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Hiway    70
31 minutes ago, egoldstein said:


That reminds me of a similar scene of a gorilla and a guy in a gorilla suit toward the end of Trading Places.

"One gorilla, two gorilla... who cares! Anyway, you can see they're in love!"



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Dane layer    113

 Airplane the movie.  Shows a lady telling a horse thats laying in her bed that uts time to get up,  or when there is a line forming on the plane with a donkey in it becuse a lady doesnt want to die unloved 

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I don't know if anyone has seen 'My Dog Tulip' - originally a largely autobiographical book by J.R Ackerly, made into a lovely animation.  A British guy in the 50s who works for the BBC and gets a female German Shepherd.  They are very clearly deeply in love, and the book hints yet further, and in interviews Mr Ackerly admits to 'a little fingerwork' when his dog was in heat.


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