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Found 1 result

  1. Edward Albee is a writer of mostly absurd plays about relationships, often disturbing and/or confusing. He wrote the play "The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?" in 2002, regarding arguments of a married couple after it is revealed that the husband is having an affair with a goat. But his first play, "A Zoo Story", also arguably talks about a man and his inappropriate love for a dog. This is framed within a larger story about social isolation and dehumanization, but the theme of love for other species, compared to love for humans, is clearly expressed as well. First, a synopsis: the play starts with a conservative-looking publisher named Peter sitting on a park bench reading. He is approached by a disheveled-looking stranger, Jerry, who all but forces a conversation with Peter. Jerry talks about his personal life in exhaustive detail, and asks Peter about his life, which is far more mundane. This all leads to a long story about his interactions with a dog, which fascinates and horrifies Peter, eventually forcing him to open up a little. Jerry then begins forcing Peter off of the park bench, which Peter decides to fight him for. Jerry then pulls a knife, drops it at Peter's feet, and makes him pick it up. He then impales himself on the knife, thanking Peter for finally helping him. Peter screams in horror and runs, while Jerry dies with a smile. Clearly not a pleasant story, but the story of Jerry and the Dog, in the middle, makes me think that Jerry is essentially a lonely, crazed zoo who doesn't know how to react to his feelings, and cannot cope with himself. I'll end by showing that middle story in full (available here), with some formatting changes to make it readable but otherwise unedited. Is there actually something to this idea, or am I reading too much into this?​