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  1. How I found here

    Hello sw, lftns. Last time was 2000-2001 zoophile.org. Remember me?? I was Dogboy then, and I changed to Zeaux when I found the talkers in 2001.
  2. How I found here

    Tell that to the furry community, many of whom seem to pride themselves on having a tail, wolfy ears, four human penises and five human breasts. At least that's how it was 15+ years ago and I'll bet nothing's changed. I have nothing against furries. I have nothing against transvestites either. I have nothing against guys imping girls imping guys imping stallions imping foxes.
  3. How I found here

    Haha that *was* a very long time ago. 5 or 6 computers ago. As I recall, it was the Aussie zoos who took the most offense. That was before I got my first GSD, and I completely cut myself off from online zoo when other zoos (local to me) from that specific medium wanted me to pimp out my puppy to them when he was 6 months old. I'm really only here, now, to see if I can locate Animale (and possibly DonkeyOT). Been looking for Animale for years, and while I know he might be dead, there's always the chance that he's not yet. This is the internet. Anyone can be whoever or whatever they want to be.
  4. How I found here

  5. How I found here

    Sorry, I don't remember a Rannoch.
  6. How I found here

    Perrin Ayabara??
  7. How I found here

    A couple days ago I learned from a youtube George Carlin vid that George Carlin had a dog named Tippy. Tonight I did a google search for Silverwolf Tippy. The seventh result was dated Dec. 24th, 2017 so I clicked on it. And here I am. My 13 y/o male GSD was unexpectedly euthanized in March 2017 (a neighbor called Animal Control on him after I was repeatedly seen lifting his butt in an effort to get him to walk a few steps.) and less than 2 weeks later I bought a $1700 8 week old female GSD. She's presently 10 months old. Thanks to the total BS I had to subject my male to during his lifetime, of trying to find a dogfood with the least amount of allergic reactions, my new one has only gotten Orijen since she was 8 weeks 4 days. She'll be on Orijen the rest of her life. Pic was made in June 2017 when Orijen still supplied chewy. Hey does anyone here know how I can get into contact with Animale?? Hi Ren. Eccgen outed himself and you to me 15+ years ago haha.