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  1. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    No experience with those personally, I went with tumblr for the community/social aspect since I don't actually type out long blog-style posts most of the time. I know of a couple zoo blogs that were on Wordpress but aren't active currently.
  2. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    My impression as far as tumblr goes is that it's died down because of anti-zoo crusades on that site, nothing to do with new laws. A few times recently anti folks have ganged up on prominent zoo users who got into debates with them, reported the zoo blog to tumblr's staff, and had it deleted. But if you keep your head down it's fine. I just communicate with other zoos on there, make my own posts, and in general don't interact with antis. The folks who are still active there usually just don't post in public tags, so their posts aren't found by antis. I've had an anonymous zoo tumblr for three years now and I'm fine, no one has been able to gather any significant information on me from my blog. So as long as you use common sense and don't reveal any personal information, it's safe. Doesn't hurt to use IP protection like Tor as well. The worst that'll happen is your blog might get deleted by site admins if it's reported by other users, so just back up your posts if you don't want to lose them. Tor also comes in handy with tumblr because tumblr bans are IP bans, so if you get reported and deleted without a false IP, you can't ever make another blog on the site.
  3. Battlecrops' Zoo Survey

    It's a pretty simple answer actually: because you/your brain are not prone to depression, anxiety, or similar mental health disorders. It's not like being depressed or anxious is a conscious choice. I consider myself a realist and my depression is not caused by wishing for a "perfect world" like you seem to assume. Depression as an ongoing health issue at it's simplest is a chemical malfunction in the brain, producing less of the chemicals that allow us to feel positive emotions, energy, etc. That's where antidepressants come in. For me, no matter what my life situation or my personal outlook, depression is always going to be a factor unless it's totally under control with medication (has been in the past, working on it now) because it's literally an error in how my brain processes things. I honestly don't think about being zoo that often. I don't think about ideal situations or how I wish things were. My thought process doesn't cause depression, the chemical makeup of my brain does. I can't speak for everyone, but my two zoo friends my age also struggle with anxiety disorders and depression apart from being zoo. When you're already dealing with a mental health disorder, anything can be fuel for it. Being zoo, being LGB or trans, stress at your job, career outlook, personal relationships, etc etc. So in my case and in my friends' cases the anxiety/depression was already there, and being zoo and having to keep the secret just added more fuel to the fire. I've lost touch with one friend but the other one and myself don't consider being zoo a major contributor to our poor mental health anymore. But we both struggled a lot when we were first coming to terms with it. People with anxiety disorders are fully aware that we "worry too much," that's literally the problem, and not something we do consciously. In a lot of cases it can't be changed without medication to get the brain chemistry back to normal levels. I'm not really here to talk about the supposed validity of mental health disorders or argue about them, I just want to clarify how they work. It's not going to make sense to anyone who hasn't experienced it, and that's fine, as long as no one is being dismissive. Even without depression, I don't know if so simple to just "choose to be happy." If something is making you unhappy, you can't just instantly change your perception of it. It's something that has to be worked on, and it's a shit ton of hard work that not everyone can do. Yes we can work on changing our outlook, but we can't 100% control our own emotions. I do not want to be "out of the closet," I do not want "zoo visibility," I don't want to talk about how I "fuck animals" or have sex (which I never have and won't anytime soon, so a moot point and not a consideration). I do wish that I could be open about this large aspect of my emotional/romantic life to my best friend who I share everything else with. Don't want anyone else to know about it. Even if I wasn't prone to depression and negative emotions, I don't think it's unreasonable to say it makes me sad that I have to keep something that means a lot to me closed off from someone who I have a very close emotional relationship with. Me wishing I could be out to my friend doesn't have anything to do with what the community says about being out, it's about me wanting to be open and honest and how having to constantly work to keep a secret is wearing on the relationship from my side. I'm not going to come out to my friend, but if I did, it wouldn't be because of hypothetical things I've supposedly heard the community say about being out. (I can't speak for everyone but in my experience with the communities I've been in, there has been little to no positive discussion about being out.)
  4. Battlecrops' Zoo Survey

    I'm prone to depression anyway and have been living with it since middle school, but for a good while for me not being able to tell close friends about my orientation and partner contributed a lot to it. I wouldn't want to tell anyone but close friends I've known for years, but my partner is such a major part of my life it's upsetting to not be able to tell anyone about her and have to keep how much she means to me a secret. These days it's not so much depression and it's not as much about having to hide, but it causes anxiety because I'm worried about slipping up and saying something that accidentally reveals how I feel or my attraction to animals. I do get sad because my one best friend doesn't know and I can't tell her, but I'm more paranoid about accidentally saying something too much. Anyway I guess my point is from personal experience with being prone to depression and experiencing having to keep my attraction a secret I can understand how others would feel that way too. I don't like comparing LGBT issues to zoo issues but there is a similar cause/effect in being LGBT and closeted, it often leads to lots of anxiety and depression. I think having to keep any big secret about something so fundamental about who you are can easily affect your mood. But of course it varies depending on the person and how they personally would feel about being "out." If I did this survey again I would definitely try to restrict answers to just zoophiles/zoosexuals and no fetish crowd. I've been thinking about editing the results spreadsheet and removing fetish responses and just leaving the orientation/attraction ones, but I haven't had the time. I do think fetish/kink folks who have actually acted on it can give interesting insight to sexual activity with animals in general.
  5. Question about Cuddling?

    Lots of dogs I have experience with who were not even abused don't like hugs or cuddling. Of course it depends on the individual but as a whole dogs don't usually like hugs or cuddling where we put our arms around them/etc. When dogs communicate with each other, when they put forelegs on another dog it's usually an aggressive or threatening signal, so a lot of dogs are wired to interpret similar actions from humans as a threat or something that makes them nervous. In my experience most dogs also just don't like having their personal space invaded that much. I cuddle with my dog and cat how it's more natural to them, letting them lie down against me or press their bodies against mine. Most animals seem much more comfortable with that than hugs. If your dog doesn't enjoy hugs, cuddles, or having you in his "personal space bubble," maybe try letting him show affection in his own way. My best friend's dog doesn't like lots of physical affection but he shows he cares about her in other dog ways.
  6. What is your orientation with animals?

    Depends on species for me as well. I'm bisexual with most species (usually with a preference for one or the other) but with equines I'm really only attracted to females.
  7. Battlecrops' Zoo Survey

    Oh wow what forum/community did you guys hear about it on? I thought I made sure to post follow ups when the results where finished at each site I posted the survey to. Sorry y'all are so late to seeing it!
  8. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    Agreed that the zoo side of tumblr is pretty dead lately, if socializing with other zoo folks is one of the things you'd want a blog for. If that's not a concern though tumblr is a pretty easy format to publish posts with. Personally I don't post in tags or anything searchable anymore because the anti-zoo side is bonkers, lots of witch hunts, nasty messages, and attempted doxxing (though that seems par for the course for tumblr in general). I do genuinely like the site though, reblogging is a fun concept to share pictures. I'm not that active anymore since the zoo community on there has died down but I keep my blog up as a host for my survey results and I have a tag of resources, which is links to zoo-related articles, essays, and similar.
  9. Rodents ?

    I breed and show rodents! All the colors and varieties mice can come in are so much fun, I learned about mice first and now rats almost seem boring compared to them since they only come in a few colors lol. Though the rats sound like so much fun with how interactive they are. A friend of mine just imported some almost-extinct mouse marking varieties in from the UK and is going to work on breeding them here in the States.
  10. Reddit /r/zoophilia has been banned

    The thing I liked about the subreddit was how accessible it was to outsiders. You could find it just from a Google search. We had people coming in pretty regularly who needed advice or help coming to terms with being zoo. I really worry about where those people will go now, since as far as I know there are now no publicly accessible forums or chats anymore, or at least ones that are easily found. Just leaves BeastForum, which isn't the kind of community these folks are usually looking for. That's the big reason I'm sad that it's gone. Also I'm not social enough to be very active on Telegram lol It's a shame too all the threads got erased. I had posted one a while back asking for advice about potentially coming out to someone and there were some great replies, I should have saved them.
  11. This was done about two years ago, thought it might be of interest to some folks here. The main thing I wish I would've done differently is not have the survey open to kink/fetish folks, as it kinda skewed the results in some places, but eh. Most of the responders found it through /r/zoophilia before it was banned, and I know a few people who aren't involved with online communities took it as well. Survey results