The night had been a quiet one with no one needing to be thrown out. Terry's shift wasn't over yet but he didn't have much to do but wait for the rest of the workers to finish their shift and the manager to finishing counting up the night's earnings. Soft music was playing and the overpowering smell of human sexual tension hung in the air like a mocking cloud around the bar. He sat across from his boss while the short balding Caucasian human with coke bottle glasses counted the earning quickly. "Mark, I gotta question for you." Terry called to the man. "I can't spot you a raise but you can drink a little on the house." Mark grunted while flipping through the ones. "I'll help myself to the drinks but I have something more curious on my mind. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said something I want to bounce off of you." Terry grabbed and slid a bowl under the bar's tap before pouring himself a bowl of some local brew. "Go for it, I'm still listening." Terry said taking a moment to glance at the large bear. "Well my doctor said I need to find a purpose. I think eating and not getting shot by humans is good enough, but she mentioned a relationship. Only human I can stand enough to even ask about this is you. What's it like being with your partner." Terry asked feeling a bit embarrassed at his boss's blush in response. The human chuckled while rubbing his head, "Well... I met Ahanu a few years after I started working in this bar. It was my off day and I wasn't into animals. Ahanu wasn't into humans but we started talking and just hit it off." "You are both males. I've seen some caribou before, even eaten a few but none his size. You are small and kinda frail while I wouldn't want to fight with reindeer of his size." Terry admitted with a grin on his muzzle. "Tell me how you really feel, Terry." Mark grumbled sarcastically before glance back at the money. "Ahanu makes me feel good. He is a little stoic outside the home but he is very protective and nurturing." "So, does that make you the female in the relationship?" Terry wondered while lapping at the bowl of alcohol. "Don't make me fire you, there is no female in the relationship." Mark said sternly while bagging up the money. "I know that you are a little unused to humans but most homosexuals hearing something like that would get insulted." "I see..." Terry said staring into the glass bowl thoughtfully. "Don't over think it. I think that you might be better talking to Ahanu. The big lug is about as blunt and insensitive as you are at times." Mark chuckled, "Once I put up the money I'll clock you out, then you can meet me out back. Ahanu should be here by then." Terry watched as the man slowly descended the stairs near the counter into the money room. The bear quickly finished the foul tasting liquid, the awful substance was a nightmare on his pallet but it was enough to keep his mind off of the budding discomfort he felt speaking to his manager. The large bear made his way outside with a tired grunt, his nose picked up a familiar smell as he stepped out. Strutting into the alleyway was a large, antler-less caribou approaching him. the caribou paused and gave a friendly snort to the bear. "Hey, Uh, Ahanu." Terry said feeling strange at seeing the large male without a pair antlers still stretching out of his head. They stared at each other for a minute in a simple moment of predator and prey sizing each other up. "Hello." Ahanu grumbled out with a small bit of an accent with his more rounded muzzle taking more effort to speak the words than Terry. "So do you need another ride home?" "No, I'm probably going to walk." Terry said as his own tense nature caused the other male to sniff him a little more intently. "Ah." The Caribou spoke simply while looking toward the door and waiting for his lover to exit, it was an uncomfortable silent wait before Mark exited the door and finished locking up. The human entered the alleyway with a grin on their face as they glanced at the Caribou, "Hey Ahanu. From the silence I'm going to guess that our ursine friend didn't ask you anything." Ahanu shook his head, "Nope." Terry shrugged, "I was getting around to it." Terry paused for a bit before speaking, "Wait, what was I supposed to be asking?" Mark pinched his nose for a moment before grinning, "Ahanu, Terry wants to know about relationship and what things that encompass being in a such a relationship." Ahanu leaned his head back and gave a loud chuckle, a very strange sight in the post-uplifted world. "Really...? Ok. Ok. I think I can help. Call Eric and set them up." Ahanu bellowed with a good natured chuckle. Mark rubbed his balding head and started to make a call, he stepped away from the pair and leaning against his pickup truck. While Mark was busy on the phone Ahanu turned his gazed to the large bear with a grin as the pair once again stood in silence. "I'm just going tell you, since you aren't going to ask and are just standing their like a big brown lump." Ahanu grunted with annoyance at the bear. "I'm going to tell you about them. They are male and have a fascination with bears; both the human kind and the ones like you." "What? You're setting me up with a male? I'm not gay, what would make you think that I am?" Terry shouted loud enough that his voice echoed around the alleyway. "We don't, but we think you could use someone that would brighten up that normally grumpy face." Ahanu stated calmly as Mark returned from his call. The human glanced from the bear to the caribou with a smile on his face while he rubbed the top of his head. "Well I spoke to Eric, he was so excited when I told him about Terry that he wanted to meet tonight but I'm tired and don't feel like driving two places. Would you be opposed to spending the night with Eric, he lives right on the way to my place." Mark said with hope coloring his voice as he seemed to sag even while standing before both of the large creatures. "I don't know... He might try to date rape me or beat me up. I'm scared." Terry said sarcastically. Mark snorted, "Yeah. I could see it now, the big bear beaten by a guy I think I could probably take in a fight." "Eric would win." Ahanu said as he walked to the back of Mark's truck before laying down, Terry quickly joined him before sitting down. Ahanu watched as the large bear gazed down at him with a questioning expression on his face. "Something on your mind?" Ahanu asked as the truck's motor roared to life. "You're Caribou, human have hunted your kind for a long time. How are you just so comfortable with them?" Terry asked bluntly. "Same way I'm comfortable with you. Human still eat my kind and so do bears. You've even insensitively mentioned that you've personally eaten a few of my kind, so what am I to do? Attack you? Hate every bear that I pass on the street?" Ahanu snorted loudly. "You uh, heard that?" Terry grunted bashfully. "You are pretty loud so I heard it easily." The Caribou remarked, "My advice is grow some thicker skin. Humans screwing you over in the past is true of most of us but you are living in a human city, eating human-made food, riding in a human vehicle, and you have the capability to talk and rationalize things because of humans. Take the good with the bad." Ahanu rose his head, "Thanks to humans, I can sit here without worrying that you'll go for my neck." "Thicker skin, huh?" Terry rubbed a paw against his belly in thought. "Hmpf." Terry grunted as night air billowed over his fur. The rushing lights of the street and the curious glances of humans whenever they reached a stoplight. The ride was bumpy but short as they arrived at a small house in a idyllic suburban neighborhood. The truck parked in a driveway of a large red brick house with a matching garage. Terry watched as Mark got out of the car and opened rear door for Terry to disembark the truck. He grunted as he moved on all fours to solid ground, and he lumbered up to the door before turning around to notice that Mark simply drove off, leaving him at the front door alone. "Oh thanks Mark. Sure, Terry, I normally just drop my friends off and ditch them without introduction." Terry grumbled before reaching the door, he lazily slapped a paw against the door. Terry flinched at the sound of scraping on the other side of the door. "Who is it?" A soft female voice called out, even with his acute hearing Terry could barely hear her. "Terry, I'm supposed to meet someone named Eric. I'm Mark's employee." Terry grunted out before a soft click reach his ears and the door opened. A man dressed in a fuzzy brown robe with equally fuzzy slippers stood in the doorway, he gazed at Terry nervously while Terry just stared at him in silence. The only noise around the two was the soft chirping of crickets as they looked at each other. "Are we just going to stare at each other or what?" Terry said trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice. "Thank God." Eric said with a slow release of breath. "What?" Terry asked. "Well... I wasn't sure if you were uplifted or not. There are bears in the area and I didn't want to get mauled by thinking you were something you weren't." Eric said nervously as he opened the door. "Bears don't just run around mauling people." Terry said while lumbering to the door frame, he squeezed his way into the door with a grunt. "What's with humans and having these stupidly narrow door ways?" Terry said while trying to fit his wide frame through the door. "It's an old house before people started remodeling with larger creatures in mind." Eric placed a hand over his mouth while staring at Terry, the soft musk of fear spiked from him. "I am a creature, what did you expect me to get mad and maul you for pointing out the obviou-omph!" Terry slipped on the tile as he managed to fit his butt through the frame. "Are you ok?" Eric asked crouching down to look at the fallen bear. "Just a little crack in my pride. So, where can I sleep?" Terry said while standing back on all fours. The feeling of the cool air conditioning on his fur felt way better than the cheap one back at his apartment. "You can have the living room, my roommate has the upstairs so... unless you have to go--" Eric thought for a second before speaking, "Do you know how to use a toilet? Can you even sit on one?" "Um... Do you really want to know that? I gotta admit I was expecting something more strange when Mark told me about you." Terry said following Eric into the living room, his eyes widened as he looked at the room. The painting above the floor model television was of a bear sitting in a forest, bear plush toys were piled in a corner and a few bear figurines dotted the windowsills. A fake bear skin rug was on the floor with pink ribbons tied to the ears. Terry blanched in the doorway as he gazed over the bear themed room, the smell of fear from the human was almost suffocating. "Mama....?" Terry said looking down at the rug, "Noooooo." He said in complete deadpan. "I can explain, I just-- I mean it's not real, It's just a rug that I found and, and, and--" Eric started to stammer incoherently as he watched the bear sniffing the rug. "Calm down, I'm just making a joke." Terry rumbled before plopping on top of the rug, the couch would probably break under his weight and he didn't want t risk owing Eric for anything broken. "Oh right... a joke, Sorry I just must have missed the humor in your voice. Can I get you anything? A drink or a blanket? Maybe some food?" Eric said. "Don't let him touch my fish or I swear to Bastet I'll eat you alive!" A shout came from the top floor. "Bastet?" Terry asked unsure if he heard the roar above them. "My landlord is a cougar, who doesn't know anything about Egyptian religion. She thinks Bastet is the god of the dead and I don't have the heart to correct her." Eric grinned. "I didn't think I would hear the day that an uplift was religious. I thought that was more of a human thing," Terry said while reaching a claw down to scratch his belly, "If the food offer is still on the plate, I wouldn't mind if you got me anything to drink and some strong alcohol if you got it." Eric nodded before stepping into the kitchen connected to the living room. Eric grabbed a few apples from the refrigerator along with a bottle of cheap wine. Eric stepped back to find that Terry was laying on his back rubbing against the floor to scratch some sort of itch. "So how do you know Mark, you don't seem like one of the people that would come to his place of work?" Terry asked as Eric placed the food in front of him. "Um, I know him because I used to DJ there, but when I moved on to better work we kept in contact. It's kind of funny because we have met once before, Terry." Eric said sitting on the couch. "We did?" Terry said as he took a whole apple into his mouth, he chewed messily. "Yeah. There was a bar fight in the club, you knocked one guy down and on the turn away to toss the other one out you clocked me with your arms mid swing." Eric said rubbing the side of his head in memory. Terry chewed another apple while mumbling out a half-hearted apology, he gazed at the human with a small bit of curiosity. The house coat made Eric look like a skinny bear and the strong scent of sweat that clung to him reminded him of a weaker bear. Terry snorted as he swallowed down the final apple. "I got yelled at about that but that is not important right now, what's with all the bear shit? You got some sort of crush on me or something?" Terry grunted in annoyance. "I have a thing for bears in general. I will admit that I started to visit mark more often because of your sudden appearance as the new bouncer. At least you can open doors. The last bouncer was a mountain goat, he couldn't open the doors to help anyone out." Eric chuckled. "I see." Terry regarded the human curiously, "So what about us do you like?" "I mean I've met so many cool uplifts since the whole thing started, and when I go to work I work with a bunch of polar bears. I work at a petting zoo for Uplift to find work and for children to get used to them." Eric said sitting down on the couch. "Hmm..." Terry thought back to the word of his therapist. "I'm going to ask a weird question, but I want your honest opinion on it." Eric started to sweat from the seriousness in Terry's tone. "Sure." Terry rolled on his side and noticed that the human's eyes immediately drifted to his crotch. He ignored the blatant staring. He received worse at his job daily from humans, but he took a moment to look at Eric who was laying across the couch looking down at him with small bead of sweat dotting his forehead. "My friend thinks that I should be giving humans another chance. I know it's none of your business but I forgot to try out their recommendation at the bar so I'm talking to you." Terry grumbled while looking up at the light in the room. "Ok. So I'm like your therapist." Eric said "Well you aren't as dark and you lack the whole breast thing that humans seem to love dangling around even when they don't have kids." Terry snorted. "You work in a gay bar. I wouldn't have guess tits were your thing." Eric shot back with a nervous chuckle. "I work in a gay bar. It's not like I use it the same way as the drunks I keep safe. I'm not sure where I stand. I look at some of those people and some of those animals-- I just wonder how it would be to adjust properly. I mean I have an apartment. I pay taxes and all that shit." Terry grumbled. "But you're bored and a little bit lonely?" Eric said with a little bit of hopefulness in his voice. "Here I am trying to talk about life and you're already thinking about your crotch." Terry snorted smelling the arousal from the human near him. "S-Sorry." Eric said closing his leg together which only helped to push another whiff of his musk toward the bear. "It's fine. I'm surrounded by horny humans on a daily basis, just reminds me of work." Terry said while looking at Eric with a deadpan grin. "What?" Eric said cautiously as his fear rose with his excitement. "I've talked a little bit about my situation, it's your turn. I'm trying this whole friends with human's thing." Terry said scratching his chin before scooting closer. "What do you want to know?" Eric said nervously. "I'm not picky but since you pretty much keep getting aroused the more I talk to you. Talk about that." Terry said with a grin that resembled a snarl to the sweating human. "Well, um. You know, it's like--" Eric said. "Nope, nope, and very nope. I work in a gay bar as you said. Do you know how many drunk humans I have to remove that were screwing in the bathroom. I get the function, so explain what's got you so horny. I mean if you want to get laid, just go screw your landlord." Terry said. "Well I'm gay." Eric said. "Obviously, you go to gay bars and know Mark. I think I'm the only person who isn't gay that Mark talks to on the regular. Go on and stop avoiding the subject." Terry urged. "You are hot. I mean you are big, you've got a fuzzy gut but I like that. You've got big arms and well I have a thing for bigger guys." Eric answered, "Like I would just love to pet you or something if it wasn't offensive." Terry snorted, "I'm pretty much crashing at your place for the night so If you want to pet me go wild. It's not like you can really hurt me without a gun or a really big knife." "Really?!" Eric voice rose several octaves as he reached down to rub his hands over the chest of the bear. "Yep but let's make it amusing, I already told you a little bit of what I was told to do, but I'm curious about you, my discount therapist. What's a relationship like? Like let's just say you and I were in a relationship, what would we do?" Terry asked out of genuine curiosity. "Well... I would do whatever you wanted. I am really a please-er kinda boyfriend. I'm happy with the company and I really like a take charge top." Eric said with a bit of smile. "You being a bear is like all of my fantasies, but being a tough as you are makes me safe." "Not really what I expected," Terry said feeling a little amused, a human that didn't want to use him for anything seemed like a lie. "So what do you get out of it?" "Um... You as my boyfriend. It's a fantasy, I wouldn't mind being able to kiss your muzzle and wake up to your warm body every morning." Eric admitted. Terry felt the hands roaming along his body as he contemplated the human rubbing him. He was small, chubby, male, lacked any sort of muscle, couldn't bear him children, and the list or reasons that he should deny that offer were stacking in his mind. The bear thought about the doctor's words in his head, the annoying advice of hers started to grate on his mind. "Did I say something wrong." Eric asked as the bear just stared at him. "Fine. We can try it out, but no weird stuff, no cages, no pens, you can't ride me, I don't want any ropes, I don't take orders from you and you don't own me." Terry said listing out everything he could remember that sucked about humans. "Just like that?" Eric said, "Aren't you straight?" "I don't know, I'm not exactly mating with female bears and I can't take care of an uplifted cub on my budget. My food bill alone is nearly four digits." Terry thought about it. "Ouch. Well... Wanna continue with the questions? You seem pretty curious and I'm kinda enjoying the game." Eric chuckled, his relief giving way to a strong amount of arousal that came off of him in waves which clashed with the salty scent of human excitement. "You are waaay more focused on your lust, but since we are a couple. You'll come to my therapy session so I can rub it in my doctor's face, right?" Terry snickered thinking about how he would rub it into her face that he got a human companion the next day. "I'll come along, as I don't have work." Eric said before sliding off the couch to rest on top of Terry, the bear flinched from the sudden weight on his belly. "What are you doing?" Terry asked, feeling the human's warmth against his own body. Six Days Later... Dr. Lewis stared at the scene before her with a mixture of confusion and amusement. She gazed at Terry and his friend who was sitting next to him. "Did you finish the worksheet?" Dr. Lewis asked with a smile. "Eric helped me out with it but I'm still getting used to having him visit me. It's kinda weird but I didn't kill him or beat him up or nothing." Terry said feeling proud of himself as he held his head up high with no small measure of smugness. Dr. Lewis looked over the sheet with a smile, "So tell me about how things have been going over the week." "Oh they have been going pretty good, I'm learning this whole relationship thing. I've been learning about lube, spanking, muscle worship and domina--" Terry was cut off as Eric poked him in the side. "I'm going to die of embarrassment if you just list them out like that. I thought you were the one who said 'be professional'!" Eric whined a bit while sweating nervously in the chair. "It's fine Mr. Stevenson. I can assure you that anything that is said in here is purely confidential." Dr. Lewis smiled to reassure the man. Eric swallowed before looking the doctor in the eye. "I'm pretty happy that I made friends with Terry. I'm even more excited that he just chose to give me a shot. Even if it's because I'm not that intimidating." "I'm glad that the both of you have a good thing going, just be sure to take it slow and learn one another. Have you two been on a date yet?" Jen asked with a smile, even though her job was to help out the ursine male. She still wanted to get under his skin a little bit. "Oh yeah. We took a trip out to the wood and had a camping thing. It was the first time I had sex with a human. It was kinda okay but the screaming bothered me a bit." Terry said. "Because you didn't use lube!" Eric snarled, "I was sleeping when you decided that it was time to mount me!" "Because you said I could have sex any time I wanted and all I could smell was your arousal so I just tried it out." Terry groaned while scratching at his chin. "I mean... well... yeah." Eric calmed down but the redness in his face was a beacon of his embarrassment. "So I'm cured right, I don't need to come back any more do I?" Terry said patting Eric on the head for emphasis. "You are still considered on probation so you'll have to see my smiling face for the remainder of the year." Jen said with a bit of humor in her voice. "You don't seem nearly as nervous around me as you did the first time." Terry snorted, "Did I lose weight or something." "Nothing like that, you just seem like you are happier and it relaxes me a--" Terry let out a loud roar that caused both of the humans to flinch in their chairs, He leaned back before giving his stomach an idle scratch. "Oh... Did that scare you? I was just giving a loud yawn. Can I end today's session a little early? My human says we need to buy lube today so his ass won't bleed." "Yes you may... I might need some heart medication if this is a yawn." Jen said with layers of sarcasm on each word. "Did you really have to be so explicit about our sex lives?" Eric said as the pair got up to leave. "She is a sex therapist and a therapist. Who else was I going to tell? Oh wait, I could tell Mark!" Terry said as he squeezed through the door. "Don't you freaking dare!" Was the last thing Jen heard as she leaned back in her chair and tried to slow her pounding heart. She would have to watch herself around her new patients but his progress did give her hope for future cases. ------------------------------ Saint Francis Files 5: Nana #7 of Saint Francis Stories A Shetland Pony finds herself at a loss for employment. Meet Nana the Unemployed Horse! Proofread by the stellar and awesome Dumpaup "Ok... Hold on to the reigns but not too tight. Just a loose grip." The chestnut American Shetland, Nana, spoke to the child gripping her reigns as if she would toss him to the ground. She turned her head to gaze at the little girl on her back. "I'm scared." The chubby child said keeping her head low and her eyes closed tightly. "We can stop if you like?" Nana asked as the little girl shook her head. "No, then billy will make fun of me." The girl whined. "I'll go a little slower, just hold on to my reins and give a little tug in the direction you want me to go." Nana smiled, a human gesture that she was still trying to master. Nana walked along the trail as the little girl tugged her closer to a large Clydesdale mare, Mona was one of her coworkers and a popular choice with the humans on the trails. Nana noticed the burly man sitting on Mona's back as they neared each other. Mona was so tall that Nana had to crane her neck higher just to hear the muscular draft horse speak. "Psst Nana." "Hmmm?" "Please tell me that you watched that cloning video I sent you last night." "Yes..." "Do you think I have a clone somewhere? I mean, they have been cloning dogs for a few years..." "No Mona... I don't think you have a clone. Even in the video they mentioned that it cost more than our entire salary over five years to clone a dog." "But what if?" Nana started to trot a little faster. She had to get away from the paranoid mare or she would lose her own mind. She started to trot ahead over the well-trodden path, the stable was just a mile away. Nana heard a whimper and the arid scent of human urine reached her nose before she felt the liquid pouring down her back. "I'm sorry." The little girl said. Nana silently made her way back to the farm, she mumbled under her breath about her working conditions. She daydreamed suing her job for mistreatment and discrimination, none of the humans had to give rides. It didn't take long before she was standing around the various children and parents looking for a ride. The large brick stable was a welcome relief as humans helped the piss soaked girl off of her back. Her boss stepped up from the crowd as they strode off with the next caravan of horses preparing to take the trail. He was a chubby tanned human with missing hair. She couldn't help but think of a turtle with the way his head was kept low. "Nana... head back to the stables. I'll get you washed down and you can go home." Peter sighed. "I have three more hours till my shift is over." Nana grumbled moving to her personal stall in the back. "Not anymore... We aren't getting nearly as many customers since the uplift rights bill was passed. Fewer people feel comfortable riding on the back of a horse that can talk. I'm sure you noticed less and less people willing to pay for rides or horse riding lessons." Peter pulled the nozzle from the wall. "So what happens to us? Some of us became uplifted at this farm." Nana groaned as she felt the warm water cascading over her body. "Nothing I can do about it. It cost money to keep you all paid and I still have to cover rent, utilities, protests and shrinking customers." Peter groaned while rubbing a little soap on the mare. "So how long do we have?" Nana asked nervously, the sudden threat of unemployment felt like daggers in her gut. "Maybe another two weeks before I have to close shop and still have enough money to eat. Trust me, this stable has been in my family as far back as I can trace their history, but it's time as a business is over. I can't exactly breed horses without getting labeled a monster, and I can't do the riding without being propped up as a slave owner..." Peter finished drying her off and helped her place on her jacket, the fur-lined winter blanket was modified to fit snugly on her frame. "Well, I guess I'll go looking for work. I'm sure there is a ton of jobs for fingerless creatures in human society." Nana grumbled. "Oh yes, just about as many jobs as their old farmers without college degrees." Peter rolled his eyes, "We all are going to be sucking lemons for a while. Can you imagine Mona being out there on her own?" "Tinfoil hat, sitting in a room watching videos on how horses are still being made into glue." Nana sighed as she stepped out the back entrance to the barn. She stepped outside to see bright red truck pulling up to the farm, a tanned male with a yellow hand poked his head out with a grin. "You're out early, I was hoping to play a few games before I had to haul your fat-ass back to the house." "I don't wanna hear fat jokes from a guy who probably can't see his own dick when he showers." Nana grinned. "Pffft, Please tell me about the times you saw anything on you backside." The male chuckled while stepping out of the truck to open up the horse trailer. "Fair point but I'm made that way, can't say the same for you, Brian." Nana teased. "Har Har. Anyway, let's go home. I got a date tonight and I wanna get home so I can get ready in time." Brian shut the gate. Nana watched as the red greens and yellows of autumn gave way to the shiny building and hard concrete. Nana looked out on dogs roaming the streets with little back packs, bears sat at coffee shops with humans and she even noticed several pandas with cameras being lead by tourists as they snapped pictures of the city. They entered the parking garage near her home, Brian snapped opened the gate with a smile. "Her highness is home." Brian bowed with a bit of humor. "Oh, Jester Brian, you are so kind to the unemployed queen." Brian's expression sobered, "Unemployed? Well, what's the game plan?" "Panhandle? Become a drug dealer? Become a stripper?" Nana snorted as they walked inside of the apartments across the street. "You are too mean to panhandle, you don't even know what drugs work for what animals, and stripper..." Brian roared out laughter while opening the rounded door. "What, you don't think I'm pretty?" Nana scoffed. "Maybe for a horse, but in the city the only thing you are going to strip for is bored dogs and humans that have a fetish for big girls. Why not try doing something that is better for hand less uplifts." Brian started washing his face in the bathroom. Nana walked over to the computer sitting in the corner with a large plastic stick jutting from the edge of the desk. She placed her mouth over the stick and started to move the device, she continued to search for a job. ~ "Please go inside, Nolan will see you." The bubbly secretary spoke as Nana stood nervously in the middle of the office. Nana walked into the room, she noticed a man sitting at the desk with a note pad. He raised an eyebrow at the small mare. She looked like a she would break if the wind blew too hard against her. "Miss Nana, after looking over your resume, I think that you definitely have the experience that would help out our mares but I have to ask. Why does this job stand out to you?" Nolan said. Nana look a deep breath before she answered, "I've been living in this city since I was a filly. I've seen first hand how difficult it is trying to get around. Even broken sewer grate could be a fatal fall, the strange glances of other uplifts and humans trying to figure out if you are stupid or uplifted. I want to help the new uplifts get adjusted." Nolan nodded, "Well you can start today, You'll be shadowing Robert. He should be in his office three doors down from my own. Welcome to the Saint Francis Family." Nana thanked the man before quickly trotting out of the office, her body shuddered in excitement as she forced herself not to canter in excitement. Nana stepped a few doors down to the office, A placard on the door read : 'Dr. Robert Alm'. Nana pressed hoof on the door level before pushing her way in. Nana eyes widened as she watched a short dark skinned male pinning a panda to the ground. The panda was squirming around as the male used his knees to keep him on the ground. Nana just stood frozen in the doorway as both of the males laughed. "Okay Rob, you win." The panda said while wheezing. "Of course I did. Now we are eating at Panda Express. See you after work." Rob looked up while lifting himself off of the bear, he reached down to pick up the panda. Rob dusted the fur off of his body before regarding the mare, she watched as the panda wandered around her to leave. Robert blushed while sitting back at his desk, "I hope I didn't worry you with my... team building exercise." "I hope that you aren't going wrestle me like that, I don't think I saw that in the job description." Nana commented approaching the desk. "Oh! you are my new assistant?" Robert rubbed his face in embarrassment, "I promise I'm usually less intense than this." "It's fine, I'm really just unsure of what I'm going to be doing 'shadowing' you." "Oh that is simple, I'm human and you are Equine-American. We are going to head down to the auditorium, speak with a group of equines who are learning to adjust to the city made mostly for humans. Speak up where you feel a need to and be my insight into equine behaviors." "Ok. I think I understand. When do I start?" Robert stood up with a goofy grin on his face, "Might as well begin now. We still have a few minutes before everyone arrives, but you can meet the early crew." Nana was lead through the spacious corridors of the psychology center. She noticed that the doors were designed with a more oval shape. The smell of the various animals drifted to her nose. She could smell wolves, dogs, cows and many others she couldn't place. As the reached the end of the hallway, Robert smiled as he opened the door. Nana noticed that staring back at her was the most pristine white horse she had ever seen. The horse was male and clearly much larger than she was, every step she took in the spacious room echoed as she nervously approached the male. "H-Hi." The male said while gazing to the sides, direct eye contact was one of the first things that Nana had to get used to in the human society. "Hello, Thomas." Robert said while pulling a chair from the wall, "This is Nana. Try introducing yourself." Thomas paused before flicking his tail and taking a step backward. Nana watched as the equine male seemed to think hard on the prospect of introducing himself. "I don't want her stallion to beat me up." "I don't have a stallion, I'm a city mare. Just relax and tell me about yourself." "You're an adult?" Thomas said while turning slowly to regard her. "I know I'm small but you don't have to twist the knife so deep." Nana joked. "Oh no, I mean that, I'm, uh...." Thomas paused again while striding over to the large water trough set aside, he drank quickly to cover his growing fear. Another set of hooves brought Nana attention behind her. She watched as a large cow strolled her way into the area. The cow didn't greet anyone but moved to a large table with various vegetables spread across it. She ate quietly. Nana decided to leave the shy stallion alone as she stepped to the side the cow to speak to her, the cow turned to Nana and smiled. "Yer kinda tiny for a long face. My name is Cinnamon but you can call me Cin. I decided to take this program on account that I've been told just shitting where I damn well please is something humans don't like. Well fuck me if it wasn't what I was doing when they was pumpin babies in me and eatin' em. Ah, I won't bore you with the details but to avoid spending time in jail I have to come here and listen to some shitty human speak about their shitty culture." Cinnamon grumbled. "You don't like humans?" Nana asked. "I like humans well enough, I just don't like city dwellers. I wouldn't even have been in the city if it wasn't for the fact my vet decided to move out here. I ain't like some of those other cattle, I read and I know the fact we even have so many of us is because humans have been having us fuck like rabbits to eat us. Now they still trying to keep some of us dumb so there isn't a riot or somethin'." Cinnamon said while crunching half of an apple in her mouth. "Wow... I uh..." Nana didn't know what to say but her attention was brought to the next one to enter. "Well hello everyone, I can't believe that there are so many people here." A blue painted Saanen goat female stepped into the room. "Okay, okay, I know someone in here watched the Bills game. By a show of hooves, please tell me that someone at least likes sports." The goat bleated excitedly. Cinnamon spoke up, "Yer aren't fooling me small horns, you don't know a thing about football." "Says you! I'm getting along with human society far better than a fatass who can't hold her shit in." The goat replied. "Let's see you say that when I knock the little pellets outta you--" Both animals winced as Robert whistled, "Ladies, ladies, we aren't here to fight. I wanted to introduce my assistant before we begin with the first part of my class. Nana, you have the floor." Nana steeled herself before all of the eyes turned to her, "I'm Nana, I'm an uplift just like you, I live in the city and I've been working as a training horse for children until recently. I live in an apartment with a human." The growing silence in the room was quickly broken by Robert, "Think of Nana as your animal contact, I know a few of you have raised concerns about a human running the class and even more were upset when my last assistance was a wolf. I think that Nana being neither a human or a wolf would make a great edition to our class." "Man and I was just talking shit about the humans. Don't rat me out too early." Cinnamon gave a pleased snort. "Doc, how did you find a midget horse? I didn't think they made em that small." "N-nice to meet you, Nana." Thomas said kindly. Robert smiled as he placed his seat against the far wall, "Why don't you introduce yourselves and tell Nana what you hope to get out of this group therapy." "My name is Thomas, I really hope to get a bit of city learning. My boyfriend suggested it after I was hit by a motorcycle because... I didn't understand street signs." Thomas sheepishly lowered his head. "My name is Cinnamon. I just hoping you tell me where I can properly take a shit and keep me from violating my parole." Cinnamon let out a dismissive snort. "My name is Sally, like the overweight steak next to me. I'm on parole but mine is for uh.... public indecency." Sally said. "Nu uh, don't lump my crime with yours. I got it for taking a dump in a park, you got it for screwing humans in parking garage. Very different." Cinnamon said. "How was I supposed to know, I wanted the forty dollars, do you know much that buys here? I would have had enough apples till next week." Nana looked at Robert hoping for some sort of direction but the man simply smiled, "Did you all do your homework from our last session?" Sally bound up to the doctor, she nearly slipped on the tile as she smiled. "I wanna go first, I did something awesome." "Go on." "So I came to the city last week and I opened up a bank account. I have five whole dollars in it. The nice man even taught me about money." Sally said beaming proudly. Cinnamon shifted uncomfortably, "I saw a movie. I know how to use money but I saw a some war movie, I fell asleep but I did something in the city." Thomas kept his gaze off of everyone but spoke softly. "I got hired for a job, it's my first one but my boyfriend thought I would good at it. I start tomorrow." Nana decided to speak up, " What kind of job did you get?" "I am working as a dancer at a club, my boyfriend is a bartender there. I used to be show horse so I can canter a little bit. It's called the burning Saddles Saloon." Thomas smiled. "Isn't that a gay bar?" Nana said. "I um... I'm so used to collections that I um, I can't.... enjoy myself without that kind of stimulation." Thomas suddenly seemed to find the floor the most interesting thing in the world. Nana suppressed a stomp of displeasure at the idea of such a muscular stallion being off the table, "I think we should continue with the lesson." Robert nodded as he clapped his hands, "So for now, I'm going to explain how proper traffic safety and proper uses of money. When this is over I will allow Nana to answer some questions as a horse that lives in our lovely city. " Robert went through the explanation and most of the animals seem to take in his instructions. Several of the animals seemed more relaxed as he started talking, Nana watched as the animals would raise their heads to ask questions. She noticed that Thomas seems to be asking questions that directly helped him navigate the city, Sally seem to be focused on learning about humans and their city, but she noticed that Cinnamon didn't ask a single question. "Now that you know a little bit of economy and navigation, feel free to ask our city dwelling assistant a few questions." Robert finished before standing up, "I'll be in my office filling out your parole sheet, I'll be back in a few minutes so behave yourself." The moment he shut the door behind him Cinnamon turned to Thomas, "You can go first." Thomas nodded before looking away from Nana, "I wanted to ask-." "Look me in the eye, it's a little weird but humans think of others who don't look them in the eyes as liars." Nana said. Thomas slowly rose his head to take a look into the mare's eyes, "I wanted to ask, how do you get used to being so big around the tiny humans. I mean even being a small horse you just aren't built for everything. I have trouble trying to get into building that still have the old door knobs." Nana nodded, "I have the same problem with doorknobs but I found if I can't get a human to help. I bite on the handle and turn, once you get the door open then you can use hoof to keep it from closing again. It's complicated but when you do it enough times you get used to it." "That's all I got, I don't really know what else to ask." Thomas admitted. "I got a question." Cinnamon perked up. "Shoot." Nana said. "So are you familiar with JTRHNBR?" "Sounds like a sneeze." Nana answered honestly. Thomas snorted, "Don't you think that's a little rude to bring up?" Sally snorted, "Well I'm a little short for it but I think that's part of my appeal to the humans." "Is this some sort of sex position...?" Nana said. "JTRHNBR means, 'Just the right height, no bucket required.' It's a human term for animals that they don't need to stand on a bucket to bang. Even the farm hand where I live has to get a box before he gets started." "Surprised they don't need a crane. Most humans just have to squat to get between my legs." "Are we really talking about this?" Thomas interjected "Why not? We have a city girl here. She can give us all the fun details of the human's in the city. All of us know of the farm life, I think we could tell her a little bit about what we know." Cinnamon chuckled, "How about it, long face, let's gossip a bit?" Nana sighed and thought of the pay she was a receive when she put in her time, "Okay, let's gossip. But don't get me fired, alright?" "This is a therapy session so they can't use anything against you unless you tell us to go into a slaughter house or something like that." Cinnamon said. "Fat as you are? You can feed a family of ten." Sally chuckled. "At least I don't wait around colleges for frat parties so human's might take me to a hazing." Cinnamon said while pressed her head against the smaller goats head. "Break it up. I don't want you both to go back to jail." Thomas said before turning to meet Nana's gaze. "These two live at the same farm, it's a few miles down from where me and my boyfriend live. They grumble and fight all the time but they are friends." Thomas explained while moving over to the table. "Are you all in love with humans?" Nana asked. "I wouldn't say in love, I've been with my fair share. I still work as a dairy cow, since we get a lot of strapping farmhands at the dairy we just let them do what they like during the breaks." Cinnamon said with a wistful expression on her face. "It's a little different for me. While they guys just rampage over the fat cows, we goats don't get the same attention. I think they worry about messing with our milk so the farmhands won't touch us." Sally's word were laced with venom while glaring at her bovine companion. "It's different for me, I didn't come into my knowledge but I was a gift to my boyfriend before the uplift started to become more commonplace. We pretty much lived together, played together and I was the first stallion he read. I remember years of being close to him made my uplifting pretty convenient, we might get married some day." Thomas said trying to maintain his gaze with Nana. "Well I've never had a human. I've had a stallion before but it was over so fast I couldn't really say if I enjoyed it or not." It's was Nana's turn to feel a bit awkward. "Oh ho ho. Do you know why so many of us uplifts play outside of our species?" Sally said while giving Nana a playful headbutt to her side. "Because you get apples?" "No, but that does help! Stamina!" Sally giggled and started to skip around Nana. "The little blue nutjob isn't wrong. A bull gets on my back and humps for a few seconds then he is done." Cinnamon said as she slowly stepped around Nana until she was staring at the equine's rump. "Thomas, I need your expert opinion. Is this nice for a horse?" Thomas let out a yawn, he nervously stepped behind Nana. Nana looked over her shoulder at the gathering animals, Thomas could feel the discomfort radiating from her. "I don't think it's polite to the city folk to just have a bunch of folk staring at their back side." "She didn't say we couldn't." Sally said, "Plus it's not like she can exactly see back here." "It's fine, we might as well get to know one another..." Nana whinnied. "Long as you don't care. My boyfriend would probably lose his mind seeing this, I prefer the feeling of human touch but I wouldn't mind finding a mare built like yourself. A stallion my size would probably break your back." Thomas answered. "Thanks, I guess?" Nana turned around to face the group, "I think this is enough for today but please prepare some questions for me tomorrow. I'd rather be ready before my next sexual assault session. It's been a pleasure. I hope to see you all next week." Nana spent the rest of the day following Robert and learning about her job as his assistant. It was late in the day so she didn't get to meet many of the other doctors. She found that most of the staff treated her fairly but kept referring to her as equine-American rather than a horse. She would have to try to remember their terminology. Overall she stepped from the Saint Francis Mental Health Center with an upbeat canter as she slowly made her way back to the apartment. New York was pleasant to walk through this time of year long as a savvy equine avoid the breaks in the concrete. Nana finally made it home. She was thankful that the key card around her neck just unlocked the door as she approached, she stepped inside to find that the small apartment. The smell of beef soured her nose a bit as she searched around for her roommate. She found him sitting on the couch with a chocolate bar, the human was dressed only in his underwear and looking a little sour. "Do I even want to ask?" Nana said noticing that he was watching a rerun of some old show. "I got stood up and I waited for an hour. I'm done with online dating..." Brian grumbled before taking a bite out of the chocolate. "So you decided to drown yourself in food while eating chocolate. Should you get a bowl of ice cream to finish the cliche?" Nana teased before dragging over her own bean bag to lay near him. "Did your first day of work go well?" Brian said before reaching over his bag of comfort foods, he unwrapped a granola bar before lazily tossing it in front of Nana. "I got sexually harassed by my patients, I watched a human wrestle a panda into submission, and now I'm self-conscious about how my pussy looks. Still better than having a kid piss on my back." Nana sighed while chewing on the honey oat flavored bar. "I'm sure your meat slot looks like all the other horse meat slots." Brian snorted, "At least someone cared to look." "Can we not call it a meat slot? Bad enough I have to smell cow meat all over the apartment but you don't have to be snappy." Nana reprimanded. "Sorry, just been kinda outta sorts lately. Out of all the girls I've been trying to date, I'm not just competing with humans anymore. Remember that blonde who came over a month ago? I found out she is now dating a warthog." Brian whined while turning the channel to a documentary about soap. Nana grit her teeth to suppress a chuckle, "Why don't you try it? Maybe get a bitch or a sow, I've heard they are good partners and seem to be really popular." "I'm a bit afraid of dogs and a pig doesn't appeal to me. I mean I don't think I'm a bad looking guy. A little chubby, a little balding, but I don't think I'm losing out to a warthog ugly." Brian answered while stretching across the couch. "Well if it makes you feel any better, all of my patients seems to be overly interested in human men so... I guess the problem is on both sides." Nana commented. "What about you, I never see you trying to get a human or a horse." Brian said while getting up to pour himself a drink. Nana stood up from her beanbag to stool over to Brian, a small part of her wished that she was taller rather than coming up to the human's chest. She watched him get some water before moving to the faucet to the other basin so that she could drink. She finished her water before turning to Brian, her eyes locking with his in a defiant stare. "Can I ask you to look?" Nana said, "I just wanna know if it's weird or not." "Do I have to?" Brian squatted down as Nana turned around. She turned around while looking over her shoulder, she watched as he squatted to look at her butt. He placed a hand to stable himself, as he pulled her tail to the side. He stood there staring for a moment before chuckling to himself. "Does it look weird?" Nana said her tail swishing in nervousness. "It's dark brown, you have an asshole the size of my fist. I'm so glad that the bathroom is made for cattle and horses. I don't see any goblins, witches or ninjas. A little fur on there but nothing I wouldn't expect to see on any other horse." Brian chuckled while patting off a bit of white fur from her butt. "Would you be interested if I was just a mare you met on the street?" Nana asked. "I don't really know, I really like you as a roommate. I don't have to worry about you eating me in my sleep, you keep clean and I don't wanna make it weird by doing anything... well, weird." Brian answered before standing up and placing a hand on Nana's mane. "We are friends, you hay-eating fart box. You are normal other than being tiny for a horse, I wouldn't sweat it. You shouldn't really sweat it." Brian smiled. "So juuuust hypothetically speaking, if nothing changed other than we had sex from time to time, would you still be opposed to it? I mean you're balding, fat and pretty grumpy. I mean there isn't much going on with your date right?" Nana said, she leaned her head against Brian's leg as he scratched her. "Are you going to throw a fit if I don't?" Brian asked. "Yep. I'm going to stomp my hooves at night, I'm going to crop dust you when I pass by, and I'm gonna tell all the cows you are a meat eater." Nana teased while cantering playfully over the carpeted floor. "I don't know. I mean, I really, really, really don't want to make it weird." Brian said while moving over to wash out his glass. "I really, really, really won't make it weird." Nana turned and flicked her tail against Brian. "There would have to be rules. First, If I agree to this I want us to stay the same, the laughing and the joking. Second, if either one of us gets a lover this stops and we go back to being just roommates. Third, if you are uncomfortable with anything just tell me. If you can agree to this, I'll at least give it a shot." Brian's brow was knitted as he tried to organize his thoughts on anything that he may have missed. "I agree to all of that and would like to add another, if you think anything is weird about my body then you'll tell me. I mean I know a bit of what humans like but I'm not so sure." "I agree you overly paranoid slab of glue." Brian snorted. "Your fat ass couldn't even catch me to make me into glue." "Yeah but you are so clumsy you would probably run into a tree trying to get away." "Probably but.... Well...." Nana stuck out her tongue. Brian thumped her on the nose playfully, "I'm gonna take a shower." "Wait, we aren't gonna have sex?" Nana tilted her head in confusion. "Unlike all the uplifts humans like to be clean. You should probably take one too." Brian snickered. "You do know I take showers too, right?" Nana snorted before walking into the shower, she lightly kicked the door closed behind her. The shower took up most of the bathroom to accommodate a horse much larger than she was. The buttons on the floor controlled the shower temperature, she pressed the center button which pumped a little soap into the shower head. Nana felt the lukewarm water cascading down her mane, she struggled to avoid cantering as she turned around to allow the water to hit her rump and tail. When she was finished she stepped out of the shower and into a face full of towel. "Nuh-uh, you are not dripping water over the carpet. That's how we get mildew or something." Brian ran the towel over her body, patting her down with the towel. "I don't know why you don't just buy one of those drying fans?!" Nana fidgeted as she was pushed back in the bathroom. "Don't make me buy a riding crop instead!" Brian grumbled, "You have a job, you buy it." "Help I'm being discriminated against by a human. I'm calling the cops." "With what fingers?" Brian said while chuckling and leaving the towel on Nana's face. Nana shook her head trying to get the towel off but the water kept the towel pressed on her face, "Um... I can't get this off." "Oh noes. Welp, I'm gonna take a shower." Nana listened to Brian turn on the water and shower himself as she managed to shake her head enough to remove the washcloth, "You suck." "Maybe but at least we are both clean, so how you wanna do this, hay-breath?" "Well I haven't done this is a long time so how ever you want to do it?" Nana's ears swiveled around in nervousness as he dried himself off. "Anal?" Brian asked before giving a pat to Nana's rump, a small part of him wished that equine butts jiggled a little more. "I've never done it but I've heard with humans it doesn't hurt at all." "Ouch my pride, do animals always talk about sex and humans?" "I don't but I mean most animals are happy that all of you just stopped cutting us up on a whim. Except cows. Most cows really don't care for you, but I did meet a nice one today." The pair stepped out of the bathroom, Brian sat on the couch and spread his legs, "You wanna try oral then? I don't know how experienced you are." Nana didn't want to dignify that with an honest answer as she looked at the human penis in front of her, it reminded her of a small version of a naked mole rat from the documentaries. She placed her muzzle around his shaft, Nana was surprised when the shaft only had the salty taste of skin. Her tongue awkwardly slapped against his shaft as she looked up at him hoping for a little guidance, she wasn't sure if she was just making a fool of herself or doing a good job. "Suck on it..." Brian said while rubbing his hand through her mane. "I can't." Nana said pulling her muzzle from his crotch. "Why not." "I don't breath through my mouth, in the nose and out the nose. Mouth is a food only hole." Nana tilted her head, "You didn't know that?" Brian sighed, "Fiiiine. Turn around at least, I'll see what I can do with a vagina big enough to take a human arm." "I swear to god, if you try fisting me..." Nana warned before turning around. "Yeah, yeah. Shut up, I'm trying to be progressive and stuff." Brian said before placing his head behind Nana's rump. Nana kept her gaze on the television, a small part of her felt too nervous to look over her shoulder and see what her roommate was doing back there. She felt his tongue against her labia, it was a warm and foreign sensation. She spread her rear legs a little wider as he pressed his head against her body. The warmth of his tongue was something that stirred her body. She found herself snorting in pleasure as her ears flicked in response. A sudden jolt shot through her body as she whipped her head around, she didn't see him move any differently but she felt that jolt again. "What is that? You're doing something weird but it feels really good." Nana asked. Brian gave her a smug smiled before raising a hand, he wiggled his fingers before moving his hand behind her. Nana clenched her teeth as a wave of pleasure washed over her, she shuddered in pleasure. Brian didn't let up, his fingers danced around her entrance without ever going any deeper than a few inches but she couldn't help but feel at his mercy. Brian suppressed a snicker as Nana just lowered her head and focused, snorting loudly. Brian felt a little proud being able to drive the animal so wild with just a little rub on her clit. "Damn it...." Nana said as her folds clenched, her body shuddered and a thin line of fluid rolled down her rear legs. "A bit of a hair trigger." Brian laughed before wiping Nana's fluid over his own cock. "Apparently. Just be gentle if you are going up my butt." Nana said turning her head to glance at his shaft. It throbbed in anticipation but compared to a male horse he was lacking in length and girth. Brian nodded and stood up, his hips lined up with Nana's asshole almost like a lock and the key made for it. Brian rubbed his cock along the tight donut of muscle. Once the ring of black flesh was glistening with Nana's own fluids Brian placed his cock against her rump before applying pressure. Brian sank into the Nana with only slightly resistance, her ring of muscle gripped his cock pleasantly but widened out after a few inches. Brian pulled back slowly as Nana looked over her shoulder, her ears swiveled back and forth in silent contemplation. "Brian... while you are back there could you keep fingering me?" Nana said, the feeling in her asshole was strange but the slight burn was pleasant to her but didn't feel very... sexual. "Anal not doing it for you?" Brian asked while rocking his hips inside of her. "Not really but it doesn't hurt much, it's like a vet visit when they--" "Gimme a second I got an idea." Brian said before rushing to the bathroom. Nana stood still as the male washed himself off before strolling past her into his bedroom. He came back with a bottle of lube and a large silver thing that reminded her of an egg. Nana felt the cold touch of lubricated stainless steel being slid into her asshole, she turned around looking at him curiously. "Is that a dildo?" "Nope." Brian said before pressing the rubber button on the bottom of the vibrator, Nana's head immediately swiveled to to regard him. "It's a vibrator." Nana clenched her asshole down on the device, the vibrations felt even weirder than human cock but it was far more pleasant than the pumping. Nana felt his cock rubbing against her folds as she sighed, "Are you being extra gentle or somethin?" "I'm not usually in the business of fucking animals so yeah, I don't know what would hurt or what wouldn't." Brian grumbled. "Fuck me like you would a human, I'm trying to get off here. Not-Girlfriend, remember?" Nana grumbled. Brian rolled his eyes, his speed increased as he slammed his hips into the waiting mare. She was tighter than he expected as her labia gripped him just as comfortably as any human girl, she snorted loudly in response to his pumping. Brian used his fingers to stimulate her clit, the mare's body convulsed in response, Brian used every bit of his hands to manipulate her body as his other hand scratched long her back roughly. Nana let out a low sigh as the stimulation overwhelmed her, she could feel her knees getting weak as orgasm after orgasm hit her. A low moan reached Nana's ears as she felt the human's cock twitch inside of her folds, his hands worked madly to bring her to one last orgasm. Nana's nostrils flared as a she sighed, her orgasm was a silent affair but the rush pleasure washed over her like a wave. She clenched her muscles hard enough to squirt fluids over Brian's chest and belly, Nana was impressed by Brian's skill in the bedroom. "Are you good or should I keep going?" Brian said while sitting on the couch, his hands hovering near her rump. "If we keep going I'm going to die of dehydration, But..." Nana let the words trail off, they felt stupid in her head. "But what?" Brian asked while pulling in the vibrator out of her butt. "Well, spring is coming up soon and you know how last spring was. So I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking care of me like this during my next heat." Nana asked. "Sure, it's a lot better that hearing your butt making wet smacking noises all through the house." Brian shrugged, "Had fun?" "I really didn't expect you to this good but I'm satisfied, I'm not going to be kissing your ass because you can get me off." Nana turn to see the absolute horror show of her beanbag covered in her own fluids. "My pillow..." Nana whined. "Have fun going to the cleaners." Brian said before Nana promptly turn around and rubbed her butt on the couch smearing one of the pillows. "Well I'm going to bed, I'll see you tomorrow." Nana said quickly. "Just gonna leave me with a jizz covered pillow and a nasty bag?" "I got work tomorrow, you can take care of that." Nana said. "I'm buying a riding crop tomorrow." Brian yelled out before Nana shut the door to her room. "Fuck you." Nana snorted through the closed door. "You just did and the evidence is all over my pillows!!" Brian grumbled tossing the pillow into the laundry basket. "Same time tomorrow?" Nana asked through the door. "In the bathroom, I can't have you just staining the floors. I wanna get this deposit back when we move." Brian said before stretching across the couch. Nana smiled to herself while laying on her bed, she looked forward to tomorrow as she closed her eyes.
  5. Saint Francis Files #1

    Doctor Jennifer "Jen" Lewis sat down in his comfortable leather chair while getting her papers done and setting up her mushroom shaped paper weight, She was a middle aged african american woman with thin glasses and her hair was done in a bun, she was dressed in a simple black button up shirt that revealed her modest busom and black suit pants. she gave quiet yawn while she looked over her itinerary. A soft buzz caught her attention before the intercom flashed to life. "Doctor Lewis. You're first patient is here." The voice of a soft spoken receptionist chimed in. "Send him in." Doctor Lewis replied. The door opened and a small caucasian woman stood in the doorway, she was dressed in a earth brown blazer and slacks. This was the receptionist, Laura, she wore thin wire frame glasses that accented her freckles nicely, her bright red hair. She had a body that was plump in all the right places which did little more than cause most of the human resource department to have a constant headache from the amount of workers that attempted to get in her panties. A Laotian woman in a flower patterned walked into the room followed by a one of the largest Irish wolf hound that Dr. Lewis had ever seen. He had a simple black collar with a tag that simply was a zero with a slash through it. Dr. Lewis leaned over and gave a smiled to both of them before gesturing that they take a seat, The pair took a seat before eye each other and the doctor critically. "So Ms. Alani Phong, its been a while since you and Castro have made an appearance in my office, how have things been since our last meeting." Jen said with a small smile admiring the pair in their forced indifference to each other. The silence was thick in the room as Jen patiently waited for a response, she had her not book on the table as the pair eyed her carefully. "She doesn't love me anymore." Castro the dog spoke up in soft growl as his tail was tucked between his legs in a submissive gesture, the whites of his eyes were showing clearly. Jen always felt amazing when the dog spoke, he was considered patient zero, one of the first talking dog to be created from an experiment illegally conducted by the Alliance Organics Corporation. He was once an outspoken advocate against the testing till the company revealed that it had perfected the recipe to cause more talking dogs. He was often called Castro Zero by the newest papers till he finally got married to the human woman, Alani Phong. "Please explain why you feel this way," Jen asked as the shaggy Irish wolf hound looked at her with a strange expression and his tail seems to slowly perk up a bit. His ears perked up and the whites of his eyes started to shrink. "She doesn't listen to me anymore. She doesn't like to take me out on walks, and she doesn't even um... well.." He looked at Alani with a little nervousness before continuing. "We haven't had sex in a year... I feel like I'm just not wanted any more." His ears drooped a bit and Jen couldn't help but feel a little sad for the big canine. Jen nodded while looked over the canine, "You are a hero, you've fought for canine-human rights and you've were the first canine to get married to the human. I'm sorry to hear that it has come to that." Jen's gaze turned to Alani and she smiled, "How do you feel about what your husband is saying?" Alani sighed and crossed her arms angrily, "Not my fault, he is always wanting to go on walks. He still acts like a dog, he likes to run around and bark at other dogs, even talking dogs. He got a good job working with the firemen. I just wish.. He was more responsive to me as a human." Jen nodded at Alani while writing down a little in her notes, as the pair seem to squirm in their seat with almost and abashed look on their faces. "Don't look so worried, I'm just keeping notes." She smiled at the pair before taking in a breath and concentrating. "I'm thinking that each of you should try a moment of being in the other's shoes, I'm going to recommend that within this room. I want you to act like each other for a bit." Castro stepped off of his chair and gave a nervous wag as he stood up on his hind legs, He dwarfed the pair as he stood on his hind legs and smiled down at the pair. "Castro! Sit! Castro! Don't eat the bird, the cat, the fish, my cake!" He pouted and looked at Alani, "It was my birthday cake and I was hungry!" He dropped back down to all fours, before climbing into his chair once again. "And you Alani?" Jen asked while adjusting her glasses and hiding a smile. "Don't wanna." She said while giving a few curse words in Lao, her eyes narrow at the dog and the doctor. "Please Alani, I think this would be helpful to improving your relationship." Jen said while the light reflected off of her glasses menacingly. "I don't think it would be good for your relationship as the first dog and woman if the the government finds out that you got a divorce when you could have worked it out." Jen said with a icy demeanor. "Fine." She got on all fours and started to bark, "My name is Castro! Oh look there is poop!" He leaned down and pretend to rub her face in the carpet. "That was one time, Lani, one time.." Castro grumbled from his seat. Alani started to bark and crawl around on all fours, she moved over to Castro and started sniffing his crotch before she screamed out, "Hey Alani, this girl is pregnant and she is horny." She smiled and started to climb on Jen's desk and curl up stretch out on her desk. Jen looked over the Laotian woman's stomach, she noticed that Castro was starting to pant and show arousal to the display. She nodded sagely before clearing her throat, "Thank you, Lani. I have another question to ask you. What is the cause of the rift in your sex life?" Lani started to blush before she rolled off of her desk, "Castro never cleans up before sex, he likes to be dirty, and stinky. He is not romantic anymore, he just tries to rut with me. I remember when he used to eat me out for hours." She said with defensive crossing of her arms. Castro looked down, and blushed a bit as he gave a soft whine. "I'm... Sorry." The large male spoke softly and shuddered with a deep heave of his massive chest. "I'll try to be cleaner and keep myself more behaved, Lani." He smiled at her weakly and sighed. Alani slowly uncrossed her arms while speaking to Castro, "I'm sorry too. Come here, rug face." She opened her arm in a hug gesture, Castro barreled into her while licking her face affectionately. Jen smirked at the warm gesture and tapped her pen on the desk. "I've decided on an exercise that would help you two get along better." Jen gave a smirk that made her look like a mad scientist with her glasses glowing from the light. "Alani, I want you to give Castro a bath, I want you to take your time being nice and slow with it, bring some erotic play into it. Remember Castro is a dog, he sees the world differently than you. You should make sure that from time to time you love and care for him the same way a female of his species would. I could tell he found your doggy role play very... interesting." Castro snickered at her words but the tip of his canine penis was still easily visible. Jen turn her attention to the happy Castro. "Now you don't get off either, Mister. You've been naughty and you've got a wife that is unsatisfied. I want you to start acting more like a human in public, you are a role model to every talking creature. You are like a father to cats and dogs and even some sheep around the world. When you go out with Alani I want you to act like a pack leader, I want you to be calm, respectful, if you have something to tell her about a nice smell or a taste. Keep it private. You also should conduct yourself in a more human manner, you are far smarter than the non-talking members of your species." The pair nodded and Jen smiled before looking at the clock above her door, "Well, I think we have covered a lot of ground today. I want you to apply my lesson and come back next week happy and satisfied." She winked to the pair as she stood up and slowly left. Alani & Castro's house, 9:00pm, Monday Alani and Castro walked into the house wearily, both of them were weary from their evening jog. "Whew." Alani said while taking off her shoes and locking the door behind her. She felt sticky and musty from the sweat clinging to her body, she gave a sniff and could smell the musky odor of her lover. "I think we should get cleaned up." She said while pealing off her pink jogging suit and tossing it into the dirty clothes bin near the door. "Sure, Lani, mind taking this collar off of me? It's starting to itch." He said as he struggled against the urge to shake his head and spray her with the water from the pond. "Um... Lani." He let his tail hang a little bit as he spoke. "Did I do good today?" He said expecting the worst. Lani leaned down and placed a kiss on the Irish Wolfhound's nose, "I'm very proud of you, you didn't chase a single bird. You didn't even sniff that poodle that was all over you, I think she was in heat." Lani leaned down and gave the large canine a tight hug. Castro grinned to himself knowing that it took everything out of him to not give that sexy poodle a sniff but he was a good dog and he would stay that way. He nuzzled Lani before she broke the hug and stripped down all her clothes, she removed his collar with a slow and methodical ease. They walked into the shower and Lani turned on the water, her mind drifted back to the doctor's words, she started to soap up the males body. Castro sighed and stood still as she rubbed the flowery shampoo all over his body. Castro gave a soft chucked as she rubbed the soap into the base of his tail, he felt her hands rubbing along his thighs and legs. She gave him a small smile before putting a bit of shampoo on his nose. "Close your eyes, Cast." She turned on the shower and waited till the water was warm before gently spraying down her lover. He shivered before steeling himself against the still cold water, one of the draw back to humans is they don't get having a higher body temperature means that whats warm for them is still cold to a dog. Alani finally finished and laid down a towel before gently rolling him up in it, he was covered to his upper body in the tight wrapping of the thick cotton towel. She smiled while looking at him hapless in the towel, "Oh my the big scary doggie is all tied up." She smiled looking down at him with a grin. Castro gave a simple raise of his eyebrows while looking at the woman straddling his stomach and chest. She chuckled as her hands rubbed under his balls, She smiled as she felt him try to bend up to reach her ass. "Oh no no. Lay back doggie." Castro complied and stopped struggling, as he felt her other hand gently playing over his sheath. "Ooooh. Look a that large shaft I feel in love with." She said to his slowly emerging cock. "Should I have this all to myself." She leaned down and gave him a little lick causing his hips to twitch. She smiled and stood up, "Well went you get out of that towel, I'll be waiting in the room." She walked out leaving Castro to struggle by his lonesome. It was only a few minutes before the canine enter the room, Castro was dry as a bone and panting from all the rolling he had to do to get free. He noticed that Alani was nude with the except of collar, she was on all fours and bent over looking at him over her shoulder with a sultry expression on her face. "Woof." Was the only word that escaped her lips. In true canine fashion Castro walked over to her and placed his cold nose against her cheeks, he sniffed taking in her scent with a soft sigh, "It's been so long since, I smelled this need on you, Lani." He pressed his tongue deeply against her warm body, he resisted his canine nature to just mount her, his tongue tasted her delicious body. Alani quivered from hot tongue pressed against her body she could feel her lover exploring each and every curve of her body, teasing her in ways she sorely missed in her former bitterness. Her hands clenched as she felt his muzzle press close against her body and his tongue lapping at her, she was squealing from the waves of pleasure each lick gave her. Castro pulled back and gave a canine grin to his human lover, "I guess I should have listen to the doctor much sooner." He leaned back in while slowly dragged his tongue from the tip of her clit to the small of her back leaving a trail of warm saliva, he drive back into oral with almost a possessed fervor. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that his wife's toes curled from the attention, he pulled back his muzzled which was now soak in his lovers juices. The overpowering scent one his muzzle coupled with the quivering woman in front of him, sent Castro over the edge as he rose on his hind legs and hooked his paws between her thighs. He gave a few awkward trusts as only the tip of his cock poked out, after a few moments of thrustings his muscular hips he had finally managed to slid his tip inside. Fighting every bit of instinct that told him to slam into her warmth, Castro gently rock his hips till more of his cock slid out of its sheath and into her body. "Castro. Come on." She whimpered feeling the twitching cock inside of her. She gave a whimper as felt his body tense and pulled back before he slammed into her without a hint of tenderness. "Yes!" She screamed while clenching the carpet and bracing herself, each and every thrust felt harder than the last. Castro's panting was loud and reflected his need, each thrust was wet as their hips bucked hard against one another, he could feel Alani clenching over him with each slam. "Ahhhhh..." Castro felt himself swelling inside of her, he twisted his body till they were facing away from each other connected by his body. The soft dripping of their joined bodies and the leaking of her body, "Lani... That was amazing." His lover sighed and clenched around his throbbing knot. "Castro..." She moaned softly, sweat covering her body and causing with the room to smell of the strong perfume of sex. "Yes, Baby?" He said while panting and gently tugging his hips causing her to squeal slightly before she responded. "I love you, Mutt-face." She said with a gasp, "When we get separated, I'm going to need you to lick me nice and long." She said affectionately. She smiled to herself and gave a silent 'thank you' to her doctor as she felt Castro's tails wagging and brushing against the top of her ass happily. "I love you too, Dog-Lover." He panted feeling her clench as he felt his knot one more time as they just listened to each others breathing and the wet drop of her juices on the ground. There was an unspoken bliss and a rekindle flame between two lovers in the warm silence. Doctor Jen Lewis Office, 5:30pm, Tuesday. The doctor finished up with her last patient of the night and checked her email, A letter from the Alani was the last thing remaining. She opened it with a bit of trepidation : Deer, Doctur. This is Caastro, tyPing is HArd. wanted tO say thanks. Jen smiled and didn't reply yet before attaching a picture of herself with two large Bullmastiff and herself sitting between them. Dear Castro, I'm glad that you and Alani have been doing better, while as a doctor I have to keep my personal bias aside, I'm willing to relent for this letter. When I was still a young psychologist, those two dogs were my friends, companions and lovers. You and Alani are the reason that people like me are no longer shamed, I want to do all I can to help my heroes. Chestnut and Rock, have passed away but I know they would have been good friends with you. I know you and Alani can succeed because, I've been there long before dogs could speak. See you next Monday, Dr. Jen Lewis. Saint Francis Human and Animal Psychology Center Jen felt a little sad thinking of her former lovers and how they would be proud of her work. She grabbed her coat and turned off her lights before heading home, she loved her job and it was moment like those that she really lived for..
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