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Ren Houk

ASB FAQ-PIP June 15th, 1995 V 5.70

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Ren Houk    4

Alt.sex.bestiality F.A.Q., Version 5.70                  Posted 15 June, 1995
[Part One; In The Beginnning]                           Revised 15 June, 1995
=============================<TABLE OF CONTENTS>=============================

I. Part One; In The Beginning (You're readin' it!)
   A. Introduction
   B. The Questions
      1. What exactly is alt.sex.bestiality here for anyways?
      2. What is bestiality?  Zoophilia?
      3. Do people on this newsgroup actually have sexual relations with
      4. How many people have sex with animals?
      5. What is considered an acceptable post on this newsgroup?
      6. Isn't sex with animals unethical?  Blasphemous?  Cruel?
      7. Can I make my animal pregnant by having sex with her?
      8. Is there a way to meet others from A.S.Best?
      9. Is there a way to post anonymously?
     10. How can I get started having sex with my dog?  Horse?  Platypus?
     11. Is there an ftp site for zoo GIFs or archives of
     12. Are there any zoophile meeting places?

II. Part Two; Zoophilia and The Law; Today
    A. Introduction
    B. State Laws in the U.S.
    C. Laws in Other Countries
    D. Federal Laws in the U.S. Regarding Bestiality
       1. Introduction
       2. The Roth Test
       3. United States Code Chapter 71; Obscenity   
    E. The History of Zoophilia in the Law

III. Part Three; Zoophilia and The Law; History
     A. Introduction
     B. Case Studies

IV. Part Four; Zoophilia and Your Health
    A. Introduction
    B. Contagious Animal Health Problems
       1. Auto-Immune Deficiency Syndrome, (AIDS)
       2. Lyme Disease
       3. Toxoplasma
       4. Urinary Tract Infections, (UTIs)
       5. Canine Brucellosis
       6. Parasites

V. Part Five; Zoophilia in Music, Art and Literature
   A. Music
      1. Vintage Vinyl
   B. Art
      1. The performing arts
      2. On the silver screen
      3. Hangin' on the wall
   C. Literature
      1. On the ASBest Sellers List
      2. Poetry and Prose

VI. Part Six; How To; Equines
    A. How to have more fun with your stallion
    B. Helpful Tips; Stallions
    C. How to have more fun with your mare
    D. Helpful Tips; Mares

VII. Part Seven; How To; Canines
     A. Guide to Bitches
        1. Getting Started
        2. The right bitch for you
        3. Preparation is the key!
        4. In the trenches
        5. Out of heat and spayed bitches
        6. Anal sex   
     B. Guide to Dogs
        1. Anal sex with dogs; On the receiving end
        2. Anal sex with dogs; Giving
        3. Oral sex with dogs; On the reveiving end
        4. Oral sex with dogs; Giving
        5. Oral sex with dogs; Neutered males
        6. Docking
        7. What does dog semen have in it?
        8. How long is a dog's penis?

VIII. Part Eight; Tanith's ScalySex FAQ

=============================<A - INTRODUCTION>==============================

Welcome to alt.sex.bestiality!  Many of you are probably wondering about
this newsgroup and / or may have lurked for a while watching the numerous
messages pass through this forum.  As you may have seen, topics here are
diverse, ranging from vegatarianism to religion and from politics to
accounts of personal experiences, but all topics here relate to bestiality
and / or zoophilia...normally <grin>.  Alt.sex.bestiality isn't moderated
so we are prone to off topic posts, but generally we run a good ship!  You
are asked to please refrain from making off topic posts or responding to
them.  You are expected to act maturely, to post responsibly, and to
follow the guidelines of 'netiquette'.  If you do so, you shall be welcomed
warmly!  Onto the questions though.  This -is- an F.A.Q.! :^)

=============================<B - THE QUESTIONS>=============================

1 - What exactly is alt.sex.bestiality here for anyways?
-   ----------------------------------------------------
Have a question about your pets' sexual behaviour?  Have a question about
how to have a safe and mutually pleasing sexual relationship with your animal
companion(s)?  Maybe you're just curious about -why-?   That's what A.S.Best
is here for, as well as anything else you may wish to ask about or talk
about related to inter-species sexual relations.  Even if you need to talk
to someone about being an animal lover, that's part of what A.S.Best is here
for as well.  Many beastialists/zoos here have already felt and dealt with
the pressure of being in the minority and are very willing to help out a
fellow animal lover.  Besides being a discussion forum, A.S.Best also serves
as a site where zoos and bestialists can often find stories and infomation
about sexual contact with animals.

2 - What is bestiality?  Zoophilia?
-   -------------------------------
Bestiality is, by textbook definition, sexual contact between a human
being and a non-human animal.  Zoophilia is, by textbook definition,
an emotional attachment to an animal that causes a human being to prefer
a non-human animal as a companion and / or a sexual partner.  These
definitions are generally accepted around here :)  Many zoophiles have
extremely close, emotional relationships with their non-human partners
and many bestialists enjoy the pleasure they can give and receive from
their lovers.

3 - Do people on this newsgroup actually have sexual relations with animals?
-   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
You bet'cha! :^) Many here are quite proud of that fact as well!  There are
also many here who have not had any sexual contact with animals but who are
eager to do so.  There are also those who are not interested in having sex
with animals but enjoy the stories and discussion on this newsgroup.  All
are welcomed and encouraged to contribute.

4 - How many people have sex with animals?
-   --------------------------------------
[ This section written by Redvane Fox (redvane@atheling.demon.co.uk) ]

There have been various studies but to my mind they are all flawed or
dated. The most famous is that of Alfred Kinsey et al in the late 40's /
early 50's USA which reported that 8 percent of men and 3.5 percent of
women had "on some occasion, had sexual contact with an animal." In
some rural areas, the figures for males were as high as 50 percent.
However, this was a time when the chances of a 16-year-old farmer's son
getting a human partner to do more than hold hands was virtually nil.
Thus, animal contacts would have been more common then than now.  Also,
given the decline of farming in America and Europe and the increasing
urbanisation of populations, I would venture a guess that there are
somewhere in the region of 2 to 4 percent of men have had some sort of
sexual experience with a non-human.  Masters and Johnson reported less
than 2 percent of women had sexual contact with an animal (dogs mainly)
but others have estimated that the true figure was probably higher
(let's face it, if someone comes up to you and asks "Do you fuck
animals?" would you give them a straight answer?)

It's also important to know that for very many people who do have sex
with a non-human in, say, adolescence, they don't carry it on into
adulthood - it's a teenage experiment, part of exploring the wonderful
world of sex. Two of my friends have (over much beer) admitted to me that
they've "played around" with animals when they were teenagers but went on
to have "normal" hetero partnerships (although they both said they had no
regrets and might try it again if the circumstances were right).  Of
people who have had sex with animals once, liked it and stayed or those
whose attraction to animals was there from the very beginning is perhaps
less than 0.1 percent of the population.  To quote Midas Dekker's
"Dearest Pet":

"Earlier in this chapter I estimated the percentage of human beings that
have sexual experiences with animals at a few percent.  If you include
in bestiality only the people who have sex *exclusively* with animals
then the percentage falls far below 1 percent.  Bestiality requires
imagination and people with imagination usually have no flies on them.
On the other hand, if you drop the requirement that for sexual contact
something has to be inserted somewhere and that something has to be
fiddled with and it is sufficient simply to cuddle, to derive a warm
feeling from each other, to kiss perhaps at times, in brief to love,
then bestiality is not a deviation but the general rule, not even
shameful, but the *done thing*.  After all, who does not wish to be
called an animal lover?"

5 - What is considered an acceptable post on this newsgroup?
-   --------------------------------------------------------
We ask, of course, that you first of all, remain on topic, (Refer to #1 if
you have questions about what is on topic.).  Please post responsibly.
This means please do not flame!  Intelligent, mature statements will be
regarded and responded to in a like manner.  GRAPHIC IMAGES (GIFs, JPEGs,
etc.) ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE HERE.  Please post all graphics images to
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bestiality.  If you do not receive a.b.p.e.b.,
you can post to alt.binaries.pictures.tasteless.  I repeat, do not post
them here.  Erotic texts (stories) are acceptable material but please try
and not post too much material all at once.  Otherwise, feel free to join
in the conversation or start up at thread of your own.  We don't
bite...hard :)

6 - Isn't sex with animals unethical?  Blasphemous?  Cruel?
-   ------------------------------------------------------
This topic is often discussed on A.S.Best because it concerns many here as
well as those who stumble onto this group.  A.S.Best often receives flames
from those who believe bestiality must involve cruelty or who believe it's
unethical for any number of other reasons.  At times like these, the people
here have overwhelmingly voiced their disapproval for those who do abuse
animals and have defended the love they have for their partners with a
vast number of viewpoints, backgrounds, and platforms.

The discussions on this topic remains quite verbose though and has no place
in this F.A.Q..  If you do wish to get a discussion going on this topic,
or any other for that matter, do feel free to do so as long as it is done
in a responsible and respectful manner.  You'll find so long as you conduct
yourself reasonably, your viewpoints will be respected and addressed

7 - Can I make my animal pregnant by having sex with her?
-   -----------------------------------------------------
Absolutely not.  Because of things like chromosome counts, body temperatures
and genetic codes, human animals cannot impregnate other animals.  However,
if you do wind up impregnating your lover, call me immediately!  I could
make, err, make you, a bundle selling your story to the tabloids! <grin>

8 - Is there a way to meet with others from A.S.Best?
-   -------------------------------------------------
If you'd like to meet other animal lovers in your area who may be reading
A.S.Best, you can post a message indicating where abouts you are.  It is
strongly advised you not be too specific though, (by giving info like
street addresses or city names.).  Information such as your home address
and / or telephone number should be reserved for private mail correspondence
once you feel comfortable with the person(s) who may contact you.

9 - Is there a way to post anonymously?
-   -----------------------------------
[ This section written by Zippo (zippo@io.org) ]

The anon.penet.fi server (which is in Finland.. hence the .fi) takes
your mail, strips off your address, replaces it with an annonymous
account # and then either posts or re-mails it for you.

It's pretty foolproof and people can even send mail back to you by
mailing their reply to your anon account #.  But it relies upon the
integrety of what ever servers your mail has to go thru to get to
and from the anon.penet.fi server.  If anyone reads your mail they
can identify you.. but with the volume of mail that passes thru 
most servers it would probably be hard for an unscrupulous sysop to
pick you mail out of the flood.

To set up an anon account at anon.penet.fi you mail them the following

  To: ping@anon.penet.fi
  From: <your real name / address>
  Sub: <anything>

(note: the row of "-" represents where the body of the text in the
mail starts.)

If you want to set up an account AND get a guide book from the person
operating the system send:

  To: help@anon.penet.fi
  From: <your real name / address>
  Sub: <anything>

This will also set up your anon account if you dont already have one.
You can now use your account to post and send e-mail anonymously.  To
do that you send the following type of message:

  To: anon@anon.penet.fi
  From: <your real name / address>
  Sub: <anything>
X-Anon-To: <the address or usenet group name you want to post to>  

<the body of text that you want posted>

Simple non?  The "X-Anon-To:" part _has_ to the first line in
the body of your text, and that tells the server where to re-direct
you mail to.  If you want to post to several recipients you seperate
their addresses with a ", " and the server will send your mail to 
each of them.

If you want to set up a nickname that will get added to your anon
account # when you mail or post send the following message:

  To: nick@anon.penet.fi
  From: <your real name / address>
  Sub: <your desired nickname>
The name you enter as the "Sub:" line will become your nick name
and will be printed as part of the "From:" line when the anon server
posts your mail.

You can also get a password to your account.. post the following:

  To: password@anon.penet.fi
  From: <your real name / address>
  Sub: <anything>
<your desired password>  

Whatever text you've entered as the first line of text in your
mail becomes your password.  Keeping this to 8 characters or so  
would probably be a good idea.  You use your password like this:

  To: anon@anon.penet.fi
  From: <your real name / address>
  Sub: <anything>
X-Anon-To: <the address or usenet group name you want to post to>  
X-Anon-Password: <your password>

<the body of text that you want posted>

You can remove your password but I cant quite follow the instructions
on how to do it.. here they are verbatum from the help text that I 
recived a while back:

 > If you find this is too much of a hassle, and don't care too much
 > about the confidentiality of your anon id, you can set the password
 > to "none", in which case the server doesn't require you to have a
 > password.

The problem I have here is I cant tell if they want you to mail to
password@anon.penet.fi as you did to set up the password, or if you
send mail to anon@anon.penet.fi with the "X-Anon-Password:" text as
"none" or some combination of the two.

The last thing you need to know about anon.penet.fi is how to get in
touch with the sysop.  Mail to him like this:

  To: admin@anon.penet.fi
  From: <your real name / address>
  Sub: <anything>
<your message>

Or if you wish to be anonymous to the sysop you can mail:

  To: anon@anon.penet.fi
  From: <your real name / address>
  Sub: <anything>
X-Anon-To: an0@anon.penet.fi  

<your message>

I recomend that you send a message to help@anon.penet.fi to get the
instruction text from the server.  It has some additinal texts about
the suggested use of the server, info on other languages and perhapse
will cover something important that I missed out.  Nuff said.

10 - How can I get started having sex with my dog?  Horse?  Platypus? :^)
--   --------------------------------------------------------------------
We finally have a 'how to' section of the FAQ!  Okay, it's mostly my
fault for just not editing the stuff I've had wasting away on my hard
drive for the last couple of weeks but, contrary to popular belief, my
entire life does -not- revolve around this place :>  Anyhow, for how to
info, refer to 'How to; Equines.' 'How to; Canines' will be a regular
part of this FAQ by the first of next month.  If you would like to
contribute your own knowledge about the critter of your affections,
please write me to express your interest!

11 - Is there an ftp site for zoo GIFs or archives of alt.sex.bestiality?
--   --------------------------------------------------------------------
Currently, there is no known ftp site containing graphics images of zoo
related materials.  The official alt.sex.bestiality archivist is Ima Zoo
(imazoo@vnet.net).  Contact him for further information or for copies of
materials archived.  The official archiving began 13 March, 1995.

12 - Are there any zoophile meeting places?
--   --------------------------------------
If you have access to the Internet Relay Chat, (IRC), try going to channels
#beastsex or #pasture.  Other variations on these names do occur--some
common ones are #dogsex, #horsesex, etcetera--so keep on
the lookout.

There are also some talkers which can be telnetted to.  Their addresses
are as follows;
- The Forest at 5010;
- Zoo Central at 5010; and
- Lintilla at 5010.
      [This text is posted on the first and the fifteenth of every month]
           [Copies are available via email from kayotae@phantom.com]
Alt.sex.bestiality F.A.Q., Version 5.70                  Posted 15 June, 1995
[Part Two; Zoophilia and The Law; Today]                Revised 15 June, 1995
[ Compiled by Dillillith, Shuunka Tanka, (shuunka@netcom.com) Philo
  Therion, (an32303@anon.penet.fi), Phalinx, Satyrs@netcom.com, Megadog,
  (megadog@dogstar.win-uk.net) and SteppenWolf, (brianac@unix.ubc.edu) ]

=============================<A - INTRODUCTION>==============================

Suggestions for finding laws not listed here:

1. Go to your local library and ask where your countries statues or laws
2. Look through the statues volumes for the ones labeled General Index. 
3. Open up the volume(s) and look-up the heading "Animals" look and see 
   if that section contains a sub-heading of "Bestiality" also check
   under the sub-heading "Crimes & Offences" and under that heading search
   for "Sexual Abuse" or "Sexually Assaulting Animals" You might also look
   up the sub-heading "Cruelty" to see if it has anything.

   Look up the heading "Bestiality"

   Look up the heading "Sexual Offences" look for the sub-heading
   of "Bestiality" & "Animal Contact" & "Sexually Assaulting Animals"
   You might also find it under the sub-heading "Unnatural/perverted acts" 
   or "Buggery"

   There is also a small chance you may find something under the humane laws

   You may also want to check any other sub-headings that you suspect 
   may contain information on bestiality.

4. Record the statue number under the subheading. It may be in various
   forms: $$ ##.##.###  or  ##-##-##.###  or  ###.### or others.
5. On the back of the state statue volumes you will find Title or Chapter
   numbers in the form: ## to ##. These numbers are different from the
   volume numbers. They usually will correspond to the statue's Title or
   Chapter numbers.      Example:       ##.##.###  
                                        `| |___|
                         Title or Chapter'   L Section

6. Find the volume that contains the Title number that is the same as the
   first number in the statue number. 

7. If you can not find the law, then it may be that your area does not have
   any specific law about bestiality. However, this does not mean the your
   area can't charge a person under another law that may consider fits the 
   situation such as indecent exposure, cruelty to animals, or another law.

Other Points on Laws:

- Having sex with someone else's animal without the owner's permission
  is a crime against property, the same as if someone "borrowed" his horse
  to haul their carriage without his permission.  Remember that horse
  thievery was a hangin' offense in the old West.

- Sex in public is "open and gross lewdness."  People have been prosecuted
  for ordinary sex in a fenced-in backyard and even in a bedroom with the
  shades up, on the basis that a child *could have* climbed the fence or
  looked in the window and seen something.

- Sometimes prosecutors are imaginative, and will creatively apply
  irrelevant laws.  For instance, statutory rape if the animal is less
  than 18 years old.

- Exposing a child to bestiality is considered child abuse/sexual abuse in
  many states. If someone leaves a tape in a VCR and a child hits play and 
  sees it, that may be considered exposure.

- There may be something in the obscenity laws regarding bestial acts on
  video tapes.

- In many states even where bestiality is legal, it IS legally grounds for

- To really know the legality, you would have to look at court cases in your
  area to see how judges define the laws and whether the law has been 
  enforced at all and whether acts between humans are equivalent to acts
  between a human and an animal.

DISCLAIMER:  Neither Dillillith, Shuunka Tanka, Phalinx, Philo Therion,
Steppenwolf, the Satyrs, nor MegaDog are responsible for any errors in this
list.  _SO_ if anyone is aware of any error then PLEASE post and point out
the error.  If you are leery, then take the responsibility yourself and go
to your local library to look it up yourself.  Thanks.

========================<B - STATE LAWS IN THE U.S.>=========================

VAR - Verification of information. Most state/countries laws are only
      located in that states/countries local libraries. So only some laws
      have been confirmed through research. Others are given by word of
      mouth and some have not been researched at all.
      C = Confirmed and verifyed laws.
      W = laws given by word of mouth (or computer)
      - = Laws not known.

LAW - Is their a specific law against bestiality in that state/country.
      NONE = No specific law found against bestiality
      YES  = Law found regarding bestiality.

SN  - Statute Number. If a law has been found this is the state/country's
      statute number it was found under.

PEN - Penalty classification for violating the law. This may vary between
      states/countries. PT = Prison time

STATE/COUNTRY  VAR  LAW  SN                                PEN


       Alabama: C  YES   Code of Ala. @13A-6-63   "sodomy in the 1st degree"
                         (1994)                    criminal offense.
        Alaska: C  NONE                                    
       Arizona: C  NONE
      Arkansas: C  YES   Ark. Stat. Ann.          Criminal Offense: 
                         @13A-6-63 (1994)         "sodomy in 1st degree"
    California: C  YES   Penal Code Section 286.5 Misdemeanor
      Colorado: C  NONE   
   Connecticut: C  NONE   
      Delaware: C  YES   11 Del. C. @777 (1993)   Class D Criminal felony.
       Florida: C  NONE
       Georgia: C  YES   O.C.G.A. @16-6-6 (1994)  1-5 yr. jail sentence.
        Hawaii: C  NONE
         Idaho: C  YES   Idaho Code @18-6605      "length of imprisonment in
                         (1994)                    excess of 5 years is left
                                                   to discretion of court."
      Illinois: C  YES   720 ILCS 5/12-12 (1994)  Crime.
       Indiana: C  YES   Burn Ind. Code. Ann. 
                         @35-42-4-2 (1994)
          Iowa: C  NONE
        Kansas: C  YES   K.S.A. @2103506 (1993)   Aggravated criminal sodomy
                                                  security level2, felony
      Kentucky: C  NONE
     Louisiana: C  NONE
         Maine: C  YES   17-A M.R.S. @ 251 (1994) Class C Crime; 3-5 years
      Maryland: C  YES   Unnatural/Perverted      up to $1,000 fine,
                         Sexual Acts Article 27,  Max of 10 years PT
                         Section 553          
 Massachusetts: C  YES   Mass. Ann. Laws.         Jail sentence of not 
                         ch. 272 @34 (1994)       more than 20 years
      Michigan: C  YES   MCL @750.185 (1992)      Jail sentence of not more
                                                  than 15 years
    Minnessota: C  YES   Minn. Stat. @609.294,    Either fine of not more
                         (1993)                   than $3,000 or sentence of
                                                  not more than 1 year.
   Mississippi: C  YES   Miss. Code. Ann.,        Sentence of not  more than
                         @97-29-59                10 years.
      Missouri: C  NONE    
       Montana: C  YES   Mont. Code. Ann.,        10 year sentence and/or
                         @45-5-505 (1994)         $50,000 fine.
      Nebraska: C  NONE
        Nevada: C  NONE
 New Hampshire: C  NONE
    New Jersey: C  NONE    
    New Mexico: C  NONE
      New York: C  YES   NY CLS Penal @130.20     Class A misdemeanor.
North Carolina: C  YES   N.C. Gen. Stat. @14-177  Class I felony.3-10 years
  North Dakota: C  YES   N.D. Cent. Code          Various penalties, and can
                         @12.1-20-03, 12.1-20-07, be considered either 
                         12.1-20-12(1993)         "gross sexual imposition,"
                                                  "sexual assault" or 
                                                  "deviate sexual act"
          Ohio: C  NONE
      Oklahoma: C  YES   21 Okl. St. @886 (1994)  "imprisonment not to 
                                                   exceed 10 years"
        Oregon: C  NONE
  Pennsylvania: C  YES   18 Pa. C. S. @3101,
                         3123 and 3124 (1994) 
  Rhode Island: C  YES   R.I. Gen. Laws @11-10-1  7-20 years.
South Carolina: C  YES   S.C. Code Ann.           5yrs.jail and/or fine of
                         @16-15-120 (1993)        at least $500
  South Dakota: C  NONE
     Tennessee: C  YES   Tenn. Code. Ann.
                         @39-13-501 (1994)
         Texas: C  NONE
          Utah: C  YES   Bestiality 76-9-301.8    Class B Misdemeanor
       Vermont: C  NONE 
      Virginia: C  YES   Va. Code. Ann.           Class 6 Felony
                         @18.2-361 (1994)
    Washington: C  NONE
 Washington DC: C  YES   DC Code @22-3502 (1994)  Fine not more than $1,000
                         ("Sexual Psychopath"     and/or sentence of not
                          chapter)                more than 10 yrs 
 West Virginia: C  NONE
     Wisconsin: C  YES   Wis. State. @944.17      None listed
       Wyoming: C  NONE

========================<C - LAWS IN OTHER COUNTRIES>========================

        Canada: C  YES   Criminal Code of Canada  Approx. 10 years
                         Section 153
       Denmark: W  NONE
       Finland: W  YES   -                        -
   New Zealand: C  YES   Crimes Act of 1964       Maximum 7 years PT
                         Section 143 & 144
   Switzerland: W  NONE
United Kingdom: C  YES   Sexual Offences Act of  Life imprisonment
                         1956, Section 12(1)     typically 30 years
                         Sexual Offences Act of
                         1967, Section 3(1) 

=============<D - FEDERAL LAWS OF THE U.S. REGARDING BESTIALITY>=============
1 - Introduction
-   ------------
There is no *federal* law which prohibits sex between humans and animals.
There are a few federal laws, however, which list bestiality, along with many
other forms of sex, which are prohibited when invloving children (18 USCS
@2256, 3509 (1994) ).
2 - The Roth Test
-   ------------- 
In 1957 the U.S. Supreme Court developed the "Roth Test" to define 
"obscenity."  The Roth Test requires that the court ask "whether to the 
average person, applying contemporary community standards, the dominant theme
of the material taken as a whole appeals to prurient interest"
Roth v. United States, 354 US 476, 1.  Since the Roth decision, the Supreme 
Court has added that such material must be utterly without redeeming 
social values.

3 - United States Code Chapter 71; Obscenity
-   ----------------------------------------
Section   Content
-------   -------
 1460     Possession with intent to sell, and sale, of obscene matter on
          Federal property
 1461     Mailing obscene or crime-inciting matter
 1462     Importation or transportation of obscene matters
 1463     Mailing indecent matter on wrappers or envelopes
 1464     Broadcasting obscene language
 1465     Transportation of obscene matters for sale or distribution
 1466     Engaging in the business of selling or transferring obscene
 1467     Criminal forfeiture
 1468     Distributing obscene material by cable or subscription television
 1469     Presumptions

In Armijo v. U.S., 384 F2d 694, The court ruled that portions of letters
describing in detail "degenerate bestiality" were not merely obscene but
represented hard-core pornography.
The federal code most damaging to zoophiliac freedom is 18 USCS @ 1461, which
prohibits obscene books as unmailable.  In the case U.S. v. Miller 455 F.2d
899, this statute was applied by court to find that books describing bestiality
between women and a dog were "unmailable."

Now remember the Roth Test...So now you know that you can't mail, import,
transport, broadcast, transport, sell, transfer, or distribute via cable or
subscription televison, obscene material.  

Criminal forfeiture?  Guess what, Code 1467 says that the courts can take
any property that involved the obscenity law being broken.  This could be
VCR's, your car, your computer, etc. You forfeited them when you used them
to break the law.

Presumptions?  Code 1469 means that is there is any hint that the material
was made somewhere else be it direct evidence or even circumstantial
evidence, then the courts will immediately assume it was transported and
therfore violated Code 1462 as well.
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Alt.sex.bestiality F.A.Q., Version 5.70                  Posted 15 June, 1995
[Part Four; Zoophilia and The Law; History]             Revised 15 June, 1995
      _ ___/ /\|              [ This section written and compiled by
  ,;`( )__, )  ~                L'Etalon Doux (an63019@anon.penet.fi)
 //  // \ '--;                  (The Gentle Stallion) ]
'    \     |
      ^    ^ 
============================<A - INTRODUCTION>===============================
The church, which until the time of Henry VIII still had
jurisdiction over all sexual crimes, issued  "Penitential Books"
which described in the minutest detail all forbidden sexual acts
and the punishment which was attached to them.  Some of these
books survive in The British Library.  They are written in Latin
and, according to Rattery Taylor, author of "Sex in History," are
so explicit that they would immediately fall foul of the English
obscenity laws if published. The five penitential codes contain
some 22 paragraphs defining every conceivable form of Sodomy.

Before we go on to looking at some specific cases, we should look
at why the church was so keen to seek out practitioners of un-
natural acts, the infamous "crime against nature."

The church, even at this time, was still directly involved in what
it saw as the fight against superstition and Paganism.  Much use
was still made of spells and curses, potions containing the
penises and testicles of bulls and horses were widely believed
to have magical, rather than medical, powers to improve a man's
potency, or to win over a shy virgin.

Many of these beliefs were handed down from pre-Christian
religions in which the sexual union of human and beast were part
of their animistic rites.  There were certainly very active horse
cults both in Ireland and the Nordic Lands which persisted well
into the fifth century.

Within living memory, a hangover from these times was still
practised in Iceland.  The stallion fight, although no one would
suggest it has retained it's original meaning, was still to be
seen at the turn of the century.  It consisted of two stallions
fighting over an in-season mare in the middle of a large arena. 
The winner then favoured the mare with as many coverings as he
could manage before the next pair came in to the arena for the
entertainment of the crowd.

It is easy to see that this display of masculine strength and
sexual potency was originally a way of selecting the best beast
to be offered in sacrifice to the gods.  The interested reader
may wish to know that such stallion fights are still practised
publicly in the Phillipines.

==============================<B - CASE STUDIES>=============================
We will now go on to a few of the reported cases.  We must
remember here that Europe was completely dependent on agriculture
and opportunities were avilable to all and taken by many more
than were ever caught.  In winter, the animals lived in the lower
part of the house and the people in the upper part in order that
the animals could provide a rudimentary form of heating and be
safe from hungry wolves.  It is easy to imagine a lonely farmer
choosing to warm himelf by seeking "body warmth" from his horse.

In many non-European cultures, sexual acts between humans and
animals were never taboo.  They were, for instance, not punished or
even considered socialy unacceptable among Hopi Indians and Kupfer
Eskimos in America or among the Kusaia and Masai Tribes in
Africa.  Indeed, it has been reported that Masai adolescents
frequently used donkeys as a sexual outlet.  In Peru, Dr.
Francisco Guerra found that no less than six percent of the jugs
used by the native indians contained bestiality motives, as
opposed to the three percent which depicted homosexuality.  The
rest were concerned with hetrosexual sex acts, oral, anal, etc..

In 1468, one Monsieur Jean Beisse was convicted of copulating with
a cow and a goat.  Jean, the cow and the goat were all burned at the

In 1601, 16 year old Caudine de Culam was convicted of intercourse
with a dog.  Both were hanged and their bodies burned.

November 1607, a young boy convicted and hanged for copulating
with a mare.  The mare was killed at the foot of the gallows with
a poleaxe.

In 1649, M. Vijon burned for having sex with a bird.

In Pilgrim Father's Plymouth Colony a divorce law enacted in 1639
mentions bestiality specifically as a ground for divorce.

Cotton Mather in his book "The history of New England," written
at the end of the seventeenth century, describes how a Weymouth
man, who had been a lifelong Sodomist, was first made to watch as
3 sheep, 2 sows, 2 heifers and a cow, all of which had been his
sexual partners, were hanged.  It seems that in this puritanical
world that the animals involved were just as guilty "before God"
as the man himself.  He was executed in the same manner shortly

Another case from New England in the mid-seventeenth century
concerns one Thomas Granger, an imbecile from Duxbury.  He had
copulated with a mare, a cow, 2 goats, five sheep, 2 calves and
a turkey.  He ended up on the gallows of course.  

For a first class demonstration of how effective torture can be we
turn to a man who admited, under torture, to sodomising a sow,
knowing full well that he would hang for it.  The evidence was
that a piglet had a human appearence, and "a flecked eye exactly
like his...because of this he was suspected and admitted his
guilt."  It is, of course, an absolute impossibilty for a man to
father a pig.  We must then assume that the poor man decided that
hanging was better than to allow the torture to continue.

A transcript survives of a case in Virginia at about the same
time. It appears that one Nathaniel Moore had tied a calf to a
tree and performed anal sex with it. It is not recorded whether
the beast was a bull or heifer.  Robert Wyard, a prosecution
witness, gave the following statement:

     Saw him buggering the said calf four or five times. In his
     action Nathaniel had the calf by the tail his yard
     thrusting into the calf several times, wiping his fingers
     on the calf's side and wiping it's breech with his hand.

He called his wife over.

     Do you see what yonder fellow is doing? Who is it?

     It is your servant Nathaniel.  What a villain he is.

The two approached very close to the scene and were eventually
spotted by our "villain."  He had carried on without noticing
until they were close enough to see everything clearly.  At that
time, he had not yet extricated his penis from the animal's rectum.

     Villain.  What are you doing here?

     Nothing.  Resting the calf.  What should I do?

     You villain, you lie, your buggering the calf and we stood
     looking at you. Villain, you have done enough to be hanged.

Nathaniel was found guilty of sodomy.  The witness does seem to
behaved rather oddly though. Not only does he not call out to
this "Villain," but he goes in closer and watches quietly until
discovered.  Could it be that he wanted to watch? 

At this time many cases of bestiality came to light.  Women were
a scarce commodity to the first settlers in the new world.  The
rape of a woman would mean a living witness and certain
execution.  The rape of an animal that can not speak was, on the
other hand, a relatively safe way of releasing sexual tensions,
assuming that there were no observers around!

In 1683, Denmark passed a law making both homosexuality and
bestiality punishable by burning.  In 1711, it was decided that
those convicted should be garroted as well as burned.

In England in 1821, the law read: "Any person, who commits the
crime of sodomy, either with a man, or with any animal, and is
found guilty, will be put to death."  The sentence was always
death of course, but as the presence of semen in the animal had
to be proven to get a conviction until this date, many of those
charged had to be released.  In order to raise the
conviction/hanging rate, the evidence required was changed so
that it was no longer necessary "to prove ejaculation, rather
intercourse shall be deemed to have occured if penetration has

If no penetration had occured but a witness observed someone
"attempting" to copulate with an animal, the sentence was 10

The law was revised in 1861 and the sentence reduced to life
imprisonment.  This law remains to this day!

In August, 1888, a Mr. Vizetelly was prosecuted for publishing
obscene literature.  He pleaded not guilty.  The book in question
was a translation of Emile Zola's "La Terre"--"The Land"--now
accepted as a literary masterpiece the world over.  During the
trial the jury were so visibly shocked by one of the quotations
which was read out in court that Vitzetelly was advised to change
his plea to Guilty.  The passage in question is so beautifully
written that I quote it in full:

"Carefully, as though undertaking something of great importance,
she stepped quickly forward with pursed lips and set face;
concentration made her eyes seem even darker. She had to reach
right across with her arm as she grasped the bull's penis firmly
in her hand and lifted it up.  And when the bull felt that he was
near the edge, he gathered his strength and, with one single
thrust of his loins, pushed his penis right in.  Then it came out

The defendant was fined 250. 3 months later, he was again on
trial for selling Zola translations and served 3 months in

"One E, aged 35, a labourer, who was sentenced by the 8th
Tribuneral Correctionel of the Seine to three months imprisonment
for an outrage on public decency."

He was accused of having committed acts of bestiality on fowls.

These acts had occurred at a lodging-house keeper's in the Rue
des Gravalliers.  This man had found one of his fowls dead.  He
observed E, one of his lodgers, and surprised him at the moment
the act was being consummated.  The fowl was injured and E had
feathers and traces of blood upon his dress." (Tardieu Attentats
aux Moers.)

Men and Dogs - curious Observations It is not unusual to see our
judges sentencing prisoners who have been caught in the very act
of bestiality in public places.

Thus, a Chambre Correctionelle of Paris, on Jan 5th 1880,
condemned to four months' imprisonment and a fine of 16 francs,
and old man of 74, who was arrested on the 2nd of the month in
a urinal, in Rue Publa, at the moment when, having introduced
his penis into the jaws of a large Newfoundland dog, he was
proceeding to manualize the animal.

And another sentence of six months imprisonment and 16 francs was
pronounced on one D, born in Paris, married and the father of
three children, who was surprised in a urinal on the Boulvard
Voltaire, on his knees with a dog between his thighs.  The
officer who stated the facts, pointed out in his report that,
guided by the plaintive cries of an animal, he was induced to
enter the urinal, and there arrested the accused whose dress was
covered with water. (Pouillet.)

Pouillet's two observations do not acquaint us with the mental
condition of the two men caught "in flagrante delicto."  In these
two cases, the animals played a passive part.  It is not the same
in the following observation, due to Tardieu, in which the
animal, on the contrary plays the active part.  It deserves to
be quoted in extenso on account of the anatomo-physiological
discussion to which it has given rise.

"The third case of bestiality, which gave rise to a quite recent
prosecution, was the occasion of a medico-legal report, very new
in its object, on the part of a veterinary surgeon, whose latest
opinion I reproduce; but I ought previously to give an account
of the circumstances in which the act occurred, and those which
resulted from the proces-verbal, which follows, and which I quote
in extenso.

     On  April 28th, in the year 1892, we, a commissary of
     police, from information which we received regarding
     an outrage against public decency, committed by one
     N, a surveyor of roads, and learning that every
     information regarding this loathsome act could be
     supplied by one L, a labourer, caused the said L, to
     appear before us and he there stated as follows:

     "On the 17 inst., about 10 o'clock in the morning, I
     was working between the Lacroix and Robert Joly roads. 
     L was employed in cutting withies in the wood not far
     from me: at this time I wanted to smoke a pipe, and
     left my work to go and ask L for a match; After going
     about 50 metres, I heard a rustling in the wood to my
     left, and I stopped short; the noise still continuing,
     I turned aside from my original direction and took a
     few steps forward.

     All at once I noticed a dog which I recognized as
     belonging to M. I advanced a few paces further with
     much precaution, and I observed the said N, surveyor
     of roads, with his trousers down and his sexual parts
     exposed, his body bent with his face towards the
     ground, his head being turned almost in my direction.

     There I saw N and the dog leaning one against the
     other; N in the above position with his right hand
     behind his back, caressing the dog and pulling about
     its genital parts with his fingers; I remained thus as
     a spectator for several minutes; when the act was
     consumated, I saw the dog's member coming out of N's

     N then raised his head, and seeing me wanted to set
     the dog upon me to bite me, several times crying out
     "Bite him!" I observed to N that the dog was no worse
     than he, and that I was not afraid of it.

     I went away directly, and a few paces from the spot,
     I met A, and I told him that if I had known that he
     was so near to me, I should have called to him to let
     him see the act of which I had just been a witness,
     and which I hastened to relate to him."

     L, aged 16, a labourer, was also heard as a witness in
     the above affair, and declared as follows:" on April
     17th, I was cutting withies in the forest of
     Rambouillet. About half past nine I saw the said N,
     surveyor of roads, accompanied by M's dog; I remarked
     to N that it was fortunate that my father was not
     there at that moment, or he would not go into the
     forest with the dog, seeing that it was expressly
     forbidden;  upon this he laughed at me, and
     disappeared with the dog into the midst of the wood.
     About a quarter past ten, I heard a dog barking.  I
     left my work to see if the dog were hunting.  When I
     reached the Alle des Chantillons, I saw the said A.
     When I got near him, he said to me, If I had known
     that you were so near to me, I should have come to
     look for you, to let you know something awful, which
     I have just witnessed."

     Here the witness L made  word for word the statement
     as it is written above, related to him by L
     immediately after the act had been consummated, and
     adds that since that day the dog cannot leave N.

     N, aged 43, surveyor of roads, was questioned on the
     facts which are alleged against him, and he replied as
     follows: "On the 17th inst.,about 10 o'clock in the
     morning, as I was going to my work at a stone quarry
     situated in the forest, I was accompanied by a large
     dog belonging to M, a farmer. When I reached the wood,
     and was in rather a dense spot, and believing myself
     to be sheltered there from everybody's gaze, I
     unbuttoned and took down my trousers; I then bent
     downwards with my face almost against the ground, and
     presented my posterior to the dog to lick me, which he
     did.  This was done with the intention of allaying the
     pain caused me by my thighs rubbing together as I

     It is no good my laying any further stress upon other
     points; it is true I was seen in the wood, and in the
     position which I have just indicated to you by the
     said L, but what he asserts is only a falsehood."

     N was indicted and tried for an outrage on public
     decency, and was sentenced to a year's imprisonment. 
     The Court of Appeal of Paris, being of the opinion
     that it had not been established that copulation
     between the man and the dog took place, but that N had
     indulged in obscene manoeuvres in public, reduced his
     sentence to three month imprisonment.

     In the course of the pleadings, the following piece of
     evidence was produced. It deserves to be quoted.

     Medico-legal consultation by M. Janet, veterinary
     surgeon at Rambouillet, May 14th 1872.

     Question : Can a dog perform anal copulation upon a
     man ?
     No I think not, for the following reasons : 1st,
     because the penis of the dog has a very special
     conformation which is only suitable for generation
     with his own species.

     2nd, because its penis, which is very pointed and
     slender, has an interior bone covered with very
     sensitive erectile tissue, which, during accoupling,
     swells considerably, forms a plug inside the vagina,
     and prevents the dog from withdrawing immediately
     afterwards, the ejection of the spermatic secretion
     being very slow, which explains why one often sees
     dogs and bitches unable to separate, and remaining
     joined together as long as the erectile tissue has not
     shrunk nor become soft and flaccid again.

     In this painful situation, these poor beasts are very
     frequently the victims of odious brutalities.

     When bitches are on heat, that is to say in a state of
     extreme excitement through venereal desires, the
     vaginal opening becomes dilated very easily, and the
     mucous membranes acquire a great elasticity; it is
     then that the dog is able to introduce his penis into
     it, which is very difficult for him when the bitch has
     returned to her normal state.

     How then could the dog, which cannot cover the bitch
     when she is quiet, on account of contraction and
     resistance of the vaginal tissues, succeed in
     introducing his penis into a man's rectum?  This
     appears to me impossible, for the reasons which I have
     just given, and also for the following physiological
     reasons, which I will endeavour to make clear.

     1st On seeing a man's posterior, I do not think that
     it is the nature of the dog to feel such venereal
     desires as on seeing a bitch.

     2nd The anatomical constitution of his penis, which is
     very flexible at its point, does not give enough
     stiffness for him to introduce it into a man's anus
     and to overcome the very great resistance of the
     sphincter, the circular muscle of the anus, the
     contractility of which is excessively powerful.

     3rd The man's buttocks also display a surface large
     enough to put the dog further away, and to prevent the
     introduction of the penis, the length of which is
     diminished in proportion as the internal bone which
     forms a protuberance, is brought near to the point. In
     this case only a rubbing of the penis on the skin is

     4th The man being on his knees with his hands resting
     on the ground, facilitating by his position the
     pederasty of the dog, will never attain his object if
     the animal, not being very tall, cannot encircle his
     body with his two forepaws so as to have a solid point
     of support.

     I have acquired the certitude of what I have stated by
     placing the dog upon a man who was willing to lend
     himself to the experiment.  Placed, kept there, and
     held up as he was by me, the dog (the same one that
     appeared int he case) if he had been accustomed to the
     action, would have been eager to try to satisfy his
     genesic desires,  on the contrary, he showed
     indifference, did not understand what was asked of
     him, and tried to get away;  he has given us evident
     proof of unwillingness and innocence.

     If, contrary to all physiological estimation, the dog
     had succeeded in overcoming all the obstacles and in
     completely introducing his penis into the man's
     rectum, the effect of the erectile tissue of the bone
     would immediately have been produced, and caused the
     enormous natural swelling (as in the bitches vagina
     during the process of covering) which would have
     compelled the two creatures to remain stuck together
     during the entire period of the energetic contraction
     of the sphincter.

     You see here then this most curious picture: the man
     compelled to remain in the quadruped position, and he
     on his part, and the dog on his, obliged to pull in
     order to free themselves from the bond which attaches
     them; the man unable to get up or stand upright
     without lifting the dog from the ground, causing
     himself extreme pain and exposing himself to be
     dangerously bitten.  In this case the monstrosity
     would be undeniable.

     I conclude therefor that the fact of pederasty of the
     dog with the man is impossible, owing to the
     anatomical conformation of the one and the penis of
     the other.

     I have made numerous researches in many works, but
     have not found a single similar case of bestiality. 

     I should not venture, I confess, to make such a formal
     pronouncement in the negative.  And without wishing to
     enter here into unnecessary detail, I shall confine
     myself to recalling the fact that too numerous
     instances of bestiality have ben positively verified
     in the case of women of evil life for us to exonerate
     the canine species of acts similar to that which has
     just been related  (Tardieu)

Dr. Jacobus X.. Abuses Aberrations and Crimes of the Genital 
Sense (1901)
In a suggested change to the law in Switzerland, in 1909, the
"crime" of bestiality was deliberately left out.

In 1944, an American soldier was convicted by general court-
marshall of sodomy with a cow and sentenced to a dishonourable
discharge and 3 years hard labour. The cow was spared, but in
England into the 1950's, animals were still sometimes ordered to
be destroyed in such cases.

In 1962, Illinois became the first American state to revise it's
criminal code along the lines suggested in The Model Penal Code
(devised by American Law Institute).  Specifically, oral genital
contacts, and anal intercourse between consenting adults in
private and sexual acts with animals are no longer criminal
offenses.  Connecticut, New York and Kansas have also made some
revisions in this area.

California Penal Code  paragraph 286:

Sodomy-Punishment : Every person who is guilty of the infamous
crime against nature, committed with mankind or with any animal,
is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison of not less
than one year.

In the Former Eastern (Communist) half of Germany, Bestiality was
not an offense.  Bestiality ceased to be a crime in West Germany
when the law was removed from the "Straf Gesetz Buch" in 1969 due
to lack of use.

Sodomistic intercourse with animals has also been removed from
the list of criminal sexual offenses in France, Belgium, Italy,
Portugal, Holland and Russia.  Such cases are now dealt with
under indecency and animal cruelty regulations and are most
unlikely to receive a prison sentence.  In those countries such
as Great Britain, which have not updated their laws, the penalty
is, normally,  still life imprisonment, i.e.; the modern
equivalent of a death sentence.

In England, a legal precedent has been set which frees any woman
of a sodomy charge if she was acting under coercion.

The Times, December 13th, 1991

An Animal rights campaigner accused of outraging public decency
by committing an obscene act with a dolphin might have done so
to persuade the animal to prefer him to other swimmers, a court
was told yesterday.

David Wood for the prosecution, told Newcastle upon Tyne crown
court, that Alan Cooper, aged 38, might have performed the act
on Freddie, a 12ft. bottle-nose dolphin, because there was a great
deal of competition to swim with the dolphin.

When Mr. Cooper saw a boatload of people approaching, Including
Peter Bloom, curator of a dolphinarium, who he particularly
disliked, "it may have been tempting to do something which he
knew the dolphin would like,"  Mr. Wood Said. However, the reason
for Mr. Cooper's action was irrelevant and he had outraged the
boat passengers by going way beyond decent behaviour.

Mr. Cooper, of Gorton, Manchester, denies outraging public decency
by masturbating the dolphin off Amble, Northumberland.

Tony Jennings, for Mr. Cooper, said that Mr. Bloom, who prompted
the complaints, was a sworn enemy of his client.  He said Mr.
Bloom had the audacity to condemn Mr. Cooper for the alleged
sexual act, yet he had trained dolphins to jump out of the water
and remove a bikini top from a woman swimmer for a film sequence.

The trial continues today.

The above case is chiefly of interest because of the charge;
"Outraging Public Decency."  It should be noted that no cruelty
charge could be brought as even the prosecution admits that he
was doing "something which he knew the dolphin would like."
Indeed, had there been no "public" present to be "outraged" at the
event, the charge could not have been brought at all. 

That being said, the English legal system is notorious for
bringing charges even for sexual acts committed in private. A
Conservative MP Harvey Proctor was convicted of "Gross Indecency"
for beating male prostitutes with a cane.  The beatings were
agreed and paid for and took place in private.  The case only
came to light when one of the prostitutes decided to make even
more money by selling the story to one of the more salacious
Sunday Tabloids.  In a more recent case, the Appeal Court upheld
a prison sentence handed down to sado-masochists for assault even
though it took place in a private house among consenting adults.

Although the dolphin case is clearly concerned with a human-
animal sex act, no charge of Sodomy can be brought under English
law for the masturbation of an animal.

This simple fact releases Mr. Cooper from the risk of a long
prison sentence because, for the more serious charge of attempted
Sodomy--that is a clear intention to achieve rectal or vaginal
penetration with any animal--carries a ten year maximum sentence.
Sodomy, if penetration can be proved "beyond a reasonable
doubt," carries a maximum of life imprisonment.  Note that
ejaculation need not occur.

It should be noted here that dolphins are notoriously randy and
there are many reports from trainers and divers of male dolphins
masturbating themselves on rubber dinghies or diving suits.  They
are also one of the select group of mammals, other than man, which
engage in sexual intercourse among themselves purely for
The Sunday Sport, December 15th, 1991

A sex starved wife was granted a divorce because her hubby
preferred love with his mule.  Huriye Karacak, 42, suspected that
husband Husamettin, 55, was being unfaithful because he stayed
out night after night. But then she found him having sex with the
family's mule at their farm in Sivas, Turkey.  Judge Selemi
Ayyildiz tried to reconcile the couple but finaly agreed a
divorce when Hussamettin refused to sell the animal and said
"it's beautiful and does not nag."

We must assume from this report that no specific charge was
brought with regard to the regular sexual intercourse between
Hussamettin and the mule.

Turkey, although an Islamic country, does not adhere to "Islamic
Law" as practised in many other countries in the region.  Under
Islamic law, the penalty for Sodomy with an animal is death. 

This does raise a few interesting questions. If we take the case
a few hundred kilometres south, we find that the wife would have
no right to request a divorce from her husband.  It also raises
the probability that she would never reveal her husband's
particular sexual leanings because, firstly, it would mean
admitting that her husband, given the choice between having sex
with her and a mule, had chosen the latter.  She would also
lose her bread winner in a country where paid work for women is
frowned upon.
     [This text is posted on the first and the fifteenth of every month]
          [Copies are available via email from kayotae@phantom.com]

Newsgroups: alt.sex.bestiality
Subject: FAQ (4/8) [Zoophilia and Your Health]
From: kayotae@eden.rutgers.edu (Kayotae Erik Blackwolf)
Date: 17 Jun 1995 01:27:31 -0400

Alt.sex.bestiality F.A.Q., Version 5.70                  Posted 15 June, 1995
[Part Four; Zoophilia and Your Health]                  Revised 15 June, 1995
=============================<A - INTRODUCTION>==============================

Herpes, gonorrhea, genital warts, and syphiliis, four of the most
common sexually transmitted diseases in the world, are all diseases
which are limited to contraction and transmission by humans.  However,
it has been theorized that if a man with a venereal disease were to
have sex with an animal, without the use of a condom, and then another
man were to have sex with that same animal immediately or soon after,
that if semen or blood from the first man were absorbed into the blood
stream of the second man, he may contract a venereal disease.

===================<B - CONTAGIOUS ANIMAL HEALTH DISEASES>===================

1 - Auto-Immune Deficiency Syndrome, (AIDS)
-   ---------------------------------------
Presently, it is not known for sure if Auto-Immune Deficiency Syndrome
can be passed between a human and a non-human animal through sexual
intercourse.  According to the American Veterinary Medical Association,
Feline Infectious Virus, the alleged pre-cursor to Feline AIDS and
equivalent to Human Infectious Virus, (HIV), is not transmittable between
felines and non-feline animals.

2 - Lyme Disease
-   ------------
[ This section written by MegaDog (megadog@dogstar.win-uk.net) ]

Lyme is a disease of humans, dogs, cows, cats, horses, deer and goats, 
caused by a Spirochete bacterium, Borrelia bergdorferi. It was first
recognised in the mid-1970's and has been recorded in the USA, Europe, 
Central/South America, Japan, the CIS [ex-USSR] and Africa.

Normally, the disease is spread by bites from ticks [Deer tick, Black-legged
tick and Lone-star tick], though fleas have also been implicated, as have 

Hunters who handle or come into contact with the blood or hides of infected 
deer can become infected; the Borrelia spirochete has been identified in 
semen and urine of animals, and there are indications that it may also be 
present in saliva. Infection of the fetus via the placenta has been recorded 
in both humans and animals.

**Sexual transmission of the disease between humans, or between humans 
**and animals, has not *as yet* been conclusively proved, or disproved!

However Borrelia is a Spirochete bacterium, as is Treponema  pallidum, the
causative organism of syphilis. 

**You are left to draw your own conclusions as to the *possibility* that
**Lyme may be transmitted sexually. 

Symptoms: Humans
These vary. In the case of infection by tick bites, around half the cases 
show a rash [called erythema migrans] at the point of bite; this can be 
confused with other allergies, rashes, chemical or biological burns etc, 
or may go unnoticed if it is on one of the less visible parts of the body.
When the infection is contracted in other ways, the characteristic
bite-site signs may be absent.

Other symptoms resemble flu, and may include:- headache, sore throat, fever,
muscle ache or tenderness, tiredness, insomnia and joint soreness.
Left untreated, these symptoms generally disappear; chronic Borrelosis may 
take months or years to develop, and may result in meningitis, muscle pain, 
arthritis, numbness, tingling and burning sensations in the limbs, 
testicular discomfort, facial paralysis [Bell's Palsy], fatigue, lassitude 
and depression.  The heart, eye, reproductive, respiratory system and 
gastrointestinal tract may become involved. In this form, the disease may 
persist for many years, with periods of remission.

Symptoms: Animals
The rash is rarely seen, being concealed by fur. Symptoms include fever, 
arthritis, lameness, soreness, listlessness, loss of appetite [with 
consequent weight loss and loss of condition], and swollen joints. The 
involvement of major organs or systems is the same as for humans. The 
disease may impair reproduction, resulting in sterility, abortion or 
stillbirth. In some cases the pain experienced may result in irritability 
or behavioural changes, such as a reduction in tractability of horses.
Again, as for humans, the symptoms may be persistent, or show periods of
remission of varying lengths.

The diagnosis of Lyme borrelosis is problematic; as of July 1994, there is
no definitively accurate test for the disease; Repeated tests of blood 
from the same individual may show alternating positive and negative Lyme 
status. Diagnosis is largely based on the clinical symptoms, the patient's 
history, and by eliminating other possible causes of the symptoms.

Antibiotics such as amoxycillin generally provide successful treatment in 
humans; success depends on how soon after infection the treatment begins. 
Once the later stages of the disease are seen, persistent repeated courses 
of medication may be necessary, with no guarantee of success; once treatment 
is apparently complete, relapses may occur.


At present, there have been no reports of the evolution of antibiotic-
resistant strains of Lyme.
Risk Reduction
Try to avoid yourself, or your animals, getting bitten by ticks. If you have
visited areas where ticks are present, you should check yourself and your
animals. This may take some time, but the longer an infected tick remains 
attached, the greater the chance of Lyme infection being passed.

Check daily for ticks; favorite sites are round the eyes and ears, between 
the toes, on the back of the neck, and in the groin/armpit regions. Ticks 
may wander around the body for some time [hours, days] before settling on 
a bite site, they may also remain hidden on clothing, in animal bedding etc.

If you find ticks, the best way to remove them is using a pair of tick 
forceps; these can be bought for a few $ at most pet/animal stores, and are
designed to pull the whole tick out, including the mouthparts. Trying to
pull a tick out using your fingers is *not* recommended; you will squeeze
the body of the tick, which can inject infected blood from the tick back 
into the bloodstream. Other ways of removing ticks, involving alcohol, 
cigarettes, salt water etc. are not recommended.

Record the location of bite sites, and examine them periodically for some 
days, in order to spot any signs of the characteristic Lyme-disease rash.

Keep the ticks for identification. If Lyme symptoms develop, it may be 
necessary to identify the species of tick involved. Either place them in a 
small container with some alcohol, or trap them between two layers of 
clear adhesive tape.

Understand, and be able to recognise, the symptoms of first-stage infection
both in humans and animals. 

If your animals show symptoms, as well as consulting a veterinarian, you
should consult a physician. The reverse also applies; if you show symptoms,
inform your vet and get your animals checked.

Avoid, as far as possible, contact with or exchange of body fluids [urine, 
blood, semen, saliva] between animals or humans that are, or may be, 
infected. This is particularly important if you have any cuts, grazes or 
other injuries to parts of your body that may come into contact with the 
other person/animal's body fluids. 

Adopt "safer sex" practises; Remember there may also be invisible internal 
damage to mucous membranes of the mouth, anus, vagina or penis/urethra, 
all of which can provide possible paths for infection by a wide range of 
sexually transmissible diseases.

More Information
If you have access to an Internet 'Gopher' you can access further 
information by searching on 'lyme', 'borrelosis' or 'borrelia'.

Additional information can be obtained from state health departments, 
veterinarians, physicians, or the Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. [P.O. Box
462, Tolland, Connecticut 06084].

There is also an electronic mail digest called 'The LymeNet Newsletter', 
where current research is discussed. To receive this automatically, you
should send e-mail as follows:-

        To:                     listserv@lehigh.edu
        Subject:                (leave this blank......)

The first [and only] line of your e-mail should contain the text:-

        subscribe lymenet-l <your full name>

{Do not send a signature file on your message; the listserver may barf!}

There is little if any authoritative information on whether Lyme can be
transmitted by sex. Conflicting opinions abound, definitive answers are few! 
Understand the nature of the disease, and the possibilities for
transmission, then make an informed decision for yourself, and take
risk-reducing steps where you think necessary. 

3 - Toxoplasma
-   ----------
[ This section compiled by Equuinox, (equuinox@worf.netins.net) ]

From _Foundations of Parasitology_ (Schmidt/Roberts 1989)  

Toxoplasma is an intracellular parasite of many kinds of tissues, 
including muscle and intestinal epithelium...Oocysts appear in the cats 
feces from 3 to 5 days after infection by cysts. The most common 
symptoms of acute toxoplasmosis is painful, swollen lymph glands in the 
cervical, supraclavicular, and inguinal regions.  This symptom may be 
associated with fever, headache, muscle pain, anemia, and sometimes lung 
complications.  This syndrome can be mistaken easily for the flu.  Acute 
infection can, although rarely does, cause death...In the immunocompetent 
person T. gondii ordinarily is kept at bay by cell-mediated 
immunity...Presently T. gondii is a serious opportunistic infection in

The most tragic form of this disease is congenital toxoplasmosis.  If a
mother contracts acute toxoplasmosis at the time of her child's 
conception or during pregnancy, the organisms will often infect her 
developing fetus.  Fortunately, most neonatal infections are asymptomatic,
but a significant number cause death or disability to newborns...The
transmission rate to the fetus from a maternal infection is about 45%.  Of
those infected, about 60% will be subclinical, 9% may die, and 30% may
suffer severe damage such as hydrocephalus, intracerebral calcification,
retinochoroiditis, and mental retardation.

Feral and domestic cats will continue to be a source of infections in 
humans...Any cat, no matter how well fed and protected, may be passing 
oocysts of Toxoplasma, although for only a few days after infection.  The 
possibilities are particularly alarming if someone in the house becomes 
pregnant.  Certainly, a woman who knows she is pregnant should never 
empty the litterbox or clean up after the cat's occasional indiscretion.
Also, because children's sandboxes become a haven for neighborhood cats,
they should have tightly-fitting covers.  This will also protect children
from larva migrans from hookworm and ascaridoid juveniles...Pyrimethamine
and sulfonamides given together are widely used drugs against Toxoplasma.

4 - Urinary Tract Infections, (UTIs)
-   --------------------------------
Urinary Tract Infections are caused by gram negative bacteria which may
be found in the vagina of female animals.  GN Bacteria are known to cause
yeast infections, metritis, and pyometria in female animals and can lead
to cystitis, urethritis, or pyelonephritis in human males.  Symptoms of a
UTI include frequent urination, pain when urinating, and blood and/or pus
in ones' urine.  UTIs may be contracted when having sex with a female
animal in or out of season though they are more likely to cause a UTI when
in season because of the hospitability of the female reproductive system
to bacteria during this time.  UTIs are easily cured with antibiotics.

5 - Canine Brucellosis
-   ------------------
Canine Brucellosis, caused by the bacteria brucella canis, can be trans-
mitted to male humans by female carriers during sex.  Female canines with
CB show a loss of vigor, enlargement of the lymph nodes and, occasionally,
the spleen.  Commonly, CB will only cause a human male to experience
fever symptoms though one case has been documented where CB has caused
sterility.  Signs of severe infection in human males may include a UTI,
scrotal dermatitis, or diminution of the testicles; testicular atrophy.
Those showing severe symptoms should consult a physician immediately.

6 - Parasites
-   ---------
Parasites such as tapeworms, hookworms, ringworms, and coccidia may be
contracted through sexual contact with an animal.  The most common way of
contracting parasites from an animal is from oral/anal and genital/anal
contact.  Animals with parasites may suffer from nausea, listlessness,
and increased appetite or thirst.  A simple test of the animals' stool
done at your local veterinarians will show whether or not the animal has
worms.  Treatment for both humans and animals is often simple and only
involves the taking of medication.
     [This text is posted on the first and the fifteenth of every month]
          [Copies are available via email from kayotae@phantom.com]

Newsgroups: alt.sex.bestiality
Subject: FAQ (5/8) [Zoophilia in Music, Art and Literature]
From: kayotae@eden.rutgers.edu (Kayotae Erik Blackwolf)
Date: 17 Jun 1995 01:47:48 -0400

Alt.sex.bestiality F.A.Q., Version 5.70                  Posted 15 June, 1995
[Part Five; Zoophilia in Music, Art, and Literature]    Revised 15 June, 1995
[ Contributors to this section include The Miami's (an????@anon.penet.fi),
  Hossie, (hossie@irs.com), Satyrs@netcom.com, Saranthyrr Thristovar'ren,
  (an19653@anon.penet.fi), Snufferbux (el792@cleveland.Freenet.Edu),
  Dr. Doolittle (an53976@anon.penet.fi), Staysa (staysa@qnet.com), MegaDog,
  (megadog@dogstar.win-uk.net) and Redvane (redvane@demon.atheling.co.uk) ]

Welcome to the cultured section of our FAQ!  This section details zoophilia
in music, art and literature throughout history.  Please excuse the mess as
this section is still under construction.  If you have a contribution for
this section, or you would like to do research on a topic covered in this
section, please contact Kayotae Blackwolf (kayotae@mindvox.phantom.com).

=================================<A - MUSIC>=================================
1 - Vintage Vinyl
-   -------------
a.) Beatles, "Dig A Pony"
    ["Let It Be," EMI Records] 
    I-I-I dig a pony,
     Well you can celebrate anything you want.
     Yes, you can celebrate anything you want."

b.) Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys, "Ol' Blue"
    ["Diesel Dykes Of Dixie," Ghostdancer Records]
    "I came into the house, just as still as a mouse,
     filled with a burnin' dread.
     What was eatin' on me, was your cheatin' on me,
     there was red hair in my bed.
     I kinda figgur'd he'd be stonger and bigger,
     I had some prints to this warty ol' frog.
     But the least I'd 'a thought, when you were caught,
     you'd be humpin' my huntin' dog.

     Honey why'd ya fuck Ol' Blue?
     What'd he ever do to you?
     He was a good ol' pup 'til you fucked 'im up.
     Why'd ya fuck Ol' Blue?  Honey, why'd ya fuck ol' Blue?"

c.) The Dayglo Abortions, "Two Dogs Fucking"
    ["Two Dogs Fucking / Deux Chien Fourrent," Fringe Product, Inc.]
    "The mayor of Nipean went for a walk in the park
     to admire the beauty of his man-made nature.
     He came upon a site that made his blood run cold
     So he called upon the Mighty Lord to help him with his foe,
     it was

     Two dogs fucking,
     stuck ass to ass,
     entwined in bestial romance!

     It was obscene so he called the police.
     They sent an officer named Jim Fitzgibbons.
     They came up with a plan that involved a bucket of cold water
     to be thrown on the fornicating demons,
     but they had to face

     Two dogs fucking,
     stuck ass to ass,
     entwined in bestial romance!"
d.) Wynonie Harris, "Keep On Churnin'"
    ["Bloodshot Eyes, The Best of Wynonie Harris," Rhino Records]
    ["Risque Rhythm; Nasty 50's R&B," Rhino Records]
    "Keep on churnin' 'til the butter comes.
     Keep on churnin' 'til the butter comes.
     Keep on pumpin make the butter flow,
     Wipe off the paddle and churn some more.

     Little Boy Blue come blow your horn,
     Cows in the meadow, the sheep's in the corn.
     Take the sheep, leave them be,
     Bring the finest brown cow to me.

     How now, brown cow, keep on eatin your hay,
     Go in your shed, be sure you're fed.
     Go in your shed, be sure you're fed,
     Daddy needs butter for his shortnin bread.


     Ooo now, milk cow, keep on swishin your tail,
     Don't kick over the pail.
     First comes the milk, then comes the cream,
     Takes good butter to make your daddy scream.


     I wanted some butter one day,
     Fine brown cow came my way.
     We kept on pumpin",
     Butter came jumpin.
     I'll milk you, cow, 'til my pail is full,
     Look out, heifer, here comes your bull!"

e.) Lee Dorsey, "Ride Your Pony"
    ["A History of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues," Rhino Records]
    "Ride your Pony,
     Get on your pony and ride.
     Ride your Pony,
     Get on your pony and ride!  Oh you're ridin' high.

     Get ready now shoot, shoot, shoot."

f.) The Galaxies and The Regulars, "Ride Your Horse"
    ["Land Of A Thousand Dunces," Candy Records]
    <Whinney>  "Ride your horse!
     Who's gonna ride horse? <women's voices>
     We're gonna ride horse! <men's voices>
     We want a tame horse! <women's voices>
     We want a wild horse! <men's voices>
     Ride your horse a little while, <women's
     you can do it cowboy style.      voices>
     Everybody's gonna ride horse!"  <all together>
g.) Kinky Friedman and The Texas Jewboys, "Asshole From El Paso"
    ["Old Testaments and New Revelations," Fruit of the Tune]
    "We don't wipe our asses on ol' glory.
     God and Lone Star Beer are things we trust!
     We keep our women virgins 'til they're married.
     So ho's and sheep is good enough for us.

     And I'm proud to be an Asshole from El Paso,
     place where sweet young virgins are deflowered.
     You walk down the street knee-deep in tacos,
     and the wetbacks still get twenty cents an hour."

h.) Johnny Bucket, "Let Me Play Wit' Yo' Poodle"
    ["Sin Alley, Part One," Crypt CD]
    "Now your little poodle look kinda cute an' neat,
     I wonder what it'd do wit' some home fried meat.

     I wanna play wit' yo' poodle.
     Please let me play wit' yo' poodle.
     I wanna play wit' yo' poodle,
     I mean your little poodle dog."

i.) P.D.Q. Bach, "Missa Hilarious" by P.D.Q.Bach on
    ["Portrait of P.D.Q.Bach," Vanguard Records]
    "Angus Dei!
     Angus Dei! 

     She looks so nice just standing there,
     All covered with the dew.

     Angus Dei!
     Angus Dei!

     She's the prettiest cow I've ever seen,
     And I have seen a few!"

j.) Pearl Jam, "Animal"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    "I'd rather be with an animal."

k.) Def Leppard, "Animal"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    "And I want, and I need, and I love, Animal."

l.) Front 242, "Zoo Animal"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    "When I look in the mirror, 
     all that I see is a zoo animal that wants to be free, 
     just get away, get away from me,
     'cause I'll never be who you want me to be."

l.) Paul McCartney, "Jet" (Written for a female dog)
    [Album name and label unknown]
    "Our maker, I want Jet to always love me.
     Our maker, you know I want little Jet to always love me.
     Our maker, I wouldn't trade her...
     Sufferin' Jet!"

m.) Nine Inch Nails, "Closer"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    "I wanna fuck you like an animal,
     I wanna feel you from the inside"

n.) The Mothers of Invention, "Dirty Love"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    (Lyrics unavailable)

o.) The Byrds, "Chestnut Mare"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    "Gonna catch that horse if I can.
     Then I'm gonna give her my brand...
     ...she'll be just like a wife"

p.) Phish, "Llama"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    (Lyrics unavailable)

q.) Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Naked In The Rain"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    (Lyrics unavailable)

r.) W.A.S.P., "Fuck like a Beast"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    (Lyrics unavailable)

s.) Enigma, "Mea Culpa" (remix)
    [Album name and label unknown]
    (Lyrics unavailable]

t.) Inspiral Carpets, "I Can't Feel You Moo"
    [Album name and label unknown]
    (Lyrics unavailable]

u.) Prince, "Alphabet Street" from Lovesexy, by Prince
    ["Lovesexy," label unknown]
    "You kiss your enemies like you know you should,
     then you jerk your body like a horny pony would."

v.) Timbuk 3, "Sample the Dog"
    ["Eden Alley," label unknown]

    "There's a new age family down in North Caroline..
     A dog named Jamaica,
     A daughter named China,
     A son that plays in a band, called Sample the Dog

     New age music on the stereo,
     Dust on the keys of the piano.
     And China's in the kitchen, tryin' to sample the dog.

     Sample the dog... (sounds of sampled dog, barking...)"

w.) Frank Zappa, "Dirty Love"
    ["Overnight Sensation," label unknown]

    "Give me your dirty love
     Like you might surrender to some dragon in your dreams.
     Give me your dirty love
     Like a pink donation to some dragon in your dreams.

     I don't need your sweet devotion
     I don't want your cheap emotion
     Whip me up some dragon lotion for your dirty love.

     Give me your dirty love
     Like some tacky little pamphlet in your daddy's bottom drawer.
     Give me your dirty love
     I don't believe you never seen that book before.

     I don't need no consolation
     I don't want your reservation
     I only got one destination and that's your dirty love.

     Give me your dirty love
     Just like your mama make her fuzzy poodle do.
     Give me your dirty love
     The way your mama make that nasty poodle chew.

     I'll ignore your cheap aroma 
     And your little-bo-peep diploma
     I'll just put you in a coma with some dirty love.

     THE POODLE BITES! (Come on, Frenchie)
     THE POODLE CHEWS IT! (Snap it!)
     THE POODLE BITES! (Come on, Frenchie)
     THE POODLE CHEWS IT! (Snap it!)

     [Continue to fade, including comments such as...]

     (Not a speck of cereal)
     (Nothin but the best for my dog!)
     (Little paws stickin' up)
     (Little curly head)

x.) The Fugs, "Homemade/My Baby Done Left Me (And I Feel Like Homemade Shit)"
    ["Golden Filth: The Best of the Fugs (Reprise)," label unknown]

    In this hilarious spoof of country weepers, Ed Sanders sings
    about all the things he is willing to do if only "Claire June"
    will come back, one of which is "Gonna give up heifer fuckin'"

y.) Nine Inch Richards, "Closer"
    ["Closer to Hogs," Shock Records (PO Box 434, Richmond 3121, Australia)]

    From what I've been told this album contains quite a few little gems but
    some of the more interesting send up's I've been told of include lines
    like; "Did I tell you I knew Lassie...personally?!", "I really go for a
    cow in tight leather" and, "You know I reckon Noah's Ark would have been
    just like the Love Boat."

    On the insde of the CD jacket the disclaimer reads, "It is not our
    intention to promote wanton sex with animals. (We believe that an
    emotional component is necessary for successful relationships between
    consenting animals."

z.) John Denver, "Grandma's Feather Bed"
    ["Back Home Again," RCA]
    "It was nine feet high and six feet wide,
     soft as a downy chick.
     It was made from the feathers of fourty-'leven geese,
     took a whole bolt of cloth for a tick.
     It'd hold eight kids and four hound dogs
     and a piggie we'd stole from the shed.
     We didn't get much sleep but we had a lot of fun
     on grandma's feather bed."

aa.) The Allman Brother's Band, "Midnight Rider"
     ["Idlewild South," "A Decade of The Allman Brother's Band," "Beginnings"]
     [label(s) unknown]
     Although not truly a zoo'ish song, it was brought to my attention that
     this was as perfect a 'Fence Jumper's Anthem' as you could find!  So
     the Allmans have earned themselves an honourable mention :)

     "But I'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no,
      Not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider."

=================================<B - ART>===================================
1 - The performing arts
-   -------------------
a.) Equus, by Peter Shaffer
    This play, which was later portrayed on the silver screen, is the story
    of a young man who is troubled by his love of a horse.  Told through the
    eyes of his shrink, it's representation of zoos is not top notch but is
    still a great read or a good way to kill a Sunday afternoon if it just
    so happens to wind up in your local playhouse.

2 - On the silver screen
-   --------------------
"I could dance with you until the cows come home.  On second thought, I'd
 rather dance with the cows."  Groucho Marx in "Duck Soup"

"Because he only -talked- to the animals!"  Rex Harrison in "Dr. Doolittle"

a.) Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
    Jim Carrey stars as a doggie detective in this 1994 comedy.  Zoo'ish
    eyebrow raisers include the line, "You really love animals, don't you?
    Only when it's cold enough." and various other hints.  IMNSHO, a kind
    of stupid movie but worth the watch for the zoo implications.

b.) Four Weddings And A Funeral
    In this 1994 British comedy, Tom, a relative of main character played
    by Hugh Grant, confesses his love of a beautiful female Labrador
    Retriever late in the movie.  Also featured are plenty of 'Scotsman and
    Sheep' jokes throughout.  Ending credits feature wedding photos of
    Tom, the distant cousin who he marries, and the Labrador :)  An
    excellent movie, with or without the zoo references!

c.) Jackson County Jail
    This 1970's action / adventure film features a clip in the beginning
    where our heiroine, a female ad. exec., is showing a clip of a
    commercial for a woman's sanitary napkin to a bunch of male CEOs.
    The commercial shows a woman riding a horse.  The head CEO says the
    commercial is blatantly sexual by noting, "We can't show that!  You
    know what they say about women and horses."

d.) Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, (But Were Afraid To Ask)
    In this popular Woody Allen comedy, Gene Wilder discusses his love of a
    pretty little sheep with a psychiatrist, who later conducts his own
    affair with her!  The whole movie is a good laugh but this part has
    always been the highlight for me :)

e.) Terminator
    Though not exactly the movie I was expecting to have a zoo reference in
    it either, I was recently reminded of Sgt. Vokuvich's (played by Lance
    Hendrikson) statement to Lieutenant Traxler (played by Paul Winfield)
    while watching the police department shrink interview Kyle Rees, (played
    by Micheal Beihn), "That Silverman really cracks me up.  Last week he
    had some guy in here who was having sex with his Alsation."  Unfortun-
    ately, Traxler was quick to shut him up before he could finish the
    story :)

f.) Airplane, The Movie
    "...you know what it means when Sparky rubs up against your leg?" asked
    the ever ambitious Captain Over, before coming down with fish poisoning.
    Oh, and don't forget the captain's wife in bed with the horse.  Remember,
    it's dangerous to smoke in bed, even if you're doing it after having sex
    with your horse.

g.) Padre Padrone
    This is the story of a young boy growing up in Sicily, I think.
    Watch out for the "talking sheep."

h.) A Zed and Two Noughts
    Director Peter Greenaway's classic study of death, decay and zebras.  The
    zoophilia references flow think and fast and some are about as subtle as
    a basebal bat to the head :)

3 - Glued to the tube
-   -----------------
a.) Cheers, "Back home in Indiana"
    Sam: "Okay--I don't know about Indiana, but around here when guys get
    together to send another guy to his doom, things can get a little
    raunchy."   (Cliff snickers)

    Woody: (Seriously) "You fellas ever dress up farm animals in women's

    Sam: (Does a double-take) "...No."

    Woody: (Smirking) "Well then, I'm one up on you."

4 - Hangin' on the wall
-   -------------------

================================<C - LITERATURE>=============================
1 - On the ASBest Sellers List
-   --------------------------
Title:          The Horseman: Obsessions of a Zoophile
Author:         Mark Matthews 
Publisher:      Prometheus Books, 1994
ISBN:           0-87975-902-X

Learn how one person acquired a sexual and emotional attraction towards 
horses. Included are sections of the damage done by attempting to deny
the existence and strength of the author's urges, the final confrontation
with self, and the regrowth which came with self-discovery.
Title:          Dearest Pet - on Bestiality
Author:         Midas Dekkers [translated from the Dutch by Paul Vincent]
Publisher:      Verso, 1994
ISBN:           0-86091-462-3
Price:          $29

A detailed study of the way humans have related sexually and socially
to animals, accompanied by interesting artwork from prehistory to 
modern times, and discussions of how human/animal relationships have
been viewed by different cultures. Essential reading!
Title:          The Beast Within - Animals in the Middle Ages
Author:         Joyce E. Salisbury
Publisher:      Routledge, 1994
ISBN:           0-415-90769-1
Price:          12 pounds Sterling

Explores historical human attitudes towards animals including religious,
social, economic and sexual aspects. 25-page chapter specifically on animal
sexuality. A rather 'scientific' book, with close-typed text and many 
references, but worthwhile reading if you wish to place current attitudes 
to zoophilia in a historical context.
Title:          Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices
Author:         Brenda Love
Publisher:      Barricade Books
ISBN:           1-56980-011-1
Price:          $22. 

This book is 322 pages covering anything you can think of and lots of things
you've never heard about. Includes a detailed section on zoophilia and
Titles:         Image of the Beast and Blown
Author:         Philip Jose Farmer.
Publisher:      Unknown
ISBN:           Unknown
Price:          Unknown

Written apparently when he was hard up for a few dollars.  Excellent erotic
SF with lots of shapeshifing aliens.  Some nice wolf-humping in these,
especially the first one.  Worth having in your collection.
Title:          Motherlines
Author:         Suzy McKee Charnas
Publisher:      Unknown
ISBN:           Unknown
Price:          Unknown

Feminist SF of the worst possible kind; trite, poor science and with a chip
on its' shoulder the size of the World Trade Center.  There is some horse /
woman bestiality in it but it's about as erotic as a brick.  Some disturbing
scenes of horse slaughter.  We recommend avoidance of this total cowpat of a
Title:          Easy Travel to Other Planets
Author:         Ted Mooney
Publisher:      Unknown
ISBN:           Unknown
Price:          Unknown

Woman / Dolphin scene early on, rest of the book is semi stream of con-
ciousness ramble that doesn't make much sense but looks nice in print.
Dolphin dies at the end.  We recommend you read up to the bit where woman and
dolphin have sex (about page 16) and then give up.
Title:         The Woman Who Escaped From Shame
Author:        Unknown
Publisher:     Unknown
ISBN:          Unknown
Price:         Unknown

Odd things going on to the backdrop of evil South American porn barons and a
kidnapped mini-horse. A very nice horse/horse mating scene in this one plus
some bestiality overtones elsewhere.  Some may find the cruelty depicted to
horses in certain passages disturbing.  Worth a read if you like authors
having a metaphysical wank every 20 pages or so.
Title:         Idols of Perversity, fantasies of feminine evil in
               fin-de-siecle culture
Author:        Bram Dijkstra
Publisher:     Unknown
ISBN:          Unknown
Price:         Unknown

Images of sexuality in turn of the century art.  One chapter focuses entirely
on depictions of zoophilia and bestiality.  It seems that there were a lot of
artists quite facinated by the subject.  Artists in this collection of part-
icular interest are Felicien Rops and Franz vos Stuck.
Title:          Cradle of Erotica
Authors:        Allen Edwardes and R.E.L. Masters
Publisher:      Bantam paperback
ISBN:           0-553-10301-6
Price:          Unknown

There are two references to bestiality in the index of this books.  The first
appears on page 15 and reads as follows;

(4) Whoever would like to think of such cruelly bestial practices are
    peculiarily Oriental will have to resist the temptation (and re-
    linquish the pleasure). [Author's note: referring to the practice
    of wringing the birds neck at the monent of ejaculation to get
    the pleasurable benefit of the anal sphincter's last spasms in
    the victim.]  The West has a long and extensive history of
    indulgence in such activities, including the particular one cited.
    De Sade for example, related that the practice was known and
    provided for in the Parisian brothels of his day, where the act
    was termed avisodomy, and the bird employed was the turkey.  It is
    still possible to debate the origins of avisodomy, and some have
    credited the Chinese being its originators.  But even here the
    evidence is insufficient.

The second reference, also a footnote, appears on page 224 and reads as

A carryover from page 223 in which reference is made to a belief
by the Muslims of Morocco.  Fathers encourage anal and vaginal
copulation with a donkeys to make the penis grow big and strong.
Masturbation is scorned in favor of bestiality.

(8) Historically, bestiality has commonly been put to more theraputic
    uses in the West, especially as a remedy for venereal diseases
    (to which end it is also employed by Muslims).  Europeans have
    further attempted by bestiality to cure cases of satyriasis and
    nymphomania.  And aging males, brooding regretfully over their
    declining virile powers, have also sought to find in intercourse
    with various beasts an improvement of their potency -- a search
    sometimes crowned with temporary success, since any novel erotic
    act may in some cases, and for a time, revive flagging appetites
    and capacities.

2 - Poetry and Prose
-   ----------------

3 - Opera
-   -----
a.) "Rosa," written by Peter Greenway
    Although we're still hunting for someone who has heard or read this
    opera, I've been told be a very reliable source that it's about zoo-
    philia.  I'll be petitioning the New York Opera to put on a performance
    this season :)
      [This text is posted on the first and the fifteenth of every month]
           [Copies are available via email from kayotae@phantom.com]

Newsgroups: alt.sex.bestiality
Subject: FAQ (6/9) [How To; Equines]
From: kayotae@eden.rutgers.edu (Kayotae Erik Blackwolf)
Date: 17 Jun 1995 01:55:47 -0400

Alt.sex.bestiality F.A.Q., Version 5.70                  Posted 15 June, 1995
[Part Six; How To; Equines]                             Revised 15 June, 1995
[ This section written by Equuinox (equuinox@worf.netins.net) ]

================<A - HOW TO HAVE MORE FUN WITH YOUR STALLION>================

So-o-o-o, maybe you've thought about trying to make it with a
stallion...after all, they sure look like a good time.  Here's a few tips
on how to make the experience more rewarding for both of you.

1) Find a stallion: preferably somewhere where no one will hear him
   grunting and snorting, and come to investigate...Older stallions are
   better; they are more sensible, and less likely to spaz out and hurt
   someone.  Don't even bother with the ones who are half-crazy already, they
   only get worse when stimulated.   
2) The Approach: Quietly walk up to about 10' from him and stop. Let him
   come to you to investigate. Move very slowly, so as not to startle him,
   and let him sniff you over...gently pet his neck and withers and murmer
   encouraging words -win his trust-.  At this point it is helpful to smell
   like a mare in heat...it does wonders for their libido.   
3) Smell like an estrus mare:  Find a mare in heat, usually 5-6 days out
   of every 21 (i know it aint that easy).  Approach as in 2) above...pet her
   flanks and work your way slowly back to rub her tush, and base of her
   tail.  Watch her ears...if she resents this contact she will flatten them
   back, and swish her tail...further pursuit could lead to being kicked.  If
   the mare does not seem to object, GENTLY dip a finger into her vulva,
   getting her natural aroma on your hands...some mares will not cooperate
   and move away from the contact... remember, that is their choice.  If the
   mare tolerates your advances, continue to massage her privates...if she
   really responds well (by raising her tail and squatting), you can
   try...oh, yeah...that's for my followup article soon to come "How to have
   more fun with your mare"   
4) Restraint: yes, it's a good idea.  Some studs get overly excited and
   react by kicking, biting and/or trying to mount you, all of which are no
   fun unless yer into S and M too...(although a quick nip on the rump can be
   fun).  Take a halter and lead rope and tie him to a stout object using a
   slipknot...you do know how to tie a slipknot, don't you?  If not, see yer
   local cub scouts for lessons.  The reason for the slipknot is to be able
   to release him instantly if there's a problem.   
5) The Rub:  Let the stallion smell the nice, fresh mare odor on your
   hands- he should respond with snorts, whinneys and (hopefully) an
   erection.  Starting with his neck, pet him gently, massaging his withers
   and slowly working your way back to his belly and privates.  Some studs
   will get kinda twitchy at this point, swish their tails and kick- stay
   close to his body, and away from his rear to be safe...avoid being mashed
   into the stall walls by his body.  If he starts to act up quit
   immediately, calm him down, and start again from the beginning of this
6) Clean and Jerk:  Unless the horse is seeing active service his penis is
   probably covered with a layer of smegma, dead skin flakes, etc...it
   doesn't taste great, nor is terribly useful for lubricating purposes.   
   Wash him up with clean water or -gently- rub the accumulations from his
   shaft. Apply lube.. K-Y works well.  I've found its best to rub the shaft
   till he's fully-erect, then transfer your attention to the head of the
   penis.  Maintaing a steady pressure on the sensitive glans penis, let him
   do the thrusting...they usually won't come unless they can thrust-meet his
   strokes with your own movements.  Use your own shameless imagination from
   this point...again being careful of kicks, love-bites, etc.   
========================<B - HELPFUL TIPS; STALLIONS>========================
1) Wear steel-toed boots to protect your toes from being stomped on.
2) Most Stallions quickly learn to enjoy this stuff, and will come to bug you
   for more in the future.  If they resent this type of contact, don't try to
   force it or you risk getting creamed...I've seen 'em kick a stall door
   clean off its hinges
3) A little lube is helpful...i usually carry a 3:2 mix of KY and water in a
   contact lens cleaner bottle... a little more discreet than big tubes of
4) DO NOT get under him or stick yer face down there unless you absolutely
   know and trust him...some stallions will try to lie down on top of you
   (squii-i-ish!), or kick suddenly and cost you a lot of expensive dental
5) Wear a safety helmet- I know it sounds weird, but their hooves are like
   rocks and can easily crush your skull.  A broken head can ruin a
   friendship, so its a good idea to wear a helmet (of course, if you get
   caught playing with him you'd look REALLY SILLY wearing a helmet but
   "better safe than dead" Ialways say).   
6) Did he come?  Well, when a staliion comes, the tip of his penis (the
   glans) swells up (flares) into a mushroom shape the size of your fist or
   bigger...  he'll thrust a couple more times then ejaculate 3-4 ounces of
   semen with enough force to shoot 5 feet.  His semen is whitish and runny
   like eggwhite...  do not confuse with pre-ejaculate, which is watery and
   clear....he will drip copious amounts of this before he comes.   
NOTE: Those of you into anal/vaginal sex...do NOT attempt to put his
penis into you unless you can already accomodate something the size of a
human arm and fist...you risk rupture, and peritonitis if he's too big
(plus it'd be real hard to explain what happened to the emergency room
staff :>)
ALWAYS REMEMBER: A stallion is an unpredictable animal...he may be fine
one minute, then explode into 1200 pounds of biting, kicking horseflesh.
He may be enjoying himself but he doesn't know his own strength and can
disable or kill you without meaning to.  If you aren't familiar with the
proper handling of equines I strongly urge you to find someone who does to
help you the first time (I know that's tough to do, but its for both of
your safeties).   
DISCLAIMER:  I've been having fun with equines for 14 years, and I've
never been hurt badly...just bruises, ya gotta play by their rules...This
Guide is not meant to be all-encompassing.  The author of this article
DOES NOT encourage you the reader to to perform illegal activities
(including trespassing) in the pursuit of your pleasure.   

This article may be freely reproduced as long as I get credit for it.

==================<B - HOW TO HAVE MORE FUN WITH YOUR MARE>==================
Well, maybe you tried the stallion, and mebbe you haven't.  This article
is for those of you who might be interested in mares, but haven't had the
opportunity to make the most out of the situation...   
1) Find a Mare:  Easier said than done, sometimes!  Locate a likely
   recipient to your advances and get to know her...spend lots of time
   scratching her withers and tickling her, share breath and build her trust
   with you-even the most receptive mares won't have anything to do with
   someone they don't feel at ease with.  Get to know her on a more personal

2) Determine if she's in heat:  Most (not all, but most) mares are totally
   unreceptive to sexual advances when they are not in estrus.  In mares the
   cycle is 21 days on average...16 out, then 5-6 days in, with the mare
   getting progressively more "hot" till she ovulates and goes out of heat
   about 12 hours later.  Most mares will not go out of their way to show
   estrus signs to humans unless already accustomed to sexing with them.  The
   best way to get her to show signs is by exposing her to a stallion or
   particularly randy gelding.  This is caused "teasing" the mare in the
   breeding business, and is when the stallion does his screaming, snorting,
   prancing thing to show off...just like many college freshmen.  The estrus
   mare should respond by raising her tail, squatting and emitting a stream
   of urine.  She will also "wink" at you...by contracting her vaginal
   muscles and exposing her clitoris.  Wink...wink...wink. ..you get the
   idea.  The clitoris in the mare looks like a half-dollar-size replica of
   the stallions glans penis...it is located at the bottom of the vaginal
   opening.  The mare will usually stand quietly in the squatting position
   until bred.   
   If the mare responds to the stud by laying her ears back, biting, kicking,
   etc. ..it's a pretty safe bet to say she's not in heat and you should try
   again later.  Since some folks don't have access to stallions, there are
   some other signs of estrus including:   

        A) Their labia tend to get fuller and looser...if you pull them
           apart (carefully, don't get kicked!) you will see that the vaginal
           lining is cherry-red, in contrast to its normal ruddy pink color.
           There will also be greater-than-usual amounts of lubrication
        B) The cervix is loose and drapes down in folds when in
           estrus...when not, it's tight and budlike in appearance...
           (this one's no good unless you have access to and know how to use
           a vaginal speculum...ask yer vet to show you a cervix sometime...
           it looks like a little pink flower).   

        C) Some inexperienced mares will even respond to a human's
           advences if you can role-play well...sniff at her rump, snort,
           "bite" her flanks by pinching gently (or just go on ahead an' bite
           her!), tickle her and massage her external genitalia...mebbe
           gently insert a finger or three...if she responds, then she's
           ready -if she puts up a fuss or tries to walk away then leave her
           be.  She's obviously not interested, and further attention of that
           nature will probably just piss her off and make her resent future
           advances.  However, if she seems to like what's going on you may
3) Proceed with Caution:  Lube up and. using your fingers, tongue or any
   other portion of your anatomy that feels good to you both, proceed to
   pleasure her... move in and out of her with deep, slow strokes.  I have
   noticed that the "hot spot" in mares is not the clitoris, but about 2-3
   inches in on the bottom wall of the vagina just anterior (towards her
   head) to the urethral opening- they respond very favorably to massage
   there.  It is possible to (gently!) insert your arm into her and slowly
   fist her, feeling how beautifully warm, soft and slippery her pussy is (my
   mare LOVES this).  When they are ready to be bred they will usually be
   quite loose inside, and it's possible to reach all the way to the back
   wall of the vagina and her cervix.  As you stimulate her she will then
   begin to slowly clamp down on your arm with her vagina.  Move with the
   contractions and you will find her squeezing harder and harder as she
   approaches orgasm (yes, contrary to some studies I've read, mares DO
   experience orgasm, and how!).  She will often squeeze with enough force to
   push your arm right back out...don't try to jam it back in or you could
   injure her...just continue to use your hand to massage the vestibule of
   the vagina as she contracts harder and harder.  At this point my mare will
   usually begin to grunt in time to the contractions (sounds like OOOF!)
   until her climax is over, then she will pull away.  Maregasm is usually
   accompanied by a stream of urine and natural lubricants, so be careful not
   to get soaked unless you're also into water sports. *Personal note for the
   morbidly curious* I usually work my mare with my hand to the point where
   she starts to contract, then climb on up and use my penis to finish the
   job...it feels great when they clamp down...they have amazing muscle
   When they are done coming they will usually pick themselves up and move
   away for a bit, then be ready to go again in five minutes or so.  I have
   whiled away many a happy hour bringing my mare to orgasm over and
   over...they have incredible stamina and it's fun for both of us.  When
   you're both done, give her a pat on the neck, thank her and talk nice to
   her- don't just take what you want and leave...cuz if yer nice she'll
   remember you and be even more receptive next time.   
==========================<C - HELPFUL TIPS; MARES>==========================
1) Wear heavy boots to protect your toes.
2) Keep in close to her body...if she decides to kick you'll be harder to
   hit, and you can feel her tense-up before she decides to let ya have it.   
3) It's a _real_ good idea to wash your hands and the mare's pubes before
   you go putting things into her...dirt/feces can carry bacteria that can
   cause her some real problems...use a mild soap like Ivory(tm) Liquid, and
   plenty of clean water to rinse...most mare's natural defenses can take
   care of the problem on their own, but there's no sense taking risks with
   her health if they can be avoided.   
4) File your fingernails short n' smooth...a mare's vagina is very
   delicate, and it's easy to injure her if you're not careful.  Don't put
   any foreign objects in her, either...no carrots or anything like that!   

5) NEVER, EVER stick anything into/through her cervix- you can give her   
   a nasty uterine infection, and if she=D5s pregnant breaking the cervical   
   plug means a high probability of aborting the foal, as well as   
   complications for the mare.

6) In the Northern Hemisphere about 90% of mares will go completely out of
   heat between the months of Nov-Mar.  This is called seasonal anestrus, and
   is a natural response to a decreased photoperiod.  Putting them under
   artificial lighting can help hasten return to normal estrus cycles...there
   are a number of good texts on the subject.   
7) Oh, yeah...If she's a big mare, you will need a bucket or stool to
   stand on. ..of course, you knew that :>) *dodges thrown tomatoes*
8) Be careful not to get hurt...horses can be unpredictable.
DISCLAIMER:  This Guide is not meant to be all-encompassing...Mail me if
you have questions. ..The author of this article DOES NOT encourage you,
the reader to perform illegal activities (including trespassing) in the
pursuit of your pleasure.   
                      BE SAFE--BE CONSIDERATE--HAVE FUN
     [This text is posted on the first and the fifteenth of every month]
          [Copies are available via email from kayotae@phantom.com]

Newsgroups: alt.sex.bestiality
Subject: FAQ (7/8) [How To; Canines]
From: kayotae@eden.rutgers.edu (Kayotae Erik Blackwolf)
Date: 17 Jun 1995 02:03:49 -0400

Alt.sex.bestiality F.A.Q., Version 5.70                  Posted 15 June, 1995
[Part Seven; How To; Canines]                           Revised 15 June, 1995
----------------------<A. GUIDE TO SEX WITH BITCHES>-------------------------
1 - Getting Started
-   ---------------
The female dog normally comes on her first heat between the ages of nine and
fifteen months.  Attempting intercourse with her at this time is not
recommended since these changes in her biochemistry are confusing enough
without having you trying to do wierd things to her.  I would strongly
suggest waiting until her second heat if all appears normal.

2 - The right bitch for you
-   -----------------------
As a rule of thumb, a dog the size of your average German Shepherd Dog is
large enough to comfortably accomodate your average sized human male.
However, this is not always true.  I will go into further detail about signs
of discomfort and warning signs later.  Saint Bernards, Great Danes,
Newfoundlands and other huge breeds should have no problems accomodating
a human male.  

3 - Prepararation is the key!
-   -------------------------
In preparing to have sex with your dog, you'll need to run down to the local
drug store and pick up a few things.  Namely; KY Jelly, (do NOT use a petro-
leum or oil based lubricant.).  Wet and Astro Glide, both of which can be
found at your local adult shop, work as well.  Also, if you're near a 
medical or veterinary supply, surgical lubricants are good too; latex gloves.
If you're going to be messing around with a stray dog or a dog you do not
own it doesn't hurt to rubber up!  You can get infections or a fever from
bitches with vaginal infections or brucellosis, (see the Health section of
the F.A.Q. for more information on this topic); condoms.  If sharing a dog
or picking up a stray, protect yourself.  Although dogs do not carry AIDS,
it has been theorized that the virus could survive long enough inside a
bitches' vagina long enough for you to contract it, or anything else, if
you have sex with her immediately after an infected person.  Remember also
that if she has a yeast or bacterial infection, you could get it too;
surgical soap.  If you know the bitch is in good health and you'd like to
insert whatever strikes your fancy into her, I recommend you clean it
thoroughly.  A bitches' vagina is a very vascular area and, especially when
in heat, is quite susceptable to infection; nail clippers.  Nails could
carry dirt on them or scratch the delicate inner lining of a bitches'
vagina.  Cut them nails down and file them.  You'll also look stunning with
your new manicure :); and lastly, MilkBones!  Buy these with everything
else if you really want to squick the counter people :)

4 - In the trenches
-   ---------------
Once you've got your bitch and your supplies, it's time to get to work.  I
do not suggest attempting sex with a bitch out of season, especially if she
is not your dog.  You may wind up getting bit, which may mean changing your
name to John Wayne Bobbitt.  A bitch in heat is your best bet, but just
because she's wet and smells nice doesn't mean she's 'in the mood.'  How
can you tell if she's in the mood?  Check the discharge.  The discharge of
a bitch in 'Standing Heat' should be pinkish / creamy white.  This cycle
lasts for between seven and nine days and is in the middle of the complete
heat cycle.

If the discharge is a dark, blood red, she's just coming into or going out
of heat.  It never hurts to try but DO NOT force her.  She may say no the
first time.  Bitches are known to tease and may jump forward or fall over
in front of you.  However, if she reacts hostily to you, STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Definate signs that a bitch is receptive are; Flagging--raising of the tail
over the back exposing the genitals, Soliciting--rubbing her butt in your
crotch, sitting on your face, etcetera, and Play Posing--being excessively
playful, jubilant, etcetera.

Once you're both consenting, you may consider some foreplay.  Fingering her
will bring you both hours of joy and amusement :)  The bitches' "clitoris"
is located about 3/4-1" (in large breeds) into the vagina.  The clitoral
ridge is fairly prominant so easy to find.  Rubbing this will cause her to
start thrusting and she'll love you for every moment of it.  If she's your
dog or if you're certain she's healthy, you may want to engage in some
'puppylingus.'  Most bitches have a bitter-sweet taste when in standing
heat and I definately recommend the aroma.

With all teasing done, it's time to start your engines!  The vagina of a
female dog takes a sharp turn upward so you will have to enter from a
seventy-five to eighty degree angle.  The average body temperature of a
dog is 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit so expect her to very hot and moist.
I don't believe I need to tell you what to do from here on in <grin>.

5 - Out of heat and spayed bitches
-   ------------------------------
If the bitch is your own you may want to try her out of heat.  The same
rules apply except be sure and use an excessive amount of lube and be very
careful.  You can do a lot of damage if you try and force her and that'll
be a difficult one to explain to the vet.

Most spayed bitches cannot have intercourse because of the removal of their
reproductive organs.  They do not come into heat and very few show interest
in sex.  You can try 'fingering' a spayed bitch of 'puppylingating' her but
intercourse is strongly advised against unless you have extensive experience.

6 - Anal Sex
-   --------
The same rule of thumb for size applies to anal sex as well.  There are
some dogs that like anal sex, others that tolerate it, and those that can't
stand it.  Most dogs will not be immediately comfortable with anal sex but
if you choose to continue, instructions on how to do so follow.  If your
dog reacts with an expression of pain or anger, STOP IMMEDIATELY.  Your
dog is not suited for anal intercourse.

Start by touching the anal area of your dog and let them get comfortable
with it.  Do not dive right in and insert anything.  Wait until they
freely alow you to touch under their tail.  Be patient.  While touching
around their tail, wear gloves.  Numerous worms and bacteria which can
cause a variety of illnesses can be found in dog feces.  NEVER MAKE ORAL
CONTACT WITH A DOG'S ANUS.  The result could be a nasty infection or a
case of tape, ring, or hookworms, among others.  Once your dog is
comfortable with you feeling around their anus, try inserting a VERY well
lubricated, gloved finger.  Do this over and over again until your dog
seems comfortable with it.  Once again, if your dog seems to be in pain
or react violently, STOP and DON'T try again.  Gradually increase the
number of gloved, well lubricated fingers you use until the number of
fingers inserted comfortably represents the width of your penis.  You
may then attempt anal intercourse with your dog.

Remember; 1.) Not every dog enjoys anal sex.  The majority do not,
2.) Always rubber up and never have oral contact with the anus and
3.) STOP IMMEDIATELY if your dog shows signs of pain or discomfort.
If you notice worms in your dog's stool, bring your dog to the vet with
a stool sample.

Merry Matings!

-----------------------<B. GUIDE TO SEX WITH DOGS>---------------------------
There are three types of sex possible with male dogs to be covered in this
FAQ; anal, oral and docking.

1 - Anal sex with dogs; On the receiving end
-   ----------------------------------------
Most male dogs are more than happy to mount you and "fuck you silly."  Some
are less enthusiastic than others.  There are dangers to being mounted by a
male dog though.

First, one must understand the anatomy of the male canine reproductive
system.  A dog's penis is unlike that of a human's.  The appearance,
texture and sensitivity are much different.  Working from the tip back,
the end of a dog's penis is somewhat blunt with a slight angle.  It
typically swells to it's greatest shaft width along the first 2/5 then
gradually tapers until you reach the bulb at the base of the exposed,
unsheathed penis.  The bulb, (bulbous glandis) is a large swelling at
the base of the penis which consumates the tie between a bitch and a dog
during sex.  On a German Shepherd Dog, it's normally about three to three
and a half inches wide, a plenty good handful for most.  If you're going
to have sex with a male dog, the bulb and the Os Penis are your main
concerns.  The Os Penis is a bone inside the shaft of a dog's penis.  If
he gets overly excited and starts thrusting rapidly, you could get jabbed
with it and, if you do, trust me, you won't sit comfortably for days.

If you allow a dog to mount you there is a definate chance that you may
tie with him--that the bulb, (also known as the knot) will swell inside
of you and keep you two stuck together.  If you do not prepare yourself,
you could be in for fifteen to thirty minutes of agony.  Start loosening
yourself up using whatever you can fit up your anus.  Graduated dildos
work very well and are available at most adult stores.  Wait until you
are comfortable with at least a three inch circumference before taking
on a dog.

To get a dog to mount you, grasp his sheath gently and start rubbing the base
of it, near his ballsac.  He should, at that time, start thrusting.  Some
dogs will try and mount you right then and there.  Remember, if it's his
first time, he'll need some guidance.  Even some old pro's need guidance.
If he does not try to get on your back, try pulling him up and jerking him
off as he 'stands' behind you.  If he does not want to get on your back, try
laying on your back, legs hanging off of a couch or bed, and have him lay
on top of you, on your belly, and try it that way.  Once you've got him to
mount you, attempt to guide his penis into you.  Remember, if he misses,
that os penis can hurt.  Once inside of you, you can lave most of what's
left up to him.  If he ties with you it is imperetive he NOT pull out of
you until he starts getting softer.  Otherwise, you may have one hell of
a story to tell at the Emergency Room!

Once tied, the dog will probably try and turn around so that you're butt
to butt with him.  This is an instinctual behaviour.  If he starts trying
to pull out or panics, grab whichever legs you can and try and hold him
against you so he doesn't pull out.  It is a very good idea to have someone
else present the first time you tie a dog in case of an emergency.

Sit back, enjoy fifteen to thirty minutes of elation, then, once he starts
getting softer, let him pull out of you.  Do not lick his penis or touch it
with your bare hands.  Not only will it be very sensitive but there will be
bacteria on his penis that can make you ill.  However, it will not affect

For females...
The same applies to females for anal and vaginal sex.  Those females who
have spoken up about vaginal sex with male dogs have both said volumes of
praise about their canine companions and stated having little to no problem
accomodating the bulb.

Some dogs may not want to mount or show an interest in mounting.  Others
will never tie, only sit inside of you.  There are also dogs that don't
turn when they are, or are not, tied.  It all depends on the individual

2 - Anal sex with dogs; Giving
-   --------------------------
The same written in the section on bitches applies to dogs.  Refer to 
Anal Sex (Number Six) above for further information.

3 - Oral sex with dogs; On the receiving end
-   ----------------------------------------
Some dogs are natural born lickers and will lick anything and keep licking
until whatever their licking is raw.  Others will never lick anything in
their lives.  Once again, dogs as individuals will each act differently in
different situations.  The best way to find out how your dog will react is
to give it a shot.  If your dog is not too enthusiastic about licking,
try using gravy, peanut butter or any other treats you dog might enjoy.
DO NOT use chocolate based products or chocolate as large amounts of
chocolate can be toxic for dogs.  Both males and females alike have
testified to the pleasures to be derived from oral sex with dogs.

4 - Oral sex with dogs; Giving
-   --------------------------
A dog's penis is very sensitive so be careful when handling it.  When
exposed, the penis is prone to dry out if not constantly wet.  Spit works
well.  Try and avoid smeering it on with your hand.  Using your tongue is
much more fun anyways :)

To get a dog aroused, use the same process as described above.  Grasp the
sheath near it's base, close to the dog's ballsac, and start rubbing
rapidly.  You will be able to feel the bulb become more defined within
the sheath and you must pull the sheath back before it get's too large to
fit out the slit.  Otherwise, your dog will be uncomfortable until his
erection subsides.  When thrusting, you can either take the dog's penis
into your mouth or coninue to rub beind the knot.  You must be very careful
if you choose to take the dog's penis into your mouth, remembering how
sensitive it is and keeping him from scraping his member on your teeth.

Once fully erect, experiment!  Most dogs will just stand and pant away
happily as you lick, suck, or rub their cocks.  Expect him to stay hard
for five to fifteen minutes on average.

Dog cum is quite tasty, usually bitter sweet, and continues to shoot from
the time he's about half hard and coming out of his sheath to the time when
he starts going back into his sheath.  Refer to the chart below for semen
volume counts.

5 - Oral sex with dogs; Neutered males
-   ----------------------------------
Most neutered males lack any interest in having sex.  Some are capable of
maintaining a half-erection for a short period of time and ejaculating
prostatic fluid.  If you encounter a neutered male and try masturbating
him, stop if he seems uncomfortable.  Some will be, some won't be, but
don't expect a neutered male to behave like an un-neutered male.  He won't.

6 - Docking
-   -------
Docking is the insertion of the penis into the sheath or muzzle of a dog.
Once again, tolerance to these activities all depends on the dog.  I
normally strongly discourage docking muzzles.  It is exceptionally danger-
ous and could result in some hard to explain hospital visits.  If docking
the sheath, see how your dog reacts to having a well lubricated finger
stuck in his sheath.  If he doesn't seem to mind, try inserting several
well lubricated fingers, one at a time, until you've adequately represented
the width of your own penis.  If he continues not to mind, you can try
inserting your penis into his sheath.  Be sure and use plenty of lube.
You may want ot flush his sheath first with a water enema or a douche.
There are a number of dead skin cells and bacteria inside the sheath which
could cause urinary tract or other types of infections.

Merry Matings!

7 - What does dog semen have in it?
-   -------------------------------
[ This section compiled by Dogzoo (dogzoo@teleport.com) ]

Volume;============================ 7-10 cc with a variation from 0.5 to 20cc
Water percentage;=========== 97% (highest of animals) vs. man at 90% (lowest)

Ash, protein, lipids, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, 
iron, chlorides, sulphur, amino acids, albumins, proteoses, 
nucleoproteins, mucin, albumoses, fat globules, thiamin, riboflavin, 
pantothenic acid, niacin, ascorbic acid, (Vitamin C) enzymes and fructose.

Prostate fluid is highly alkaline, which neutralizes acids in the bitches'
vagina.  Naturally, larger dogs produce more semen than smaller breeds.

Reference; "Vet obstetrics and genital diseases," S. Roberts, 
            Edwards Brothers Publishing

8 - How large is a dog's penis?
-   ---------------------------
[ This section compiled by Doglover (doglover@gears.efn.org) ]

Breed________________Useable Length (inches)________________Diameter (inches)
Cocker Spaniel====== 2.0-3 ================================ 0.5-1
Greyhound=========== 2.5-3 ================================ 0.5-1
Bulldog============= 2.5-5 ================================ 1
Dalmatian=========== 3-4.5 ================================ 1
Collie============== 4-5 ================================= 1
Labrador============ 4-6 ================================== 1
Irish Setter======== 4-6 ================================== 1
German Shepherd===== 5-7 ================================== 1.5
Great Dane========== 5-7 ================================== 1.5
Saint Bernard======= 7-9 ================================== 1.5-1.75
Mastiff============= 7.5 ================================== 1.5-1.75
     [This text is posted on the first and the fifteenth of every month]
          [Copies are available via email from kayotae@phantom.com]

Newsgroups: alt.sex.bestiality
Subject: FAQ (8/8) [Tanith's ScalySex FAQ]
From: kayotae@eden.rutgers.edu (Kayotae Erik Blackwolf)
Date: 17 Jun 1995 02:08:38 -0400

Alt.sex.bestiality F.A.Q., Version 5.70                  Posted 15 June, 1995
[Part Eight; How To; ScalySex]                          Revised 15 June, 1995
[This section written by Tanith Tyrr (tanith@pleasure.com)]

The newsgroup rec.pets.herp has excellent information on the proper care 
of reptiles.  The FAQ's are particularly good, and might be of help if 
you are seeking to use snakes to enhance your love life.

I'm actually not a bestality practicioner myself; I peeked into this 
newsgroup to post a warning about an ad hoaxer who had gotten to ALL of 
the alt.sex groups, and posted his sleazy 900 phone sex ad with MY 
mailbox as the return path....sigh....but I am a herpetologist, 
semi-professional, and I write for several publications about reptiles.  
I hope this information will be of help to people who are considering 
using reptiles for the purposes of sexual stimulation.

Please be aware that penetration of a snake, penile or digital, will 
cause internal injury and harm to the delicate internal structures of the 
cloaca.  Also, the immediate reptilian reaction to cloacal dilation and 
stimulation (sometimes done by veterinarians in the case of constipation) 
is to evacuate its bowels, which are full of gram-negative bacteria.

Insertion of a reptile head into the vagina or anus will cause serious 
injury to the animal, as their skulls are comparatively fragile, and your 
muscular spasms will probably crush them.  Though snakes can endure oxygn 
deprivation for much longer than mammals can, it is not recommended. 

Insertion of a reptile tail is not a problem for the reptile, but may be 
a problem for you.  In many species, the scale structure is such that 
rubbing against the grain will erect the rough or cutting edges of the 
individual scales.  

One species comes notably to mind as being suited for use as a 
sexual "partner".  Helodermus suspectum (the Gila Monster) has a thick 
tail that is ridged and bumpy, and unlike most lizards, its tail is 
sufficiently strong and muscular to support the weight of the animal.  
Individuals of this genus are notably docile and can be handled with 
ease once tamed.  However, if a miscalculation is made and you stimulate 
the reptile to ite, this could obviously be a problem.  Unfortunately 
for bestiality practicioners, no other lizard has a tail suitable for 
extensive handling.  I am not, incidentally, kidding; I own a beautiful 
captive-bred pink phase Gila that is very docile and who would be an 
ideal partner for someone interested in such things.

To anticipate the queries, no; I do not use this animal personally in 
that manner, and you may NOT borrow this valuable specimen.  When I breed 
him, it will be to a female of his subspecies.  Unless you can guarantee 
to lay viable h. suspectum eggs, you cannot mate with my lizard.  Sorry.

Boas are a generally docile (and more commonly kept) species, and their 
scales are not cross-grained.  Tail insertion (the snake's tail into your 
orifice) is possible if the animal is a female and does not have the 
sharp ventral spurs that characterize a mature male.

Almost all snke species are suitable for petting and friction; i.e, 
allowing to crawl around the body.  Lizard's tails, with the exception of 
helodermus suspectum, are not suitable for sexual stimulation; but they 
also may be allowed to crawl on the body.

Handling your reptile in a (responsibly) sexual manner is not abuse, as the 
reptile does not know or care whether it is crawling across your arm or 
your genitals.  However, please be aware that many sexual acts depicted 
or written about involving reptiles IS abuse of the animal, and may
injure it severely.  I'm not being judgemental here; this is ha 
veterinary fact.  Specifically, the prohibited acts are:

- Penetrating the reptile's cloaca,
- Inserting a reptile's head into your anus or vagina,
- Restraining the animal and stressing it (making it squirm frantically)
  for extended periods of time or frequently (weekly or more often),
- Insertion of a lizard's tail (except h. suspectum) in your anus/vagina.

Though experienced herpetoculturists and veterinarians can probe-sex a 
specimen by inserting a tiny metal probe into its cloaca, this is a 
stressful experience for the reptile, and VERY DANGEROUS for the amateur 
to perform.  The veterinarian I work with has seen numerous cases of 
injury, bowel ulceration and death on snakes that have been improperly 
probed by amateurs.  In addition, a snake's cloaca is not safe for you to 
insert yourself into, as it is typically full of gram-negative and 
sometimes gram-positive bacteria in quantiti that do not necessarily 
harm the reptile, but that can make a human very ill.  The additiion of 
cloacal spurs and sharp-edged scales in some species makes this very 
inadvisable indeed, if not downright self-punishing.

Sexual acts that will NOT injure a reptile:

- Friction of the reptile against your body, and
- insertion of a docile, non-stressed snake's tail in your vagina or anus.

Tail insertion warnings: many species have sharp scales, making them 
unsuitable for such uses.  Do not, under any circumstances, insert a 
snake's tail in your anus or vagina beyond the cloacal opening, for two 

- Your muscular spasms may injure the reptile's internal organs, beyond that
- A snake's defecate contains trace quantities of potentially harmful
  bacteria, most notably salmonella.  

Zoonoses (the transmission of disease from animal to human) is rare with 
reptiles, but when it does happen, fecal contamination is usually the 
cause.  Even healthy specimens may have trace quantities of such 
bacterium present in their intestines.  Almost any snake's response to 
being stimulated in the cloacal area is to defecate; so be aware of 
this.  Condom use is a possibility to avoid fecal contamination.

Serious questions will be answered if asked; though I do believe I have 
covered the full range of non-harmful sexual activities possible with 
reptiles.  Personal questions will be ignored; to reiterate, I am a 
serious herpetologist, not a bestialitist.  I don't judge what you do; I 
just offer guidelines for the sake of the reptiles' safety.
      [This text is posted on the first and the fifteenth of every month]
           [Copies are available via email from kayotae@phantom.com]

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silverwolf1    192

Funny how so much of that is re-used today under different claims of authorship, also how much still applies and is useful to the community.

Thanks for posting this.


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