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  1. I just fisted my first mare to maregasm! Sorry, no pictures; but I imagine she liked it. I was glad to provide; it was an interesting experience.

  2. Chupacabra, my sister's dog.

    This is my sister's dog, he's been with us for over 5 years now. He's the definition of a dumb, but loving thing. He also may be a barking potato, we aren't sure. The closest thing to a lover I can get, we literally sleep the day away snuggled together. Probably the one thing keeping me alive at times. He also gives kisses. Too many kisses.
  3. Baculum difference in Dire Wolves

    This is interesting.
  4. Ruffy (pre-2001 to 2017)

    I'm here for you. (That is, should you need it.)
  5. Ruffy (pre-2001 to 2017)

    Another one of the Golden Boy, this one's older than the other picture.
  6. Ruffy (pre-2001 to 2017)

    Ruff was almost 18. I'm sorry to hear that he/she's gone. Hope you'll be ok.
  7. How many human partners have you had?

    Most people don't see me as partner material, Is it wrong to not want to be used as a cum-rag by people? I have a need for an actual, healthy, commitment; sex isn't the end all be all.
  8. Sex deprivation

    I beg to differ, I've never been in "true love" or had sex, and I still get depressed about it.
  9. Peoples thoughts on body traits?

    What are you dying of?
  10. How many human partners have you had?

    It's incredible how many times I've tried, nobody's biting. I'm probably going to have to get an animal, I can't keep doing the rejection game. If it even got that far.
  11. Peoples thoughts on body traits?

    That's literally what I'm feeling right now. Dead and Unloved, We actually have similar lives right now.
  12. Word Association

    Classically Handsome Men
  13. How many human partners have you had?

    None whatsoever, and slowly going insane.
  14. Peoples thoughts on body traits?

    I guess I just like certain breeds of dog, but I'm not that picky. If it's a mare; probably just small enough rump so I can actually achieve penetration. Don't get me wrong, I'd take anything right now, I'm so pent up.
  15. Suppress Sexual Urges?

    I stopped feeling guilt long ago. I'm a very intimate person, so maybe it's different between you and me.