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  1. Hello everyone

    Yes, big bear and so nice to see you again.
  2. Hello everyone

    1 = 2 ! hello my old friend
  3. Hello everyone

    And i would love to stay it that way. thank you Hiway
  4. Another forum suggestion

    That was the nicest i ever heard in this forum so far. thank you Silverwolf, ballonhorsebutts are always tasteful looking...
  5. Ok. It's not Zoophilesforum here anymore, but i really miss a shoutbox here... many of the members know i suffer from heavy equibuttopholia and could share that addiction with the users by posting my latest photo discoveries. i never posted zooporn in the old forum, just rosy volouptous draft horse butts, so no problem with that
  6. Hello everyone

    Hey, big bullman, finally we meet again
  7. Hello everyone

    @all people hi and thank you for the welcome. it was hard to see the former home gone, and yes i'm still crazy about SEXY drafts, that just hasn't changed
  8. Hello everyone

    Yes, ferrit from zoophilesforums you might know me, good to see a familiar face
  9. Hello everyone

    My name is Ulrich, i'm german and love giant (bigbutted) draft horses....