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  1. Reddit group on zoophilia

    Hunted animals sometimes survive the wounds they get, and then they have prolonged suffering and eventually die after being like that for days. One could say that killing animals is itself immoral. As for the anti-zoos, I have read their comments, and most of what they say is mindless bigotry. The things they say are also false (such as the false claim that sex with an animal is always "rape"). Their claim that animals are being "tortured" and "abused" during sex is also false. While it's true that zoo is unpopular, its unpopularity should not be a reason for Reddit to ban all zoo discussion.
  2. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    There are already laws which punish zoosadism (and animal cruelty in general), so laws specifically banning sex with animals aren't needed. A zoosadist would be punished under that kind of law. Laws banning sex with animals are about "morality", and not really about protecting animals. If animal protection were an issue, then, for example, hunting would've been banned by now.
  3. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    The news media often exaggerates things and describes things in an anti-zoo way, or in a way that is untrue. For example, if someone is caught having sex with a dog, the news report will say the person "abused" the dog, even if the dog was the one doing the penetrating. @Hiway: The percentages are probably not 90% & 10%. When someone is caught, it is often due to back luck. The fact that some people can hide better than others does not determine whether a law is moral or not. These laws are immoral and they should be gotten rid of.
  4. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    When it's not illegal in a jurisdiction, there's a higher chance that someone who is caught can have charges against them dismissed. With laws that specifically ban sex with animals (the act itself), it becomes much harder to dismiss the charges of someone who is caught. In fact, these new laws specifically say that no harm has to be involved, which shows how unjust these new laws are. As for why there are now five bills (at the same time), it's probably because of HSUS.
  5. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    There is now a 5th bill to ban sex with animals, in Kentucky: https://legiscan.com/KY/text/SB239/2018 So now there are five bills to ban sex with animals, or make penalties worse, in 2018. No one is doing anything to stop these five bills.
  6. Reddit group on zoophilia

    I don't understand why discussing zoo on Reddit suddenly became forbidden and "non-negotiable". I also don't know why hunting subreddits are allowed, but not zoo subreddits (even though hunting is harmful and cruel to animals, and zoo is not harmful). Reddit says that zoo is "violent content" — this isn't true.
  7. Start a pro-zoo blog?

    So do you think that having a zoo blog (discussing various real-life subjects relating to zoo) is a good idea, or not?
  8. Lots of new bills in the U.S.

    You're right egoldstein, zoos are a persecuted group; these new laws are wrong and need to be stopped, but no one is doing anything to stop them. There are a few bad people in the "zoo group", just as there are bad people in every group — that is not a reason to ban all sex with animals. One of the reasons anti-zoos give for trying to ban sex with animals are propaganda "studies" of prison populations — the "studies" say that zoos are likely to abuse humans, but what they ignore is that correlation is not causation. Anti-zoos also say animals can't "consent" (even though animals don't "consent" to anything humans try to do to them). So there are a number of reasons anti-zoos want to ban it (including prejudice). Also, the anti-zoo premise is that all sex with animals is "abuse", which is wrong. In your opinion, how are zoos supposed to fight these kinds of laws when zoos are hiding?
  9. So far, in 2018: Wisconsin, West Virginia, Hawaii, and California have bills to ban sex with animals (four bills). It is already illegal in Wisconsin and California; the bills in Wisconsin and California would change the status from a misdemeanor to a felony. The California bill would make it a felony and with a $20,000 fine (it would also ban possession of zoo porn). Below are links to the four bills: https://legiscan.com/WI/text/AB666/2017 https://legiscan.com/WV/text/HB4455/2018 https://legiscan.com/HI/text/SB2289/2018 https://legiscan.com/CA/text/AB3040/2017 This is such crap. Last year there were 5 bills (in Texas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Vermont and Nevada), and 3 of those bills became law (in Nevada, Vermont and Texas). New Hampshire and Ohio also banned it last year. No one ever does anything to stop these new bills, and the anti-zoos always get their way. Once they become law, they never get repealed. The West Virginia bill passed with NO representatives saying no to it. This isn't good. Probably special interest groups are the reason there are so many bills.
  10. Reddit group on zoophilia

    I'm wondering if anything was saved/salvaged from the banned zoophilia subreddit. Does anyone have an archive of the comments, threads, list of resources, etc? For example, there was a really good "library" of zoo resources, such as academic papers, essays on zoo, etc. And now it's all gone. Years and years of good stuff gone. There were even a few threads last year about researchers who were trying to interview zoos and get insight from them.
  11. Bad text?

    What I would say is, (regarding correlation/causality), why are these people getting away with these illogical arguments? (And no one questioning them)? So many bills have appeared with almost identical reasons for wanting to ban it, and no one questions those reasons.
  12. Subject: anal sex with dogs (human penis inside a dog's anus). Here is a guide on this subject from BF: (Beginning of guide from BF) Quote: "This guide is for those whom have questions on the anal penetration of K9's." "A couple of key points that will be emphasized as well:" "1. Don't be forceful" "2. It takes time and patience" "3. If your dog doesn't like being anally rubbed or touched, don't do it." "4. A rule of thumb is NO dog under 40 or 45 pounds in weight" "5. With female dogs, never go from the anus to the vulva without washing yourself very well" "In my experience, both male and female dogs enjoy anal sex. There have been a small percentage of dogs that will not tolerate even touching under the tail." "As with anything else, it takes time and patience to work up to penetrating your dog anally. Start off with light touching under the tail and watch the dog's reaction." "--- DO NOT FORCE IT ---" "If your dog is OK with touching, be slow. Touch your dog once or a few times a day with light rubbing or just holding against the anal area lightly. Be slow. Do this for a few weeks and if he or she is still OK with it, with plenty of lubrication (water or water-based lubricants, KY makes for an excellent source), lubricate your finger and his or her anus very well and slowly attempt penetration by pushing your finger against and into the anus. Once again, if the dog is in discomfort or doesn't like it in any way - STOP and leave it be." "Continue with the well-lubricated finger for a few weeks and work up to two fingers after a few weeks slowly. Then if two well-lubricated fingers (about the width of an average-sized human penis) is OK and the dog doesn't mind, try to insert yourself." "Inserting yourself can be done with the dog on his or her back looking up at you, or by mounting the dog and gently holding on. If your dog is OK with anal penetration, he or she will let you inside easily. If not - leave it alone." "Always use way more lubrication, if you think you have enough on the dog and yourself, use more." "While playing with your dog, use lots of praise and love. They are your companion and after you're done, don't just walk away - spend lots of time being close with them." "It is OK to penetrate fully and go without a condom, however if it's not your dog or you're not completely sure the dog does not have worms - use a condom." "Male dog tips:" "Getting your male off first and then penetrating while he is cumming as well feels very good. The pulsations of his anus are from his prostate. Rub him too while you're inside him." "Female dog tips:" "NEVER EVER go directly from her anus to her vulva. If your want to do both, wash yourself very well before even getting near her vulva area." "I would highly advise against trying with breeds smaller than a Lab or less than 40 or 45 pounds." "If your dog doesn't like anal play, don't force it and move onto something else - there are always more things to do." "I have penetrated both male and female dogs many times." "My female German Shepherd hybrid loved anal play very much among other things." - dirtyfox (End of quote) (End of guide from BF) Any other comments (or guides) on this subject are welcome.
  13. Bad text?

    So did you read the first two paragraphs of the bill? They're so awful that I don't even feel like quoting them. They (the paragraphs) say that sex with animals needs to be banned because zoos might commit crimes which are unrelated to sex with animals, and that because of "connections" between zoos and unrelated crimes, zoos are dangerous to society. The bill also says that sex with animals is a "predictor" of other unrelated crimes, and that zoos are "potentially dangerous sexual predators". This is bullshit in my opinion. Also, they did not sample from many different people, their sample (of their "study") was only of criminals, so that would influence the results (it did not represent all zoos, only a handful of criminals). But the thing is, who is going to speak out against this bullshit?
  14. Calling Bullshit

    Speaking of bullshit, as I said in another thread, I believe the first two paragraphs of Hawaii's new anti-zoo bill are bullshit (text of bill in link below): https://www.legiscan.com/HI/text/SB2289/2018
  15. Bad text?

    Wondering if anyone read the first two paragraphs of the bill -- that is what I was talking about (the question is, what do others think about those first two paragraphs?)