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Bear28    26

Oh my. That takes me back to when I was using my original nick crystallight. That place really got me out of the I need to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger. Made some good friends there, raises glass to those long gone and missing now, started my first mod job there as well. To bad it fell into drama there at the end.

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Cynolove693    155

Right this was one of the first forums I was part of back in the day.. I have to admit as well that this forum helped me to accept myself, when I was questioning my sexuality.. Another zoo website lost with time...

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DingoJay    16

Now, this one has me a little confused.  I was a regular poster on EliteZoo, but I don't think I ever visited ZetaForum.  Was ZF an offshoot of EZ that ran at the same time, or how did that work?

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Well now!

I just found this thread and saw the screenshots. A number of years back, searching for new Zoo forums, i stumbled upon the site shown in the upper screenshot, or one that had the same top graphics.

But one second later, it was replaced with a red screen, warning that it was a dangerous site, and that access was blocked. Repeat attempts with other browsers resulted in different versions of the same blockade, and I could find no way to bypass it.

There was another site, with different graphics, but with a familial resemblance. It too, was blocked.

That at least answers one question as to why I never made it to at least one or two of the sites so often talked about by many fellow Zoos.

But questions remain: what did I miss? Would I have been accepted as an Ornithophile? Were there other Ornithophiles there?

I'm afraid I will never find answers to those.


Resident Hyaena ^..^

Edited by Resident Hyaena

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arcticwolf    41

Right before all the drama got started ... gp decided to rename it zetaforum. Seems, that the reason was, that some were complaining that elite zoo sounded to elitist. EZ was back in the golden age of zoo forums, chat room wall to wall most times, feral lust had a radio show, live streaming. Met tons of really great people, got to help a lot of newbies figure out the answers to lifes questions.

Back in the good ole days ... LOL

I personally think phones with texting and web access was the biggest contributor to the fall of the forums and chat rooms ... not so easy chatting while surfing a forum on a tiny screen. If you did a check of members access to this site based on pc or phone ... i think the biggest posters are pc, tablet or something non phone. Not very easy to view forum pages, let alone type up a long dialogue on a teeny phone keyboard. Probably why i still only use internet on my laptop ... don't even own a phone with a camera ...LOL .. i got a camera that takes real pictures ... and a nice 17inch lappie for better internet browsing experience. Fancy phones have nothing i need. I need a phone, to phone, and speak with people ... fuck texting. Not to mention i got real unrestricted internet a lot cheaper then tiny GB phone data contracts.


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silverwolf1    192

A place where you and I agree AW. I use my phone to make phone calls, that's all it needs to do.


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onewhoistwo    9

1) (on topic) zetaforum was the very first forum i ever signed up for.  i had a long hiatus from any type of zoo community.  the last one i was a part of was back in the usenet newsgroups days - alt.sex.bestiality.  i was accepted as a zoo in a tiny little furry group called alt.lifestyle.furry that was nice until word got out how civil we were there to alt.fan.furry which was always full of flamewars.  they brought them over to a.l.f. :/


1.5) forgot that i wanted to say .. i don't recall ever really getting beyond the lurker stage on zeta.  i was still very much a self-hater at that point and was apprehensive about reaching out to others.  mostly i just wanted to keep that part of me locked away.


2) (off topic) i was amazed at how much getting a smartphone changed my life, though admittedly i could do with just a flip phone or something of that sort.  texting is a great way to get quick ideas out to people before you forget or make quick plans without disrupting whatever's going on wherever.  obviously, ymmv.


Edited by onewhoistwo
forgot some details i meant to add before getting distracted

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