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The Goat Farm

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Ramseys    71

Aug. 2017


A little background to the 'Goat Farm'.

I started writing this back in 2012.
So it has in one form or another, sat for quite a while.

I've tried to maintain continuity through out.... 
BUT.... I've sort of crept a little bit on some parts of the story.
I hope none is too glaring to preclude your enjoyment of my work.

In those five years science has really started to catch up with some of my 'futuristic' predictions.

Call it 'Gene-Editing'  or 'Bio-Hacking'.
My scientists in this story, may already be alive.

Here is a link to one of many youtube videos out there on the supject, known as CRISPR.




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Ramseys    71
Standard Warning About this Story Containing Zoo Sex!
Anthro and Non-Anthro!
Copyright by Ramseys 2012
I hope you all enjoy
The Goat Farm
A little back ground to the world I've created.
About 100 years ago the 'Zero Point' power was discovered/created/whatever.
What that meant, for about a month's wages, one could buy a device, about the size of a 55gal. drum, that would run you whole house. AC, heat, cooking, everything. For decades!
Another one the size of a briefcase, your car.
Needless to say, things change. Now someone could go to the middle of nowhere and live. Thrive even.
And someone did just that. About 50 years ago, on some small island someone(s) set up a compound of labs and housing. Oh yea.. some animals too.
Sooner or later another someone is bound to find said island, and to poke about a bit. Signs be damned.
"Trespassers will be Eaten!"... HAH!
The the next guy found the bones of that first guy, and was more careful.
What he found truly rocked the world.
"The Island of Dr. Moreau Found!"
Screamed the headlines. And they sort'a had.
But instead of trying to make animals be more like humans...
They found animals that had been made, less so.
They found very intelligent hogs. Who carefully explained to the scientists that since porcine biology was very close to human, what with humans using pig heart valves and all, that the pig would be the first to be, "Raised"... As it were.
While never able to stand upright, they could lay in a raised cradle and use their slightly modified front hooves to type and even draw. Normal IQ for a 'raised hog' is around 180-190. Oh and they can speak, quite well in fact. You probably have talked to one and not even known it. (They own several banks and call centers.)
But they still looked like pigs. Just cleaner and had better table manors.
Next it was conjectured, that because they couldn't get the hogs to stand up, they'd start with something already able to stand.
And kangaroos also have very hand like paws too. While no dummies, they weren't quite on the par of the pigs. (IQ around 140-160) Turns out they make great cops. Faster then a cop on a bike... Heck in the inner city they were faster to a scene then cops in cars. And they got along better with the humans they policed. Studies showed since they didn't have the historical 'baggage' as the humans cops, they weren't seen as, "The Man". But they had a hard time walking. Oh they learned to move those big hind paws separately, but they were never going to be ballet dancers.
The scientists were probably pretty pleased with themselves and went all out on the third animal to be 'raised'.
They had darn near perfect balance. One would often see then standing or prancing on their hind legs. Stretching up to nibble at leaves in low tree branches. They were very friendly towards humans. And their milk was tasty. When the scientists got to the island, the goats bounced and pranced all around 'em. Helping carry, operated cameras, and answer questions.
Even though the pigs had a bit of a head start in the intelligence dept. the goats were still almost as smart as the pigs. The conversion to the hoof to a usable hand was remarkable. Although the 'Two fingers, Two thumbs' took a while to get used to seeing them at work.
The voice was unique. Since the nasal passages are very different, it sounded... exotic.
All three had mostly normal looking animal faces. Not the typical Hollywood mushed human face with patchy furred monstrosities.
About the only change was the brain area was slightly larger, but not so much as to cause birthing problems.
What they didn't find was the men who did this. Well they did find their graves. And bizarre video entries in their personal diaries. Gaunt faces saying it wasn't the animals fault, they were doing this to themselves. Large chunks of their data base had been erased.
Oh... That first guy's bones, he fell in a crevasse.
My name is Simon, and Simon says... 
Ok... We got that out of our systems?
Even my professors in business collage couldn't resist making jokes, the short time I was enrolled. Graduated at the top of my class, two years early. On top of graduating two years early from high school. I had started up the corporate ladder before I could legally drink.
Proud parents? They probably thought my collage graduation was my high school one. I was one of the lucky few that the 'robo-teachers' actually worked, once I figured out how to get around the parental controls. My 'parents' were much too busy 'having a life'. Hell they even had me circumcised so they didn't have to teach me how to clean my dick properly.
Of course today, no one made jokes, if they wanted to keep their jobs.
I'm the CFO for a huge biotech company. Head bean counter, as it were.
But a very good one, and was responsible for single handedly saving the company billions.
I wield quite a bit of power around here. But I don't abuse it. I'm fair and quick to give credit and praise to those that earn it. Oh there's always going to be some back-stabbing ass-hole, but I have several good friends that look out for their own 'meal ticket', me.
Having a doctorate in economy, does not get many women running after me. Having millions in stock options, I can buy all the women I want. But I figure that since I'm only in my late 20's, I have time for women and family later. Being a tad bit lonely is probably why I agreed to visit the place I did.
First I guess I should also tell you that I like goats. I have expensive paintings of rocky crags with goats perched precariously on ledges, Statues of shaggy goats standing on rocky out crops. I have some of those resin castings of a goat herd laying around on my credenza. I even have been known to wonder through fairs to ogle at the clean, well groomed Capra hircus.
So when the invite came to visit a new local 'Country Club' that was owned and run by the goats from that strange island, well...    I went.
Driving up the long winding road to the place. I started noticing topiary set back from the roadway. "I bet those goats could give those gardeners at Disney World a run for their money." I quietly mused to myself. Then the first guard house, a human took my name and checked a list on a clip board. Who then smiled and waved me on. Then a massive stone wall, looked like it was part of the Great Wall of China, but was guarded by several kangaroos in some sort of camo-vest that held lots of things that would probably hurt. The roo security guard politely asked to see my driver's license, and then scanned it, looked closely at me, then smiled (Well I'm sure for a kangaroo it was a smile) and it too waved me through. (I was fairly sure it was a male. It was damn big, that's for sure. They all wear a camo-thong that matches the vest.)
Past the 'Great Wall' and around a hill the main place came into view. Massive wasn't the word for it. 'Ski Chalet on steroids' I thought. Huge Logs held greats sheets of glass to showed off the light maple interior wood. I was staring so hard I almost didn't see the third guard, a male goat with a very nice set of horns, greeted me by name and directed where I should park. Or they also had valet parking... Human drivers.  Like the pigs, the male goats were clean and didn't stink like their barnyard cousins. I'm guessing NOT pissing on your face helps. Like all the goats from the island, he was an Anglo-Nubian. He was a dark brown, solid color... Well what I could see of it. He wore a polo shirt and a kilt. Not having a waist, I wondered how he kept it up?
Being in good shape, I work out quite a bit and run some too, I parked and walked to the front entrance. Sure enough off to one side in a small glass booth sat a happy looking young man with a rack of keys behind him. I'm not sure why, but I veered over to the glass booth. The door quickly popped open sending a wash of cool air over me. Felt good in the heat of a late autumn, Texas morning. "Yes sir?... How may I help you?" Well they must pay well here, I thought. He was sure glad to be here. His standard burgundy valet vest bore a name tag. "Jeff". Been here long? I asked. "About 9 months now. I first drove trucks picking up stuff for this place when they were building it. I still play chauffeur from time to time. But when we're expecting folks, I park cars." Good group to work for? I asked. He nodded and gave a big smile. "Sure are, and the benefits are fantastic." I nodded and thanked him for his time and headed for the revolving door.
Before coming here, everything seamed on the up and up. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) said they were squeaky clean. Wouldn't do to be seen at some shady outfit, considering my position. I even ran them through my company's 'Vender Screener', and they came up clear. But it never hurts to check with the lower level staff. They were usually more honest then the inside crew.
'Well this is it.' I thought as the door whooshed around me. My little pod of warm outside air was quickly washed away by the cool breezes from the massive ceiling fans. Did I mention that everything in the lobby was huge? 'Ok... Get your wits about you.' I scolded myself, 'I'm gawking like a 'tourist'. You've seen Goats before. They say there's several that work custodial in my own building.
The front staff was mostly females, 'Doe' I told myself. Although a few 'Bucks' were also doing the heavier tasks. I was certain they were more 'bouncer' then 'bell-hop'. Some folks hadn't welcomed the 'raised' animals with open arms. Some with a little more intensity than others. Being a Capitalist at heart, 'New Markets' was the counter argument to the 'anti's' shouts. They were too... Not one, so far, had been a slacker.
Reception was a long counter. Like you'd fine in a quality hotel. Behind the counter was a sow in one of their 'cradle' arrangements. She could move about on it, raise and lower her front half. But primarily it made her hands free to type on the computer's keyboard. She looked up and said with out the slightest squeal, "Your invitation please." She took my offered sheet of paper between her two hoof fingers. "Ahh yes, Mr. Simon. How very nice of you to visit us. I do hope you become a member here. You're just the sort we're looking for."
I swear she winked at me.
You're a bit early for the noon presentation, I'll have Nora show you to the bar. With a touch on a bank of buttons a lovely pure white doe appeared at the sow's side. She wore a white dress, plain, with straps and it went down to her... knees? Her horns were much smaller then the male's he's seen, more swept back. Those trade mark long floppy ears, smokey dark hooves, nose tending towards pink, and of course those goat eyes. Some folks really didn't like having the goats look at 'em. 'Alien Eyes' they said. I think they are quite enchanting.
I guess I was a bit lost in those eyes, because the hog lady was saying... "Mr. Simon.. Will she be ok for your escort for this evening?" rather loudly. And I had the feeling that wasn't the first time she had asked. "Ahh Yes, sure... She's perfect." I finally stammered out.
"Good, she'll meet you at the end of the counter, have a pleasant stay..."
"Oh, one other thing, I noticed you talking with Jeff outside, was everything ok Mr. Simon?"
"Just fine, I was getting the local weather report."
Nora put all the 'show goats' I had ever seen to shame. The curve of her nose, the way her horns flowed back the length of here ears were all out of the textbook. I wondered how long she spent brushing her fur to make it shine like it did.
"There is a bar tucked in the back where we can wait, Mr. Simon". Her voice was pitched just low enough to be exotic sounding.... "Mr. Simon"? 
"Oh I'm so sorry, I was just admiring this massive lobby area." I quickly added. "And please call me Gene."
"Well Gene, if you'll just follow me, we'll head back to a nice little bar in the back. And I can maybe answer some questions you might have".
The bar was really something to see. Ornate wood turnings, fluted and filigree everywhere, dark oak. What one thinks of when you say, 'English Pub'. Only the hairy goats with the big horns weren't on the sign, he was Bill, standing proudly behind the well polished wood bar.
"Have anything you wish," Nora brightly announced, "Our Bill is quite the mixoligest." 
"Unlike some in my office, I don't drink quite this early in the day." I told my lovely companion, I turned to Bill... "I'll just have a cold Orange Juice."
"Ahh well you are in luck, Bill has a wide selection of fruit juices, and makes a wonderful Orange Juice 'Plus'."
"Sure", I told Nora, "just as long as there no alcohol in it."
On the way to our seats I heard a blender come to life behind the bar.
I held the chair for the lady goat and I had just made myself comfortable when the buck fairly pranced up to the table and sat a large glass of Orange Juice Plus in front of me.
"Please let me know what you think of it sir." The shaggy barman intoned, "I've been experimenting with different mixtures of juice and extracts. I hope humans find it as refreshing as we."
I lifted the glass, and after a salute of the glass to the buck, I took a sip. Well there was no denying that his mixture was quite good, and I told him so. And that I'd follow up with him after finishing the glass. He wore a barman's apron, and little else that I could see, it wrapped completely around him. Leaving his solid black hairy back exposed but from the waist down, he was fully covered. Only two black goat legs with shinny black hooves stuck out below.
"It is most kind of you to encourage Bill. He's been driving poor Jeff nuts having him tasting different concoctions. " Nora watched me drink...
"Aren't you drinking anything?" I asked my hostess. She looked slightly distressed at my question. "You said I could ask questions once we were back here." I reminded the doe.
"Ahh well yes, it just that watching one of us drink... We can't use a glass as you do.... It might be a bit, 'off putting', the first few times you see us drink." She looked at me hopeful that her answer was sufficient, and I wasn't going to ask her for a demonstration.
"Ok" I said, "We'll leave that for another time." I paused and looked at the bar, took another drink of the juice mixture and said. "Then tell me about Bill, all the Nubian goats I've ever seen had short hair coats, like your's. Why is Bill's so long?"
Nora looked happy again, I had obviously asked a question she knew the answer to.
"Well the herd of Anglo-Nubians on the island wasn't quite as pure as everyone thought... We're not even sure the men on the island who bought them, were all that worried about the purity of the herd. But through DNA testing we've discovered there were a couple other breeds of goats along the way. Bill has a lot of Swedish Landrace in his family tree."
"And how do you feel about that?"
"About Bill being a different breed?" She looked puzzled for a moment. Then she tapped herself on the side of her muzzle. "Oh.. Duh.. Yea I forgot humans have had... 'issues' lets say, with breeds, or race as you call it."
I nodded, indicating that was exactly what I was asking.
"Well myself personally, I have no problem with Bill. In fact I have one of those other races in me... I'm part Kiko." She thought for a moment. "You know, I don't think anyone has really sat down and thought about it." 
She looked at me, as if asking, if she'd answered my question.
"Well someone has been thinking about it." I took a big draught on my juice, and held the glass up and pointed to it. "I've not see a goat as hairy as Bill in any of the photos from when the island was discovered. So somegoat, had to think about breed when they had him."
The doe looked a bit surprised at herself for not noticing this on her own.
"You know, I've never thought of that before."
I finished my juice and plunked the glass down. "Grist for a future conversation." I told my pretty companion. "And dang that was good juice." I smiled at the doe, and she seam to return the grin. I waved to Bill and the buck pranced over. "Yes sir?" He asked. "That was some tasty OJ... Light and sweet but not cloying so. Just right." "Thank you sir, I'm very glad you enjoyed it." 
The 'noon presentation' was just as boring as you'd expect. Oh the video was really well done. Told about the history and mystery of the island. The legal landmarks as the island's animals won legal rights in the human's world. And of the businesses they were becoming a part of. The acquiring the land and construction of the 'country club'. What activities were available here. Golf of course, couple different pools, tennis, billiard room, and what really caught my attention was what they called a 'Farm Encounter' area. Basically it was a barn with a large yard around it. And some 'normal' animals. Goats, sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys, cattle... All trained not to bite. Where you could 'discover' or 're-live' the Farm Life. The film then went inside to show the gyms, weight room, indoor pool, sauna, massage and locker room, various dinning rooms, bars, card rooms, the theater we were now seated in, smoking lounge, and rooms that members can spend the night in. And finally some 'behind the scenes' footage, the kitchens, state of the art heating and cooling plant, grounds keeper, and lastly a quick clip of the receiving area... Where I think I spotted Jeff on a forklift.
After the presentation we were herded into a close by dinning room that had been set up as an all you can eat buffet.  Surprisingly there was meat. Chicken and Fish... No mammalian meat. 'Well eating here is probably better for me.' I thought to myself. Say that drink of Bills was quite refreshing. I still feel.. energized. And hungry, this morning's coffee and bagels have run through. I filled my plate, something I rarely do, with an assortment of tasty looking veggies and a nice big piece of white fish. Nora followed suit with just the veggies and a large salad. Bill was circulating among the tables, looking quite regale even as he was taking drink orders. His impressive horns swung about as he chatted with the humans. "Mr. Simon... What can I get you to drink? Some more orange juice plus? I just loved the way his voice filled our little area of the room with rich resonance. "Yes please, I'd like that."
Looking around the room I noted there were six couples with their escorts, all doe goats. And seven other singles, four women and three men. 'Ahh.. very wise of them, to make the ratio equal between men and women.' The singles all sat at their own table with their assigned host. One of the men had a sow as a hostess, another had a buck goat at his table. As for the women two had bucks and one had a boar. I wondered as to how the paring of host and guest was made? All seamed to be happily chatting with their escorts.
Nora and I also chatted. I found out she was of the first generation to have been born off island. Her folks had left when they were still quite young and had ended up on a sort of a halfway farm until they got themselves going in the outside world. Her father has a construction company and her mom works for a state senator.
'Sally' her name tag said, the sow from reception came slowly werrred by on her cart stopping at all the tables. She soon made it to our's and inquired if we needed anything and if I was having a nice time here. I told her that Nora was being a wonderful charming hostess and that the food was excellent. And that Bill made the best orange juice plus.
I did ask about her heritage. "Ah.." She smiled at me. "Well all the pigs on the island were decedents of 24 gilts and 6 young boar Durocs. Our red colored skin is able to stand the sun better then say the Chester White. I watched her as she spoke. She held her floppy ears away from her head and out of her line of sight. Speaking of sight, her eyes weren't really tiny or squinty, just sort'a small but very alert. Being at 'eye level' with a pig was... different. All preconceived stereotypes flew out the window as you looked into what was clearly a very intelligent face. Again, no barnyard smell... I did notice a faint whiff of roses.
The slow procession of gulf carts wound it's way through the beautiful greens and fairways of the golf course. The larger ones for the couples lead the way while the two seater's were strung out behind. Apparently the uniform for the outside labor force, for both bucks and doe, were polo shirts and kilts. That were attached to the shirt, Nora informed me on the secret. On we hummed in our little carts taking in the landscaping and tennis courts. Last stop before heading back in for drinks was the 'Farm Encounter' area. Interestingly all the singles carts, except the one with the single woman with a doe goat for her hostess, all slowed to a stop. We all got out and slowly wondered through the gate into the yard area. The two pigs and their guests had been in special carts that allowed their 'cradle' units to drive into the back of 'em. So after a few minuets, we were all wondering among the 'normal' livestock. This must have been a heavily wooded area, and they had carefully removed trees to form an open grassy pasture in the form of a giant donut, with trees around the outside and a clump in the middle. Water troughs dotted the area as well as mineral feeders, benches and patio type chairs were also throughout the green landscape. The smooth path wondered through the trees. For some unknown reason, I reached down and took Nora's hand in mine. When I realized what I had done I quickly let go and apologized profusely. Nora only gave a short laugh, almost a bleat, and took my hand in her's and turned to lead me down the path. I looked around to see if anyone saw me, and was pleasantly surprised to see some of the other guests having some sort of physical contact with their escort. Then is struck me, 'We all look like we're on dates!' I thought to myself.
We sat on a bench, in the shade of a giant old oak tree, next to each other and I told her about my childhood and how I had arranged for my 'class trips' to all be to farms and petting zoos. 
I was glad the invitation had called for 'casual' dress, the afternoon sun was warming things up. Looking through the underbrush I could just make out one the pig cradle thing.. abandoned.. I wonder if it was the boar or sow's? The sound of snapping twigs and crunching of leaves got louder as the herd of normal Nubian goats wondered closer to us. The flock of sheep marched around the grassy donut.. 'Grazers' And the goats like leafy things.. Browsers. Soon the herd was all around us, coming up and checking to see if we had anything to eat. They first went to Nora, and seamed confused at her sitting in a chair. Then over to me, human equals food.. but not this time, and soon the they moved off, except to one all white doe. She seamed to be very fond of my fingers scratching her around her ears. She had no horns, and I've read enough about goats to know why that was. But it appeared that painful process hadn't made her afraid of humans. The bright blue collar had 'Betty' carefully inked on it. "Well Betty, how do you like it around here. Her stub of a tail wagged at high speed. "She likes it here." Nora said. "You speak goat?" I asked.. only half in jest. "We're really good at reading body language... And I'd say she's saying that she likes you." Betty turned her body sideways to me so I could continue down her back and sides with my scratching. "I've always like goats", for some reason that just popped out. I looked up and Nora seamed to be watching me rather intently. Betty moved again and I look down to see I was now scratching the base of that frantically wagging stubby tail. She turned some more and I was looking at her pink under tail area...
My mouth went dry, I started to sweat... And I popped one hell of a chubby. I had to shift around on the bench, hoping Nora hadn't seen my arousal. I stopped petting Betty lest my fingers betray my thoughts. "You think she's sexy?" Nora asked in a soft voice. "Yes" I croaked... and then realized what I just said. "I mean she's very pretty... A very nice goat." Nora leapt up and pulled me off the bench dragging me behind her as she headed farther down the trail. "There's something else I think you might like here." Betty follow along for some unknown reason, instead of returning to her herd mates.
It looked like a shed the staff would use to keep tools and such in. But the door opened to reveal a small apartment. A couple of chairs, tiny sink in the far corner, a little dresser, a rather large bed. No windows but large skylight lit the room very brightly. And there was a rather odd little raised platform to one side. Betty bounced into the room as soon as the door was open and Nora held the door for me, but instead of follow me in, she closed the door behind me and said through the door, "I'll be back in a couple of hours."
Betty looked at me and gave a soft bleat. Then she turned and hopped up on the platform with her pink bits aimed right at me, tail wagging. 'You've got to be kidding!' I thought... My chubby had turned into a full blown erection throbbing painfully in my pants. 'How could they know?' my head spun slightly, 'How did they find out?' I had been ever so careful. Using an encrypted laptop that I could wipe with a push of a button. Proxy on top of Proxy servers, using Wi-Fi hot spots. Even the occasional open network. Every picture and movie of goat genitalia and goats mating were never on any machine that could be linked to me. I only downloaded a couple of movies of guys shagging goats. And I didn't keep them. I scrubbed the flash drive to cripto level and then tossed it away. So how did they know? Or are they just guessing? Even though there was some sort of cooling system in the cabin, I was sweating bullets. I looked around the little room, the dresser had it's top drawer opened slightly, I could see an assortment of lubes. There was no mistaking what they thought would take place in here.
I had most of my clothes off before I realized what I was doing. I stopped and looked at Betty. Damn I had wanted this for so long... Hell with it, I got enough money socked away if I got found out and fired I could live very well for a very long time. The rest of my clothing landed on a chair along with the stuff taken off earlier. While not oversized diameter wise, I was a good eight inched. This fleshy pointer led the way over to where the white goat doe stood. I wanted this to last, I wanted to see, as well as feel. I knelt down and looked at the pink flesh. From the skin on the under side of her tail, the tightly puckered anus, and finally to the slightly puffy rosebud of her cunt lips. It look so small, but I knew from those films that she'd easily stretch. But to make sure I took my finger and rubbed it over the moist mound. Pressing it every so gently in, I was surprised when she push back onto my finger. 'Oh man she really wants this too.' I kept my finger in her long enough to discover that she a little spear of hard flesh at the bottom of her pussy. That my finger rubbing over it made her whole hind end twitch. I smiled, I knew something that most everyone else in the world had no idea, goats have a clit!
I stood and stepped to the dresser, pulled the drawer open farther and selected a light lube. I didn't want anything too heavy to mask any of the feeling. I was soon slick enough that I felt I was in no danger of causing any harm to Betty. Stepping back to the animal I took a deep breath and leaned closer to her goat loins. Just as with my finger, as soon as I start to press my glans into her nether lips, she pushed back... I pushed in... Deeper I slid until I was fully hilted in the animal. 'Oh Damn' I groaned. I didn't know if I was going to cum or pass out right then and their. I managed to not do either... looking down, instead of seeing my penis I was looking at the back of a goat... Oh how I had imagined this sight! And now, there it was. I was balls deep in a female goat!
Betty pranced a bit and her wagging tail across my belly broke the trance. I lightly placed my hands on her hips, just to keep everything aligned, and pulled back... then back in. I groaned again, only this time I didn't stop. One slow thrust follow another. Her hot goat flesh engulfed my penis time and time again. To read someplace; that goats have higher body temperatures then humans, that was one thing. But to experience it with your cock was something else!
I was so very hard... She felt so very silky... I was soon stroking in and out of her faster and faster now. I heard her give the occasional soft bleat as I pounded her twat. I had no idea if she liked this or not.. there was nothing holder her... Well I was holder her, but not strongly enough to keep her from walking away if she wanted to. I felt the tingle begin to rise in my loins... I fuck the goat with short hard strokes... My breath came in ragged gasps... Now I gripped her firmly and pulled her back onto me as the first volley of thick white cum blasted through my cock and shot deeply into the animal. The second was as large, if not larger then the first wad... The third was the same... Forth... Fifth... Sixth...  finally the Seventh ejaculation was less... Twelve times all together. "Fuck I've never cum so hard!" I said aloud. My grip loosened on Betty's hips, but the goat made no move away from me or my still dribbling cock.
'DAMN!' I thought, as I pumped lung full's of air in. 'I just Fucked a Goat!' As if more proof was needed Betty took that exact moment to step foreword. A streamer of my cum stretched between my slowly wilting cock and her pink cunt, that still retained a slight 'O' shape to it. A wad of my cum could be seen oozing out. She turned around and started to lap at my glans... OH! Still way to sensitive for that! I knelt down and pulled her to me and gave her a hug. I rubbed my hands all over her sides as I buried my face in her neck fur. 
I struggled to stand... the bed was close by, I staggered to it and fell in. I rolled to the center of the big bed and lay spread eagle to vent as much heat out of my body as fast as I could. Betty hopped up and lay next to me. Oh man I felt so good... alive. 
And sleepy.
I awoke with slow breathing in my ear and a warm weight on my shoulder. Betty had moved so she was now laying flat on her side with her back to me and her head on my shoulder... Asleep.
That was so damn sexy, I was aroused almost instantly. I rolled on my side and started to rub the goat's side and belly. My erection dug into her back hair just above her ever wagging tail. The swishing long hairs danced across my scrotum.
One of the films I had watched, the man had rolled the goat onto her back and fucked her in the missionary position. Just the thought of that made my erection throb. I carefully slide out from under her head, got up and reached over her and gathered up front legs in one hand and hind one's in the other, and slowly rolled her onto her back. She looked up at me and then laid her head back down. I resumed rubbing her belly and she seamed to relax even more. Her legs fold as if she was laying on her belly with her legs under her like I've seen countless goats do. Her udder was flat as were her teats. She wasn't producing any milk at this time in her life. My growing lust had enough 'sight-seeing'... I knee walked around to her rump... A little saliva and I was good to go... I sat on my heels so I would be low enough to line up with her twat. I scooted foreword... The tip of my cock slid back into her sloppy opening. Scooting some more... This wasn't going to work... I took her hind legs in my hands and push then so her rump would roll up slightly... That was better. A more of a, down into her... I watched my own cock slide into the goat's pussy. Lips that were still puffy and very wet from our first fuck, gobbled me up. 'Damn goat pussy is wonderful!' I told myself... Rocking back and forth, I stared at my dick, plunging into an animal's warm cunt. I leaned foreword more, rolling her hips more... Until I was over her, my belly was against her's, but not my weight... I was able to move my knees apart some, and that let me pick up the pace... But not too fast... No, this might be my very last time... I wanted it to last.
My cock throbbed... As did the blood in my temples... Stroke... 'Oh damn she's soooo fucking hot!' Stroke... I can feel my semen from the first time swirling around my shaft. Stroke... She was soooo silky soft. Stroke... I lean my face down... I bury my face in her chest hair and inhale deeply. She smells of leaves and forest. Stroke... She lays still... Not one hint of her not wanting to do this. Stroke.. Faster now. My lust grows hotter. Stroke.. My cock pistoning in and out of her sloppy twat was making wet squishy sounds. Stroke.. Faster now. Stroke. Soon I was pounding myself into her, the strokes made her body compress into the mattress and then rebound back up so my next stroke was even deeper then before. Keeping my weight off her as much as I could, I slid my arms under her and hugged her to me. I was holding on... I was fucking her like some beast. No... I was fucking her like some horny human. And I was loving every second of it.
All those fields full of goats I didn't stop for... All those penned up goats at fairs that I never fondled... All the farms I never found out where they were, so I wouldn't be tempted to go 'fence hopping'. All that repressed lust, was being poured into the white doe goat under me. I groaned... I moaned... And finally I was crying out as my orgasm fired through my body. Again I was sending impossibly huge loads of cum, blasting into Betty's pussy. I clung to her as my lust fired it's volleys of white, sticky semen into her depths. Again and again muscles bunched and my cum was pumped into the goat's cunt. Finally I was down to just weak dribbles of goo. I gasped for air as I released her from my hug. On my hands and knees over her. Then rising up sit on my heels once more. And again I was looking down, seeing my cock that was still balls deep in the doe... I half wished I had a camera.
A sound at the door and Nora was back into the room. But this time she was without her white dress... or any clothes for that matter. Like some wood nymph, she fairly danced over to the bed. She bent down, her muzzle headed for my crotch. She inhales deeply and then softly lapped at the union of Capra and Human. She pushed me back slightly, tongue flitting, seaming everywhere at once, cleaning every inch of my cock as it slid from Betty's cunt. As soon I was out of her, Nora had me lay down on the bed again. She then rolled Betty back over onto her belly, then up and off the bed. Again like some strange dance, she shooed the natural goat out the door, and was quickly back to the bed. She bounced up onto it much like Betty had done but Nora was soon standing over me... She lowered herself... It became very clear what her intentions were, and my cock seamed to approve, because it became full hard. With one hand she guided my still wet penis into her moist cunt lips and with the other she place on my chest, as if to hold me in place... 'Right... Like I was going to leave'.
Unlike a natural goat, Nora knew that if she exercised certain muscles, she'd make sex more enjoyable. And she let me know that she had been doing just that as her cunt fairly milked my cock shaft, once she had me fully hilted in her pussy. But like a natural goat, there was no, 'lets just sit here and enjoy the moment, she started bouncing up and down on my cock immediately. She had both hands on my chest to steadied herself as she lithely impaled her body on to my fleshy spear, time and again. It took me only a moment to pick up on her tempo and then added my own thrusts to our fucking. My hands rubbed the outsides of her strongly muscled hunches, I could feel the power as they propelled her body's sexual motions. Suddenly Nora slammed herself down on to me, her muzzle lifted, and a soft goaty bleat came from deep inside her. I was treated to another demonstration of well trained cunt muscles, as her body seamed to just quiver for a few moments... And then it was back to her manic fucking. Again I picked up on her frantic tempo and joined in... Even though I had already had two wildly massive orgasms, I could feel the third start to build... She felt a lot like Betty.. same heat.. same silky goat flesh that engulfed my cock with each stroke... I felt my breathing become more ragged as my lust once again filled my loins with it's fire... Just as I was about to reach my own peak, Nora again slammed down on me and started her cock squeezing... I erupted like a volcano in her, my hot white lava spewed up into her goat cunt... Blast after blast issued forth, coating her insides with sticky, gooey, semen.
My orgasmic fog lasted longer this time.. but when I could finally put two thoughts together, I opened my eyes and looked up at the modified goat. "What did you give me?" My voice was barely above a whisper. "I like it." I added, "But this can't only be repressed goat lust." Nora gave my cock a few more squeezes before answering. I could only groan.
She admitted I had been given some 'leftover' island tech. I nodded and said, "Man you could make a mint on that stuff." But the goat only shook her head, "If we wanted to get rid of mankind, but we don't." I looked confused at her statement. Back around 1950 scientists started to do experiments on the brain. Finding out what part of the brain controlled what. Speech, motor skills, hearing, touch, and vision parts of the brain were discovered. They even found the 'Pleasure' center and by stimulating it with a small electrical charge, they could make, in the case of the research, a monkey feel sexual pleasure. They wired up a monkey that knew to get food it just needed to press a lever, gave it a second lever that caused the sexual stimulation. The monkey starved to death because it wouldn't stop pressing the sex lever. "You think that would happen to humans?" I asked. "We know it would." the goat shifted slightly on my cock, making a new shiver of lust run through me. "It's what happened to the men on the island." Those strange videos of gaunt faces, they were dyeing, they knew it, but couldn't, or wouldn't, stop. "The animals couldn't stop them?" I wondered aloud. "Would you be able to tell God to stop?... To the first generation these men were gods, they created them. How do you tell your god he's doing wrong?" Her voice was soft and low as she spoke, you could still hear a certain reverence for the men that created her race. Then her voice changed a bit. "Then it was discovered what we were truly meant to become... Sex slaves..." Nora squeezed my cock as if to add emphasis to what she was saying. "They found out that testosterone wasn't the only thing that made buck goat hyper-sexual. There were other factors they isolated, and this gene that produced it was switched on in the females, to make us as horny as the males. It worked, I can't get through a day with out some sort of sexual stimulation." Nora started to bounce up and down on me... I was still rock hard, only now I knew why. "We were to be the perfect sex partner, always wanting sex... And there's no way to change it. It's in our very DNA." Again I watched as she worked to get off on my cock... After her orgasm, she looked at me. "Don't feel bad. It's not your doing... And besides this is the only thing I've known. This is 'normal' for me... Like those rare people that are born with out any sense of smell. They really have no way of knowing what they are missing. And really don't care."
"What about me?" I asked softly, a little fearful of the answer... Was this going to be the new 'norm' for me? "The effects will wear off in a few more hours." Nora informed me. "And why was this invented?" She smiled at me. "Well it seams a couple of the scientists wanted to improve on themselves. They took that same knowledge, added in a few things that will make all the secondary sexual glans in your body kick into overdrive... All your fluids were greatly increased in volume. As is your libido... You are a human version of a buck goat." I lay there taking it all in. I really wasn't angry, I sort of liked what they did... They fulfilled my wildest fantasies... What's to hate about that?
Nora got off three more times to my one. We both climbed out of bed on rather shaky legs. The doe goat led me over to the small sink. She washed my cock and balls. Also the where my cum had run down my legs... But only after she had thoroughly licked me with her soft tongue... I was hard again. "You're no help." I quipped. I had just managed to get my penis to 'half staff'. "Maybe I should wait for you up at the club house." She smiled and gave a little curtsy as if she was leaving royalty. "I'll be along in a few." I told her as she opened the door. But there was a white blur as Betty was once again in the room, standing on the platform looking at my naked body. She gave a very demanding bleat and turned around. Nora and I looked at each other and broke out laughing. "It seams..." she said between giggles, "You have more that is required of you." "Yea.." I nodded in agreement. "I'll be a bit longer I guess."
So ends chapter One of The Goat Farm.

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Ramseys    71
Standard Warning About this Story Containing Zoo Sex!
Anthro and Non-Anthro!
Copyright by Ramseys 2012
I hope you all enjoy
For needed background, please read 'The Goat Farm' first.
The Goat Farm 2
(Jeff's story)
Jeff was your typical High School graduate... Short black hair, skinny, 'wiry' some would say... But when you consider that only about one in fifteen young folks that enter public High School ever make it to the end... Jeff is not the normal young person. He got his diploma in a trade. He's a very good driver. Took to the massive big rigs in no time. Turning, backing up, parking... He could park the huge vehicle quite literally on a dime. So with his newly minted Commercial Drivers License in hand, he got a job at a local lumber company making deliveries. And being the new guy, a young one to boot. He got all the crappiest deliveries, in the oldest crappiest truck, to the most difficult locations. But he really needed the job, so he kept quiet. His folks, for a graduation present, had all the locks changed and his stuff was on the front step... Seams their government mandated parental duties were fulfilled. 
Then one day, when he was just getting back from yet another crappy delivery to a stone quarry. He was walking across the lumber yard, trying to beat some of the limestone dust off his clothes, when the foreman hollered from the office. Veering from the path that would have taken him to the showers, he headed to the office. On his way, he noted that a truck was just finishing up being loaded.
"What'sup?" He asked the overweight foreman.
"Got one more delivery."
Jeff looked at the clock, 15 minutes until quitting time. His refusal could cost him his job.
"Where to?"
"That new country club. And this load got forgotten until now. They've been buying a ton of stuff here, so we've got to keep 'em happy, even if they are a bunch of dumb animals."
Jeff looked again at the truck... One of the new ones... Heck it would be worth it just to get to drive sometime besides that piece of shit they gave him.
"Sure... Be  happy to save your bacon, boss." 
The Kangaroo looked at Jeff's CDL and company ID. Scanned both and had Jeff look into a retina camera.
"Where's the regular drivers?"
"Home or a bar, I guess... I got the overtime load on a Friday."
The 'roo told him to wait, and went into the guard shack. After a phone conversation, that Jeff could hear a little bit of... "No the truck is fine and that load is still strapped to it.... I'm just doing my job!... If you had done your's, I wouldn't have to check on a new driver."
Jeff had hung his head out the window of his truck, admiring the flowers around the guard shack... He gave a slight start with the face of the guard 'roo come back into his field of view. 'Ollie' (The name tag said) handed Jeff a lanyard with two plastic tags. A white one had his full name, a bar code and a magnetic strip on the back. The other was a bright green tag that said "Delivery Driver" and a number. "When you leave, turn in the green one and keep the other one incase you come out here again." Then the kangaroo handed back the invoices for the load and pushed a remote on his vest that made the orange and black stripped stop bar swing up. "Follow the 'B' signs."
"Thanks" Jeff said and stuck his hand out... It was the 'roo's turn to look surprised... Taking the offered human hand in his paw, he carefully shook and then released it. With a happy wave, the young man drove into the construction site. Leaving a perplexed kangaroo staring at his paw.
One day in school, for extra credit, Jeff stayed after to meet 6 members from the I.A.O. (Island Animal Outreach) A pair of each of the three animals found on the island. Two hogs, two kangaroos, and two goats. They out numbered the students that stayed.
Jeff asked polite questions, he class mates made rude remarks. Jeff looked at the modified hooves and paws... Marveling at each. The animals were fully clothed... Jeff sort'a wished they hadn't been.. he had seen a few photos showing the huge balls that normal boars and bucks possess, and wondered if the 'uplifted' animals bore the same. So while shaking a kangaroo's paw wasn't a common occurrence for Jeff, it was one he had done before and knew what to expect.
Sure enough the road made many splits and Jeff was soon on the 'B' one that led around the massive chalet to a huge barn. Soon he found the area that looked like they were waiting for him. Leaning out of the window, Jeff asked an all brown goat were he wanted the load to go. The buck, dressed in a heavy duty carpenter apron, pointed to a temporary loading ramp. Jeff parked the truck within an inch of the platform. Hopping out of the cab, the human set to work loosening the tie down straps and rolling them up. Suddenly Jeff got the feeling that something wasn't quite right... He stopped and looked around... All the animal workers was looking at him.
"Ahhh... Am I doing something wrong?" He asked the group. 
The goat that had told him where to park spoke up. "All the other drivers never get out of their trucks... We do all the unloading."
"Oh.. Sorry I didn't know I wasn't allowed to get out of the truck." Jeff turned to head back to the cab.
"You can get out... There's no rule that says you can't... It's just that the other drivers sat in their cabs with the AC going."
"But why?... This place is amazing... You guys are amazing... " The human stood looking at the different goats.. there were even a few kangaroos with shop aprons on.
Just then a doe goat came out of the office trailer that sat between the barn and main chalet. She was all white with a green summer dress on. She came up to the foreman and spoke quietly to him. He nodded and turned to me as she retreated to the trailer. "Care for a tour of the place? We can get this load for you."
Jeff was given a hard hat and he followed the foreman. The place was getting close to being done, but of course all the little details take time. "Another 8 to 9 months the front office figures." Then they wondered over to the barn. It was mostly done. They even had some of the normal animals they were going to have in the 'Farm Encounter'. Wide open floor with a smooth rubberized covering. Along the back they had it set up so there was an open pen inside where food and water was kept, an enclosed stall for cold weather and to just let the animal 'hide out' if they want to. The back of the stall opened to an outside paddock area and past that, for the bigger critters, (Horses, donkeys, cows, who aren't here yet) large pastures.
The animals that were already here were 8 hair sheep. (In cold weather they get an undercoat, but in warm weather it sheds, so no need to shear.) A dozen or so goats. (Anglo-Nubian like the goats from the island) And 4 pigs... (Again the same breed as the island  pigs, Durocs) They were standing in front of the pig pen when a sow ambled up to them. Jeff asked if he could touch her and the foreman wasn't sure. Just then a doe bounded up. She was a brown with white patches. She wasn't wearing anything.
"Hello Robert, showing a guest around?" Just then she noticed my bright green "Delivery Driver" tag. She seamed to get flustered at this... "Oh.. Ahh.. Hello. You got out of your truck."
Jeff did his very best to keep from looking too hard at her crotch teats. "Ahh, yea... I seam to be a bit of an oddity in that regard."
Robert the buck goat said to naked doe, "The driver was just asking if he could touch the pig?"
"Soffie?... Sure, she loves attention."
Jeff was happy to be able to turn away from the two goats, to hide his growing erection. He leaned over the low fence and slowly started scratching the sow behind the ear. He noted how soft she was there. Contented grunts came from the pig. "My first time to touch a real pig." Then he realized what he said.. "I mean I've touched a couple of the island pigs.. they came to my school. But as far as one you'd find on a farm around here. This is the first."
The two goats had a whispered conversation while Jeff was distracted with the sow. The doe spoke, "That is part of the reason we're going to have the 'Farm Encounter' area here. So people can either relive or get acquainted with normal farm animals... You seam to be someone that would like to visit here."
The human gave a slight snort. "I wish... I'm not exactly Country Club material."
"Maybe the next time you're out here then." The foreman suggested.
"No... I doubt I'll get by here again anytime soon." Jeff sound wistful. "The drivers are all union and seniority gets to pick what deliveries they take... And this is a favored one. So I'll not be back unless they have another screw up and they need someone to work late on Friday." The human could see that the goats were just finishing up unloading his truck. "And I better be getting back... Thanks for the tour, and letting me pet your pig... I'll remember that."
The 'up lifted' animals stood around and watched the truck as it drove away.
"Think he'll come back?" Molly the naked doe asked the buck foreman.
"Yea... did you see the way he was looking at you?... He'll be back."
On Monday just before noon a delivery truck pulled up... Parked about five feet from where it was suppose to park and the window rolled down and a burly arm thrust the invoices out into Robert's hoof.
"Where's the young guy?... We asked for him to deliver."
"Listen goat.. I don't tell you how to do your job, so don't try to tell us how to do ours." And the window closed.
Jeff had just sat down on a picnic table at a rest stop. He could hear the ticking of the hot metal as his brakes cooled down. His truck, over loaded with granite slabs, had once again made the trip off the mountain, and Jeff was letting things cool before heading back to the lumber yard. His phone chimed... A message. 'Who could that be?"
'Jeff Scott: We would like to see you after work today concerning a job offer.
Your travel expenses will be reimbursed.  -- Robert: Capricorn Construction'
Jeff sat in the guard shack talking with Ollie, while waiting on a taxi.
"I went in and told 'em I was giving my two weeks notice... Next thing I knew they had two guys watching me clear out my locker... I couldn't even keep my cap!"
The 'roo nodded and stated, "This is a much better outfit to work for."
"Yea, I'm quickly finding that out... After spending all morning filling out forums and signing every piece of paper in the joint. I'm now find myself with a lunch per diem in my pocket, waiting on a cab so I can go pick up brand new lease truck I'll be driving for 'em."
Friday of that week, Ollie hopped into the cafeteria, spotted Robert and joined him at his table. After some small talk the 'roo asked...
"You know where your new driver goes at night?"
"Home?... But it's obvious from your question that's not correct."
The big kangaroo nodded... "I did the background check on him, I know he lives not too far from his old job, meaning it's a hell of a long ways from here. Too far to walk, or ride a bike even. No busses, and a taxi... Well even with the better pay you all are giving him, still wouldn't be enough to cover a taxi to and from every day."
"So where's does he go?" The brown buck asked.
"Last night a patrol spotted a light in his truck... They gave it a 'bounce by' and they seen Jeff in the truck bedding down for the night."
Jeff made his last trip for the day. Robert was waiting next to the time clock for him.
"We got something for you I think you'll enjoy." Was all the buck goat would say as he led the human to a part of the barn not quite done. The 'Members' area. Small rooms that the members can request for the night. Never know when a member would have a need for a room over night... Like when the wife kicks him out. Actually these were 'overflow' rooms in case the half dozen in the chalet were all taken. The hallway only had a bare bulb as did the room Robert opened the door to. But inside... It was fantastic... A bed made obviously by the carpenters, 2x6's and 2x8's had been carefully bolted together. Heads recessed, all edges smoothed and sanded. A full size mattress lay on it, blankets were used for sheets, and one was folded up for a pillow. A chair from the cafeteria stood next to it. The walls hadn't been painted yet and the floor was just bare concrete.
"Well... it's not very fancy, but should be more comfortable then the cab of the truck."
The human was dumbstruck for a few sec, then said. "You did all this for me?... I guess you found out. Come to think of it, I thought I saw a pair of kangaroo ears flash by the truck window..."
"You're a good man Jeff. Sometimes dealing with suppliers... well the humans talk about fairness and equality... I'm sure you get some of the hatred because you work for us."
Jeff nodded, a little ashamed at his fellow man, some of the things he's heard hadn't been kind. Going out to the truck he brought in his personal stuff. Razor, towel, soap, spare clothes, laptop, and phone. He'd have to figure a way to stop by his old place and get his beat up gaming console and some second hand dishes.
Later as the young man lay in his new bed he had to smile... "I'm living in a barn with animals..." Which to him, didn't seam odd or wrong at all.
Since the suppliers were all closed on the weekends there wasn't any deliveries, but the human happily hopped on the little used forklift and was soon moving and stacking material so the carpenters wouldn't have to walk as far to get needed supplies. Later Jeff found out that the island animals don't have the depth perception to safely use the machine. Which accounted for the audience he had for most of the day. Even the seldom seen hogs popped out of their offices to watch.
About three, Robert called an early end to the work day. Went over to the human and thanked him for pitching in like that... It was, after all, his day off.
On the way to the shower Jeff passed by the pens for the 'normal' animals. Soffie was standing at their usual corner. The human had been spending part of his lunch times petting the pig. So he stopped and was cheered listening to the sow's happy 'oinks'. Molly came by, naked as usual, and told the human that Soffie was used to him and if he wanted, he could hop the fence and get closer to her.
Jeff was surprised and a bit honored, Molly really watched over her charges here in the barn. Soffie seamed happy that the human was sitting down on the hay next to her. First thing she did was to stick her flat moist snout into the human's arm pit and snuffle deeply, giving happy grunts and squeaks in the process.
Molly leaned over and spoke softly into Jeff's ear. "Human sweat has some of the same chemicals as in boar's saliva... Soffie probably thinks you're a boar that's come to court her." Before the human could say anything, the doe had pranced off to the other end of the vast barn. The young man sat rather stunned until a snout in the ribs brought him back to the job at hand, scratching Soffie.
"So you think I'm another hog... Hmm?" The human never tired at all the different happy sounds the sow could make, as he scratched her behind her floppy ears, under her jaw, or between her front legs. Soffie turned sideways and Jeff continued to scratch her dull red hide. Again out of nowhere the naked doe was leaning over them with a stiff bristled brush in her hoof. "Here..." she said thrusting the implement at the human. "She likes this." And she was gone again.
Carefully Jeff stroked the brush over the sow's tough skin. Sure enough, the animal leaned closer to the brush. Along her back and down the flat sides of the pig, the human brushed and brushed. He got lower and lower on her side, until he was starting the curve under her belly. But the skin was softer there so he switched back to his hand. He got closer and closer to the line of teats... Should he?
"SHE LIKES THOSE RUBBED TOO." came the voice of Molly from several stalls away. The human jumped like he'd been shot! Once his heart left his throat, he began to rub her many teats, as well as the very soft strip of pig flesh between 'em. Soffie finally tired of having her boobs massaged, she turned again... Only this turn presented Jeff with a view of a very pink pig pussy. Figuring Molly was watching from someplace, the young man picked up the brush and again brushed the thick pig skin. Around the curled tail and down both hips. All the while he stared at the pink mound of sex flesh. He knew Molly washed the pigs everyday... She was so very clean... His mouth was dry... He licked his lips, wishing he could...
Jeff wondered to the tack room in a daze... Strange new thoughts were swirling around his brain. He put the brush on a shelf next to similar ones... And wondered to his room. One of the carpenters had built a small desk and left it outside his door. "Like Elves or something." he mused aloud at how things just seam to appear. The human carefully carried the desk inside his room and put it against the wall. Stepping back he saw they had even put a small drawer in it. Pulling it open there was an  envelop inside. Opening the unsealed letter... The letter head was from security. From the desk of Ollie North, head of security.
To: Jeff Scott
Subject: Wi-Fi
Security would appreciate if you would help beta test the Wi-Fi that will be used here. Please report any loss of signal, or interruption of service to this office.
You have unlimited usage.
Thanks for your help: Ollie North
At the bottom of the page was a log in name and password.
After supper Jeff returned to his room. He had thought about going to see Soffie again, but he wanted to check a few things out, before his had a second 'date' with the pig.
The laptop battery was nearly flat. (They hadn't made the 'Zero Point' battery small enough to fit in a small device.) So he had to move his new desk slightly so the power cord from his old Dell would reach. At least the job at the lumber yard had paid Jeff enough so that he could afford the fee to get his laptop switched to 'adult' mode, since he was over 18.
Google told him about the reproduction cycle of hogs. And how the boar's penis worked. Youtube showed him the 'mechanics' of how pigs mated. And because the island animals were not 'animals' by law, there was porn with humans and island animals, since it wasn't bestiality. 
Actually some of the porn had been made with normal animals. And when the law found out they arrested them, only to find out the new laws were too broad and too vague. So new ones were passed, only the island animals, who weren't really animals, could shag 'normal' animals, because they could 'read' the body language and could tell if the animal was consenting. Then a farmer was turned in by his ex-wife for having sex with a goat... On the stand the farmer said that one of those island goats had come by that very day and told him, that particular doe goat was really wanting someone to shag her. So he did.
There's still was no clear law, after all these years.
With all the Youtube vids and the porn, Jeff was able to brush Soffie's bottom without freaking out. Which he did. Along with the rest of her, everyday of the following weeks. Sometimes he'd be out there even after the lights had been turned down. He thought he noticed something Monday... By Tuesday he was sure... Soffie was coming into heat. Her cute pink cunt was swelling. Wednesday he made a bold move, he rubbed his hand over sow's mound. Just a quick swipe... Then longer, lingering rubs... All the while the hog made her happy sounds. Thursday he let his finger slip in the increasing growing pussy... He found her sharp fleshy point of her clit. This brought a squeal of pleasure from the sow. He tried to slip his finger farther into her, but Soffie wasn't quite ready for that and moved away... But as wet as she was, surely her 'standing heat' as the articles had called it, couldn't be that far off.
Friday he came to her just after the lights had been lowered to the night time levels. After her normal greeting of deep inhales and snout poking into armpits, she just stopped moving, as if she suddenly was rooted to the floor...
"Could it be now?" the human wondered... He had watch the vids of how a boar 'work' a sow. Nose lifts along her flank, snout bumps around her rear, and finally the chin on her rump. Jeff got up and using his hands the lifted the flesh around her belly, the moved behind her and put his hand on her rump... She stood still. Her vulva was easily twice it's normal size. The human looked around... No sign of Molly. Slipping his shorts off, he had no underwear, the young man now tried to figure out how to get his fully erect eight inch cock, down to her level. Spreading his feet wide apart, he flexed his knees... The sow's cunt was very slick. The fluid fairly bubbled out of her slit. One hand on her back, with the other he pressed his uncut cock head against her puffy lips. They easily opened to let him slide the first few inches in. He stopped to see if Soffie wanted him to stop. What he got was a sow backing up onto his cock, while making happy sounds. There was no lube that could have been as slick as what the pig was putting out. Jeff slid deeper into the silky smooth, oh so warm pig pussy.
The human started to slowly stroke his cock in and out... Damn she was so hot... And Damn she was so smooth... And Damn she had some nice muscles in there. It had been many a month since Jeff had a pussy to fuck. And this one was fucking perfect. He picked up speed... His cock was rock hard as it stroked the animal's cunt... Soon his groin was giving meaty smacks to her bulbous pig butt. With both hands on her hips he held some of his weight off his complaining knees. He wasn't used to being in this position but he was way too far gone to quit now. Faster he pounded her swine flesh... The human wished he had taken his shirt off too, he was getting hot, sweat dripped down his face and onto the hog's back... He breathing was becoming ragged... Close... He was getting close... Squeals and grunts, Soffie was happy... So was the human... With a sharp gasp, Jeff dumped his first load of human semen into the hog... Another stuttering stroke and another blast... Then a third... The forth and final stroke and spurt... He nearly collapsed onto her back, knees giving out... When his softening cock slid from her hole, he rolled off her and into the hay next to her.
Almost at once he noticed a bigger hog approaching them. From his full tusks Jeff knew this was a boar, and could be dangerous for him to be in here. But the animal attention was clearly directed towards the sow and not him. After some greeting grunts and squeals, the huge male wasted no time in putting his chin onto Soffie's rump. Again she stood still and quickly the boar had heaved himself up and onto the sow's back. The pinkish red corkscrew cock was soon thrusting in and out of his belly sheath in search of pig pussy.
After watching countless vids of farmers helping aim boar dicks at sow's cunts... Jeff decided he'd give the boar a helping hand. Scooting closer, he reached out and caught the waving skinny dick and aimed it at Soffie's puffy twat. The human noted she was dripping his cum. Quickly the osculating cock slipped into the wet pig twat. He saw the boar heave himself farther up onto Soffie's back as his cock slid farther into her.
"Thanks kid." The deep melodious voice made Jeff jump. An island pig! He knew there was a couple here... The male was called Murphy. "She sure is a great fuck, isn't she?" The human could only squeak out a "Yea". Was he caught? Did they even care? The huge island boar sure didn't seam to mind diving into sloppy seconds. Leaning back on the hay Jeff watched the two hogs go at it. He could see Murphy was still stroking his cock back and forth in the sow... But soon his cock must have caught in her cervix and twisted in... And if he was like the boars he'd watched on Youtube, he'd be in her for a quite a while.
Only a few feet from a fantastic sex show, Jeff's cock started to stir back to life. Soon the human was slowly stroking himself as he imagined the boar's cock buried into the sow's griping cervix, making the male pump out his cum into her waiting womb.
There was something stepping on the hay next him and a soft voice saying, "Now there's no need to let this go to waste." And before he knew it, Molly had her hand around his cock, gently stroking it. Her other hand held a bottle of lube that she slathered onto his penis. Then she was over him, her hind legs did that fold that only digigrade legs can do, and she was sliding her cunt down his cock shaft to end up with his balls against her ass. A short fluffy tail gave a quick wag, sending her feathery tail hairs to caress his scrotum. The doe gave his cock a squeeze with well trained cunt muscles, and then said, "You got a nice cock." After which, she started bouncing up and down on the human's 'nice cock'.
Leaning foreword, the doe goat rested her hoof/hands on the human's chest, as she rode his cock. Jeff had just gotten into her rhythm, when she stopped, gave a soft bleat, her cunt spasm around his throbbing cock... Then she was back to bouncing up and down on his groin. Looking over at the two hogs, the human was sure Murphy had a smile, and gave him a wink. Having just cum in Soffie, he had a ways to go before he could cum again. But the doe goat didn't seam to mind, she kept up her steady beat, stopping from time to time to do her goat orgasm. The pattern of white patches on brown was dizzying as he watch Molly get off on his hard cock. Laying his head back, he just concentrated on the hot goat pussy that was caressing his dick. Every once in a while, one of Soffie's happy squeals could be heard as well as the goat's soft bleats.
Being nineteen, it didn't really take all that long before the human started to feel the tightness gather in his loins. Looking down he watched the goat's pussy lips, pulling out and pushing back in as Molly rode him. With his own lustful groan, the young man gripped the goat around her belly, just above her heaving hind legs and added his own thrusts to their fucking. With a low cry, "I'm goin'a cum!" Jeff pulled the doe down, onto his twitching member. Molly uses her trained cunt muscles to grip the human's cock as it spewed it's white seed up into her animal twat.
For the second time that night, Jeff's orgasm raced through his body, blast after blast of his gooey white cum erupted into the happy doe siting on him... Then... Quiet... Molly slowly lowered herself onto the human's chest. She bent her neck down so she could nuzzle his face and neck. "I'm glad we were right about you." Her voice was heavy with sex, as she whispered the words into his ear.
With two fucking hogs in the background, and Jeff's slowly wilting cock still being milked by the goat's twat. The two quietly talked... Or rather the human listened as the doe told him about how the men on the island made the doe goats 'Sex addicts'. And how they were always on the look out for willing partners. That humans and animals, 'natural' or island animals, could never make young. And even Murphy's fucking of Soffie won't make little pigs, since she was a 'natural' pig. Another trick the men on the island played on them. They wanted to do, and see, lots of fucking, without lots of little ones. The only way she could become pregnant was with an island buck.
The two were then quiet. They watched the growing puddle that grew between Soffie's hind legs as Murphy's cum steadily dripped from her puffy lips. "You didn't look all that comfortable when you were fucking Soffie." The doe softly said.
"You were watching?"
"Sure, I wanted to see if you'd fuck her."
The human nodded and since everyone was so cool with him fucking Soffie, he said. "Yea I wished I had something to kneel on, so I'd be the right height. Just then the massive red boar pulled his cock out of Soffie and slid off her back. With what sounded like a very self satisfied grunt, the big male lumbered off. But not before a casual, "Have fun you two." was tossed over his shoulder. Soffie seamed to have had her fill of sex for the night and wondered over and laid on the soft hay.
Both human and doe looked at their still joined genitals. "We seam to be a sticky mess." the goat noted. Molly stood and Jeff got a good look at the pussy that he had been so deeply buried in. Sort of a dusky brown, except where it still gapped open from the girth of his cock being in there for so long, it was reddish pink. A white pearl of his cum dripped from her. Reaching down, she helped the human to his feet. She grabbed her bottle of lube, he snagged his shorts from the fence where he had tossed 'em. The two wobbled to the showers.
Back in his room. Jeff was soon in a deep happy sleep.
Jeff was up at his normal time, and headed towards the cafeteria. But not quite making it. Nora the all white goat doe from receiving, stopped him. "I hate to ask you on your day off, but could you make a trip into town for a small pick up?"
"Sure, not a problem." The human was in a very good mood.
"Well you'll need to leave right away, the store's warehouse staff leaves at 1:00 on Saturdays."
The human changed course and followed the goat to the receiving office to get his paperwork he'd need for the pick up. Just as he was heading out the door to his truck he met Molly, with a plate with three large chocolate chip cookies on it and a large glass of orange juice. "I heard you were having to head out without breakfast, so I got you some cookies left over from last night. And Bill send you a glass of his special juice."
Jeff took a cookie from the plate and the glass. "Bill?"
"He's going to be the head bartender... I guess you've not met him. He's an all black buck with a really nice set of horns."
The human wondered if, 'nice set of horns' was code for something... Since the juice was in a 'glass' glass, he downed it quickly and snagged the rest of the cookies off the plate.
"Thanks Molly..." he wanted to say and ask so many things.
"You're welcome, now you better get going." She took the empty glass from him. "We'll talk tonight."
Jeff headed to his truck, the 'special juice' had a bit of a bitter after taste. He'd better mention that to Bill if he was planning on serving that to humans.
He made it to the store by 12:10. He was glad he didn't make anyone stay over. Especially since it was just one package that he stood on end in the passenger side of the flatbed's cab. If the fast food place hadn't been in the same shopping center, he probably wouldn't have stopped... Seamed his thoughts were returning to last night. He got his sack of food to go and carried it in front of his groin as he walked back to his truck, to hide his growing stiffy. Safely in his cab he hit the AC and wolfed down his sandwich. Switching on the motor, he werrrrred back into traffic. He absently munched his fries as he wound his way out of the city. It was after 3:40 by the time he got back. He was so preoccupied with his thought's, he nearly blew by the guard house. Good thing Rolph was quick on the remote or else he would have snapped the 'stop arm' off. Backing the truck up he rolled down the window and apologized to the 'roo. "I'm really sorry.. I was lost in thought... I..." Rolph just smiled good natured and said he was happy the human had provided a bit of excitement to a boring Saturday afternoon.
Jeff and the heavy box was in receiving by 4:00. Nora took the paperwork and pushed the box back to the human. "It's for you." was all she said. The human lugged the box to his room. Just outside the door sat a small package. The box went on the bed and going back he grabbed the smaller package and put it on his desk.
"Might as well start small and work up to the big one." he muttered aloud. The small package contained a bottle of lube, like Molly had last night. "Well I guess this makes it official..." he thought. They were cool with what happened last night. That thought made his dick throb in his pants. He tore into the big box... Some sort of exercise equipment... the instructions showed someone kneeling on the adjustable pads and doing a series of stretches and yoga type moves. Jeff stared at the pads... Not only were they ok with what happened last night, they were supplying special equipment to make it easier for him.
The knee pads were connected together with a bent u-shaped bar between 'em. This he put over his shoulder and grabbing up the bottle of lube, he headed to the pig pens. His full erection tenting his pants, leading the way.
Soffie seamed to be waiting on him. She gave her 'happy to see you' grunts and turned around so her swollen vulva was inviting him in. His clothes were off in a flash. His hands shook as he adjusted the knee pads and placed them to just either side of the sow's hind hooves. As wet as she looked, the human didn't think he needed much lube, but he splashed a thin coating on his rock hard cock before dropping to his knees, and thrusting into the waiting swine. Soffie gave a bit of a 'surprised squeal' but quickly started making happy grunts.
Jeff never felt so... Alive?.. lustful?.. Just plain horny. He was quickly pounding his cock into the puffy pig cunt. He grabbed the sow just in front of her hips, to help pull himself deeper into her. He could feel the swollen puffy cunt lips of the sow squish against his groin. Every nerve in his body seamed awash in lust. The sight of Soffie's broad red back, and the faint musk of her heat. The wet slop of her natural mucus as his pounding cock slammed into the wet swine pit.
'Yes Yes... I'm going to cum!' a voice in Jeff's mind screamed. 'Yes, let me cum in her!' The human's fast rhythm never faltered right up to the moment of release. Then he was blasting huge wads of whitish human cum deep into the animal's pussy. Again and again he fired his semen into her. The walls of her swine tunnel were hosed with his jets of cum. Five, six, seven times.. Another, eight! Massive loads of human ejaculate were unloaded into the sow. Finally he was just sending small spurts of gooey white liquid to add to what had pooled in her vagina. The young man slowly bent over and as the last of his cum dribbled into Soffie, he laid on her back... His breaths were deep and ragged... Finally he recovered, the fog of lust seamed to lift some.
'Damn!' he thought, 'Who knew sex with a sow could be so intense.' He must have had some reservations last night, but now he had no such inhibitions. At least that's what he figured had happened.
Several minutes later, he was still rock hard... And still buried in Soffie's warm cunt. he lifted himself off her back. Small movements made his cock throb. Slowly the human started to fuck the sow again. Soffie's happy grunts were like music to the young man's ears. More sexy then any human female utterances. Jeff looked down to watch his cock plow in and out of the puffy nether lips of the sow. Her tail in a tight curl, twitching in time to his powerful thrusting. Just a few months ago, he never would have thought about fucking a sow... Now it seamed like the most natural thing in the world...
Out of the corner of his eye he noticed another hog wonder up... It wasn't Murphy... Another sow... She came closer, he could see her lift her head and scent the air. Even the human could smell the heavy musky scent of sex hanging in the air around he and Soffie. Having another sow watching them seamed lewd... And exciting... He slammed into Soffie even harder... His lust rising in leaps and bounds... His cock churning the mixture of her mucus and his cum into a frothy liquid that leaked out with each stroke... 'God she feels so damn good!' he thought... His first blast of cum rocketed deep into her... Followed by another even stronger... Thick gooey ropes of human semen jetted into the pig's vagina. Powerful blasts sprayed her mating tunnel... Then the human was spent... Just a dribble of cum...
"Hey kid, you want to stop hogging the sow?" Murphy's deep voice rumbled behind him. "Let somebody else have a go with her."
Knowing the massive boar was just behind him, Jeff's erection finally wilted. The human pulled out of the sow. A thin string of sticky translucent cum connected the two for a moment, before breaking and starting a journey towards the floor. Standing up, the human reached down and picked up his kneeling blocks. He stopped for a moment to watch the rope of his semen gather speed as gravity pulled at the viscous fluid that leaked from the  puffy pig vulva.
Murphy walked up to the sow. He looked at the cum that flowed out of Soffie. "Geeze kid, you part boar or something?"
Jeff stammered... What does one say in a situation like this? "I'll... I'll clean her off for you."
"Won't be necessary kid." The powerful hog heaved himself up, onto the sow's back. Murphy's cock made a few pokes at the sow's rump before Jeff remembered to help. Seamed a bit surreal to be helping another male plow into a pussy you was just in. Backing away, the human bumped into the other sow that had been watching all this time.
"Oh... Hello there." Jeff knelt down and started to rub the sow's ears. "You seam very interested in what's going on here." The new pig started making happy sounds, but soon turned her red bulbous rump towards him. Her light pink pussy lips were shaped like a small mound. Her tightly curled tail seamed to wag almost dog like as he looked at her.
"Well you seam happy to show it off, now do you want someone to do anything with it?" He mused aloud. Reaching out he scratched around her rump above her tail and down both sides around it. 'Well she seams to like that.' Jeff thought to himself. Next he lightly ran his fingers over the soft mound, and the sow stood still. The human's lust tickled something in the back of his mind and before his knew it, he was leaning in, putting his lips around the pig's pussy mound and was lightly sucking on it. Which made the 'happy sounds' the sow was making become even louder. The human flicked his tongue over the soft flesh... And then inside... His exploring tongue soon found her spear like clitoris at the bottom of her slit. Every time he'd make contact with the sensitive organ, the sow would hunch up her back and give a little squeal. But she never made a move to get away from the onslaught of tonguing. All of which had brought the human's lust back up to full boil.
Jeff pulled his mouth away and picked up the lube bottle, squirting some on his fingers and smeared it over her mound. Carefully he slipped his finger into her opening... She pushed back... Deeper he slipped his middle finger into her snug cunt... The sow still made happy sounds and never tried to move away. The human's throbbing erection demanded to be tried next. Standing up and retrieved his kneeling blocks and placed them on either side of her. Next he slathered a good coating of lube over his rampant cock. And knelt behind her. One hand on her back and the other aiming his hard cock at her nether lips.
Her vulva opened to accept him... He pushed deeper, she pushed back... The snug tube stretched around his cock... He was half way, stopped and pulled out, he applied more lube and slid back in... Easier this time... Deeper... Deeper... Her warm vagina welcomed the young man's penis into it's depths. When his balls touch her rump, the human whispered. "Tight.... oh so tight."
For a few moments he just held himself deep in her... but his lust wanted more, it wanted to fuck her... Pulling back slightly, then pushing back in... Then longer and longer his strokes became. The sow's cunt loosened... And soon Jeff was fucking her with long powerful strokes of his cock. His lust was happy, it liked fucking pigs... He like fucking pigs... 'God... so hard' Jeff marveled at how stiff his cock was. 'Like steel'... Again and again he drove his hard cock into the sow's cunt. The human felt his third orgasm of the day, start to build. Stealing a glance at Murphy, by the blessed out look on the boar's face, he knew he had screwed his cock tip into the sow's cervix, and was sending squirt after squirt of his hog semen into her uterus. That thought was enough to send the human's own cum to start rocketing down the length of his cock and blast into the sow's vagina. This third orgasm rocked the young man as hard as the first two. Jeff could scarcely believe the amount of cum that was pumped from his glans and into the sow. Not that he minded the intense feeling of pleasure he was getting from wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.
Jeff lay sprawled on the sow's back. The world finally stopped spinning and his breathing was returning to something more normal... He was still very hard... And the sow was still milking him with her squeezing pussy muscles.
A sudden movement to his right... Soffie must have moved. He could see the long thin penis stretching from her cunt to Murphy's belly sheath. With a grunt and a quick lunge the boar was once again fully on her back and his cock was hidden from view as his sheath opening was pressed against the swollen vulva of the sow.
The young man's cock lurched and throbbed at the sight... He was ready to go again! Levering himself up with his arms, Jeff looked down at the deep red skin of the sow he was still buried in up to his balls. He watched his shaft slowly appear from pink neither lips that stretched in their reluctance in giving up the thick penis... Then puckered back in as if sucking the cock back when he pushed back in. The wetness of the lube, his cum, and her mucus shown in the late afternoon light. Again he felt as if his whole body was one big sex organ. He closed his eyes as he pick up speed. Faster and faster the human fucked, until he was again slamming his groin against firm meaty rump of the sow. All three hogs were making happy grunts and squeals as the scent of their musky sex filled the air around them. Even the human was adding soft moans to the chorus, as well as a staccato rhythm of slapping flesh.
"OH YEA" came out as a mixture of groan and shout as the human achieved orgasmic bliss for the forth time that afternoon. "Fuck yea." was softly uttered nine times, once for each blast of Jeff's cum into the happy sow. This time the young man seamed locked into his position. Head lulled to one side, eyes still closed, slacked jawed. Breathing deeply as he relaxed as the last of his semen was milked from his cock... That was still far from flaccid. 
Someone was stepping through the hay behind him. A warm fuzzy body pressed against his back and a white goat muzzle slid over his shoulder and along his cheek...
"Sally, you mind if I borrow our young human for a bit?" It was Nora... She wanted him!
The sow that was milking his cock spoke. "Sure... Just remember where you found him."
The sow was another island hog! And she hadn't said a word the whole time he was fucking her. Jeff looked over at Murphy, who looked like he was enjoying the whole thing... Not just the sow screwing.
"Sally meet Jeff... Jeff meet Sally."
"Nice to meet you, I'm sure." The sow said in a 'valley girl' voice.. and gave his cock an extra firm squeeze.
"Are you two being mean to Jeff?" The white goat doe asked in mock concern.
"Heck no." came Murphy's deep voice. "I let him have first go with Soffie here."
Nora left Jeff on his kneeling blocks, still stuck in the sow. She went over to a soft pile of hay, bent down on all four's, did the front leg kneel and hind leg fold up just like a normal goat would do. "Come on over here, you look like you need a break from all that sex."
For the first time in a couple of hours, Jeff's 'one eyed monster' had finally flagged and was looking at the ground. He didn't look at his cum leaking out of Sally's pussy, for fear of making himself horny again.
He had just sat on the hay next to Nora, when Murphy slid off Soffie's rump. There was no missing that ribbon of cum that flowed from her soppy twat. "I think we did a pretty good job kid. She looks well fucked if you ask me." And with that pronouncement, the big boar walked over to a patch of hay and laid down. Soffie followed, and after sniffing Murphy's belly where the end of his sheath was, she went around and laid with her back to his... Sally had turned to watch and then turned back to the human. "I'd say Murphy was correct. You two did do a heck of a job on poor Soffie." She then gave him a wink. "And you did a pretty nice job on me too... I'll remember this for quite a while." And she too wondered off and laid down at the far end of the pen.
Jeff nodded towards the sleeping boar and sow. "Too bad they can't have kids between 'em."
"So Molly told you about island animals and normal animals?" Nora asked.
"And humans... About how I can't get anyone here pregnant."
Jeff laid back on the hay, a cool breeze blew in for a few moments. He enjoyed the cool on his still heated body. "Feels good"... The human look around and in a low voice he asked Nora. "Ok.. What did Molly give me this morning?... I mean cumming four times in a row like that... That's not normal, even for a porn star."
Nora told him about the 'super sex' drug the men on the island had made for themselves. And how they became addicted to it. To the point where they didn't eat, didn't sleep, they just kept fucking the animals. That was why he couldn't ever tell anyone about it. If it got out into the world, mankind would fuck itself to extinction. They had given him a tiny dose of the drug. Nothing like the dosage the men on the island were giving to themselves.
"Why give the drug to me?"
"We need to learn about it and it's effects. And we wanted to give you a reward for being such a nice human to all of us." Nora's voice had a pleading sound as if she wanted him to understand and not be mad at her. "It'll wear off in a few more hours."
"Well then...." Jeff sat up and looked at the white doe. "I guess we better get on with the testing." The human really couldn't be mad at the goats. After all they were in a permanent state of sexual need. He was only going to be like this for a few more hours.
"I'm betting you'd be a willing partner for the next test?"
Nora gave a happy bleat and said. "Oh god yes. I've always wanted to do it, what you humans call, the missionary position."
Jeff got up and retrieved his bottle of lube. From the porn he'd watched, missionary with a goat, one just had to roll said doe over from the position Nora was in now. By the time the human had picked up the bottle to then turn back to her, his erection was once again full hard. Kneeling in the soft hay, he carefully rolled her over... Which she did very easily. "I've been practicing laying on my back." She almost sound like she was blushing at the admission.
First thing Jeff noticed was her bright pink nether area. Her tiny rosebud of a vulva was already wet with her juices. "You sure you can take me?" the human asked.
"Yes, very sure... We doe's can stretch a lot." And again he could almost hear her blush as she added. "I've been practicing with a dildo."
"Well Molly sure didn't have any problem last night. She must have been really worked up the way she started cumming as soon as she sat on me."
"Did that bother you?"
"Heck no, I thought it was uber sexy." Just remembering Molly last night, his lust flared up. With a lustful groan, he got into kneeling position behind the doe. With suddenly shaky hands he barely got the lube open and coated his throbbing erection. He closed the top and tossed the bottle aside. Taking his cock in hand he started to aim for Nora's animal cunt... Just not quite the right angle... He took her hind legs in the other hand and pushed them farther up, making the goat rump roll up more. 'There', he thought, 'That should be just right'. Leaning foreword, he pressed his glans against the pink opening. Sure enough it opened easily to let him slowly slide his rampant cock in. He watched as the pink flesh gobbled up his cock. As with Molly last night, he slid completely in without stopping. The hot goat flesh wrapped around his cock... He leaned foreword more, he didn't have to hold her legs, his belly held them in place... Nora gave a soft bleat as he hilted in her. Again a short hairy tail wagged against his balls. Jeff lowered himself onto his elbows on either side of the goat's body. He had her trapped under him. But the only sound she made was happy little bleats. Slowly he started fucking her. Lifting his loins up to pull out and then back down to drive back into her silky vagina. Her vulva twitched and tried to grip his slick shaft as it thrust in and out of her. Even at this slow pace the doe was soon bleating and quivering under the young man. Jeff would stop at these times, to let her enjoy them, then continued his slow fucking of her sex. He started to grind himself against her when she started moaning and twitching, he must have been tweaking her clit, because she seamed to have a more intense orgasms. By now the doe was panting and her bleats became louder... "Fuck me..." she whispered. "Fuck me hard." Looking up at her face, he saw her looking back at him. Her wide spread horns kept her head directly pointed at him. Sliding his hands under her head he lifted it so he could be rub his lips against her's. Her tongue flitted out and 'kissed' him. Jeff rocked his hips from side to side... She shuttered and bleated... He let her head back down into the soft hay and resumed his thrusting into her... Faster this time. Long full strokes... Harder and faster the human fucked... His own lust rapidly heated... Quickly the fog of sex overtook the young man as his hips became a blur as he pounded the white doe. Jeff's breathing became as ragged as the goat's... On and on he fucked her... Lust flared... Muscles bunched... Semen blasted forth.
"Ahhh... shit that's sooooo good." the young man cum hard, for the fifth time. He hugged the doe to him as he held himself deeply in her milking cunt. A third animal's vagina was coated with human semen. Whitish fluid jetted into her... It blasted so hard that it flooded the very deepest part of her cunt... 
Nora heard the human cry out and felt him shutter and buck above her... She could feel the powerful jets of cum being blasted into her. And she too was amazed at the amount of semen the young man pumped in. She had never been so full of cum... Even after a orgy with a dozen bucks! The goat felt the human relax on top of her, and his breathing slowed and became steady.
He had passed out! 'Good thing he's skinny' Nora thought to herself. Since her hoofs were under him, it was easy to roll him over onto the hay. Jeff's arms and legs flopped out into a 'spread eagle'. His still dribbling cock also flopped about smearing his belly and thighs with jizz. The goat could see the human's chest rise and fall with his steady breathing.
Molly stepped over the fence and knelt next to her friend. "He's not dead is he?"
Nora giggled and said, "No.. just overcome... it was his fifth time this afternoon."
Molly looked at the white doe's pussy and at the mass of oozing human semen bubbling up. "Damn, looks like you had a go with Murphy." she noted.
"You know, I've not done him yet." Nora stated "Seams like he's always fucking Soffie or some other 'in heat' sow."
"I wouldn't bother." Molly offered, "Connie did him once, she said he was great at first, but then she had to clinch around his cock so tight to make him cum. By the time he was done she had sore muscles and a jelly plug that dissolved when she was in the shower, thank goodness, he must'a pumped in a pint she said."
Nora listened to the information and said, "Thanks for the warning. I guess I'll stick with ruminates...", she added, "And humans".
"Lay still for a minute, I'll go get a towel." Molly got up and was quickly back with a couple towels and a wet washcloth. "Here you go", as she handed a towel to Nora and knelt next to the sleeping human. The brown goat with the white patches cleaned the human the best she could, wiping up the mixture of various sexual fluids. Nora put the towel over her cunt and rolled onto her belly.
"Whoa... maybe not a pint, but a good half a cup at least. That drug is really something". Standing up the white doe held the towel to her groin. "I feel like I'll be dripping human cum the rest of the day."
Molly got up and surveyed her handy work. "I guess that's good for now, at least he won't be so sticky when he wakes up."
The two goats left the pen and went their separate ways, Nora to the showers and Molly back to taking care of 'her' animals.
Jeff slowly returned to conciseness... What a dream he had... fucking pigs and goats... even now he was dreaming about getting a blow job... wait... He got an eye open and looked at his groin. There was a sow's head bobbing up and down. With a groan he laid his head back down. He was rock hard again... Who wouldn't be? That hog really was doing a great job. He looked again... "Sally?" The sow only oinked and kept up her head bobbing and her tongue swirling around his shaft. Her long snout easily took him full length... Her flat nose blew hot breath into the hair around his cock base. 'Who knew pigs could suck?'.
She must'a been at this for a while, because his loins were already starting to feel that tingle... The human moaned and started to buck his hips up into that wonderful wet swine muzzle... "Oh god yes!" Jeff cried out as his orgasm roared through him... His body went stiff as his cum shot up like a volcanic eruption, spewing hot cum into the back of the pig's throat... muscles worked... cum jetted up... blast after blast... only five this time... The drug must be wearing off. With a great deal of happy grunts, Sally slurped up every drop of human semen, and sucked for more. The young man reach down and gently pusher her sucking muzzle from his cock... "Too sensitive!" Jeff croaked. "The head is too sensitive now".
Sally laid next to the human, she was still eyeing the wilting penis.
"Don't you ever get enough?" Jeff asked with a chuckle.
"Do you?" Asked the sow.
"Yea... after six times, I think I'm done for a while." admitted the human.
And so began the biweekly orgy.
And a few months later, by unanimous vote, Jeff was promoted to "honorary animal". And was given access to the private residence wing of the barn. Soon after he moved in with Sally.

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Ramseys    71
Standard Warning About this Story Containing Zoo Sex!
Anthro and Non-Anthro!
Copyright by Ramseys 2013
I hope you all enjoy
For needed background, please read 'The Goat Farm' 1 & 2 first.
The Goat Farm 3
(Jeff's story, continued)
Since the next day was Sunday, Jeff did what every self respecting teenager would do... Sleep until noon.
The young human did notice the new sheets that had appeared on his bed, along with a comfy pillow. 'The fairies have been at it again', he muttered to himself, as he flopped in to his bed.
Jeff remembered leaving Sally, without bothering to collect his clothes, and wondering to the showers in a bit of a daze.
"Damn good drug" he told no one in particular as he headed to his room.
Now, sitting up, he rubbed sleep from his eyes and noticed that he wasn't sore.
"I thought sure I'd be sore, from last night", again he was only talking to an empty room.
Looking around for his clothes, he remembered he left them hanging on the low fence around Soffie's pen. Looking through the small dresser, another gift from the wood working elves, he came up with another pair of shorts.
Opening the door to his room, he discovered his clothes from yesterday, washed and folded, the kneeling blocks, and his bottle of lube, piled neatly outside his door.
As he was picking up everything, an all black doe came around the corner and nearly bumped into the human. "Oh.. Hello... Peggy right?" Jeff stopped and then continued when the doe nodded. "I'm guessing I have you to thank for all this." The human indicated the pile of clothes.
The doe smiled, (Jeff was becoming better at reading goat faces.) She not only had the exotic goat timbre to her voice, but a southern accent to boot. "Why yes Sugar... That's why I'm in charge of 'Hospitality'. I pay attention to the little details".
The human couldn't help but notice that one of those 'details', was that she was naked and she made sure to flash her short tail to show off her smoky colored twat as she sashayed down the hall.
That drove the recent information he had learned, about all island doe goats were hyper-sexy, home in his mind.
The human sat at his usual spot in the cafeteria. Over the three weeks he'd been living at the 'Goat Farm', as he came to think of the Country Club, he had gone from being openly stared at, to largely accepted as one of the work crew.
That alone had made Jeff glad. He figured he must be doing something right to not be noticed. There was a fleeting thought, how it was weird that he only seamed to fit in with a bunch of farm animals.
Jeff had just started to dig into his eggs, hash brown potatoes, turkey links, coffee, and a big plate of biscuits... When out of the corner of his eye, he noticed he was being looked at... Not stared at, like those first days... But more of a flirty look from the doe's in the room.
Suddenly there was a large glass of Orange Juice being placed next to his coffee. Looking up Jeff saw a huge black buck with a massive set of horns. Jeff sat with an amazed look on his face when the buck spoke in a deep 'announcers' voice. "Care if I join you"?
"I guess she really was talking about the horns"... 
"I beg your pardon"? The male goat started to look concerned.
"Oh... Sorry. You must be Bill... Ahh. Sure, have a seat".
"Why must I be Bill"?
"Well you were credited with supplying the Orange Juice yesterday. So..." Jeff pointed to the recently appeared glass. "I'd say it's a safe bet you are the same Bill".
"A good piece of deduction, and yes I'm Bill Davis". The black goat sat and nodded his head, impressively. But then, with those horns every movement of the male's head was impressive.
The human pointed to the glass. "Ahh.. That's not..."
"No, it's just juices and some vitamins. To help your body, recharge".
"I hope you don't mind if I keep eating, my eggs are getting cold". The human shoveled food into his face, like any normal teenager, and keep glancing at the large buck. He was 'hairier' then the other goats. Naked of course. Most of the animals had stopped wearing clothes around him on the third day he was here. Bill sat on one of the special 'buck chairs'. They had a 'U' shaped seat so the male goat's ponderous scrotum wasn't scrunched up.
Between bites, Jeff told the buck that Nora and Molly had filled him in on Island Goats, and how the doe's were horny all the time. And about the 'Super Sex Drug'.
"So I guess my only question is where do you figure into all of this... Well for that matter, where do I"?
Bill sat and watched the human butter his forth biscuit, when he launched into his explanation.
Bill Davis got his masters in Pharmacokinetics. His first job was with a private lab run by the 'Island Animal Research'. Who's stated goal is to discover the 'Genesis' of the origins of the island animals and to 'rebuild' the lost data from the island computers.
Truth be told, they already had all the data, and worked to keep others from figuring it out. Since he worked as a bartender while in collage, it was determined he would be one of the researchers that went onto the 'field' to gather information about the effects of the 'Super Sex Drug' in smaller doses on human males. The new country club offered the perfect controlled environment for the study.
"When Molly told me about you and Soffie... Well, you became my first test subject". After many years around humans, the goat could tell Jeff was thinking over what he had just been told. "Oh and... I will never again give you the drug with out telling you first".
The look that finally ended up on the human's face was amazement. Picking up the OJ, Jeff took a big swig, washing down the last of the biscuits. The human wrinkled his nose slightly... "Must not have been the 'Sex Drug' that makes your OJ a bit bitter".
"Really?.. My Orange Juice is bitter"?
"Well it's more of an, 'after taste', if you know what I mean".
Bill picked up Jeff's glass and sniffed the contents... "Must be all the vitamins". The goat muttered mostly to himself.
"It doesn't taste bad..." Jeff could tell the buck was serous about his OJ. "Just has that lingering after bite". Taking the glass back from the goat. "But if it's good for me". The human downed the rest of the concoction.
Jeff took his tray to the return window, and came back to the table with another cup of coffee. The two males sat and traded questions. Bill asked about the previous day. How did Jeff feel during the day. Any headaches, dizziness, nausea... What about during sex... Was the sex normal, besides the fact you were fucking animals... 
The human asked the goat what it is like being a goat...
"Being a goat"? Bill looked confused.
"Well I mean... Geeze I guess that was a dumb question".
"No... well a bit... But I think I know what you are asking... You want to know how I'm different then you, but not just that I look different... Is that it"?
Jeff nodded, "Yea... kind'a... I mean you and the other bucks walk around naked with those huge balls swinging... And all those lady goats that want sex walking around naked... Well how come you're not fucking all the time"?
"How do you know we're not"?
"How would you know if not five minuets before I walked over to your table I wasn't banging the shit out of that doe you just gave your tray to at the window"?
"I... I don't... Were you"? Jeff searched the goat's face, trying to see if he was being 'put on'.
The black buck nodded those majestic horns and intoned. "And two other doe's before I left the residence wing". Bill watched the human's reaction...
"What you experienced yesterday, admittedly compressed into a few hours, is what the Island bucks experience everyday".
Jeff nearly dropped is coffee cup. "But... But I don't see any shagging going on".
"We've had decades to become good at hiding... When those first men that came to the island, the ones that found us and the dead scientists, we keep noticing they averted their eyes whenever they saw a pair of goats going at it... They explained that while what we were doing wasn't really wrong... It was sort of a social taboo to do it so openly and so often... And so... Guiltless and free. The last part they never said aloud, but we figured it out. You humans have lots of 'hang ups'.
The pair wandered outside to the open 'Farm Encounter' area. They watched as a natural buck 'tended' to his lady herd mates. The 'natural' buck chase after a doe. Tongue waggling, snorting and other vocalizing, tip of his penis sliding in and out of his belly sheath.
"So that would be you, if not for the very willing island doe's"?
"Yea... well we'd masturbate a lot. But that's what we'd feel like doing".
Jeff was a bit surprised at the goat's candor. Suddenly the human had a flash of enlightenment. 
"So when those scientists were making 'sex slaves', they were really creating a mechanism for a stable and productive goat society".
It was Bill's turned to look amazed. "Why yes. There's been a couple of theses putting forth that very idea".
The two sat for a while under one of the large old trees that had been carefully preserved. They watched as the buck finally succeed in mating the doe.
The human could tell the big black buck was turned on by what they had just seen. He heard the buck clear his throat...
"You know, everyone knows about yesterday..." Bill was calming down and wasn't flashing his pink tip. "And that you will be getting offers from the doe's".
"Me?.. Aren't there enough bucks to go around"?
"Well you remember when Molly told you about how only Island Bucks can get 'em pregnant"? When Bill saw the human nod, he went on. "So any doe that's in heat can't get fucked by one of us Island Bucks... They have to find, 'other' ways of satisfying their sexual hunger. Which is even greater because of their heat".
"So what do they do"? Jeff's voice developed a squeak as the implications of what the buck was saying, started to strike home.
"Well, they use dildos of course, most of the Kangaroo security is male and they are, 'compatible' to the doe's needs. That natural buck has had his share of Island doe cunt. The Island goat heat and the natural goat heat, smell close enough for him to not care if the doe walks on two legs or four". Bill sat back on the bench, drew himself up and majestically swung his horns so he was looking directly at the human...
"And you, if you are willing".
Jeff could tell the big black goat was starting to 'jones' a bit for goat pussy. So he didn't try to keep him any longer when he said he needed to go. The herd of goats, now a bit quieter since the breeding was done, for a while at least, came over to him. They all sniffed his hands and cargo shorts. They seamed to know what pockets were for and sniffed them especially. The human made a mental note to bring some 'Molly approved' snacks for them, next time he headed out to the encounter area. They all seamed to like being petted and scratched around the ears like Soffie. An all white doe seamed to crave his attention more then the others. The spots on her head where her horns would have been were rubbed against the palm of his hand has he petted her.
"Those places itchy"? Jeff wondered aloud. "You are pretty, with your white fur and bright blue collar"... "Betty", the human read the name carefully lettered on the nylon strap that went loosely around her neck.
Jeff wondered back into the massive barn. Going past Soffie's pen, he saw the silhouette of two hogs locked in a coitus embrace, back lit by the afternoon sun streaming in the rear doors. The human's loins tingled a bit as he headed to his small room. "Must be some left over drug in my system", Jeff thought to himself. "Or that Orange Juice really is 'helping his body, recharge' ". Reaching his room, he stopped at the door and wondered aloud. "Or I really like watching pigs fuck". Pushing on, into his wonderfully cool room, he fired up his computer to check a few things out about himself.
After a few hours of watching porn, and being honest with himself, the human came to the conclusion, that he liked watching Boars fucking Sows and Men fucking Sows, about the same. And didn't really care for Boars fucking humans, male or female. Island or Natural hog, didn't matter either. Island hogs were only one color, red. So any other color was a 'natural' and ones that were red, are most likely from the Island. Of course if they talked, dead give away. Pretty much the same conclusion with goats too. Only the natural mating, like what he had just witnessed out in the 'Encounter Area', was very quick. High speed photography slowed things down enough to be able to see it. Jeff figured they either locked a doe in some sort of stanchion, or had an Island doe that knew to stay still so the camera could follow the event. That's about the only thing you could call it... Well sex in it's rawest forum. Only for one thing, to transfer the buck's DNA to the female, thus insuring the continuation of his line. Jeff watched the slow-motion footage as the buck mounted the doe, his slender shaft slid from the sheath that ended about half way up on his belly. The slightly knobby tip with it's little wriggling urethral process (pizzle) probing the doe's rump. Once he found her twat, several things happened all at once. The buck's fore legs jerked, hind legs kicked, the sigmoid flexure straightened out. The buck was now full length into the doe's vagina. Depending on the breed that could be a foot or more of very stiff cock. Special muscles spasm sending a blast of goat cum splashing deep in the doe. His 'kick' was so strong that his orgasm occurred while he was in mid air. The doe would hunch her back up, to absorb some of the impact of the buck slamming into her.
The video of Island goat fucking wasn't really much different, only they didn't need slow-motion video to see it. And the buck did thrust some, and his cock did seam a bit thicker, but it didn't take long before doe and buck 'got off'.
The human was normally one of the last through the line in the cafeteria. Which meant he got bigger portions of everything. Several pieces of the grilled white fish, a massive pile of mashed potatoes that would do Roy Neary proud, and three ears of corn.
"You're going to bust if you eat all that". Nora walked up to Jeff's table. "Mind if I join you"?
"So you can watch me bust"? The young human and waved his hand in offering the table to the goat. After they both sat... "To what do I owe this honor"?
The doe sat quietly while Jeff dug into his food. "I was just wondering how you were". She finally said.
"You talk to Bill"?
"Yes... he said you were ok, physically... I was wondering how you felt about us"?
"You mean the 'giving me a non-USDA approved drug that's already been known to have caused the death of several men', is that what you are asking about"? Jeff did his best to keep a straight face, but seeing the, 'taken aback' look on Nora's face made the human bust out laughing. "Had you going there for a minuet".
Nora remember to start breathing again. "Yes.. yes you did... I guess I deserved that".
"Huh! What, No... I was just joking around. I didn't mean anything by that".
"But that's precisely what we did to you".
Jeff pointed at his plate with his spoon, scooping up some mashed potatoes, he said. "Doesn't seam to have affected my appetite any". He shoved the full spoon into his mouth.
Nora watched the young human devour his supper. Only when all the fish was gone, most of the potatoes, and on the third ear of corn, did he show any sign of reaching saturation.
Jeff looked at his plate and then to the white goat doe. He seamed to feel that he needed to justify his gastric performance. "Well I didn't have any supper last night... I sort'a fuck through dinner time... and I only had a late breakfast today". The human started to get up, "Oh and a glass of Bill's Orange Juice... Suppose to rejuvenate me".
The young man took is tray to the return window, stopped for a moment to look at the doe and had a quick mental image of Bill slamming his cock into her. Turning around to find Nora standing next to him. Taking his arm the goat steered him out the double door and over to the barn.
"You suddenly looked a bit flushed... You sure you're ok"?
"I'm fine... I just remembered something Bill said this morning".
"Must have been pretty upsetting to get such a reaction from you now".
"No, no nothing like that... Was a bit exciting though".
They walked past where twenty four hours earlier Jeff had been pumping his cum into a variety of animal cunts, and one hog's throat.
"Anything to do with what happened there last night"?
"No... He was just telling me of his morning. Rather exciting really".
"Bill's morning"? The white doe pondered what was 'exciting' about Bill's morning. She hadn't heard about anything unusual happening this morning... She had seen Bill, while going past Connie's room. The big black buck was taking care of the sexual needs the two goats had. Nothing out of the norm there... 
That's probably the first time Jeff heard what Island Goats do behind closed doors.
"Did it have anything to do with the doe that took your tray"?
The human just smiled and nodded.
"Well Bill does have a..."
"I know, he has a huge set of horns".
Nora smiled and said. "Those too".
The two wondered slowly around the golf course that was still under construction. They got soaked, when the sprinklers started the evening watering cycle.
Nora had shaken herself to get most of the water out of her pelt, and the late afternoon Texas sun had pretty much dried the goat... Jeff on the other hand was still very wet. Back at the barn, Nora ducked into the shower room and snagged a couple of towels before they headed to Jeff's room.
Once inside, Nora helped the human strip off his wet t-shirt. Jeff undid a button and gravity pulled the heavy wet cargo shorts to the floor. The briefs took some more effort, they seamed to cling to the human's wet skin. "Good thing I had my sneakers and not my work boots on". Jeff was mostly muttering to himself. The goat had laid one of the towels on the floor, next to the door, and was piling the wet clothes on it, as they came off the human's body. Once free of his clothes, the human rubbed the soft towel over his damp body. Soon the young man was dry and he put the towel across the back of the chair.
Turning around he found himself suddenly very close to the white doe.
Nora's body was yearning for sex, as was normal for her. There was no shame in her desires. No breaking of taboos. Since her male counter parts naturally felt the same way... There was usually no 'foreplay'.
But with humans it was different.
And all Island doe goats attend classes learning the differences and how to arouse a human.
What humans to avoid.
The 'norms' for human penis size, and possible extremes.
That some humans were circumcised... Though the 'why' seamed elusive to the goat teachers.
How to tell a nice clean penis. And what to avoid.
To never give any hint of having had sex with a human, while he is around other humans.
Never reveal that Island goats want sex all the time.
Make every human male feel unique in that he was able to arouse you to want sex.
Nora had gone into accounting, it's why she was running the receiving office here. But lots of doe's had gone to the sex farms. Since they weren't human, the normal prostitution laws didn't apply. At first the only men to frequent the farms were already having sex with animals, or had wanted to for a long time. Then came the thrill sneakers, for a new and different experience. Then came the celebration customers, Birthdays, Graduation, First Timers... In some parts of the world, there were lines of men, waiting their turn.
All of which fed the coffers of the banks the pigs ran. The doe's got rich, which they invested, the farms got rich, which they also invested, the banks got money to loan to other Island animals, for new businesses, research projects, and lots of lawyers and lobbyist to acquire and keep Island Animal's rights in countries around the world.
There was no plot to take over the world. The Island Animals just wanted to make sure there was a place for them in the world of mankind. It wasn't their fault that humans had lots and lots of laws and taboos that made what the goats had to offer... Enticing. 
The Country Club idea had been well received. Not only for the return on investment... But for all the other benefits.
When open, most of the wait staff would be students. A large portion in some field of psychiatry or anthropology.
The research Bill was to do.
And to garner information about the local companies... What their plains were. Whom was planning on acquiring who. And any other tid bits of business gossip that might be let drop in front of a bartender, a masseuse or courtesan, that would help the Island Animals.
Even though Jeff had already had sex with this doe, he suddenly felt like a freshmen in High School, with the female goat standing so close.
"Uh.. Hello".
"Hello yourself". The lust practically dripped off those two words.
Nora slid both forelegs over Jeff's shoulders and pulled him closer until their chests touched. The human automatically wrapped his own arms around the doe goat's body and gave a slight hug.
"I didn't know goats liked to hug".
"There's lots of things you don't know about us".
"Do you like to have your tits sucked on"? Jeff had been wondering that, since that first day he made the delivery here and saw naked Molly out in the barn.
"Well lets find out, shall we"? Again her words practically needed condoms.
As with all the goats, Nora had a belly. Tail down, she leaned back on Jeff's bed so she could offered her flaccid teats for his inspection.  
The human knelt before the goat, he had seen milking goats, and while Nora's breed was one of those, she, herself, hadn't 'gone into production'. So where a massive udder might grow, there was just a hint of it with two floppy finger like teats hanging from the mid point. Her hair was thinner here. As if to show off her pink nipples to the human. Jeff carefully stroked his hands over and around the goat's mammary gland. carefully rubbing the teats between his fingers. She felt so soft and smelled so nice... Like grass and springtime. Bending closer the human rubbed his face on the soft mound... When he lips passed over one of her teats, they opened and gently sucked the nipple in.
Nora's bleat sounded much like a human moan, she knew that human like to suck on teats, but she wasn't prepared for the pleasure that she would get from it! Jeff switch to the other one, and nearly got the same response.
The human hoped the sounds the goat was making were real and not made for his benefit. He had felt kind'a funny about all the sex he was having, and was wondering if the goats were getting anything from it, other then a 'fix' for their sex addiction. Pulling his lips from the goat teats, the human rubbed his hands over her belly and along the insides of her hind legs. The doe seamed to 'deflate', she slowly lowered her body, to lay on her back, across Jeff's bed. Since her hind legs couldn't bend back that far, her hind hooves came off the floor. The young man was soon found himself kneeling between two upwardly, outstretched legs, and the way her hips rolled onto his bed, he was staring at her dripping wet, and very rosy pink, twat. Again the young man leaned in. The grass and sunshine was joined by a musky note. Later Jeff would become nearly as good as the buck at detecting, 'doe in heat'.
Jeff sent his tongue across her small wet vaginal mound. It was coated with her juice. He could taste her vaguely cinnamon flavor, as he continued to lap at the bleating goat.  The human was really getting into the foreplay, every swipe across her small mound, sent twitches through out the animal. His hands absently massaged the fur and muscles of her thighs. All his attention was focused on her swollen mound. Pushing his lips against her fleshy sex, the human sucked on her mound, making it swell even more. Each time he flicked his tongue tip into her cunt, the goat flinched, as if a live wire had be touched to her.
Nora couldn't believe what this young human had reduced her to. All she could do was lay on his bed and bleat like some newborn kid. She couldn't even form the human words to tell him to stop... Not stop, but to fuck her... Hard!
Whether it was some telepathy, or the human's throbbing cock. Jeff stopped and watched the twitching goat. Standing the human reached to his nearby table and snagged the lube from it. After coating his dick, he placed it back. Turning to his bed, he stepped between the goat legs. Wrapping his arms around each, he moved even closer. The head of his slick cock mushed into the pink flesh, just off to one side... Jeff looked down.
'I won't even have to use my hands'. the young man thought to himself. He repositioned and thrust again. This time his glans forced the mound into a round shape as if ready to suck in his cock. Pressing harder, the goat nether lips, greedily suck in the human's hard cock. Jeff slowly let himself sink into the animal. He watch his uncut eight inches fully hilt into Nora's cunt. The goat's higher then human body temp, seamed to make her fluids melt around his dick. The human smiled, he could feel her orgasms, not only around his cock, but from the twitching of her hind legs he held against his body. Slowly he began to stroke in and out of her cunt. Softly at first, then he started to fuck harder... Slow powerful meaty smacks his loins made against her rump... His gaze moved up her body... Those floppy pink teats seamed to be ridding a bowl of jelly... Her belly pitched and roll to his thrust... He smiled again and pounded just a little faster... Up to her barreled chest, where on a human would be bouncing tits... He didn't even miss 'em... Finally her face, looking directly at him, held in place by her horns... But not seeing him, her eyes were tightly closed... He could see her nostrils dilate as she sucking in cooling air... Mouth agape, tongue hung to one side... Seeing that 'this time', she was truly enjoying this fuck... Fired the young human's lust... Faster he stroked... Smacking her rump time and time again. The sounds of sucking and squishing as his cock caused a slight vacuum on the out stroke, and then forcing her slick mucus out past his cock as he thrust back in... Jeff's hips were a blur as he fuck the animal on his bed... His lust was building... His loins began to tingle... He buried his cock in Nora's pussy, as the orgasm flashed through the human...
Pink goat lips sucked on the human's spurting cock as he emptied himself in the animal. 'Normal'... but 'Special' Jeff thought. Standing, enjoying the afterglow of sex, he was thinking. 'That felt normal, no drugs...' His own heavy breathing was slowing, he cock was wilting... 'But somehow, that felt... Special'. He felt like... He had 'made love', for the first time, and not just had sex! He had cared about his partner. Had made sure she was enjoying this as much as he... He suddenly felt 'grown up'.
His penis slid free from Nora's pussy. The lips gapped open as an obscene reminder as to what just took place. Carefully he slid her further onto the bed so her ass wasn't hanging off the edge. He gently folded the goat's legs into the 'laying doe' position. He left her like that. And climbed into bed next to her. She finally opened her eyes and looked at him.
"Now I know what the 'hostess goats' were talking about..."
"I take it you like it"?
Nora had a dreamy look in her eye. "Oh yes. That was the best breeding I've ever had".
Jeff was unaware of the huge compliment he just got. Island Goats have sex with humans... They 'breed' with other goats.
  The alarm blared out it's message that it was time to get up. Nora had left last night. Jeff swung his legs over the side of the bed. The human had the same question running through his brain as he did when he went to sleep. "How do you snuggle with something that has horns"? Jeff gave Nora points for trying... But in the end she went back to her room to just lay on her belly, legs tucked under her, and nose in the crook of her foreleg. The way goats have been sleeping for millennia.
The locker room was very interesting. In the past he had taken some good-natured ribbing from the bucks about his scrotal size. To which he normally replied, that 'at least he could sit in his truck and not have his voice change'. Today however, Jeff found himself surrounded by doe's... All of which wanted to 'help' him shower. Wash his back, Scrub his hooves. Jeff could tell that doe's gaze hadn't reached the bottom of his legs yet. She seamed stalled, staring at his groin. Same with the doe that offered to polish his horns. The human had a feeling that this is what women with large breasts go through.
"All right, break it up". The deep authoritative voice of Bill cut though the bleating din. "Give the guy a chance... He's still new at fucking goats". Jeff could see the black goat's massive horns waving above the fray. "He's going to have to work up to, shower quickies".
When the herd had been thinned out some, Jeff asked the big black goat. "I'm going to have to do, 'shower quickies' "?
"Nope". Bill shook his head to add emphasis to his reply. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to, that's not work related".
"Why do I not totally believe that"?
"I speak the truth... Besides I don't think a teenage human male is suddenly going to become celibate".
The human smiled up at the buck goat, "You got me there".
Jeff quickly learned, that since there was only one of him, it had been easy for the goats to hid all the breeding from him. And since everyone was naked all the time, once the deed was done, all the participates had to do was stand back up. Nothing to see... Until the human began to look closer. Doe's had a bit of a funny walk. Bucks stood panting slightly and sometimes would lean on something until ready to walk again. Jeff hadn't thought anything about it before. After all, these are all hard working animals, to stop to catch one's breath would be normal. 
The human learned to pace himself. Four-a-day was pretty much maximum effort for cuming. And that the doe's didn't mind if he cum every time or not. Just as long as they got his nice thick human dick fucked into their wet cunts. At first, with just the minimal staff here, it wasn't very hard to accommodate the lusty doe's. But when full staffing levels were reached, it wasn't unusual for the young man to have been balls deep in six to ten different doe twats before his day was over.
The goats also learned. That their new buck was a little taller at the hip then the goat bucks... And since the 'in heat' doe's loved getting it... 'goat style'? Stairs were employed, as were ladders, step stools, pallets, and of late. Low wood platforms, which began to appear at some odd locations. Just inside store room doors, the tack room in the barn, in the showers, next to the time clock, the end of his hall way next to the bathroom he used... And finally, he noticed one shoved under his bed.
A week and a half had gone by. Jeff had talked to Bill several times. The black buck wanted to know if there had been any residual effects. The human wasn't much help... After all his sex life had gone from 'zero to sixty' in a couple of days. So it wasn't all that strange for Bill to join Jeff at the table.
"You be willing to give it another go"? The human knew instantly what the buck was asking.
"Sure... When"?
"This coming Saturday... But I'll need you to prepare".
"Yea, lay off sex today and Thursday... And like that weekend only have sex twice on Friday... I'm trying to replicate your days leading up to getting the drug for the first time".
"Will I be getting a bigger dose"?
"Can't tell you... That would cause you to anticipate the effects... So it might be larger or smaller... Or even none".
Jeff nodded, he knew a little about scientific studies, so what the goat told him, made sense. Bill actually was planning on giving the human the exact same dosage. Only introduce one variable at a time. And the subject knowing he was getting the super sex drug, was enough of a variable this time around.
Bill had shown the young man his performance from that previous weekend. Barn camera's recorded everything. Even the cleaning up the two doe's did while he was passed out... He never knew about it, because by the time he woke up, he was all sticky again from Sally's blow job. "I'll have to thank them, for the attempt".
Upon seeing Sally's puffy porcine pussy, the human had a hunch, as to why there was a second test of the drug on him.  "Ahh.. My little sow has returned for another helping of man dick". Jeff had brought his 'kneeling blocks', just incase there was a sow again. Sally only grunted and oinked. The human shrugged, if the front office hog wanted to play 'barn sow', it was fine with him.
By now, Jeff was very hard... 'I must really like pigs', the human thought to himself. The young man positioned the padded blocks and was lubing himself. "Well Ms feral pig, two can play that game". Jeff grabbed his cock and rubbed the head on her nether lips. He then pressed hard on the center of her mound and quickly slid into her. "Woa, shit you're snug"! After nearly two weeks of fucking goat doe's warm velvety cunts, he had somehow not remembered how snug pigs were.
Makes sense, after all boars actually 'fuck' their sows, while bucks just slam it in. Whatever the reason, Sally felt great surrounding his dick with her very warm body. Jeff felt he was in more control this time around as he started sliding his unflexing shaft in and out of the red sow. He wasn't just trying to hang on while his lust addled mind tried to figure out, what was happening to him. "Oh yea.. A fellow could learn to like this". His strokes got faster... Sally's pussy did it's best to grip the slick surface of Jeff's cock. The human just groaned and fucked harder... Warm wet pig flesh yielded to the stiff human cock being pounded into it. Jeff looked down, the pink mound seamed to suck him in, as it formed a wet seal around his cock. The sight made him groan again and his lust started kicking things up a notch or two. Faster the human fucked... Hard slick human flesh was pumped rapidly in and out of warm slick animal flesh... The young man gripped the pigs hips and pulled himself into her as hard as he could...
The wet, squishy, obscene, sounds of their fucking excited the group of watchers. Bucks that had never seen a human cock before, had came to see one in action. They weren't disappointed. Some of the doe's that had come to 'get in line' couldn't wait and leaned over and grabbed the top of the low fence around the pig pen... Equally excited buck obliged the females and soon there was a line of fucking goats, all watching the human pound Sally's twat.
Two kangaroos from the construction crew wondered out into the barn area, after noticing that all the goats were missing from the residence wing. At first they couldn't believe their eyes! They were very used to seeing goats fucking just about anywhere, but not in such a huge group. They quickly bounded over to see what had all their co-workers so wound up. There kneeling behind Sally from the front office, was the human... Fucking the hell out of her. She was oinking and squealing, he was moaning and saying stuff that was hard to make out... Then he just sort of collapsed on top of her, both of 'em breathing hard... Just then a couple of the 'in heat' doe's spotted the two 'roos and set upon them. They were desperate... they couldn't wait for the human to finish with Sally... They needed cock NOW!...
The world stopped spinning... Well at least the sow seamed more stable... Or something... His arms were hugging the bristly sides of a pig... His cock, still buried in animal twat, was hard as a steel truck axle... His face was laying on Sally's red back... The human admitted to himself that MAYBE he wasn't in total control. But what the hell... Jeff felt the strength flooding back into his limbs. Pushing his body up off Sally's back, he got his first look at the orgy going on around him. That was a bit of a shock... What wasn't, was that he had started to fuck Sally again.
A half dozen of the security 'roos had just clocked out and was heading to their apartments, when they rounded a corner and saw the orgy in full swing. Leaving their equipment in a pile, the randy 'roos bounded across the floor to join in. They got to the fence line just in time to see the human pull out of Sally. The whitish human cum flowed in a thick rope to puddle on the floor between her hind legs. Peggy was helping the human up... They heard a murmur about that being twice he's cum... The black doe goat was leading the human over to the low wooden platforms. Her southern accent could be heard telling the human that she really needed him to, "fuck her little 'ol cunt, before she bust".
Jeff had recovered well enough to have heard the last part of what Peggy had been saying. He gave a slight chuckle as he gave his hard cock a fresh coat of lube... The young man noted that the black goat was deep in heat, just before he plunged into her warmth. What she lacked in snugness, she more then made up for with one hot pussy with well trained muscles.
Watching the human go two rounds with Sally, the black doe was 'cocked and primed'... She started to orgasm as soon as the thick tube of man cock stroked into her. Peggy had worked at a sex farm for a while, so this wasn't her first human dick stuck in her. But this time it was very different... No pretending... No games... She could treat him just like a buck. Bend over, waver your twat at him, and... 'Oh god that feels good'...
Someone had thought to being a bar stool out. Jeff stood next to it, swung a leg up on to the padded seat and leaned against the back. His dribbling dick and sweaty balls hung in the breeze. The human felt the super sex drug surge through him, flushing away fatigue. Just then he heard hooves dancing on the decking of the platform. 'Another customer', the young man thought. Apparently his cock was in agreement, for it was quickly regaining full hard again. Fresh lube and he turned to the waiting goat. 'White, and in heat'. Jeff thought. Even thought he didn't have the ability to smell the doe's like the bucks could... He still was getting very good at spotting the signs. 'Nora?' he wondered for a moment... 'Naw.. no horns'. The bright white fur was almost too much, Jeff closed his eyes... 'Wouldn't be the first doe twat I found with out looking'. He did... 'She's tight'... The human thought. 'I better take it slow and easy'... He did... Instead of driving it to the hilt, the young man pressed in slowly... 'Good thing this is my forth time. I don't know if I would have had the control earlier'... Through the snug opening the human's cock slid into the animal... Warm and velvety... Fully in, he reversed course and pulled back out... Back in, a little faster... Back out... In.. Out.. In. Out. Faster Jeff fucked as the goat loosened around his cock... Soon she was just like all the others... Slick, hot, and easy to fuck. Hands on her hips he fucked her... The goat gave a soft bleat... 'No words... another one want's to play feral'. He thought... Jeff stroked her with long powerful strokes... He felt her orgasm... He fucked her faster... Another shudder from the doe... Then it was the human's turn... The forth time was as strong as the first... Blast after blast of human seed was pumped into the goat's pussy... Then that wonderful after glow where everything just sort of slowed down... Jeff staggered back to the stool... The goat didn't stand up to thank him... They always did that... At first the human felt embarrassed... But he had a choice if he wanted to have sex with them... They did not. So he got used to them being grateful for their 'fix' they got from him... Through heavily lidded eyes, he watched the goat on the platform turn... 'Wait! No horns! All of the Island Goats he had ever met, had horns!' Then he spotted the blue collar. "Betty"? The natural goat seamed very pleased with herself. She had gotten a place in line when all the other in heat doe's were hooking up with the 'roos. Jeff sort'a staggered over to a nice pile of hay. Sitting down he laid his bottle of lube next to him. He was still amazed at the massive number of goats fucking all around him... Betty joined him. He rubbed her horn bumps. She turned and offered herself to him again. Cum from his load into her, still dribbled from her pink pussy lips. But the human need to rest for a little while... All the fucking goats and offered sex, couldn't get a rise out of the human and sleep over took him.
Twenty short minuets later he awoke. The line of goats had gotten smaller. This night would go down in Country Club history as the first time that all the buck goats had been fucked dry! Looking over his chest he could see his erection standing tall. "I see the drug is still working". He looked over at Betty and she was laying next to him with her legs all folded up under her. Looking on the other side of his body he noted the bottle of lube. "You ever do it missionary"? he asked the white doe... "I thought not... Want to give it a go"? Of course Betty had no idea what the human was saying, she just nuzzled his side with her fuzzy nose. At that point, Jeff lost most of his rational thought process... He quickly rolled to his knees, and rolled Betty onto her back... Molly was about to step in, when she noted that Betty's body language seamed to indicate she was just fine with this. Jeff had just finished applying a coat of lube to his cock and was preparing to have another go with the natural goat doe.
After the two dozen doe's the human had fucked over the past two weeks, in just about every position one could think of, missionary was one of the easiest. Again being genital, the human slid his ridged cock into the animal... Whether it was the drug, or this was a natural goat. Jeff shuddered as his shaft was wrapped in hot, wet, goat flesh... In a low whisper the young man told the doe under him that she had such a wonderful pussy... The human was fucking the doe in long slow strokes... Molly kept watching for distress in the doe, but the animal seamed to be enjoying the human's dick as much as she would... Jeff kept this slow pace for several minutes, before speeding up... As a car shifting through gears, they human increased his speed a step at a time... Faster, then faster, the doe had the human's hard cock thrust into her... Betty's soft vaginal flesh slide up and down Jeff's cock as he pounded it into her... The human lowered his body down so his face was buried in the white goat's sternum... His forearms along her body, still holding his full weight off her... His hands curled around her shoulders and held onto her body as to keep her from flying out from under him... Waves crashing, rockets going off... However you want to describe it... Jeff buried himself deeply into the doe and started to ejaculate huge wads of human cum into the prostrate goat... Whimpering cries came from the young man as jet after jet of his thick jizz blasted from his glans... 
Jeff levered himself back up to sitting on his heels. His semi-hard dick slithered from Betty's pussy. The human then helped the goat to right herself. She stood up and shook herself clean of any hay bits that clung to her white hair. The doe turned around and the young man used the palm of his hand to rub the top of her head... All was right with the white natural goat.

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Ramseys    71
Standard Warning About this Story Containing Zoo Sex!
Anthro and Non-Anthro!
Copyright by Ramseys 2014
I hope you all enjoy
For needed background, please read 'The Goat Farm' 1, 2, & 3 first.
The Goat Farm 4
(Jeff's story, continued)
Last thing Jeff remembered was thinking how soft and inviting the hay looked.
Soft grunts and hot jets of air on the human's ball sack awoke him. Groggily he open an eye and saw a hog's snout snuffling his groin. 'Sally?' he thought, but looking past the pig he saw the Island Sow's puffy pink twat getting drilled by George, the 'normal' Doroc boar. Returning to the sow in question between his legs... "Soffie?" The sow gave a louder 'onk' at the sound of her name. Jeff had a good reason he didn't recognize the first animal he had ever fucked. She wasn't in heat, so he didn't expect her and there was a very hard erection blocking his view of the sow.
Soffie had followed her sensitive snout to the front of her area. The boar had awaken her as his went by, his ponderous scrotum, with it's twin grapefruit sized testis, wobbling from side to side as he strode past her. Soon, sow and boar musk hung heavy in the air. She could even scent her human friend's wonderful smell.
Jeff was soon on his knees, listening to the happy sounds that Soffie makes when you rub behind her ears. But to the human's surprise, the big sow turned around and presenting her rump to him. The young man reached out and began scratching her broad bristly rear. Her curled tail twitched and shook as his finger nails scrapped the tough hide of the hog. When she back up towards the human, that was enough for his dick and within moments Jeff was kneeling on the special blocks and had slathered a fresh coat of lube onto his straining cock.
"I sure hope you're serous about this." The human muttered as he aimed his throbbing cock at her pink nether lips. The rounded head of the glans nuzzled the sow's cunt slit... Parting them as Jeff wedged himself into the feral animal. The human's slippery shaft slid deeper into the willing sow's vulva. Smooth warm welcoming flesh swallowed the young man's cock. Jeff hoped the hog wouldn't step away... But she stood fast as he entered her in one long inward thrust... Her grunts grew louder as he hilted himself deep in her porcine cunt... The pink pussy lips were stretched around the human's shaft, they clung to the man's shaft as he pulled back a few inches... Jeff stroked back in... His wiry pubic hairs mingled with the sow's own stiff bristles that surrounded her nether lips... The human's lust seethed in his loins, whether it was drug induced or Jeff's own libido the human didn't know or care...  He only knew he need to fuck this pig... Pulling back again, he stroked back in, a little faster and a little harder... The stimulation caused Soffie's vaginal juices to began to flow... Soon the human's cock was like a well oiled piston, pounding in and out of the sow's fleshy cylinder... 'Warm and Snug', the words bounced around the human's brain as he could feel every fold in the pig pussy... Fucking harder and faster, the sow oinked and squealed her pleasure... Jeff's breathing became labored as he pounded his cock repeatedly into Soffie's cunt... His heart beat loudly in his ears as the human drove for release... The young man wanted this to last forever, but the growing tightness in his loins was signaling he was nearing the end... A sharp exhale and a soft cry was all that was heard as he ejaculated his first volley... But Jeff would swear he could hear the sound of his cum splashing deep with in the sow...  A short stroke, and another blast of human seamen was pumped into the animal... Then another... And another... The drug still gripped his loins as it prolonged Jeff's orgasm... The pounding in his ears stopped as the last of his load dribbled from his piss slit in his still hard dick... Opening his eyes the human looked around the strangely quiet room... Every pair of animal eye's were staring at him... Then as if by some signal, a multitude of hairy loins returned to their own fucking... Jeff gave a blink as if trying to understand what he just saw... Looking over to Sally, she just gave him a wink and a smile... George still lay on her back with his eye's closed as his own feral cum was being pumped into the island sow in one long continuous ongoing boar orgasm.
Soffie was used to having a cock soaking in her cunt... But then her human friend began to once again move his nice thick dick in and out of her... Her clit was rubbed very nicely as the big round shaft stroked over it... All it took was for Jeff to watch the boar's big balls, slowly swayed side to side as he squirted his cum in Sally's cunt... As with the porn he had watched, he kept returning to pigs fucking... No doubt about it, it was a huge turn on for the young man... And he was again fucking the very willing sow's cunt.
Jeff was 'debriefed' by Bill. The young man still found it a bit strange to talk freely about fucking animals. He was a bit surprised to learn that the dosage of the drug was exactly the same as the first time. And that Bill only wanted to change one thing at a time in his tests on the human.
Since the test was officially over that night, Jeff didn't feel it was necessary to tell the black bartender about the message he got the next morning from Sally. It was to meet her in one of the box stalls after lunch.
When Jeff got to the stall he found Sally's 'carriage' parked outside and the sow waiting inside the stall. "Come on in and close the door", she whispered. The human slid the door shut and waited for his vision to adjust to the dim light coming from the single bulb in the center of the stall. Sally was laying on her side in a pile of fresh straw. Jeff could plainly see she was still in heat, as her still swollen vulva attested to.
"You like what you see?"
Jeff smiled and nodded.
"Not many humans find pigs sexy." She stated matter of fact. "But you fucked Soffie before any of the goats. And before you had the super sex drug." Again it was a statement. "I flushed out George's gel plug... So why don't you slip out of those clothes and we'll have some fun."
The young man figured it was her heat talking. But she is sentient, and even on estrus, she was in control of her desires. 
Jeff hesitated for a moment, and then remembered that the island animals don't tease or make offers and then pull them back. Sally meant every word she said. She wanted to have sex with him. The human was soon down to bare toes wiggling in the clean straw. He knelt down between her front and back legs, her rows of teats before him. Laying on her side like this, the young man was a little amazed at how big she is. The flat side of her body was rose and fell with her breathing. Spreading his fingers out wide, he ran his hands over the bristly red hairs that covered her skin. Jeff leaned foreword and angled his body so he was more parallel with her's. He laid his bare chest on her flank. "I'm not putting too much weight on you, am I?"
"No... It feels nice to have someone close like that."
The human didn't care if her hide was tough and scratchy... She was warm and where he had his hand, sliding over her teats, soft. 
"You've been so good to me... I can't get over how nice all you animals are... I often wonder if I deserve any of this... You are so strong and tough on the outside but genital and caring on the inside... Humans are such ass-wipes at times... all the time... You are so open about everything... honest... about your needs and wants." The last line the human uttered seam to remind him of why he was here. He had noted the bottle lube next to the stall door... This time he sank down on the straw, it was behind Sally's hind legs... Jeff bent down and kissed the puffy pig nether lips... Genital at first, his lips just lightly brushing her's... Then a little harder... Then his tongue... Lightly, then slipping inside... It danced around the fleshy spike... Then made a proper introduction... Sally's rump began to twitch... Animal grunts and soft squeals... Deeper the human's tongue slipped into the sow's slit... Wiggled a promise of bigger things to come... Lying on his side, Jeff was fully erect, and had been for a while. "Seams some of the drug is still in me" he thought as he applied the lube to his turgid penis. Sliding closer he aligned himself with the sow's pink vulva... First times never go as smoothly as you hope, but the human was able to impale a goodly amount of hog onto his shaft. Reaching forward he was able to grab the front of her thigh and pull himself the rest of the way in. Soft pig groans were near constant as he rocked his hips back and forth... Lying on their sides made for slow, gentile love making. Not the hot thrusting of the previous night's fuck-fest... He could feel the sow's contractions as she squeezed his cock with her cunt... Jeff curled around her. He slid his hand between them... With just his thumb and forefinger he gathered her swollen labial lips and held them snug around his shaft... The extra stimulation on the pig's clitoris brought twitches and squeals from the animal.
"You like that." The human said in a soft voice. More as a statement that was true for both of them.
"Oh fuck yes." came a deep whisper from the sow.
Jeff removed his hand from between them, so he could thrust more deeply into Sally's pig pussy... Reaching his arm again forward, he gripped the front of her thigh... His thrusting became more urgent... The human was making his own animalistic sounds... With a soft cry Jeff thrust himself deep into the sow... OH.... Fuck... Yeaa... Whitish, thick, human cum jetted from his piss-slit... The warm fluid splashed deep to wash over the entrance of her cervix. The sow's muscles rippled and milked the human dry.
With his semi erect penis still in Sally's cunt, in what should have been a really-strange-but-wasn't moment, the two quietly talked. Made love some more... Talked some more... Fucked.... Talked.... It was finally the need to 'answer nature's call', that drove the two from the stall.
Approval from the 'front office' came on Wednesday. Jeff was the youngest human to become an Honorary Animal. By Friday he had moved all his meager possessions into Sally's apartment in the 'Restricted' wing of the barn.
"You up for a 'road trip'?"
Jeff sat in Ollie North's office, trying not to cough on all the cigar smoke emanating from the huge male kangaroo.
"Sure, where to?"
"The middle of Oklahoma eventually."
"You'll have to swing by Fort Worth to pick up a passenger."
  "Ok... Where do I take him?"
"Well the 'front office' is sending him to a 'Buck farm'..." The roo held up a paw. "I know, what's a buck farm?... Well young buck goats are given opportunities to check out different careers. One being, 'Dairy Goat Rancher'... And they have contracts with different dairies to train bucks, and they get labor in exchange."
"Sort' a like the 'trade school' that taught me to drive."
The roo's big ears flopped as he nodded. "Yep".
"But why send me? Can't he take the bus?"
"Normally yes, but you'll be bringing a passenger back with you."
"Oh... Some VIP?"
"No... Long story, short... You'll be going to the Brown Dairy... Somehow Fred Brown acquired a young human that needs someplace to go. So his wife Gerty, called the 'front office' and they said they'd send him down here to our dairy farm, since this guy is a good dairyman."
"Yea I think its short for Gertrude... Fred marred an Island Goat."
Jeff had heard of humans marrying Island Animals, but it was still rare. Mostly they just lived together.
"Oh, and a goat."
"A goat?"
"Yea, goat... you know, four legs, udder, nice toosh."
"A natural goat?"
"Yep... toss some wood shavings in the back of the van before you go."
The Chief of Security stood, as did Jeff, and hopped around his desk. Picked up a Manilla envelope and handed it to the young human. "Here's your trip pak... GPS points, suggested routes, addresses, phone numbers, motel and food cards, some cash... Shoot a feller could have a pretty good time in Vagas with all that."
Jeff blinked at the grinning 'roo... "Did you just make a movie reference?"
"Sure, I like old movies."
It suddenly occurred to the human that this was the first time there had been a mention, by one of the Island Animals, of doing something other then, work, eat, sleep and fuck... Not necessarily in that order.
"Well I need to head over to the pony ranch, got a new security guy coming in."
Joseph walked down the dusty Oklahoma road. The early morning sun blazed on the horizon in front of him. His cheap suitcase felt light, as there was only a few personal belongs hastily tossed onto the grip. He had just asked himself what he was going to do now... For the hundredth time, when he was suddenly shaken from his thought by a voice.
"Where you headed?" Fred's farm truck was electric powered like every other vehicle on the roads today. And it still had the speaker mounted behind the grill that was suppose to make 'truck sounds', but the tiny chip that made those sounds had been fried long ago.
The young Amish lad looked on the verge of tears, as he told the driver of the pick-up. "I... I don't know."
That caught Fred Brown a little off guard. "Well what are you doing out here on the side of the road?"
"Paw threw me out."
"Threw you out? What for?"
"I'd rather not say."
"Well it sure looks like you don't have anything planned, why don't you stay at my farm... Just for a few days, until you can get something figured out."
Joseph Miller recognized who Mr. Brown was, and knew he had the largest Milk Goat Dairy in the county. He had just came from the only other one. "As long as I can work for my keep." With a nod from Fred the young man tossed his suitcase in the back of the old truck.
Fred knew Joseph was trying to save a tiny shred of dignity by placing the condition of work for room and board. He took a route that didn't go past the Miller dairy to his own. Last thing Fred wanted for Joseph's father to see his boy in his truck. The story would get out that he had helped the lad, but he wanted to be the one that framed the story as him being the good Samaritan, and not a corrupting influence that caused the boy to go bad in the first place. Fred knew very well that Miller didn't like him, his dairy, or his wife.
The old pick-up rolled up the wide asphalt drive that led up to 'Brown Friendly Goat Dairy'. Joseph stared at the dashboard the whole way, as if not wanting to know where he was going. As the truck squeaked to a stop, Fred announced, "I'll have Gerty fix you some breakfast."
"I don't want you to go any trouble."
"Naw, no trouble, I'm pretty sure there was some left over bisects and gravy." Fred spoke as he got out of the truck. Joseph did and same and grabbed his suitcase out of the back. Stopping about half way to the house the dairy owner pointed to some low white buildings not too far from the massive dairy barn. "Those are the bunk houses, I'm sure we can find you a bed in one of 'em."
Joseph started to wonder if Mr. Brown forgot what he was doing, the rancher seamed to stare out at the goats grazing in the pasture for quite some time.
Fred seamed to read the young man's mind for he answered his question. Pointing to his herd of milk goats, the rancher remarked, "Sure can make you feel all calm inside just watching 'em out there eat'n grass." The dairyman was in his early 40's, well tanned from working outside putting up hay and being with the goats.
The black clad Amish lad look around the dairy. Noted the clean well kept house and buildings. The flower beds and vegetable garden looked as well tended as any back home... Well home no longer. Joseph father had always talked about what a bad man Mr. Brown was. But the farm wasn't the source of his dad's disdain for the fellow goat herder. As they got closer to the house Mr. Brown's wife stepped onto the porch. Like many in his family's religion, anything new or different was feared and called the 'work of the devil'. While a good majority of the world had accepted the Island animals as people, the Miller clan, definitely did not. So looking at the brown goat, in the bright green dress, standing on the porch, all the vile, hate filled things his father ever said came flooding back. And Joseph knew in his heart that none of them were true. How could something that comes from such a wonderful animal, as a milk goat, could in anyway be bad?
"Gerty, I picked up a stray." The rancher announced to his wife.
"A stray?... Looks more like one of the Miller kids." The goat's exotic, lilting voice sent a shiver through Joseph.
"Well his father kicked him off their farm, so he's a stray in my book."
"What?" was all Gerty said before bounding off the porch and trotted up to the young man and gave him a hug. "Well you are welcome here, and you come inside right now. I've got some Bisects and Gravy left over. She led Joseph up the steps and into the house. "Go on back to the kitchen and I'll be in shortly." By this time Fred had gotten to the porch steps. His wife turned and bounded back down them to where her husband stood.
"He tell you why he got kicked out?"
"No, I figured it would come out sooner or later."
"He must have caught him shagging one of the goats."
"You think so?"
"When I was close to him I got a strong smell of feral goat and sex... And I should know what that smells like..."
"Now you know I just can't help myself when I get around all those pretty goats." Fred grinned at his wife.
"I thought you were going to the farm store for supplies." The doe said to her husband, to remind him.
"Oh yea..." The tall human bent down and gave his wife a kiss on the side of her muzzle. "You and that nose of your's..." He turned to head back to the pick-up. "Be back shortly."
Fred nearly drove off the road staring at the sign. Then started laughing as he turned the truck around and headed back to the 'Miller Family All Natural Wholesome Goat Milk Dairy'. 'A bit of a mouthful.' he thought every time he drove past the place. Fred had noted the elder Mr. Miller at the end of the drive when he went past on the way to the store. Now on the way back he sees what he was doing, putting up that sign. 'So not only did he cast out his loathsome son, but now is getting rid of the foul animal as well.'
The dairyman was sure he was charged extra, being who he was... But he didn't care. The doe was in the back of his pick-up, and her breed papers were in his overall's pocket. 'Good thing the goat cage was still in the back of the truck from going and getting that new buck yesterday.' He thought to himself.
The truck came to a quiet stop. Not at the, 'I got company with me, so put something on' spot. But one closer to the farm house. 'Gerty must still be stuffing Bisects in the boy.' Fred surmised as he got out and opened the gate to let the goat hop out. She was a 'damn good doe', he thought for the 12th time. 'Damn good udder attachment... Nice conformation... Yea I'd fuck her too'. He put an old collar and led rope he had in the cab of the truck, and with the slightest of tugs, the all white doe trotted along beside him as obedient as any dog. 'Speaking of which...' Fred saw the huge Mastiff in her, 'They don't want me to frighten the company' pen. Maggie looked back with her, 'I have such a sad life', look. "You'll be out in a little bit." The Fred called to the tan colored bitch.
The human led the goat up the steps, through the opened screen door, and into the house. The doe stopped for a moment at entering such a strange structure, but she got a whiff that her human was inside. Fred unclipped the led and let the goat trot down the hall to the kitchen.
"Penny!" came a cry of joy as the doe stepped into the room. The dairyman got there in time to see the young man on his knees with his arms around the white animal. With tears streaming down his face Joseph look up. "Why?.. How?.."
"You father put up a sign, 'goat for sale'... So I figured she was your 'significant other' as they say." Fred gave a wink to his wife.
The color drained from the young man's face... "I don't... I mean I didn't..."
Gerty quickly spoke up, "Don't you worry none about that here... The bucks have to practically fight Fred to get a chance to breed the doe's."
Joseph just sort of stared at Gerty.
"I think you fried his brain."
"He'll be ok, just needs time to realize that he's among friends."
If it hadn't been for Penny to start nibbling on the table cloth, who knows how long the young man would have stayed frozen like that.
Fred handed him the led, "Here, you can put her in the empty kennel out back."
The couple watched from the kitchen window, as the black clad youth opened the kennel door and went inside with the goat. Each one had a large dog house and a raised platform so the dog could lay up off the concrete. Closing the gate, he took the led from her collar and sat down on the platform. The goat must have thought it was some sort of milking platform, for she hopped up onto it and stood as if waiting. He turned and reached up and scratched her just above her tail, which she wagged at high speed. Her pink goat nether flesh, flashed in the late morning sunlight.
"That it boy." Fred said quietly. "Pussy... The cause of many a good man's downfall."
"You don't look too 'downfallen' to me." Gerty noted.
"I'll have you know I was kicked out of the FFA when I was just his age."
"Didn't you explain to them that sheep lie?"
The two giggled at the ancient punch line... That led to tickles... groping... and finally with the brown doe bent over the kitchen table, her husband plowing her cunt with his hard six inch cock.
Fred sat on a kitchen chair, breathing heavily, next to the other end of his wife. Watching the pleasured look on her face, he told her. "That'll learn you to make fun of my tragic childhood."
Which caused a new round of giggles... Lifting her head the goat told her husband. "Don't ever change Fred." and the two kissed.
"Howdy Joyce, this is Fred Brown... Could you check and see when the doc could come out here to my dairy?..... No, no emergency, I got a new goat and I need her checked out.... I got her from old man Miller.... Yea I was surprised too.... No, I'm sure she's fine. But you know me, every new goat on my place gets a good, thorough, going over.....  Well get that spotted goat rump of your's out here and I'll show you "how thorough".... Around two? That will be great... Bye"
The front screen door banged and heavy foot falls approached the dairyman and his wife, sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee from a fresh pot of half-caf. A wide black Stetson dipped to fit under the door. The gun belt that went around the massive man, clad in a dark green uniform, barely fit through. 
"Why do you have one of Miller's kids locked in a dog kennel with a goat?"
"The gate's not locked... So pour yourself a cup of coffee and we'll tell you."
Fred's cousin took a cup from the cupboard, got some coffee and a cookie from the jar on the counter next to the coffee maker, and joined the two at the table.
Jim listened as Fred related the story of seeing Joseph walking on the side of the road with a little suitcase, and not much else... Gerty figuring out why Miller kicked his son off his place... And buying the probable partner of said indiscretion. Who was now eating hay and grain supplied by Fred.
"I take it Miller don't know his boy is staying here?"
"I doubt it, or else he never would have sold me that goat." Fred fished the papers out of his overalls and showed the Sheriffs deputy the signed and electronically notarized bill of sale.
"Good you got'em notarized, I'm sure that old... 'Gentleman', will probably raise a stink once he finds out where his boy is. He's none too fond of you and Gerty as it is."
The sound of a truck door slamming shut and footsteps going around the house. "This the Goat?" came a shout. Fred got up and went to the window, "Yea the one with the udders, you can check the other one too if you want." The kitchen group went out to the back yard. Jim clutching his coffee cup.
Joseph look confused at the sudden crowd that formed in front of the kennel.
"Joyce said you bought a goat from Miller... His son part of the deal too?"
"Well... in a way, yes."
The eyebrow shot up as the vet looked at the dairyman... 
"It's a long story... Joseph come on out and go talk with Jim here, I'm sure he has a few questions." 
The young Amish man and the Sheriffs deputy went over to the picnic table, Jim set his coffee down. Tossing the last of the cookie in his mouth he motioned for Joseph to sit and he fished out is official electronic pad from a big leg pocket and started going through the menu.
The vet asked Fred the goats name, as he took a couple reference photos. Took a photo of the bill-of-sale, and punched all the data into his own special vet pad. After looking the goat all over from nose to tail, and drawing some blood for testing, the vet turned to Fred. "She looks fine to me. Why did he sell her?"
Fred looked over to where Jim was holding his pad up so the built-in camera could record Joseph reading the 'Emancipation of minors' forum off the screen. "I'm pretty sure his father caught him and the goat..."
"And he kicked him out for that? How did he end up here?"
"Found him walking along the road."
"And the goat?"
"Miller put a sign out on the road."
The gate to the kennel was closed. Bill and the dairyman walked around to the vet's truck. Opening the side compartment, the vet loaded the blood sample into the 'Vet-O-Matic', as Bill called it.
"I saw Jim with a cup of coffee, any left?"
The two men stood in the kitchen looking out the picnic table. Jim went back to his patrol duties, and Gerty was sitting with the young man.
"I know what you are going to do with the goat..." Bill said as he took a slurp of coffee.
"Now don't you start."
The vet nearly spewed coffee over the countertop. "I mean she's a milk goat and you run a dairy." Bill was finally able to choke out. Then in a lower voice, "What are you going to do with the kid? He can't stay around here. Not with his dad 5 miles away."
In an equally low tone, Fred said, "I got contacts in the Dairy Goat Assoc. Miller never joined, so I'm sure I can find an anonymous farm. And Gerty has a bunch of connections through the Island Animal office. They'd welcome him with open arms, I'm sure. But there's no real rush, he's got a few days he can weight his options. Unless old man Miller starts making trouble."
The vet nodded and finished his coffee, "Sounds like the boy lucked out. I'm sure you and Gerty will take good care of him." A beep from his vet pad, Bill checked the screen. "Looks like your new goat is good to go. Blood test says she's clean."
Jeff was sure it was some sort of 'karma pay back' as the black speckled buck asked endless questions about being a human. This had been the first time the young goat had spent much time, in a 'one on one' with a human, that it was ok to talk to, about human things.
......."Well women don't have the same desire for sex as an Island Goat... Sure they have some, but noting like the, 'do it anytime, anywhere' drive of the doe's."
"So how do you know they want to do it, if it's not all the time?"
"Oh, they'll let you know. Usually after you've spent enough money on 'em."
"So it's like prostitution?"
"Well in a way, yes... but they still have to want to... it's not an automatic, 'pay money, get sex'... At least with my two girlfriends, it was more about control... How much can they get you to do and buy for them, for some pussy."
"Gee, that sounds really complicated, no wonder the goat sex farms do so well with humans."
"And of course when what meager cash you have is all gone, so are they".........
..... "I'm a delivery truck driver... The company I used to work for delivered stuff to the Country Club... One time I got to go there with a delivery and they noticed that I treated the animals there with a lot of respect. Not like the other drivers that treated 'em like shit, so they hired me to drive for them".......
....... "I don't know, I guess I'm attracted to pigs"......
....... "I eat mostly fish, chicken, and lots of salad, which I hear is a better diet for humans then red meat any ways"......
......."No, most humans can not give themselves blow jobs... If they could, we'd still be living in caves"......
The van driver was relived to finally see the 'Brown Friendly Goat Dairy' through the windshield. "I'll never ask a goat another question as long as I live", Jeff muttered to himself as he got out and stretched tired back muscles. He nearly jumped back into the van when a massive tan, pony-sized, dog came bounding around from the back of the house.
"That's Mr. Brown's dog". Tim stated as he leapt from the vehicle. "They told me about her before I left Fort Worth.... They say she's a big friendly dog."
"That information would have been helpful before my heart stopped." Again Jeff's statement was to himself.
"Gerty! Make yourself indecent, we've got company."
"Fred I'm going to shove this hoof up your butt, if you don't stop shouting that."
The front screen door on the house swung open and out stepped two people wildly in love with each other. Jeff had no idea how he knew that, but he just did.
"You must be Jeff and Tim... or Tim and Jeff... Ahhh which is who?"
Gerty pranced past her muttering husband and gave both of the new arrivals a hug.
Maggie the Mastiff was giving them both a through 'nose hosing'. And Fred was pumping Jeff's hand and Tim's hoof.
Jeff was in no hurry to get back. Construction had stopped at the Country Club. They were going to have the media in to see the mostly finish place. So the workers were putting up safety lanes through the massive Chalet, and making the golf course playable. Sally had told her human lover, it would be better if he was away for a few days, because she would most likely be at 'wits end', before this was over. And she didn't want take it out on him.
So Jeff set about helping Tim unload his stuff into one of the bunkhouses. And getting things organized. Leaned about working at a goat dairy... Well at least not letting the neighbors see what you really did at a goat dairy. He was amazed how much milk came out of such a small animal... He was used to thinking of huge cows that made milk. The milking parlor was massive. And shinny.... Everything was either tile or Stainless Steel. The 'goat way' divided the goats into two columns going down either side of the open pit in the middle of the milking area. Ten goats per side was let in and the udders cleaned and milkers attached. Each of the twenty stations had a feed trough and an RFID reader and the proper amount of feed was delivered to each goat. Also the record of that doe's production was also logged.
It didn't take long for the six bucks and two humans to finish. 'Joe', as he was now called, was given the task of 'hand milking' any doe that was either injured or sick, and although their milk wasn't put in with the other milk, the doe's still needed milking. Human hands just seamed to be better at squeezing teats.
After everything was cleaned and put away, the bucks went out to find their special 'doe for the day'.... Along with Fred. The bucks knew which ones were in heat... And of course they made sure the 'boss' had a willing doe also. Joseph usually waited until everyone else had gone to their private spot in the massive barn, before he did anything with Penny.
He's going to have to get over that shyness if he's going to work for Island Goats. They know he has not problem shagging goats. So he's going to get asked, a lot. Jeff and Fred stood in the dairyman's office watching a replay of Joe and Penny from one of the security cameras.
"Can Gerty draw him out?"
"You mean like she did you, the first night you was here?"
Jeff had quickly learned that the goat rancher had a very jovial attitude, and fully expected everyone around him to be the same.
"Well you know... New stud in the barn."
Fred gave a short laugh, "Hah... You just needed to be warm for her to jump you."
A voice from the kitchen exclaimed, "There's plenty of bucks in the barn, I can get along just fine with out you two humans."
"Yea?... Who's going to rub that spot just behind your horns that makes you get all wet."
"That right... just tell complete strangers all about my erogenous zones."
"He's not a complete stranger, just a little odd for pumping pigs."
"Fred that mouth of your's is going to say something it shouldn't one of these days."  
"Sorry about the pig crack."
Jeff shook his head... "It's ok, I'm just not used to talking to another human about it... Hell, I'm still a little uncomfortable talking to the Island Animals about it."
"I guess I'm a little spoiled... My cousin is a Sheriff's Deputy, he knows, my vet has an Island Goat working for him, and I know he's shagging her daily, so he's cool with me and the goats."
Gerty came into the office. "Well we normally have a 'welcome orgy' when a new buck arrives... Maybe we can 'draw' Joe out then?"
Plans were made.
The next morning Jeff offered the other two humans some Orange Juice he had brought up from Texas. He had cleared it with Gerty and made arrangements with Fred to get copies of orgy to take back to Bill. The dosage of the drug was very low. They didn't want to freak out Joseph. Figuring his age and that his hormones were probably going full tilt, it wouldn't take much to bring him out of his shell.
The plan was to keep Joe from Penny the whole day until it was orgy time. Since there was some legal stuff to do. Fred and Joe headed to town right after the milking was done. First stop was the Sheriff's office to get the "Emancipated ID" Joseph really only needed it for a few months he'd soon be turning eighteen. But since Jeff would be taking him out of the county and across state lines, it was best to have all eyes doted and tees crossed. Next the courthouse to get copies of birth certificate and immunization records. He had graduated that previous June, so there wasn't any thing to do there. A quick lunch... Then it was off to get some clothes and some personal things. Joseph had showed up with a change of black clothes, a worn out tooth brush and a near empty tube of tooth paste.. Hand-me-down boots, with a hole... a straw hat.... and a comb.
It took some fast talking, but Fred got the lad to pick out some t-shirts in a color other then black.... Dark blue, and an even darker green. A couple pairs of blue jeans and some cargo shorts. "Gets hot in Texas." The Country Club had a supplier for uniforms and footwear, so some good 'tenies' and some white socks rounded out the shopping.
One last stop... To see a teacher and FFA leader. Joseph had secretly joined to learn, 'Modern ways' of farming. When the man heard about the young Amish lad being ostracized from his family, and that Mr. Brown had found a new place for him to go, the teacher ended up shaking both the young man's hand as well as Fred's for helping the lad out.
They got back to the dairy just in time to help with the evening milking.
When Joseph asked where Penny was, a buck told him that she and everyone else was at a gathering in the, "Goat Stall". The young lad had seen the stall in a corner of the main barn. He thought it a bit odd that a stall should have a name. "A gathering", he thought with dismay. All he wanted was his white goat doe... 
There's really no way to 'ease' into an orgy with goats. When Joe entered the stall there was ten naked buck goats. Four natural and six Island, all clearly aroused, from all the pink showing. Five natural doe's, all in standing heat. Fred and Jeff in the process of taking off their clothes. Shoving him farther into the stall was a naked Mrs. Brown and a naked mastiff. Someone had taken off her collar. And Penny bounded in to be next to Joe.
Gerty slid the stall door closed behind her. The stall was sound proof and peep proof. No one outside the stall would know what was going on inside. Several 'layers' of security monitoring, would let them know if someone had gotten past the locked gate and was coming up the drive. Someone crossing a pasture fence. Even a modified radar based 'back up warning system' from a car was watching the skies for, low flying ultra-light airplanes, errant hot air balloons, or off course parachutists.
Maggie the Mastiff made a bee line to Jeff. Her wet black nose was quickly sniffing loudly as it rummaged through Jeff's junk. A massive wide tongue lathered his scrotum, lapping up the salty sweat. "I think you've found your first partner." Fred noted to Jeff. "You ever shag a bitch before?" The driver could only groan and shake his head no, as his erection bounced off the bridge of her nose in time to her lapping. "Maggie... Get on your platform so he can fuck you." Whether she had been trained, or just knew what to do on her own, the huge bitch stopped and stepped onto one of the low platforms that was scattered about the stall. Once free from her oral assault, Jeff was able to catch his breath. "Geeze what a tongue... I see you have the same height problem as I do."
"Yea... a couple of the bucks that came through here had carpenter skills... They had 'em built in the time it would have taken me measure out one two by six."
Jeff was about to tell Fred about the goats back at the Country Club, but an impatient 'WOOF' cut the conversation short. The dairyman quickly nab the bottle of lube from one of many holders dotted around the stall. "Here, lube up real good", forming a cone with his hand he used it to demonstrate what he said next. "Dogs are a bit different when it comes to fucking... If you've ever seen a male mount a bitch, there's an upward motion... That because bitch vulva's slopes downward. I guess to help keep shit out of 'em... Any ways, you'll need to put just the head of your dick into her, and lift up while pushing in." Fred used exaggerated arm motions to demonstrate. "Rub some of that lube on her twat and slip a finger inside... I'm sure you'll feel what I'm talking about." Jeff did as instructed. A quick jerk from her hips... "Ahh you found her clit, it's in a little hood at the bottom. Slide your finger over that." The young Texan's finger quickly disappeared into the black fleshy mound. "Yea I see what you mean..." but he was talking to thin air, once the dairyman saw Jeff had the idea, he was leading a 'in heat' doe, up and onto another platform.
Gerty was behind Joseph, she was rubbing her muzzle along his cheek. One arm was hugging him close to her, while her hand unbuttoned his black shirt. Her other hand was massaging the front of his pants, with an occasional flick of the button on his fly. Jeff was sure this wasn't the first time the brown doe had done this.
All that was taken in with just quick glance over his shoulder. There was a bitch that was in need of a good fucking standing in front of his erection... Grabbing his shaft he stepped foreword... She was warm on his glans. The mound lifted easily and the lube slicked the way for his cock to slide into her. Past her first ring of muscles and then there was another... Once past; the female Mastiff began to snug the rings around the human cock. "Oh god." was all the young human could croak out... He hilted her fully... Then back out an inch... Back in... More dick squeezing... Maggie had planted herself firmly on the platform. Front paws braced, as she knew humans couldn't help but start fucking harder and harder. Even though this human was bigger then her own... He was still no where near as big as a male of her breed. But they can't keep fucking like humans can. Once they tie, the fun is all over. 
It didn't take long before Jeff was gripping her hips and slamming himself into the tan bitch. He now knew why there was so many videos of guys fucking bitches, they were a damn good fuck. Not as good as Sally or Sophie, but pretty damn good. Wanting to delay as long as he could, he slowed down, caught his breath, and glanced around. 
Fred knew he was only 'average' when it came to dick size. But that still made him twice as big around as any buck. Just not as long. But from the way this natural doe, he's currently fucking is acting, lips twitching and pushing back, he figured he was big enough to make goats happy.
Joseph was not only naked of body, but layers of confused mind had also been stripped away over the past four days. He had talked to the dairyman about some of his confusions... One thing Fred said to him kept coming back. "You can have your own 'truths', but you can't have your own 'facts'. When he asked what he meant, he explained, "You can believe something is true... But facts require no such 'belief', facts are just that, facts." When he stood before the family and was being disowned, all he could see was his oldest brother, the one that will someday inherit the dairy, sitting back with a grin on his face. How he wanted to shout out that he had seen that brother 'defiling' the carriage mare in the stable just last week. That's what father said he had done to Penny. And he knew that the family would believe the truth was that, he was 'bearing false witness'.... Now the fact was that Penny was waiting for him. Her tail wagged in frantic bursts of energy...  And there was no facts that would seam to prevent him from fucking her.
The sounds of Joe shagging his doe seamed to kick this orgy up a notch. Jeff had just dumped a massive load of warm sticky human semen into the mastiff... She had spun around and was now lather his crotch with her tongue... The young Texan twitch a bit. "Go easy on the head." Maggie stopped; spun in place as if chasing her tail. Then she leaped off the platform and onto the soft straw next to it. She seamed to look up at Jeff to make sure the human was watching, and then she put her head down between her front legs and did a foreword roll onto her back. Hind legs splayed wide, her fore legs flopped into the classic 'doggie begging' position. Tail wagging proudly. The 'hole' in the middle of her black mound still gapped a bit. Whitish fluid was trying to flow out of it. Since the animal had licked most of the residual lube off his cock, the young human applied a fresh coat, only not as thick as the first time. "Can't let such exuberance go un-rewarded." Jeff told the bitch as he kneeled behind her, making sure he didn't kneel on that tail. He sat on his heels trying to work out how to make everything align, when Gerty's voice came from across the room. "Push her hind legs forward, it will make it easier to get in her." Another look around the stall.
Fred had finished with the first doe, and was now lying flat on is back. His wife sat astride him, he gave her a thumbs up letting her know that he would use her advice, with a feral goat just in front of her. It's fore hoofs were either side of the dairyman's waist, and her hind legs, either side of his head. Though the doe had been milked just a few hours ago, her soft hairy udder still hung low. Fred had his hands on both sides of the milk bag and was rubbing his face with the soft flesh. When he heard the sounds of hoofs scuffing in the straw behind the doe, that stood over him, he'd move the bag out of the way so he could watch the doe being fucked by one of the bucks... Island or feral, it didn't matter, he just loved seeing that slender pinkish red goat cock, prod and then find the opening.... Then to slam home. Fred would give a muffled groan, for a teat was usually in his mouth, whenever his wife would give his cock as squeeze when she had her own orgasm.
Gerty looked down at the human she married. When she first saw him, he was flat on his back then too. Only he was at the bottom of a small ravine. He was visiting some friends and was hiking on their back 'one hundred forty', when he tripped and fell. "Should have been watching where I was going, and not the fucking deer." he said to himself. After several attempts, he had to conclude that he had sprained it pretty badly and he was not going to walk out of here, anytime soon. Cell phone had no signal... Of course not, 'I'm at the bottom of a ravine.'   The young goat doe had been gathering some wild plants to take back to the family farm to add some spice to the evening meal. It was just gathering dusk, when in the distance she saw a light flashing... It was an S.O.S.! It was flashing from someplace below that line of trees. When Fred first saw a goat looking down at him from the rim of the ravine, he thought it was a normal goat from a near by farm.
"Sprain or broken?"
"A bad sprain..... Does is make a difference?"
"Yea, sprain I'll go get paw and the bucks to haul you out. Broken I'd call the Fire/Rescue guys to do it.... Don't go away."
At first Fred was just going to call his friends to come get him. But an old goat... I mean really old goat. Long white beard, massive set of horns, gimpy leg and all. Asked him to stay. The family would love to hear about him and the place he was from. They learned a lot from each other. The assembled clan sat as he told his life story about growing up on a dairy farm. "We milk 200 head of LaMancha dairy goats...." He suddenly wondered if such things were acceptable to the Island goats? 'Tom' as the old goat insisted he be called, spoke up at the pause. "Don't worry none young human, we know what we are and that we're proud that humans find goats so useful." 
'Damn, was this old goat wise or what?' Fred thought to himself before continuing with his life's story. He did his best to remember places he'd been and what was unique about each one and it's peoples. When his watched beeped midnight, he suddenly stopped, looked at the time and started to apologize profusely for taking up so much of their time. Tom stopped him and said that he was being very nice to share such knowledge to all his family, and that he insisted that Fred spend the night. So the young human spent the night with the farmer's daughter... Good thing for the sprained ankle, it was a good excuse, to tell his friends when they came got him the next day, as to why he was so exhausted.
Fred learned that Gerty usually got what she went after. Not that he minded. They were married ten months later on her family's 'founders day'. When the first Garbranth set hoof on this farm.
Jeff had to work at it, but was finally able to get back inside the happy bitch. Putting her hind legs against his ribs, he leaned foreword, all the while he sank deeper into her warm, wet dog twat. He was just wondering how much weight he could rest on her, when those folded front paws were suddenly over each shoulder and was pulling him to her. 'Who's fucking whom?' they young Texan wondered briefly as he started thrusting into the very willing bitch. Again she used her muscles to bring whispered expletives from her human lover, while groaning out her own joy. Jeff drove hard and fast into her, like he seen male dogs do while mating.... Then slow and easy.... All the while those massive front paws stayed on his shoulders, making sure he wouldn't leave, until she was done with him. He slide his hands up to rub each thick ear flap. His thumbs working the insides... This brought such a groan of pure pleasure from the animal.... And a powerful clinching of cunt muscles, that brought a equally pleasurable moan from the human. Slowly he built up speed... Though she used her muscles, Jeff's cock had worn a smooth path into the deep vagina. The mixture of his own cum, lube and her natural bodily fluid, allowed for faster fucking. The human's hips were a blur as he drove for completion. The Texan cried out at his release as volley after volley of his cum blasted deep into massive bitch.
"Ok boys, make a line." Jeff had just recovered enough to look around to see what Gerty was talking about. The Island doe had opened a little compartment built into the side of the stall and had swung out a padded beam of sorts. It looked to be a three foot long, four by six on edge, with thick padding around it. There were two hand holds towards the attached end. What is was for became extremely appertain when Gerty laid the front half of her body down on it. It was just the right height so she was the same height at a feral goat. She flicked her tail up and was ready to take on all comers.... Make that 'cum-ers'.
Maggie finally released Jeff after he had thoroughly fucked her for the third time. The human didn't even try to stand, he just crawled to one of the stands and sat on the low platform. Looking around the stall, the company driver noted that Joe was still fucking one of the other doe's in heat. Penny was over in the little group of goats that was munching on some hay. Tim, the new buck, was drilling the boss's wife... The other bucks were pretty much fucked out, at least for a hour or two... Even the feral bucks were laying down in one corner... Fred was looking back at him, he too was done in and sitting on another platform, once he saw he had my eye, he nodded to Joe and gave a thumbs up. I glance back to the young Amish lad, just in time to hear him 'use the lord's name in vain', as he shot his load into the animal. Looking back at Fred I just grinned and nodded.
Jeff slept in, the milking was all done and breakfast was being served when he finally stumbled into the kitchen. Everyone knew this was travel day, so they had let him sleep, to recover fully from last night's orgy. Sitting down he gratefully accepted a cup of coffee. Once the juice of the bean had worked it's magic, the young Texan said in wonder. "Geeze, you look fine... How can you fuck all night and get up early and milk the goats, and still look this good."
Fred nodded and said, "Well Joe here is young, I can only do it a couple times week, and Gerty is one of them wilily goats, so no telling what she can do." The dairyman look at his wife and gave her a wink. "Like getting up in the middle of the night and fucking the poor driver one last time before he has to go."
"I wanted him to have something to remember us by."
"Like the other twelve times you jumped him wasn't enough?"
Gerty got up and made the rounds with the coffee pot. When she got to Jeff's she leaned in, licked his ear and said just loud enough for Fred to hear, "You can bring that big dick back anytime."
"Impudent female!" Fred said in mock anger. "Next you'll be telling me that you was giving Joe something to remember us by, half way through the morning milking."
Everyone looks at the young man just in time to see him turn an amazing shad of red. "You knew all along? She told me not to tell."
Fred leaned closer to Joe, "Didn't I just say 'dem goats was wilily critters."
"Fred you are going to give him the wrong idea about us Island goats.... I happen to know he's going to be working with a very nice goat at the Country Club... My sister Molly."
Jeff nearly did a 'spit take' at that. "Molly is your sister?" It was the young driver's turn to turn a few shade of red. "So how much has she told you about me?"
"Just that the PR day was over and both Sally and Soffie were missing you."
"Who's Sally and Soffie?" Joe asked.
"An Island sow and sow."
Fred perked up at Jeff's statement. "A sow? You mean a real, roll in the mud, barnyard sow?"
"Molly keeps all the normal pigs very clean. Can't have any pig smells to drive people away."
"You were into pigs before you worked there?" All pretext of poking fun was dropped, as the human was truly interested how one gets into pigs.
"No... But in few weeks, I was wondering where she had been all my life."
"So your first animal shag, was a normal sow?" Fred had heard of some pig farmers that had an Island sows, but for a 'civilian' to just start shagging hogs was unique.
Jeff nodded. "I had been spending my lunch times with her. She likes the way I smell... Molly says it's because human sweat smell like a boar hog.... Well at least my sweat does.... Any ways, I was sitting on a pile of hay, just scratching her like always, and she turns around, and I see her vulva was bigger then previously. I didn't know Molly was watching the whole time... But everyday Soffie would turn around and I would rub her swollen pink mound.... Until one day she was so in heat she let me slip my finger into her... She really liked that... That night I went back and she let me fuck her. The next night there was an orgy and Sally wanted me to fuck her too."
The two young humans headed back to Texas, with Penny safely in the back of the van. Of course as with Tim, Joseph asked endless questions about the Country Club, the pigs, and he was really interested in the Kangaroos.
"You'll be meeting one as soon as we get there, Mr. North, the head of security, will have your ID card and security swipes."
Karl must have been made on a Friday...
Ok, they don't 'make' people...
But they sort of do...
Even before the 'Island' was found, geneticists figured out, that while the big stuff, centaurs, Minotaur, satyrs and the like, could be done, it was only in the really big labs with lots of funding. But of course those lab won't do this type of gene splicing, do to ethical reasons. ie: the church told 'em no. So, like the Island scientists, the geneticists in smaller countries came up with, 'Work Around's, meaning you work with what you got. And stay within the guide lines.
What started the 'gene race', some third world dictator was having a parade for some of his friends. Lined up as a honor guard in front of the reviewing stand was 20 or so identical, or close to being identical, massively big soldiers. The 'cheap' gene splice was to just 'turn on' the gene that causes the classic, 'growth spurt' one sees in teenagers, to give 'em a second jolt of massing out. No steroids could have done what this simple switching on a gene could do. Oh there was a lot of other 'tweaks' they did. One was to make sure these guys weren't too smart. Wouldn't do to have guys this big, sitting around wondering if their orders were fair and just. But no mixing of human and animal genes. Officially that is.
With the island animals, it was pretty obvious that to make 'em talk and have hand like paws/hoofs, there had to be some human genes brought into the recipe. But the, 'Beefeaters', as they came to be called, if they had any animal genes, it was a closely guarded secrete. Before very long, these plus sized palace guards started showing up in other countries. Do have to give these tinpot dictators credit, they never made more then a couple dozen at one time. 
Well.... That wasn't completely true. The replacements had to be in the pipeline, as it were. It took years for these guys to grow up. No weird accelerated aging or some such. This next batch had some improvements, they learned from the first group. The scientists were pushing the sliders up to '11'. This next group was going to be taller, faster, and stronger... 
Most of 'em... 
There's always one that doesn't quite meet expectations.
Meet Karl... To a normal man, Karl looked like the Incredible Hulk! Muscles bulging, no neck, over two meters tall, only difference between Karl and the Hulk was Karl was black, not green. And his personality was closer to David Banner, then the Hulk. He could walk into any gym and best, just about any 'house record'.
Back at the Academy, it was a different story. Slowest times for runs... Kilos lifted didn't improve fast enough... Eye/hand coordination just above average... And worst of all, he got straight 'A's in all his classes. They were really starting to wonder if they were going to have their first, 'training accident'.
Then; one of those freak accidents did happen. Only it was to Karl's records... They all disappeared. One hell of a computer glitch. Of course what really happened on that Friday, was someone with money, or power, or just cared about the boy, arranged for that little glitch. Karl was wondering why his 'key card' wouldn't let him in to his room, when his history teacher just happened to be in the hall outside his door. "Let me", he said as he pulled out his teacher card that would open any student's door. Then he mostly shoved the 16 year old boy into his own room. Karl had great respect for the man and was stunned at his actions. "You know your academic grads are good, and your physical training is lagging behind the other students". The teacher was looking around the room, he waited until the young man nodded. "You are everything they don't want in a palace guard". Karl hung his head, he knew he wasn't as good as the other boys. "But don't despair... Out in the rest of the world, you have a great deal to offer. You have the abilities that other people only dream about." Karl lifted his head, and spoke for the first time since they've barged into the room.
"But what can I do? I hear rumors that I'm to be 'deleted' from training". Karl had a genuine fearful look in his eyes.
His teacher spoke in hushed tones. "Well in a way, you already have been deleted, that's why your keycard wouldn't work. You are no longer in the Academy's system." Pulling the boy closer he whispered in his ear. "I have a friend, he'll take you someplace safe... Take care of you... Help you... But we must leave Now. Pack your belongings in your back pack and we'll go".
Karl looked out of the window. He could see the obstacle course, scene of several "failures". Over to the right, the weight room where his scores were a ten percent below the other students... He turned and looked at his teacher. A man he trusted. A man he admired. And now he was sure, a man that was throwing him a life line.
The young student opened his closet and pulled out his pack. He just had his exercise clothes. Sweat pants, t-shirts, under wear, socks, three pair of trainers and two pair of boots. Everything else was school property. The dress uniform that hung in the closet, that he was to graduate in... Was left hanging. The only thing he 'stole' from the Academy was his helmet, it had taken him forever to finally find one that fit his head. (It was actually bigger then the other boys.)
At the main gate, the teacher told the guard that the boy was being punished for forgetting his home work. And a good long run should help him remember. Turning right, Karl followed the teacher's sputtering Vespa... And left the only life he had ever known.
Later when someone asked, "Whatever happened to Karl"? And the answer given... "There was an accident". Everyone just assumed they meant that someone had taken it upon themselves to cause a 'Training Accident'... So no one thought to ask, "What kind of accident"?
"And that is how, eight years ago, this below average Super Man, came to work for KISS". The massive black man leaned back in his chair and blew out a blue cloud of very good cigar smoke. "So Mr. North... Why am I here"?
Kangaroo Industrial Security Service is a sister company of Kangaroo Site Security.
All of which comes under the umbrella company, Island Security International
The head of security for the Country Club, his massive feet resting on the desk, didn't move, other then to blast out an equally massive cloud of smoke...
"Well I asked for a human, I guess someone figured you was close enough".
Karl knew he was being tested. Ollie couldn't afford to have some crazed human taking offence and punching out the locals. "Well at least I'm not as soft as you SS guys".
The head of security glared at the black human... Then started laughing.
"Yea it is a pretty cushy around here... And the doe's are pretty damn hot too".
Karl just snorted and shook his head.
"What? You don't like the goats? I know you was with Sanders mob for quite a while, that gang will nail just about anything".
"No, I like the goats, they've been very good to me... All the island animals have... But there's, other problems.
The big male 'roo figured he wouldn't press for info. Everyone is initialed to some secretes.
Well you are here because this is a satellite facility for the Country Club. The Horse Farm will supply the barn at the Country Club with happy friendly horses, ponies and mini-donkeys, for the rich people to 'pet'. This place will also be where sick animals will come back to. We have contracts with local venders for hay, feed, and vet services. And we also get some of the locals wondering by. The office felt that a human would get along better with our venders and tourist.
"Man I really must'a pissed someone off really bad to get sent to this po-dunk post".
Ollie cocked his head to one side, causing both ears to flop in the same direction. After looking at the human for a few moments he said. "Well there's nothing in your employee jacket about any fuck ups... " The 'roo sat back up straight. "You've been around this bunch long enough to know that they don't do the typical bureaucratic office politics bull shit. They know lots of stuff, they seam to know who needs something before they know it themselves". The kangaroo put his big feet back in the floor and leaned toward Karl. "Look, when they sent me here, I thought that was a huge mistake. I had been in the paramilitary division, the site was an oil refinery. We got over ran by a bunch of rebels. Wasn't pretty... After that I went to Australia... Ran with the native 'roos... Went 'native' myself... But I couldn't breed with 'em. I watched other Boomer's joeys hopping around... And it finally came to me if I wanted the same thing, I'd have to go back to the world to find an Island Flyer for my own. But I was the guy that lost the battle. I figured I'd be guarding broom closets the rest of my life. But they sent me here. I have over three hundred folks under me. I'm in charge of schedules, planning security not only for the Club it's self, but 6 other facilities. I didn't have a clue how to do all that stuff. But they sent me here... And I did it. Hell of a confidence builder".
Karl just shrugged his shoulders. "Yea, they are a pretty good bunch to work for".
Ollie North got up and carefully maneuvered his hind paws around the desk. Once clear he gestured to it. "Well it's all yours. I'll have Rolph swing by tomorrow and show you what we've got going here already as far as security goes. And Nora, a goat from receiving, will want to go over the forums, and the proper way to fill 'em out".
The old farm house had been built on a concrete slab, so when the big red kangaroo hopped across the floor, nothing shook. Karl followed his new boss outside into the late afternoon heat. Waving at the top of the house with his paw. "Well the upstairs is pretty much all yours... Office staff will be here tomorrow, they can fill you in about the rest of place". Turning to the barns. "Go pet a pony. I hear humans like petting things". Ollie then aligned himself with the drive and with five bounds, he had crossed the yard, cleared a fence, past the barns and in a cloud of blue cigar smoke, was heading down the drive.
Karl always check under the bed before laying down in it. Not for any mythical creatures, but to make sure the frame would hold his bulk. Often times he'd have to slide the mattress onto the floor. Upon seeing the heavy duty king size frame, he noted to himself that 'ol Ollie must'a known he was coming before he did.
Before drifting off to sleep, the massive human thought about what Ollie had said about the Island Animals seaming to know what you needed, even before you did.
5:00 am Karl sat up, swung his well muscled legs over the side. Standing, he dressed and headed down stairs. Through the front room, that served as the security office. A 'roo writing up his night shift report, did an actual 'double take', when he saw Karl. The human had his company ID on a lanyard around his neck. This he showed to the astonished guard. 
"Captain North said we had a new Lieutenant coming..." The Sergeant's voice sort'a tailed off at the end. The Australian Marsupial still had a stunned look on his muzzle when Karl told him he was going for a run and would be back in about an hour.
The first guard kangaroo he encountered outside gave him a snap salute. Karl promptly stopped and asked the 'roo if he always saluted strange humans running around the farm? The guard explained that the Sergeant had radioed the patrols telling them to be on the look out for our new post commander.
"Oh? How did he describe me?"
"Seven foot tall, black, 300 pounds and looking like someone you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley."
Karl nodded to himself. "Yea, that's me... Clear and concise."
Hopping one of the pasture fences, Karl continued his run. Keeping a constant four feet from the fence line, the human fell into an easy pace that would eat up lots of ground, if he was going someplace. As it was, he was just going in a big square. Once around he figured it was 2 'clicks'. First time around the ponies stood in a group munching their morning grain. Second time around, there was some noise coming from a couple of 'em, but their trainer was there. Third time around, he stopped at the herd when he saw the stallion trying to mount a mare. Not that he was any sort of expert on equine, but even he could figure out that the one with five legs was the male, and the one that didn't was the female.
"Breeding some more ponies?" Karl asked the buck goat.
"Nope" came the response. Pointing to the brown and white paint stallion. "He's 'Proud Cut'"
"He's what?"
"Proud Cut... Given a vasectomy."
This confused Karl even more. "So why didn't they just geld him?"
"Well..." The dusty brown buck goat paused as if trying to figure out how much he should say. "Humans", a glance at the huge black man, "SOME humans like to watch animals mating... So we have a stallion that can mate without making all the mares pregnant".
Karl looked at the goat... Then came to a decision. "Tell me all the stuff you 'edited out' of that explanation". Karl wanted to make sure everyone knew he wasn't some muscled brain, that they could get stuff past.
The human had been around enough goats to be able to read them, and this buck was genuinely surprised. Karl could also see the 'wheels turning' as the goat was trying to figure out how much he should tell this human.
Speaking slowly, the buck was picking his words carefully...
"Through our... Pleasure Farms... we've come to learn that... some humans... wanted to... Fuck... other farm animals... other then goats and pigs... But since the farms are closely watched by... groups... no other animals could be offered... But here at a Country Club... the OTHER animals could be... Offered, as it were, to the discerning members". The goat stopped, hoping that would be enough of an explanation for the guard.
Karl's training kicked in. He could hear or see anything but he would never show emotions. The buck stared at the stony faced human for several moments before the granite facade broke and the human spoke.
"You train the ponies to fuck?"
"I don't, we have a human that comes by a couple times a week and works with them, I'm always here make sure that the ponies are willing and well treated".
"A human"?
"Yea, Cory... comes by Tuesdays and Thursdays".
"Very... Some animals... and we goats can tell which... are very happy to receive... sexual attentions... from humans".
"Yes... notice that mare you've been petting. See how she's turned her rump towards you and lifting her tail".
This time Karl did show surprise. The pony he had absently been scratching, did look like she was offering herself to him. The smooth black hairless vulva suddenly flashed open to show the pinkish red of the inner pussy.
"Oh my... She must really like you. She usually only does that to the stallion".
Again Karl locked his face in a neutral pose. But the stirrings in his jogging shorts would soon become apparent. The human hoped the adjustment he made to his shorts looked natural. And he quickly told the goat he needed to get back to the office, because Rolph was due to come by with information about his post.
Any time you came in contact with a 'roo guard, chances are that you're on a surveillance camera. And a very good one at that. The Kangaroos learned early on that in the human's world, their word against a human's, the human usually won. So very clear videos were made to back up the 'roo's word. Afterwards the Kangaroo's word became 'gold', but the habit of recording everything carried on.
Since the Horse Farm wasn't a high security site, the video surveillance room wasn't normally manned. But today it was, today was Thursday. Karl had read the file on the skinny white guy he was watching on the screen. He was someone you didn't hear much about since the Island Animals were part of the human sex scene. He was a 'zoophile'. He wasn't someone that just wanted to have sex with an animal, they truly loved 'em. Spent their lives devoted to them just as someone with a human wife or husband. They had actually been some of the first humans to really want to help the Island Animals to become part of the world society. Cory had his own farm near here. His own horse... mate. Some how the 'Front Office' had found him out and offered him a job.
Karl could tell the human had years of experience around horses. His easy way of talking to them. Ear rubs, scratches, sharing breath... He looked part of the herd. Then one came up from behind and gave him a shove. Looking over his shoulder the man said something about her being frisky today. It was the same mare Karl had petted. Again she nudged him towards an open stall. The human entered followed by the mare. The man closed the door.
It took the massive guard a moment to find the 'stall feed'. Cory had his shirt off by then and his cargo shorts were in the process of being slipped over his shoes. Once free of his clothing, the human wasted no time, he was hugging the mare around her neck and telling her what a pretty little mare she was. She in return was 'lipping' at his bare leg. "Trying to get me horny already"? The skinny man then went to the mare's rump and knelt behind her. Pushing her already lifted tail out of the way, the human soon had his face buried between the mare's powerful thighs. The mare, for her part, opened her stance, held her head slightly lowered, ears forward, and making some soft sounds. Suddenly she gave a bit of a squeak and the human was flooded with fluid gushing from the mare's vulva. The human staggered up and went over to a water bucket and splashed water on his face. Grabbing a towel that had obviously been put there for that purpose, he dried himself off.
The mare was still standing with her hind legs spread apart and her vulva furiously winking.
Karl gave the guy credit, he was pretty well endowed. A pump from a bottle that sat in a holder on the wall, the human coated his full erection with what was surly a lubricant. Approached the mare's rump again, only this time he reminded standing. Cock in hand, he timed his thrust with her winking. First just his glans disappeared, then another inch or so. Each wink seam to gobble up more and more if the man's dick.
Once fully hilted, several expletives escaped from the human. He told the mare that if she kept that up he'd cum too quick. As if trying to ignore the winking cunt, the man started to fuck his randy partner. Each thrust made squishing and popping sound. There was even a quief. For several minuets, Karl watched Cory fuck the animal. Then it became clear the human was ejaculating into the mare's cunt. When he was done, he back away and the mare produced another 'Maregasum' as he called it when he complemented her on it's volume.
Karl kept himself busy for the rest of the day. Grain deliveries, a chat with Frank, the 'barn goat'. But his mind kept returning to, not just what he witnessed on the monitors, but to what his boss said the first day he was here. About how the 'front office' knew what it's employees needed sometimes before they themselves did.
The Front Office, had taken on an almost mystic aura for the employees of the many companies that fell under their umbrella. They had vast amounts of information, and the hogs seamed to have some innate ability to correlate the data into usable chunks. Each department was given updates on problems and suggestions on how to solve them. Given the goats special nature, more attention was geared towards the sexual happiness of it's employees, more then any other company. Of course anything that dealt with genetics was flagged. When Karl's blood sample, taken during a physical just after he was rescued, with it's DNA showed up at the labs, major flags were raised. Not just a filing cabinet, but a whole room was devoted to him. This was the first 'Beefeater' DNA they had gotten a hold of, and that raised many an eyebrow.
Geneticists poured over the results. Special units were tasked to acquire more samples. Was Karl the 'norm' for these men? The records from the lab that Karl came from was scrutinized, of course without their knowing about it.
What was found out, that Karl was sort'a special, but all the other Beefeaters showed signs of some animal DNA in them. What made Karl different was the amount.
After years of collection data, the scientists felt they had a pretty good idea as to Karl's geneses...
It was a Friday, a long holiday weekend awaited the young geneticist worked on one last project for the week. It had to be perfect, even though his bosses knew as well as he, that gene spliced eggs never survived the weekend, let alone a long one. But they still expected output and would closely check his work. He had started out with a pretty good gene set, and would only need some tweaking and of course some 'extra' genes spliced in.
But to his dismay, the weeks supply of special 'clean and stripped' genes had been used up.
He knew the lab that made up the special genes was just down the hall. "Surly they've got next weeks batch already in the pipeline." But the lab was empty, they had taken off just after lunch. His keycard opened the door but no one answered his inquires. Oh well... a quick tour around the lab and he found what he needed, and returned to complete his assigned task. His worked checked, and he was off for some needed rest and play. One other thing of note, he was surprised to see that the zygote had survived the long weekend.
That explained Karl's genes. But what they found, was very interesting.  They found the gene trigger for the second 'growth spurt', but also found a third, it must have hit a year or two after Karl was rescued. Requests were sent up to the highest level in the 'office' and permission was granted, and while Karl was working with the Sanders group, a camera was placed in his living quarters. Only one image was ever taken with the camera, one was enough to confirm the suppositions of the scientists.
Karl spend most of Friday getting to know the farm better. The grain storage, the hay barn, the fire detection and suppression system, the outer pastures, the special stalls for sick animals, the layout of the various paths and roads. Every time they passed the main barn, Frank was washing one of the ponies.
It was the end of the day shift, and Karl wondered over to the main barn. One side was open but fully covered. The black skin of the human had a sheen to it as the sweat of the day covered him. Stepping into the shade from the hot setting sun, the human watched as Frank, using a black oval object to rub over the hide of Scout the stallion, that as he got closer, he could see it had rings of rubber teeth. From Scout's lifted head and wiggling upper lip Karl got the idea that the pony must really like this treatment. As the human got closer still, he could see over the side wall. More proof of the stallion's enjoyment was evident by the pink cock swinging under him.
The two exchanged pleasantries, and Karl leaned on the top of the low wall around barn. Frank glanced at the human and noted he was lost in thought. The sight of the swing horse cock must have stirred something.
The sight of Scout's penis was the last piece of the equation for Karl.  What Ollie North had said about the 'Front Office' knew what you needed before you did... What the doctors had told him after all those physicals... About how his genetic make up was, mixed species. How the zebra genes made for a stronger back, hips and legs. His ability to march, run and jump with heavy packs during his training, was made possible by a few extra genes spliced in.
The jenny came up and snapped the human out of his fog. Her soft muzzle and wet tongue on his flesh caused Karl to jump a little. 
"You was really lost in thought there." Frank noted as he put his curry comb away. "You must smell good to her, she don't normally just walk up to folks." The buck opened the low gate and let himself out into the isle way. He waved to the human. "Come on around and go in with her, she needs a friend."
Karl wasn't sure what the goat had meant by that, but he walked along the wall until he got to the entrance to the barn proper. The jenny follow him to the gate and waited for him to enter the large area. 
Frank the goat, had hopped in a golf cart and disappeared down the cart path. Karl picked up one of the rubber 'combs'. "I don't even know your name." He told the gray animal as he tried to brush her. "Jenny", the human spotted the name carefully lettered onto her halter. "Now that was original." He told her. He brushed her neck, sides and under neck... "Throat?" She seamed to like that a lot. Down her neck and her chest. Her sides looked like they might be an easier area to groom... But every time he tried to step along her shoulder, Jenny would step back with him, with her nose firmly planted his crotch. Karl was starting to wonder if the equine could somehow smell the zebra genes in him. Come to think of it, he was starting to wonder if the aroma of the equines were having an effect on him?... Jenny suddenly seamed like she had enough, and turned her rump towards him. Tail lifted and vulva winking.... Karl inhaled deeply.... Could it?
Both in the stall, door shut. Karl was hanging his clothes on the pegs like Cory did. And like the man he had watched, he went over to Jenny and hugged her close to him.... WOAH! He wasn't ready for that! Such an incredible feeling to have the animal's hair caress his naked body. He had of course petted them, and even have felt them with his arms when he put them around a critter.... But to feel the fur against bare belly and groin.... Thighs and chest.... It was fantastic! He was starting to understand men like Cory.... Jenny liked the hugs, but she was here for something else, and swung her rump once again at the massive black man.
When Karl got a good look at Scout's penis, he knew what the goats in the 'Front Office' knew.... Here were critters that probably could take all he had to give.... No Karl did not have a horse cock, or even a zebra cock. He had a circumcised black man's cock. And it look just like a human cock...... if you had no 'size reference'..... Karl looked at the winking pussy in front of him, and he knew he just might fit..... As this possibility grew in his mind, so did his cock. As one of the Academy doctors put it. "Some men have 'show-ers', big flaccid penises, and others have 'grow-ers', don't show much but grows a lot...." Karl had a latter. And it was 'grown'. Taking one of the lube bottles from a wall holder, he started slathering it on. Which excited him more. Which made it grow that much faster.
He was ready... Karl held his cock at the mid point and started to rub his glans up and down black wrinkly strip of bare donkey flesh.... The slit parted and the tip of his cock was now inside an animal.... The human pressed in.... Jenny's cunt winked around the head... Now the first few inches of the shaft.... Again another wink..... More cock... More winking.... Ten... Twelve... Fourteen... The inches slide into the donkey.... Sixteen... Eighteen.... At twenty the front of his scrotum touched the furry ass..... Testicles  the size of hardballs, covered in soft black skin.... Then the last two inches....
Karl's vision blurred.... A long sigh escaped his lungs.... The feeling was incredible... His cock, in a very warm, very wet, very soft, animal cunt.... He pulled his, twenty two inch black, cock back about a foot.... Humans with long dicks, can't ever seam to get really hard... Karl was like a steel rod, no flexing as he drove it back in.... Another shudder passed through him.... A broad smile on his face, 'VIRGIN NO LONGER', rang in his brain.... He should have figured this out long time ago. He knew he was much too long, twenty two inches and as big around as a beer can, for any human female.... How many times had he seen a stallion's cock just hanging out?.... Another stroke.... "Oh god." he groaned.... She was fantastic. Wet and oh so warm.... A small part of his brain tried to make an issue about fucking an animal. It quickly faded.... Jenny felt so damn nice.... He stroked a little faster.... A little harder.... But he had a lot to learn yet about fucking.... One was control.... By the sixth stroke, Karl was shooting his cum deep into the donkey's cunt.... The human stood with his large hands gripping Jenny's hips, pulling himself deeply into her.... Cum blasted again.... And again.... Island hogs, goats and 'roos all had human genes in 'em.... So having a mix, wasn't so unusual. The 'Beefeater' was just like the Island animals.... Only his 'mix' was a little different.

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Ramseys    71
Standard Warning About this Story Containing Zoo Sex!
Anthro and Non-Anthro!
Copyright by Ramseys 2014
I hope you all enjoy
Oh.. this one has just a tiny bit of MMF at the very end.
For needed background, please read 'The Goat Farm' 1, 2, 3 and 4 first.
The Goat Farm 5
Joseph's story
As with all young Amish boys, Joseph was thoroughly indoctrinated into the Amish life and religion. All of which was immediately contradicted as soon as he set foot off the dairy. Cars, cell phones, electric lights. All were good things he figured, not the 'Work of the Devil'....
But he was told time and again, that he was too young to recognize 'Demonic intent', and to trust his elders for guidance. Watch your older brother and see how one truly lives the pure and righteous life.
'Lust of women', Bad.
'Masturbation', Bad.
'Pornography', Bad.
'Lust of men', Very Bad.
'Impure thoughts', Bad to Very Bad, depending on what they are.
But the older boys talked of women and having sex with them. Add in the fact that all the young Amish girls his age, were pretty much spoken for. By the time he was to start courting, there wouldn't be any 'acceptable', (Amish) girls left! He was starting to understand the younger buck's frustration. Of the four breeding bucks they had at the dairy, the youngest one was always pushed aside and the older ones mounted the doe in his stead.
Ahh yes, the goats.... He never understood the rough treatment they received from the other men on the farm. Maybe they saw how free and natural their lives were. Walking around all day, just eating and sleeping when they wanted. Even pooping and peeing in front of any one, at any time. The doe's didn't have to work at making milk, they just did. 
And the bucks had no other job in their lives other then to check on the doe's and breed them when they would stand in heat.
Joseph thought they were heavenly! Surely they were one of god's creatures. Everything the goats did was wondrous to him. Any free time he had, was spent with the goats. Even his chores were a delight if he got to do them around the goats. And as with all good things, he was chastised for spending too much time looking at the goats. Was he being lustful while watching the bucks service the doe's?
To be honest, he was. The massive scrotums swing between the male's hind legs, was mesmerizing. The quick flash of pink as they attempted to mount the doe's was exciting. And that puffy slit under the tail, the prized target of the bucks, was lust inspiring.
But like the good son, he resisted the urges he had to join in.... Until one day. 
Joseph had gone into the horse barn to get some nails to fix one of the milk stands. He was looking through the old coffee cans trying to find the right sized nails, when the door at the far end of the barn opened very quietly, and in stepped his oldest brother. He was about to call out a greeting, when the actions of his brother seamed strange... Like he was making sure no one saw him enter the barn. He softly closed the door and walked directly to the stall that held the 'Carriage horse'. A retired 'Trotter', father had bought from a race track. She was already trained to pull a cart and even thought she was too slow for racing, the mare was plenty fast enough to pull the family to church on Sunday. Grabbing a bucket from next to the door, Joseph watched as his brother slid the door open and slip inside the stall. Once the door slid shut, he could hear his brother talking softly to the mare. He must have had a carrot in his pocket, for he held one up and broke off a piece and offered it to the animal. From where Joseph was standing he could see through the bars that ringed the top half of the stall. He stayed in the shadows caused by the large farm wagon. Then he saw his brother break up the carrot into smaller pieces and put them in the feed pan. The mare stepped to the pan and started munching on the offered food. Meanwhile Joseph's brother set the bucket down behind the mare and he unbuttoned his pants, stepping on the bucket he let his pants fall and reached out and lifted the horse's tail. With one hand he rubbed the black lips of the mare's cunt and with the other he jacked his dick to make it hard. Once he had accomplished that task, he spit in his hand and rubbed it on his hardened cock. He wasted no time in leaning foreword and rubbing his dick where his hand had been. The mare's lips parted and Joseph watched his brother slid his cock into the animal. The young Amish man quickly started to fuck the mare, as a stallion would... And almost just as quickly as a stallion would, he climaxed into her. He jumped off the bucket and patted the mare on her rump. He softly told her that she was a great 'fuck', and he'd see her again.
Joseph sat outside the milking parlor. It was still a half an hour before the start of evening milking. He had fixed the milking stand, gotten the Stainless Steel buckets out, put the cheese cloth in the strainer and sat it on top of the big milk can. Everything was ready, so the young man sat just outside the gate that let the goats into the holding pen before going into the milking parlor. The scene in the horse barn played through his mind over and over... His brother... The one he was suppose to watch and emulate... Fucking an animal....
Sometimes fate comes along and gives you a big 'ol wet sloppy kiss. It makes you a deal you can't refuse. And then is sits back and watches as your life is completely changed.
Penny, an all white goat doe came up and nuzzled Joseph's face.
When the milking was done, father announced that their mother's sister was feeling poorly and that he'd be taking her over to their farm, their three sisters were going in case there was any 'woman's work' that need to be done. And the three boys were to watch the place and do morning milking.
Joseph couldn't help but wonder if his father noticed, his eldest son's seed leaking out of the mare's pussy, as she trotted over the rise. The black carriage had no sooner disappeared when Joseph's two older brothers informed him that he was to watch the place, because they were going to a friends house to play video games. And soon their bicycles disappeared down the road in the other direction. Even the dog was heading across the field, probably in search of a bitch in heat.
He had been left alone at the dairy before. Joseph reached up and touched his cheek where Penny had rubbed her muzzle against his face. But never with all these new thoughts.... There was a tightening in his pants... Or new lusts.
Just eight hours ago, the young Amish lad would have staunchly repressed the images that floated through his brain. All of them were of a white doe goat.
We'll never know why. Maybe it was because of all the humans on the farm, he was the only one that treated the goats with love and tenderness. 'They provide the family with an income... Why not be kind to them', Joseph reasoned. If this was the 'why', or was there something else the doe sensed about the lad that made her lift her head and start trotting over to the young man that stood in the open barn door. He knelt and greeted her with soft words and a hug. Rubbing his hands over her body, he stopped at the spots, she seamed to enjoy being scratched. But the tent in his pants urged that things 'move along'.
Joseph stood and stepped back into the dim barn, Penny followed. He walked across the hard packed dirt of the barn floor, to the birthing pens. One had, in the corner, a concrete pad. It was here long before it was an Amish goat dairy, so no one knew it's original intent. He turned and watched as the doe pranced over the floor to him. Again he petted her before leading her into the empty pen and over to the low platform. Like all goats she liked being on the highest thing she could find and quickly hopped up on it, looking rather pleased with herself as she pranced about. Her long ears flapped and her tail twirled. A pink udder with two large teats swayed beneath her. The human wondered, how could god make such perfect creature, if not to fall in love with?
The tent stood larger, putting more pressure on the lad's mind. He quickly stripped out of his pants and hung them on the side of the stall. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a solution to a problem he was just now realizing he had. A beam of late afternoon sunshine shown through one of the cracks between the siding on the barn. It lit up his nine inch cock. His brother's penis was much smaller then a stallion's, when he fucked the mare. Joseph, on the other hand, was much larger then a goat buck. Not that he would hurt Penny, since she had already kidded in her recent past, and he was no where near as large as a baby goat, he still wanted to make sure she was going to enjoy this too. What that bright beam of light had also lit up, was a bottle of 'OB Lube'. It was there in case a doe was having problems giving birth, one of the skinny armed children, would 'lube up' and stick their arm up inside the doe and pull out the kid. His sister now had that honor, but when he was the only 'skinny arm' on the farm, it had been his job. So he knew that it was just the right thing to use.
Used to being 'positioned' on the milk stand, the doe was very compliant when Joseph turned her rump toward the side of the platform. He backed her up to where her hind hooves were close to the edge. Kneeling down, he drank in the sight of her nether area. The brilliant white hairs that surrounded the island of pink flesh. The small slit that he had watched a slender goat cock slam into, and two perfect goat kids stretch their way into the world. She smelled like the late summer grasses she fed on. Soft yielding flesh met his fingers as his gently probed the lips. Penny pushed back... 'She wants it too', though the young man.... Standing, he pulled his foreskin back, applied the lube, and pressed his naked glans against her vulva. The animal's warm soft flesh opened to allow the human's cock tip to enter her. Neither tied or hobbled, the goat stood and gobbled up the penis that was shoved into her nether lips. Deeper the lad sank, into her warm body until his was fully hilted in her sex. Joseph understood... Why every male farm animal he had ever saw, wanted to get their cocks into the female's cunt... It was Fantastic! Being a virgin, he had no idea... Now he knew. 
Putting his hands on Penny's hips, the young human begin to thrust in and out of the doe. OH MY GOD! What a feeling... Nothing he could have imaged, can compare to what his dick was experiencing right now. The soft warm goat flesh that hugged his shaft as he fucked her pussy, was fantastic. His glans plowed through the pliant flesh of her vagina, sending waves of pure pleasurable lust back to his brain. Even if his father was to suddenly appear, the young human would not have stopped his fucking of the white goat. Joseph slowed down his frantic thrusting, to 'make it last longer'. That lasted only for a few moments, then he was picking up speed. The lewd squishy sounds of sex filled that corner of the barn. Again the boy forced himself to slow down... And again he quickly returned to his lust filled pounding of Penny's rump... Then a sudden tightness gripped him and the human was blasting his whitish translucent jizz deep into the willing doe... Joseph nearly passed out from the lust bursting through his body... The white feathery hairs of her tail, brushed back and forth at high speed across his black curly pubic hairs that surrounded his pulsing cock... His heart pounded in his ears as another wave of pure joy washed over him... More cum.... His breath came in loud gasps... This was much more intense then when he masturbated to orgasm...  More cum.... Not in a million years would the young lad be able to describe the pure joy he felt... His sweaty palms made Penny's white hair damp where he gripped her hips... His cock was awash with lube, cum and doe jizz... Finally the young man released his hold on the doe and staggered back, his semi-hard cock was dragged from her bestial cunt, his issue bubbling from the piss slit. Thin streamers of human cum stretched between man and goat, then broke and started racing to the ground.
Penny spun around and looked at the boy, that her sexy body had just changed into a man. She was unaware of the lust she had created that fried the young human's brain. All she knew is, what they just did felt wonderful. His thick human cock really stretched her cunt in marvelous ways. She had never had her clit so stimulated before.... And the long time he was doing it... She gave a soft bleat to the nice human that leaned against a barn support. Joseph looked up and saw Penny looking at him, her tail quickly flashing in a beam of sunlight.
Over the next two weeks the young Amish lad found ways to be with his Penny six more times. Six times of pure heaven.... Six times his cock blasted his seed into an animal. It was after that sixth time, when his father saw his youngest son, with one knee on the ground and his arms wrapped around a goat. Summoning up his best 'fire and brimstone' voice he asked the lad if he had carnal knowledge of that beast. The question caught Joseph so off guard, he just stammered and turned a bright shade of red.
"Joe", as everyone called him now, head still spun a bit as he thought back on the month's events. Seeing his brother having sex with a mare. Seeing his own cock sliding into the pussy of a goat. Seeing his father's face as he guessed what his son had done. Seeing the family's dour faces as he was told to leave and never come back. All except his oldest brother's face, it had a very smug look on it. Seeing the friendly face of Fred Brown as he offered him a place to stay. Seeing Gerty come down the front porch steps and giving him a hug. Seeing Penny coming through their kitchen door. Seeing the police officer and answer his questions and swearing to a statement that legally separated him from his family so he could do what he wanted, when he figured out what that was of course. Seeing the Island Buck Goats naked and free like the milk goats they took care of.
Seeing the orgy.
If someone had said to him that, 'two months before your eighteenth birthday you'd take part in an orgy with goats, humans, and a mastiff'.... He would have thought they were insane.
He fucked Penny... His lust seamed boundless... Joe's cock quickly returned to full hard after each orgasm... At first he only fucked Penny. But she must have grew tired, for she went over and lay down next to the hay rack with the other well used doe's. But there was a steel gray goat, with twin cream colored strips down her face. Even though the cum of several bucks streamed from her slit, she still wanted him to fuck her. She knew of humans and their thick cocks... 'It must be because of this closed stall, where the smell of goat sex hung thick.' Is what Joe told himself, as to why he was able to perform so well and so often... His dick fairly squished as he entered her. Goat semen flowed back down his shaft and dripped from his balls. But even with so much use, she was still snug around him. He started slow fucking her, and glanced about the room....
Jeff the driver, was thrusting into the mastiff that lay on her back. She looked like she had her two front paws pulling the human to her in an embrace. Mr. Brown was fucking an all black doe, he could see her smoky nether lips wrapped around his cock as he stroked in and out of her. Gerty was laying, chest down, on a raised beam of some kind and had a line of bucks waiting their turn at dumping their seed into her brown cunt.
Joe closed his eyes and fucked the doe with strong deep thrusts.
"I hope everyone had enough to eat." The sound of Sally's amplified voice shook the young man out of his reverie. The auditorium suddenly came back into focus.
"You looked a thousand miles away there." The deep voice came from Karl, the biggest blackest man he had every seen, who was seated next to him. "Yea... just remembering the past month."
"We'll have to compare notes sometime, my past month was rather interesting too."
"Since our ranks are growing rather quickly now, I thought this little get together would help us get to know the new faces." Joe watched the General Manager of the Country Club as she spoke to the nearly full room. Although his view was mostly from behind the reddish sow. She had on what could best be described as a horse turnout sheet. But it was more frilly and tailored to her body. It covered her from around her neck, across her back, and down to her knees. So all her bits and teats were covered. Since there was only staff present, she decided to forgo her cart and just stood with her front feet on a heavy duty stool. And she was the only speaker, so the mic was set to her height.
Joe was seated on one side of the stage with two other 'new' humans, ten doe goats, three bucks and a kangaroo. The other side sat the various department heads. In the front row of the audience, sat Jeff, boyfriend to Sally.
Unlike most humans, when they get in front of a captive crowd, the sow didn't drone on about every little thing. Instead she was introducing Ollie North, the head of security.
Just as he began to stand, another kangaroo seated next to Jeff leapt up and shouted, "TEN-HUT". Suddenly the back three rows of the auditorium, all security 'roos, stood up and snapped to attention. Ollie surveyed the scene... Slowly he brought the microphone up to his mouth.... "Rolph..." he addressed the 'roo standing next to Jeff. "You're an ass-hole." But the 'roo just raised his hands and turned around to face the Boomers.... Waving his arms like a conductor at the Philharmonic, the standing kangaroos started singing 'Happy Birthday'.... By the time it ended the whole room had joined in. Ollie just stood shaking his head and looking at the floor. When the last note was sung and the cheering died away, the head kangaroo again lifted the mic and said, "Rolph... You're still an ass-hole." Which brought a whole new round of cheering from the back rows.
Ollie finally got his guards back into their seats. And just as he was taking a deep breath of air, Sally's voice cut off what ever he was going to say. "If you launch into Patton's speech, I'll fire your tail so damn fast." Amid the ensuing laughter, the big 'roo kicked at the floor and did his best, 'Awww shucks' mime. Joe thought all big companies were somber and serious, but the peals of mirth that burst forth, made the young human smile.
The first new human to be introduced was... "Bruce Campbell ... at least that what he calls himself, were still looking into that." Some giggles from the other department heads. It was a bit of an inside joke. No one would have gotten this far without the head of security knowing everything there is to know about a person.
A tall slender man stood. He had a refinement about his bearing. Someone who knew his way around a board room as well as bar room. He had the obligatory khaki shorts and a golf shirt from the soon to be opened gift shop. "Good evening ladies and Bruces..." He had a thick Aussie brogue. And got some laughs from the rows of 'roos. "Well all joking aside. I'm happy to be here and joining this fine organization. I'm originally from Australia, moved to Texas about 20 years ago." The last part was given in an equally thick Texas draw. "Well long story short. I was able to connect some capital with some investments, and I got in on the ground floor of some lucrative deals. So at the age of fifty, I get to retire and become a security guard.... Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. ten years ago I went back to visit my home. And it was there, I met and married my wife... Gura". Heads turned to where the man was pointing and a flyer stood up.
That sent a mummer through the audience... Someone whispered to another, "Gura means 'wind' in Aboriginal." "I'd be happy to stand up here the rest of the day, telling about how we met and all that. But I think that's enough for now." And with that, he handed the microphone to Karl, and sat back down.
The massive black man stood, took a step foreword, planted the two tree trunks he had for legs, stood ridged, shoulders back, eye straight ahead. He looked like you could come back in 24 hours and still find him in that exact same spot. "I am what the world calls a 'Beefeater', but I look nothing like the guy on the gin bottle." That got a laugh. "As some of you may know, I'm the product of genetic manipulation, just as all of you are." Any where else in the world, such news would have been greeted with some fear... But here the assembled persons just nodded. "According to Island scientists I'm about 30% Zebra."
Joe had heard about the Beefeaters, but had no idea as to how they came to be. Karl told about his training in his country's academy for 'Palace Guards', and how he was a "scrawny washout".  "What they didn't know, I had much more zebra in me than the other trainees. So I was a late bloomer because of that." Karl's voice had a note of pride in it. As if he had shown all those instructors that he was the better man.
The tree uprooted itself, and handed the microphone to Joe before sitting back down.
Joe was not one for public speaking... But he was able to get out a brief history of his life. When he told about Mr. Brown and Gerty, there was shouts of, "Yea Fred" and "Go Gerty" from some of the goats he was working with at the dairy. It was only after he had sat down, he realized... That since the 'orgy' was a normal event for new arrivals at the Brown Dairy, they would know he was at one. And promptly turned red.
Molly was every bit as nice as her sister, up to and including jumping his body the first chance she got. Penny fitted right in too. She seamed to approve of having the Island Goats take care of her. And of course they were nice, not only to Penny but to all the doe's. The strangest thing for Joe to get used to, was that there were the female Island goats that also worked at the dairy. It was about a seventy - thirty mix of bucks to doe's. All of the buck handling was done by the females. They had a system of putting the buck's name on a chalk board, that were due to be used for breeding one of the milk goats. That way all the island goats knew which bucks to 'rest'. ie: not empty them of needed sperm. Any way, Joe wasn't totally surprised when Molly told him about how the Island goats had a 'built in' need for sex. He had heard rumors about such a thing. That and the fact Joe had been 'balls deep' in about half the female Island goats at the dairy in the short time he had been here.
Another month flew by, and before long it was his birthday.
Molly didn't have training in human social customs, so she called her sister, since Gerty live out in the human world. "Eighteen is a big mile stone for humans. (Oooooo that's so good.)" Molly could tell she had caught her sister in the middle of an impromptu fuck sessions. "Not only is he now old enough to legally, (Harder...Oooo god yes.), do everything he's been doing these past months, but it's going to be the first one since he was booted from his family." In the background she could hear Fred climax into her sister. "But remember he spent his whole life as an Amish, (Don't you dare wipe that on my ass.) so he's not going to want a bunch of material things. Maybe some clothing, but mostly, he's just going to want friends around." There was the sound of a kitchen chair being moved and Fred sitting down... The dairyman knew he could be heard so his said in a loud voice, "Tell that sister of yours I'm going to come down there someday and find out is she's as good a fuck, as everyone says she is." "Now who's 'everyone'?" "I've heard back from some of the boys that's ended up down there." "Now that's a good idea Fred." "Why thank you... Aaah, What idea?" "Going down to Texas to visit my sister and be at Joe's birthday party." "Oh Yea.. that is a good idea." "Talk to you later sis, I need to take a shower now... Pervert!" "You're the one that keeps flagging that tail'Click'."
Peggy, the head of Hospitality, must have figured Joseph's birthday celebration would become a test of her staff. They had done other 'events', but those were in the banquet room, this was to be out in the main barn, far away from the well stocked storerooms. This is were planning pays off in having everything they needed, without dashing back for forgotten items.
The decorations were strung everywhere, the cake was immense, half chocolate and half carrot. With a bas-relief portrait of the man of honor. Even had a kangaroo for the DJ. Bill ushered one of seven potable bars to an out of the way corner. He didn't figure on serving much alcohol, but wanted to be ready. Mostly he just had soft drinks and beer. Brilliant white table cloths were smoothed on long tables, they were then, laid out in fine crystal, silver and china. Intricate table decorations. The black doe looked like a Southern General as she inspected her linen covered battle lines. An approving nod to her hospitality staff. A quick check with the kitchen... Everything was in readiness.
Joe had just finished morning milking. The other dairymen? dairybucks? The English language was still catching up with the realities of Island Animals in society. Any ways his work mates wanted him to take the day off, since it was his birthday, but he refused, saying, "He never got it off at home, so why should here be any different." 
Jeff rolled up in one of the shiny new golf carts. "Hop in and well go have lunch up at the restaurant that's nearly open up at the main Chalet." "Nearly open?" Yea they got the grills and deep fryers up and running. And their looking for guinea pigs." "Do I look ok?" "I'll drive you over to the bunkhouse and you can throw on a clean shirt." When the cart veered toward the main barn, Jeff quickly told Joe, "I just need to run in here for a second... Why don't you go in and say 'Hi' to Molly."
The kangaroo spotted the young man coming through the door and promptly hit the 'start' button. Suddenly the barn was filled with 'Hail to the Chief'. Joe's knees were shaking by the time Molly and Gerty got him to his seat of honor at the table on the raised dais. Jeff had made an impossible quick change into a tuxedo and was standing next to Sally, attired in a fine royal blue dress. Once he was plinked down in the oversized chair, Molly sat on his right side, next to her was Sally in her powered lift, then Jeff, an all white doe he was later introduced to Nora. To Joe's left was Gerty and Fred, Ollie North, To keep an eye on Fred it was joked. Other department heads. Across from the main table, at barn floor level, was a table that face towards it. So directly in front of Joe was, Karl and Bruce, along with his wife. They all waved at him. A human he hadn't met yet, but he could tell by the way he was dressed he was a horseman. Someone shouted at the man, to come up and met the 'birthday boy'. Once the human had traveled half the length of the other table and around to the steps up to the dais, he was in front of Joe. Molly did the introductions, "This is Cory, he's an independent contractor out at the pony ranch." The two men shook hands and Cory invited Joe out to his ranch anytime he wanted a real hamburger. The human just got back to his seat when a big black doe at the far end of the main table gave a signal to start serving.
Again Peggy had pulled out all stops with the food as well. Lobster stew of some kind, a salad, small ones for the humans, big bowls for the animals. Chicken fixed like Joe had never tasted before. Glazed carrots, little red potatoes, and to wash it all down with was Bill's special Orange juice. He told Joe, when he served it to him, that it full of good stuff to make your birthday night the best ever. Both Gerty and Molly assured him that it was just juice, vitamins, and some herbs that only goats knew about. Joe looked around from time to time and was amazed at all the Island animals there was here. His fellow workers from the dairy filled part of one row. The construction crew had shrank as the parts of the Country Club was finished. Most had gone to another goat project in the hills of West Virginia. They took up another row. Security 'roos and grounds keepers, another. Every time one would notice him looking their way, they'd wave, point at their plates and give a thumbs up. which their fellow lunchers would follow suit, until whole sections of the room would wave. Once the din of silverware clinking on plates died away, the wait staff quickly cleared the tables.
The cart that held the massive cake was too wide to fit between the dais and the first row of tables. Sally called down that it was fine there, we all could see it. Joe just sat once again amazed at his image done in frosting. Since  he didn't answer the question Chocolate or Carrot, both was brought up to him. Just as he was about to take a bite, the large screen, which up until now had only shown soft blotches of color drifting around, sprang to life with a scene from one of the stalls in the dairy barn. Someone was giving Penny a small, Molly approved, cake.
Joe ate his cake with tears streaming down his cheeks. It was all so unbelievable that everyone here was acting so... 'normal', about his love for a goat. He was really happy to see Gerty and Fred. He noticed the time and told everyone he'd back after evening milking. Jeff dropped him off in front of the bunkhouse so he could change back into his work clothes. He was met at the milking parlor door by the head of the dairy, and was told that he was going to take this evening's milking off. No but's... or she'd have him tossed out.
He didn't want to head back to the party just yet... He had lots of things running through his head. So in the afternoon sunshine, he took off across a pasture. There were still 'wild' areas left all around the farms. One was just over the hill from the dairy. But it was still a good jaunt. Lots of time to think... about his last birthday... the teacher that was teaching him modern farming. Of which he could see all around him at the goat farms.... sex with Penny.... heck sex with just about any female animal on the place.... How nice the Browns were to him.... how nice everyone had been to him... Even Jeff who didn't know him from Adam, treated him like an old friend... 
Even in Texas you find little patches of paradise. A small stream kept an area well green and well shaded with old oaks. Joe found one such patch and was soon kneeling on the soft green grass. He had a long talk with his god. He prayed for his family, his brothers and sisters, the farm and all the animals there.... Then he had just one question for his deity... 'Was he doing... Right?... Was this life a good life?.... Could he send a sign?' 
The young man didn't know how long he stayed like that. Head down, motionless, kneeling, eyes closed, the sound of nature all around him.....
There was something sniffing his ear! Had god sent a wolf to kill this sinner?
A soft tongue licked at the salty spot behind his ear...
Joe peeked out of the corner of one eye.... 
WHOA Shit! It was a DEER! 
Holly cow! A wild deer was licking him. He turned his head more and she switch to his sweaty forehead. Her wet tongue swiped repeatedly over his brow. Ever so slowly he lifted his arm and softly petted her on the side of her neck... She barely twitch... His petting became more bold... She suddenly swung her body around and presented her rump to him. Joe has seen enough, in heat, goats to know exactly what he was looking at.
Joe suddenly had a painful erection trapped in his shorts. He shifted things about and went back to the doe. The hairs on the underside of her tail and around the patch of pink and brown flesh, was a brilliant white. When he scratched her just above this magnificent tail, she lifted it and flagged it back and forth hypnotically. Trance like, Joe slowly stood up. He kept one hand busy petting the doe around her rump, the other reached into a pocket on his cargo shorts and retrieved the bottle of lube he always kept there. Not just for Penny but all the doe's at the dairy. He then unfastened his shorts and let them fall. Joe had long since stopped wearing underwear around the dairy, they just got in the way. He stepped out of them with one foot and kicked 'em away with the other. He broke contact with the deer just long enough to splash some lube onto his hand, then stuck the bottle in his T-shirt pocket. One hand pulled his foreskin back, the other applied the slippery fluid. Once his nine inch dick was coated he used the lube coated fingers to rub the animal's nether lips. She pushed back... His hard cock had been waiting long enough... Aiming his phallus he pushed the glans into her moist puffy lips...
The White Tail thrust back, Impaling herself on his shaft! Joe nearly cum right then and their.... But fortunately he was able to maintain... The doe turned her head to look back at him, as if to say, 'That's how it's done.' Placing both hands on her hips the young human began fucking the feral deer... She was so warm... And her flesh was so soft.... Looking down he watched as his withdrawing cock shaft pulled her rubbery lips out as if sucking on him. Then folding back in as he drove into her. The doe stood with her front hooves braced, and her hind legs apart. She was ready and willing to let this human buck fuck her senseless. A soft grunt sounded low in her throat as Joe pounded his cock deep into the animal... Waves of pure ecstasy that started in his groin, and spread through out Joe's body... Through the fog of lust, the human heard the doe give another grunt as he pounded her even harder. Torn between, wanting this to last forever, and wanting to cum in her before she decided to leap away... Joe kept up his steady fucking of the deer.... He felt his lust rising and his loins tighten.... The human gave out his own animal groan as his orgasm overtook him... Not since his first time with Penny, has he cum so hard... His semen blasted through his cock's piss slit... He forgot to breath as his second load of human jizz jetted into the doe's cunt.... A deep breath and a soft cry of joy as the third wave made his hips buck... One last half stroke... His cock was awash with his own cum flooding back from the massive load he hosed her tunnel with... One more jet of thick milky human seed fired from his cock... A few more weak spurts... And Joe's hands dropped away from where he had been griping the doe. The White Tail Deer waddled away a few steps from the human. The semi hard penis slithered from the doe's cunt.... It's lips still held the rounded shape of the human's shaft... Through half closed eyes Joe could see the excess of his balls, flowing from her pussy and fell like fat, translucent, stringy, rain drops onto the grass between her hind legs.... The human found a patch of grass that looked safe. (No ant hills) And sat down... The grass had that cool damp feel, that felt nice on his balls... While his breathing slowly returned to normal, Joe watched the doe cropping some of the succulent grass near by.... 
'It's not suppose to happen this way.' Joe thought to himself. 'God doesn't answer questions or 'give signs'.'.... The human looked up at a few puffy white clouds in the late day sky.... Then at the doe again. 'At least not so, directly.' The young man thought back and remember hearing stories from other farmers, telling of deer that walk right up to 'em during their rut. Joe was somewhat relived that some ambiguity had been interjected into the cause as to what just happened. Joe chuckled a bit as he remember how one Sunday school teacher put it. 'Only Saints and Prophets got direct text messages.' He looked around and saw his shorts were over near where the deer was still nibbling on grass. The human noted that just looking at the doe was giving him a 'chubby'. He quietly stepped closer to his clothing, not wanting to startle the delicate creature... But she lifted her head and watched him for a moment before walking to be directly in his line of travel... That wonderful pink and brown mottled nether flesh blocking his way... 'She must want a second time.' the human thought. He cock quickly agreed and was soon at full hard again... 'Can't leave a lady in distress.' Joe smiled as he pulled the bottle from his pocket an proceeded to reapply the slippery substance to his phallus.... Remember the lessen she taught him the first time... The human never broke stride until he was balls deep into the doe's vagina. She seamed to enjoy the solid thump his groin gave her rump... Then Joe did it again, made his groin bump against deer flesh... The young man fucked her with long powerful strokes... He wrapped his arms her hips as he bent over her body... He sped up until he was punching in with short jabs... Then slowed down again, but still ended every stroke with a firm ball slap to her soft thighs... Since he had just cum not that long ago, he was enjoying his long fuck... Faster... Slower.... when he slowed down he felt the warm breath of another animal sniffing his rump... 'Must be another deer.' Joe was long past the novelty of being sniffed by a White Tail.... Speeded up and his lust was rising... 'Oh yea!' The human forced himself to slow down again.... The sniffing was stronger.... The human was too far got to wonder if the damp grass he had sat in was where an estrus doe had pissed, or for that matter if the deer sniffing him might be a buck.... Joe bucked his hips in orgasm, just as a strong set of furry legs gripped them in a powerful squeeze... As his semen drove down his shaft he felt another slender shaft being driven up his anus! The weight of the furry underside slid up his back, as the shaft drilled deeper... Human cum washed up against the back of the doe's mating tunnel, as warm fuzzy fur of the buck's inner thigh bumped against Joe's ass cheeks... It slide back, but came thrusting back in just in time to help push the second wad of man cum into the White Tail Doe.... Joe's mind was doing back flips.... He wasn't sure if he liked what was happening.... On the third stroke of buck cock and cum blast, the human was starting to warm up to the idea.... The forth stroke was so powerful and deep, the buck's balls swung far enough foreword that they actually bumped the back sides of the human's. Joe's ass-hole clench tight around the spurting deer cock as the last of his own cum launched into the doe, who was now having to hold all of 'em up... The doe leapt foreword, suddenly leaving Joe with nothing around his still spurting cock, or anything holding him up! The human fell foreword onto his hands and knees, just as the buck yanked back, pulling his cock free.
Cum dripped from the buck's receding penis... Cum dripped from Joe's receding penis... Cum dripped from the doe's gapping cunt... Cum dripped from Joe's puckered ass hole.... All three were panting heavily... Joe silently swore that he would NEVER ask for a 'sign' from God Almighty, ever again...."You sure know how to get a guy's attention."  Sitting back in his heals he got his first look at the buck that fucked him. The deer's thick neck and massive rack would have been the envy of any hunter.... He cast his eye's skyward and shouted, "Now that's just showing off!"
Both deer looked at Joe, then almost looked they shrugged, and went off to find a quieter place to mate. Joe laughed.... He didn't quite know at what, but the whole event was somehow funny... Putting on his shorts he said to himself, "No one is going to believe what just happened." Just then two heavy thumps sound behind him. Turning around he saw two kangaroos in full security vests and weapons. "We would." the biggest one said. And pointed to his long ears as if to explain hearing his statement. "Shorty and I saw the whole thing." 'Shorty', who was still taller then the human, pointed to a small peak of rocks that overlooked the area. "That buck was flashing pink the whole time he was behind you, so we figured you wasn't in any trouble."
"What are you two doing out here, any ways?"
"Well when you didn't come back to the party, they sent out an FaN on you."
"Find and Notify"
"Shorty asked around and they said you head off in this direction so we came looking to see if you needed any help.... Looked like you was doing just fine for yourself, so we just stayed back and watched." Shorty nodded along with the story. "We figured you had experience with deer before... If not, you got bigger balls then Shorty." Joe had to look, and sure enough 'Shorty' had quite the bulge in his padded, kevlar 'thong'. When the human assured the big 'roo that this was the very first time he had even touched a feral deer... He got a big whop on his back. "No shit?... Well I guess you do have some big balls at that." Before anything else could be said, Shorty nudged his partner and pointed to his watch. "Yea, Shorty's right, we better be getting you home... if that's what you want?"
"Aaa.. You don't have to tell anyone about what just happened, do you?"
"Don't have to. Shorty had the scope on you the whole time, to make sure that buck was behaving, it has a video link back to security... Since they were all a bit worried about you, Mr. North put it up on the big screen in the barn."

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Ramseys    71
  Standard Warning About this Story Containing Zoo Sex!
Anthro and Non-Anthro! 
Copyright by Ramseys 2017
I hope you all enjoy
For needed background, please read 'The Goat Farm' 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 first.
The Goat Farm 6
The Orgy.
No one really questioned Joe's leaving, everyone figured all of this was a bit overwhelming for the young Amish lad. So once the cake was consumed and the service ware had all been collected by Peggy's crew, the four remaining humans slowly congregated on the raised dais. After everyone exchanged pleasantries, Cory struck up a conversation with Nora, one of the few 'office' goats he knew, from his duties out at the pony farm.
Karl has spent most of his adult life with 'roos, so he was very relaxed talking to his boss Ollie North. Female kangaroos were not that common, so Fred eagerly engaged Gura in conversation. Sally had started to go back to her apartment to change into something a bit less formal. Molly trotted to the back of the barn to check on the miniature cows that had arrived a few days ago. That left just Bruce and Fred's wife, Gerty, who started 'hitting' on the Australian, almost immediately.
Back at the goat dairy, it was noted that Joe wasn't waiting for Penny as she bounded out into the 'done milked' pen. They had even made sure she was in the first group to get milked. So questions were asked around and when someone noted they thought saw a figure heading across the south pasture. The security 'roo was told all this, and he contacted the roaming patrols in the area and had a couple head in that direction. Knowing Mr. North kept a special eye out for the young man, he was notified and agreed the FaN was a good idea. And to keep him informed.
It wasn't very long before he called his boss again, telling him that Joe had been spotted and the security team was setting up a spotting scope and video link back to security.
Jeff was still in his tuxedo as he entered the barn. Sally had just reached the bottom and the ramp that led up to the raised dais. He reached her side just as Ollie North announced, "We found the birthday boy, he went off to a secluded spot. I'm having the video feed sent to the big screen.
Just as promised, the large video screen lit up with a very pastoral scene. Vibrant green grass lined a small stream. Old oaks provided massive amounts of cooling shade. A few shrubs and a stately yucca stood to one side. In the center of the screen was an image of a young man kneeling, head bowed... and an approaching White Tail Deer doe. She was behind him so the young human didn't see her. It wasn't until she sniffed at his ear did the Joe show any sign he knew of her presents. There was a collective, sort 'awwwww', as the doe licked his forehead, and Joe touched the doe on the side of her neck.
The room suddenly became very still as the deer turned her rump towards the human. Every goat and most of the humans knew exactly what was going on. The mummer, "She's in heat", rippled across the barn.... 
Pink goat cocks began springing up.... Kilts and Polo shirts were soon flying through the air as stiff male goat cocks were thrust into moist doe cunts... The island goats plunged headlong into mating frenzy. The humans were in a bit of a daze, as they tried to take in what was going on. Seeing the feral deer show up was wild enough, but to see her offering herself to Joe was something else. There was a second pause in the room as the human with a hard-on approached the deer doe... When she thrust herself back onto the human's cock, there was a collective moan from the bucks, as a good half of 'em orgasm.
The humans very quickly joined the other island animal in shucking out of their clothes. Gerty was helping Bruce out of his dress pants. Gura soon had Fred naked from the waist down. Ollie was striping out of his security gear. 
Sally and Jeff had been forgotten by the rest of the staff, but if you was to walk into the barn at that precise moment, you would have been treated to some very odd scene. There was a man in a tux, fucking a pig in a dress.... And up on a dais, a man was fucking a brown goat doe bent over the table, another man that had been pushed into a very ornate chair, by a female kangaroo with her muzzle in his lap, a big male kangaroo watching them with an erection.
Fred was bit unsure when the female kangaroo shoved his ass in the massive 'guest of honor' chair. But he quickly figured out what was going to happen when the 'roo lowered her muzzle into his lap. The goat dairyman had talked to and seen kangaroo lips before. He had always marveled at the way they used their split upper and split lower lips to form words. He also knew that they had to visit the dentist frequently to have those fast growing teeth filed down. When her long flexible tongue started worming it's way, down around his fully erect shaft and over his ball sack... Fred had an epiphany. Kangaroo females have three vaginas, none of which is large enough to allow a normal sized human cock to enter. But Gura had married a human man... So their sex life must be a bit different.... 
Her fuzzy lips worked on his foreskin before she pushed it down to expose his glans. She was bent over, with her fore paws on either thigh of the human, her large thick tail had flicked her dress up to fully expose her cloaca to the big head of security. She blew warm air over Fred's exposed cock tip and then she turned her head and looked over her shoulder at Ollie North. "You going to just stand there looking at it, or are you going to fuck me"?
The massive red 'roo was quickly out of his 'social' vest and thong. The long thin tapered cock and ball sack above, was only notice by Fred as he look over the female 'roo's back. But only for a moment as the male 'roo shuffled his large hind paws closer to the willing doe, her tail soon blocked any view he had of the kangaroo sex about to take place.
Not that Fred was seeing much of anything at that moment, his eyes were shut as the sensation of a female kangaroo's mouth closing around his shaft just behind the head, made him shudder slightly. Roo lips are more pliable then goat's so Gura was able to form an airtight seal around Fred's cock... And she proceeded to suckle his cock.
Fred hadn't had a blow job since his collage days. And playing with the goat milkers was fun every once in a while.... But looking down and seeing large ears and warm muzzle instead of his cock.... The human hoped he could hold out for a little while.
Sally and Jeff had both turned to see the big TV screen. The young human could tell his sow friend was as effected by what they saw as he was, when she gave a soft 'oink' that he only heard when they were into foreplay. "Here, now"? Jeff asked in a hushed voice. Sally's answer was to adjust the lift to the proper height. The human went to her rounded rear and lifted the dress up and over her back. He could already see her nether lips were moist and her tail was wiggling with excitement. Opening his tuxedo pants, that were held up with suspenders, so they didn't fall to his ankles, his cock was soon standing proud out of the open 'V' of the black material. Opening a small compartment at the back of the pig's power lift, he retrieved a small bottle of lube, placed there for just such an occasion. While he was bent over, he couldn't pass up an opportunity to give his porcine girlfriend a deep passionate kiss on her soft pink vulva. Jeff had just applied the slippery substance, when act two of the 'deer porn' played out on the screen. Since Sally wasn't in heat, the human had to take it slow as his thick cock spread the pliant pig cunt lips. 
He wished he could slam into her like Joe did with the white tail deer doe. But he knew he had to go easy.
Over the past few months, Jeff learned a lot about pigs that came from that mysterious island. While they tried to keep secret the fact that they were 'scary smart', he knew that his porcine lover was way more intelligent then he was. And while she would never think of it consciously, the human wondered if he was her 'pet'. And after a lot of thought, Jeff figured what he was, but didn't really matter, he just knew that they both enjoyed each other's company.
The island hogs didn't have any changes done to their sex drives, that idea came later with the goats. But with sentient's, comes different drivers of the libido. While the cycle of heat had less of an effect on Sally, she on the other hoof could become sexually stimulated by other forces. In other words, she loved Jeff's foreplay. Those long flexible fingers of his, as well as his tongue and lips that would caress her many nipples, her vulva and it's sensitized clitoris. Then Jeff also knew when the time wasn't right, and left his quarter ton love goddess alone, and went out among the very willing goats to relive his youthful lust.
Sally relaxed her muscles and enjoyed the full sensuous feeing of the human's cock as it slid into her vagina. The two were motionless, as the video looped around back to the start. For whatever reason, Sally found the images, erotic. Jeff could feel his pig lover was as excited by the 'deer porn' as he was. Her vaginal muscles were twitching and soft sexual oinks came from her. The young man slowly drew his cock back until just the head remained with in. Then he changed directions and plowed it back into the warm tunnel. As the out of heat sow's sex became accustomed to the human's thick phallus, Jeff slowly picked up speed. By the time the Amish lad impaled himself in the deer doe's cunt the second time, the 'pig fucker' was hammering his sow with solid thwacks of his loins.
Bruce had no jealousy of his wife giving a blow job to another man, just as she had none for her husband, for plowing the soft folds of a goat.
Gerty had hoped that she'd find a reason to get this new human naked. As an Island doe goat, she not only needed sex, she loved it. Especially with human men... The way they used their nimble fingers... Those lips that could suck, everything.... Teats... Vulvas... clit... even her tongue when she and her husband kissed... Speaking of tongues, the way they can wiggle them into the most sensitive places... And human cocks were just so... Wonderful. Thick, hard and can fuck forever... Or so it seamed, compared to the males of her own species. The brown goat had stripped her dress off and the human's pants down in record time. Seeing Joe's cock being driven into the deer's twat, made her want the same all the more. Handing a bottle of lube to Bruce, Gerty spun around and lay across the table. It's height gave her own twat the needed extra lift so she was 'just the right height', for the human to fuck her.
Bruce was feeling pretty proud, that at fifty, he could still get a 'rock hard' erection. Even if he did have to lean foreword a bit to see all of it. Tanned hairy skin and thick muscular arms, bespoke of an active life, more then just a 'finance guy'. 
He had just slathered on the lube when the image on the screen showed Joe slamming into the deer doe. "Do it just like that", came a throaty moan from the brown goat. "Slam it in".
Gerty wasn't just 'moist', she was near dripping... Bruce started his glans into the soppy lips, then he placed both hands on her hips... Glancing up, he slammed his thick seven inches into the doe, just as the buck deer was slamming into Joe. From all around the room, lustful bleats and moans filled the air. Gerty's own bleat of being filled in a most satisfactory way, rose above the din. Bruce's cock was gripped tight, as Gerty had an instant orgasm. Not that he could blame her, he nearly lost it too. Once the brown animal loosened her cunt muscles, the human was able to start sliding his cock in and out of her warm hole. 
Cory was in the bathroom, having a really nice piss, when he heard the voice of the big red kangaroo shout out something about finding Joe... And video.
Thinking the video might be enough of a distraction to allow him to wonder back to see how the miniature cows were doing, instead of going back up to the dais. Since he was in an 'employee' restroom, Cory paused for a few minuets to marvel at the floor mounted brushes and a patch of rough concrete for hoof cleaning and evening up the of the hoof walls. So by the time he walked back out in to the barn, the orgy was in full swing. The discarded clothes and the heavy musk of goat sex greeted the human as he skidded to a stop. He was at too much of an angle to see the big screen, but there was several smaller screens dotted about the room. One was behind him, on the wall next to the bathroom he just left.
Turning around, the scene of a young man fucking an obviously willing White Tail Deer doe, nearly leapt off the TV. Though he had seen plenty of zoo porn, the sexual act that was playing out in an obviously outdoor, natural as hell, and was happening in real time before him... Cory's mind and stiffening cock made the joint dissension that the visit to the miniature cows, was now an imperative. 
"Hold up there big guy", the brown and white splotched doe called out to the massive black man.
Karl was on his way back to Jenny, when Molly intercepted him. He too had thought the scene that had played out on the big TV screen was very erotic, and knew he only had a few minutes before his big secret would be known to everyone. Not that it would be a big deal, he had already announced to his co-workers, that he was part zebra. But he just didn't feel the need to have everyone know about his oversized cock. He didn't want to appear to be 'showing off' as it were. Frank the 'barn buck' knew. Jenny, the donkey jenny, made sure of that when she insisted that Karl fuck her, that instant, and ripped his shorts off of him. She even seamed to take delight in nuzzling the swing phallus as if showing Frank how big her lover was. And while Molly's removal of Karl's shorts was less violent, it still resulted in his massive black cock swaying before an amazed goat. It also explained Frank's remark about how Karl and Jenny were made for each other.
Molly's eyes seamed to glaze over for a moment, before reality flooded back into the doe goat's brain. "There's no fucking way"... Molly seamed to be dispelling a vision of that huge cock and her... She knew she somehow needed to make this, 'right', by Karl. She bent down and had Karl step out of his shorts. Of course making sure her muzzle rubbed against him. And taking his hand, she led him back into the open stalls and miniature cows.
Peggy Sue stood munching her hay next to her feeder. Although she had only been here a few weeks, she had been made to feel safe here. The comings and goings of the many different creatures, no longer was a cause for concern. What she really wanted was for her human to come and make her feel all tingly and good. But the last time she saw him, she could tell something was wrong. Seamed like half of him didn't work anymore. He sat in a funny seat that had wheels and petted her with one hand and spoke softly to her. She felt his great sadness. 
There was a sound at her gate. It was the funny critter that walked on her hind legs and talked like the humans. She was the one that had come and taken her from her old little barn and brought her to this big one. She was like the little animals from the farm she grew up on. And she seamed to understand her much better then the humans could, even her 'special' one. There was also a human with her... A really big human.
"This is Peggy Sue", Molly had opened the gate and was leading Karl into the cow's pen.
"She's a miniature Zebu.
Karl had lived in places where the Zebu was a common breed of cattle. But they were large gray animals with big horns and a bigger hump over their shoulders. Some had been so big even the 'Beefeater' couldn't see over the hump. But the one standing looking at the human was about a third that size. He knew they had been bred to be useful on smaller farms. Looking over at the soft sounds Cory was making as he thrust into one of the mini-herefords, Karl figured it was also to create an animal that was easy to fuck.
A soft warm breath made the black man looked down to see the mini cow sniffing his junk.
"Females get turned on by smell as much as the males do." Molly seamed to be affirming the information to herself as well as explaining to Karl. She too had looked over at Cory and was planning on getting in line after the cow, just as soon as she got things going here. Peggy Sue also seamed to want things to move along too. After some sniffing and a quick lick, she spun around and presented her toosh to the human.
The gray of the cow's hairs, gave way to a smoky black colored flesh that started under her tail and made a thick strip down her bung-hole and twat, and continued down until it faded to the dark gray of her udder. A translucent streamer of cow mucus oozed from the furrow in the plump fleshy labial lips, showed that Peggy was, with out doubt, in full blown heat.
After two months of daily donkey fucking, Karl didn't even hesitate. From the amount of cow-slime that slid out of the bovine cunt, the human figured he didn't need much in the way of extra lube, and only applied a thin coat. The massive black man placed his circumcised glans at the wet opening. He noted the cow didn't have the rubbery lips that had a definite edge between the 'outside' and the 'inside' of the vagina. Peggy Sue's were softer and less defined. 'They're just a big funnel for that fast moving bull cock', Karl thought to himself as he pressed inward. He figured no matter where the tip hit, it was soon directed to the top of the cunt, and into the vaginal tunnel. With an easy push, the first eight inches was soon enveloped in warm, wet, silky cunt flesh. Then she squeezed him and Karl gave out a deep guttural moan. The human shoved in another eight inches and the cow's head and tail came up a bit. The Beefeater smiled to himself, 'She wasn't expecting that I bet'. The cow gripped him again, even stronger this time. On last push and the last six inches of his black dick disappeared into the depths of the bovine sex tunnel. At first with Jenny, and now Peggy Sue, Karl no longer thought of his cock as being 'freakish' at twenty two inches. He's just able to make larger females happy. And the way the cow was twitching and gripping his cock, she was defiantly happy.
Slowly the human began to fuck the cow. While not as firm as Jenny, Karl thought the soft, warm, wet flesh felt exquisite. He sort 'a wondered how something that could take the violent thrust of a bull's hard dick, could still be so wonderfully soft and pliant. Even though the cow was oozing slick mucus, and his cock had a coating of slippery lube, he still had to put some effort in making his thick cock fuck the bovine's cunt. However by the third stroke, his length was running through the cow's buttery ooze with greater ease. And after a dozen, the excess was running back to flow over his big round balls making the dark skin glisten in the light.
Peggy Sue, in her own way, would never forget the first human that made her feel so wonderful, but this new man was making that ache of remembrance, easier.
Karl looked down to watch his cock stroke in and out of the little cow's cunt.
More than once he had thought to himself, 'If I want to see all of it, I'll have to take step back'. Ridiculed all his time at the academy for being, 'too small', he smiled to himself because he has, by far, the longest penis of any human being.
Since he's basically been adopted by the Island Animal, and the kindness they've shown him.... Well he knew he's percentage wise, more human then not. But he's mostly stopped thinking of himself as part of the human race. Karl figured he was just another animal like the hogs, goats, and kangaroos that looked at their feral brethren as just as good as they were, and as long as everyone enjoyed it.... Do it.
In the quadruped classic position of a 'sawhorse', Peggy Sue was definitely enjoying it. Even though she didn't have a word for it. What this big black beast of a man was doing to her.... She hoped it would never end.
The human did have a word for it, "What a fantastic fuck you are", Karl whispered to the back of the gray cow, as he too wished this would go on and on. The human picked up speed as he fucked his cock in and out of the Zebu's sex. Soon his cock was rocketing into the slippery cow cunt with as much speed as a bull would have. Soft wet sucking sounds of her fluids accompanied the beefeater's stucco hip motions, as his massive cock was fucked into the animal. 
Peggy Sue was in great joy... She had a human again doing that wonderful thing to her.
Her head was slightly lowered, legs braced, and she stared into nothingness as her complete attention was on her rear. Tail held to one side, to allow the human complete access to her twat. Her muscles twitch and contracted around the long organ that was so deeply, deeply inside her. Whether in heat or not, the gray cow didn't understand why she wanted this, she just knew from her previous human that she liked what was happening.... She gave a shudder as a wave of pure joy rushed through her.... 
The air around the two was becoming warmer. Karl's dark black skin took on a sheen making him look like an Olympian god. Muscles beneath his skin  undulated as they worked to power big man's body as his pounded his cock into the cow. Man and beast seam to utter the same low note from deep with them. Peggy Sue lowed her pleasure. Karl moaned his, as he built to a massive release..... The Beefeater's huge hands gripped the cow just in front of her protruding hip bones.... 'Like handles for the bull to pull against', Karl thought as in his mind's eye he could imagine what a bull would look like as he serviced this little gray cow. Forelegs hugging her, hind legs flexing, as a bull would drive his long cock deep into the female bovine.... Just that image playing out in his mind, caused the human to flash over the edge. And in an unintentional mimicking of a bull, Karl flexed his arms, thrust with his thick legs, as he drove his cock even deeper into the animal's cunt, as the interplay of muscles and glands, sent the first of several loads of cum blasting down the long length of his cock, out of it's piss slit.
Cory was standing not ten feet away. He blinked.. he probably hadn't for the past several seconds... He had seen a lot of zoo porn, hell he even made some himself. 
He had been in the perfect spot to see the massive black man fuck the shit out of the mini-zebu. Even now he could still see muscles twitch as Karl must still be pumping his cum into Peggy Sue. He had thought, seeing that kid get sandwiched between two deer, was the most erotic thing he ever saw.... Damn if this wasn't right up there. His own cock, was still buried in the swollen pink pussy of the little brown and white Hereford. He had just dumped his load of human cum into her, but his dick wasn't loosing any of it's hardness. Nine hard inches throbbed in the squishy cow cunt. Cory had no way of knowing, whether or not the little mini cow had also been effected by the show, or her being in heat, all his knew is that she was still pushing back.
The human slowly started to fuck the animal anew. His previous load greased the way for his cock to slide in and out of the cow's cunt. 
"Still fucking, or fucking again"?
Cory jumped.... He would never get used to Molly's ability to seemingly pop into existence next to him. "She still seams to want it, so why leave a lady wanting"? Cory spoke as he started his slow thrusting again. The brown and white spotted goat walked over to the gate, separating the two pens. Leaning on one of the cross bars, she look through the gate to watch the pair on the other side. The human could easily see that her goat twat looked rather used. Red puffy nether lips dribbled out a thin stream of goat jizz. Cory knew that she kept her own harem of bucks, when the need to get soundly fucked would arise.
Karl also started to fuck Peggy Sue again. Molly watched for a few minutes before turning back to the other human fucking the brown and white cow. She laid her head on the cow's rump. Her nose twitched and Cory could hear her take a deep inhale. 
"You two smell wonderful.... Between her heat and your musk...".
The human's own lust kicked up a bit, as the doe goat disappeared again. Cory's imagination held the image of Molly under a feral buck getting fucked.
Fred gave a shudder as the felt the kangaroo's tongue seemed to slither everywhere over his cock and balls. Gura took great delight in playing with dairyman's foreskin. Running the tip of her tongue under it, tracing the ridge of his glands. Slipping out to tweak the piss slit. Nimble furry lips worked the skin down until the purple helmet of Fred's cock was fully exposed. Of course by now the human had a raging hard-on. While just average sized, the female 'roo seemed to delight in the uncut human cock. Forming a ring around the crown, she kissed the glands in loud smacking sounds. Then with a quick jerk of her head she drove her lips down to his base. Her cheeks sunk in as she pulled a vacuum along the whole length. Fred lifted his butt, arching his back, trying to drive his dick deeper into the animal's mouth, as intense pleasure flared through his loins. "Fuck" was the only thing Fred could come up with. Gura started bouncing her head up and down in the human's lap. Her tongue continued to lash at the male phallus. The 'roo turned her head one way, then the other, using the human's dick as the rotation point. She let her teeth gently scrap the crown. Fred moaned.... Loudly... 
Bruce Campbell paused in his fucking of Gerty's goat twat long enough to give a chuckle, and shake his head. He knew that his wife can reduce even the biggest man to a mass of quivering flesh in a matter of minutes. 
"Gods don't stop"! 
Bruce replied to the plaintive cry from the goat, "Sorry". And started to fuck the brown goat with renewed vigor. Speaking of wives.... Fred's here sure knew how to give a human a good fuck. He had shagged his share of Island goats, but the ones that had spent a lot of time with human men, seemed to be a bit better at using their cunt muscles to great effect. His naked glands drove deep into the doe's silken depths. The ridge of his helmet dragged against the soft clinging walls of her vagina. The Aussie fucked his full seven inches into the animal. His thickness rubbed the nub buried at the very bottom Gerty's cunt slit. The goat gave a grunt each time the human slammed his loins against her rump. Bruce was giving Gerty exactly what she wanted.... And good hard fucking.... 
Looking back at this day's events, Jeff made sure the had a copy of the, 'Deer Video' as it became to be known as. Because the normally sedate sow was squealing quite loudly.
But that was a thought for later, for the human was equally, 'cranked up' by the bestial scene being flashed on the large TV screen. Man and pig drove towards the inevitable climax.
Jeff's cock pistoned hard into his girlfriend's pink puffy twat. Sally's passionate squeals were drowned out by the din of a room full of bleating goats, lost in their own fervid sex. 
In a private room at the bunkhouse, over by the milk farm...
Joseph Miller and his goat Penny were reunited.... Well they were in the same room. The "Reuniting" was just about to take place.
Whether it was the cake she had been given, the absence of Joe when she bounded out of the milking parlor, or the strong scent of wild deer on him, the goat doe was more then willing to let herself to be rolled over onto her back in the middle of the young Amish man's bed.
While Joe didn't know he had been given a weak dose of the 'super sex drug', for his birthday.... He just figured his near painful erection was from the day being his birthday, having twice fucked a white tail deer doe, and was on the receiving end of a well endowed deer buck's servicing....
And, having his beloved goat doe laying before him ready to receive his own 'servicing'.... 
Even in the darkened bedroom, the sheen from a thin layer of lubricant covering the man's cock could be seen. With well practiced movements, the goat's hind legs were pressed forward, making her hips rotate upward, and human dick pressed downward to align with animal cunt. While not the quick stabbing that the deer seamed to enjoy, Joe was quickly balls deep into the white goat. He had leaned forward, her hind against his chest, keeping her mating tunnel aligned with his thrusting cock.
Penny closed her eyes, as the welcome feeling of thick human cock sliding over her clit, sent waves of pleasure through out the goat's body. Joe let her hind legs slip around his body. The cloven hoofed legs stuck out on either side. The human's legs were now pressing against the backs of the goat's thighs, again keeping wet fucking goat and human parts aligned.
The man's stomach pressed lightly into her deflated udder. Wrinkled soft teats teased his black pubic hair. The air trapped between man and goat quickly warmed up and his sweat was making the dried coating of human and deer jizz become sticky again. Laying his face against the animal's deeply ve'ed chest,  Joseph paused for a moment.... His throbbing cock, buried to it's root, seamed to make him feel so alive... so sexual... so male...
Her quickly wagging tail made long hairs tickle the back of his scrotum, breaking the human's trance. Bringing him back to the realization he was balls deep in the female he loved. 
Pulling back several inches, and then pushing back, in long slow thrusts. The human fucked the white animal. While the deer had been hot and fast, he wanted to fuck Penny, warm and slow. 
The goat gave out a soft moan as she felt her human's thick cock gently stretch her pussy. The sharp fleshy tip of her clit, bumped along the top of Joe's penis. Hind legs twitch in the air as waves of pleasure were sent through out her body. Man and beast were lost in a sea of carnal bliss. While some folks could never conceive of the idea of putting one's penis into an animal's pussy... If he were to think on this, Joe would surely feel sorry for their lost pleasure. 
With nose buried Penny's white hairs, Joseph inhaled her warm musk. Hips started to move faster as the pressure slowly built. Through the fog of sensual pleasure, lust and the desire to blast a load of cum into his beloved doe goat was increasing. 
Like all men, Joe had masturbated, and watched, with some fascination, jet after jet of his white sticky seamen arch through the air and land a few feet in front of him.  Just knowing that this powerful jet of human cum was about to be unleashed into the goat's cunt... Made it happen all the quicker.
Penny, of course, had no idea what the fluid the buck goats shot into her was for, nor what the warm thick cum the human ejaculated into was for. She only know that it marked the end of this session of pleasure. Sometimes it was for a day, or other times is was only a short while, before she felt the exquisite fullness of being fucked again. 
By the time the white doe staggered from Joseph's room, she had three more loads of cum pumped into her. A white translucent ribbon followed her as she made her way to the milking parlor. On seeing the disheveled, well used doe. Joe's fellow milkers knew he wouldn't be joining them this morning.  

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Tpony    0

After all these years I have finally caught up to this point in the story.  I cannot wait for more to show.

Edited by Tpony

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ferritlove    16

I'm excited for chapter 7...  I've been following this story for years.  Really like the back stories and details like part 2.  Keep up the great work!

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Ramseys    71

Standard Warning About this Story Containing Zoo Sex!
Anthro and Non-Anthro! 
Copyright by Ramseys 2017
I hope you all enjoy

For needed background, please read 'The Goat Farm' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 first.

The Goat Farm 7
The arrival of Bobby

    The opening of the Country Club went very well. Sally, the general manager, was pleased with all the new members. Especially one, a Mr. Simon. He paid ten times the normal membership fee, earning him a spot on the 'Board of Trusties'. While the 'board' really didn't have any control of the Country Club, per-say.... They did make recommendations on events and new members.
    Mr. Simon rarely recommended someone not be allowed in. When he did, Ollie North the head of security, soon found out the reason why, and agreed with the human. Sally knew the real reason for the largess from a CFO of a major Biomedical company, was so he would have a reason to spend lots of his free time here at the club, and be around Nora, one of the island goats that worked here, and of course Betty, the natural goat doe, that he so thoroughly shagged on his first visit.



    In that same board room, where the trusties met, now sat three island animals.
Sally and Ollie North.... The third was a vary large and quite imposing island boar.
    Ollie now knew why all the doors were so wide.
    As soon as the Security 'roo had proclaimed the room to be sealed and 'bug proof', Dr. Frederick Sus Linnaeus lost his thick German accent and said, "Good, now as you know I'm doing research for the Island Front Office...."
Sow and 'Roo looked at one another and blinked. Turning back to the heavily tusked and grinning Duroc boar, who explained... "Being around humans, I've found that a psychologists with a heavy German accent was listened to more closely then one speaking plain old English".
"I'll be talking to Mr. Davis about his research with the 'SSD' later." The boar paused to flip open a folder on the table before him. "I was wanting to ask you two about the humans you've hired...." Looking down at the page. "Or acquired"....
"We've noted certain 'patterns', in other facilities, that seem to be starting here as well".
    Sally and Ollie both looked confused.
    The massive hog nodded at the confused looks. "Yes well, we've noted that a certain trait in some of the humans that are drawn here. Your country club is unique in that not only do you attract humans looking for employment, but for recreation as well".
Shifting to the next page... "Your Mr. Simon is one example. A human, who up until coming to the country club, had severely repressed his desired to copulate with goats. And there's your driver, Jeff Scott, while he didn't have any discernable history in wanting to be with Island Animals, other then an encounter with six Island Animals while in high school". Again looking down at some information on the page in front of him. "Where he showed a great deal of interest in the hands and body's of the ambassadors. Enough so, that it was deemed worth while to include it in a report at the end of the 'meet and greet' session". 
    The security kangaroo's face lit up... "I saw that notation when I did a security search on him".
    Frederick nodded and made a note on the page. "Excellent, it's just this sort of thing that helps build profiles of potential allies. Although I was a bit surprised to see that within a month of his hire, that he was found having sexual congress with a feral sow...." With a bit of a smirk, he added under his breath. "Not there's anything wrong with shagging a feral sow".
    "Well in all fairness," Sally spoke up, "He was 'lead down the garden path', as it were. Molly made sure that Soffie was in the front of the pen when Jeff would be going past, and to suggest that he could enter the pen so he could pet her. So other then just handing him a bottle of lube and telling him to go at it, she really made sure the human had every opportunity of creating a bond with the sow, once she saw he had an interest in her".

    "You are sort of making my point for me".... The massive hog shifted in his lift cart, making it creak. "Here's an example of someone coming here, and while they were not consciously seeking sex with animals, something in his un-conscious mind that made him agree to come work for Island Animals... Something he had little or no experience with, other then a brief encounter back in high school".
Shifting back a page... "And while we knew Mr. Simon liked goats a lot, as  evidenced by the art and statues in his office. Also his yearly trips to the fair to watch the goat judging.... By the way, unless you are a goat rancher, is like watching paint dry... We really didn't have any proof that he was thinking of goats in a sexual way, other then a few fragments found on a hidden flash drive... And also in a similar manor to your driver, Simon's first non-human sexual partner, was a feral animal... That is something that makes us in psychology, sit up and take notice". 

    Ollie had been sitting listening carefully to what the doctor was say, but couldn't see where this was going.... "So all this means..... what"? The big 'roo had tilted his head in typical kangaroo fashion, making both ears flop to one side.

    "This leads us to think that the percentage of human workers and club members seeking sex with the feral livestock may be higher then we anticipated... We knew that the, 'Farm Encounter' area might attract older age members that perhaps grew up on farms and would want to re-live some experiences from their youth... But now, the first two sexual events in your barn is with two humans that had no 'youthfully experiences' to 're-live'.... I'm beginning to think you're going to need a bigger barn".

    Ollie had to suppress a giggle, which drew a sharp look from Sally.
"Ahhh.... Another movie buff I see". Dr. Frederick said in his fake German accent.
The kangaroo leaned closer to a perplexed Sally and explained, "Line from the movie Jaws".


    Jeff's phone chimed. Taking it from his pocket, swiped the screen...

    "They looking for you"? The question came from a man that looked to be twenty years older then the country club driver. They both stood in the shade of the loading dock, watching a large dog, with legs too short and ears too long, gallivant around the small patch of grass. Nose to the ground and tail wagging furiously. 

    "No... Just a lunch invite" Jeff gestured towards the obviously happy bitch.
"What's with you truckers and Bassets Hounds"? They watched the dog take off to sniff at a different patch of grass. "I mean you're the third trucker that's been here with a basset".

    "Well I don't know about the other truckers.... I have a good friend that was raising 'em... Messy divorce... Anyway I ended up the with one of the younger bitches... He said she'd only had one litter pups".

    The young Texan looked closer at the animal, that was finally showing signs of slowing down.... Good thing, if that tongue was panted out any longer, she'd be tripping over it.... Being so close to the ground he hadn't notice the pronounced nipples, a sure sign of bearing a litter.... And a fairly swollen mound at the back....
Jeff's 'zoo-dar' just went off... Well that's what Cory called it. He just nodded to himself and thought. 'Either she's in big time heat, or he's keeping that twat well stretched'... 

    Just then 'Ginger' came up and stuck her face in a large bowl of cool water that had been placed on the ground for her. Followed by a long session of wet slurping sounds.

    "Well I need to head to that luncheon thing... Whatever... They like showing off their token human to VIPs". Looking down at the slumbering bitch he said. "You two can hang out here in the shade as long as you want... There won't be any goats coming back here today... And I'll let security know you're ok to be here".

    "Well thank you", the long haul trucker stuck out his hand. After a firm shake the man asked, "How you like working for these folks"?

    Again Jeff's zoo-dar just went up a notch. The look in the man's eye and the timber of his voice, and that he called 'em, 'folks', not some derogatory word.

    "They are a good bunch, honest and the pay is pretty good... Can't ask for any more than that".


    'Geeze, they grow 'em big in Germany', Jeff thought to himself as the thick German accent boomed around the banquet room. Neither Murphy the head of accounting, nor George, the feral hog out in the 'farm encounter' area, came close to this massive boar. He had a dark leather nose pad with twin large holes for breathing... Wrinkles across the snout, that were kept clean and the hair brushed... White gleaming tusks, that had probably been professionally cleaned, whitened, and slightly blunted. And while the other boars he knew had some good stubble on their chins... Dr. Frederick Sus Linnaeus had a full fledge beard. And while no one put a three piece suit on the pig, his clothes had that look of a well tailored executive.

     Molly led them to a dark hallway, about five feet in the lights popped on.
    "A dark hallway is not so inviting to people wondering around". To answer the unasked question. The massive boar followed along in his cart and lastly came Jeff.
    Sally and the chief of security, along with all the other department heads had all said something about needing to get back to work. Seams even the Island Animals were a bit uncomfortable around the psychologists. The trio came to a massive steel door with an impressive key pad next to it. Molly waked up and pushed down on the leaver and the door opened. 'Neat fake-out', Jeff thought. Inside was a locker room similar to the other ones found through out the facility. Soft lighting, low wooden benches and lockers that look like custom cabinet makers spent years to make. Really it took the goat construction crew about a month to make 'em.
    The young Texan had been here once, before the club opened, Molly was showing him around one day. Buy the time they were through, Jeff wondered if the doe was trying to see how many places she could get him to fuck her in.
She had explained that day this was for the members to change into 'throwaway' clothes. Wouldn't do to get cow hairs on an Armani suit.
    After helping the doctor off his cart and out of his tailored coverings... Molly had slipped her dress off her head in one easy motion, they both looked at the human... Jeff just shrugged and put his polo shirt and shorts in a locker and donned a pair of swimming trunks. "Just a guy that got lost looking for the pool'. he muttered to himself.
    Catching a glimpse of a naked Island animal wasn't all that shocking. Most folks knew that in Island communities the animals went unashamedly unclothed.
But a naked human was another thing entirely.

    The good doctor motioned for Jeff to come closer to him. Since the boar was out of his cart, the young human knelt down to be on his level.
    "Before we go in..." Jeff blinked at the no accent. "Yea I'll explain about that later, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your sow friend with me. I know humans can be a little possessive about such things". Shifting about on his front hooves, he bumped his should with Jeff's, making the human to nearly fall over. "Another thing. I weight sixty stone, over three hundred and eighty kilos, that's a lot of mass, I will do my best to move slowly, but be careful not to get between me a something ridged, like a wall".... "Oh, and call me Fred while we're in the pig pen".
    Again the trio was on the move through one of three doors that led out of the locker room. Jeff knew they were headed to a walled off room at the rear of the swine area. On the way, the human walked behind the psychologist. And was memorized by watching the massive balls of the boar swing side to side as he walked.
    "You can touch 'em, I don't mind... Just be genital with 'em".
    Jeff wondered how he knew he was looking at his balls? But then it occurred to him that any human walking behind him, would be watching those massive testicles dancing to and fro.
    The human had just closed the door behind them and slid off his 'swim trunks'. Molly went to open the gate to let Soffie in. "Well Fred, if you insist..." Jeff knelt down and cupped the twin soccer ball sized orbs. "Wow they are heavy", he noted as he carefully hefted them.
    Just then the feral sow came in with her head up. She had scented her human friend as well as a boar. Heading straight for the doctor, she used her animated snout to sniff along the jowl and sides of the strange male hog. Sticking her head under his belly, she snorted loudly at the pink tip that was peaking from the hairy tassel that marked the opening to his sheath. All the while making happy grunts, that Jeff has leaned she makes, when she's wanting sloppy sow sex.
    Jeff figured that Soffie would ignore the human, so he was a bit surprised when the sow did her, 'snuffle the arm pits', while making grunts and squeals.
    Fred had turned his body, (cause that neck don't bend much) mostly to give the sow a good sniff, and when he did he saw the female pig nosing the human and was enjoying some scratches behind the ear in return.
    "It's rare to see a feral sow give that much affection to a human. You must be very good to her".
    "Well she was the first to show me that different species can have something special between them". Jeff explained.
    The big boar gave Soffie's twat a good sniff. 'What's the point of being an intelligent animal, if you can't enjoy the 'animal' part', the good doctor thought....
The sow's heat wasn't the only thing the hog's sensitive nose detected. 'Seams our friendly human paid a visit to Ms. Soffie earlier today'. Fred found no reason to divulge he knew that, and kept quiet.
    Soffie, clearly enjoying being the center of attention, turned her own massive body and presented the two males her puffy twat. Fred glanced at the human, and Jeff just gave a small shrug and made a motion with his hands to indicate that if the boar didn't, he was going to shag her.
    Lining up behind the sow, the massive boar not only snorted loudly, but gave the puffy lips a few licks as well, making her tail curl and lift even higher.
    Jeff had been around the pigs here at the country club long enough to not be surprised at how agile they could be, but when Fred bounded up and over Soffie's big round butt, well it was a bit like watching a draft horse in a steeplechase.
His 'landing' was softer then the human thought possible.
    The massive boar gave another lurch and slid farther up onto Soffie's back. And his pinkish red dick slid further out of his sheath. Without even thinking about it, the young human reached in and guided the waving curled cock tip to the waiting sow twat. He slid into and onto the sow. Fred's powerful haunches started flexing, fucking his dick back and forth in the sow's vagina. 
    Learning about how pig cocks worked, had been an interesting afternoon, on his computer. Jeff knew that hogs, like just about every other male animal, stroked their cocks in animal cunts, to make themselves excited. Not only does this, feel fantastic, but also to make the penis engorge with blood.
In different animals this meant different things.
Stallions had flares. Dogs had that famous 'knot'.
In boars, the penis actually made a bit of a twist, and the resulting 'corkscrew' became much more defined. Giving that spiral much firmer edges to help it fit snugly into the folds of the sow's cervix.
    By now the boar was so far up on Soffie's back that his sheath was kissed against the sow's nether lips. Any action of the penis was hidden within the round bodies of the two hogs. One thing Jeff did notice was, like Murphy from accounting, the doctor's ass hole was doing that strange puckering in and out as his internal muscles pumped the mixture of various secretions, and of course the little swimmers from his ponderous testicles, deep into Soffie's ovaries.
    Seeing that Fred was settling into a nice long cum pumping session, Jeff went around to the front end of the sow. He wanted to see how Soffie was holding up. Literality, the good doctor has to be the heaviest boar that has climbed onto her back. 
    Squatting down, in front of Soffie, sitting in his heels, Jeff reached out both hands to rub the sides of the sow's huge head. Jowls, jaw line, under chin, and up to her floppy ears. The young Texan knew all the spots that the feral sow loved to have scratched. The clamor of her grunts and squeals rose in volume. 
Leaning closer so he could reach farther down her neck, he noticed a lot of sniffing directed at his groin. The 'chubby' he had been sporting ever since he fondled Fred's balls, became a full erection.
    Jeff paused... He has had blow-jobs by Sally.... But she's an intelligent Island Pig.... How much could he trust, the feral Soffie, not to bite his dick off?...
....... Well she had never hurt him, and as far as he knew, he had never hurt her....
    The human rocked off his heels and onto his knees in front of the sow. Instantly she had used her tongue to haul his manhood into her open maw. His cock was surrounded by soft flesh and a firm tongue snaking around his glans. As soon as her lips sealed around his shaft, she started to suckle on his male teat.
    Jeff's eyes opened wide, as the sucking sensation caused his loins to buck gently. Looking up, he noted the psychologists was watching from atop his perch on Soffie's back. Through the roar of rising lust, the young human thought he heard something about, 'never spit roasted a sow before'.
    Now the young Texan closed his eyes tightly. Keeping his hands open so he wouldn't grab soft piggy ears, he rubbed his palms in large circles on either side of the sow's large head. Over the sounds of sloppy sucking, a lustful groan issued forth. "OH my god Soffie..." The sow's tongue wriggled around this foreskin, tweaking the piss-slit. "It must be the taste of the pre", he told himself. Warm exhale, from the pig's twin nostrils, steamed the bush of pubes at the base of his cock... His hips bucked, only causing the sow to increases her vacuum on his throbbing dick.
    The reality of his situation hit him... There would be no let up... No slacking off... The thin trickle of pre, let the sow know that there was more, 'in there', and she wanted it.... Any desire to, 'make it last', fell to the wayside... Jeff relaxed and let the sow drive his lust to a fevered pitch.... His orgasm hit like a ton of bricks.... The first blast of sticky white cum blasted the back of Soffie's throat. The happy grunts increased in speed, as the back of her throat worked to swallow it down.... He was able to pull back a bit, so the second blast coated the base of her tongue with it's translucent goo.... Again his was hilted in her maw.... Her tongue was pressed against the bottom of his urethra, so she felt the next 'wad' of human cum being pumped down his shaft. The sounds of Soffie feasting on Jeff's jizz reached obscene levels.... The human was spent.... With a loud grown and rapidly wilting cock, Jeff was able to pull himself from the sow's oral embrace.
    "Oh god Soffie, that was fantastic!"
    Jeff rocked back to sit in his heals, again he reached out to scratch the sow's secrete spots. Bending low, he kissed the pig on her snout.... He nibbled along the top of her flat nose. From is experience with Sally, Jeff was careful to keep his lips soft.... All noise from the sow, stopped.... She was so transfixed by the tingling she was getting from her snout, she didn't move or make a sound. The human ended up with quick tongue swipes across her flat nose.
    He stood up in time to see Doctor Fred slide off the sow's back. His thin cock waved about like a fencer's foil. Which was quickly retracted back into his belly sheath. Soffie, for her part, gave a few 'dismissive oinks', and mostly collapsed onto a pile of soft hay.

    Back in the locker room Fred said to call 'his people', but Jeff said he would be happy to help the doctor wash up and back into his clothes. To which the boar said he was only offering, because the he wanted to fondle his balls some more.

There was no denials coming from the human.

    They both had a good laugh when Jeff told the massive boar, that washing him was like washing his dad's car. Only with huge balls.

    Once back in his nice clothes and remounted his travel cart, the doctor bid Jeff sit on the bench next to him.
    "I've never seen a human show as much love and affection to a feral hog as you just did... When you were petting her, she was squeezing my cock like crazy, and when you kissed her, I thought she was going to pull it out by the roots".

    The human just blinked at Fred, not knowing what to say.

    "I've never cum so hard in my life... Thank you".

    Dr. Frederick Sus Linnaeus gave Jeff a wink and said. "If I wasn't sure Sally would hunt me down and castrate me, I'd love to steal you away to work for me".



    Bobby's family is Hispanic. Not unusual in Texas. His family had come to this area before Texas was a state. And like many large ranches in the late 1800's, they got into sheep herding. While beef was king in Texas, mutton was also a major source of meat for many in the Hispanic community. And in many 'up scale' restaurants, lamb was often included on the menu.

    In the 21st century, oil had made, Bobby's family, once vast pastures dotted with sheep, into a mere hobby farm. Breeders of pure Pelibuey Hair Sheep.

    Bobby's father was the last of the sheep ranchers in his part of the family. His brothers and sisters all went off to spend their portion of the oil profits in other parts of the world. He had an uncle that raised cattle. But with three daughters, who so far had shown no interest in sheep....
Well he figured this was going to be the last. His wife didn't have any interest in the ribbons he had won at fairs and sheep shows. She was just happy that the sheep operation was self surfactant, and didn't cut into their portion of the oil profits.
    So it was with this backdrop, that brought Bobby's father to even consider tinkering with the genes of his next child. His wife said she give him one last chance at producing a son.

    While no company ever called itself, 'Select-a-Kid', it's pretty much the name given to that industry by the news media.
    Selecting the gender of a child was... well... child's play. They've been doing that for decades. Some of the other 'tweaks', were newer. Some of the first that came along was health. All of these companies offered in their basic packages the filtering out of genetic health issues. Heart disease, diabetes, drug and alcohol addiction... 
A whole litany of birth defects were covered in the guarantee. What wasn't covered was some of the more 'cosmetic' tweaks. Like height, hair and eye color, skin tone. And the one most asked for.....

    What is 'normal' really? 'Average' is a bit easier to answer. Take a large group of whatever. Take whatever measurements you're interested in. Tally up the numbers, and you'll have averages. 
Bobby's father was, average... Well.... On the low side of average... Ok, depending on what study you were reading. He barely got out of the 'short' range. It was long enough to get his wife pregnant three times. But that didn't change the fact, that all through his younger days, he knew he had a short dick... Locker rooms were a nightmare... Skinny dipping, out of the question...
But his son, wouldn't have to go through any of that. He'd have a long cock!
So blond hair, blue eyes, and a long dick was ordered for his son. No stipulation on height? No, everyone in his family he knew of, was well over 5' 10". 

    Bobby was perfectly proportioned. Arm length, legs, torso, head size, weight... Only he was 4' 3" tall, shockingly white hair and green eyes.....
And 14 inches of cock hung in front of a scrotum that might have looked normal on a goat. That and the fact it was on the slender side of 'average', making it look... Well it looked skinner then it was.

    At birth the blood tests showed that he was free of any genetic markers that would indicate he was predisposed to diseases... And for a long time there was hope that he would have a 'growth spurt'.... But none ever came.
    "Well four foot three was better then three foot four". Bobby's dad would say. "Good thing we raise sheep and not cattle".
While Bobby never really had 'Short man syndrome', his father took him to a few martial arts classes, so he grew up knowing how to fight and take down someone much taller then he.
He never 'bulked up' nor was fat... 'Wiry' was the most apt description for him.
There wasn't anything around the ranch that he couldn't do.

    Since Bobby was the only male child, he accompanied his father to the sheep side of the farm. Away from the main house. "No one wants to smell those animals". His mother had proclaimed on several occasions. There was even a small apartment in the barn, so he or his father, could shower and change clothes, before re-joining polite society.
    In lieu of other children to play with, the young boy had lambs to gamble around with. Leaping from hay bale to hay bale.... Was once found to be enjoying lunch with the other lambs. It was quite a scene seeing a lamb on one side, and a small boy on the other, of an ewe's udder.

    If one were to research this little known breed, you would find....

    The Pelibuey is a breed of domestic sheep raised in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. They are a breed of hair sheep, meaning they do not generally grow wool. 
The Pelibüey is probably closely related to the West African, Red African, African or Africana breed of Columbia and Venezuela. Hair color ranges from beige, brown, dark brown, red, white, black and roan with both solid and a combination of colors found. Males do carry a throat ruff but usually do not have horns. Ewes are also usually polled. Mature rams and ewes weigh 54 and 34 kg, respectively.

    It was a combination of family tradition and the fact that the oil profits made making a switch to a more commercially viable sheep breed, a moot point.
Bobby's family was proud of their livestock. Being bigger size then most others of that breed. And all the good 'carcass' qualities breeders looked for. The pressure to change didn't happen until it was really too late. First Bobby's grandfather, and later his father, had paired the herd size from thousands of head, to a couple hundred. The waiting list for their rams also dwindled. They were still known through out the breed as the 'gold standard'. But hobby farmers couldn't pay the former premium prices for the rams. So a little less profit was made for each sale. Even the time honored Sunday dinner of lamb was slowly forgotten.

    Of course Bobby didn't know any of this until he was much older. He was having so much fun, going to shows, learning about hay and feed... Later he helped his father in planning future breeding's.... And what young boy doesn't love watching animals fuck.

    Both father and son, at different points in their lives, shagged sheep.
Both really liked sheep. They found them to be friendly, and some, down right affectionate.
    Bobby's dad didn't have to worry about sheep laughing at his cock. And at a hair under five inches, he was able to hit all the good spots... At least that's how the ewes acted. Of course by the time he found Bobby balls deep in a ewe, he had long since stopped. But it did bring back many fond memories. He was hidden by some equipment and his son didn't know he was there. Bobby was already thrusting away by the time he had waked in. From the length of his stroking he knew that his son wasn't burdened with his dreaded affliction. And he figured his son would grow out of it, as he had.... And if he has left then and there, that's how he would remember it.... But he stayed, and watched, as his son finished in the ewe... And then Bobby pulled out, and out, and out! To his father's growing dismay, he knew that his son was too long. A short cock, with the proper technique can still bring joy to a woman. But one that's too long... Even the most careful lover, will cause pain. He had doomed his son to rubbery spacers and half insertions. Last thing he saw, as he turned to slip away before his son saw him watching, was his massive swinging scrotum.... "God I've made my son a freak!"


    Bobby, like all boys, wondered if he was 'normal', 'down there'.
The other children made it abundantly clear he was too short and funny looking with his snow white hair. At least he didn't need glasses.
    But, you know... Was his dick normal? 
Much to his relief, he wasn't too short... If anything, he was well endowed. He found more and more information on the 'web'. The circumference was on the slender side, but the length... Well it was harder to find out, just what was 'too long'.... Looking at himself in a wall mirror... then to a magazine ad that had flipped open to A&Ws 'Foot long Hot dog' .... "All I need is a bun", he thought.

    Now Bobby's family wasn't overly religious. His mom did drag him and his three sister to church every Sunday. He got lectured on the, 'Thou Shall Nots' and being 'good', and of course, what you can, and can not stick your dick in. Very little on the former and a whole bunch on the latter.
About the time Bobby's voice changed, he started to figure out that all his religious stuff was BS. His cruising's on the 'World Wide Web' was taking a more, 'Adult turn'. Didn't take long to learn that his, 'junk' wasn't another man's, or woman's, treasure. While porn was interesting. And he saw lots of long dongs being pounded in to various holes, he didn't see any that were quite like his. Not that long and not that slender. Around nine inches and fairly thick, was the preferred weapon of choice, in the pornographic masterpieces he saw. And oddly enough, he really wasn't turned on all that much. Oh sure when he first saw humans bumping nasties....
    Now we all know that there is all manor of smut out there, not just man and woman. All men, all women, groups, different races.... Even with Island Animals.
    Now here was something that made Bobby sit up and take notice. Literally... He sat up in his chair and leaned closer to the computer screen. 
The first was called Island Song, and featured the standard buff looking guy, with the standard nine inch dick, fucking a white Island goat doe, Seams most humans like the pink doe pussy over some of the other colors. There were the standard close-ups of pink goat vulva stretching around thrusting human cock. Then, 'Black Cock, White Doe'. In that one, the doe ended up on her back taking the human missionary. The young human even found the ones with the massive Island pigs to be very interesting. 
Then other films were mixed in with the 'legal' animal ones... Even Bobby, with his limited knowledge could spot that some of the animals weren't ones from the island. All the island pigs were the same Duroc red colored breed, but there appeared white pigs, spotted pigs, pigs with black bodies and a white strip over their shoulders. Goats, that if you looked closely, didn't have the island goat modified 'hands'. There were even some 'hair sheep' slipped in. He knew because that's the type of sheep he was raising.
    And finally there were the flat out illegal films that had dropped all pretext that the animal partners were from that Island. Guys fucking mares, cows, sheep, and female dogs.... Women getting fucked by large male dogs and pony stallions. 


    Now that Bobby had his driver's license, he was able to drive his father and himself to the other end of the farm. 

 But more and more, it was just him. His dad had turned the day to day sheep operation, over to his capable son.

    It was a dark and stormy night.... 

    Ok, it was a lazy Sunday afternoon with a genital rain falling. Bobby's sexual hunger had convinced the small man that it was time to 'do this'. Enough reading, enough watching of porn... and jacking off....  He had all the necessary ingredients.

Friendly Sheep
Long Cock
Lots of Privacy
Bottle 'O Lube

    It was the breeding season, and the sheep had been divided into groups. Ewes were placed with a ram that would hopefully produce better sheep. Bobby had stacks of pedigree charts, in his small office, he had poured over to figure out what blood lines would improve from a peculiar ram.

    For one reason or another, there's always orphaned lambs every year. And of course a bottle raised lamb turns into a very friendly sheep. In the group he was sitting with, there were five such ewes. A couple were four years old, two more were three, and one two year old ewe. All had come up to him to receive scratches and pets. The four older ewes had all produced twin lambs every year, and the youngest? Well she didn't 'take' last year, so Bobby was anxious to see if she'd conceive this year...
He hated , 'culling' the friendly ones. But the 'Seed Stock' business was very cut throat. There were only so many folks wanting to buy high quality animals, either for show, or to improve their own herds. Profit margins were tight and having a bunch of 'pet' animals was not good business.
    All animals are different, and the five ewes were no different. Again all were varying degree of friendly, but one was down right 'puppy dog' in the way she would follow him around whenever he was in the pasture with her. 
    She was the one that still stood in front of the human as he sat on a pile of hay. The others had drifted away to munch on hay or be harried by the ram. The Pelibuey breed didn't have horns, but the rams were still easy to spot with their ruff of hair that went from under chin to between their front legs.
And between their back legs, well this is truly one case, where bigger is better.

    The human sat nearly on the barn floor. Just a thin layer of hay was under his ass... Sandy, the really friendly ewe, stood just in front of Bobby. In fact she was so close, he could see little else of the barn. Over the background noise of the rain on the roof, he could hear the other eleven ewes and one ram moving about.
He was a little surprised to suddenly hear Remington's low voice give a guttural 'baa' just on the other side of Sandy. The ewe moved foreword just as the ram was giving her a 'stiff foreleg pet'. Head low, he made more deep vocalizations....
The rump of the ewe was even with the young man, not more than two feet from him. The ram heaved his foreleg up and over the brown hairy hunches of the ewe. Stiff, red, sheep dick, with a slight knob and a wiggly urethral process waved in the air... It smashed into the soft flesh around the ewe's vulva. On the forth poke, it found entrance, and slid quickly into her. Some quick fuck-thrusts and then a deep push into her cunt as the ram ejaculated. Pull out, nice long cock by the way, and stand quietly as penis retracts and balls swing genitally. Sandy looked back at Bobby as if to ask if he got that.
    When Bobby sat back, he didn't realize that he had leaned foreword, he was a bit dazed.
Oh sure, the human had seen lots of rams covering ewes... But not quite so... intimate. 
    "Well that answers some questions", the young man whispered to himself. He now knew for sure that he wouldn't, 'bottom out' in a ewe. And something else that sort of held him back these past few weeks... How does one go about fucking a ewe? The movies he had watched were not much help, one guy tossed a ewe across a hay bale, so her hooves were off the ground. Another had her on her back, didn't show how she got there. One where the guy just squatted down and shoved it in. But didn't show if anyone was holding her head. "Well I guess you just walk up and see if she'll stand".
    A painful erection in the human's cargo shorts signaled the end to all this dithering and it was time to put things in motion. Standing, a zip, a quick unbuttoning, and the shorts fell, his 14 inches of cock sprang out before him... His tee-shirt quickly followed his shorts to the barn floor.  The bottle of lube rested next to where he had been seated. Reaching down he scooped up the container and flicked open the top. Glancing at the ewe to see if she was still standing where she stopped after the ram pulled out. Bobby was surprised to see she not only was still standing, but had turned her rump more towards the human.
    'Good thing I'm short', he thought as he just had to open his stance a bit and was at the perfect height to give this whole sheep shagging thing a try. Making every effort to make sure he wasn't going to hurt his friend, he lathered his penis in a thick coating of the lube.
    He reached out with his left hand and placed it on her brown hair covered rump... Extending his thumb down, he moved her short tail to one side... A step foreword, and holding his cock in his right hand, he aimed for the heat swollen sheep cunt that was still dripping ram cum. 'It looks so small... but just this spring twin lambs squeezed out that opening'. His circumcised cock pressed against the slit in the puffy flesh... Her vulva's lips easily parted allowing the first few inches of his cock to slid into her. 


    Such an intense feeling as his glans pushed it's way through the hugging warm folds of sheep cunt. After several inches, the head of his cock had an easier time, finding the 'grip' of her cunt tunnel eased a bit. More human cock slid into the animal... Sandy pushed back as Bobby pushed foreword... Although as human standards went, the young man was on the slender side, but compared to ram penis, he was hung like a horse. The bottom of the human cock scrapped over the heat thickened clit... Making the ewe lift her head, wiggle her lips and tongue in rapt pleasure... Opening his eyes he saw the ewe's reaction... Looking down he watched as the last few inches of his dick slid through her smokey brown cunt lips and into her sex.
    Bobby was fully hilted in the ewe. His cock throbbed, threatening to orgasm instantly.... The base of his shaft was still being 'hugged' by the ewe's cunt muscles, while the rest of his cock felt like it was about to melt into the warm silken folds of her vaginal tunnel... Holding very still for a few moments, the human was able to get the throbbing to weaken. Only then did he begin stroking his cock slowly in and out.... Just a tiny amount at first, he quickly built up to a full six to eight inch fuck thrust... That only lasted for a dozen strokes before Bobby slammed himself into the ewe, his penis blasted it's load of human semen deep into the animal's vagina. Sticky white cum soon coated the silken walls of her cunt tunnel, wave after wave continued to pump human cum out of the piss slit and into the ewe.
    The human gasped for air... He stood rooted to the spot behind the sheep. His cock was still like an iron rod... His breathing slowed.... The last of his cum load dribbled from his cock tip.... Blood pounded in his temples, his dick still throbbed... Sandy stood still, looking back at her human lover. The ewe's pussy twitched and pulsed around the human phallus... Whether it was the big balls slung low in a pouch under the human's cock, or just teenage hormones, the young man started to fuck the animal, once again.
    In the world of passing along one's DNA, for the Ovis aries, fighting other males and surviving long enough to stick one's dick into a female was, 'Natural Selection'... For the simian, the process of making sure one's DNA reached the egg, the male developed a bell shape glans on the end of his penis. The fleshy skirt of the bell, squeegee away some of the previous male's semen. 
    All Bobby knew was that he was getting a fantastic feeling from the head of his cock as he slowly pulled his long dick back. Pushing back in, the young human gave out another whispered expletive. The combination of sheep slime, lube, and a huge amount of human cum, made soft squishy noises that could barely be hear over the genital rainfall on the roof of the barn. As the over sensitivity of his glans faded, the young man picked up speed... Soon he was slapping his loins against the hairy rump of the ewe, as his cock plowed repeatedly through the soft silken flesh of the animal's sex tunnel. To his credit, Bobby was able to hold out much longer before the tingling of an orgasm started at the base of his dick. How the ewe wasn't frightened at the loud groan as her human friend dumped another monstrous load of his warm white semen into her, was a mystery. But she stood fast as the young man emptied his balls deep into her cunt. This time Bobby's cock deflated as his breathing slowed. Pulling his softening penis from the animal's vagina. Long whitish ropes of cum, poured from the still gaping sheep cunt and from the piss slit of the human's penis.
    The deed was done... He had shagged a sheep... A silly grin was plastered across the young man's face. Not that all that much would change, after all his already lived, ate, and slept with the sheep, now he was having sex with them too. It seamed like a logical progression. 'Why had he waited?'

    The next few years were fantastic. Some of the ewes quickly found out that they liked getting fucked in or out of heat. Sandy would even lie on an old blanked Bobby would lay out, and with no resistance, would allow the human to roll her onto her back. She seemed to enjoy having the thick hair over her sternum scratched and her large ruminate belly rubbed. And while he couldn't see her face, he knew he like sucking on her teats. Not to mention the long slow fuck sessions.
    Bobby would lay on his side, next to the reclining ewe. His naked body against her furred back. His arm hugging her as he buried his face into her neck fur. The young man was constantly amazed as how the ewe tolerated, what for her would be, bazaar human actions. The only hugging sheep ever did, was when a ram would 'hug' the furry rump of the ewe he was shagging.
    Sandy smelled of hay and the late summer grasses she grazed on. And while she didn't have wool, she still had a slight hint of lanolin. All of which fired the human's lust for the animal. Rolling her over onto her back, then sliding his body back until his head was even with her up turned rump. He was very glad she didn't have mats and clumps like wool sheep had. Other sheep zoos had to keep the wool trimmed away to facilitate a clean tooshie. Hair sheep were naturally cleaner. They even didn't have to have their tails docked. And as with all show sheep, Bobby's 'special' ewes were quite used to being washed. His brown sheep of course had brown pussy's. Sandy's labia was nearly hairless. Just a thin covering of downy soft fur. Running his tongue over her sex, Bobby loved the way it felt and tasted. Being in heat, the ewe had a slight musty twang to the clear liquor leaking from her cunt. At the bottom, (while on her back, the top), of her nether lips was a small 'finger' of flesh that stuck out. 


Which Bobby would gently lick and suck on, making the ewe twitch as her clit lay within it's folds of flesh. Sticking out his tongue as far as he could reach, the young man 'tongue fucked' her pussy... Then would lap upwards through her small slit until he found the pointed stiff clitoris. Softly he would flick his tongue over the sensitive nub, making Sandy's hind legs twitch and sometimes causing a low soft bleat to come from the animal. After a few minuets, the human would halt his foreplay and watch as the ewe's ecstasy stiffened legs, slowly folded back to their, 'at rest', position. 
    By this time, the human's penis was demanding attention. The young man rose to his hands and knees.... And with a quick suckle of each teat, he crawled over her. Giving her belly fur one last rub with his face, he sat back on his heels.
    With a thin coating of lube applied to his cock, the human pushed her legs slightly foreword, her twat would rotate to the perfect position to allow the young man to push his long dick into her.
    Bobby had figured out that the reason sheep felt so nice and snug was because of the ram. The way they would mount and stroke the tip of their penis rapidly in the first few inches of ewe cunt. The intense stimulation the males got from the snug fit, would make their orgasms fire, causing the sudden fuck-thrust into the ewe, depositing their semen at the mouth of her cervix. Differing from the other 'cloven hoofed' animals, where the males, as soon as they felt they had hit the mark, would suddenly thrust in and 'slam-fire'.
    No mater how many times he would do this. That first push into an animal's warm cunt was always wonderful. Now he was very experienced and only used a thin coat of lube, letting him feel every bump and crease of the ewe's vaginal walls as they slid along his long cock. The lust swollen glans at end of the human's penis, plowed through the collapsed silken tunnel, making the warm flesh flow around it. Expanding it... Making it large enough for his shaft to follow.
    The human would hold most of his weight off Sandy as he fucked her. Not that he weighed all that much, he still used his arms and legs to only allow slight pressure to rest his belly against her's. The feel of her fur against his bare skin was wonderful. The feel of her warm silken vagina sliding around his cock was fantastic. Bobby was able to control his lust to the point to where he could last fifteen to twenty minuets. Sandy never showed any sign of discomfort. Hind legs would twitch, and her lips would wiggle when he hit just the right spot. Her eyes closed in total bliss. Sometimes he would stop his fuck thrusts, and just hold himself deep within the ewe. He would marvel at the way this all felt so completely natural. How his genetic abnormality made his hard fourteen inch long cock feel so perfect, hilted inside the sheep vagina. Even the way his long heavy scrotum dragged back and forth over the hairy underside of the sheep's tail added another layer of sensuality to his fucking.
    If there was ever a human designed to fuck sheep, it was Bobby.

    The fuck strokes became more powerful... The human panted as he drove for release... Sheep vulva lips were stretched to fit around the invading human phallus... Being almost a week since his last time with his ewe lover, a powerful orgasm swelled in his loins. Driving his cock deep into the animal, Bobby's body convulsed as his cum jetted from his piss slit. The first volley of semen hosed the mouth of Sandy's cervix. As did the second... and the third. Four, five, six, seven, eight... Then finally the ninth was loosing some of the power of the first jets of cum.... Ten tried hard to blast deep... Eleven and twelve were more of a strong dribble.... More throbbing... More jizz oozing out.... The viscous fluid flowed back along the human's, still pulsing shaft....
    Bobby sat up and back on his heels. Sweat coated his bare skin... Deep breaths... The human looked down at the joining of his and Sandy's animal body... Surveying the translucent slime coating both groins and the  underside of her tail, he gave a very self-satisfied smile.
    In his research about himself, he found out, that along with his longer then average penis... He had larger and juicer orgasms then 'normal'. He had read how that the majority of what males fire out of their cocks, were mostly made up of other liquids then actual sperm. Fluids to help the little swimmers live long enough to make it to the female's eggs.
On a couple of forums that had members, like him, had been genetically 'tinkered' with. One benefit, some of the other members reported, was something they called, 'the furry effect', after the furry art that depicted males with impossibly huge penises, pumping out gallons of spooge.
And while no 'Clinical studies' were cited, the common 'wisdom' was to drink plenty of apple juice. 


    As with everyone's life there are good and bad parts....
    Bobby's mother and sisters really didn't like him. When asked about his family he would reply that, 'Cinderella had nothing on him.' Though his dad would 'run interference' for him. He couldn't be there all the time. And Bobby just had to 'grin and bare it'. Only time this let up for a while, was after his father found out that they had been referring to Bobby as one of his 'breeding experiments'. And the other kids at school asked where were his "ear tags".
His mother suddenly decided that she wanted to, "visit Europe with the girls".

    When Bobby turned twenty one, his father turned the family's sheep operation over to him. Everything, all the equipment, vehicles, hay and hay production, and of course the sheep. All breeding decisions were his to make. Any moneys profited from sales and breeding leases were to be exclusively his.
    Not that this was any great, 'gold mine'. Bobby's father knew that there wasn't much any profit in the sheep business. But he knew Bobby love it, and it was a good excuse to not be around the main house.

    Bobby had gone to collage, on line. Very reputable school. In fact his credits would transfer if he wanted to continue on. He got his high school diploma one week, and his Bachelors in animal science the next.

    The oil money was a good thing, but very complex. Percentages, shares, trusts, lawyers.... At the birth of each child had a trust was set up in their name and a share of the yearly oil profits went into it. Some years this was a lot, and others, not so much. Just depended on the price of crude. An allowance was paid to each child from this trust, the amount depended on age. Full access to the trust, was granted when the child turned twenty one.


    Then all hell broke loose. 
    Started when Bobby's father was killed in a small plane crash. But his father was still looking out for the small man from the grave. Seems he had some high powered lawyer types to make out his will. Oh it was a very fair will. The mother got the house and property. The only proviso was that the sheep end of the farm couldn't be touched and Bobby could stay there as long as he wanted. The father's oil shares were divided equally among the four children. Life insurance, likewise divvied up. Everyone got a vehicle. The girls all got the fancy luxury cars, Bobby had always thought his dad's vintage Smart Car was really cool, so he got that. The gold was divided, as were the various rare coins. Then the lawyers brought out five boxes. All had cash in them... The mother and three sisters got fairly large piles of cash... Bobby got a smaller pile, and a safety deposit key.
The layers assured the ladies that the safety deposit box did not contain any gold or cash, but something of equal value to the cash they received.
    The lawyers drone on and on, reading the fine print. And made everyone sign, stipulating that they heard and understood everything.
Apparently the younger sister wasn't paying that close attention, for she tried to have a lawyer say that since Bobby was living in a different house and had basically divorced himself from the family, that he shouldn't receive his share of the estate.
    Bobby's father's lawyers pounced.... There was a clause in the will, that was read aloud and copies provided to everyone, stated that if anyone tried to screw another sibling out of their inheritance, they would loose all oil shares given in the will and said shares were to be distributed to the remaining heirs.
    When Bobby said he didn't want her shares, by the way the other two sisters were more they happy to take 'em... The layers pointed to a paragraph further down that said furthermore he couldn't refuse, end of story.
    It didn't take much of a genus to figure out who spray painted, "FUCK YOU", on their father's tombstone.


    Cory sat with his mouth hanging open. He had just heard Bobby's life story.
    "What a cunt!... Well at least she got what she disserved".
    Bobby handed Cory another beer. "Well don't feel too badly for her, she still has her trust, what's left of it, I guess she burned through quite a bit... And she still gets her shares of oil money from that... And a nice car and gold and money... Just not the extra oil shares from dad's will".
    "I wished I could have met your old man, he sounds like a good man". Cory popped the top on his beer and raised the bottle to toast Bobby's dad.

    The equine zoo had met Bobby, on line, several years ago. They knew they were both from Texas, it was only recently that they figured out that they weren't all that far apart. Only about an hours drive separated them. In Texas, that qualifies as a next door neighbor.

    Wasn't long after they met, that Cory was telling the sheep herder about the new country club that was being built between his and Cory's place.

    "Wasn't any big secret that I had a pony mare for a wife, but still was just a bit unnerving when I get this e-mail from 'Molly', about how I have a 'skill set' that they need".

    "Skill set? As in teaching horses to shag"?

    "Yea, but don't spread that around. Last thing I need is for a bunch of guys 'gunning' for my job".

    "So how did they find out about you"?

    "I'm not sure... I just know they must have one wicked investigation division... They had photos and stories I had posted to long dead zoo boards, years ago".

    "What's a country club doing with an "investigation division"?

    "You've not heard of the Island Animal 'front office'.... I guess they have more records then the Mormons".

    Bobby looked surprised. "What do they need with all of those"?

    Cory leaned foreword and spoke very earnestly, "Well it's not like some 'Illuminate' thing... They just want to be able to have... insurance... if someone or some group comes at them". Cory sat back, "You're probably not old enough to remember when they first came on the scene. There were lots of folks that just wanted to kill the lot, and forget trying to get any sort of justice or rights.... Then the voices started to quite down... Hints that embarrassing information might get out if they persisted in being ass-holes. It's amazing how many congressmen and church leaders have things in their past they don't want to come out".

    "How did they get all this information"?

    "Well the pigs are really smart. And they quickly figured out to keep quiet and keep one's ears open. Didn't take 'em long to know how the system worked and how to use it for their advantage. They practically took over the office cleaning industry... Goats could be seen in just about every office, government and private.... I guess it's pretty amazing what gets left on copy machines, or just tossed into waste baskets".

    "That was it"? Bobby took another bite of his pie.

    Cory nodded and did likewise. "They really didn't care about 'geopolitical' crap. But just like any international company, they had experts about different countries and regions in the world. And they were really good about keep track of various pieces of information and how to applying it".

They both got up and collected up the dishes from lunch and headed to the little kitchen in Bobby's apartment.

    "It's really amazing to see how a scrap of information gleaned at a bio-tech firm, could be used in knowing what stocks to buy or sell, in the car industry".

    "They just told you all if this'?

    "Naw... found it on line... Had to wade through a ton of crap to figure out what was real, and what was made up 'bull shit'... After learning that they knew so much about a lowly zoo like me, I did some looking on my own... So between cleaning offices and the 'pillow talk' the goat prostitutes in those 'ranches' that sprung up, heard.... And having a huge presents on line... I'll bet there at least three on that zoo board we belong to. And I bet we both have 'em on our 'friends list'".

    "So do I have to worry about being 'outed' someday"?

    "Naww.. Hell it was the zoos and furrys that first helped them... Gave 'em jobs and places to stay... They really don't care what you fuck".

    Having watched the two men that Bobby had working for him, their half day done, drive off, the young man turned to the older Texan. "Well beings that they don't care if we shag sheep or not... Lets go do just that".
    This Saturday it was Bobby turn to host the bestial activities. There were more than a few willing ewes in the pastures. Last week, equines were on the menu. The young man was happy to find out that Cory not only had a pony wife... But a few concubines as well. In addition to his, Shetland pony wife, the older Texan had five more Shetland sized ponies, and a full size pony mare, that loved to be munched on... And a little 'mini horse', that had been given to him by a father of a spoiled little girl, who got tired of the animal. "Damn thing keeps eating the flowers, and the wife is not pleased".

    Bobby had been 'around' horses, but never really 'with' a horse. Fairs, neighbors, he had even gone a few times with one of his sisters to Riding Lessons. He had talked to some older ranchers about how to take care of one... Bobby knew that back before the motorized 4 x 4's they all used to herd the sheep from horse back on the ranch. But the old horse stables had burned down before he was born. Fortunately the horses were long gone by then. They figured some transients might have been cooking there. 

    The first time at Cory's ranch, Bobby was really glad that the 'equines' that the older Texas was into, wasn't Drafters. His 'large pony' felt like it 'towered' over the small man.

    Bobby knew that even a friendly horse could be flighty, not to mention bitey, kicky.
He was amazed at how quickly the mares seemed to accept him, and at himself, how in just a short time, he started to feel at ease around them.

    Cory was calm and skilled at handling his 'girls'. They sat in his stable, outside doors closed, stall doors open. Fuzzy nimble lips investigated Bobby's white hair, his clothing, even his boots were thoroughly snuffled. The two men sat on old folding chairs in the center of the open barn floor. The older Texas quietly explained different parts of the mares as they milled about them. The Shetland pony wife, who wanted the lion's share of the attention, stood calmly as Cory moved her long swishy tail to one side so he could point out the parts of her vulva. He noted that it looked like an exclamation mark. A line with a big round dot at the bottom. The sheep herder leaned closer as Cory pointed to the two labial lips that were sealed fairly tight.

    "These rubbery lips keep shit and other debris out of the reproductive tract... Think of them as the, 'guardian gates' to heaven".
    Bobby rolled his eyes, and Cory just grinned.
    "Not all are pink 'n smooth like the wife's here, some are wrinkled, some have folds... Lots of variations, but for the most part, all have this little mound at the bottom that hides the clitoris". As if on cue, the fleshy mound seamed to turn itself, inside out, for the briefest of moments....

    Cory stopped and look at Bobby...

    "Zoo with Internet access for at least 8 years.. Seen every 'X-Horse' mating video out of Brazil.. And have a complete set of 'Pet Lust' videos... Right"?

    With a silly grin, the young man nodded.

    "So I'll just skip ahead in the lesson, to the part where I tell you what the mini-mare likes as far as foreplay goes".

    Bobby was nude, kneeling in a stall, alone with the miniature mare, 'Princess Buttercup'. The young Texan just shook his head when he heard the full name of the mare.

    "Sound like a name one of my sisters would have given her".

    "Well, I've been calling her 'butter' for short... You'll soon see why". 

    Cory had been correct when he said that Bobby had seen all those videos. The ratio of horse videos to ones with sheep shagging, was probably five hundred to one. And the one's that were just mating between two animals was even more lopsided. Any search that was simply, 'animal mating' would produce hundreds of videos of thick tubes of stallion meat being stuffed into wet, winking lips of squealing mares.
    The few that showed stiff ram cock, quickly plunging into ewe twats, were cherished by the shepherd. 
    Bobby had even tried to capture the mating act himself, and quickly found out why video recordings of sheep were so rare. Thankfully the Island Goats put out dozens of films showing buck cocks slamming into doe twats, in great detail and in slo-motion.

    While not knowing about equine conformation, he still thought the miniature pinto mare, look quite 'correct'. Legs were straight, hips rounded, and head and neck looked like they were attached properly. When she pranced around out in the large open part of the barn, he thought she was very fluid and poised.
    In the close confines of her stall she looked well taken care for. Her black and white coat had a healthy shine. Ears were pert and eyes clear and bright.
    And was quite lady-like when it came to her investigating his now exposed penis. Soft lips wiggled in brushing motions across the rapidly swelling human flesh.
The sounds of her smelling his cock was quite erotic in itself.

    Unlike sheep females, mares are a bit more foreword in making their sexual wants known. Where as a ewe just stands very still, to indicate that she's ready for some hanky-panky... The little mare swung her butt around and flashed her desires. 
    "Time to find out what mare pussy tastes like", the young man thought to himself. Gently placing his hand on the little horse's rump. "Probably a good idea to not surprise something with hooves while directly behind them". With his other hand he used the back of his fingers, like he had seen Cory do, and rubbed the soft vulva lips.
    Bobby found that mares had a light taste. But still very animal. He ran his tongue lightly over the bi-coloured lips. He instantly picked up on their rubbery texture.... Promising an interesting 'cock feel'. With fingers and tongue the young man investigated the 'guardian gates' to heaven. First thing was how there was a definite line between the outer and inner parts of the labial lips. His fingers easily opened the gates, and his tongue traveled along the parted lips. Lower down, a light flick of his tongue was answered by a quick 'wink' of clitoris. The more attention paid to this mound of flesh, the harder the mare would push her twat back into the human's face. The young Texan smiled at the familiar response. "Just like a ewe".
    His throbbing penis figured they had paid surfactant homage to the goddess Epona. Standing, Bobby once again found his short stature was a benefit when it came to being the proper height for the miniature mare. Where most other zoo would have to crouch in an uncomfortable position.... The short Texas was 'just the right height'. In some of the 'how to's, some spit was all the lube that was used, but Bobby wanted to make sure that he didn't hurt the little mare, and used a thin, water based, lube from a squeeze bottle. He knew it was the proper lube, because Cory had asked the first time he was with one of Bobby's ewes what to use, and it turned out to be the same stuff he used.
    As with his own animals, the young Texas reach out with his left hand and scratched that spot just above her tail. Sheep tails aren't used for fly swatting, so he was just a little amazed at how fast and how far the mare's tail lifted and moved to one side. Cory had assured him that if she wasn't, 'in the mood', it would have been clamped down tight. Sliding his thumb around the base of her tail and loosely gripping it, he slid his hand down, gathering up any stray hairs that hung in front of her pussy. Using his right hand, he moved the glans of his penis up and down the seam of her labial lips. When she 'winked', he quickly slid inside her before he knew it. Her rubbery lips holding just behind the 'bell' of his purple 'helmet'.
    "Whoa" was all he said as the warmth of the mare was suddenly around his cock tip. Then another winking of the clitoris, and Bobby figured it was an invitation to continue. He had seen plenty of photos of equine cunt being stretched open to know that the vaginal 'tunnel' was a the top of her slit. Sliding his cock up, he slowly pushed his long dick into the animal's sex. And watching lots of movies and seeing the winking mare cunt, seemingly, 'gobbling' up the human's cock.... And that's just the way if felt.... Like she was sucking him in her warm, buttery smooth mare pussy. Although she was made for a thicker cock... Her cunt was snug and warm around him.... The small man now knew what Cory had been bragging about, when he talked about the, 'fantastic cunt muscles', of mares....
His pendulous scrotum was greeted with a 'kiss' from the animal's clitoris, as he fully hilted in her. 
    Warm, smooth, gripping.... Bobby's lust threatened to boil over.... Not since his first time with his ewe, Sandy, did he feel this close to shooting his load with just the first stroke. Taking his mind off his throbbing dick... "Strange stuff is the best.... something like that..." he thought. "I like the way she turns her head and looks at me over her shoulder".
    Finally he was able to start fucking... Slowly back... He looked down and noted that her nether lips just dragged along his shaft.... 'Amazing how different they were to his ewes'.... Pushing back in, between her rubbery labial lips.... His glans slipped through the buttery folds of her vagina... Bobby smiled as he remembered Cory saying that, 'Butter, was an apt name', for this miniature mare.
    The human's fucking became faster... Bobby's cock allowed for long strokes. Although his hips looked skinny, they were able to provide plenty of power to his loins... Solid 'thwaps' of human and equine flesh bumping together, along with wet sounds of sloppy genitals, echoed in the small stall.... The young Texan let out a quiet, low groan, as he closed his eyes, so he could concentrate on controlling his rising lust... His hands rested on the animal's hips.... His heavy breathing filled the air with gasps and moans.... Her cunt muscles gripped his thrusting penis.... "So snug.... So tight...." Those whispered words were quickly followed by a loud groan as the human slammed his hips into the backside of Butter's rump... Special muscles contracted as the first of his cum, rocketed down his long cock.... Buttercups' ears flick as she felt the beginnings of the human's orgasm splash deeply into her sex. Bobby's cum continued to be pumped into the milking mare cunt. Muscles helping muscles to blast wad after wad of white sticky cum into the animal's pussy.... A load any draft stallion would be proud of, the human blasted jet after jet of human semen into the mare.... Covered in sweat and panting hard, Bobby felt the last of his orgasm bubble from his piss slit. The mare's clit mound rhythmically winked against the human's scrotum, as strong cunt muscles milked his long softening shaft.


    Cory's head appeared over the stall wall just as Bobby was pulling his cock from the mare's pussy.
    "I know a few dozen, Island Goat doe's that would love to meet you".
    Bobby looked down at his 'junk', that was currently being illuminated by a beam of sunlight coming through a high window. "The ewe's seem to like it". He said with as much modesty he could muster.
    Cory nodded toward the miniature mare that still held her tail to one side and furiously winking. "Seems one mare does too.... Hell if you weren't already rich, you could make a very nice living being a gigolo to wealthy goats".
    "Hmmm.... I don't know... I mean, I'd have to wear a cravat..." Bobby tried to keep his face serous, but ended up with a broad grin at the mental image.
    Cory nodded to the little mare. "I do believe that Buttercup is still in the mood. Since she's still standing with her tail to the side and not gone in search of grain".
    Bobby watched as the animal looked over her shoulder and seem to swish her tail in a rather sexy manor.

    Buttercup's warm pussy, welcomed the human's long cock back into it's silken folds. Again the buttery smooth flesh slicked around Bobby's hard penis as he slowly fucked the animal. While not as snug as one of his ewes, this tiny mare had a firmness.... A more pronounced feel as to it's shape. His cock didn't so much form a tunnel, as slid between firm walls of wet clinging horse flesh.... Long slow strokes let the human marvel at the way her cunt lips allowed his dick to slide between those fleshy 'guardian gates'.... Not sucking in and pulling out like a pliable sheep pussy lips.... The steady strokes made his cock glisten, as more and more of his own cum, and the mare's nectar, were slathered over the skin of his shaft.... 

    Bobby lifted his gaze and looked at the rest of the animal he was fucking.
    One can forgive the young man for only now taking a moment to appreciate the little mare. Not to say he hadn't already look at her.... They spent the better part of three hours, petting, nuzzling, sharing breath... But to see her as only a zoo can... Her broad rump, with it's splash of black over her right hip.... How her mane flips when she moves her head.... How much she differed from the brown round bodies of his ewes... The different cues her body gives off, that she is enjoying.... wanting.... this as much as the human. The lift of her tail... The sparkle in her eye as she looks back at him... Her pert ears, that swiveled, but never laid back... And of course that winking cunt.

    All the while Bobby kept up his slow fucking motion.... Once again he closed his eyes to concentrate on the intense pleasure of his cock sliding deep into the miniature mare.
    The young Texan increased his speed of his fuck thrusts... Again the sound of human and equine flesh coming together filled the stall.... Letting his mind and body flow into a deep pool of lust.... Giving himself over to the pure raw pleasure of fucking a willing animal....
    Again the thrill of 'strange sex', made his loins tingle... Again his body made ready to issue forth another load of human cum... Thrusts became shorter and faster.... Breath came in short gasps.... Boots shifted in the clean straw as the human stallion plowed deeply into the mare's sex... A groan was follow by a volley of white, translucent jizz jetting from his piss slit... The powerful blasts, hosed the entrance to the little mare's cervix, as the human pumped his seed into her.... Human hands clung to the animal's hips, as his body seemed to convulse slightly... All rational thought was replaced by the bestial joy of breeding... Long ropes of semen gathered around the spurting purple helmet of Bobby's cock... Filling the tiny mare with it's cum. It began to flow back along his shaft and ran over the frantically winking clit, which in turn coated the hanging scrotum pressed against it with the very seed it produced...
    As the last of his sticky load dribbled out of his dick. It seemed that most of Bobby's energy was dribbling out too. Taking a shaky step back, his now flaccid phallus slithered out of the mare's sex. A good sized stream of white fluids was released and began it's journey to the stall floor. Another step and the sweating human was leaning against the stall's low wall. Looking at the tiny mare that was still standing with her tail up and twat flashing. The puddle of human cum grew between the animal's hind hooves.

    "I have to say, that is one impressive load". Cory's voice clearly showing the awe he had for the young Texan's prodigious output.

    Bobby's breathing has slowed some. "Yea... One could say it takes a lot out of a person".

    "So.. ah.. how long"?

    "After shooting two loads that close together... Probably be a couple of hours before I'm capable of doing much in the way of breeding".

    The older Texan dumped a scoop of sweet feed into the miniature mare's feed pan. The pinto's head came up and with a light step, she trotted over to the offered food. Unlatching the gate, Cory held it open for his friend to stagger out.
Heading for the chairs, Bobby asked if he had any apple juice....

    Upon returning to his ranch, the young man checked the hay racks and water troughs. And of course to look over his flock of sheep. Seeing all was well, Bobby reflected how lucky he was to have two reliable men working for him.
    Arriving at the door that led from the barn to his living quarters, he noted a familiar shape waiting for him. With a smile on his face, and a renewed spring in his step, he opened the door for the animal and human to enter.


    Cory had been telling the younger Texan about some of the 'goings on' at the Country Club. Of course being careful not to reveal any secrets. 

    "I'd read about zoos having deer for partners, that's the first time I've ever heard an 'eyewitness' account". 
    Cory nodded, "Yea that Amish kid sure was lucky that day".... "I've also been telling them about you... of course no names".....
    Bobby tilted his head a bit and looked at Cory... "I hear an 'and' coming".
    Cory grinned and continued, "And they are looking for someone like me that can do with the sheep, what I've been doing with their ponies".

    Bobby wasn't sure what to think.

    Cory continued, "It will do you good to get out in the world more.... Meet new critters and make new friends"....

    ...... "I've invited the guys to come to my ranch for some steaks next week.... why don't you come over and meet some of 'em..... They don't have to know who you are, other then 'zoo friendly'." 


    The 'Motley Crew', as they dubbed themselves, consisted the human males on the staff, from the Country Club, and one member, Mr. Simon.
    The 'CFO', after getting over the shock of fucking a feral animal. And how all the Island Goats acted like it was really no big deal... Then he found out that he   was not alone in his shagging of animals... That in fact there at the club, at that time, there were four more human males that routinely "plowed feral fields", so to speak.
    At first when Cory invited him to join the other men from the club to visit his ranch, he was a bit hesitant. But Cory assured him that his farm was isolated enough that no one would know he was there. And since everyone involved already knew he had a proclivity for the feral goat doe, Betty... As well as the Island doe, Nora... Both of which were all white with pink bits, this will be noted later, he accepted the invite.

    Cory and the young executive spent several hours sitting around talking about being 'zoo'. After learning about Simon's younger days and his time at fairs. And how he had been very careful not to give in to the urge to 'fence hop', as it was called.
    The mental problems Simon was having from time to time adjusting to.... being zoo. Cory told him that he felt that most zoos are born that way. And that Simon was defiantly a zoo long before he meet Betty in that shed.
    "Just look at Jeff. Here's a kid that was from the city, probably the only animal he ever touched was a dog.... I guess he did meet some Island animal at some sort of 'meet the freaks' sort of event the school had. Any ways the kid starts working here and before you know it, he's shagging a feral pig.... Yea he 'worked up to it', petting her a little more each day... But still how many city kids would even want to touch a pig? Sure Molly keeps 'em super clean so there hardly any pig smell... But still, what young kid would even want to touch a sow, that wasn't a zoo deep down inside? And the animals can tell..." Cory nodded to the feral animals that wondered around the shady area they were seated under. "Why do you think Betty followed you that day?... She knew what you are. Why did Soffie offer herself to young Jeff after only a couple weeks of him scratching and brushing her? She knew he was a zoo."
    "Is he having any problems adjusting like I am"? Referring to the young driver.
    "Well you two are 'apples and oranges'. This all happened in just a few weeks for him.... You on the other hand have been fucking goats in your mind for years.... You've thought about it from every which way. I'll bet you wandered if you were some kind of pervert for having these thought, on more then one occasion".

    The CFO nodded. "What about you"?

    Cory looked surprised. "Me?.... Hell I've been shagging ponies since I was knee high to a cow". Seeing that didn't register. "I was in my early teens when I fucked my first mare... Been sort'a normal way for me ever since."

    As always the, 'Modus Operandi', to get things started, was to sit in the middle of the barn with doors closed, of course. And stall doors open so the mares could mingle with the men and they were the ones to choose with whom they enjoyed some 'human time' with.
    Cory had several pony mares of various colors and personalities. Some were a bit stand-offish, and others that were down right pests in the way they mugged the men for pets and treats.
    Mr. Simon, having not been around a lot of equines, was a tad, 'clunky' at first, but was soon finding the good spots to scratch on the animals. With a broad smile he noted how, "Soft and genital" they were with their lips.
    Was given the, 'mare lesson', with Cory's wife providing the visual aids. 

    Since Mr. Simon was the, 'new guy'. Everyone sort'a held back so he could have the first pick of the willing mares.

    Well except for Karl and Mustang Sally.


    When the big 'Beefeater' first arrived at the pony farm, Cory wasn't quite sure what to think of the massive human. Then he found out that he had been genetically altered, with zebra DNA no less.... And then with Jenny taking a liking to him.....
    The female donkey had was already at the farm when Cory had been hired. Try as he might, he couldn't seem to find the right combination to her 'zoo side'. So when she practically shoved Karl into the 'sex stall', well he figured he must be ok.
    One weekend he invited Jeff the driver and Karl out to his ranch for some steaks. Since he knew that they never got any red meat at the country club commissary. While sex wasn't the main idea of the get together, Cory still had the two men come out and sit in the middle of the stall area to meet his 'girls'.
    Whatever it was that made Jenny like the massive black man, worked on Mustang Sally. She had been part of a package deal, to get the pony he really wanted, he had to take the taller dun colored pony. While the short one really took to the zoo life, Sally only got so she loved to be munched on. She'd stand, hooves well planted and push her twat back into Cory's face. A few times while she was in heat, did she allow the Texan to put a step behind her for a quick shag. And since Cory wasn't a zoo that sold off non-zoo animals, Sally had a permanent home.
So when she started to loudly snuffle Karl's groin and then giving out squeals of excitement....
    The two were escorted to the large stall on the end. The Beefeater took off his clothes and Sally pranced around. As soon the black man's long thick penis was reviled, the mare thrust her muzzle into Karl's groin and the snorting and squealing began anew. Then she spun around squatted and squirted in front of Karl.

    "I think we've established consent", Cory said. He also noted that the massive black man wouldn't need the step he made.

    Karl figured that Sally was enough like Jenny that he didn't hesitate. Only pausing long enough to note that the furiously winking pussy was more up and down, and not angled back like the donkey's. Gathering the swishing tail in one hand, and then moving it to one side.... He grabbed his long cock in the other and ran the glans up and down in the black wet slit. More fluid was squirted. He shoved in the first few inches. If she wasn't really into this, he'd soon know since she wasn't tied and was free to step away.
    Sally took a step.... Backwards... Suddenly Karl found himself more then half way in the mare's warm silken walls.

    "Shit she's backing up"!

    The Beefeater put his own ass in gear and thrust the rest of the way in.

    Cory figured Karl had things under control, so he stepped away from the open stall door to give the man and mare some privacy. Turned to talk to Jeff, when suddenly there was a bang from the stall. He and Jeff rushed to the door, only to see the massive black man, with his back to the stall wall and Sally grinding her cunt into Karl's groin.

    "Who's fucking who"? Jeff asked.

    Karl was able to push her foreword, far enough to be able to get in some fuck thrusts. With the way the mare was acting, it didn't take long for him to start cumming in her. Which let her once again shove his back against the wall and proceed to ride his spurting cock.

    They returned to the middle of the barn to sit and listen to the various grunts, whinnies, expletives, and bangings on the stall walls. Cory just shook his head in wonderment at how the shy mare had turned into a raging sex monster.
    "Must be that zebra DNA he has in him". The driver noted.

    When the sounds quieted down, they looked at the stall door, just as Mustang Sally, showing off whatever Arabian she had in her, came prancing out, neck arched, tail straight up, and a white ribbon of jizz flowing from her cunt. A few minutes later the big Beefeater staggered out, looking like he just survived an attempted, "Death by Snu Snu".
    After that day, Sally made it clear there was only one Stallion in her life.

    Then it was Simon's turn.

    So while not as exciting as Mustang Sally and Karl. It still surprised the heck out of Cory was the mare, 'Snowflake', an all white pony, was the one that picked the CFO. When the mare spun around, both men flinched a bit, not knowing if Simon had pissed her off somehow.... But when she lifted her tail and gave the human a 'wink', both breathed a sigh. Relive for CFO for he wasn't getting a, 'hoof to the face', and one of surprise for Cory to see this normally shy mare, offering herself so openly to the new guy.

    Simon really hadn't come looking for a, 'quick shag with a strange animal'.
He was just wanting to 'fit in', with the other 'Zoos'.... Since he was one; now.
Just a friendly cookout with beer and steaks. Talking to Jeff, and later, Cory at the country club, helped the, 'goat fucker' to accept himself. He actually flinched the first time he called himself that. But the two men help him to see that he was a 'goat fucker' all along. He just hadn't made it official. They said he was a 'zoo' long before he came to the country club. He loved animals. All zoos did, one way or another. Not everyone was the same. Everyone's love was also not the same.
Simon loved goats, all goats... Cory had told him that some zoos feel you have to only love one animal at a time. And while he said he was 'married' to his pony, he also shagged other animals. Lately he had a chance to experience sheep.

    So the CFO was a bit surprised to find himself kneeling in a stall behind a very pretty pony. Snowflake's coat lived up to her name. It dazzled like newly fallen snow when she would walk through a beam of sunlight, it was that white. And then there was the pinkness of her nether lips. So pink you could just loose oneself. His hands lightly caressed the soft coat, and the smooth pink flesh. Only when her vulva was gently opened, did one see a deeper shade of pink, blending to near red, the deeper one looked. It was a good thing he went ahead and took off his clothes for the erection standing straight out from his loins would have ripped the fabric.
Snowflake's tail went up higher and moved to one side as Simon ran his tongue up and down the rubbery lips. Did I mention that they were bright pink? He human stood and applied some lube. And as with Mustang Sally, Snowflake was neither tied nor confined in any way.... So this could end one of two way, and Simon hoped it wouldn't be, 'Blue Balls'. The information he gathered from his tongue and Cory's lession, he knew to aim high. Snowflake's nether lips parted easily as he ran his cock tip up and down in her sex slit.
    Her white coat and pink flesh, there was no way Simon wasn't at least going to try to fuck her beautiful pussy. He slid the first few inches into her... Snowflake gave a shy glance back over her shoulder and ever so slightly, pushed back.
    Ask any zoo and they'll tell you, that first slide in to an animal is magical.
The difference in body temperature, difference in the feel of the vaginal walls... When his full eight inches were in, he felt his balls touching the mound that housed the clit, which gave 'em a quick 'kiss'.
    The young executive kept himself in good shape. Trips to the gym and now the Country Club, he was capable of providing some powerful pussy pounding... But aside from the feral doe goat Betty, who liked a little, 'oomph' in her fucking, Nora and Simon had settled into a, 'slow and easy' way of making love. The Island doe loved the human, and his calm mating. She had heard that some humans can be a lot rougher. Not letting a doe get accustomed to the thicker human cock, before starting their thrusts. In the months they've been together, not once had he hurt her with over zealous fucking.
    Simon started fucking the white animal with long slow strokes. The walls of Snowflake's cunt, fairly rippled over the human's long shaft. Instead of goat vaginal muscles relaxing... He felt the muscles in the pink pony pussy snugging around his penis. Every time he looked down and saw his flesh sliding into the brilliant pink of the mare's nether lips, his cock gave another throb.
    Cory had to give both the human and pony credit for keeping it up for over twenty minutes, before the young executive started speeding up his fuck thrusts and was soon blowing his load into the white pony mare.


    Bobby watched as one of those 'executive' type bus / van.... You know a large van with a super nice interior, 'fridge, monitors and the like.
Any ways, it came to a halt in front of Cory's house/stable. "House on one end, stable on the other and fun in the middle", as the older Texan would say.
    All the doors seamed to pop open at once.
    "About time you guys here".
    The really young looking man that got out of the driver's side said, "I couldn't find that remote you gave me for your front gate", pointing at the bus, "Damn thing has way too many places to stash stuff".
    Turning toward Bobby.... "You must be the mystery guest... I'm Jeff, or if you are on any of the zoo forums, 'Oinker'".
    For some strange reason Bobby volunteered, "I'm EweLover".
    "Well if your posts are true, I'd say you are a little more then 'zoo friendly'".
    At that moment, the largest human, Bobby had ever seen, unfold itself from the open side door of the white van, and walk toward him.
    "Wow! Cory said one of the guys coming was a 'Beefeater'... You're amazing". Bobby stuck his hand out, and up, to shake.
    Karl smiled at one of the better reactions he just got from being seen for the first time.
    Cory herded the group up onto the covered part of the deck that ran along the house end of the building. "Be out of the sun up there".
    The introductions continued... 
    Next was 'Mr. Brown'... But since he polo shirt he was wearing had "Brown Goat Dairy" embroidered on it, Bobby figured that was a real name. 
    'Bruce', who Bobby found out a little later he was married to a Kangaroo.
    'Mr. Smith', was a young man a little older then he, Bobby guessed. He could tell the man had money, cause he wore the same brand of, 'Rich Farmer Clothes', as he did.

    The men sat in the shade and chatted amicably. Other then Karl being called away by a very noisy mare, that caused a ruckus when she heard the massive black man's voice. It was kind'a refreshing that the conversation just wasn't about fucking animals. They talked about the recent trip the group took to the Alamo and all the great food they had along the 'River Walk', making plans to go to Corpus Christi to maybe go deep sea fishing. And which Barbecue place they were going to hit next week. Plans for the Country Club's cruse was also talked about and if they wanted to go as a group or not. Sally the club manager was going, so that meant that Jeff would also go. Fred Brown said he'd better take his goat wife Gerty, since  that's all he's heard about when the Club announced that they were organizing a cruse for the members. If Nora could get some time off then, 'Mr. Smith' would go. Bobby said he just might join the country club just to be able to take the cruse, sense he'd never been on one.

    Jeff got a message on his phone and turned to 'EweLover', "Well I just got the 'go ahead' to see if you wanted to meet with Molly at the Country Club sometime this week"?

    Bobby thought for a moment. "What brought that on"?

    Before Jeff could answer, Cory spoke up. "Well since there's a couple of guys here that work in security, and the one's that don't, well lets just say they are good 'company men'... so one or more probably texted your name, EweLover to the head of security and he did a background check and didn't find anything bad about you"... The older Texan paused a moment.... "And no it wasn't me, I kept my word about not telling them who you are".... "You're the one that shouted out your on line name".

    Bobby nodded, "Yea as soon as I said it, and from what you figured out about the Island Animal front office, I knew it wouldn't take 'em long to figure out who I was".
    "Even if there wasn't the possibility of a job offer, I still wouldn't mind hanging around you all'. Turning back to Jeff, "Yea, tell her I'd like to meet her".
    Jeff started typing, when Bobby said. "Ask her if she'd like to come out to my farm and see my sheep for herself. She can bring anyone she want's to come with her. Even a big security guard". Bobby winked at Karl. "If he's not too shagged out".


    Once again Bobby watched the large white van pull to a stop. Only this time the large magnetic signs with the Country Club's logo was displayed on both sides, and the farm it was stopping in front of, was his. And again he watched as Jeff, its driver, get out. Stepping around to the passenger side, he opened the door and a brown Island Goat doe gracefully hopped out. Bobby made a careful note of where her white spots were on her face and neck. So if they met again, he'd know it was her. The rest of her was covered by the standard uniform of the place. Polo shirt, with the same logo repeated over her left pec, and a kilt, covered her to her knees. Her horns followed the contour of her head back and then flared out slightly.
    The human smiled, mostly to himself, as he noticed that, like a good prey animal, she glance quickly about, assessing for herself, her own personal safety.
But very quickly those piercing golden goat eyes were focused on him.

    "Welcome to my ranch... I am happy you accepted my invitation."

    Whatever Bobby was going to say after that, was stopped by three county sheriff's cars rolling up his drive. The lead car, Bobby could see through the wind-screen, held the head deputy that the young Texan knew. Seams his farther and the deputy's father had been friends in school. He could also see that he was talking on his radio and the following two cars stopped. The led car got a bit closer when it also drew to a halt. Bill got out of the car with a rather large grin on his face, as he walked up to Bobby.

    "What's my sister say I've been doing this time"?

    With a grin that got even bigger he said, "Whatever it was, it don't matter now".    

    Bobby looked genuinely perplexed at the lawman.

    The deputy turned to the Island Goat. "Thank you ma'm, you have freed me from these stupid, 'raids' I have been conducting on the farm".

    Molly inclined her head and told the deputy, "You're welcome". Molly had been filled in by Cory about the endless grief the young rancher's sisters had been causing him. And figured that this visit by the county police was also one such instance. And she also had a very good idea what the deputy was thanking her for.

    Bobby had no such 'insight', and continued to look perplexed.

    "You see my friend, the sheriff has been sending my out here because your sisters donated a ton of money to his election campaigns... So he has to keep in their good graces... But now". The deputy pointed to the large signs on the side of the van... "Since you are doing business with these fine Island Animals.... Well lets just say having a good reason to come out here and harass you, just got a lot harder".

    Molly felt she need to speak up, "We've never interfered with lawful; law enforcement".

    Again Bill turned to the doe goat, "Very true ma'm, but what is also true, departments that have engaged in 'questionable' law enforcement have found themselves facing an army of lawyers and were quickly sued into bankruptcy.... So again, I thank you ma'm".

    Bobby stood slack jawed as he looked from the deputy, to the Island Goat, and back to the deputy.

    Bill put on his sunglasses and started to get back in to this police cruiser, stopped, and this time he addressed Jeff the driver, pointing to Bobby he said, "When he starts functioning again, tell him I said I'll see him later".

    The car was nearly turned around, when Bobby finally thought to raise his hand to wave, 'good-bye'.

    The young rancher was still sputtering apologies as they all walked into the cool of the sheep barn.

    Putting his hand on Bobby's shoulder, Jeff told him, "Whoa... just ease up a sec... Cory and I both filed in Molly about the shit you've been putting up with... So don't worry about". Spotting some lawn chairs that were around a outdoorsy table, he guided the trio over to them.

    The barn was bright and airy. Looking out the large open doors, Molly could see the brown hairy sheep grazing on the grass. "You still have grass I see. Lucky... we have to water like crazy to keep even a hint of green in our pastures".

    'Talking shop', seamed to bring Bobby back to life. "Luck of the draw, next year you'll get the rain and we'll be the ones feeding hay. They all sat on a wide asphalt walkway that ran across the front of the barn. This kept the office and Bobby's apartment cleaner by not waking directly in from the dirt floor.

    Molly stood and stepped closer to the low board fence. "I like the way you have it so you can either have a big open area, like this, or can divide it up into lambing and breeding pens. Bobby joined her and the two slowly walked along the hard black path of the rather large barn. Jeff could see a huge stack of hay at the far end.

    "While you two look around, I'm going out to the van for a cold soda".
Jeff could see he was thoroughly ignored as the young sheep rancher was pointing to different features of his barn to Molly.

    The Country Club driver had nodded off to sleep. But the sound of hoof steps getting closer caused him to look up. Seeing the two still talking, he caught a few scraps of conversation. Something about building a bungalow for Bobby next to the main barn.... And something else he noticed.... Molly had a small piece of hay stuck in her hair, just behind her horn... They both stopped and looked up at Jeff.

    "Really?... Just like that and you two are shagging like bunnies?" Jeff knew that Molly had that, built in need. But Bobby didn't know that, so he was keen on hearing how this all went down.

    Molly spoke first, "Well you men kept hinting that Bobby was rather well endowed..."

    "I guess that's why she kept staring at my crotch... And I asked her if she wanted to see it...."

    Molly almost blushed... almost... "And I of course said yes....."

    At that point, the young sheep rancher did blush...

    Then the two turned and headed for the van...

    "Negotiations must be over", the driver told himself. And go up to follow the two out of the barn. Half way to the van, Jeff had to smile. "Seams our normally bow-legged goat, is a little more, bow-legged".

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