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  1. Word Association

    Classically Handsome Men
  2. How many human partners have you had?

    None whatsoever, and slowly going insane.
  3. Peoples thoughts on body traits?

    I guess I just like certain breeds of dog, but I'm not that picky. If it's a mare; probably just small enough rump so I can actually achieve penetration. Don't get me wrong, I'd take anything right now, I'm so pent up.
  4. Suppress Sexual Urges?

    I stopped feeling guilt long ago. I'm a very intimate person, so maybe it's different between you and me.
  5. Ruffy (pre-2001 to 2017)

    Thank you.
  6. Going to post a story I guess.


    Not sure which yet.

  7. Suppress Sexual Urges?

    I'd probably get so pent up, I'd shoot up a school or something. (READ: I WOULD NOT DO THAT, it was to emphasize frustration.)
  8. Shrek porn xD

    I agree, although it looks weirder to me in retrospect...
  9. Shrek porn xD

    They call it: 'Backing dat ass up', I believe.
  10. https://www.zoox18.com

    I just created an account and started adding friends, wasn't hard. I guess I should have mentioned the chicken content. It's easily avoided.
  11. Ruffy (pre-2001 to 2017)

    The picture was taken in 2014-15. Ruffy, or Ruff was my first dog, and interestingly enough... the first time I committed a Zoo act (masturbation). It was before I even knew what sex was, so I won't count it as a relationship; He wasn't that kind of dog in manner or behavior. We got him from a co-worker of my father's in 2001 (he was a young adult at the time), she had found him wandering on a busy street. No collar, unneutered and covered in ticks. My dad took him home and we had him up until this year, when he couldn't function without help any longer (He was incredibly old for a mid-sized dog.) He was went (euthanized) quietly, and I'll always cherish the years I had him. He was happy, and I'm happy to have contributed to giving him a great life.
  12. Does anyone remember "asshairs"?

    I don't know, Joe Arpaio makes my life really hard; even after he left his position. I've never hated a Policeman more in my life. He screwed AZ over bad.
  13. Some resource links for writers

    Even though this is old, thank you!
  14. Is zoo-oriented writing allowed if it's a Anthropomorphic/Furry and Animal? Does it have to be Human/Animal specifically? Thanks, I wanted to put some writing on here.
  15. Shrek porn xD

    Is that how that worked?