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silverwolf1    202



Meet Silverwolf
by: Silverwolf

Silverwolf, a pen-name, is a loose translation of the Onodaga Iriquois name given this author by a member of the wolf clan of that tribe.

A long time writer of poetry and military non-fiction, I began writing zoophilic poems and short stories 2 years ago after discovering the internet. My first publicised effort, "Tippy's first time", posted on the old Pet Lovers Forum, was well recieved there. It was quickly followed by the poem "Images of You".

Given encouragement by such notable 'zoo' authors as Big Al, Old Horse and Breath, I unburdened my soul producing a total of 97 poems and short stories, and one serial titled "The Camping Trip". These are all archived on my site.

I decided, after further encouragement, to try my hand at fiction. Thus began the unfinished Zoo SF "Offworld", which I am currently attempting to refine and complete, as well as two yet o be posted works, "The case of the missing Doll" a novella best described as an homage to Dashill Hammett and Earl Stanley Gardner, and a crime novella tentatively titled "Tippy, K9 cop". Both, though not 'zoo' stories, are heavily zoo influenced with Tippy as a prime charecture.

In a more mainstream bent, I am also producing several short stories for local and regional magazines of the 'pet' and 'outdoors' or wildlife type. I am also working on three novels, covering historical and military subjects.

My best advice to prospective writers is to know your subject. For instance, "Tippy", the main charecture in most of my zoo and mainstream writings, was my mate and companion for 10 years prior to her death on July 17, 1998. My world revolved around her, and she remains today my muse and inspiration. I write  still of Tippy, and of many other subjects. Most of my recent work is in zoo fiction today.

I am also a retired veteran of 21 years in the US Army Special Forces and reserves, and have degrees in Wildlife Management and Ethology, and these influences also colour many of my works.

Even when embarking on a subject close to your experience however, research is your best and most needed tool.

Happy writings,



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Kynophile    4

Good day. I go by the pen name Arlo Kilpatrick (after my first love, sadly now deceased). My experiences as far as writing goes are limited creatively: until a couple years ago, I pretty much only wrote code and technical stuff, and had no real experience in the humanities. My horizons have since broadened such that I think writing zoo stuff may be helpful, both for myself emotionally and for attempting to convey how I feel and think to the world at large. 

Much of my writing thus far has been either slightly embellished nonfiction accounts of my experiences or essays of rational argument. These have not been published anywhere, only shown to interested friends, though I might be willing to rework them and put them up. As an author, my main influences are probably Edgar Allan Poe in his pomposity and flowery prose and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the Sherlock Holmes canon) in the way that a plot works and how it can be revealed slowly over the course of the work.

I should also mention that most of my creative experience has been theatrical, particularly in the past few years. I have performed improvisational comedy, complex musicals, and silly satires with a couple local theaters and been complimented on my comedic timing and wit, as well as my tenor voice. This has also informed the way I view zoo fiction, as there are a few famous plays relating to it directly, while the only mainstream zoo references I know of in prose are Balzac's "Passion in the Desert" and some snickering at a photo of a woman with a Shetland pony in the works of Kurt Vonnegut.

Bringing this together, my goal is to write a zoo comedy play (it would likely be a farce, but that's not clear yet) suitable for general audiences. All of the zoo plays I've read are tragedies or tragicomedies, and I'd like to see at least one with a happy ending. With some luck and hard work, I might even get it performed somewhere locally, albeit for an avant garde and artsy crowd. I have the skeletal plot of the play written out, as well as a decent idea of who the characters are and how they'll behave, but as it's the first comedy I've written, I'm sure it will be a challenge. But I think there's plenty of material in the arguments between zoos and those who misunderstand them to make an unaware audience laugh if treated well.

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Ramseys    88

Greetings, my name is Ramseys T. Bull

I first used this name was when I sent film off to be processed of the bull riders I had taken. A separate account, and all that.

It originated with a bull that used to be on, in the early days of cable TV. When most anything was put on to fill content. And one of those 'something-to-fill-time' was bull riding. Some of those bulls... to quote George Taki, "OH MY!" There was one bull that had very pretty markings, nice set of horns, and balls that swung wider then his body when he trotted from the ring after ditching another bull rider, anyways he sure caught my eye and so I took his name.

When the internet came along, for me it was a 'no brainer', I became Ramseys the Bull.

As far as my writing goes... Well yeah it's still mostly 'whack-off' material, but I wanted to have a bit more of a story then, "How I spent my summer at my uncle's farm".... "Where I slipped and fell and my dick landed in an (insert animal) pussy". or "I bent over to rescue the kitten from the well and Ol' Blue jumped me". Not to say those can't be good stories, but I felt I needed something more of a plot. Hence the three stories I've written so far have all had a Sci-fi under story.

I've been an active zoo for nearly 50 years now.

I'm 'pan-sexual'. Meaning I don't, to put it bluntly, discriminate what I shag. (except people)

I'm mostly into the females, but I rarely pass up an opportunity to 'lend a helping hand' to a male.

If you need technical help about a cloven hoofed critter.... I will try my best.



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Hello, I am Black Kitsune. I chose the name, because at the time, I liked all things Japanese, and Foxes. And since Kitsune (pronounced Keet-soo-neh) means Fox, and my furs on a is a black fox, eh, you get it.

I have not written anything for a couple of years now, but I used to write fanfictions. It was fun, but people were harsh critics. Some were trolls, but some were really enthusiastic fans, and wanted more.

I would love to write again, but have no computer, other than my cell phone. 


Anyways, I am at this time, 27. Male. I heard about this site from ZF. And decided to check it out and join. Thank you for having me.

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Jedidiah    7

Glad to have you, mate!  I for one would love to see some of your work here.  Would you mind posting?

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Hey all!

I'm currently in my early twenties and am exclusively attracted to canines (particularly malamutes, huskies, GSDs, labs and such).  I currently have an older (castrated) male lab mix.  I'm not much of a writer, but I've written a smidgen of poetry, so you might see a bit of it on here eventually.

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Bear28    28

Well what can I say? I've been around the net sphere for a, well what feels, like a long time now. So much so that I'm considered part of the old guard.  Though there are others like Rammy who have been around longer then me. For the most part every one knows me from what was EZ before it faded out of existence.  Now I'm on ZF, but I have put my feet up at other places over the years.  I have a few pen names depending on what I'm writing for the most part my zoo stories are under the pen name of Bearwolf a combination of my two favorite animals, and two of my three spirit animals according to a Native American, a wiccan priest,  and a druid. Boy that sounds like the start of a bad joke.

I've always wanted to wright but I suffer from a few flaws that hold me back. The first is that I have a bit of a Fitzgerald complex and I never think any of my stuff is good enough.  I can't spell worth a damn. And linking stuff from point A to B is sometimes a bit of a chore.  I have lots of stuff where I have a start and ending just not the middle. Writers block sucks. Or I get so caught up in details I lose the motive and plot.

I love when I get the few stories where I'm there watching events unfolding, they are rare but we'll worth it.

I wright fantasy for the most part when I'm not wrighting zoo stuff. Though I've tried my hand at mystery and horror.

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silverwolf1    202

Welcome. I look forward to reading your work here. I think getting caught up in the details is a common problem for a good author, we try to squeeze so much of what our mind see's into what we want others to experience. I struggle daily with the "Is that divergence nessicary?" edits. I too enjoy it when a story really comes together, rare as it is.


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doge1    0

Hello, doge1 (tiger1) 

Like the new site.

Some may know me already, but in my twenties, attracted to canines (labs, gsd, huskies, etc) and some farm animals to. Into technology, and all kinds of music.

Forgot to also mention, I do a little bit of writing if I have some ideas and have some time. I have a few I made, just not home to grab it and post here. 

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Rannoch    32

Hello.  I'm not sure if I should queue evil music now, or just try to pass as a "normal."


I say that because, heh, full disclosure time, I'm sorta infamous.  I'm banned from zoophilesforum for a bit of a batshit insane moment I had when my mate, Willow passed away around spring time 2013.  I admittedly behaved like a broken man and railed against the world and I'm still kinda feeling the feedback from that.  I can't blame them and I still have some friends there, but ultimately that wound will never heal.

I also was on zoophile.org back in the day as "Trangol," and basically acted like an under-medicated autistic kid.  Doesn't help my case much.

But trust me, I'm really just full of love and want hugs. :)

I'm a deer zoo who's currently sexually inactive...   when I lost Willow, my former Doe, I really...  really lost the desire altogether.  I now spend a lot of time working on a constant set of drafts of a scifi story with zoophilic themes.  There is a VERY old draft of it on zoophilesforum with a lot of flaws ("Broken Empire" I think).  The basic premise is that the story is written from the perspective of a space faring civilization (known as the "Empire") in which earth humans (referred to as the "Terrans") are the aggressors, and ultimately, conquerors of their people.  Think a native-american style story only set in space.


Both races are human and that plays deeply into the lore of the story, both claim to be the "original" humans and claim the other are long lost colonists of themselves.  Neither will concede that life could have sprung from anywhere but their homeworld, despite the flora and fauna being nearly identical.  The Terrans however, have some unique and very zoo like properties.  The ruling figure is actually a female animal, and the "emperor" is actually more of a "interpreter" in their lore.  They claim that the emperor can hear the words of the animal through a kind of telekinesis.  I won't say whether or not this is true, or how it is possible, that is for you to read! :)


The current draft is written from the perspective of the last "emperor" of the empire, as he stands trial on Earth for various war and social crimes.  The story is told as a playback of events during a "scrying" by the high court on Sol, a process which basically plays back a persons memories by reading their mind.  The story does not strive to demonize either party, rather to highlight the pain of conflict and highlight a tragedy that could have been solved in many instances by someone taking a bit longer to understand that which seems foreign to them.  I hope to encapsulate into this story the story of the zoophile, and encourage people to think twice before they judge in the form of a great story of good intentions gone horribly wrong, ultimately resulting in tragedy..


Wow, that was longer than I planned.  I hope to have some stuff posted soon! :)  My writing skills are somewhat out of date since I was rated as being "sharp" in college 3+ years ago (I'm a dropout yay...), so be nice. ;)

PS:  Good to see you again Silverwolf!


Edited by Rannoch

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Rannoch    32

Heh, you have an edit timer, damn you...  I'm going to have to think before I post now...  :P


Up there, it says the following:


"The Terrans however, have some unique and very zoo like properties."


Should read:


"The Empire however, has some unique and very zoo like properties."


The Terrans are as you'd expect, as anti-zoo as ever. ;)

I need to stop posting at 5am and maybe I could get my own story right...


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silverwolf1    202

Welcome to the forum Rannoch. Good to see you again as well, and I look forward to reading your stories.

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Wolfiezoo    4

I have been around the zoo forums for many years. Have gone by a couple names, Been into dogs for many years now. If one has a question, feel free to ask them, and if I choose to answer them, I will do so. Most of the time I will, depending on the question at hand.

A few of the members here I known for some years, like Silverwolf, not sure if he knows me by this name or not. We are in a great forum of who we are and that is what counts mostly. Unlike the rest of the world don't care for us, but we are who we are.

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cabron45    2

 Most here probably know me from ZF and maybe BF.

 I amd a bit of a writer, when I get going.

 I did write a science fiction story in the 60's, but never tried to get it published, as once it was done, i decided it sucked.

 Meantime since, long since, i wrote a two part story that is on BF, ZF and even ASSTR.org.
 By the name of Geit Farm.

 Also wrote another called Shipwreck, but which is unfinished, ran into writers block.
 Maybe someday I'll write more for it.
 I did write one more chapter last year, but blocked again.

 I need to write when I think of a story, and not delay....




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budzbunny    0

I am a 63 year old retired, widowed Bisexual Zoo...  I am also a stoner, hippy and Furry, HENCE the name, Budz Bunny.  I hope to read a lot of good stories here...  I love dogs, horses, and small male animals...

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Dane layer    113

I took the name simply put I had a dane and I hate trying to come up with them, well that and we used to have our personal time together.  Im a transfer from the ZF and mainly have a thing for horses and dogs but am curious about  certain other critters.

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shortleash    8

well it is good to see so many peeps from past boards...hello and welcome...i mostly write poetry about 700 pages on myspace and YES it still exists...but it is under my real name so if you send me a message i will send that...if you are interested..oh...hello and welcome...hope to meet more friends here as well...


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