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Silverwolf's Bio.

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silverwolf1    192

My earliest remembrance of zoophilic feelings goes back to my pre-teenage years when I found myself getting aroused by the thought of being a dog and matting with the dog my grandparents owned on the farm. I should explain here that I'd been sexually active since age 7 at least. I surprisingly never questioned this aspect of my desires, though when I also became aroused around the mares I did, and felt a bit ashamed. I only now at 55 have comee to accept that I might love a mare I owned & knew back then. My first non-human lover (and second lover overall) was Ginger, a sheltie, who was my constant friend and companion from the time I was 10 until I was 16. 

I've had two other long term canine lovers, Tippy & Shadow, both Border Collies though on the petite side. I also never questioned either relationship. What few here know is that before and after these relationships I've had un-committed sex with several other bitches. I sometimes question that. My first ownership of an animal dates to my first feelings, when my grandfather helped me buy Misty, a Shetland pony. I recognise only now that she was likely in love with me. I stressed over my feelings for and arousal by her back then. 

All of this has shaped my opinions of zoophilia today, my beliefs in monogamy, commitment and against fence-hopping and other practices. Also unlike many zoos, I find human females very attractive and have had many human partners and several such relationships over my life. It wasn't until I was with Tippy that I decided against mingling the two and committing to the non-human. It was also not until her that I became zoo-exclusive, and I remain so today. I also have never been attracted to males of any species, which according to all information I've seen makes me a minority in the community.

I've been many things, from a soldier (retired from the US Army), horse trainer (since nearly always) and bodyguard to more mundane occupations to help pay the bills. Today I am just tired by and from most of these. I still train horses, including my own.

I've written from an early age, both poetry and short stories, in mainstream media. I didn't begin writing in a zoophilic theme until Tippy's death in 1998 though. I had written some poems to her in her life, and had written short stories with her as the main protagonist, but never expressed our true feelings for each other, or our sexual encounters, until finding Whiteshadows forum, and then Zoo.Org, when battling the demons her death brought upon me.

1998 also brought me online, as can be guessed above. I was tutored so to speak, by Proteus, Wolfheart and a few other oldtimers who appeared to want me to just go away. I learned much about the community from them. Like most newbies, I made myself both an irritation and a fool, but they stuck by their task of schooling me the hard way. I owe them, and you have them to thank (or damn) for me staying around. I've used the same knick everywhere online since 98, except a brief stint as "phantomzoo62" from 2015-2016ish, and have only written as "silverwolf".

I've had 4 Zoo Writers Guild forums, counting this one. This is the first though where I've been allowed to really express myself, and the only one thats showed signs of staying power.

Such is the story of "silverwolf" to 2017. What the years from here have in store is hard to say. I live now with two dogs, a lab and a small Border, who are great companions, and a Morgan mare who I might be in love with. Who can say?


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