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Rags 7-16-1998 to 10-21-2015

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silverwolf1    192

Tippys sole puppy, from an accidental breeding with a PB Border father, Rags had a zest for life few dogs possess. From losing his mother at 2 days old, this runt showed my what true strength really was! Faithful to a fault to his blind daughter Shadow, who he guided and protected fiercely, Rags was also incredibly faithful to me. He grew to be a ribbon winning agility and herding trials dog, a therapy dog in childrens hospitals and nursing homes, a Flyball and Frisbee champion, and so much more. His favorite activity was chasing logs in the river though. He was 17 when he died, and never slowed down till the last few months. A true all-around good dog...


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Actaeon    101

Wow. Motherless from two days old...I can't imagine what that must have been like. Rags must have drawn as much strength from you as you from him, and he either knew, or decided, he was destined for greater things, like that he was meant to be a part of your life for the entirety of his own. I'm sorry for your loss; may you take solace in the knowledge that the two of you shared a remarkable life that can never be taken from you.

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