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  1. Russian equine forum

    Nice one. I've got the english version already activated. Sadly not so much Stallion+Woman stuff there. But it isn't a forum, but an imageboard.
  2. More toons

    Here's another one:
  3. More toons

  4. What type of hobbies do you have?

    Well, it's the proof that superstition still survives in modern times.
  5. What type of hobbies do you have?

    Haha, Nah... not that extreme. I've got a Beyerdynamics 990 PRO 250 Ohm and a Xonar Essence STX that I use via ASIO on WIN 10. The really crazy audiophiles would use win 8, because win 8 is supposed to have the "best" audio quality.
  6. What type of hobbies do you have?

    That's an interesting hobby. I'm more on the receiving end of this (audiophile) but I know what a vast difference a specific microphone makes.
  7. Guns

    Quite funny, that this gatling looks more like an american one, rather than a russian. I must admit, that In my opinion gatings in films are overused. I prefer a good conventional heavy MG. Far more brutal sound. The Daschka is a hell of a beast.
  8. Ruffy (pre-2001 to 2017)

    Thanks... will take a while...
  9. Educational video on Crump method

    That's Goldstud Services, the guy who's patreon had been shut down by furrys. He got a lot more videos, even one where he explains the crump method via dildos. That's his new project: http://goldstudservices.com/goldstud-services/free-content/
  10. What type of hobbies do you have?

    It isn't... it isn't at all... maybe in the late 60s, but definitively not today... we have quite a lot of "zoo-hunters" trying to doxing people 'n stuff.
  11. Ruffy (pre-2001 to 2017)

    Sorry, I know your loss. My 16 year old dog died too, yesterday.
  12. Guns

    Quite sad what happened to such a traditional and historic company like Colt.
  13. Guns

    Yeah, nothing beats a good old Liberator
  14. Guns

    Shure, but then I may shoot you with my 7,5 joule air rifle, which is also just a toy. A soldier holding a teddybear, doesn't make a teddybear a weapon. Good luck in fighting off burglars with plastic balls. I know the german weapon law, quite good in fact. If you want an AK, get a semi-automatic Saiga. http://www.waffenschumacher.com/shop_62_saiga-buechsen_.htm They also have semi-auto AUGs there. Since they abolished the ""Anscheinsparagraph" You may own almost anything, as long as it's semi-automatic and holds not more than 10 bullets. You may even own a Panzerbüchse or a .50 sniper if you want and can find a fitting shooting range. You would be shocked what a friend of my got in his cellar, legally. Lol, I and most of my friends are quite enthusiastic about these guns and wehrmacht vehicles 'n stuff. You seem to believe you're the only german on english zoo boards. You wouldn't belive it, but not all germans are in eternal glorification of the "Schuldkult". In fact, people grow really tired about it. It was 80 years ago, damn, nobody cares anymore but old people and green party wackos and they both die off anyway. People should focus on todays problems not those a century ago and we have a lot of problems today, that's for shure... Yeah, like H&K, Microsoft is a global company. Meh. When it comes to bullpups I say WA2000 Good thing your father didn't let you shoot a T-Rex:
  15. Guns

    Airsoft comment in a real firearm thread... The title is guns, not toys... I'm going to crab popcorn. Your really compare ww2 weapons to modern ones? It's like to compare an 1935 Adler Trumpf to a Mercedes E-Klasse. Off course the Mercedes will win in every category, because it's a modern car. It's the historic value, nostalgia and style that makes this weapons so great. Almost any modern firearm was influenced by german WW2 guns. The MP40 is the archetype of the modern submachinegun. The PPSh, Thompson and the Bren where still quite different concepts and partly obsolete. Those are the weapons that has to be compared to it, not the 2001 MP7. The M60 is based on the MG42 ( a bad copy, if I may add *cough* jesus bolt *cough*) and the stg44 influenced heavily the Kalashnikov and the M16. But the stg44 is by far the most beautiful gun of these three. Also MP5 and 7s are as german as a Volkswagen or the deutsche Bank. H&K is a global company. They produce everywhere. In fact, the companies stocks are mainly owned by private investment groups aka arab sheiks and china. The "made in germany" is just a marketing trick.