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Dane layer

Knowing when they are coming into heat

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Dane layer    113

I'm not sure if i asked this before, so forgive my forgetfulness,   but can anyone tell by the change of their animals breath that they are close to going into their heat cycle?. I noticed that on both my dane and pit that roughly 3 to 4 days before the visual ques,  their breath starts to change also.   I wish i could describe it, but its not a bad smell to say.

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silverwolf1    202

Shadows smelled different, but it was indeed a bad smell. Very bad in fact. Like she'd swallowed a rotting carcass.

I never noticed a difference in a mares breath, but wasn't really paying much attention, as I was concentrating on more visual and behavioral changes with them. Same with sheep.


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Cynolove693    177

I've never paid attention to it; now that you mentioned it I will the next time I'm around a female I'm heat.. with my girls I've owned in the past I could always tell they were close to heat by a change in their behavior..

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