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"What It’s Like to Date a Horse", NY mag, 11/2014

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Andrew-R    6

Not whole website, but interesting long interview, at least for me.


I think this one summarizes well love as ..art of being sensitive in everyday life? Also, there is final paragraph, saying..


When she’s acting distant like that do you wish you could ask her what’s wrong?
I would love it if we had telepathy or if there were a little machine I could pop on her forehead and see what she’s thinking, but I would never want to spend the time talking to her as if she were a human, because she’s not. I like the way we can partner without speaking. That’s something that’s quite important and a very special part of the bond. If she could talk that would make her less of a horse.

I like to turn this statement on its head, in sense ..what if many currently assumed to be non-sapient animals get some kind of artificial communication system? Not exactly telepathic, but working around their current limitations in making (inventing!)  useful in everyday life language? I tend to be subscribed to view many so-called non-human animals lack I/O, not 'cognitive processing power', or more accurately they forced to live truely by their own mind, unable to 1) invent (! ever tried to INVENT system for expressing your thoughts..without any language as base??? ) 2) share with others (even std. language as humans use it tend to become very rigid on some complex aspects, until someone creates/modifies it for talking about something complex and deep, as life, for example)  3) use for everyday tasks/life without too big trouble , complex enough communication system ...

There is of course my favourite dolphin remark (article itself a bit old, and as always, complex problem can't be accurately described in just few pages):

I have wondered whether it might not be feasible to attempt to develop some mechanical equipment that a dolphin might use . . .

Ha, ha...interesting idea, giving dolphins non-toy submarine to 'play' (haha) with..But seriously, of course humans  (at least those assuming they are in control) will not give anything serious for non-humans, and any machinery currently require humans to build and repair it (so, it can be easily turned off). But may be if current human civ will survive long enough for developing wireless "mind reading" (brain/machine interface) for truely everyone (like today everyone has computer of some sort ...few can program their computers in truely arbitrary new ways ...) things will become interesting for one more time ....
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Ren Houk    6

Andrew, I think you would enjoy Frans de Waal's recent book, "Are we smart enough to really understand how smart animals are?"  He mentions examples where conclusions were drawn incorrectly based on assumptions about how the animal interacted with it's world and the design of the test or experiment is inherently flawed and destined to fail since it is based on an incorrect assumption.  Any technology designed to interpret thoughts will be always be constrained within the context of the designer's understanding of enabling communication for that subject regardless of complexity.

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