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"Oh, to be Zoo" (a poem by Actaeon)

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Actaeon    101

"Oh, to be Zoo"

...a poem by Actaeon


Posted October 22, 1996


Oh, to be covered with Saddlebred spooge,

To be seen as a mare he can mount.

Oh, to be licked by a dog until rouge,

To be kissed much too often to count.


Oh, to be known by my four-legged friends

As a lover who's second to none.

Oh, to run fingers through fur without end

And to nuzzle their necks when day's done.


Oh, to be present when pups greet the world

For the first time, through tight-lidded eyes.

Oh, the sweet scent when around them I'm curled

Like their mother, with satisfied sighs.


Oh, to be bedded right next to a mare

And to hear her and see her asleep.

Oh, such a pleasure to know she's aware

That she's safe from all harm in my keep.


Oh, to be zoo, and to know what I mean

When I say I need fur in my life.

Oh, for a nation that pardons my genes

And allows me a four-legged wife.

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