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  1. Greetings

    Hi, I'm a 28 year old guy who loves dogs. I'm from Eastern Europe. My favourite breeds are molosser ones: American bulldog, bullmastiff, cane corso, rottweiler, boxer, old English bulldog, giant schnauzer, French mastiff and so on. I love linguistics, computers, politics, literature (Russian mostly) and discovering the world. I'm always open to exchange private messages, so please feel free to contact me. I speak Russian, Ukrainian and Polish as well, so if you feel like you'd want to have a conversation in one of those languages just PM me. Cheers!
  2. What is your orientation with animals?

    I prefer male dogs (and, to be honest, I'm into some specific breeds or types only). There are only few female dogs that I find really attractive, however I'm not sure whether I'd like to go further than cuddles with them. That's pretty strange to me as in human relationships I prefer females (however, I have to admit that I wouldn't ignore some pretty penis what makes me kind of bisexual I guess).