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  1. The Goat Farm

    Now you have me addicted, and I need more, you hear, more------
  2. Food & treat recalls for 2017

    This gets a bit much. I normally just feed Lucky Old Roy brand dog food. I have been feeding it for many years to all of my dogs, and never a problem or recall that I can remember. I seldom buy treats, other that the bone shaped biscuits.
  3. Count To One Million

    Wun Farty Ate (148)
  4. Count To One Million

    134 as in R134A refrigerant.
  5. So I hear the fort has fallen...

    ​ Actually, the vagina is inside, what you see on the outside is the vulva and lips, some of which are not bad, but most turn horrible, yuck, ugh, ugh, ugh, etc....
  6. So I hear the fort has fallen...

    ​ Don't forget: https://zoophilia.pictures/forum Online and running... Has been online coming up on two years in August.
  7. So I hear the fort has fallen...

    ​ Eewww, I can see how you'd get upset. Human pussies vary a lot, but so many are just plain gross to me. And, unlike some animals, they get sloppier and sloppier as they age, and looser than a goose that laid an ostrich egg, LOL. I would do the same, ban someone who pulled that crap. If I ban someone, they have earned it by either not heeding warnings, or just being so bad that they are NOT what any of us want to see on a decent forum. I am not on Reddit, not sure I'd want 6to even bother. BTW, most doe goats will tend to get a bit tighter in a few months or so after they kid. Several that I had got nearly too tight, and one I always wound up waiting till she was ready to kid once more Just love them goats.
  8. Intro Thread. Tell us a bit about you

    Most here probably know me from ZF and maybe BF. I amd a bit of a writer, when I get going. I did write a science fiction story in the 60's, but never tried to get it published, as once it was done, i decided it sucked. Meantime since, long since, i wrote a two part story that is on BF, ZF and even ASSTR.org. By the name of Geit Farm. Also wrote another called Shipwreck, but which is unfinished, ran into writers block. Maybe someday I'll write more for it. I did write one more chapter last year, but blocked again. I need to write when I think of a story, and not delay.... cabron45 }:>=<
  9. Where to go for non-topic zoo interaction

    I used to haunt beastforum, but after a few years, I got fed up with most of it. Not really that great. I'll agree on zoophilesforum.com being a good place. I'll also inject that we have a new forum now. https://zoophilia.pictures/forum/zoos are more than welcome, as long as they abide by our reasonable rules, those just out to get laid can go elsewhere, please.