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  1. Dreams of an Animal

    I do frequently have dreams about animals, but since they're dreams they tend to be, well, off. Even with lucid dreaming skills things like weird anatomy, unwanted elements, and just general awkwardness happen frequently.
  2. a question on sexual pheromones

    This is actually not true. Studies on it have suggested that what happens is more or less coincidence. The cycles are not perfectly 28 days- there's individual variation (so one is at 27 days, another is maybe 31) and when you have multiple repeating patterns that are imperfect, they're going to overlap eventually. The other thing that happens is that people don't generally bring it up unless they're overlapping and conformation bias happens. To the topic at hand, I've noticed some animals do react to other species in heat with extra interest, attention, and sexual responses. I would be curious to see if this is some unintended side effect of domestication or if it's just more noticeable in domestics because we spend more time with them.
  3. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    Autism isn't a mental illness fyi. Bringing it up doesn't need to 'prove' anything. Not everything is about performative respectability politics. Sometimes people just notice something about themselves and want to know if anyone else has the same experience.
  4. Social Anxiety and Zoophilia

    I have some thoughts about this because I have noticed a good percentage of zoos who are on the spectrum, myself included. At least from what I've seen, it seems to be a higher percent than the general population. I think there are a few possibilities. First is that there is something about autistic people that predisposes them to zoophilia. Many people with autism have social anxiety and many connect more to/are more interested in animals than people. It doesn't seem like a big stretch for that to carry into sexual feelings once they develop, which is personally what it seems like happened with me. Secondly I've noticed autistic people seem to be more likely than the general population to be lgbt, kinky, or otherwise be open about alternative sexual identities and sexual practices. There are a few places this might stem from including a lack of connection to or apathy towards social norms leading to more openness towards exploring and embracing alternative sexual identities. Lastly are the attempts to explain why there might not actually be a link. It's possible that the platforms people tend to discuss zoophilia on are especially appealing to people with autism and/or social anxiety. It's also possible that autistic zoophiles are more likely to be open about it/seek out social interaction based upon it than non-autistic zoophiles. It's also possible autistic zoophiles are less likely to suppress their feelings and more likely to form an identity around them. Personally I think there is a link. I know that's a statement that'll be unpopular in both autism and zoophile circles, but whatever.
  5. Question about Cuddling?

    My pup doesn't growl at me, but he just doesn't choose to cuddle or get close at all. He's pretty apathetic about physical contact of any sort, honestly. He won't necessarily avoid it, but he very rarely goes out of his way to seek it out. Instead I give him attention he does like and understand- food, playtime, quick outings.
  6. Why are animals attractive to you?

    I love the expressive eyes of a dog and how perfect the general canine build is. Aesthetically a large, pointy-eared, mixed-breed dog is just about perfect. And yeah, the male sheath helps complete that picture. What makes the look of a four-legged carnivorous furry beast more attractive to me than anything else? I'm not really sure.
  7. What is your orientation with animals?

    I tend to prefer males. I wouldn't really consider myself bisexual as I have no interest in actually doing anything with them, but I find some non-human vulvas fairly exciting.
  8. What type of hobbies do you have?

    I build and wear fursuits. Lots of fun to be had with that! My best/fave suit so far is a large breed dog. Art is a hobby for me, and one that I do make money with. I've posted some of my zoo-centered work to other zoo forums before. I specialize in furry art and have started dabbling more seriously in anatomical illustration. I've also just started to get back into writing, working on short spooky stories and drafting for a larger project. I'm trying to get into obedience training. Currently I'm at a very beginner level and my dog and I can't go to any classes yet due to his behavior issues.
  9. Woof thread

  10. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    Zoo bloggin on Tumblr is alright. Pros: No rules against it as long as you aren't posting photos/videos/hyper-explicit stories. Relatively anonymous, no expectations/requirements to share identifying info. There's already a few of us there. Cons: Unless you designate otherwise, it will be public and you will get hate mail if you leave your ask box and messages open. If you want to actually use the site, use separate emails for zoo stuff and for normal use because your zoo account will get blocked. The zoo side has been pretty dead lately.
  11. Penis size debate

    As far as what's better for receiving idk why there has to be more to it that "I like big dicks" or "I don't really care." As far as giving goes, well, as long as it fits? We can't exactly ask directly and I doubt anyone out there is running formal experiments measuring hormone levels and muscular response, so we just have anecdotes of body language and behavior that appears to show preference. Beyond "Never had a problem, she seems happy" it just kinda devolves into a pissing contest.
  12. Penis size debate

    The Incredible Mr Limpet is a silly little movie, but a fave of mine. Man who loves fish turns into a fish and falls in love with a fish a bit too easily.