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Raising Puppies

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Hiway    67

So, my rottie bitch introduced me to eleven of her pups early on Saturday morning... not that I wasn't expecting them!

She managed it pretty much all by herself for a total of about eight hours, with some assistance now and again. 

My concern now are with her milking, she doesn't appear to be producing enough so I'm supplementing their feeding with Moo juice (cows milk).


Whould you add anything to the milk to help them along? If so, what?

One odd thing is, their mother won't drink milk!!! This is the first time I have ever encountered a dog that won't drink milk, warm or cold! 

Mom is on multi-vitamins and calcium chewies but I have to break them into her food to eat them!

Next stop is the vets on Monday morning to have her checked out and schedule the pups for docking and dewies!


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silverwolf1    192

Yeah, brown sugar. A bitches milk is about 5 times sweeter than cows milk. If it were me, I'd supplement every third feeding with puppy milk replacer instead of cows milk. Be forewarned, puppies don't digest the larger fats in cows milk very well. Look for their already loose bowel movements to be even more liquid (and stronger smelling).

I'd separate half the puppies, and alternate one group one time with mommas milk, one the next, and feed the other group each time with just puppy milk replacer. They'll be healthier for it I think.

I've had dogs on the farm that wouldn't drink milk of any sort as adults. Then again, I've had some that would sit beside the cows waiting just like a cat.

BTW, Cabs going to read this and recommend goats milk, and rightly so. Don't know where that'd be available to you though.

Just my thoughts,


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egoldstein    37

As for giving her suppliments, I tend to slather them in butter. The ones that eat the glob voluntarily are easy and the ones that don't...at least the butter helps is slide down.


That's an adorable pile of pups, btw. Makes me wish I had the freetime to take them from you for a few weeks. :P

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