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  1. Some resource links for writers

    well, I said I was reading fiction lately ... two links from me: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/42773/interview-the-chatoyaverse https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/798839/writing-how-to-research-part-1 (and other blog entries there..) guess *i* will never write anything interesting, but reading about how humans write actually very interesting for me!
  2. Rannoch / Rannoch2012

    so, some humans actually die early ... something to remember (there was one human who suddently for us died earlier this year ..but he was old-ish ...may be I should reconsider my non-acceptance of his friend ..:/ because yeah, we don't have endless time .... Thanks for caring.
  3. I rarely read papers now (after they turned to be generally much less useful than i-bookworm was used to believe), but may be link will be useful for some one. https://www.academia.edu/35989561/Sue_Donaldson_and_Will_Kymlicka_Between_Wildness_and_Domestication_Rethinking_Categories_and_Boundaries_in_response_to_Animal_Agency_2016_?auto=download (strange, few days ago preview worked, today it doesn't work for me ..:/ )
  4. I've taken in a new rescue horse...

    I tried to be..um, helpful for some local dogs. Unfortunately, only one pictured at at img_0616 currently lives with me, usually I call him Grey (I failed his friends, unfortunately...I tried to convince them all to live with me, but dog pictured at 0631 was TOO AFRAID for both entering building and walking with me up to 3rd floor (where I live), and dog pictured at 0479 definitely was unsure if he should enter any building at all...so, most 'undomesticated' among all three .... There were other dogs, around railroad station and further away from city...One of those street dogs liked me into face as 'thank you' for some bowl of food I had for him (i think him). I also tried to financically support one of those 'free' vet clinic, even if my amount of money was laughable. And had some brief connection with people who rescue dogs as important part of their lives ..just for fun I ever tried to edit some draft law about 'animal ownership' in such a way buying/selling 'animals' completely go out of text...of course it was just joke.. Lately I tried to save dolphin (ok, more accurately two dolphins initially, but one already died by the time I arrived.) Second one also died in captivity, exposing a lot of stuff in my supposed comrades I still dislike to see... https://cloud.mail.ru/home/zeus/ so, all-in-all I can be called FAIL ....
  5. speaking about birds I was a bit surprized to read this ...but only a bit... https://stallman.org/articles/extreme.html but realistically, I think it really should be this way usually ..it doesn't even need to _look_ like sex for human(s), as long as it serves non-humans!
  6. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    To be honest, I can't see anything high-hier (like governments, or similar structures) as organizations actually being able to lead right way. It more like, hm, Human Occupation Government, not something noble and just. It even worse when it comes to non-humans ... Yes, everyone forced to live (roughly) aligned with current laws, and assumptions about this system being _completely_ broken is not something most humans ready to accept ..let alone start up anything alternative! On the other hand for example anarcho-communist writer might be strangely homophobic and unwilling to look at any evidence (even if it all just about humans..) So, humans very often not open minded where they should, and at the same time accept uncritically something they better to question..It nearly looks like humans don't know what 'serious' should mean..because we live neurotic lives where examples of serious thinking just way too rare for actually becoming living example of what 'serious' is ... Humans spend decades swimming in circles about their job, politics, child-rearing - but at the same time ignore observations surely possible, and/or unable to see how their effort actually change or NOT change others ... It nearly seems like humans live by rule "put out some behaviors in turn and when it started to feel better just repeat as much as possible". Our forward-thinking, ability to predict future of course very far from absolute - but inaccurate observations, dropping parts of observations, ignoring some psychological currents definitely not helping with more accurate prognosis ... Humans were never able to set up _their own_ life as super-society right, for any prolonged period, and this combined with current real driving forces behind 'the human world' and unability of most humans to say 'no' to exploiters and actually stop them (all compromises usually biased in favour of exploiters, already-powerful groups of humans...) actually makes me even more sad...various non-humans usually even more disrespected both 'by tradition', by law and how humans assume they should their lives with them ...so, it really problem-inside-a-problem. For now I really tend to think _possibility_ of having love (various forms of it) with non-humans already out there at least as idea ..how much it must be detailed, considering you can't learn social interactions from even best books ..I don't know. Good fictional stories definitely something I read right now - but with full knowledge real-life beings actually more complex than even our best flight of imagination ...
  7. Psychology, I think

    and there was another figure I was reading on less mainstream views on non-humans, to my surprise I found little horse-related quote at the top of article, upon re-reading today http://leecharleskelleysblog.blogspot.ru/2013/10/charles-darwin-and-dominance-meme-part-2.html ----------quote-------- “Although it has been shown that in horses … dominance hierarchies are so poorly developed as to be invisible, needing artificially created competition to develop, … there is a reluctance on the parts of both trainers and some scientists to abandon human attitudes about dominance.” -----end of quote------ Guess main idea remain constant - look at real beings, and align "book knowledge" with this, not other way around.....
  8. Psychology, I think

    well, thanks for effort, what else I can say! as you probably noted, I have strong distaste for operant conditioning BUT at the same time I've read enough of history for learning how it was discovered...so, for example when I think my dog is amazing dog because we achieved some good synchronization - i don't see any need to block myself from radiating this feeling. This is reward, yes, but in the same way as it used by all live beings (ok, probably so-called social beings actually more sensitive to this).... and of course, main point here "Horses can!" as opposed to more pessimistic positions.. And, again, having truely..good relations is more important than rewriting them in some cool new method X (while some ideas I think can infiltrate, and provide way forward where it was previously assumed impossible...)
  9. Psychology, I think

    By "asking" here you mean pointing at objects/directions? I tried to look up what 'modern science' thinks about versatibility of sounds horses consciously can made, but apparently humans like to think they not very flexible in this department. Can be human thing, not real limitation..but for now I just accepted horses are not dolphins and tried to imagine something remotely working ..... On teaching I was captivated by concept put forward by Ken - you basically show minimal example of how your comm. system works, and invite non-human being(s) to use it together...It might be interesting to note Ken found this idea in Irene Pepperberg's scientific works, and she herself copied it from observations on how learning most likely works... http://www.whales.org.au/published/levasseur/levass3b.html I'm not sure if you had something like this or something much simpler in your mind. I was mostly circling around idea of travel-together, so each road fork for example gives you opportunity to ask for directions.. Objects probably may work OK for horses, I just try to avoid in my dolphin/cetacea thinking into failing into _objects only_ way of language use (as it was done in scientific experiments..at least most-known of them), because for me emotional/internal/intentional aspect of being much more important info to try and communicate (in both directions)... Nevzorov himself showed some interest in more advanced communications with horses, but as far as I get it was more though-provoking piece for human viewers, and it barely progressed ( I think alaphabet by itself is too small piece of language to bootstrap language use from, in non-humans..but some kind of object card, items, actions and more ..invisible concepts should be ok. Most defining language feature is its open nature, so you can create new sentences out of even just few basic building blocks ...) Kanzi_2005_remarks.doc
  10. Psychology, I think

    http://hauteecole.ru/en/news/?cat=1 "NHE Representatives Donna Condrey-Miller and Edward Pershwitz talk about the Significance of the Horse’s Freedom to Say “No” and its Effect on the Horse Saying “Yes” Sunday, January 28th, 2018" and article just below this one .... I think it touches this everpresent topic about contest, and bring it to full-time thinking/life. Next is just some article I found..inspiring, in some sense? I don't know this story in detail, nor I have steam for following (researching) it .... https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/10/horse-lives-in-house-germany_n_4762942.html
  11. What type of hobbies do you have?

    I just tend to spend a lot of time with (behind) my computers ...Sometimes it even can be helpful for others, because I run Linux (Slackware) and usually report encountered bugs, and try to help in fixing them....
  12. Mardock Scramble (anime)

    I was looking for AMVs, and entered "anime dolphin" into search box ...to my surprize I found something I never heard about before ..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mardock_Scramble
  13. Not whole website, but interesting long interview, at least for me. http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2014/11/what-its-like-to-date-a-horse.html I think this one summarizes well love as ..art of being sensitive in everyday life? Also, there is final paragraph, saying.. https://orionmagazine.org/article/a-mind-in-the-water/ I like to turn this statement on its head, in sense ..what if many currently assumed to be non-sapient animals get some kind of artificial communication system? Not exactly telepathic, but working around their current limitations in making (inventing!) useful in everyday life language? I tend to be subscribed to view many so-called non-human animals lack I/O, not 'cognitive processing power', or more accurately they forced to live truely by their own mind, unable to 1) invent (! ever tried to INVENT system for expressing your thoughts..without any language as base??? ) 2) share with others (even std. language as humans use it tend to become very rigid on some complex aspects, until someone creates/modifies it for talking about something complex and deep, as life, for example) 3) use for everyday tasks/life without too big trouble , complex enough communication system ... There is of course my favourite dolphin remark (article itself a bit old, and as always, complex problem can't be accurately described in just few pages): Ha, ha...interesting idea, giving dolphins non-toy submarine to 'play' (haha) with..But seriously, of course humans (at least those assuming they are in control) will not give anything serious for non-humans, and any machinery currently require humans to build and repair it (so, it can be easily turned off). But may be if current human civ will survive long enough for developing wireless "mind reading" (brain/machine interface) for truely everyone (like today everyone has computer of some sort ...few can program their computers in truely arbitrary new ways ...) things will become interesting for one more time ....
  14. Andrew-R' s intro ....

    Hm, I figured out it will be better to say few words about myself. Problem is, i don't want to sound bigger than I'm, and most of things I ever wrote today look (for me) too incomplete, and not really reflecting my latest views. Guess at this point it will be fair to say I love dolphins (and associated beings) - but then this love turned out to be much harsher than I ever imagined. Captive dolphins turned out to be much nicer to me than I ever imagined, and lately dogs, too (esp. if you consider my thinking back in time ..I was reading some relatively rare literature in Russian, and was preparing myself for worst...in sense, worst really come, but not in form of dolphin's anger, but in form of their untimely and always wrong end-of-life, and my discoveries of real, not glorified humanity). I usually liked to read, and may be exactly my partial disconnectness with 'real world' helped me to form some ideals..not really welcomed in current life. Zoophilia is relatively new field of thinking for me, like, 4.5 years , compared to whole dolphin "theme" going on for nearly 15 years (from relative innocency of 'just reading about dolphins' to current crisis). I lost my (unfounded, as it turned out) faith in writing-as-way-to-change-world-by-changing-humans, because...well, with all those books I've read I still was unable to a) help real dolphins far enough b) was unable to change humans radically enough. So, I hardly want to write anything right now (it will not help ..anyone...), yet from time to time I run into few things probably interesting for other humans, so, I share them ... I'm not sure what exactly I can put as The Text describing me ..probably, trying to move away from overpositivist and inflating/inaccurate type of description I should also put out my _worst_ points, not only my best ones? But then, you can say all my points bad, from writer's perspective at least .... Fantasy.html
  15. Look what the dog dragged in..

    Hello, Ren Houk....Silverwolf said you are interested in history. (history of this relatively new movement, but usually those questions about _why_ things and beings move this or that way tend to lead to more generic kinds of questions, so to bigger history, damned questions of humanity, and all this...). I think memory is important, even if (often? always?) painful, at least when you really start to think about it. Sometimes I want to burn my memory (thown away hard drives, and other computer medium, and not only), but times and times again either my (remaining) friends find some of stories and details important, or even I rediscovers something I missed years ago...